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NHL 06 Demo Online


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NHL 06 Demo

Tampa vs TO, 5 min 3rd Period, No Penalties, No Line Changes.

Any impressions? I'm liking it so far, but that's probably because I'm starving for a new hockey game.

I like the idea of the trick stick, even though it's very arcadey. The new dekeing controls allow for some nice dangles too. All in all, I like the way the controls are set up right now.

I like how each player has one set stamina bar, instead of one that will recover in a couple seconds of idle, slow skating. I think it's a bit more realistic, that your player would have to get off the ice to recover their stamina more fully.

The replays at the end of the game are pretty awesome. This game has more memory than previous ones: Sometimes they'll replay a goal at the end of the peroid, that you got in the first.

I'm still going to check out ESPN's offering, but so far I'm liking NHL 06.

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