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24 Season 3 DVD Extras

Herr Matzat

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i hope the hotlinking works


note, the UK artwork always lookt like this, ecpekt a different US artwork.

Extras :

22 Deleted Scenes

here a few descriptions i found

24 Season 3 - Deleted/ Extended Scenes From 7.00 Pm To 8.00 Pm 7m 57s

00:00:45:15 | No Title On Screen

00:01:45:04 | Scene 709 Original Scene With Ramon Waking Jack From Unconsciousness

00:00:46:19 | Scene Ra708 Chase Asks Chloe To Make Changes To His Cell Phone

00:00:46:14 | Scene 725 The President And Wayne Discuss National Security Issue

00:02:19:19 | Scene 711 Alternate Scene With Chase Trying To Get Information On Hector's Location

00:01:33:05 | Scene 734 Alternate Scene With Chase And Kim On The Phone

24 Season 3 - Deleted / Extended Scenes From 12.00 Am To 1.00 Am 3m 45s

00:01:14:07 | No Title On Screen

00:00:38:01 | Scene 1204 Kim Babysits Chloe's Baby

00:00:27:14 | Scene 1203 Kim Defends Dalton

00:01:25:06 | Scene 1216 Kim Introduces Herself To Dalton

24 Season 3 - Deleted / Extended Scenes From 2.00 Pm To 3.00 Pm 4m 13s

00:00:36:17 | No Title On Screen

00:00:36:04 | Scene 214 Kyle And Girlfriend Under Surveillance

00:02:01:00 | Scene 236 - 238 Extended Crack House Raid

00:00:58:20 | Scene 229 - 230 Kyle Having Sex

Doku "24: On the Loose" (36 min.)

Featurette: Boys and Their Toys (7 min.)

Featurette: Biothreat: Beyond the Series (??? min.)

Multi-Angle Study (??? min.)

it will be 7 discs again

this stuff is colected from nummerus dvd newsboards, so i guss it´s vallid overall, here one source


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the season 2 dvd extras are some of the best extras i have ever seen (especialy the making of of the last 2 episodes is absolutly awsome if you ask me)

still extras arrent worth a dvd set sinc you don´t whatch them to often but if you rent dvd 7 of season 2 you get deffenetly your monneys worth.

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