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Rockstar: INXS


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well, tonight is the finale of Rockstar INXS, who do you think will win it. I personally would like for Mig to win it just because I'd like to see JD and Martey do their own thing..they'd be better without INXS and I'd enjoy to see Martey make an album..cause I love "trees". So..whats your prediction.

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What the heck? When did Suzie get put out? She has major potential.

I'm over in the UK so I'm not sure what's going on. It airs on VH1 but half the time it's on and off times and I've lost track. JD really shouldn't be there if you ask me, and I'm not really all that crazy about Mig either. Marty ios by far my favourite, I'd say he has impressed me more than the other two that are left.

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