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(writers note: I started this game a while back and I've started to wish I had done a diary so I'm starting it now. It started in September and now its in Febuary of 2006 and some big changes have occured in the wrestling world.)

TNA, many view it as one of the best promotions in the world, behind the WWE of course. They've always been in the shadow of the WWE, never really standing out and just barely making it by. This is the story of how TNA rises to the occasion and makes an attempt to over throw the monster that is the WWE. Here is a recap of what has happened since September 2005.

September, 2005

September started off bad for TNA. The first Impact! went well, it was still being shown on the Sunshine network and it still had its big names..for the first show. The day after Impact! Jeff Jarrett left and became the owner for IWA:PR Wrestling School, leaving us without our top draw. Raven and Monty Brown had a very successful feud and the two main evented Unbreakable. The tag titles changed hands at Unbreakable as 3LK II beat The Naturals and AMW in a 3 way tag match. This was a big month for signings as well, Haas, The Dudleyz, and Rhino all signed for TNA and Haas debuted on Impact! after Alex Shelley issued an open challenge. Raven was getting attacked by a man in a mask who was revealed to be Rhino, who made his debut on the last Impact! of September by beating Kevin Nash. September was definately a good month for TNA. In WWE news JBL beat Batista on Smackdown for the World Heavyweight Title.

October, 2005

October was another big month as two big Japanese stars were signed this month. Samoa Joe also made his debut on Impact! but fell victim to the Gore. Ultimo Dragon debuted on Impact! and made an attempt to take the X-Division Title from Daniels but failed. The Dudley Boyz made their debut on the last Impact! of October as they were the mystery opponents who were set to face 3LK and took their titles from them. No ppv this month for TNA but there was a big one coming up in November which changed TNA for the better. In WWE news Ric Flair won the WWE Title off of John Cena at No Mercy.

November, 2005

The WWE was still doing well..but their developmental territory wasn't..OVW had lost most ofits roster due to the WWE calling them all up. This would lead into the downfall of OVW but thats for later. Victory Road saw Jushin Thunder Lyger making his big debut agaisnt Jerry Lynn. It also saw the X-Division Title changing hands, Michael Shane won the title in a 4-Way Ultimate X match involving AJ Styles, Ultimo Dragon, and Christopher Daniels. There was another big Japanese star who made his debut in TNA..but he wasn't a free agent before. TNA stole Tajiri from the WWE and made him their own. He debuted in a tag match in which Michael Shane and the heel Sonny Siaki beat AJ Styles and Tajiri. This month also saw Chris Harris being signed to a written contract, he declined our counter offer so we had to say good-bye to one half of AMW..this led to the downfall of James Storms career.

December, 2005

Turning Point was TNA's December ppv, it saw Raven/Rhino II in which Raven remained the champion. It also saw Shane retain his X-Division title against Styles and Ultimo. But the highlight of Turning Point was Shane Douglas' return to the ring. He beat Ron Killings in a match where Rhino helped him out, in return Shane Douglas became Rhinos manager. But in sad news, TNA lost both of its TV shows after they refused to pick us back up. We thought this was going to be the end of TNA as we knew it. We had improved in our financial situation though gaining around a million a month and we were able to upgrade our materials. But we weren't the only ones to lose tv shows..many small indy promotions lost the little coverage that they had. And the WWE lost Sunday Night Heat..we had to face the facts..wrestling wasn't too popular right now. The entire month had only one show..Turning Point and this was certainly no good way to end our year. The show and match of the year went to the WWE, the show was WWE raw and the match was Eddie Guerrero v. Chris Jericho getting a 92 rating.

January, 2006

Last year went out in a bad way..but things certainly changed this year. We got a prime time show on Monday Nights going up against Raw with the WB network and we got a Friday night show with MTV from 8-9. Things were looking up for TNA, we signed Andrew Martin, Shannon Moore, Lance Storm, and Austin Aries for our big tv return. Andrew Martin was revealed as Rhinos secret partner who would face Raven and Nash at the first Impact of the year. Lance Storm debuted on Xplosion, facing Charlie Haas in the main event. Shannon Moore debuted in a win over Sonny Siaki on Xplosion and Austin Aries beat The Outlaw on Impact!. Final Resolution saw Shane defending his X-Division gold against Austin Aries who won the 4 way #1 contenders match to get the shot, Shane beat Aries in 26 minutes. Raven beat Andrew Martin to retain his gold once more. Another big debut happened at Final Resolution, DDP beat Kevin Nash in his big TNA return. This was a big month for TNA, while it lost Chris Sabin who signed a written contract to RoH before we knew it but we were becoming a lot bigger in the USA. When we debuted on the WB WWE lost nearly 200,000 viewers from Raw. And for the first time in history..on Jaunuary 30th, TNA had more viewers than Raw did. Not only that but the main event saw O'Haire debuting against Raven. But this wasn't the only big thing to happen this month..a huge WWE superstar agreed to a contract with us....but who is it?

Febuary, 2006

The beginning of the month was the final blow for OVW, they closed down due to the inactivity..every Saturday night they had to cancel their shows due to their roster being so small. The WWE had taken a blow..the only thing they had now was the training camp. TNA was seriously getting huge, our small show (Xplosion) was getting more people in attendance than Smackdown was, our average for Xplosion was 5,000 while Smackdowns was 4,000. TNA was the biggest promotion in North America, with RoH in third with about 50% overness here in North America. Impact! had 3LK's big split..Killings turned on Bg James and he sided with D-Von..who also turned on his partner. The two were now a team, but the Dudleyz were still tag champions..but not for long. Against All Odds saw Lyger and Ultimo taking Tag Gold, it also saw Shane Douglas getting defeated by Raven and Shane beating Haas to retain his X-Divison title. Raven has been attacked mysteriously backstage for nearly a month now and Douglas seems to know something about it. Rhino seems skeptical..telling Douglas if he knows about it this is getting a little out of hand and he should stop them. Douglas disagreed, he said he would reveal who the attacker was in the next week. But that wasn't the biggest thing that happened on that Impact! Michael Shane vacated the X-Division title..claiming he was too good for it and Daniels won it back in a 3 way with Styles and Hardy involved. Also Jerry Jarrett announced the North American Title tournament and the first round took place on Impact! The bracket was Aries/Moore, Rhino/BG James, Killings/Lynn, and Haas/Storm. Next week the tournament would continue with the brackets now looking like Haas/Killings and Aries/Rhino. So not only would the finals for this tournament be revealed..so would Ravens Mystery attacker..next week was going to be big!

*next update will feature the roster for TNA and a card for Xplosion.*

*feedback is appreciated*

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Ok, here is the roster

Main Eventers:

Christopher Daniels [H]


Jushin Thunder Lyger [F]

Kevin Nash [F]

Raven [F]

Upper Mid-Card

AJ Styles [F]

Andrew Martin [H]

Austin Aries [F]

BG James [F]

Bubba Ray Dudley [H]

Charlie Haas [F]

D-Von Dudley [H]

Jeff Hardy [F]

Jerry Lynn [F]

Lance Storm [T]

Michael Shane [H]


Ron Killings [H]

Samoa Joe [F]

Sean Waltman [H]

Shane Douglas [H]

Tajiri [F]

Ultimo Dragon [F]


Abyss [H]

Alex Shelley [H]

Andy Douglas [F]

Apolo [F]

Bobby Roode [H]

Chase Stevens [F]

David Young [H]

Elix Skipper [F]

James Storm [F]

Lance Hoyt [H]

Monty Brown [H]

Petey Williams [F]

Ron Harris [F]

Sean O'Haire [H]

Shannon Moore [H]

Shocker [F]

Simon Diamond [H]

Sonjay Dutt [F]

The Amazing Red [F]

The Outlaw [H]

Zach Gowan [F]

Lower Mid-Carders:

A-1 [H]

Big Tilly [H]

Cassidy Riley [F]

Eric Young [H]

Johnny Devine [H]


Buck Quartermain [H]

Jerelle Clark [F]

Lex Lovett [H]

TNA Xplosion

Last Weeks Impact was a big one, with the 1st round of the North American Title tournament going down there were some angry people after the matches. This week on Xplosion watch Shannon Moore face another opponent who lost in the first round, Jerry Lynn. Not only will we see Moore v. Lynn but rumor has it that Rhino isn't too thrilled that Douglas will be keeping the attacker a secret from him, will he do something about it or will he simply wait until Impact! like the rest of us. In other action Tajiri will be facing off with Sean Waltman and Bobby Roode will be facing James Storm and much more. Tune in Friday at 8 pm est. on MTV for another exciting episode of TNA Xplosion.

Confirmed Matches:

Moore v. Lynn

Tajiri v. Waltman

Roode v. Storm

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TNA Xplosion!

The show kicks off with some pyros going off, tonight we're live from Toronto, Canada. The fans are ready for another big show of Xplosion. The camera pans over to the announcers tables and shows Johnny Fairplay and Don West sitting at the tables and they give a brief wave to the camera. The attention immediatly turns to the ring where the man who vacated his X-Divison title days ago without giving any explanation what so ever. Shane stands in the ring with the microphone in his hands and hes rubbing his chin and looking around the arena at the fans.

Michael Shane- Well, I'm sure there is one question that everybody out there is asking. The one question that I have been hearing all week..."why Michael?" Well I'll tell you why, that title was holding me down! I have been working my ass off ever since I debuted here in TNA and still I have had no respect. Winning the ultimate x didn't give me a name..I was simply known as the X-Divison champion. Now I'm out here to make a name for myself. A little while back a man named Samoa Joe *fans cheer*..a man named Samoa Joe debuted here. He has made a big name for himself here in TNA, taking out some of the biggest stars of the X-Division..but not me. Just last week he took down one of the biggest wrestlers here in the company, Christopher Daniels. Now people are saying he might be the next big thing here in TNA..WRONG! You're looking at the next big thing people, I've come out here and proved my self time and time again but Samoa Joe has gotten more recognition in the past few months than I have in my entire career. I have wrestling in my blood people, don't you realize that. I should be main eventing pay per views right now, I should be holding the Heavyweight Title not that washed up, garbage wrestler Raven. So Samoa Joe..I want a match with you. I want to show you the difference between me and you, show you just how much better than you I am. I'm callin' you out Joe...you get back up with me, I'll be waiting for ya.

Length: 6 min.

Rating: 76.5%

O'Haire v. Apolo

The match starts out with O'Haire and Apolo locking up in the center of the ring. O'Haire got the upper hand and pushed Apolo to the ground. The two went at it for around 5 minutes before he really took control of the match. O'Haire beat around on him then hit a reverse DVD for the win.

Winner: O'Haire

Length: 9 minutes

Rating: 63.9%

James Storm v. Bobby Roode

Storm and Roode had back and forth action for the entire match. D'Amore interfered often which led to him getting thrown out from ringside. Roode gave Storm a scare when he hit the Canadian Lariat but Storm some how kicked out of it. He fought back from Roodes attacks for what seemed like for ever but could never grab the upper hand, that changed after Roode got a little cocky and taunted the crowd, Storm ran up from behind him and hit a german suplex. After that he hit the 8-Second Ride and pinned Roode for the win.

Winner: James Storm

Length: 11 minutes

Rating: 59.9%

Daniels..The X-Division Champion

Christopher Daniels walks out and is greeted with boos from the entire crowd. Daniels pays no mind to them and pats the gold that is laying on his shoulder. He steps into the ring and raises his hands up in the air then stares at the ceiling. He flashes a cocky smile as he grabs a microphone and begins to speak.

Daniels- Well, well, well, look whats happened. Shane buckled under the pressure of being the X-Division champion and now the belt is back where it belongs. See people Shane just isn't made for gold, hes not championship material like The Fallen Angel is. I'm standing here before you as the X-Division Champion and Shane is sitting in the back wishing he hadn't been so foolish. I was made for this title, I have overcome all of the challenges put before me, and if you bring up that little Ultimate X..uh uh. I never lost that, Styles lost it for me, he allowed Shane to grab that title..I didn't. While I was handing Ultimo Dragon his ass Styles got caught up in Shane. I could have easily beaten him had I ever gotten the chance to. See Styles couldn't handle him, that is why he isn't standing here cutting this little promo. See I won that title fair and square, not only did I pin AJ Styles..I pinned Jeff Hardy too. The "Charismatic Enigma". I've beaten everyone there is to beat, there is nobody left who even stands a chance against me anymore. So as I stand here I ask myself this question, why stay with only X-Division gold..why not go for the big one. Raven watch out..you've got a bulls eye on your chest and I'm aiming right for you.

Length: 7 minutes

Rating: 85.2%

Tajiri v. Sean Waltman

This match consisted of Tajiri staying on the defense, trying to bide some time to wear Waltman out and go in for the kill. This match really entertained the crowd due to Tajiri taunting Waltman after every missed move. Waltman got angry and went off, hitting punches and kicks galore. Tajiri was blindsided and just like that the tables were turned. Waltman got a little too cocky and when he put Tajiri in the corner for the Bronco Buster he got a little too cocky. He took his own time and when he went in for it Tajiri slid under him and Waltman got all turnbuckle. When Waltman finally got the chance to get up he was greeted with a huge buzz saw kick and a pin for the 3.

Winner: Tajiri

Length: 14 minutes

Rating: 82.4%

Storm Wants Revenge!

Lance Storm comes out and gets a huge ovation from the candian crowd. He rolls into the ring and smiles at the crowd, getting a standing ovation as he stands there getting ready to cut his promo. He gets a mic from ring side and stares out at the faces in the crowd, the people who are chanting his name. He lets out a long sigh and picks the mic up to his mouth.

Storm- Well, last week was a sad week for all Canadians out there. I was beaten by Charlie Haas, I could have won a shot at the North American title. I could have taken the gold and represented all of the canadians out there, but I didn't. Trust me Haas, I will not forget this any time soon. I will show you not to mess around with Lance Storm. You might have beaten me this time Haas, but this won't be our last match Haas..because I'm challenging you to a rematch..but not just any kind of match. I want an ultimate submission match, you and me at Destination X. I'm game if you are Haas.

Length: 3 minutes

Rating: 62.6%

(I know I did a terrible job with Storm, if anyone wants to help me with this thanks)

Douglas..Be Frightened

Raven comes out with the Heavyweight Title around his waist and is greeted with cheers from the crowd. He has serious look on his face, with bandages from the many attacks hes been on the wrong end of recently. He walks into the rings and stands on the turnbuckle and gives them the famous crusifix stance. He stands in the middle of the ring with chants of his name in the air.

Raven- I seriously don't have the time for this so I'll make this nice and sweet. For the past month there has been a mystery man sneaking up behind me and blind siding me nearly every week now. Its getting old, and apparently Shane Douglas has something to do with this. Apparently hes getting angered after all 3 of his attempts to take me down have failed, Rhino, Andrew Martin, and himself..all were stopped in their tracks. I've taken out everybody that has been thrown at me and there is nothing left to do almost. Just give up Douglas, there is no man in this company who can take me down..unless of course he isn't from here. Rumor has it that an outsider is coming into the company..doesn't sound too good to me. Sounds like you've brought in another goon Douglas, trying to take me down once more. It won't happen Douglas..you can take my word for it. I am the greatest TNA champion to date..and thats all there is to it. Ever since Jarrett left this place there has been nobody who can even come close to me, Douglas the facts are here. I haven't lost my title yet and I never will. I'm the Heavyweight Champion Shane, and to date nobody has been good enough to take this from me. Thats all there is to it..so quothe the raven..nevermore.

Length: 8 minutes

Rating: 84.9%

Raven walks out of the ring and up the ramp. As he is doing so a man comes from out of nowhere, wearing a mask and has a chair in his hands. He runs up behind Raven and smashes it over his head. Raven lies on the ground and the mystery man picks up the title and holds it high above his head for the crowd to see. He drops the title on Ravens chest then motions for it as he walks past his life less body and heads backstage.

Rating: 81.0%

Shannon Moore v. Jerry Lynn

This was easily the match of the night, Moore entertained the crowd with his high flying manuevers and got some cheers despite being the heel in this match. He was on the offensive for most of the match, getting in some quick moves and then jumping back and moving around the ring. Moore continued this plan until Lynn caught him with a clothesline that floored him. After that Lynn had the offensive, he almost hit a powerbomb but Moore countered into a hurricanrana. Moore continued his hit and run plan then got in a big ddt then went up top. He went for a Mooregasm but didn't connect, this was the end of the match for him. Lynn got up and hit Moore with the TKO for the win.

Winner: Jerry Lynn

Length: 16 minutes

Rating: 79.6%

Overall Rating: 73.4%

Attendance: 7,523

Viewers: 727,227

any feed back is appreciated whether it be good or bad. I haven't really been motivated to write this but Impact! will be better hopefully. I've got the big debut planned which can help me get pumped to write it because I hope it goes well. Any tips on how you think I could make this better would also be appreciated.

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user posted image

TNA Impact! Preview

Febuary 20th, 2006

Last week Shane Douglas announced that the mystery man would be revealed this week on Impact, this mystery man has been attacking Raven for the past month and every time left him bloodied on the floor.  Will another attack occur, and what will Rhino have to say about being left in the dark after hes helped Douglas for the past few months attempting to get the title off of Raven.

Also on last weeks Impact! Jerry Jarrett announced the North American Title Tournament, this week the Semi-Finals are taking place, which has Charlie Haas facing Ron Killings and Austin Aries facing Rhino.  Who will go into the finals and face each other for the North American Title?

Also, on Xplosion Lance Storm promised revenge on Haas and also challenged him to an Ultimate Submission match at Destination X, will Haas accept or will Storm have to wait longer for his rematch.

Also with matches like Samoa Joe v. DDP and Elix Skipper v. Michael Shane this is an Impact! You won't want to miss.  Tune in Monday at 9 on the WB.

Announced Matches:

Austin Aries v. Rhino

Charlie Haas v. Ron Killings

Samoa Joe v. DDP

Elix Skipper v. Michael Shane

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TNA Impact!

Febuary, 20th

Live from Calgary

The show opens up with pyros and Don West and Johnny Fairplay do their introductions as the crowd cheers. The camera shows Elix Skipper making his way to the ring and he gets a couple of cheers, but nothing compared to what Michael Shane does. Despite his arrogant and cocky ways, the Calgary crowd cheers for him. He rolls into the ring and has a cocky bounce to his step, he smiles at the crowd and the match is under way.

Michael Shane v. Elix Skipper

Michael Shane begins the match with some rights and lefts, getting the upper hand on Elix early in the bout. It doesn't last long though as he gets too cocky after he floors him and Elix hops up and hits Shane with a kick to the face. Shane goes down and Elix unleashes a flurry of punches and kicks on him. Shane blocks one of the kicks and hits a dragon whip. This back and forth action goes on for almost the entire match. Elix gets the upper hand late in the match and goes for a Sudden Impact but Shane turns it over. After that its all Shane, he hits a quick roll up and Skipper kicks out. Shane immediatly hits a ddt on Skipper and waits for him to get up then hits the Sweet Shane Music for the win.

Winner: Michael Shane

Length: 14 minutes

Rating: 82.2%

Hope You Like Surprises

Shane Douglas comes down to the ring and gets jeers from the crowd. He pays them no mind and whispers something in Rhino's ear, who accompanies him at ringside. Rhino slowly walks behind Douglas, almost like he doesn't really want to be there but none the less he follows him and rolls under the ropes then taunts the crowd a little bit. Douglas grabs a mic and whispers something into Rhino's ear again and Rhino nods in agreement.

Shane Douglas-Well, tonight is the night people. Tonight you all will see who the big mystery man is, and I know damn well that nobody has guessed it yet. I've heard some say Rhino, Ron Killings, Andrew Martin, Kevin Nash, hell I've even heard ME. But still nobody has come even close to it..tonight your man will be revealed. The man who has beaten Raven more times than anybody in this company. In the past month he has knocked Raven out cold 8 times..amazing isn't it. So many people in this place couldn't even pin him, much less knock him out. But tonight you will see why I have had so much build up to this, why I have put all of my time into it. I planned on losing to Raven..just so this man could be the one who beats him. I'm sure once you find out who he is you'll all be singing his praises, you'll all see why he was chosen to do this job. And Raven..don't even think about trying to get out of this one..watch your back in your match tonight against Devon Dudley..we'll be waiting for you Raven. But the thing is..you don't know where we'll be. We could be in the audience, we could be backstage, hell we could even be hiding under this very ring..you'll never know until it happens. There is no way for you to get out of this Raven, I've gotten Jerry to put this place on lockdown..you're little attacker is already in the building. Nobody will be getting in and nobody will be getting out. Tonight Raven..you'll get to meet the man who has been knocking you around for the past month..tonight..you will meet your maker! Be ready for us Raven..'cause you never know when we're gonna hit. All you know is that its gonna happen..and when it does, you'll remember it for the rest..of...you..LIFE!

Length: 6 minutes

Rating: 80.6%

Austin Aries v. Rhino

North American Title Semi-Finals

The match kicks off with Douglas in Rhino's corner and Aries already knows that Rhino has the upper hand. He tries to avoid the corners and stick to mat wrestling but against Rhino that might not work. He slips out of Rhinos attempt at big moves, Rhino finally gives up on doing them and gets in some punches before hitting a huge clothesline that almost takes Aries head off. He picks Aries up and hits a huge spinebuster. Douglas is cheering him on in the corner and Rhino is taunting the crowd. He sees Aries getting ready to stand so he runs to the corner of the ring and flies at him and hits a huge shoulder block, knocking Aries out of the ring. While hes out there Douglas beats up on him a little bit and throws him into the barriers. He rolls Aries back into the ring and Rhino lifts him up and hits another big spine buster. Aries was getting dominated for over half of the match until Rhino missed a gore and ran right into the turnbuckle. Aries took this as his chance to pick up a win and hit the Brainbuster, followed by the 450 splash to advance to the final round of the North American Title tournament.

Winner: Austin Aries

Length: 12 minutes

Rating: 74.6%

Diamond Dallas Page v. Samoa Joe

This match featured DDP getting killed by Samoa in almost every way possible, DDP got in a few big impact moves but he never really put up much of a fight for Samoa. DDP was almost 50 pounds lighter than Samoa which helped him get away from him quicker..but DDP was almost twice Samoa's age as well so after about 12 minutes through this match DDP got tired and Samoa destroyed him then. DDP got in a diamond cutter early on in the match which almost put Joe away but he put his foot on the ropes and the ref saw it so he got out of it. After that Samoa came back and absolutely crushed DDP with a powerbomb which nearly put him away. After DDP kicked out of the powerbomb Samoa applied the Triangle Choke which got DDP to tap and gave Samoa Joe another win.

Winner: Samoa Joe

Length: 14 minutes

Rating: 81.6%

Ron Killings v. Charlie Haas

North American Title Semi-Finals

This match showed Haas performing at almost his best we've seen him in recent matches, for every thing Killings threw at him Haas had an answer to it. Haas might have been on fire, but so was Killings. He hit a huge ddt near the middle of the match which led to Killings hitting a True Conviction which almost put Haas away for the 3. Haas fought back after almost getting taken out of the tournament and he hit a huge T-Bone suplex which turned the tide of the match. After the t-bone Haas had control of Killings, he began to lock in a headlock and it stuck in there for around 30-40 seconds until Killings powered out of it and elbowed him in the stomache. Haas hit a bulldog following that elbow and he picked him back up and threw him at the ropes. When Killings came back he went for a clothesline, Haas ducked and Killings hit the referee. Haas caught Killings with an exploder suplex but couldn't pin due to no ref. Out of nowhere through Petey Williams comes flying through the crowd and hits a canadian destroyer on Haas. Lance Storm flies through the curtains and stares at Petey Williams..he smiles and shakes hands with him. The crowd boo's Storm for his turn and Storm picks Killings up and places him on Haas and wakes the referee up and lets him pin Haas. Storm and Williams beat up on Haas after the match and Williams declares that Storm is the new leader of Team Canada.

Winner: Ron Killings

Length: 15 minutes

Rating: 76.2%

Daniels v. Ultimo Dragon

X-Division Title on the line

This match started when Daniels came to the ring and boasted that nobody in the back could take this title off of him. When he said that he asked for one man to come out, someone who thinks that they can face him, someone who thinks that they can take the title from him. Ultimo came out and the crowd cheered for him and the two went at it. Ultimo started out with some swift kicks to Daniels. Daniels quickly fights back though and hits a ddt to floor Ultimo. The fast paced match kept the crowd entertained and it kept both men on their heels, knowing that at any point of this match the other could hit a quick finisher and the match would be over. At about 19 minutes in Dragon gained control of the match and hit a norther lights suplex which almost put Daniels away. Ultimo went up high and hit a missle dropkick once Daniels got up. Ultimo looked like he was about to hit the dragon sleeper but Daniels got out of it and slipped behind Ultimo then hit the Last Rites to retain his title against Ultimo in a VERY close matchup.

Winner: Daniels

Length: 20 minutes

Rating: 90.1%

Raven v. Devon Dudley

Raven had to be ready for anything in this match, and Don West and Fairplay kept emphasizing that. Raven was always getting in a big move then backing out and looking around him, then hitting another move and repeating. Devon realized what he was doing and after he hit one of the moves Raven looked around and Devon crept up behind him and punched him right in the back of the head. Catching Raven off guard he hit a reverse ddt to get Raven down. He locked in a headlock to keep Raven floored but Raven slowly powered out of it. He elbowed Devon in the stomache and hit him with a big right hand. He delivered an evenflow ddt and picked up the win over Devon. As he was pinning him the masked man and Douglas came out from the crowd and ambushed Raven. Douglas hit Raven in the back with a chair and picked him up and hit the Franchiser on him. Douglas held Raven up so he could see the face of the man..he slowly raised the black mask and revealed himself to be...JAY RESO! (christian). Reso hit the unprettier on Raven and stood over his lifeless body. The two were taunting the crowd and suddenly Reso's eyes got big. Douglas looked around him, thinking that maybe something was behind him..he was right. When Douglas turned around he was gored out of his boots by Rhino. Reso got out of the ring before Rhino had the chance to do the same to him. Rhino helped Raven up and held Douglas up, Raven hit the evenflow DDT on Douglas and Reso stood at the top of the ramp motioning that he was going after Ravens title.

Winner: Raven

Length: 10 minutes

Rating: 84.6%

Show Rating: 78.4%

Attendance: 5,048

Viewers: 978,950

Raw's Viewers: 787,782

let me know what you thought of the show, and once again what you think of the way I wrote it out. Any suggestions or ideas on how to improve I'll take as well. The card for Xplosion and rumors going around in TNA will be up in the next update.

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Source: nodq.com

WWE has been squashing Booker to the likes of Nunzio and Heidenreich..they did the same thing to Christian right before TNA signed him, could TNA be getting another WWE star in Booker T.

Also WWE and TNA seem to be in somewhat of a bidding war in trying to sign Chris Jericho, after Rey Mysterio and Edge both turned down a TNA offer they feel that if they can sign Jericho it would be a huge dent in the WWE's income.

TNA is also been speaking of a Killings/Devon stable called Black Attack, the two are currently a team already..this adds a little more depth to the Booker T deal, did they really sign a deal with him or is all of this just a simple rumor.

TNA recently signed AJ Styles and Jerry Lynn to a written contract, rumor had it that ROH was trying to sign Styles, after they were successful in doing so with Sabin they would rather have the two secured than stolen by Ring Of Honor.

Recent news has said that TNA is looking to possibly make Michael Shane and Shannon Moore a team, Shane recently vacated his X-Division title to move onto bigger and better things, then again this could also mean that they might be putting the title on Reso and giving him a feud with Shane..but that would require one of them to turn..but is still possible.

Also, Rhino and Shane Douglas are looking at a feud with each other.  After Rhino turned face on this weeks Impact! and helped Raven out after the viscious assault on him.  Douglas and Rhino should put on some good matches together and if done well the two may both gain from this.

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TNA Xplosion

Hype Video for Reso


Alex Shelley v. The Amazing Red

Amazing Red by pinfall

Reaction: 62.2%

Match Quality: 81.3%

Overall Reaction: 67.9%

Michael Shane interview, puts himself over


Ron Harris v. Andrew Martin

Andrew Martin by pinfall

Reaction: 61.6%

Match Quality: 60.1%

Overall Reaction: 67.8%

Killings Interview, hyping the Aries/Killings match next week


Sean O'Haire v. James Storm

Sean O'Haire by pinfall

Reaction: 62.6%

Match Quality: 66.4%

Overall Reaction: 65.4%

Team Canada interview, threatening Haas


Eric Young v. Shocker

Young by pinfall (D'Amore interfered)

Reaction: 34.5%

Quality: 68.2%

Overall: 46.6%

BG James interview, put himself over


Team Canada v. The Naturals

Lance Storm pins Andy Douglas

Reaction: 53.2%

Quality: 74.0%

Overall: 61.5%

Show Rating: 66.9%

Attendance: 1,755 (Edmonton)

Viewers: 718,833

let me know if you think I should go back to the old way of writing the shows or if you'd rather have this and have a more detailed and better Impact!

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IPB ImageTNA iMPACT! Preview

Last week on TNA iMPACT, Jay Reso was identified as the mystery attacker and he is going after Ravens title. But that wasn't the only shocking thing to occur, after Reso and Douglas attacked Raven one man came to his aid..RHINO! This led to Jarrett making a tag team main event tonight with Reso and Douglas facing Raven and Rhino. Will Raven get his revenge on Reso and Douglas for their viscious assault on him. Or will Rhino finally get payback on Douglas for treating him like he has for the past few months.

This week will have the North American Title Tournament finals, with Austin Aries facing off against Ron Killings. Recently Killings was heard saying that Aries stood no chance against a man with the talent like Killings had. Aries hasn't said anything back but this is sure to be a big match up and we will FINALLY get to see who the North American Champion will be. But recently Devon has been hanging around with Ron, will Devon have something to do with this match, or is it just a false alarm. Interference or not, this is going to be a match up you DONT want to miss.

Also on iMPACT this week, Daniels holds another open challenge with his title on the line to anybody in the X-Division. After an impressive win over Ultimo Dragon next week, who will it be this week. After Daniels was taking shots at Michael Shane will he be the one to come out this week or will it be another man who Daniels has been calling out recently after he suffered a loss to him..Samoa Joe. Either way Daniels is going to have to fight for his life to win another one of these matches after Ultimo almost gave him a scare last week.

We've also heard that Haas will have an answer for Lance Storms challenge for an ultimate submission match at Destination X. After Storm joined the group of Team Canada they attacked Haas and cost him a North American Title shot, Haas is expected to agree to these terms and try for revenge on Lance Storm...but anything is possible. All of this and more on iMPACT, Monday Febuary 27th on the WB!

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The show opens up as usual with the camera slowly panning over the fans sitting in the RBC Center of Raliegh, North Carolina. The arena looks like its got over 8,000 in it which is always good for a wrestling crowd, almost 3 times as much the wwe is getting with Raw and Smackdown. Its safe to say TNA is the number one promotion in America right now. The camera shows Fairplay and West at the announce tables and Jay Reso is walking down the ramp. He is greeted with cheers and boo's all at the same time. Some boo'ing for his viscious assaults on Raven for the past month, others cheering as the man who could very well lead TNA to the spot as the number one promotion in the world is walking to the ring right now. Reso steps into the six sided ring and grabs a microphone from a man at ringside. He flashes a cocky smile to the crowd and poses on the turnbuckle.

Reso- Well, look whos finally come to TNA. The man who will single handedly lead this company to glory. Take this place from the bottom of the wrestling world..all the way to the top baby. Ravens title run has ruined this company and I'm here to make this company great again. After I left..well you know where, I knew that I was going to be the man to take Ravens title. So people, watch out..Reso is here and at Destination X..Ravens title is MINE. He can use Rhino as his body guard all he wants, but I'm going to get to him. See I'm not here with Douglas, he was simply the middle man in this situation. Who better to get to Raven through than the man who has been behind all of these attempts to get that title off of Raven. Rhino, Andrew Martin, and even Douglas himself failed. I'm the only one in this place that can even hold a candle to Raven..and I'll do much more than that. I'm going to go out there and win that title at Destination X. Douglas may think that he has succeded in getting the title off of Raven, but he will have another problem after that..getting it off of me. See after I go out there and beat Raven and Rhino tonight, single handedly..everybody who didn't belive before. They'll belive me now. So watch out people..Captain Charisma is here..and he's here to stay.

Length: 7 minutes

Rating: 83.3%

Jeff Hardy v. Shannon Moore

These two North Carolina natives put on a show for the crowd tonight. They didn't know which one to root for but after Moore had two failed attempts at cheating to get past Hardy they knew who they wanted to win it. Moore and Hardy were exchanging blows and kicks back and forth in the opening minutes of the match, until Hardy capitalized from a big ddt. Hardy had the lead throughout most of the match but Moore almost grabbed a scare when he reveresed the Twist of Fate and pushed Hardy into the ropes. When he came back he shocked him with a hurricanrana. Moore took this and ran with it, never letting Hardy even get back on his feet for more than a second. Moore thought he had it and went up top for a Mooregasm but Hardy got out of the way. He slowly got up and slapped the Twist of Fate on him, then hit a swanton bomb for good measure and picked up the win over Shannon.

Winner: Jeff Hardy

Length: 12 minutes

Rating: 75%

Charlie Haas v. Petey Williams

This was no filler match at all, Williams and Haas still have a history going on. Williams was representing Storm in this match, showing Haas that Team Canada was not a team that they should mess with. Haas started out with some big techincal moves on Williams, keeping him grounded and working on his legs. He grabbed a quick headlock and held it in for over a minute before Williams powered out of it with the help of D'Amore cheering him on at ringside. Wiliams got the lead after a huge back drop when Haas came back from the ropes. When Haas finally got the upper hand again at the 10 minute mark he went to the ropes for a clothesline but he got tripped up by D'Amore. The referee was distracted when D'Amore ran up to the apron and argued with him, while he was doing so Storm came from the crowd with a chair and smacked it over Haas' head. Williams went for a pin but the referee didn't catch him in time and Haas remarkably kicked out. D'Amore was kicked out after his little ordeal and Storms interference went unnoticed. Haas somehow fought back against Williams and hit an Exploder Suplex out of nowhere for the win over Williams. After the match Haas accepted Storms proposal of an Ultimate Submission match at Destination X.

Winner: Haas

Length: 14 minutes

Rating: 75.4%

Daniels Opponent..Hand Picked

Christopher Daniels came out to the ring to boo's from the crowd. He payed them no mind and simply patted the title on his shoulder arrogantly and rolled into the ring. He took a mic from the man at ringside and he looked out at the crowd who continues to jeer. Daniels just stares at his title then points to the titantron. It shows footage of the Ultimo/Daniels match last week where Daniels just barely came up with the win. The crowd boos while Daniels is standing there, grinning from ear to ear.

Daniels- Normally I would come out here and ramble on about how much better I am than anyone backstage and how anyone who thinks that they are man enough to face me they should come out here right now. Well that won't be happenening tonight because..I'm hand picking my opponent. After beating the Japanese wrestling star Ultimo Dragon I figured maybe I should degrade this culture some more. I'm calling out Tajiri to be my next opponent, my next victim. So come on out here Tajiri..you're finally going to get your chance to "prove yourself" to the world if you can beat the great Christoph--

Before Daniels can finish his sentence Tajiri comes out with a sick smile on his face and he's nodding his head and rubbing his hands together. Daniels smiles then takes the title off of his shoulder and hands it to the referee and gets ready for his big match with Tajiri.

Length: 6 minutes


Christopher Daniels v. Tajiri

X-Division Title

The match started out with Daniels capitalizing on already being in the ring. Tajiri couldn't get in, every time he tried Daniels either got in a baseball slide or he ran up to the side and punched him off of it. Tajiri finally just backed up to the top of the ramp and ran in at full force then slid into the ring. Daniels started stomping away on Tajiri and not giving him the chance to get to his feet. Tajiri was pissed by the time he got up and he smacked Daniels with a huge right hand then let it all out on him. He was kicking and punching Daniels and finally got him on the ground. When he did so he never let him capitalize on anything to get back up. Daniels was getting pumelled with punches while he was lying there on the ground. This back and forth lead went on for about 15 minutes before Daniels caught a buzz saw kick that was heading right for his face. He spun Tajiri around and hit a huge over head belly to belly. He picked Tajiri up and hit the Angels Wings to retain his title once more.

Winner: Daniels

Length: 17 minutes

Rating: 92%

Ron Killings v. Austin Aries

North American Title

After these two men have made it through the tournament they finally get to face each other. Killings and Aries have somewhat of a stare down in the center of the ring then Killings runs in and hits a clothesline. He smackes Aries around a bit before he taunts him and it turns out for the worse. Aries hits a drop kick when Killings turns around and hes floored. He goes to get back up and is greeted with a clothesline from Aries. After this little burst of energy from Aries, Killings gained the advantage and had it for nearly the rest of the match. Aries kicked out of a Truth or Consequences which made Killings furious. He set Aries up on the top turnbuckle and went for a superplex. Aries pushed him off of the top and got his balance and out of nowhere hit the 450 Splash for the pin and won the North American Title.

Winner: Austin Aries

Length: 14 minutes

Rating: 79.1%

Michael Shane v. Samoa Joe

Shane and Samoa came out and Samoa immediatly got the upper hand on him. He had Shane in so many submissions you'd think he was going to break in half right there. Samoa kept the tide of the match throughout the entire thing. At around the 8 minute mark Shane hit in a lowblow that the ref didn't see and finally got Samoa on the ground. Samoa was on his knees and Shane ran off the ropes and hit him with a huge kick right to the face. Samoa was out like a light and Shane slid out of the ring and grabbed a chair from outside. He slid into the ring and when the ref tried to take it from him he pushed him away. Samoa finally got to his feet and was smashed with the chair right into his skull. He was left lying there on the ground, bleeding from his fore head and Shane sat there smilling as he walked up the ramp and back to the locker rooms.

Winner: Samoa Joe (dq)

Length: 14 minutes

Rating: 77.8%

Rhino/Raven v. Reso/Douglas

This match started with Rhino and Reso in first. Reso was getting anhialated in there by Rhino for around 5 minutes before he finally got over to Douglas to tag out. Douglas finally started to turn the tide of the match by beating up on Rhino. He was trying to keep Reso in the corner as much as possible, so he'd be ready for when Raven finally got into the ring. When Rhino finally did get the hot tag Douglas' eyes got big. He went to tag Reso but Reso jumped off the apron. Douglas turned around and Raven hit a huge clothesline. When Douglas finally got Raven beaten down he was taking him to the corner and Reso slapped Douglas' back and got in and beat up on Raven. He whipped him over to the other corner and Rhino tagged in the same way that Reso did. Rhino came running at Reso, looking to get a gore out of nowhere but couldn't grab it. Reso looked at him lying on the ground and kicked him around a bit before picking him up and hitting a ddt. He grabbed him again and got the Unprettier in for the win.

Winner: Reso/Douglas

Length: 15 minutes

Rating: 83.2%

Show Rating: 79.9%

Viewers: 899,765

Attendance: 8,332

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source: Prowresting Insider

Rumor has it that TNA's plan to put the title strap on Jay Reso might not work. The reason he picked up the win over Rhino this week is because Raven refused to let Reso go over. And with Raven's creative control, and him just signing a new contract TNA's little plan might not work due to Ravens refusal to let Reso go over him. But in the eyes of many stars, and fans, Reso is already the most over man in the company, followed by Daniels, then Raven, Samoa Joe, then DDP.

TNA recently saw Aries being named the North American Champion, since his debut in early '06 he has lost only 1 match. That match was when he faced Michael Shane for the X-Division Title. It seems like TNA is really trying to push this man into becoming their next big star.

In a recent meeting backstage people feel that Reso shouldn't be getting the title and that Raven is the man that they should stick with. This could be because the booking team are almost all friends with Raven. But there is only one man who feels like Reso should be the main attraction and be holding the strap..Raven.

TNA's booking team feels like Elix Skipper should be getting a big push soon, he was recently being paired up in matches against Michael Shane. People feel that maybe a heel turn could be good for him but the way his push is going to happen is still not clear yet.

Christopher Daniels open challenges have been going very well recently, so far his past two have already been seen as match of the year candidates.

It appears that Randy Orton's contract with the WWE will be expiring in June and TNA is looking to go after him. Lots of WWE wrestlers are looking at TNA as somewhat of an equal. It all comes down to who will dish out more money, like the Jericho situation. Jericho was offered a 1 1/2 year deal for 16,000 a month with creative control but WWE dished out more money on him. While TNA rakes in around 1,000,000 every Pay Per View it still doesn't compare much to WWEs large accoutn of around 15 million. Also Eddie Guerrero and The Rock's contract expire in August so with those two as a possible target for TNA the WWE should watch their backs, they might have a big name stolen from them before they know whats happening.

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Robson's Review

All in all tonights Xplosion was a good show. I'd say there was about 3,000 or so people in attendance. Not that great for Xplosion..but hey we're in Hotlanta tonight! Xplosion started off with a match between The Amazing Red and Shocker. The crowd didn't really get all that into it but the match itself was amazing. We haven't really seen much of either of these men but after the show that they just put on for us I think we should see a lot more of them. This match went for around..14 or so minutes..give or take a few. It ended with Red going up top and hitting the Infrared. The crowd cheered and counted along as he picked up the win over Shelley. On a scale of 1-100 I'd rate it about a 64..just because the crowd wasn't really into these two guys.

A promotional tape for Destination X showed on the titantron and the crowd cheered as they showed Reso. I'm glad to see TNA picked this guy up, hes a real asset to the company. Anyways, we see Michael Shane heading out through the curtains and the crowd boos him as usual..not many smarks like me here. All they see is him being a stuck up wrestler, I cheer just to be the oddball. Shane goes on about how hes one of the greatest wrestlers in the buisness right now and that hes being held down by the authority. Once again the crowd let out tremendous boo's which of course means he was doing something right. He goes on about Daniels open challenges and says that he'd never be getting those matches had he not vacated the title, he even went as far as saying that the title would still be in his hands. All in all Shane worked the mic pretty well but I think that they put him on the mic for too long, considering all he was doing is putting himself over. On a scale of 1-100 I'd rate this around a 75.

Next we saw Ron Harris and Abyss square off. Abyss has really been out of place in TNA, maybe they should be looking to release him. There ws no real reaction to this match, neither man has been on TNA tv much so nobody has really felt like they should even be in the ring right now. Good thing this lasted only about 5 minutes and ended quickly with Abyss hitting a Black Hole Slam. The crowd boo'd him as he picked Ron back up and hit another Black Hole Slam on him. He stared down at his motionless body and taunted the crowd after kicking him around a bit. He walked out of the ring..made me feel great inside. I'd give this match about a 60, while we didn't see a great match, the crowd really got behind it. Some people went as far as cheering for Abyss in this one.

Next up we saw a new teams formation, The James Boyz. BG James and Kip James were taking on Bobby Roode and Eric Young, two members of Team Canda. These two teams don't really have much in common so this must just be a match to see if the James Boyz still have it in them after there D-X days back in the 'F'. The crowd got behind the James Boyz like they were supposed to, seeing as they have the face role in this match. And when Team Canada cheated, even though the ref "didn't see it" he heard it alright. Team Canada got lots of heat in this match and they actually looked like they were going to be able to pull something off, but the James Boyz ended it with a Spike Piledriver on Roode for the win. I'd give this match about a 58, Young and Roode weren't the best opponents for the James' to face. They're not nearly over enough and the win doesn't really solidify them as a real team..good luck next time TNA.

But even though the match wasn't over BG and Kip stood in the ring. The two worked the mic and talked about how they were so right for each other, they were both great workers and that everybody couldn't deny their greatness. Nobody really payed attention to this one, lots of people went to the bathroom considering they had no end to this interview. It ended after about 5 minutes and they got a couple of cheers as they left the ring. BG James helped carry this interview so I give it about a 68.

Next up was Kevin Nash, one of the veterans of TNA and a new comer in the company, Sean O'Haire. I've always been a fan of Sean O'Haire and felt like the 'E' never gave him a great push, after this match it looks like TNA might be planning to do that though. O'Haire did a couple of cheap moves to get some boos from the crowd, mainly in a desperate attempt to fight back from Nashes huge slams and punches. The crowd got behind Nash and almost blew up when he lifted O'Haire up over his head for a Jacknife Powerbomb, but O'Haire punched Nash a few times and sent him down. O'Haire hit a big ddt then a Reverse DVD for a win over Nash. He got boos from the crowd as he walked out of the ring. Nash slowly made his way up and the crowd showed their appreciation for him as they stood up and cheered for him..I didn't however because everybody knows that if he had a say in this he'd be going over guys left and right. Good job to the booking team for putting O'Haire over like this. I'd give this match a 70.

We see AJ Styles come down to the ring and the crowd blows up. I'm surprised that they haven't given this guy a big role here in TNA so far..the guy is chock full of talent. His opponent Elix Skipper came out, surprisingly there was nobody playing the role of a heel in this one, just a good old fashion wrasslin' match. We see Elix get a few cheers but nothing really big. Lots of sites say that he may be the next big thing in TNA, could be true..they said the same about Samoa Joe and now hes one of the most over men in the company. Anyways these two put on an incredible match tonight, not a matc of the year candidate but it was still extremely entertaining. This match broke the 20 minute mark and I enjoyed every second of it. Elix Skipper went over with the Sudden Impact after 21. This was easily the best match of the night and I'd give it an 88.

All in all this was a pretty good show, it had a great main event but I've seen much better from TNA. I'd give the show a 68 because the Abyss/Harris match really stunk it up. Until next week fellow smarks, Robson..OUT!

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The Wrestling World

ROH now has two new champions. At the ROH Trios Tournament the main event saw Chris Sabin beating CM Punk for the ROH title, also Tony Devito finally lost the Pure Wrestling Title to James Gibson. Chris Sabin has had a big push in ROH since he was stolen from TNA in the midst of a big push.

Rumors at TNA say that Abyss is getting a gimmick change. Going under his real name: Erik Justice, the former Monster Abyss is now a super hero. The Black Hole Slam and Shock Treatment have been changed to the Justice Slam and Righting the Wrongs respectively. Apparently people were thinking that his gimmick was getting stale and that it was time for a change. Many people feel like this is a final attempt to save his character, if this fails then a release is almost certain for Justice.

Also in other TNA news David Young has walked out of the promotion due to being extremely unhappy. TNA doesn't really see this a bad thing, considering they have never really used him.

The WWE's main event scene really hasn't changed much, which could be why TNA is the biggest company in the U.S. Ric Flair has now held his title for 5 months after taking it from Cena in October and he also has the Intercontinental Title. It looks like Raw is going to have to wait for Flair to retire to see any big shake up. Smackdown is also looking rather bland, with Christian gone the main source of talent is found in the cruiserweight division. The main champion there is The Undertaker who beat JBL in early October for the title. The U.S champion is STILL Shane McMahon, I'm sure we all know why hes had his 5 month reign too.

With one week left until Destination X the card currently looks like this:

Heavyweight Title

Jay Reso v. Raven =0=

Rhino v. Shane Douglas

TNA X-Division Title

Christopher Daniels =0= v. Elix Skipper v. AJ Styles

TNA North American Title

Austin Aries =0= v. Ron Killings

Tag Team Titles

Ultimo/Jushin v. Michael Shane/DDP

Ultimate Submission

Lance Storm v. Charlie Haas

expect more matches to be announced on iMPACT!

well, thats all for this time people. Until next time..Robson OUT!

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The show begins with the crowd sitting on the edge of their seats. It looks as if theres a little over 4,800 people there. The jobbers who worked the dark match have left the ring and the show is about to begin. Fairplay and West do their sound off and mention that this is the last iMPACT before Destination X, this sunday. The show starts out with Petey Williams and Scott D'Amore coming down the ramp with an eager Jeff Hardy waiting in the ring for him. The crowd boos the members of Team Canada and they pay them no mind and simply walk into the ring and Hardy backs off a bit.

Jeff Hardy v. Petey Williams

Hardy and Williams squared off in this one and it was quite a match. This wasn't the first time these two had faced each other and it certainly wouldn't be the last. It started with Hardy in control of it all and it looked like there would be no hope for Petey, as he couldn't even get in a move. After about 5 minutes Hardy got too cocky and went to taunt the crowd and D'Amore distracted him and let Williams get the advantage. Williams hit some big right hands and threw Hardy against the ropes then hit a backdrop to the outside of the ring, where D'Amore started kicking away at Hardy. The ref quickly made D'Amore leave before he had to disqualify Williams but before anyone could react, Williams came out of nowhere with a suicide dive and landed right on Hardy. This was a risky move and proved to hurt Williams more than it helped him, as Hardy got up before he did and took the lead back. The two went back and forth for another five minutes and Hardy hit a Twist Of Fate. Once again he was too cocky and he went to the top rope and tried for a Swanton but Williams moved out of the way and Hardy laid there motionless. Williams finally came to and hit the Candian Destroyer to pick up the win.

Winner: Petey Williams

Length: 13 minutes

Rating: 78.9%

Killings..Future North American Champion

Ron Killings comes down to the ring with Devon at his side. The two are wearing some new shirts, red in color with the words Black Out written in black. Killings and Devon come down to jeers from the crowd, but there are a few signs up in there for them. Killings has an angry look on his face, possibly due to the loss against Austin Aries last week for the North American Title. But Jerry Jarrett has announced that there will be a rematch at Destination X so there will be no doubt in anybodies mind that Aries' win was a fluke.

Killings- I stand here before you, as the next North American Champion. What Aries did to me last week was CHEAP! You know damn well that you shouldn't have won that match. I should be the champion, I should be the one holding that belt. I stand here and I look back on the way I've been treated, and I know why I've been treated that way..because I'm black. Blacks in this buisness get no respect from anybody, and I'm sick of it. I'm out here to prove that not only can we dribble a basketball, catch a football, or win some rap battles, I'm out here to prove that we can win wrestling matches 1..2..3 just like any cracka out there. Me and Devon are sick of the way we've been treated, look at his situation. He dropped the titles to japanese people, they get more respect than an african. Can you belive that. They should be in the back making us fried rice, not out here wrestling in matches. The fact of the matter is we have been held down for too long, and with me and Devon here..that won't be happening anymore. So I will go ahead and make this public..watch out folks..a Black Out is headin' for ya!

The crowd boos as Killings puts on a cocky smile and throws his mic down on the ring. Devon is nodding his head with a smile as well and the two walk out of the ring almost being boo'd out of the arena. They give the good ol' one finger salute before they head to the locker rooms.

Rating: 81.5%

Shannon Moore v. Zach Gowen

This match didn't really impress many, mainly because Gowen was in it and he really has no need to be wrestling. Moore fools around with him a bit by tripping him up as he goes limping across the ring. Moore is laughing at his expense and the crowd boos him for this inconsiderate gesture. Moore whips Gowen into the ropes and Gowen comes back and hits him with a drop kick. More gets up quickly and his eyes get wide. He stares at Gowen who is almost shivering now. Moore runs at him and hits a monster clothesline and Gowen goes down quick. This domination goes on for another 6 minutes before its finally ended when Moore hits a Mooregasm off the top and pins Gowen. But he doesn't end it there. He goes outside and picks up a chair and swings it on Gowen's leg. Before he can get in another shot a large man comes out from the crowd with a red super hero mask on and about shoulder length curly brown hair. He has on a red outfit and he flies into the ring and smashes Moore with what resembles the Black Hole slam. So of course by now everybody has realized this is Abyss and they go on a frenzy, cheering him on as he beats down on Moore inside of the ring. After Moore is knocked out cold the Abyss picks up Gowen over his shoulders and carries him up the ramp to the backstage. Moore is seen lying on the ground gasping for breath as he looks up at Abyss and Gowen leaving.

Winner: Shannon Moore

Length: 10 minutes

Rating: 67.2%

Michael Shane's Ready for Ultimo

Michael Shane comes down to the ring and has DDP by his side. Apparently the rumors were true, Shane and DDP will be taking on Ultimo and Lyger at Destination X. Shane rolls unde the ropes and intot he ring and DDP takes the steps into the ring. Shane grabs a microphone from the time keeper and sits down in the corner of the ring with a cocky smile already on his face. He knows what he has planned for Destination X..but nobody else does.

Shane- I know the first thing that people are going to ask.."are you really facing the tag champions at Destination X?" Well yes, the answer is yes. Me and DDP will be winning the titles on Sunday. Some people may say, well this is an odd team. Not at all odd to me, see we have ourselves a grizzled veteran. This man has been in the buisness since the WCW days, and on the other hand you have a rising star. A man who could very well revolutionize the industry..change it for the better. So what better way to become a star, by tagging with one. See Ultimo has chosen the wrong path, Jushin is a star by no means. Sure maybe in China Town..but this is America buddy. You can come over here with all of the stardom in Japan..the greatest wrestler ever to step foot in the ring over there..thats simply because I don't feel like heading there. See I could go around there and flip around a lot, throw some weapons into the mix..and I'd be a star. Japanese wrestling is just like the hardcore shit that ECW used to put on. Why do you think they failed..they were going up against much better things. This is the same situation, you two pieces of shit are going up against much better things. And that is the reason why you will lose your precious titles to us. So be ready fella's..we're coming for ya!

Rating: 77.3%

BG James v. Sean Waltman

James came down to the ring with Kip by his side. The two posed cockily in the ring and Kip rolled out before Waltman could get down the ramp. Waltman was boo'd by the crowd as he slid under the ropes and immediatly started the match off with some big right hands before the bell even rang. James was getting absolutely killed in this match and it showed no signs of ending anytime soon. James finally turned things around after 6 minutes of this big beating from Waltman after he kicked out from the X-Factor. Kip helped him get advantage of Waltman by distracting him..simply standing on the apron. James hit a school boy and almost put Waltman away with it due to the element of surprise. Waltman got up and was greeted with a big clothesline. Waltman almost grabbed the upperhand when James' nearly had his suplex turned over but James fought back and kept the momentum in his hands. At about the 13 minute mark James ended it with a pulling piledriver and picked up the win over Waltman.

Winner: BG James

Length: 13 minutes

Rating: 69.2%

Sean O'Haire v. Rhino

O'Haire has been on a rampage so far after he beat Nash and hes been boasting about it backstage. Rhino on the other hand just can't seem to pick up a win. The two collide in this match and there is nobody who didn't want to see this happen. You can tell by the look in Rhino's eyes that he is looking to get the win here and break this losing streak but O'Haire looks just as determined. It starts out with the two men locking up and breaking away. O'Haire finally gets the upperhand due to his size advantage and he pushes Rhino to the ground. Rhino gets right back up and runs at O'Haire and hits him with a clothesline from out of nowhere. The two exchange blows back and forth and continue to brawl with each other. O'Haire blocks a right hand from Rhino and hits a kick to the gut followed up by a ddt. This led to O'Haire gaining the momentum and leading to a possible win here. O'Haire put Rhino in a reverse dvd at about the 9 minute mark but Rhino kicked out of it some how. O'Haire got angry and argued with the ref about how it should have been a three, he took to much time and when he turned around he was met with the gore. Overcoming the odds O'Haire kicked out as well and somehow fought back after receiving a second gore at the 11 minute mark. After he hit a big powerbomb he hit another reverse dvd and picked up the big win over Rhino.

Winner: Sean O'Haire

Rating: 72.6%

Ultimo Dragon v. Michael Shane

Both men came down to the ring with their partners beside them. Ultimo and Jushin had their titles around their waists and received a few cheers from the crowd..not many though. The crowd got behind Shane shockingly, possibly because of DDP being there. Shane and Ultimo squared off in the ring while Jushin and DDP stood on the sidelines watching. Shane and Ultimo got in a few submission holds on each other but Ultimo gained the upper hand after a few swift kicks to Shanes gut. Ultimo was trying as hard as possible to keep the momentum on his side by throwing in some random kicks every now and then but Shane somehow fought back and flunf Ultimo at the ropes and hit him with a kick to the jaw as he came back. He picked Ultimo back up and hit a ddt for good measure. Shane and Ultimo kept exchanging blows after Shane failed at a Sweet Shane Music. Ultimo got the upper hand once more and smacked in a head lock on him. Shane tried all he could to fight it off but he couldn't..at least not without DDP's help. Shane helped in pushing Ultimo to the ropes and DDP tripped him up. When Ultimo turned around he got hit with the sweet shane music and was pinned for the win.

Winner: Michael Shane

Length: 16 minutes

Rating: 85.5%

Charlie Haas v. Jay Reso

Haas came down to the ring looking almost paranoid, he was looking all around for a member of Team Canada but to his surprise there wasn't one in sight. Reso came down next and the crowd exploded as he walked down the ramp. He got into the ring and posed on the turnbuckle for the fans. He took off his jacket and got into his ring attire and cracked his neck as he hopped off of the turnbuckle and into the center of the ring. Reso and Haas locked up and Reso gained th eupper hand. He whipped Haas into the ropes and hit him with a backdrop as he came back. He gave him no time to stand up and locked in a headlock before Haas knew what hit him. Haas was trying to fight out of it for at least a minute before Reso finally pushed him into the turnbuckles. He grabbed Haas's head and hit a bull dog then sat up and looked around at the cheering fans. He picked Haas back up and hit a snap suplex. Reso had control of this match through out almost the entire thing. How ever Haas had finally gained the upper hand and it looked like he was about to hit the Exploder Suplex but Team Canada's music hit and he turned around and stared up at the ramp. Christian put on an evil smile and hit him with the unprettier and pinned him for the win. The music stopped and Lance Storm came out from the back and gave Reso the thumbs up. Reso smiles back at him and does the same and Storm walks into the ring. He locks in a Canadian Maple Leaf on Haas who is laying there cringing in pain. He finally lets go and stands over Haas' body as the show goes off of the air.

Winner: Jay Reso

Length: 15 minutes

Rating: 87%

Overall Rating: 77.3%

Attendance: 4,809

Viewers: 838,316 (down by 92,557) (2nd place to Raws 885,313)

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Robson's Review

This week Xplosion comes to us live from New Jersey infront of a decent crowd. The show kicks off and we're here at the last show before Destination X, TNA's next pay per view. This will probably be a small card, considering the big names will be wrestling in 2 days and will need some rest..and this is a 'B' show. We start out with Andrew Martin facing off against the new and "improved" Abyss, Erik Justice. The crowd didn't really get behind Justice and let him know that. A superhero gimmick might not be the thing for him, maybe they should have done a super villian..but what ever. The two had there brawls and Erik had control throughout almost the entire match. He ended this thing after 7 minutes with a Righting The Wrongs and beat Martin. I'd give this match a 68 due to the fact that I wasn't really feeling the superhero gimmick change from Justice.

Next we see a promotional tape for Destination X hyping up all of the matches and it got a few cheers from the crowd. Destination X will be held in New York so the fans were hyped up for it. We come back from the titantron and Daniels comes down to the ring and cuts a promo at how destination x is just another win for him and how he's going to retain again. Overall he really worked the mic very well and he could be a potnential World Champion if TNA would get him out of the X-Division Title run. If he wasn't a heel he could be a formitable opponent for Reso if he gets the strap. I'd give this an 86 just because Daniels really knows how to work a crowd and has incredible mic work.

Now we see the Samoan Submission Machine, a man we haven't seen much of recently, facing off against Alex Shelley. If you like techinical wrestling you'll be in heaven in this one. I think Samoa could be a formitable opponent for Reso as well, hes got some decent mic skills and he can really get in some good mat work. Samoa Joe could be the next big thing in TNA if they would use him more often. But back to the match. At the 14 minute mark the crowd was still on the edge of their seats after 2 near pins from Shelley. But out of nowhere Samoa hit the Island Driver and pinned Shelley for the win after 14. A pretty good match, if the two were more over it would have been much better but due to that I'd give this match a 77.

The next match was The Amazing Red facing off against Shannon Moore. This should be a good match, last week on Xplosion we saw Red take down Shocker, lets see what he can do with Moore. Moore has been getting some pretty good treatment in TNA..much better than he had at the WWE. He has the skills to be a future X-Division Champion but right now lets focus on what hes doing currently. He and Red went for a good 15 minutes before the two finally broke it up after Red hit the Infrared for the win. I was surprised that Red went over Moore considering Moore is a much bigger name than Red is and hes been getting more of a push than Red has. Overall this was a great matchup and I'd give it an 80.

Shane Douglas came on the titantron and we see him sitting on a stool backstage. He cuts a promo about how Rhino should be afraid and how he will get his revenge for what hapenned 3 weeks ago. The crowd really responded to Douglas in this, gave him lots of boos when he trash talked Rhino which is what they were looking for and he had the appropriate amount of time for this interview..gets an 82 from me.

Simon Diamond was facing off with James Storm next. Storms career has been in a downward spiral since Harris was taken from TNA, he was the less talented member of the group and that shows since he was sort of riding Harris' coat tail. He and Simon have faced before and put on a decent match but nothing too special, you can say the same for this one. I think that the Justice/Martin match got better reactions than this thing did, Storm will probably be on the cutting block soon if he doesn't produce something. Anyways, Storm picked up the win in this one after about 10 minutes, the crowd was almost asleep in this one but the action was still good. I'd give it a 67.

Next is the main event, "Primetime" Elix Skipper facing off against Petey Williams. These two can really work wonders in the ring against people, lets see what they can do with each other. The two put on a pretty good show for the Jersey crowd and I really got into it aswell. Petey almost pulled some cheap tricks out of the bag but he didn't put Skipper away with them. I think Williams should be getting a push soon, he did a good job in this match. In the end Skipper prevailed after hitting a tornado ddt off the top. I'd rate this about a...79. Great action though, these two went for 20 and I didn't see any sign of tiring. Thats a good thing.

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Destination X Predictions:

Heavyweight Title

Jay Reso v. Raven =0=

Rhino v. Shane Douglas

TNA X-Division Title

Christopher Daniels =0= v. Elix Skipper v. AJ Styles

TNA North American Title

Austin Aries =0= v. Ron Killings

Tag Team Titles

Ultimo/Jushin =0= v. Michael Shane/DDP

Ultimate Submission

Lance Storm v. Charlie Haas

Sean O'Haire v. Erik Justice

Jeff Hardy v. Shannon Moore

??? v. Simon Diamond

Winners in bold

Extra: Who is going to debut against Simon Diamond?

(hint, WWE fired him in there little spree recently, there has been no talk of the signing which is why I'm throwing in the hint)

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TNA Destination-X

The show opens up and the cameras the packed Madison Square Garden as the fans are going crazy for the start of TNA, Destination X! The show starts off and Fairplay and West sign off and talk about tonights show as Simon Diamond comes down to the ring and has on a shimmering robe thats silver and has Diamond written on the back. He comes into the ring and the New Yorkers let him know what they think of him with huge "You Suck" chants. There are a few signs for him out there though, one that says "A Diamond In The Rough" and "Simon The Diamond". He puts on a cocky smile and throws off his robe and picks up a mic.

Diamond- Tonight...Destination X! Tonight, I get to face a mystery opponent. Jerry thought he would get a little slick on me and throw in a debuting superstar to face me tonight. Like I really care, I'm Simon Diamond baby, I can beat anyone thrown at me. The simple facts are that no matter who Jarrett throws at me they won't be able to beat me. So watch me make quick work of this kid and get one step closer to facing Raven at the next pay per view. See people underestimate me too much, a simple example is Jarrett throwing this debuting kid against me tonight, hes making me their bait. Thats not gonna happen, see he thinks this kids going to come out here and whoop up on me, hes already got it all planned out. Well I've got news for you Jarrett, it ain't going to happen tha--

Rating: 73.9%

Before Simon can finsh his sentence an unfarmiliar music starts to play. All of a sudden the first ever Tough Enough winner, Maven Huffman comes flying down the ramp and slides into the ring and recieves a couple of cheers coming from the crowd. He runs in and gives Simon a huge right hand and starts to pounce all over him. He flies at him with a shoulder block to floor him then he gets on top of him and punches away at his face. Diamond is getting the living hell beaten out of him and the crowd is enjoying every second of it, cheering Maven on. He picks Diamond up and continues this slaughter with a big drop kick after whipping him to the ropes. He plays with the crowd and tries to make them cheer, they explode and he turns around and see Diamond getting up. He runs at him and goes for a spinning ddt but Diamond pushes him off. He takes a minute to get his breath back then he stomps away at Maven. He gives him a swift kick to the ribs and Maven cringes in pain. He picks Maven up and throws him at the ropes then hits a backdrop. Diamond continues this attack on Maven and doesn't give him a chance to even get up, much less get in some punches and kicks. He goes for a Simon System on Maven but its reversed and Maven finally gets hit chance to have a comeback. He dropkicks Diamond in the back and Diamond stumbles onto the ground. Maven runs into the other ropes and comes back with a shining wizard on Diamond who was still on his knees. This gets huge cheers from the crowd and Maven nods his head, knowing that the end is near. He heads to the top rope and waits for Diamond to get up. He stumbles and sees Maven perched on the turnbuckle and before he can react he is greeted with a missle dropkick. Maven covers Diamond and picks up the win in his big debut.

Winner: Maven

Length: 9 minutes

Rating: 77.6%

Reso's Ready

Jay Reso comes out from the curtains and gets a huge ovation from the New York crowd. He poses at the top of the ramp and slowly walks down to the ring. He slides under the ropes and goes to each turnbuckle and poses. He reaches out of the ring and grabs a microphone from one of the ringside workers and licks his lips, getting ready to speak.

Reso- It's almost here people, I'm almost the champion. In only a few hours you will be looking at me in the center of this ring with Raven lying there motionless, covered in blood, with me standing over him with the World Title held up high in the air. While I stand here as the next champion Raven is in the back getting ready for a loss, probably crying his eyes out knowing that he can never..ever, beat me for this title. He knows that I'm better than him, it just hasn't sunken in yet. Hes probably having a little hissy fit in his locker room, cherishing the little bit of time he has left with the title. Because I will come out here tonight and I will not fail to amaze you all. While Raven is sitting in the back with his lip poked out, holding onto his title like a kid who just lost his favorite toy, I'm out here before you boasting about how I'm going to take it from him. How we differ. If those two Raven fans in the world are out there in the crowd tonight and they think hes gonna win this thing, you're just setting yourself up for failure. I hope you know that. So while you've been talking to all of my peeps, saying how hes going to bring me down tonight, you better think twice. I will come out here later tonight and I'm going to show you two that you never under estimate Reso, you never say I can't do it. Because no matter how much the odds are stacked against me, I'm going to over come. So this is a shout out to all my peeps at home, you better tune in tomorrow on iMPACT 'cause I'm gonna be having a BALL! But Raven, raven, raven, if you aren't at home crying over your loss tomorrow night..don't forget that you can come to. Everybody is going to be invited to my huge party tomorrow..BE THERE, everyone else will.

Rating: 82.2%

An Attack

We see a closed door with the name "Jerry Jarrett" written on it. Maven is seen walking up to the door from the hallway and he knocks on the door. He stands there for a few minutes then knocks again. After a little while of waiting he opens the door and sees the room is a mess. The desk is tipped over and papers are scattered all over the floor. Maven looks concerned and he looks closer and sees Jarrett lying there on the floor in a puddle of blood. His eyes get big and he runs out of the room screaming for help. Officials fly into the room and check him out. Maven is seen in the corner of the room shaking his head in disbelief.

Rating: 67.2%

Jeff Hardy v. Shannon Moore

A couple of weeks ago on iMPACT we saw this match up and now we've got a re-match. Shannon Moore comes out to the ring and receives boos from the crowd as he walks into the ring and stretches for the match. "The Charismatic Enigma" Jeff Hardy makes his way down to the ring and the crowd gets loud. He poses at the top of the ramp and looks around at the fans in the crowd. He smiles and sprints down the ramp and slides into the ring, Moore immediatly goes to work on Hardy who didn't even have time to get up. He stomps away at him and keeps him grounded then stands on his body and pulls down on the top rope. The referee makes him get off and Moore listens. He lets Hardy get up then clotheslines him out of the ring. He moves to the apron and hits an Asai Moonsault and lands right on Hardy. He gets up and picks Hardy up then whips him into the guard rails. The fans pat Hardy's back and motivate him to get back in there and fight. Hardy slides into the ring, following Moore and before Moore knows it he is dropkicked right in the back. Moore goes down and Hardy hits and elbow drop. Hardy has control of the match for about 6 more minutes before Moore gets momentum once more. He moves out of the way of Hardys swanton and he hits a Mooregasm. Somehow Hardy kicks out at two and Moore gets angry. He argues with the ref and Hardy begins to get up. Hardy lunges at Moore and Moore moves right in time, Hardy hits the ref. Moore rushes out of the ring and grabs a chair, Hardy turns around and gets smacked with hit. Moore goes for the pin but forgets that the referee is down. He gets angry and makes and attempt to wake him up, as he is doing so a referee runs down the ramp and into the ring. Moore doesn't see this and continues to try and wake up the ref. Hardy slowly gets up and out of nowhere hits a reverse twist of fate and goes for the pin. The other ref makes the count and Hardy picks up the win.

Winner: Jeff Hardy

Length: 11 minutes

Rating: 71.1%

Sean O'Haire v. Erik Justice

Recently O'Haire has been on quite a winning streak, taking out Rhino on iMPACT and Kevin Nash on the Xplosion before that. On the other hand we have Erik Justice, this man used to be a cold hearted monster but something has made him change his ways. He now does good deeds to all and sticks up for the under dogs, stopping the bullies from using their power on them. Justice had a size advantage and you could tell, he threw O'Haire all around the ring in this thing and he showed him no mercy, super hero or not. O'Haire for once was on the beating end of things for almost the entire match. O'Haire finally got the advantage when Justice spent too much time taunting him and playing with the crowd, O'Haire hit him with and elbow to the back of his head. Justice flinched but didn't go down, O'Haire ran off of the ropes and hit a huge clothesline on him and finally brought the beast down. He went up top and hit a Seanton Bomb for the win over Justice.

Winner: Sean O'Haire

Length: 9 minutes

Rating: 73.1%

Charlie Haas v. Lance Storm

Ultimate Submission

The two men start out in the center of the ring, the clock starts at 25 minutes and the second it starts to tick the two go at it. They are beating the living hell out of each other in the beginning, not even worrying about the submissions. As a side note, D'Amore and the rest of Team Canada is banned from ringside for this match so they don't interfere with this match at all. Fast forward to the 9 minute mark and we have Lance Storm slamming Haas' leg into the ring post. A minute later and we have our first submission, Haas taps out to the Straightshooter and Lance Storm goes up 1-0.

Now we've got Haas limping on his right leg due to the assault on it from Storm. Storm gets a little too cocky with him and picks him up and taunts him in front of his face. Haas hits a dropkick to Storms face and Storm goes down. Haas is still holding his leg from the attack but he manages to get in a headlock. Storm powers out of it after awhile and the two men continue going at it. Haas is still limping but he isn't in as much pain as he was before. Storm has Haas in a Canadian Maple leaf at the 20 minute mark but Haas reaches the ropes. Haas hits an Exploder Suplex out of nowhere with a minute left then he locks in the Haas of Pain. The clock is ticking down, its at the 20 second mark and Storm has no way to get out of the Haas of Pain. With 10 seconds left he taps and the score is tied 1-1. The clock runs out and it looks like these two are headed into an overtime.

The overtime works like the first submission put in gives them the win. Haas and Storm go at it back and forth for a long time, just hitting suplexes and ddts to get the other on the floor long enough for a submission attempt. Neither man succeeds, that is until 30 minutes have passed. Haas and Storm are lying on the ground, out of breath and they can't find a way to pull themselves up. Haas pulls himself over to Storm and flips him over. Storm is lying on his stomache and Haas somehow gets to his feet. He grabs Storms legs and locks in a sharpshooter. Storm screams in pain and stuggles to get towards the ropes. He is looking all around him for some way to get out of it but there is no way. When it looks like its the end for Storm, Williams and Roode come flying down the ramp, however, Storm doesn't see them and he taps out before they can get into the ring. Haas sees them and rolls out as quickly as possible and escapes through the crowd with the win over Storm.

Winner: Charlie Haas

Length: 30 Minutes

Rating: 81.1%

The Attacker Revealed

We come down to the ring after Storm and the other members of Team Canada have gone backstage. Jerry Jarrett comes down to the rings in bandages and he is walking down to the ring with a limp. An official raises the ropes to make it easier for him to get in the ring and the crowd is dead silent, waiting to find out who the attacker was. Jarrett gets a microphone handed to him by an official at ringside and he takes a deep breath before he puts it up to his mouth.

Jarrett- I don't why this man did it..but he did. Tonight you will not see the main event that you hoped for..because Raven is now stripped of the title and suspended for two weeks. He brutally attacked me in my office and now he will have to pay the price. This was a match I had been looking forward to ever since Reso signed to the company, but Raven has ruined that for us. Raven is being escorted out of the arena as we speak by the NYPD so he doesn't hurt anyone else. This is a shame that we had to lose our big champion..but it had to happen. But don't think there will be no main event tonight. On a recent episode of Xplosion, Samoa Joe had issued a challenge to Jay Reso..I took note of that. So tonights main event will be Jay Reso v. Samoa Joe for the Heavyweight Title!

Rating: 72%

DDP/Michael Shane v. Ultimo/Jushin

NWA Tag Team Titles

The two men who started the match was DDP and Jushin. The two went at it and the match began. DDP immediatly got the upper hand over Jushin and he kicked him in the gut and ddt'd him. These two were in the ring for a good while, with DDP carrying it the whole way until Jushin hit a big german suplex and tagged in Ultimo. Shane got in illegally and Ultimo hit a clothesline. The ref made Shane get out of the ring and Ultimo faced off with DDP. Ultimo had the advantage due to his speed and the age difference. Ultimo was running in circles around DDP for most of the time he was in the ring, everytime DDP went for a big move he could never hit it. He finally tagged in Shane who got the upperhand in the match up. At the 15 minute mark Ultimo and Shane both tagged out after a big spot off the top turnbuckle where Ultimo reversed a powerbomb into a frankensteiner. DDP was getting beat down by Jushin and things weren't looking good for him. Jushin went up top for a dropkick but DDP moved out of the way before he got hit. When Jushin got up DDP came out of nowhere with a huge Diamond Cutter and put Jushin away and won the tag titles for him and Shane.

Winners: DDP and Michael Shane

Length: 16 minutes

Rating: 83.3%

Austin Aries v. Ron Killings

North American Title

The last time these two faced each other it was for the same title at the finals of the tournament. Now in Aries first defense its the rematch. Aries came down to the ring and got some big chants from the crowd, one of the bigger ones so far tonight. Killings got his boos and he was accompanied by Devon and the two were wearing their Blackout shirts. Killings got in the ring and immediatly went to work on Aries. He hit a big clothesline out of nowhere and almost took Aries head off. Aries got dominated for the first 5 minutes of the match but he got the upperhand after he slid down Killings back in the middle of a suplex. He hit a school boy out of nowhere and almost put Killings away but it didn't quite do it. He waited for Killings to get up and he ran at him and hit a bulldog. These two were trading the lead throughout the majority of this match, which made it a lot more interesting. Killings looked like he was going to put him away with a Truth Or Consequences but Aries kicked out at the end of two. Killings was furious and argued with the ref over it, but not enough to give Aries a chance to come back. When Aries was getting up he got greeted with a knee right to his temple. He went right back down and Killings taunted the crowd to get them fired up. He picked up Aries and threw him at the turnbuckle. He ran at him but Aries moved just in time and Killings hit the turnbuckle. He turns Killings around and hits a brainbuster out of nowhere. He pins Killings and retains the belt. Devon is on the side looking angry and he looks up at the ramp and nods his head. Out of nowhere Devon attacks Aries with the belt and floors him. Then Elix Skipper comes down from the ramp and runs into the ring. He attacks Aries as well and gets in the Sudden Impact before he helps up Killings and the three head backstage.

Winner: Austin Aries

Length: 14 minutes

Rating: 88.4%

Christopher Daniels v. AJ Styles v. Elix Skipper

X-Division Title

This match is one of the most highly anticipated matches of the year so far, these three are the most talented the X-Division has to offer and now they are facing each other in one huge match. It started out with Daniels getting double teamed by Styles and Skipper. The two got him down with a double suplex then Skipper turned on Styles and hit him with a belly to belly. Skipper ran off the ropes and hit a big kick to Daniels face. Styles got up and took Skipper by surprise and him him with a big reverse suplex. Daniels slowly got back up, holding his jaw and he was greeted with a shoulder block from AJ. This back and forth action went on for most of the match, but at the 20 minute mark Skipper was pinned and eliminated from the match, leaving only AJ and Daniels to battle it out.

AJ immediatly got the upperhand over Daniels and hit him with an enziguri as he got up from pinning Skipper. These are the two men who helped lead TNA into becoming the biggest promotion in the US. They've put on many match of the year candidates but this one could be the one to take it. Daniels gained the upper hand again at the 25 minute mark and he hit AJ with an Angels Wings and almost put him away. Daniels was furious that he couldn't do the job and he started kicking the bottom turnbuckle. He saw Styles getting up and he ran at him and hit a spinning head-scissors. Daniels kept on the offense until the end of this thing and he finally beat Styles at the 30 minute mark with a Last Rites.

Winner: Christopher Daniels

Length: 30 Minutes

Rating: 92.9%

Rhino v. Shane Douglas

These two men have had quite a background. Rhino came into TNA as the man trying to take down Raven, Shane Douglas was the man leading him through with this. When Rhino failed they brought in Andrew Martin, who also was another puppet of Douglas. This lead to Douglas fighting Raven himself, and suffering the same fate the other two did. He finally brought in Reso who would have gotten the job done but Raven went and attacked Jarrett and got stripped. But Douglas brought in Reso without saying a word to Rhino, Rhino was being viewed as Douglas' right hand man, not something Rhino wanted to be. Douglas was using Rhino to do what he couldn't get done. Rhino finally snapped and went off on Douglas, leading to this match. Rhino got the lead early on and ran with it all the way through. This match was just Rhino venting out his anger on Douglas, doing everything he could to put him through as much pain as possible. He hit multiple Gores and big spinebusters on Douglas but never went for the pin, he just kept tormenting him. He finally pinned him after 11 minutes of suffering on Douglas' side with a 4th Gore on Douglas.

Winner: Rhino

Length: 14 minutes

Rating: 77.9%

Jay Reso v. Samoa Joe

NWA Heavyweight Title

Reso and Samoa are both very talented workers and they showed it in this match. They started out with a lock up, but Samoa quickly took Reso down. He worked him a lot on the mat and showed everyone why he was the "Samoan Submission Machine." He grabbed Reso and hit him with a big suplex. He was man handling him in the first half of the match and Reso couldn't get out of any of his moves. Reso finally rolled out of the ring and caught his breath before the big man got out there with him. Reso ran around the outside for a bit and got some distance before he got into the ring and Joe followed a while after, out of breath. Reso ran up at Samoa and he ducked under an attempted clothesline and hit a bulldog. He taunted the crowd and waited for Samoa to get up then hit an unprettier. He covered Joe and picked up the win to become the new NWA Heavyweight Champion.

Winner: Jay Reso

Length: 13 minutes

Rating: 76.7%

Overall Rating: 79.3%

Attendance: 25,052 :w00t:

Buys: 387,333 (.88 buyrate)

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