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Pro Wrestling X game for PC

Johnny Latino Heat

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I recently saw a site that said there was a new wrestling game in development for the PC, and research led me to their official site, prowrestlingx.com. However, I haven't been able to find many info on it. Does anyone know anything about this game?

Also, let me just say I'm excited as hell since I don't own a console and the last two pc wrestling games were WCW Nitro and WWE RAW, which, by all means, kinda sucked. I just hope this one's better. From the little info I've managed to find, it's gonna rule, but I wanted to know more stuff about it...

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sinc wen did they get the monney from the goverment ? the last time i cared about them they talked like they would get the monney for shure and than did not get it wich caused his world to colabs becaus he already started spending monney he did not have. Whoops.

Manny investors ? the only thing i know about investors is that they take preorders (haha)... and for doing this forever and not giving up, yeah, right, but so what ? they have a hand full of screenshots, thats it, no engin no nothing.

I won´t belive that this will ever finish untill it is finished.

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i dident know that, yet still that issent even enough to finance a big "printing" of the game and they said they´ed aim at releasing it nationwide.

there have been bigger games by bigger companies with bigger budged that never saw daylight, same with movies tv shows ect.

i won´t belive this thing comes out untill it dos, not that i don´t wish it to happen, i just don´t belive in it untill than.

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I might be wrong, but I could have sworn that they ended up getting it in the end. That's why one of the concept arts has a person holding up a title with a Canadian flag on it, they needed more Canadian content to get the funding from the government.

I'd agree with you if this was from a big company, but this is one guys dream. This guy has been dedicated to this for so long that I couldn't see him completely giving up at any time in the future.

edit:I guess I should have read that link. Ignore the first part about the government, or I could have reworded it. I'm lazy like that though.

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