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So the show starts tonight, whats this season 3 or 4?

I miss not having a DVR so I could record CSI but meh, I'll have one by the end of next month so I'll just miss some episodes, I can always catch up with replays anyway.

Now, onto Trump. Anyone looking forward to this season? I remember being meh about the first and since then always watched weekly.

Anyone have info on this season before it starts?

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I am sort of looking forward to it. The fact that Trump picked 11 of the 12 contestants seems like it may make the show kind of ehhh, cause its all people that he would consider hiring, so we know how they will be.

I watched the Martha Stewart version last night, it was alright, seemed a lot nicer, which I guess is what they are going for. I hated her ending thing, where she is like "I'm sorry, goodbye" and then writes them a letter apologizing for firing them. Its like, damn it, be mean!

I'll probably be missing tonight's episode anyway, tho, have other stuff to do.

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Sorry for the double post but here are my insights from the first show...

Men vs. Women again, meh...Seen it.

The little speed to the chopper thing was a cool addition in my opinion, they need something that can also give physical crap even though it doesn't apply to the Trump job, it does so their drive and detirmination. Whether it's gonna be a weekly thing, I don't know...I would totally mind it if it was.

Speaking of cool additions, I like the little vote for the leader so they can be safe thing. That prevents the coasters from last year that banked on a few people doing well and then couldn't be kicked out. Great add!

The men had the better location in my mind but they had a shit leader, the girls had the leader but didn't have the team togetherness.

It looked pretty close before both teams entered the board room, the girls seemed to start off shit but got better and the guys stayed consistent.

The men won by $11 if I recall correctly. The men didn't give Marcus the exemption which was a good move. Randall staying made me happy aswell, and Trump letting him go for the funeral was a great thing aswell.

Kristi just brought back Mellisa to the board room which was a mistake in my opinion, I think that just incase she said something stupid she could have brought another team member in to back her up and make sure Trump knows that Melissa is the one who needs to go.

Melissa goes but Kristi could have easily gone aswell...

And then there was seven-teen...

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Have any twists with the teams been rumored or mentioned in hype stuff? They had Women vs. Men and Street Smarts vs. Book Smarts (or whatever that team was called) will they just be doing a straight one like the first year or what...?

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I still laugh at the idiots who seem to think that have a ton of things in common with Trump and that they will get along with him well. Like Markus (or Marucs, don't know the spelling) said he's much like Trump and they'd get along and then he talks the Donald's ear off...

Atleast we don't have any total loons like last year

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