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World Wrestling Entertainment

“now this is sports entertainment”

(NOTE: This is a TEW diary, which I’ve tried before in the past several times as some of you may remember. Sense it looks as though Alldawson’s WWE 2005 diary did so well, but sadly going into “hiatus” I’ve decided to go back to the night after WrestleMania 21. Some of you know that I like to keep my diaries as real as possible, so I’ll be starting off with some storylines already in progress, as well as trying to improve the WWE product.)

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Lillian Garcia sings America The Beautiful to kick off the show. She rules by the way, and looks fine as well.

The stage is like a stage, and the curtain comes up to reveal the WM 21 logo. We get a montage of the WM movie spoof commercials.

We get a NEW SPOOF! It’s of Gladiator. It’s Austin! The master of the middle finger and ass whooper of sorry sons of bitches! Beer drinker of beer drinkers! He is Stone Cold Steve Austin, and tonight he unleashes HELL! GLORIOUS!

JR and the King welcome us to WM 21! We meet Hugo and Carlos as well! Off to Cole and Tazz as well.

Match #1 Tag Champs Collide: Eddie Guerrero vs. Rey Mysterio

Lock up and a headlock by Eddie. Headlock takedown, and now a wristlock. Arm bar to Rey and a take over, Rey flips out and off the ropes and a sweet arm drag by Eddie. Arm bar to Rey now, and Eddie covers for 1. Again for 1. A 3rd time and only 1. Rey up and Eddie takes him down with a leg trip. Rey up and launched to the floor! Eddie misses a baseball slide, Rey back in 619 fake out and they stand off. Eddie back to the ring now and they get a test of strength, Rey flips him over and gets a 2 count. Double bridge out and an arm bar take down by Eddie. Rey fights out and back to the test of strength position and Rey flips out, reversals and a monkey flip by Rey. Rey charges and is then knocked to the floor. Flying cross body to the floor by Eddie! Back to the ring and Eddie covers for 2. Arm bar to Rey now, and now Eddie grabs the other arm. Rey to his knees as Eddie has the surfboard. Back suplex by Eddie for 2. Reverse headlock on Rey now, and then Eddie goes for and gets the surfboard with the legs locked. Eddie gets counted and releases Rey. He didn’t like that. STF by Eddie now, and Tazz discusses Rey’s bad knees. Eddie into a hammerlock now. Rey up, flips over and Eddie slams him down. Rey slips out of a power bomb and arm drags Eddie to the floor. Baseball slide by Rey…SWEET CORKSCREW PLANCHA to Eddie! Back in the ring and Rey spring boards him and gets 2. Elbow to Rey and Eddie back in control. Suplex on Rey…another but Rey counters and gets a roll up for 2. Back breaker by Eddie for 2. Suplex to Rey, another and now a 3rd but Rey fights out and gets a head scissors! Rey misses the 619 and another back breaker to Rey for 2. Eddie is not pleased and Rey looks in pain. Suplex by Eddie and another! A 3rd again and Eddie up top…MISSES THE FROGGY! Both men are down as the ref counts. Rey grabs Eddie, rolls him up and gets 2, reversal by Eddie and he gets 2. Kicks to Eddie, another, tossed off a RANA try and 619 on Eddie! Rey up to spring in…POWER BOMB and Rey kicks out at 2! Eddie can’t believe it! LOUD Eddie chants. Elbow by Rey, RANA and a roll up and that’s all!

Winner: Rey Mysterio @ 12:37

They shake after the match.

JBL and Orlando talk and walk. They run into Flair and HHH! HHH mocks him and calls him a joke. HHH says HE is the wrestling god. JBL says he has never lost. JBL says HHH will lose his title for the 10th time and JBL says he will win. HHH says to keep telling himself he’s good, maybe someone will believe him. JBL says he IS that good. HHH says we’ll find out at the end of the night.

Adam Sandler and Rob Schnieder are in the crowd.

We have MANY ladders set up on the entrance.

Match #2 Money in the Bank Ladder match: Edge vs. Chris Benoit vs. Kane vs. Shelton Benjamin vs. Chris Jericho vs. Christian w/Tomko

They attack Kane as he comes down the ramp! Kane disposes of them and heads to the ring. Shelton and Edge beat on him and then Benoit and Shelton suplex Kane on the floor. Jericho nails Christian with a ladder. Shelton and Jericho in now. Bulldog on Shelton. Jericho with a springboard drop kick to Benoit and Edge on the apron. Christian with a spring board plancha to the 3 men on the floor. SWANK PLANCHA BY SHELTON TO ALL 4! Kane up top…FLIES TO ALL 5! Kane goes for a ladder and goes into the ring. He nails Edge with it. Then Christian. Jericho with a missile drop kick to Kane and the ladder! Jericho has the ladder, nails Shelton. Then Edge! He throws the ladder on Edge! Jericho has the ladder…GERMAN BY BENOIT! The ladder goes flying! Benoit gets the ladder and is back in. He sets it up and Kane in! CROSS FACE ON KANE! Edge grabs Benoit and CROSSFACE! Kane has the ladder…WAFFLES BENOIT! He puts Benoit’s arm in the ladder and slams it repeatedly! SPEAR by Edge! Christian is in with a ladder and Edge has one! LADDER CONCHAIRO TO KANE! Double flying clothesline by Shelton! Spin kick to a ladder Christian was holding! Edge sets the ladder in the corner and whips Shelton into it! Edge for a spear…FLAP JACK INTO THE LADDER! Shelton chants now! He sets the ladder back up, and rams Edge onto it. SHELTON SPLASH! Shelton has the ring to himself and grabs the ladder. He climbs…Jericho is in and on the ladder. Right hands exchanged. Christian in with another ladder and Benoit in as well! Edge sets another up and the 5 men battle up top. Benoit with a single arm DDT to Christian! Jericho tossed off! Edge and Shelton still up there. EXPLODER OFF THE LADDER! Jericho is up now and climbs. Boot to Christian, and rams him off a ladder. ELZIGURI to Christian! The ladder is set up diagonal on the other ladder. Jericho climbs up…SHELTON RUNS UP A LADDER AND CLOTHESLINES JERICHO!!!! HOLY SHIT! Shelton climbs now. Christian nails him with a ladder. Kane in with a boot to Christian. Choke slam to Shelton and he is caught in the ropes! Tomko is in? He tells Christian to climb. He does the Rhyno and has Christian on his shoulders! Kane takes him out to the floor. Kane climbs up now. Christian is thrown off onto Tomko! Kane all alone now and climbs. Jericho in! Right hands by both men. The ladder teeters over and they nail the top rope! Benoit is back in now with the injured arm. He grabs a ladder with one arm. He sets it up in the corner…TOP OF THE LADDER HEAD BUTT TO KANE! He looks to be busted open again! Benoit now sets to climb. He goes up…sit up by Kane! Kane climbs up now. Right hands…GOOZLE! Benoit fights him off! Head butt and Kane is down! Benoit is trying and CHAIR SHOT to the arm by Edge! Edge climbs now. HE HAS IT!

Winner: Edge @ 16:15

Edge hugs the briefcase.

Andre the Giant DVD commercial.

JR and King put over what all 6-men went through.

Eugene is here? He can’t believe he is here. This is his 2nd favorite WM moment ever, right behind Bundy slamming the midget and the midgets uniting! HA! WM is awesome! HASSAN IS OUT! He takes the mic from Eugene. He wants to know why Eugene is angry. Eugene, “You don’t like midgets?” NO, he hates being excluded from WM. What chants now. Hollywood is full of fakes. LA is full of bigotry. He has never been pinned and he is excluded and takes a backseat to a disgrace like Eugene. Farsi talk by Davari. He won’t stand for it. If he wasn’t given a WM moment, he’ll create one. He nails Eugene! They double-team him now. Camel Clutch! Uh oh…REAL AMERICAN HITS! HOGAN IS HERE! HUGE POP! He charges the ring and they double-team him! Double noggin knocker to the Arabs! Right hands to Hassan! Clothesline to Hassan! Big boot! He tosses Hassan to the floor. Davari nails him with a chair…YOU! Davari takes the whoopin now! Big boot to Davari! He tosses Davari. He tears the shirt and does his shtick. Pose down brother!

Where’s the Iron Sheik when you need him?

Cole and Tazz are excited to see Hogan.

Taker/Orton video package airs.


Taker is FLOATING TO THE RING! That’s bad ass!

Match #3 Legend vs. Legend Killer: The Undertaker vs. Randy Orton

Orton is unsure and runs a bit. He stays away and a slap to Taker! Lock up and a headlock by Taker. Off the ropes and a drop kick from Orton gets 2. Backdrop to taker and a knee to the gut. Right hand by Taker now. Taker works him over in the corner and Orton is rocked. Corner whip to Orton, Orton floats over and gets 2. RKO try and Taker tosses him to the floor. Taker chases and lays Orton on the apron. Taker on the apron now. Running leg drop to Orton. Taker back in now and a wrist lock to Orton. Taker up…OLD SCHOOL! Taker grabs Orton and throws him to the corner. MISSES a big boot! Drop kick and Taker to the floor! Orton with right hands to Taker on the ground. Back in the ring and Orton with more right hands. European upper cut to Taker and Taker battles back. Clothesline by Orton for 2. Off the ropes and DDT By Taker! He covers and gets 2. Sidewalk slam to Orton and he covers for 2. Taker picks him up, and rams him to the corner. Another whip and Taker with a corner clothesline. And another! Another whip and snake eyes reversed into a cover for 2. Forearms by Orton and Taker is down. Orton poses…SIT UP! Right hands to Taker, and more right hands to Taker. Randy sucks chants now. Right hands from Taker and Orton is rocked. Off the ropes…clothesline by Taker which gets 2. Dragon sleeper by Taker! Orton is in trouble…arm drops once, twice…NO! Reverse and a DDT TO TAKER! Cover and 2 for Orton. Rear choke by Orton and Taker fight up. Right hands by Taker and he breaks it. Uppercut by Taker. Off the ropes…sleeper to Taker to loud boos. Backdrop suplex by Taker. Taker to his feet and Orton as well. Boot to Orton. POWERSLAM by Orton for 2! Orton rams Taker in the corner and then mounts and punches away! Orton poses, Taker grabs him! Last Ride reversed and REF BUMP! Taker tries the last ride and Taker falls down. COW BOY BOB WITH THE CAST NAILS TAKER! Cover 1…2…KICK OUT! Bob can’t believe it! SIT UP BY TAKER! They stare down and rights by Taker. Off the ropes…BOOT to Bob! GOOZLE! CHOKE SLAM INTO AN RKO! Orton covers 1…2…KICK OUT! Orton is pissed! He calls for the Tombstone? Has him up! REVERSAL! TOMBSTONE ON ORTON! 1…2…3!

Winner: The Undertaker @ 14:13

JR and King put over Orton’s effort and Taker’s streak.

Trish/Hemme video package.

Match #4 Women’s Title: Trish Stratus © vs. Christy Hemme w/ Lita

FYI, Trish is SMOKIN hot tonight.

Trish lays down and mocks Christy. Lock up and a toss by Trish. Trish kicks her to the floor and tosses her to the steps. Back in the ring now and Trish kicks at her. To the corner and chops by Trish. Another and a right hand by Trish. She mocks Christy and Christy blocks the chick kick and nails Trish. Boot to the gut by Christy. Lita like roll up for 2. Slaps by Trish and chops now. Trish bows to the crowd and taunts Lita. Christy splits the top rope and gets a roll up for 2. Spear by Trish and she kicks Christy to the floor. Boot to Christy and Lita checks on her. Trish shoves Lita into the barrier and back in the ring, Christy gets a roll up for 2. Kicks to Trish now and she begs off. Trish rammed to the corner repeatedly. Twist of Fate to Trish. 1…2…NO! Christy punches away at Trish and a roll up by Trish reversed and a kick out by Trish. Trish levels her with the chick kick and that’s all.

Winner: Trish @ 4:45

Angle/HBK video package.

Match #5 Kurt Angle vs. “HBK” Shawn Michaels

They jaw and here’s the bell! Slap to Angle! Angle takes him down and some sweetmeat work to start. HBK gets to his feet and the ropes and Angle breaks. Lock up and HBK with a headlock and take down. Angle rolls him and gets 2. HBK still has it locked in and then to his feet. Angle chants now and HBK still keeps the headlock on. Back suplex by Angle and HBK still hangs on! Angle escapes and HBK locks it in again. Angle rolls him and gets 2. Angle to his feet and off the ropes and HBK takes him down again as we get dueling chants! To the corner and Angle breaks clean. Lock up and a go behind and HBK takes Angle down again with the side headlock. Angle to his feet and reversals and a back elbow by Angle. Hip toss by HBK. Short arm scissors to Angle and HBK still in control. HBK still locked on Angle and he tries for the ropes. Angle picks him off the mat and HBK with a roll up for 2. Back slide for 2. Side headlock again and Angle is pissed. Angle to his feet and to the corner and Angle nails him with a right hand. They go back and forth and the ref tries to break them up. HBK with right hands now and they tie up like boxers. The ref pulls HBK off and Angle with an Ankle lock! Clothesline by HBK takes both men to the floor. HBK dismantles the Smackdown announce table. Angle up and HBK back in the ring. To the floor and they exchange right hands. Chops by HBK now and Angle with the Angle slam into the steel post! Angle breaks the count as HBK is down on the floor. Angle to the floor and kicks at HBK’s back. Back in the ring now and a suplex by Angle for 2. Body scissors now by Angle and he works him over. HBK up and chops to Angle. Whip to the corner and HBK turned upside down. Belly to belly to HBK! Another belly to belly to HBK and a cover for 2. Knee to the back and a pull of the hair by Angle. Into a rear choke now and HBK is hurting. HBK fights to his feet and Angle with a headlock still. HBK out and right hands to Angle. Chops to Angle. Right hands by Angle and they exchange blows. Clothesline by Angle and he covers for 2. European uppercut in the corner by Angle. HBK set on top. Angle up…HBK fights and Angle to the mat. HBK up…ELBOW DROP MISSES! STRAPS ARE DOWN! Angle slam reversed with an arm drag and Angle sent to the floor! HBK up top…FLTING CROSS BODY to Angle on the floor! He almost head planted himself and caught Angle with his knee in the face. HBK climbs in…. Angle up on the apron with him….he tries a German…elbows by HBK. LOW BLOW to Angle! HBK’s a dirty bastard! Angle sent to the table. ASAI MOONSAULT TO ANGLE ON THE ANNOUNCE TABLE! No breakage for those playing at home! Both men are down on the floor as the ref checks on them. The ref counts now and they crawl to the ring. Angle is bleeding from the mouth. They both make it in at 9. They crawl towards each other and get to their feet. Right hands by HBK. Chops now and a boot to Angle. Reversal off the ropes and a forearm by HBK. KIP UP! Right hands to Angle. Atomic drop. Clothesline to Angle. Slam to Angle! HBK up top…FLYING ELBOW! TUNE IT UP! Super kick caught! ANKLE LOCK! HBK IS DEAD CENTER! He fights and rolls out but Angle keeps it locked! HBK crawls…he gets the ropes! Angle stalks him… Angle slam reversed into a roll up NO! ANKLE LOCK AGAIN! HBK rolls him up for 2! ANGLE SLAM! 1…2…NO! Angle is pissed! Straps back on. STRAPS BACK DOWN! Angle up top…MOONSAULT MISSES! HBK goes up top… Angle runs up the ropes…SUPER ANGLE SLAM! 1...2…NO! DEAR GOD! Angle is pissed even more! He grabs HBK and yells at him and say he will tap! SUPER KICK to Angle! Both men are down. HBK crawls over to Angle and drapes an arm over him 1…2…NO! SO CLOSE! King blames the Smackdown ref. They are still down and HBK fights to his feet. ANKLE LOCK! PLAYIN POSSUM! He pulls him center, HBK rolls but no! Another time and still locked in! Back center and HBK is in pain! He tries for the ropes but NO! GRAPEVINE THE LEG! HBK tries to get out…he is screaming in pain! HBK tries everything to get out! HE TAPS OUT!

Winner: Kurt Angle @ 27:30

HBK lays in the ring and fights to his feet. He claps to the crowd in thanks as he limps around.

Awards for the favorite punch line and female in the WM spoof commercials. Basic Instinct spoof.

Piper’s Pit

The ring is all decked out in traditional Pit fashion. He thanks them for the honor of the Hall of Fame. NOW let’s move on and make history. He hear’s Austin is the baddest man in the WWE, the meanest and the low downest rattlesnake? Hell yeah he says! Who’s the biggest rebel in the WWF? They say Austin, he says BULLSHIT! Bring him on! Austin with a new shirt, “Unleash Hell.” The stools are gone already. They stare down and Piper says he’s the rebel huh? Welcome to Piper’s Pit. He slaps Austin! Austin says thanks you son of a bitch and SLAPS HIM BACK! Piper likes him! Austin offers another and Piper calls him son. He has respect for Austin. What chants, and Piper asks if they are deaf. He says he respects for him sticking up for Vince, being against him and all. Piper plays off the “what’s” well and tells them to keep up. He differs with Austin though. Austin says what point? Piper says he was here when WrestleMania didn’t have a number and pissing off Vince when the red on Austin was diaper rash! He says Austin has nothing on him being a rebel. Austin calls him a meely mouth bastard. Austin runs him down and says he isn’t impressed or scared. Does he make himself clear? Piper says they have failure to communicate. Carlito is here? Carlito says they are fighting like little girls. They shouldn’t be arguing, although neither one is cool. Nobody wants to see them anymore, they want to see Carlito. Austin says to climb his little nappy head in the ring. Piper says he looks like Alfalfa. Carlito says to relax, because he’s the new thing around here and taking charge, and that’s cool. He tells them to leave. They question Carlito, and if they have a problem…and Pier steals his apple. Piper and Austin stare down, and Piper eats the apple. SPIT IN CARLITO’s FACE! He nails Piper! He beats him down and Austin looks on. Austin grabs him….MUDHOLE TIME! EYE POKE by Piper! STUNNER to Carlito and Piper tosses him. Austin and Piper drink beer. Double fist those bad boys! JR says Austin likes beer and Piper has had a party or 2 in his day. Piper acts drunk and STUNNER TO PIPER!

The spoof that won favorite is next. “Are you talking to me?” Wins.

The rules are you must push you opponent outside the circle or off his feet. They took the ropes down. While Akebono walls to the ring I’ll go read up on some War and Peace.

Show has a kimono on. I hope he doesn’t wear the diaper. He does, fat men in diapers

Match #6 Sumo Match: Akebono vs. The Big Show

They stall before the start a bit. Here we go. Slapping and all. They stand off and go at it again. They jockey for position and are both close to the circle. Show runs into him now and they stand still. Show calls for a choke slam? Show lifts him, but Akebono tosses him and that’s all!

Winner: Akebono @ 1:01

Show comes back in and they hug.

Cena/JBL video.

The Champ out first? JBL has a police escort. It’s raining $100 bills! They have his face on them! Classic. What is up with that new Cena music? That sucks. I hope the ropes are tightened back up well.

Match #7 WWE Title: John Cena w/Bling Bling vs. JBL ©

Here we go! Stare down and they talk smack. Lock up and JBL takes him to the corner. Back center ring and Cena fights out and off the ropes and JBL takes him down. Shoulder block by Cena takes JBL down. Boot to Cena and JBL with a shoulder block now and Cena is rocked. Right hands by JBL and off the ropes and JBL nails Cena with a clubbing forearm. Neck breaker by JBL and another to Cena. Covers and gets 2. JBL chokes Cena on the ropes now and then kicks away at him. He chokes him again and the ref breaks it. A third time and JBL is in control. Catapult to Cena off of the ropes. Cena with a boot to JBL, off the ropes he goes and a spine buster to Cena for 2. Regal like neck breaker by JBL for 2. Boot to the face of Cena and another. Right hands to Cena and he fights back. Cena to the corner now and a corner clothesline by JBL. Short arm clothesline by JBL and he covers for 2. Boots to Cena now and a snap mare by JBL. Forearm to Cena’s back and a sleeper by JBL. Cena fights and JBL pulls him away from the ropes. Cena is in trouble and tries to fight again. Backdrop suplex to JBL. Both men back up and double clothesline and they are down again! Back up and they duke it out, but JBL pulls the ropes down and Cena to the floor. Neck breaker on the floor to Cena and JBL picks him back up. Rolls him in the ring and he covers for 2. Clubbing shots by JBL and Cena set on top…chops by JBL. Right hands now and JBL up with him. SUPERPLEX! Both men are down and the ref counts. JBL covers and gets 2. JBL goes up top… Cena catches him in a power slam! Both men down again. They fight to their feet and elbows by Cena. Right hands by both men and Cena with a head butt. Clotheslines to JBL! Backdrop to JBL! Tackle by Cena! Hip toss by Cena. Blue Thunder Driver! 5-knuckle shuffle to JBL. Cena poses. Boot by JBL! JBL misses the clothesline from Hell, F-U and Cena WINS!

Winner: AND NEW CHAMPION John Cena @ 11:26

Cena celebrates with the Chain Gang.

Hall of Fame recap.

Mean gene is out and talks Hall of Fame. Here is the class of 2005. Random Diva chicks bring out the Hall of Famers. Jackie Gayda still works here.

Nikoli Volkoff, The Iron Sheik, “Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff, “Cowboy” Bob Orton, Jimmy Hart, “Rowdy” Roddy Piper and Hulk Hogan.

I still protest the lack of Mr. T!

WrestleMania XXII in Chi-town!

HHH/Batista video.

The Champ out first? Don’t like that! Motor Head plays him out….whoa! HHH came out of their stage, that was cool.

Match #8 World Title: Batista vs. HHH © w/Ric Flair

Stare down before the bell. Batista chants already. Here we go, main event of WrestleMania XXI!

Lock up to start and they battle and Batista takes HHH to the ropes. HHH now take shim to the ropes and back center ring. They shove off and stare down. Lock up and they jockey for position again. HHH takes him to the corner and Batista shoves him off. Lock up again and off the ropes and HHH goes down by a shoulder block. They talk smack again and Lock up, headlock by HHH. Off the ropes and a shoulder block by HHH. Boot to Batista, Pedigree try, escape and a press slam to HHH! Right hands exchanged and HHH to the corner. Reverse elbow by HHH and Batista tosses him back to the corner. Right hands to HHH and Batista in control. Off the ropers and a backdrop to HHH. High knee by HHH and Batista to the floor. Batista is down and Flair goes over to him and the ref stops him. Batista sees him but HHH grabs him and rams him to the steel steps. HHH to the 2nd rope and catches Batista with an elbow as he climbed back in. Boots by HHH and now a choke. The ref counts and HHH finally lets go. Flair over and chokes the hell out of Batista! HHH to the floor and rams Batista into the barrier. Now into the apron and Batista is down. Back in the ring they go and HHH with an elbow drop to Batista. Another one and HHH is now in firm control. Knees to the back of Batista and HHH is wearing him out. Batista chants again and HHH looks none to pleased. Knees to the back of Batista again and then chokes him out. Suplex to Batista and he covers for 2. Knees to the back again by HHH and he really is working that spot now. Side backbreaker to Batista. The ref yells at HHH and Flair chokes Batista again! Batista with right hands tries to fight back but HHH knees him to the floor. HHH rolls him back in and nails Batista with right hands. Batista is rocked in the corner and HHH nails him again. Batista fights back with right hands and but HHH with a Double A Spine Buster for 2! Cover again for another 2. A 3rd time for another 2! Hangman’s neck breaker by HHH for 2. Right hands by Batista again and he is coming back. Boot by HHH, Pedigree time! Backdrop by Batista and he escapes. Off the ropes and a knee by HHH and covers for 2. Batista threw him off and HHH to the floor. HHH up top…clothesline by Batista as HHH flew off! Right hands by Batista and HHH off the ropes and a sidewalk slam by Batista for 2. Boot by HHH as Batista charged him in the corner. HHH tries to whip Batista but Batista reverses it and HHH flies over the corner to the floor! Batista follows and HHH whips him to the steps. HHH takes the steps apart now. He breaks the count and then grabs Batista. Pedigree try on the steps, no! Catapult by Batista and HHH eats the steel post! HHH IS A BLOODY MESS! Batista grabs HHH and slams him off the steps! Again and a 3rd time! HHH is pouring blood! Back in the ring and HHH falls to his knees. Batista pounds away on HHH and opens him up more. Boot to HHH and he is down. Batista stalks him now as Flair looks concerned. Corner clothesline by Batista, HHH whipped again and another by Batista. Whip again and HHH hold son this time. Back elbows by Batista and shoulders now to HHH in the corner. Another corner clothesline and HHH is down! Batista chants again and he has HHH…power slam gets 2! HHH to the floor and he falls onto the Raw announce table. Batista nails Flair and HHH has a chair and the ref pulls it away and is down. Back in the ring and SPINE BUSTER on Flair! He had the belt and HHH now has it. The ref is back in and hurt his knee. BELT SHOT TO BATISTA! BOOOOOOO by the crowd! 1…2…NO! SPINE BUSTER TO HHH! Batista says that’s it! LOW BLOW by HHH! HHH grabs Batista…Pedigree…NO! Batista fights it off! He escapes the hold! KRYPTONITE KRUNCH BY BATISTA! HOLY CRAP! Batista calls for the end! Thumbs down! DEMON BOMB! 1…2…3!

Winner: and NEW CHAMPION BATISTA @ 22:33

Batista celebrates with the belt. HHH is still in the ring. He pulls himself up and goes to the floor. He is a bloody mess people. Fireworks for Batista as he stands tall.

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Brian Gerwitz Fired!

April 4th 2005

Earlier today it was rumored that World Wrestling Entertainment had released head booker Brian Gerwitz after being involved in a verbal argument with Vince McMahon backstage at the site of tonight’s RAW in Los Angeles, California. Details are still unknown of what really took place behind closed doors during a creative meeting between the entire booking staff. However there are several people who reportedly saw Gerwitz exit the room in a rage, and stormed out of the building. This announcement of his release, comes to a shock to many, as Gerwitz is very good friends with Stephanie McMahon backstage, as well as his history with the company very well documented.

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WWE RAW Preview

April 4th, 2005

RAW comes live from the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California only 24 hours after the biggest night in sports entertainment history, WrestleMania 21! “Y2J” Chris Jericho has promised that he’ll be the first to have an exclusive interview with the World Heavyweight champion, tonight, live on the Highlight Reel! In a rematch from WrestleMania, Christy Hemme will challenge Trish Stratus once again for the Women’s title, in one-on-one action. Also, what aftermath can we expect from the huge “Money In The Bank” match, as Edge walked away with the coveted briefcase? We expect to hear from “HBK” Shawn Michaels after his loss to Kurt Angle in one of the best matches of the year. You won’t want to miss all the exciting action and more, tonight on RAW!


Christy Hemme vs. Trish Stratus - WWE Women’s Title Match

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Show Level: Flagship

Length: 2 Hrs

Time Slot: 9:00

TV Network: Spike TV

Brand: RAW


Jerry “The King” Lawler

Jim Ross

Tonight's Location: Los Angeles, California

Arena: Staples Center

Affluence: 65.4%

Interested Population: 30,000

Casual Fans: 24,120%

Hardcore Fans: 1,111

Pure Fans: 1,817

Old School Fans: 1,570

MMA Fans: 829

Women’s Fans: 553

Popularity: 88.1%


Segment 1: WrestleMania XXI Recap

RAW opens with a very detailed and well put together montage from the biggest night in sports entertainment history, WrestleMania 21. “Big Time” by Soundtrack of our Lives plays in the background as we see clips from several key moments of last night’s event. The video showcases some key moments, from Hulk Hogan’s return, to Piper’s Pit with Stone Cold Steve Austin, as well as some of the high profile matches between Randy Orton and The Undertaker, to Kurt Angle and Shawn Micheals. It ends with Batista’s triumphant win over Triple H, as he beat “The Game” to become World Heavyweight champion!

93.6% ( 3 minutes )

Segment 2: The Highlight Reel

The usual RAW opening plays, as the camera pans over a rumpus crowd in a packed Staples Center from Los Angeles, California. Jerry “The King” Lawler & Jim Ross recap the events that happened just twenty-four hours ago as well as announce tonight’s main event matches, first between Christian & Tyson Tomko as they take on Chris Jericho & Shelton Benjamin in tag-team action and second, Chris Benoit will take on Triple H! The camera focuses on the Highlight Reel set and Jericho, who’s already in the ring with microphone in hand. Jericho talks a little about how he should have been the one who walked away with the money and future title shot during last night’s “Money in the Bank” match, not Edge. Even though he was the first ever undisputed champion, he reminds himself that tonight isn’t about him, but the current World Heavyweight champion, BATISTA!

“Unleashed” by Saliva plays over the speakers as Batista comes walking out with a big grin on his face. Batista, who’s dressed in a nice armony suit, and title belt tossed over his shoulder enters the ring with Jericho. He picks up a mic, but takes a few moments as the crowd chants “Batista, Batista”. Jericho is more then impressed with the reaction. Batista thanks all the fans for their support, and goes on about how he wouldn’t have been able to do it without them behind him from the very beginning. He mentions that being able to headline WrestleMania is a dream come true, but his next step is to be the people’s champion, and not another wannabe.

Triple H’s music plays and the arena fills with boos as HHH walks out on the stage with “Nature Boy” Ric Flair by his side. Batista prepares himself for a fight, as he tosses his jacket off, and begins to roll up his sleeves. HHH starts off by saying that he was robbed of his title last night, and that it was a fluke that the belt is even around Batista’s waist! He says that everyone knows that the world title belongs to him, and that he made that belt what it is today with his blood, sweat, and tears he’s put into the business from day one. Batista questions why HHH doesn’t just come down and try to take the belt from him, but understands that he’s all talk. HHH tosses his mic down, and begins to storm down the aisle, but is held back by Flair! Eric Bischoff runs out from backstage yelling, saying that this won’t happen here tonight on his show and if either man lays a hand on one another, they’ll be suspended indefinitely! It ends with Batista and HHH locked in a stare down with one another as the crowd continues to cheer.

84.2% ( 12 minutes )

Segment 3: World Title Rematch!?!

Eric Bischoff is talking with Edge backstage in his office, when in busts Triple H to complain about how he wasn’t allowed to take back what was rightfully his. Bischoff explains that there is to much money to be made in a rematch. HHH demands to use his rematch clause against Batista! Bischoff tells HHH that his hands are currently tied, but says that he’ll have his rematch at Backlash!

81.1% ( 2 minutes )

Segment 4: RKO…R . I . P .

Randy Orton’s music hits, and the crowd boo as he makes his way out on the entrance ramp. Pyro begins to spray from the titan-tron as Orton makes his way down to the aisle and into the ring. Orton takes a microphone, but is unable to say a word as the crowd continues to boo and show disrespect. He’s got a cocky grin on his face, as he starts to talk about how he had The Undertaker right were he wanted him last night at WrestleMania. A clip of Orton trying to attempt the tombstone is shown, and he mentions how he injured his arm severely at that moment during the match. Orton claims that his doctor has forced him into the inactive reserve list, and how he’ll have to take a leave of absence from RAW. This gets a big cheer from the crowd. Orton tells everyone not to worry, and that’ll be back, and one-hundred and ten percent when he returns! He tosses the mic, and exit’s the ring. On his way up the ramp, he poses one last time before he heads backstage.

73.5% ( 7 minutes )

Segment 5: I Told You So

Backstage Randy Orton walks out of the locker room with his bag thrown over his shoulder. As Orton heads out of the arena he runs into Kane. The two have a quick stare down before Kane begins to laugh. Orton doesn’t look impressed, and walks right out of the building.

76.5% ( 1 minute )

Segment 6: WWE Women’s Title Match - Christy Hemme w/ Lita vs. Trish Stratus ©

In a rematch from WrestleMania 21, Christy Hemme gets another shot at the Women’s title as she takes on Trish Stratus. This match starts out with Christy, who has the upper hand over Trish. The little spitfire does all she can to try and get the win over Trish, as she tries to pull every move out of the book. Trish would quickly turn the match into her favor with the Chick Kick! She doesn’t end the match there, as she continues to beat down Christy in the ring to provoke Lita at ringside. Lita tries to enter the ring, but is held back by the ref. This allows Trish to use her title belt to smash into the back of Christy’s head! The ref sees this, and calls for the disqualification. Trish pushes the ref out of the ring, and in comes Lita. The crowd go crazy as Lita hands out some hard right hands, but can’t do much because of her still injured leg. Trish takes advantage of the injury, and clips Lita’s leg out from under her. She grabs a chair from ringside, puts it around Lita’s neck, and jumps off the second rope on top of it! Officials storm the ring and attend to Lita. Trish grabs her belt, and slowly makes her way up the aisle with a big smile on her face.

Winner: Christy Hemme by DQ ( 6 minutes )

65.4% / 39.4% / 57.3%

Segment 7: The Hulkster Returns!!!

A video package plays, going back to last nights WrestleMania XXI to the surprise return of Eugene. It’s quickly interrupted by Muhammad Hassan with Khosrow Daivari by his side. Hassan claims discrimination is what kept him off of WM-21, and quickly begins to beat down Eugene. This goes on until Hulk Hogan made his shocking return to clean house of both Daivari and Hassan! Hogan would blow the roof off the Staple Center as he hulked up in the middle of the ring one last time.

99.3% ( 3 minutes )

Segment 8: Is She Ok?

Lita is wheeled out of the arena on a stretcher by officials as she was viciously attacked moments ago by Trish Stratus. She’s put into an ambulance, and taken to the nearest hospital for observation.

74.4% ( 1 minute )

Segment 9: Forgive or Forget

“Sexy Boy” plays over the PA system and out comes the “Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels to a huge ovation from the crowd. Michaels seems to be a little down after he lost to Kurt Angle at WrestleMania last night. He enters the ring, and takes a moment or two to look about the arena at the packed house. The crowd begin to chant “HBK, HBK”, which brings a smile to Michaels’ face. Michaels talks a little about his match with Angle, and says it was one of the highlights of his career, and says that he doesn’t know when, or where but they will hook up again, and next time he’ll walk away with the one, two, three! He says that after last nights match, it put his life in perspective, and that he wouldn’t be where he is today if it wasn’t for the fans.

Muhammad Hassan’s music hits, and the crowd boo as Hassan is lead out from the backstage area by Khosrow Daivari. Michaels gets an angry look on his face, as Hassan has a microphone in hand. Hassan starts yelling about how Michaels was able to get where he is today, because he doesn’t have to deal with racial discrimination. He says that Michaels was apart of WrestleMania and lost, yet is still cheered by the WWE fans. While he was kept off of the biggest pay-per-view of the year, is undefeated on RAW, and continues to be disgraced everywhere he goes. Daivari takes the mic, and begins to scream at Michaels in Arabic.

Michaels tells Hassan that he goes out every night and puts his body on the line for the fans, not because he’s American, but because he’s got a love for the business. He says Hassan is doing nothing but disgracing himself, and spitting in everyone’s face by disrespecting the business. Hassan slowly makes his way down the aisle, enters the ring with Michaels, and the two go toe-to-toe. The two stare down one another, until officials run out from the back to pull the two apart. Michaels tells Hassan that he’s afraid to be beaten by the better man, then challenges him to a match next week on RAW! The entire time Daivari continues to scream in Arabic, as Hassan accepts.

89.8% ( 10 minutes )

Segment 10: For All My Peeps

Maria Kanellis is backstage with Christian and Tyson Tomko ready to conduct an interview, when Christian grabs the microphone, and tells Maria to beat it. Christian talks about his peeps, and then does a little rap about captain charisma going onto become the next world champion, but tonight he’s going to beat two punks in Chris Jericho and Shelton Benjamin!

87.1% ( 5 minutes )

Segment 11: Chris Jericho & Shelton Benjamin vs. Christian & Tyson Tomko

Edge would join the announce team at the beginning of the match to talk trash about what Chris Jericho said earlier in the night. The match would start out with Christian and Tyson Tomko trying to work on isolating Shelton Benjamin. With some several near falls from both Christian and Tomko. Benjamin would slowly fight his way back into the match, as he hits Christian with a dragon whip out of nowhere. The match would spill out to ringside. As Christian and Tomko try and regroup, Benjamin slingshots himself over the top rope, to take both men out on the outside. Benjamin would finally make the hot tag to Jericho halfway through the match. The crowd would be on their feet as Jericho cleans house. Jericho catches Christian with a face buster, but as he goes for the lion sault, Tomko nails him with a yakuza kick. This just about takes Jericho’s head off. Benjamin would fly off the top rope and catch Tomko with a clothesline. Christian would go for an Unprettier on Jericho, but Benjamin hit’s him with a superkick before he can follow through. Tomko gets tagged back in, and goes to work on Jericho. This lasts a few minutes, before Jericho fights back and locks in the Walls of Jericho! Tomko is just about to tap out when Christian breaks it up. Jericho tags out to Benjamin, who gets a couple near falls on Tomko, but it’s broken up every time by Christian. The match continues as Benjamin and Christian exchange blows in the ring. Edge would sneak down to the ringside area and nail Jericho with the very briefcase from last night’s “Money in the Bank” match! This busts Jericho wide open, and Edge taunts him after. The ref would be knocked out during this point in the match due to a miss communication by Christian. Benjamin delivers an excellent t-bone suplex on Christian, but can’t pin! Tomko comes in and hits Benjamin with a sidewalk slam, then rolls Christian on top for the pin! The ref slowly crawls over, and makes the three count. Tomko helps Christian to his feet, and celebrate their win.

Winners: Christian & Tyson Tomko ( 18 minutes )

81.7% / 74.8% / 76.5%

Segment 12: The Rabid Wolverine

Jonathan Coachman stands by with the rabid wolverine Chris Benoit backstage as he prepares for his match against Triple H later tonight. The Coach brings up that Triple H has never been able to beat Benoit one-on-one. Benoit tells Coach that he’ll make HHH tap tonight, just like he did last year at WrestleMania when he won the title! Coach asks Benoit about Batista and the world title. Benoit says that it’s only a matter of time before they square off for the belt.

77.7% ( 2 minutes )

Segment 13: ? ? ? ? vs. Chris Masters

Chris Masters made his usual theatrical entrance. He got on the microphone to announce the very first every Master Lock Challenge, that if anyone backstage could defeat him without submitting to his Master Lock submission, they would receive ten-thousand dollars! The first person to accept would be unknown Sean Evans who doesn’t get any reaction whatsoever. Masters has the upper hand from the very beginning of the match. Evans tries to fight back, but falls victim to a vicious polish-hammer, and finally the Master Lock! Masters wrenches in the submission, and Evans quickly passes out. The ref calls for the bell, and Masters wins. Masters grabs a microphone again, and says that his Master Lock is unbreakable, before he stomps Evans in the back of the head on his way out of the ring!

Winner: Chris Masters ( 5 mins )

31.2% / 54.0% / 20.5%

( NOTE: This match suffered due to the lack of psychology by both men. )

Segment 14: Hall Of Fame Tribute

In a video tribute to the WrestleMania 21 Hall of Fame ceremony we see clips from all seven legends that include Bob Orton, Iron Sheik, Hulk Hogan, Jimmy Hart, Nikolai Volkoff, Paul Orndorff, and “Rowdy” Roddy Piper. The package includes clips from each inductees career, and ends with Hogan, and all the fans cheering “One more match, one more match”!

97.3% ( 3 minutes )

Segment 15: Simon System 3:16

It’s time once again for Simon Dean to plug his patented Simon System. In the ring is a table set up with all of Simon’s products. Maven joins Simon in the ring, as they prepare for a very special demonstration of the Simon System. Simon talks about how Los Angeles being full of overweight, no good…he’s interrupted by the oh so familiar sound of glass shattering! The crowd goes crazy as Stone Cold Steve Austin comes out to pop open a few beers. Maven and Simon both stand back as Stone Cold climbs each turnbuckle. Once Stone Cold finishes he is tosses a beer, grabs a microphone, and gets face-to-face with Simon in the ring. The crowd is off the hook, as they continue to cheer. Simon begins to freak out, and demands to know what Stone Cold is doing during his paid promotional air time? Stone Cold tells Simon that he’s there to try his system. Simon looks a little confused, but sees that it could be a good promotional campaign add. Maven tries to convince Simon not to trust Stone Cold, but it doesn’t work. Simon hands Stone Cold some of his Simon System shake. Stone Cold drinks some, but then spits it back out into Simon’s face! The crowd loves every moment. Stone Cold dumps his beer into the shake, and chugs it down. He seems to enjoy it, but before he can finish, nails Simon with the Stunner! Maven attacks Stone Cold, but quickly receives a Stunner of his own! The crowd is on their feet. Stone Cold tosses the table full of the Simon System out of the ring, and then pops open a few more beers before leaving the ring.

82.2% ( 8 minutes )

Segment 16: Main Event - Chris Benoit vs. Triple H w/ Ric Flair

In a simply astounding main event match, Chris Benoit and Triple H both take it to the limit. HHH does whatever he can to get an advantage over the crippler as he cheats whenever possible. Benoit is able to fight back whatever HHH dishes out, and almost gets the victory early on after multiple german suplexes. He goes to the top rope and goes for the swandive head butt, but HHH moves out of the way at the last second. HHH busts Benoit open early in the match as he catches him in the bridge of the nose with a running knee lift. He continues to work on the legs of Benoit, as he locks on a reverse figure four leglock. Benoit fights his way to the ropes to force the hold to be broken. The match continues as the two battle back and forth with an exchange of holds and maneuvers to get an advantage over one another. HHH catches Benoit with a neckbreaker that looks like it could have injured his neck. Benoit tries to fight through the pain. HHH tries to work on the injured arm of Benoit as its taped up after it was injured during last night’s pay-per-view. He plants Benoit with an armbreaker. A few near fall attempts, but HHH still can’t keep Benoit down for the count. Ric Flair tries to get involved at this point during the match. Benoit locks HHH into the crippler crossface out of nowhere! The fans are on their feet as it appears that HHH will tap out, but Benoit is unable to keep the hold locked in due to his injured arm. Flair distracts the ref as HHH has a chair. HHH swings, but misses Benoit. He gets his legs swept up from underneath as Benoit attempts a sharpshooter. This time HHH makes it to the ropes. Flair tries to enter the ring, but is held back by the ref. Benoit tries to go after Flair, but HHH gives him a low blow. HHH nails Benoit with the Pedigree, and pin him for the victory! Flair and HHH don’t stop there, as they continue to beat down on Benoit post-match. The crowd get on their feet as Batista comes running out from backstage. Batista slides into the ring and goes toe-to-toe with HHH. Neither man can physically touch the other. Flair comes up from behind, but Batista levels him, takes him up, and delivers the Batista Bomb! HHH helps Flair out of the ring, and slowly makes his way down the aisle. He continues to stare down Batista as RAW comes to an end.

Winner: Triple H ( 22 minutes )

98.2% / 86.9% / 96.7%


RAW Rating = 76.1%

Viewers: 1,046,916

Attendance: 13,050


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This is fantastically written, and though I like how you're only changing what happened after 'Mania very slightly, I hope it gets more and more original, as the readers sort of already know what happens in these feuds. I hope that made sense, but I usually talk utter bollocks when attempting to analyze diaries. But I'll be reading.

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user posted image

WWE SmackDown! Preview

April 5th, 2005

It’s true, “The Champ Is Here”. This past Sunday at WrestleMania 21, John Cena defeated JBL to become the WWE Heavyweight champion! It was a hard fought battle, but Cena would come out on top, and this Thursday night, we’ll hear from the champion himself from the San Diego Sports Arena in San Diego, California! We’ll also hear from the WWE Tag-Team champions, after their match just 72 hours ago when Rey Mysterio beat Eddie Guerrero. The Cruiserweight championship will be on the line this week, when champion Paul London defends his title against Billy Kidman. If that’s not all, we’ll see a special bikini contest between the SmackDown! divas!


Billy Kidman vs. Paul London - WWE Cruiserweight Title Match

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Looking good so far and I love the lay-out despite obvious similarities to that of alldawson. In fact, I plan on using a similar layout for my upcoming diary.

Anyway back on topic, RAW looked like a good and for the most part realistic show, that left me interested in the creative direction you're taking Edge and Chris Benoit. Finally, I guess I predict the outcome of the announced match for SmackDown will be either a clean London win to help his title reign or a disqualification finish with Chavo Guerrero involved somehow.

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user posted image

WWE In Backstage Chaos

April 5th, 2005

With the loss of Brian Gerwitz from head writer of the creative team, many reports have indicated that it was pure chaos backstage during RAW this past Monday night. The incident that escalated between Vince McMahon just hours before the show went on the air was a shock for many, but even more so when it was announced that Gerwitz was released, after his long track record with WWE, and his connection with Stephanie McMahon & Triple H. It appears that with Gerwtiz departure from the creative staff, several other writers have asked to leave. The question still remains, who’ll take over at this point?

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This is very good so far, I just wish that things would be a little bit different...it seems as though I've already read almost everything here. :) Hopefully Batista beats Triple H at Backlash, which would also hopefully be in a gimmick match, so we don't have to wait all the way until Vengeance for the feud to end. :lol:

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WWE Signs More Lucha Talent!

April 7th, 2005

Early last week we learned that Psychosis had officially signed a contract with World Wrestling Entertainment. This week, in an attempt to add to the cruiserweight division WWE has signed two three-year deals with both Juventud Guerrera & Super Crazy! There could be some great opportunities for all three of these new additions to the roster. Both men will finish up their previous commitments before they head to the states, and start with the company.

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WWE SmackDown!

Show Level: Flagship

Length: 2 Hrs

Time Slot: 8:00

TV Network: UPN

Brand: SmackDown!


Michael Cole


Tonight's Location: San Diego, California

Arena: San Diego Sports Arena

Affluence: 65.4%

Interested Population: 30,000

Casual Fans: 24,120%

Hardcore Fans: 1,111

Pure Fans: 1,817

Old School Fans: 1,570

MMA Fans: 829

Women’s Fans: 553

Popularity: 86.3%


Segment 1: Thuggin N Buggin

SmackDown! opens to it’s usual video montage. Michael Cole and Tazz welcome everyone to the show, as the camera pans over the San Diego Sports Arena. Pyros explode throughout the building, as soon after out walks Theodore Long with a big smile on his face. Long bounces his way into the ring, and takes a microphone. He talks a little about how much WrestleMania 21 was a success for the brand, but is quickly cut off by the sound of John Bradshaw Layfield’s theme music. The crowd boo as JBL’s limo pulls out, and out climbs the former champion with the belt still around his waist. JBL makes his way down to the ring with a nasty look on his face, he’s accompanied by his chief of staff Orlando Jordan. The crowd continues to boo, as JBL talks about how much he dislikes being in San Diego. JBL gives credit where credit is due, praises John Cena, but says that he didn’t win last night. He says that the belt is still around his waist. Long informs JBL that belt doesn’t mean anything, and he’ll have to earn his shot at the title! This gets a big pop from the crowd. Long also mentions that there will be no rematch, because JBL was to arrogant to sign rematch clause part of his contract against Cena! JBL is outraged and says that it’s a travesty the way he’s treated. He starts to talk about taking legal action against Long. Long also informs JBL that he’ll be in action in the main event, when he teams with Kurt Angle against the Tag-Team champions Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio in a non-title match! JBL and Orlando argue, as Long exit’s the ring with a big smile on his face. The crowd cheer for Long as he makes his way backstage. JBL tells Long that he’ll become number one contender, and retain his championship!

90.6% ( 10 minutes )

Segment 2: RAW Rebound

We go back to this past Monday night on RAW. Stone Cold Steve Austin would make a surprise appearance when he would Stunner both Maven and Simon Dean. In a confrontation between both Muhammad Hassan and Shawn Michaels, these two will meet next week in a no disqualification match. Finally, Triple H looked to make an example of Chris Benoit, but was unsuccessful thanks to Batista!

92.3% ( 4 minutes )

Segment 3: WWE Cruiserweight Title Match - Billy Kidman vs. Paul London ©

The first match of the night would see Paul London defend the cruiserweight title against Billy Kidman. Before the match officially got underway, Chavo Guerrero joined the announce table to do commentary. London would continue to watch Chavo throughout the match, as he knew he couldn’t turn his back on him. Kidman would use this distraction to his advantage early on in the match. Both men would use some quick maneuvers. They would try to take to the air with some innovative high-flying moves. Kidman would catch London off guard, and attempt at the Shooting Star Press, but couldn’t connect. London gets dumped out to ringside, which gave Chavo the opportunity to get in a few cheap shots, as Kidman conveniently distracted the ref. The match was taken back in the ring, as London had the back of his head busted open. A few near falls, but Kidman is unable to pick up the victory. The ref gets knocked out when London connects with a head scissors takedown. Kidman would grab a steel chair from ringside, and place it in the ring. He then nailed London with the BK Bomb onto the chair! Still unable to pin, due to the ref being out cold. Kidman continues his assault on a helpless London. The ref finally gets to his feet, just as Kidman heads to the top. Kidman comes off the top rope just as London gets up, as he’s in mid-air, London hit’s a dropsault. London hits Kidman with a seated double chicken wing facebuster. He heads to the top rope, and nails the 450° Splash! The pin is made, and London retains his title. As the ref hands him the belt, Chavo jumps him from behind! The crowd boo as Chavo and Kidman double team London once the match has ended. Chavo yells at London that the belt belongs to him. London has to be helped out of the ring by officials.

Winner: Paul London ( 12 minutes )

77.4% / 75.9% / 74.7%

Segment 4: What A Loser

Backstage we see several people who are circled around Luther Reigns talking. Josh Matthews walks up and looks to ask a couple of questions. Reigns makes fun of The Big Show, and how he lost at WrestleMania 21 in a dipper. He then says that Show is a disgrace. Show walks up, and challenges Reigns to a match. Reigns is eager to accept, and the two stare one another down…

62.8% ( 3 minutes )

Segment 5: Luther Reigns vs. The Big Show

This started out as a very sluggish match between both men. The crowd wasn’t very into it at first, with Big Show and Luther Reigns exchanging blows. Reigns would get a slight upper hand over Show at the beginning. Show tries to overpower Reigns to try and get an advantage, but is unable. Reigns surprises Show with just an equal amount of strength. The match spills out to ringside where Reigns begins to use his environment as a weapon. Show rips the announcer’s table apart, and goes to chokeslam Reigns through. Reigns fights his way out, and the match is sent back into the ring. Show gains a slight advantage over Reigns at this part of the match, as he almost picks up a few pin falls. Reigns takes the turnbuckle pad off behind the ref’s back. Show charges at Reigns in the corner, but ends up smashing his head into the exposed turnbuckle. Reigns comes from behind with a huge northern lariat! He sets Show up for a the Reign of Terror, but Show fights out, and clocks him with a big boot. Show picks Reigns up, and plants him with the Show Stopper! He covers for the win, and celebrates post-match.

Winner: The Big Show ( 8 minutes )

72.8% / 67.8% / 74.1%

( NOTE: This match suffered due to the lack of psychology by both men. )

Segment 6: WrestleMania XXI Recap

A video montage recaps some of the SmackDown! matches from WrestleMania 21. It highlights Randy Orton and The Undertaker during their match, as well as Kurt Angle versus Shawn Michaels. We see clips from the main event, when John Bradshaw Layfield defended against John Cena. Cena would get the win, and become the new WWE Heavyweight champion!

87.6% ( 2 minutes )

Segment 7: The Champ Is Here

“My Time Is Now” plays throughout the arena, and the crowd are on their feet as John Cena comes running out from the backstage. Cena’s got a big smile on his face as the fans chant “Cena, Cena”. He gets in the ring, and on the microphone to talk about how great it is to be the champ. The crowd continue to cheer. Cena says that you can’t be a champion without a belt, and that’s when a belt is lowered from the ceiling down into the ring. It appears to be a new version of the title, and this one spins! Cena tosses the belt over his shoulder, says how great it is to be a champion of the people, and that the chain gang is stronger then ever. He talks about defending the belt, and he doesn’t care who it’s against, or where, but that he’ll defend the belt twenty-four seven. The crowd begin to chant yet again, as Cena does a rap on JBL’s losing last night at WrestleMania 21, and how he welcomes all challengers! Cena spins the faceplate of his title belt, before he climbs out of the ring and heads to the back.

95.7% ( 7 minutes )

Segment 8: WWE’s Only Olympic Gold Medallist

The crowd chant “You Suck” along with Kurt Angle’s music, as he makes his way out to the ring. Angle’s followed out by two guards as they hold his gold medals. It looks as though we could be treated to a Kurt Angle Invitational. Angle grabs a microphone, and talks a little about winning at WM-21. He then says that later tonight he’s got to team with John Bradshaw Layfield. Angle seems to believe that he’ll be the next #1 contender. Tonight, he’s decided to give another hometown hero a chance in the Kurt Angle Invitational, but the rules have been changed. The three minute time limit has been lifted, you must now pin or make Angle submit to win his gold medal!

95.1% ( 4 minutes )

Segment 9: Kurt Angle Invitational - ? ? ? ? vs. Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle is ready, and calls out his challenger. Local indy wrestler Joey Ryan comes out and announces his hometown as Los Angeles, but before he can finish, he’s attacked by Angle! Ryan is able to hold his own against Angle for several minutes into the match. Angle attempts to ground Ryan, but is unsuccessful at being able to lock on the Angle Lock. Ryan tries to move as quick as he can to try and steal a victory over Angle, but it doesn’t work in his favor. Angle catches Ryan with a big Angle Slam, followed by the Angle Lock. Ryan quickly taps out, and the ref is forced to pull Angle off of his opponent! Angle celebrates as the crowd boos. He exit’s the ring, and heads his way backstage with a confident grin on his face.

Winner: Kurt Angle ( 5 minutes )

67.8% / 80.7% / 69.7%

Segment 10: It’s In The Past

Rey Mysterio is backstage in a locker room as he prepares for the upcoming tag-team main event. In walks Eddie Guerrero as the two get face-to-face. It’s a stare down, until Eddie offers a handshake to Rey. The two shake hands, and agree that the past is past.

84.6% ( 1 minute )

Segment 11: A Psycho Unleashed!

Booker T comes out a huge pop from the crowd. He’s accompanied by his beautiful wife Sharmell, as they make their way down the aisle. Out of nowhere comes Heidenreich from behind who attacks Booker! Sharmell screams and tries to run away, but Heidenreich catches up to her in the ring. Heidenreich backs her up into the corner, when Booker jumps him from behind. These two brawl with an exchange of blows. Booker goes to toss Heidenreich into the steel steps, but is reversed, and goes flying shoulder first. Heidenreich picks up the steps, and is about to smash it over Booker when out comes a group of officials to separate the chaos that has ensued! Sharmell checks on her husband, as Heidenreich is dragged away with an evil look in his eye.

79.1% ( 6 minutes )

Segment 12: Wet Dreams…

Tazz stands in the ring, and introduces the three diva participants in the bikini contest. Out walk Dawn Marie, Miss Jackie, and Torrie Wilson who all sport robs to cover up their yet to be revealed bathing suits. Tazz jokes around for a minute, and the contest is soon underway. Dawn goes first, and does a little dance to get a cheap pop from the crowd. Next is Jackie, who the crowd seem to favor the most. It’s finally Torrie’s turn, who gets a slightly bigger ovation from the male fans in attendance. Tazz says it was close, but gives the win to Torrie. As Torrie celebrates, she’s interrupted as out from the back Joy Giovanni, Lauren Jones, and Rochelle Loewen make their presents felt. The three ladies enter the ring and get face-to-face with three counterparts. Joy tells Torrie and the rest of the divas that they are taking over, and that it’s time from the old bags to be taken out to pasture! Officials run out and separate the divas before things escalate.

78.5% ( 5 minutes )

Segment 13: Now That’s Cool!

Steve Romero stands by with Carlito Caribbean Cool backstage, and begins the interview when the microphone is grabbed out of his hands. Carlito tells Romero to beat it, and pushes him off camera. He’s got a big smile on his face, as he talks about next week’s debut of the coolest talk show ever, Carlito’s Cabana. Once Carlito finishes, he takes a bit out of his apple, and walks away.

70.5% ( 2 minutes )

Segment 14: Main Event - Eddie Guerrero & Rey Mysterio vs. John Bradshaw Layfield & Kurt Angle

It is now time for the main event. In a non-title tag-team match as Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio take on John Bradshaw Layfield and Kurt Angle. The match starts out with Angle and Eddie going toe-to-toe. The crowd is into the match from the very beginning. Some great technical wrestling between both men. Rey is tagged in and goes mono-a-mono with the olympic gold medallist. Angle weakens Rey by going after Rey’s legs. In an attempt to slow down his opponent. Angle goes for the Angle Lock, and even locks on the grapevine, but Rey is able to fight his way out. JBL comes into the match, but instead of using wrestling skill, he cheats every chance he gets. Eddie comes back in, and these two don’t wrestle, but brawl inside and out of the ring. JBL sets up and powerbombs Eddie on top of the announcer’s table! Rey is quickly isolated in the ring by Angle as the match continues. Eddie still unable to make it to the ring apron, forces Rey to hang in and not submit. Rey goes up top, and tries to use speed to his advantage. Angle gets nailed with a 6-1-9, but is unable to capitalize with a pin. As the match progresses, Angle and JBL still have an upper hand. Rey springboards into the ring and catches JBL off guard with a bulldog. Again, Angle tries to wrench in his Angle Lock, and work over the legs of Rey to no avail. Angle is at ringside when Rey springboards over the top rope, and takes him out on the outside. Eddie comes in, and is able to clean house. JBL gets caught with the three amigos. Angle comes in behind the ref’s back and lays Eddie out with an Angle Slam! Eddie and JBL are both out cold. As the ref counts, Angle and Rey begin to brawl. Eddie goes up top to set JBL up for a Frog Splash, but Angle tosses Rey into the ropes to knock Eddie off balance! Due to the miss communication, Eddie begins to blame Rey, and the two begin to argue. Eddie and JBL begin to brawl in the ring and the two exchange blows. Eddie again goes up top for the Frog Splash, connects, but JBL somehow kicks out! Angle beats down on Eddie, but is finally forced out of the ring by the ref. JBL’s chief of staff Orlando Jordan comes out of nowhere, but Rey catches him on the ropes and hit’s the 6-1-9! As Rey celebrates, Danny Basham slides into the ring and nails Eddie with a foreign object! JBL makes the pin, and the ref counts one, two, three. Rey notices what happened, but it’s to late. JBL rolls out of the ring, and hightails it up the aisle with Angle and the cabinet. They celebrate as Rey tries to help Eddie in the ring, but Eddie doesn’t want anything to do with him.

Winners: John Bradshaw Layfield & Kurt Angle ( 28 minutes )

96.0% / 84.4% / 96.7%


SmackDown! Rating = 67.1%

Viewers: 833,727

Attendance: 12,135


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Talent Called Up

April 8th, 2005

This week WWE has scheduled several names down in the development territory OVW to be called up and appear during house shows for the next several weeks. Some of these names, include the tag-team M-N-M which consists of Joey Matthews, Johnny Nitro, & Melina Perez. It appears that Tommy Dreamer has pushed hard for these three to get called up for sometime now. John Laurinaitis has also been very impressed with their ability, skills, and talent as a team, which is a shock to many.

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user posted image

WWE Velocity

April 9th, 2005

Mark Jindrak vs. Ricky Reyes

This was a decent squash match, as that’s just what it was. Mark Jindrak came out to just a few cheers from the crowd. It was the Mark Of Excellence that put Ricky Reyes away for the count!

Winner: Mark Jindrak

46.2% / 71.6% / 56.9%

Akio & Spike Dudley vs. Funaki & Shannon Moore

A fairly good cruiserweight tag-team match. Each man got in a decent amount of offense against their opponents. Spike Dudley was very hated by the crowd. Funaki would pick up the win with a quick roll-up.

Winners: Funaki & Shannon Moore

61.4% / 74.6% / 71.%

Heidenreich vs. Nate Nickerson

In yet another squash match, the second one of the night. Heidenreich would lay waste to Lil’ Nate in a matter of seconds with a vicious sidewalk slam. Post-match would see a brawl with Booker T which would have to be broken up by officials!

Winner: Heidenreich

34.8% / 62.4% / 23.0%

Charlie Haas & Hardcore Holly vs. The Basham Brothers

Danny and Doug Basham would take on Charlie Haas and Hardcore Holly in tag-team action in the main event of the evening. A decent match, but nothing special. Doug would cheat as a foreign object would be used on Hardcore. The Basham Brothers would perform a reverse doomsday device double team move on Haas for the win!

Winners: The Basham Brothers

68.4% / 67.4% / 70.8%

Velocity Rating = 59.7%

Viewers: 655,552

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Rey Mysterio Signs Contract!

April 9th, 2005

The news broke over the weekend that Rey Mysterio had signed a new multiyear contract with World Wrestling Entertainment. When Rey first joined the WWE, many people didn’t expect get over as well as he has with management and Vince McMahon himself. Rey has proven to be a huge locker room leader over the years, as he has a lot of pull with good friend Eddie Guerrero. It’s been impressive to say the least, how well Rey has gotten over with Vince himself, and how their relationship has grown, and continues to do just that. Vince has shown much interest in giving Rey a chance in the main event scene, the question that remains is how long can Rey continue to wrestle with his current physical condition.

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WWE Heat

April 10th, 2005

Simon Dean w/ Maven vs. The Hurricane w/ Rosey

Before the match go underway, Simon Dean was on the mic to talk about The Hurricane’s partner Rosey, and his weight issue. This would bring out Hurricane who’s outraged over the comments. It turned out to be a surprisingly good contest. Maven would attack Hurricane during the match, which allowed Simon to get the win!

Winner: Simon Dean

65.2% / 71.4% / 78.0%

Tyson Tomko vs. Val Venis

Not so over with the crowd as the first match, Tyson Tomko took on Val Venis in one-on-one action. Val would quickly gain the advantage early on in the bout. Tomko however used his strength to gain control. A sidewalk slam ends the match, and Tomko walks away with the victory!

Winner: Tyson Tomko

57.4% / 67.8% / 65.2%

WWE World Tag-Team Titles Match - La Résistance vs. Tajiri & William Regal ©

Robert Conway and Sylvan Greiner of La Résistance took on the World Tag-Team champions. It’s a surprisingly good match. Conway and Greiner try and isolate Tajiri early on, but he somehow fights his way back. Greiner gets sprayed with the green mist by Tajiri, who nails Conway over the head with the french flag! This allows Regal to pin Conway for the one, two, three.

Winners: Tajiri & William Regal

70.0% / 71.5% / 75.7%

Heat Rating = 60.7%

Viewers: 657,781

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Paul Heyman Arrives At RAW!

April 11th, 2005

We’ve heard reports that Paul Heyman has arrived in Moline, Illinois at the site of tonight’s RAW earlier this afternoon. As people try and guess at what WWE plans to do after last week’s release of Brian Gerwitz, rumors point to a strong possibility that Heyman could be his temporary replacement. If the rumors are true, expect some major heat between Stephanie McMahon. Heyman’s last involvement with WWE ended after he was caught listening in on a creative meeting without Stephanie’s knowledge. This would force management to send Heyman home, not fairly happy. The decision would have been made by Vince McMahon, who also doesn’t have a great relationship with Heyman to say the least, but it goes to show just how desperate they need someone with creative talent.

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WWE RAW Preview

April 11th, 2005

Last week on RAW, the “Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels laid out a challenge to the undefeated Muhammad Hassan for this Monday night. Hassan accepted, but only under one condition, that it be no disqualification! In 21 days, Batista will defend the World Heavyweight championship against Triple H at Backlash. This past Monday night, in an attempt to make sure that his main event goes off without a hitch, general manager Eric Bischoff enforced that neither man can physically touch the other, or they will be suspended indefinitely! In both man’s case, they each have something to lose. These two will be LIVE from the MARK of the Quad Cities, plus so much more, tonight on RAW!


Muhammad Hassan w/ Khosrow Daivari vs. Shawn Michaels - No Disqualification Match

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user posted image



Show Level: Flagship

Length: 2 Hrs

Time Slot: 9:00

TV Network: Spike TV

Brand: RAW


Jerry “The King” Lawler

Jim Ross

Tonight's Location: Moline, Illinois

Arena: MARK of the Quad Cities

Affluence: 65.1%

Interested Population: 38,000

Casual Fans: 29,602

Hardcore Fans: 1,722

Pure Fans: 613

Old School Fans: 1,512

MMA Fans: 1,512

Women’s Fans: 210

Popularity: 81.2%


Segment 1: Christy Hemme & Victoria vs. Molly Holly & Trish Stratus

In the opening contest of the night, Christy Hemme and Victoria took on the team of Molly Holly and Trish Stratus in tag-team action. The match would start off between Christy and Trish who had an exchange of blows. The match was quickly cut off the fire and brimstone, as Kane came out from the back. Kane had the look of revenge in his eyes, after Lita was injured at the hands of Lita last week. He made a beeline for Trish, ran her out of the ring, and through the crowd. The crowd would go crazy. In the ring, Molly would fall victim to the twist of fate by Christy, who would hook the leg and score the one, two, three! Christy and Victoria celebrated their win after the match.

Winners: Christy Hemme & Victoria ( 6 minutes )

67.0% / 58.3% / 62.8%

Segment 2: The Game Isn’t Over, Not Yet!

“The Game” by motorhead plays throughout the arena, and the crowd boo as Triple H makes his way down to the ring, accompanied by Ric Flair. As they take their time, Jerry “The King” Lawler and Jim Ross talk about the main event which was just signed moments ago, a tag-team match between Batista and Chris Benoit who’ll take on HHH and Flair! Once in the ring, HHH does his trademark posses. Flair has a mic, and begins to do his usual spiel about how HHH will win back the gold at Backlash. He then goes on the rant and rave about how Batista attacked him last week, but that he’s the nature boy! HHH takes the mic from Flair, and goes over the same speech about how he’s still the champion, and that he didn’t lose the belt at WrestleMania, it was a fluke. He then talks a little about how he helped Batista brake into the business with bringing him into Evolution, and under his wing.

“Unleashed” by Saliva hits, and out walks Batista with the World Heavyweight championship belt around his waist. The crowd is on their feet, as the champ makes his way down to the ring to go face-to-face with the challenger. Batista and HHH go toe-to-toe, but Batista still keeps an eye on Flair who stands behind him. They exchange a few words, before Batista takes the mic, and tells HHH to touch him. HHH laughs, and says that he isn’t going to jeopardize their match at Backlash. He’d rather have Batista one-hundred and ten percent, just so he’ll be able to show everyone just how worthless he truly is.

As HHH distracts Batista, Flair slowly takes his jacket off, and begins to roll up his sleeves. Flair is just about to do the unthinkable, when out from the back runs Chris Benoit! Benoit runs down the aisle, and slides into the ring, as the crowd go crazy. Flair and HHH both roll out of the ring, and hightail it up the aisle. Batista has a big smile on his face, as Benoit joins him at his side. HHH has a big smile on his face, as he knows that he’ll get his revenge on Batista soon enough, one way or another. Flair rips off his shirt, and wants to go at it right now, but is held back by HHH. The crowd chant “Batista, Batista” as a stare down ensues between champion and challenger. HHH signals to Batista that he’ll soon have the belt back around his waist, it’s just a matter of time.

100.0% ( 12 minutes )

Segment 3: WWE World Tag-Team Titles Match - La Résistance vs. Tajiri & William Regal ©

It was announced that this would be the lost shot La Résistance has at the World Tag-Team titles, as long as Tajiri and William Regal are champions. This match got underway with Robert Conway and Sylvan Greiner double teaming Tajiri, so they could gain a slight advantage. Tajiri would fight his way back with some quick martial art kicks. Conway and Regal would go one-on-one, and surprise many with a great technical showcase. Sylvan tries to cheat by using whatever he can to get the upper hand. He goes to use the French flag, but gets nailed with the green mist! Tajiri catches him with a Buzzsaw Kick to the face, but Conway is able to make the save during the pin fall attempt. Regal comes into the match and squares off with Sylvan. He quickly rolls Sylvan up after a miss communication with Conway, and holds onto the tights to successfully retain the titles! After the match, Conway and Sylvan argue over who really lost the match.

Winners: Tajiri & William Regal ( 7 minutes )

71.0% / 70.8% / 72.6%

Segment 4: An Open Challenge!

The World Tag-Team champions Tajiri and William Regal walk backstage when they run into Maria Kanellis with a mic. Maria asks about La Résistance being unable to challenge for the titles, as long as Regal and Tajiri are champs. Regal says that him and Tajiri are going to spice up the tag-division, as they lay out an open challenge to any team, next week, who thinks they’ve got what it takes to beat them for the belts!

71.2% ( 3 minute )

Segment 5: SmackDown! Rebound

Last Thursday night on SmackDown! John Bradshaw Layfield and Kurt Angle teamed to take on the Tag-Team champions, Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio in a non-title match. The match would end with Angle and JBL with the victory, after some miscommunication between Eddie and Rey. This week, Angle takes on Eddie in one-on-one action!

88.2% ( 3 minutes )

Segment 6: This Is Payback

Chris Benoit is backstage in the locker room preparing for the main event later tonight, when in walks Batista with the belt around his waist. The two go face-to-face and have a stare down. Batista offers his hand to Benoit. It’s a moment, before Benoit finally takes Batista’s up on his offer, and shakes his hand. The two have big smiles on their faces.

90.6% ( 3 minute )

Segment 7: Master Lock Challenge - ? ? ? ? vs. Chris Masters

It’s time once again for the ten-thousand dollar Master Lock Challenge. Chris Masters makes his eccentric entrance to the dismay of the crowd. He gets on the mic and talks about how no one can break his Master Lock submission. The challenge is then made to anyone in the backstage. Out comes a hometown hero in Ace Steel. The two lock up and exchange blows. Masters quickly unleashes the polish-hammer which almost injures Steel in the process. Steel begins to slowly fight back to the shock of Masters, and the fans. That ends when Masters cheats behind the ref’s back, and quickly ends the match after he applies the Master Lock! Steel passes out in a matter of seconds, and the ref calls for the bell, giving Masters the victory yet again.

Winner: Chris Masters ( 5 minutes )

46.6% / 69.6% / 54.3%

Segment 8: It’s Called Evolution

Ric Flair prepares for the upcoming main event when in walks Triple H acting irate. HHH talks about how Batista doesn’t diserve to be champion, and that the belt should still be around his waist. He wants revenge in the worst way possible. Flair talks about HHH being the best, and that tonight Evolution will be on top again. They agree to not forget the plan, and leave the locker room.

92.0% ( 4 minute )

Segment 9: Chris Jericho vs. Christian w/ Tyson Tomko

Edge would join the announcer’s booth once again this week to do commentary, before the next contest, still caring around the briefcase which holds his future contract for the World title. This turns out as one of the matches of the night, with the crowd surprisingly heavily behind Christian at the beginning. Chris Jericho tries to gain the advantage, but is unable to, due to Tyson Tomko’s interference behind the ref’s back. The ref finally bans Tomko from ringside, which drives Christian crazy. Christian and Jericho battle back and forth with some great technical wrestling. The match almost ends early when Jericho hit’s a facebuster, followed by an attempt at the lion sault, but Christian puts his knees up at the last second! Christian has the upper hand, with an injured Jericho. He begins to work over Jericho’s injuries. Jericho slowly fights back, until Christian delivers an Unprettier! Christian goes for a pin fall, but Jericho somehow kicks out. He argues with the ref, which gives Jericho enough time to pull himself back together. These two continue to battle it out in ring. Jericho pulls Christian’s feet out from underneath him and locks on the Walls of Jericho, but Christian reaches the ropes. The hold is broken, and Jericho still works over Christian’s legs. Christian catches Jericho off guard, the two head to the top rope. He nails Jericho with a reverse tornado ddt from up top! A pin fall attempt, but yet again, Jericho is able to kick out. Christian begins to get frustrated, and taunts the crowd. Jericho makes it to his feet, and attempts an enziguri, but Christian ducks. Christian follows through with an Unprettier, and pins Jericho for the surprise win! In a surprise turn of events, the crowd cheer for Christian. Post-match, Edge hightails it down to the ring, and clocks Jericho yet again with his briefcase! Christian joins on the beat down on Jericho in ring, until out runs Shelton Benjamin! The crowd go crazy as Benjamin cleans house. Christian and Edge both make their way up the aisle with big smirks on their faces. Benjamin helps Jericho to his feet in ring.

Winner: Christian ( 22 minutes )

83.4% / 86.0% / 88.3%

Segment 10: I’m Arab-American Damnit!

Jonathan Coachman stands by with Khosrow Daivari and Muahammad Hassan backstage. You can hear the crowd boo all the way into the back. Hassan doesn’t look please. Daivari begins to speak in his native tongue. Hassan takes the mic, and says that people still don’t respect what he’s doing, and that tonight he’s going to beat the fan favorite Shawn Michaels! He points out that he’s still undefeated, and goes back to talk about being Arab-American, before Daivari goes back to talking in Iraqi.

76.4% ( 4 minutes )

Segment 11: No Disqualification Match - Muhammad Hassan w/ Khosrow Daivari vs. Shawn Michaels

This match starts off with Shawn Michaels taking on both Khosrow Daivari and Muhammad Hassan. Michaels makes short work of Daivari, and sends him flying out of the ring. Hassan holds his own against the heartbreak kid. The two brawl in and out of the ring. The crowd are completely behind Michaels from start-to-finish. Hassan grabs a chair, and begins to smash it across the back of Michaels. The match is taken back into the ring where we see a decent amount of back and forth action. Hassan is laid out in the middle of the ring, and Michaels proceeds to head to the top rope. Daivari tries to stop him just in time, but Michaels sends him flying to the mat below. Michaels jumps, and drives an elbow drop into the chest of Hassan. Several pin fall attempts are made throughout the match, by both Hassan and Michaels, but it’s not enough to keep either man down. An attempt at the Sweet Chin Music is made, but Hassan blocks, and nails the STO! Daivari tosses the very tie that was around his neck, into the ring. Hassan takes the tie, applies the camel clutch, but proceeds to use the tie as extra leverage to choke out Michaels! The ref tries to convince Hassan to stop, but he doesn’t. Daivari comes in as the ref tries to pull Hassan off of Michaels, but gets laid out by the ref. Hassan finally breaks the hold. He taunts a lifeless Michaels a few minutes, then the crowd. Hassan cockishly pins Michaels, and Daivari counts the one, two, three. The crowd are disappointed, and boo as Michaels is treated like dirt by Daivari and Hassan. Hassan’s arm is raised by Daivari, and the two celebrate as if they had just legally won the match. They make their way back up the aisle, as a beaten Michaels slowly comes to. Michaels doesn’t have a pleased look on his face, as he crawls back to his feet. Hassan taunts Michaels one last time, before he makes his way to the back.

Winner: No Contest ( 18 minutes )

86.2% / 75.6% / 83.6%

Segment 12: A Backlash Preview

A video montage airs, as “Behind These Eyes” by 3 Doors Down plays in the background. The video package hypes the rematch between Batista and Triple H for the World Heavyweight championship at Backlash. We see key moments in the feud between these two men. It concludes with a clip of Batista after his win over HHH at WrestleMania 21, and the title in his hands!

92.4% ( 3 minutes )

Segment 13: Batista & Chris Benoit vs. Ric Flair & Triple H

Ric Flair and Triple H made their entrances to nothing but boos from the crowd. They awaited their opponents, the rabid wolverine Chris Benoit and the World Heavyweight champion Batista. The question on everyone’s mind, is would Batista or HHH sacrifice everything just to get their hands on one another? Batista and HHH went toe-to-toe in the middle of the ring with a stare down that lasted several minutes. Neither man would say a word, but the crowd would be on their feet. HHH finally couldn’t take it, and would go to lay in a hard right hand on the animal, but second guest his decision. Benoit and Flair would both enter the ring, and start the match off. This match got underway with an exchange of blows and technical holds between Benoit and Flair. The fans were on the side of Benoit, yet continued to be behind Flair’s trademark chants. Flair would take a cheap shot on Benoit any chance he got. HHH would enter, and go to work on Benoit, so that he could once again try and prove a point to Batista that he was the game. He’d work over the injured body of Benoit, but somehow lose control of the match. Benoit fights his way out, and goes for a sharpshooter submission. Flair and HHH both double team on Benoit. The fans cheer, and chant for the tag to be made to Batista. Benoit is finally able to fight his way out, and the hot tag is made. Only problem is, HHH is the legal man. Batista and HHH go face-to-face once again, locked in a deadly stare down. The tag is made to Flair, who taunts Batista continuously. Batista and Flair lock up, but Batista uses his brut strength as an advantage. The ref gets knocked out after a miss communication. Batista catches Flair with a spinbuster, but can’t pin. HHH comes in, but gets cut off by Benoit. The match turns into an all out brawl in and out of the ring. Benoit locks Flair in the Crippler Crossface, but somehow Flair reaches the ropes to force the hold to be broken. He delivers multiple suplexes, followed by an attempt at the swan dive head butt, but Flair moves out of the way at the last second! Batista comes in to clean house, but once again, can’t touch HHH for a fear of losing his title. Flair comes from behind, and gives Batista a low blow. HHH kicks Benoit in the stomach, and nails the Pedigree for the three count! Batista fights his way back, and sets Flair up again for the Batista Bomb, when the lights in the arena are cut. In total blackness, we see a flicker of flashbulbs in the crowd, and the cheers from fans. The lights are finally flipped on, and Batista is laid out in the middle of the ring busted open! HHH stands over the champs body with a big smile on his face, as he holds the belt high in the air.

Winners: Ric Flair & Triple H ( 25 minutes )

88.8% / 69.8% / 91.9%


RAW Rating = 81.9%

Viewers: 1,042,909

Attendance: 13,603


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