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The Official West Wing Thread


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*****Beware of possible spoilers in the message to follow*****

Does anyone other then me actually still watch show? Now, I'll give you the fact that I liked the show much better under Sorkin's watch but I'm still intrigued as to how they'll incorporate all these new characters as a fulltime cast. Granted, this could very well be the last season but I think they've actually written this election storyline pretty well. I'm still hoping that Rob Lowe makes a return in some capacity as was rumored earlier this summer.

As for this season, it was pretty much obvious that Jimmy Smits was gonna win the election but they should've changed the teaser for yesterday's episode. That should've been saved for later in the season. I want to see what the "Toby" character has in his future. I like the new press secretary and I've deinitely enjoyed Mary Mccormack's work as the NSA attache.

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NBC Plans Live Episode of 'The West Wing'

NEW YORK - NBC will air a live episode of "The West Wing" featuring a debate between presidential candidates Matt Santos and Arnold Vinick on Nov. 6.

Airing scripted TV shows live is a rarity these days, although NBC tried the attention-getting device earlier last week with the "Will & Grace" season premiere.

"The West Wing," which has lagged in the ratings with its move to Sunday nights this season, is in the midst of the campaign to replace Martin Sheen's character, President Bartlet. Jimmy Smits plays Democratic candidate Santos and Alan Alda the Republican Vinick.

The cast will run through two separate live versions, one for the East Coast and one of the West. The series' executive producer, John Wells, has experience with this: He was at the helm when "ER" opened its fourth season in 1997 with a live episode.

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