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TNA Wrestling "New Kids on The Block"


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Saturday Sept 1’st

Chris Jericho: Jericho here, speaking

Jeff Jarrett: You have been thinking about it Chris you proved so by putting the graphic up on your website. So come on do what’s right come to TNA and lead this new generation of professional wrestling.

Chris Jericho: You’re sounding like a fucking commercial Jarrett but I don’t feel TNA has what it takes?

Jarrett: We have a 5 Billion Dollar Financial backer in Panda energy Money is no object. And we want to run a major angle for the Spike TV debut. We have most of the kinks worked out but we need a Superstar.

Chris Jericho: What about Fozzy I am feeling a little burnt out from wrestling lately man?

Jeff Jarrett: Exactly that’s why we have Jeff Hardy, Kevin Nash, and others come to the promotion they get to work in front of a national stage and get a 2 week rest.

Chris Jericho: Ok Jarrett I’ll come in! I made up my mind. So how are we going to do this?

Jeff Jarrett: We are going to work the entire Wrestling world WWE included. Say that you are WWE for life. Then October 1st come to TNA and attack AJ Styles we want him to be a Main Event superstar.

Chris Jericho: Ok I like it after being in main event’s only to be dropped back down the card I will be finally respected.

Jeff Jarrett: Thank you welcome to the family slap nuts.

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Sept, 26th

TNA Wrestling.com

The Bank Shot

By Bill Banks

Dixie Carter has announced that she will only be recognizing 26 men on the roster of those 26 She hopes to sign a select 15 to TNA to long term contracts.

Main Event

1. AJ Styles

2. Raven ( NWA world champion)

3. Jeff Hardy

4. Rhino

5. Jeff Jarrett

Upper Midcard

1. Christopher Daniels ( TNA X-Division Championship)

2. Samoa Joe

3. Chris Harris

4. James Storm

5. Monty Brown

6. Ron Killings

Mid Card

1. Jerry Lynn

2. Sean Waltman

3. Petey Williams

4. Abyss

5. Lance Hoyt

X-Division/ Others

1. Petey Williams

2. Chris Sabin

3. Sabu

4. Sonjay Dutt

5. Bobby Rude

6. Eric Young

7. Johnny Devine

8. Elix Skipper

9. Chase Stephens (NWA Tag Team Championship)

10. Andy Douglas (NWA Tag Team Championship)

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Sept 29th

411mania.com- TNA News and Notes, (Ultimo Dragon, Charlie Haas, Team 3D (The Dudley’s)

By Larry Cnoska

- TNA's has signed Sean Waltmen to a $80,000 Dealuser posted image

- TNA has been trying to book Bret Hart for the company's 10/1 debut on Spike TV. user posted image

- Ultimo Dragon has sent feelers about wanting a TNA contract.user posted image

- TNA has Picked up free Agents Buh Buh Ray and D-Von members of Team 3D formally known as The Dudley boys they are expected to fued with America's Most Wanted on the Spike TV debut show. user posted image

- TNA plans to start a womens division. They are in talks with former WWE diva's Gail Kim, Nora Greenwald (Molly Holly), and Jackie Gayda. if they pick up Gayda they will also have to pick up Charlie Haas as they are a package deal.

TNA Is also looking at former WOW diva's aswell.

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Tenay: Welcome to TNA Wrestling Impact on Slammin Saturday Night. We are pleased to introduce all of our new fans to a Alternative a choice and some damn good action

West: Well lets send it to the ring for some X-Division Action

Match one Petey Williams VS Chris Sabin VS Sonjay Dutt

Sabin and Dutt lock up with Petey watching in the corner. Dutt and Sabin go all out with reversals and armdrags wrestling lucha libre style. Dutt kicks Sabin in the gut and goes for a Tornado DDT but it is reversed Sabin has him on the shoulders getting ready for the Cradle Shock Petey chops of his legs. He takes Dutt and goes for the Canadian Destoryer. But he gets fliped over the ropes Dutt slingshots over the top. Dutt and Petey Brawling on the outside leads to CHris Sabin running Flip Plancha over the top rope . all men are down. They roll into the ring Sabin and Dutt gets up first. Sonjay with a Enziguri kick. Dutt goes up top Hindu Press !!!. 1...2.. Petey Breaks it up low blows Dutt "CD" !!! 1...2....3

Winner Petey Williams


Larry Z announces that he will not be making the matches anymore and will only be enforcing as DOA for TNA he Announces that the new commish is in the back and out steps BRET HART !!!.


Hart says that tonight we will see Raven VS Jeff Jarrett for the NWA championship.


Match two Sean Waltman VS Jerry Lynn (Ladder)

Match Background: both Lynn and Waltman have had a fued lasting over 15 years in GWF and it has rekindled in TNA.

Waltman and Lynn circling each other the grab test of strenght to start things of Waltman bridges Lynn. Lynn twist himself out and armdrags Waltman outside of the ring Waltman catches his breath. He returns to the ring and ducks a clothsline. Rapid Fire kicks from Waltman. Lynn bends over and flips Waltman over on his side. Waltman charges Lynn and runs into a drop toehold. Lynn locks in a anckle lock Waltman flips him over. Waltman runs and lynn and take them both out the ring the referee has lost controll of this they continue to brawl. They enter the ring Waltman hits a X-Factor. He climbs up the ladder and Lynn gets up with another ladder they both are up lynn kicks Waltman off and he falls out the ring Lynn gets the win. Jerry Lynn is celebrating outside.


Match Three Christopher Daniels VS Samoe Joe

They Both Stiff the crap out of each other. Joe wins that blow for blow easily and kicks Daniels legs out. He grabs Daniels Exploder!. Daniels gets picked up and put on the top turnbuckle. Joe Goes for the Muscle Buster in the center of the ring. He Picks Daniels Up Kokina Clutch!. He is choking Daniels but daniels manages to push the referee out of the ring. Joe lets him go and goes for the Ole Kick Daniels Moves. High Dropkick to Joe. both men down. Joe charges Daniels and gets a boot to the gut. Daniels locks him between his legs Angles wings he goes uptop and AJ Comes running down the referee is up and sees AJ Styles attacking both men. he rings the bell no contest they both continue to fight.

( 64/57/71)

Main Event Jeff Jarrett VS Raven NWA World Championship. (falls count anywhere)

These two guys start brawling the minute the bell rings. Raven gets the best of Jarrett and he high tails it out of the ring Raven follows him and clocks him over the barricade into the fans. they fight up to the top of the Soundstage and Jarrett Dropkicks raven down the stairs. he runs down to attack Raven but gets clocked with a chair. Raven sets up the chair and Drop toe holds Jarrett onto it.

Raven leads the dazed Jarrett back into the ring and starts punching away Jarrett is opened. Raven goes for the Evenflow but gets lowblowed. Jarrett locks in the Figure Four Leglock. Raven is begging for it to stop. Raven turns the tables and flips over Jarrett blood starts to drop heavily. Wait a minute CHRIS JERICHO runs into the ring Shining Wizards on Raven the ref rings the bell Jericho continues his attack on Raven. Jarrett looks Livid and he gets knocked over Lionsault on Raven LionSault on Jarrett. Chris Jericho is in TNA.


Overall 77%

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October 5th

PW Insider Breaking News

Top TNA Tag Team of America's Most Wanted has been fired! TNA had reportedly offered them $80,000 Written deals but turned them down to continue NWA Cyberspace and Hardcore Homecoming work. This could be a huge blow to TNA who wanted to book this team in a Huge fued with Team 3D Buh Buh Ray and D-Von.

Vince McMahon is was very livid backstage at Velocity as Chris Jericho had assured him that he was WWE for life even posting this message on Chrisjericho.com

"I eventually had my first match on Oct 2, 1990 in Ponoka, Alberta….and on August 22, 2005 in Hampton, Virginia, I had my last match. For now. Yes it’s true. After months of speculation and rumors and numerous decoys and red herrings being thrown about, the official news from the boss man (me) is that I am leaving the WWE." Jericho noted that after wrestling for 15 years, he was mentally burnt out and that he is a "goal oriented person who thrives on a challenge and I’m not challenged by wrestling at this point in time," noting that he has accomplished everything he ever wanted to do in the business.

"Whether I do achieve success outside of wrestling or I don’t, I can say one thing for sure…I’m not retiring from the wrestling business. Too many people over too many years have said that and have constantly returned. I’m not leaving the WWE for good, I’m not leaving wrestling for good. When I’m ready to come back I will. It may be one month, it may be one year, but when the time is right, I’ll know and I will return and be better than ever...I wouldn’t think of returning any other way.

You won’t see me doing any conventions or indie shots in the meantime. If I’m going to be in the wrestling biz, it will be with the WWE. I’m a member of the WWE family for the rest of my life…just like the mafia…and I have absolutely nothing bad to say about my company. So you won’t see me doing any shoot interviews either. Why would I? Vince and I have accomplished a lot of awesome things together and I have nothing but respect for him."

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TNArevolution.com BREAKING NEWS

By Kwame Edwards

user posted image

Vince Mcmahon after burying Matt Hardy to Edge has Fired him saying that he holds all of the shots. Hardy was going to sign with TNA before he chose WWE so TNA may be resistant in signing this potential superstar.

user posted image

Mcmahon also mad with ROH and other indy feds is starting to become more controlled of His assests he has fired Mick Foley long time WWE employee. TNA was going to bring him in aswell but since foley chose WWE TNA is sticking with Bret Hart as there Authority.

TNA has signed Ron killings, The Naturals, and Abyss to Written Deals.

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Impact Show Preview

Chris Jericho explains his Actions  and reasons for getting involved in The World Championship match !

World Heavyweight Tag Team title match The Naturals take on Team Canada !

And X-Division Action Elix Skipper Takes on former partner Christopher Daniels for the X-Division Championship.  What will Daniles be like still having Samoe Joe and AJ Styles on his mind?

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Saturday October 8th

As I sit here thinking about having the biggest fued since Austin and Rock I cannot express any emotion beside happiness.

My name is Scott D'more I am head booker for TNA Wrestling.

We have a TV Deal on a large network and we are competing with Velocity for ratings. We are losing by more than a point but we have had one of the largest debuts for a show since Smackdown premiered.

The phone rings and on the other line is Dixie Carter

Dixie: Hello

D'more: Dixie I have everything is a done deal with the teams. The Match is set for Bound For Glory.

Dixie: thats good to here. You know the fans will be happy to see that.

D'More: TNA has also teamed up with Super Dragon from PWG to promote our Socal Houseshows. Shocker is currently headlining.

Dixie: Good with Shane Douglas promoting in Pittsburg and Jimmy Hart in Tampa TNA is really starting to expand.

D'more: And the money is rolling in nicely too hehe.

Dixie: Ok D'more you have proved you are more than capable to run this promotion you have the go ahead to run your Womens Division.

D'More: Thanks Ms.Carter I won't let you down I have decided to bring in Nora Greenwald, Gail Kim, and Jackie. we also found this charismatic gem Riot from the defunct Womens of Wrestling promotion.


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Tenay: Welcome to TNA Impact Week Two on Spike TV

West: We are ready to kick the show of with some championship Action lets take it to the ring.

user posted image

Match One Christopher Daniels VS Elix Skipper NWA-TNA X-Division Championship

Skipper starts things of with a roundhouse kick to Daniels. He lays on the back of Daniels and locks in a choke. Daniels rolls over and locks in a Dragon Sleeper. Skipper Grabs the ropes. They both reach there feet and Skipper goes for a roundhouse kick again Daniels ducks and goes for a Lariat, Skipper Ducks.

Skipper goes for a play of the Day and gets fliped over he then hits a siccors kick! Skipper puts Daniels on the turnbuckle and goes for the New SKool tight rope hurricanrana. He flips over but is caught by Daniels Power Bomb to the floor. They hit the refere.

Samoe Joe runs down and hits a Ole Kick on Christopher Daniels he wakes the ref and puts Skipper on the cover 1....2....3 !!! New X-Division Champion.


user posted image

Bret Hart comes down and says that the title will not change hands that way and he awards Christopher Daniels the win.

Joe Lifts the battered Daniels and hits the Muscle buster as he goes to lock in the Kokina Clutch AJ Styles comes running down and hits a Clothsline to the outside. Joe is floored. and they stare down.

Tenay: Great action with a heart pounding ending.

West: I personally would have loved it to go 5 minut- Wait we have to cut to the back

BG James is out cold in the back bloody and beaten a masked man attacked him but he has have a 2 on 2 match with Team Canada tonight ?


Chris Jericho is in the building. The Highlight Reel is Next


{Commercial for TNArevolution.com, TNA's Marvel Comic Toys, UFC}

West: Allitle Disturbing what happend but we have to introduce the fans to some of the faces of the womens division right NOW!.

Match Two Fatal Fourway match Nora Greenwald VS Gail Kim VS Riot VS Trinity

Riot comes out with a baseball bat and chases Kim around the ring Trinity does a plancha taking out both of them Nora follows and all hell breaks loose. They all Brawl around the ringside area finally making it into the ring. Riot gets Kim and Goes for a PowerBoMb!. 1...2...Trinity breaks it up. Nora takes Trinity and pulls her by the hair he goes uptop and Molly Go Round "Flipping placha pin" 1...2.... Kim breaks it up and hits Nora with Riot's bat 1...2..3. the ref didnt see it.


user posted image

Chris Jericho enters for the highlight reel.

Chris Jericho: Welcome to Saturday Night... no thats not catchy.. what about The Ayyatoloah of Total nonstop... No Thats crap to but do I need a Introduction I am Chris F'n Jericho !!!!

" Now Tonight my guest is going to be the NWA World Heavyweight Champion RAVEN. Who I saved last Week"

user posted image

Raven: Woah Woah Woah, Jericho I had Jarrett beat 1 2 3 last week you did nothing but save Jarrett from feeling the Raven Effect !.

" Now since can't even hold a job in WWE what makes you think you are ready for the big time here in TNA Wrestling:

Jericho: Listen Up Junior, oh Shit.

Tenay: It's Jeff Jarrett he is running in to attack Jarrett he is swinging the Guitar Raven ducks and takes it he decks Jarrett. Jericho Hits the Lionsault !. Raven locks in the camel clutch on a bloody Jeff Jarrett. A move he learned from his Trainer the Iron Shiek as Jericho stands on with a Smarmy look on his face.

user posted image


Match Three: TagTeam Titles Match The Naturals Vs Ron Killings and ?

Tenay: Konnan currently booked in Mexico has called in and says he had a friend from back in the day come to TNA he is the newest member of 3LK Homicide !

Homicide and Killings take control of this match with double team move one after another making The Naturals look like rookies. Homicide Hits the Cop Killer. and Killings with the Lie Detector. Both Naturals are down and the lights cut off.

It's Team 3D they attack Homicideb and Killings "3D 3D 3D" Stevens makes the pin 1...2...3 They continue the attack now on Homicide and Killings.

West: This is a disgrace someone help..... (America's Most Wanted's music blast over the speaker) OMG OMG OMG !!! Theyre back they didn't leave.

Chris Harris and James Storm come out swinging chairs they hit Team 3D. Storm goes uptop Death Sentence to D-Von!. Buh Buh Ray gets the Heart Attack!.

Tenay: America's Most Wanted is back in TNA We'll see you next Week


OverAll: 73%

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October 15th

By Kwame Edwards (Scott D'More Live Press Conference)

Jeremy Borash: Hello welcome to this live streaming press conference. This will be a straight interview with no angles to promote Bound for Glory on the 23rd. All Questions has to be appropiate and in relation to TNA Wrestling.

Mike Johnson from PW Insider: It was reported that America's Most Wanted had been fired so why where they at Impact Yesterday attacking Team 3d?

Scott D'more: America's Most Wanted had agreed upon a verbal contract at the point in time that it was reported they where no longer TNA superstars. Hours before the show we reached a new 2 year agreements with this Team.

Bill Apter 1 Wrestling: TNA has been bringing in a influx of new talent recently. With the announcement last month that only 26 TNA wrestlers will be givin there place on the roster isn't it allitle unfair to those that bust there asses for TNA ?

Scott D'More: Jeff Jarrett has been talking about this for months before but did anyone say anything about it when Eric Bischoff brought in Hulk Hogan, Kevin Nash, and Scott Hall ? TNA will be giving there workers a chance to prove themselves come Bound For Glory.

Dave Meltzer The Observer: TNA is currently making allot of moves to piss of Vince Mcmahon from stealing away Jericho to running ads on Raw aren't you scared of his reaction ?

Scott D'More: No we are not ! And if Vince has told you he is upset or scared then he should be. We are putting on shows that cannot even be compared to the crap on his other prograhms. Velocity is beating us in the ratings but we will continue to grow. And second of all we didn't steal away Chris Jericho the same way Vince didn't steal away Andre The Gaint, Freddy Blassy, Ricky Steamboat, and others when he raided the NWA to create the WWF ! You know what Fuck Vince Mcmahon this interview is over !

The Crowd gasp in shock and the reporters all immediatley make calls

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user posted image

Scott D"Amore Verbally attacks Vince Mcmahon

By Dave Scherer

user posted image

Scott D'Amore hours ago verbally laid into Vince Mcmahon about, Him raiding the territories, Chris Jericho, and his product. He finished the rant by saying " You know what Fuck Vince Mcmahon!"

Vince Mcmahon has responded to D'Amore when reached for comment " He can curse at me all he wants but it still doesn't change the fact that my show i beating his by over 0.30 points and next week I have arranged with Nielson to make the ratings public. So tell that fat peice of crap Fuck You and your promotion"

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user posted image

Live Report from Alan Rojnick

Many are reporting seeing Matt Hardy in the Arena today. Also Ultimo Dragon and TNA have reached a 1 year agreement. Hardy was spotted along with Shannon Moore who TNA also has been rumored to bringing in.

The Show Preview for tonight from TNAwrestling.com is as following

Jeff Hardy In Action VS Abyys in a tables Match !

America's Most Wanted Vs The Naturals

We hear from Team 3D

and Christopher Daniels VS a Mystery Opponent !!!

More Matches announced for Bound for Glory.

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This is TNA, The new face of professional wrestling !

West: Bret Hart is in his office he has an announcement related to Bound to Glory to make.

user posted image

Angle 1 At Bound For Glory we will see Aj Styles face Samoe Joe 1 on 1 in a Number 1 Contenders match for the X-Division title !


Angle 2 And At Bound for Glory The Winner of tonights tag match will take on Team 3D for The NWA Tag Team championships !!!


Match One America's Most Wanted Vs The Naturals

Chris Harris starts things off with Andy Douglas they both procede to counter each others moves like they could see it a mile away. Andy Douglas take Harris down and hits him with lefts and rights. Harris Pushes off ducks a clothsline and hits him with a Super Kick. Both men make the tag. The Naturals whip Wildcat into the ropes and hit a double back elbow. Storm comes charging and gets a Double Super Kick. The Lights cut off you here sirens and Team 3D comes out lays out the ref 3D on Chase Stevens 3D on Andy Douglas. AMW make the cover 1...2...3.

Team 3D gets into the ring "Devon get the tables" they Powerbomb Chris Harris onto James storm who was positioned on the table.


Tenay: They have been a disturbance in the back.

Angle 3 Aj Styles and Samoe Joe are brawling backstage stiffing each other by production equipement The Referees all run to break it up and are forced to arrest both Aj and Joe.


Match Two Christopher Daniels VS ULTIMO DRAGON X-Division championship

user posted image

Daniels shocked at who his opponent is looks irate he runs around the ring complaining. Dragon hits a dropkick on Christopher Daniels.Ultimo Dragon scores with a back heel kick on Daniels. Daniels blocks a suplex attempt and converts it into a DDT. He Wips Ultimo to the ropes but Ultimo spring boards and locks in the dragon sleeper dead center in the ring Daniels has no choice but to tap. New Champion

(77/68/87 Christopher Daniels has lost overness, Ultimo Dragon has gained overness, The X-Division title has lost image)

Match Three Jeff Hardy Vs Abyss tables match

Hardy uses a basement dropkick to the knee. Dropkick connects Abyss goes down on one knee. Jeff Hardy pulls Abyss onto the table for a twist of Faith it's reversed with a backflip. Rhino goes onto the apron with the chair! He clocks Jeff Hardy. Shock Treatment through the table !. Matt Hardy comes running down the aisle with a team extreme chair. Clocks Abyys clocks Rhino. Jeff brings in a ladder. Twist of Faith! Matt And Jeff both go uptop Legdrop/Swanton on Abyss. Rhino Bails.

user posted image

West: Oh My God Matt Hardy is in TNA

(72/72/73 Jeff Hardy lost overness Abyss gained. )

Overall 78%

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By Mike Johnson

Impact Show Preview for Saturday October 22 05

New Signee Jackie Gayda takes on Riot And Trinity in womens hardcore action.

Chris Jericho host the Highlight Reel with Jeff Hardy and Rhino as guest you can be sure things will get out of hand.

Matt Hardy takes on Abyys in a Ladder match.

And in the Main Event Before Bound For Glory AJ Styles teams with Japanese sensation Ultimo Dragon to take on Samoe Joe and Christopher Daniels.

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