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NBA Live 2006


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So my friend is going on about how great this game is, so I go out and hire it. Maybe i'm too used to playing NBA 2k6, but I find the game really slow, I hate the way players shoot, all the camera angles really suck. Plus, I thought this was the year that all the games were going to be ESPN branded? Apart from the All Star Weekend, more classic jerseys and the soundtrack, 2k6 shits all over this game. Anyone agree, disagree?

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Guest Grapehead

Haven't played 2k6, but I love NBA Live 06, so I would probably disagree if I got the chance to play 2k6. I like the controls, and I've never felt like it was slow. Also, the freestyle stars is sweet, I like seeing different shit play out, instead of the same dunk, same layup, time and time again.

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