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Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones


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So I just got this game several days ago without playing the first game and I have to admit that it's pretty darn cool and as close to Shinning Force as you could get.

I was wondering, how far are you people into the game and which characters are the best. For some reason I rarely use the spellcasters and rely on brute force to win the battles. Are the spellcasters really important? Besides the healers I mean. Also I have spent a lot of time leveling up Garcia's son(forgot his name) and I was wondering if eventually he becomes something good.


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Theres another Fire Emblem game on the Gameboy Advance, which was simply given the name "Fire Emblem" in its Western release. Its much better than The Sacred Stones in terms of challenge, length and the story is light years better than the one in The Sacred Stones.

That doesn't mean I don't like it though. I like a good turn based strategy game, I was hooked on Advance Wars, this is very similar to that.

On the characters though...you'd be better off going to GameFAQs. My policy was to basically rotate as many characters as possible, have a balanced force. But the problem is, typically in a FE game, is that there are some characters that are fantastic, but there are a few that are awful and don't need much attention.

Its not a hard game. Basically, just make sure that no character that you know you are going to use a lot, gets left behind. And don't use Seth a lot in the early stages. He'll get useful a lot later, but he'll just suck up XP he doesn't need at the start.

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But Seth is usually the only one who does decent damage to the bosses. Right now I am stuck on "It's a trap" the level in which Erika and Ephraim meet and I cant kill the damn boss because only Seth and Garcia seem to hurt him. Javelins and arrows rarely touch him and while others can damage him from close range, they usually get killed with one blow and I dont want to loose anyone.

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With bosses you see, is that you get much much more EXP from them than any other characters. The person who gets the killing blow will go up at least an entire level.

95% of the time, one of your characters won't be able to handle a boss by themself, they need to be backed up with other people dishing out damage. Usually, I used to just get Seth to go in, kick some ass, let someone else dish the killing blow. Particularly in the early stages, when your characters don't have enough chance of evading the bosses attacks.

And yes, you aren't the only person that dislikes losing characters, most players restart entirely when one character dies.

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