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Bound For Glory


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NWATNA was coming off of their best PPV to date in the eyes of most. They put on several matches on this show that absolutely made WWE look like a second rate promotion wrestling wise. Daniels vs Styles in their Ironman 2 was absolutely spectacular. 30 Minutes of wrestling bliss and is already being touted as the Match of the Year and a better match than WWE has put on in years. Styles came out victorious with seconds to go but the crowd gave both men a standing ovation for this epic.

But what the fans voted the #1 match of the night though it wasn't necessarily a "Wrestling Match" Was the Monster's Ball between Sabu, Rhino, Jeff Hardy and Abyss. This match clicked on all cylinders and every spot was on target between these four. Rhino eventully got the win with a piledriver on Hardy from the second rope. Then it came down to the ten man gauntlet and it went pretty quick till AJ Styles came out which was a shocker considering the leg injury he suffered in the Ironman match. His right leg has swollen to almost twice the size of his other but he came down to the ring. Then Samoa Joe and finally Rhino. The final men in the ring were Hoyt, Abyss, Rhino, Samoa Joe and AJ Styles. Abyss managed to take Hoyt out with a nasty clothesline over the top rope.

Abyss squared off with Rhino while Samoa Joe and Styles hooked it up. Joe and Styles were simply lighting each up with forearms but eventully Joe got the better of the weakened Styles when Styles hit the ropes to go for a running forearm and Joe backed up a couple steps and ran at him LEVELING HIM WITH A YAKUZA KICK! This sent Styles flying back and over the top rope and out! He was eliminated by Joe.

Meanwhile Abyss was beating down Rhino in the corner and then Joe came over and helped to beatdown the battered Rhino. They picked him up and whipped him to the far corner. Joe then grabbed Abyss and whipped him towards Rhino. Rhino ducked it and propelled Abyss over the corner and his head bounced off the ringpost and he tumbled roughly to the outside!!! Joe then ran as hard as he could at Rhino and Devastates him with a high knee in the corner to put Rhino down in the corner. Joe then begins pushing his foot against Rhino's face...setting up for the Smash-Mouth. Joe then runs to the far side and Rhino GETS UP WITH HIS LAST BIT OF ENERGY...GORE GORE GORE!!! Rhino Gored Samoa Joe! Rhino picks Joe up and throws him over the top rope before he can recover and now it's time for the NWATNA World Title Match.

Jeff Jarrett comes down and dominates the absolutely exhausted Rhino with basic, fundamental moves till about the six minute mark when Jarrett misses a clothesline into the corner and Rhino staggers back and then motions for the Gore...Jarrett comes out of the corner and..GORE GORE GORE!!! Rhino covers Jarrett weakly...1......2.......3! There is a NEW CHAMPION IN TNA! Rhino has won the Championship cleanly. 3 Live Krew, Styles along with the rest of the X-Division whom are Faces. Jeff Hardy, Sabu and more come down and throw Rhino onto their shoulders as the crowd goes nuts for the King is Dead...Long live the new Champion!

Now the real question was once TNA went off the air is if the King really was dead. Plans changed due to Kevin Nash's injury and TNA Management ended up doing a Title Change. Will Jarrett get his belt back or will they finally realize it's bad for business to keep the belt on him and put it on one of their other numerous contenders for the belt. Petey Williams won Ultimate X but that wasn't how it was supposed to end. Will he still get his shot at AJ Styles at Genesis?

There are all these questions and more to be answered and those are the questions I will walk you through. I have recently found that NWATNA is superior to WWE in just about every way except the Main Event area. I can't stop watching it and I figured since I know their roster well now I can do a diary about them.


Faces are Bold

Heels in Italic

Tweeners are Nothing

Main Eventers

Jeff Jarrett

Kevin Nash

Rhino (NWA-TNA Heavyweight Champion)

Upper Midcarders


Kip James

Monty Brown

AJ Styles (TNA X Division Champion)

BG James


Jeff Hardy

Jerry Lynn

Matt Bentley


Ron Killings



"Wildcat" Chris Harris (NWA-TNA Tag Team Champion)

Christopher Daniels

Elix Skipper

Gail Kim

"Cowboy" James Storm (NWA-TNA Tag Team Champion)

Samoa Joe


Simon Diamond

Andy Douglas


Austin Aries

Brother Ray


Lance Hoyt

Sean Waltman

Sonny Siaki

Lower Midcarders


Alex Shelley

Bobby Roode

David Young

Eric Young

Johnny Devine

Petey Williams

Chase Stevens

Chris Sabin

Roderick Strong

Shark Boy

Sonjay Dutt

All Others

Cassidy Riley

Mikey Batts

Jerrelle Clark

Shane Douglas (Non-Wrestler)

NWA-TNA World Heavyweight Champion: Rhino

TNA X Division Champion: "The Phenominal" AJ Styles

NWA-TNA Tag Team Champion: America's Most Wanted

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November 5, 2005

Impact kicks off with it's normal intro video which is pretty good production wise and hypes the right guys. Then we get some minor pyro in the Impact-Zone and Mike Tenay along with Don West welcome us to Impact!

Tenay: Don we've got a great show lined up for the fans tonight. We have a match between the New #1 Contender for the X Division Title "The Canadian Destroyer" Petey Williams vs a man whom feels he got screwed in Ultimate X at Bound for Glory. Chris Sabin!

Don West: That's not all though Mike. We have the former NWA-TNA Tag Team Champions, The Naturals facing off against Team Canada. Bobby Roode and Eric Young!

Tenay: But coming up right now is a matchup of four men whom have issues with one another. Abyss teaming with Monty Brown and Sabu teaming with Ron Killings. Abyss and Sabu have been signed for a No-DQ Match at Genesis and Monty Brown will be facing Ron "The Truth" Killings in a #1 Contendership Match for the NWA-TNA Heavyweight Title. Both men were put into that match by the NWA-TNA Championship Committee.

Abyss/Monty Brown vs Sabu/Ron "The Truth" Killings

The crowd really is into this match as everyone in the arena has their favorites so despite being heels. Abyss and Brown get their share of chants too. They pretty much dominate the smaller Sabu and Killings through most of this match till about the eight minute mark when Killings hits a scissors kick on Abyss to put him down to the mat. Abyss manages to make it to his corner quicker than Killings and tags in Brown. Brown runs at Sabu and knocks him off the apron and then picks a wounded Killings up and whips him into the ropes as he hits one on the left side..POUNNNNNCE! He then pulls Killings towards the middle of the ring and covers him..1....2....3! It's not over though because Sabu gets back into the ring to help Killings because Monty is beginning to beat him down but Abyss catches Sabu coming in with a HUGE BLACK HOLE SLAM!!! Monty then picks Killings up and hits another huge POUNCE On him and both men stand over their rivals victorious tonight!

We go backstage to where Jeff Jarrett is with Shane Douglas but Jarrett seeming to be in no mood to talk, pushes Douglas away after grabbing the microphone.

Jarrett: Rhino, you may think your top dog right now, the new "King of the Mountain" Because you got lucky and beat me for my NWA-TNA World Title. Well think again slapnutz. I am going to get my Title back and when I do I will be the 5 Time NWA-TNA World Heavyweight Champion. You are a one hit wonder Rhino. An act with one tune and once I hit the Stroke on you. It'll be all over and you will realize why I am the "King of the Mountain"

"The Canadian Destroyer" Petey Williams vs Chris Sabin

This matchup is very good and it showcases the X Division perfectly. It's the longest match of the show going about twelve minutes of back and forth X Division action. Williams looks like he's about to win with the Canadian Destroyer as he tries to reel Sabin in but Sabin blocks it and reverses into the Cradle Shock but Williams drops out the back and as Sabin turns he kicks him in the gut quickly..CANADIAN DESTROYER!!! Sabin flops to the mat and Williams gets the academic one two three for the victory. The #1 Contender proves it in this match as he celebrates with his Coach.

Samoa Joe vs Matt Bentley

This isn't a squash match but it is. Bentley gets some offense but Joe eventully takes control with his overwhelming power. He hits his High Knee in the corner and the Yakuza Kick in the seated position. Then he hit his Odd Powerslam where he runs at Bentley when he's running at him. Then Joe sets him up and hits the VICIOUS Mexican Stretch Buster and then locks in the Kokina Clutch (Rear Naked Choke) Until Bentley is out and the referee calls the match in Joe's favor. Samoa Joe celebrates in the ring as he's still undefeated in singles competition!

We get a video package before we take a final commercial break hyping up Team Canada vs The Naturals as our main event of the evening! Once it's finished Impact takes it's final commercial break!

The Naturals vs Team Canada (Bobby Roode & Eric Young)

Main Event

This match is very solid as a match but the crowd doesn't get into it as much as anyone would like. These two teams go back and forth but in the end it's Team Canada cheating to win. D'Amore distracts the referee while Bobby Roode gets one of their Black Hockey Sticks and CRACKS IT OVER THE HEAD OF ANDY DOUGLAS!!! Roode throws the broken hockey stick out of the ring and gets the pinfall over Douglas. Team Canada celebrates in the ring. Impact goes off the air with Mike Tenay and Don West telling us to tune in next Saturday Night for another edition of Impact

Abyss/Monty Brown defeated Sabu/Ron "The Truth" Killings (8:34)

Petey Williams defeated Chris Sabin (9:25)

Samoa Joe beat Matt Bentley (5:11)

Team Canada defeated The Naturals (13:22 TV Time)

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Tonight on Impact we are going to have a Title Defense as AJ Styles will be defending his TNA X Division Championship against Austin Aries an up and comer in the X Division.

Team Canada will take on 3 Live Kru in 6 man Tag action.

The Main Event of the evening though will pit Chris Sabin against Christopher Daniels against Alex Shelley in a 3 way dance in an X Division Matchup.

All this and much more on IMPACT!

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November 12, 2005

TNA begins with scenes from Bound For Glory pushing the Rhino/Jarrett storyline and it's curious to see where Raven fits into all this and what is the woman that is messing with his head which Rhino hinted at. Then we cut to the Impact-Zone where Mike Tenay and Don West welcome us to another edition of Impact!

Mike Tenay: Welcome everyone to another edition of TNA Impact on Spike TV! We have a great show for you tonight where in the main event it will be "The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels vs Chris Sabin vs Alex Shelley in a three way dance!

Don West: Also Team Canada will be in six man tag action up against the 3 Live Kru as well as Samoa Joe being in action again tonight!

Mike Tenay: But right now the TNA X Division Championship is on the line as "The Phenominal" AJ Styles defends his X Division Championship against Austin Aries!

"The Phenominal" AJ Styles vs Austin Aries

TNA X Division Championship Match

Austin Aries comes out first to a pretty nice ovation from the crowd but it doesn't compare to when AJ Styles' music hits. His pyro kicks up and he does his pose on the stage and the fans eat it up. Then he makes his way down to the ring and he slaps hands with Aries before the match begins as both men have respect for each other. This match is tremendous from bell to bell between these two. Aries hits his Nasty Spike Samoan Drop and goes to the top rope for his 450 splash to try and win the match but as he comes off Styles gets his knees up and it crashes into Aries's sternum and Styles gets up enough strength to hit a HUGE Styles Clash on Aries and flips him over..1....2....3! Styles retains and Petey Williams takes advantage of a weakened Styles to run to the ring and just as Styles gets up and turns. He turns right into a kick and a HUGE CANADIAN DESTROYER!!! Petey leaves AJ lying in the ring as apparently the challenger for Genesis is going to bring the fight to the Champion!

We cut backstage to where Rhino is with Shane Douglas whom is set to respond to Jeff Jarrett about last week's comments it seems.

Shane Douglas: Last week Rhino, Jeff Jarrett stood in that very spot and declared he would become the 5 Time NWA-TNA Champion and he would take that belt from you. That you were on borrowed time and that he was coming for what was rightful.

Rhino grabs the microphone from Douglas and gets in his face

Rhino: Borrowed time? I don't believe in such a thing Douglas. Jeff Jarrett was living on MY Time. That Championship he was holding. He was holding that until it came time that I decided to take it off him. Jarrett thinks he holds any kind of weight around here? He has one shot Shane to get the job done. There are tons of contenders for this Belt waiting in the wings and TNA Management hates Jarrett. They practically threw me a party after I took this belt off him. Jarrett you will get your Re-Match at Genesis and you will get the opportunity to regain what you once had. But what you think will happen, won't. There is a reason that I earned the name the Man-Beast. I am not like the others you faced. I am not going to fall for your tricks, your mind games. I will meet you in that ring one time and that is it Jarrett. After you it's on to the next title defense, and the next and the next. Because I am not going to lose to you, to "The Alpha Male" or anyone else in this company. I am going to hold this belt until the end of time because of one word....GORE, GORE....GORE

Then Rhino shoves the microphone back in Shane's hands and walks off with the belt around his waist!

Team Canada (Bobby Roode, Eric Young, A1) vs 3 Live Kru

This matchup was your classic heel vs face tag team match. Team Canada controlled a huge part of this match. Keeping BG James isolated from his partners till he and Eric Young collided head to head, knocking both men down. Then both men crawled to their corners but Young got there first and tagged Bobby Roode in whom pulled BG James back towards the middle of the ring and hit a Huge Canadian Powerbomb on BG James and as this happened A1 and Eric Young took Konnan and The Truth off the ring apron as Roode got the one...two...three. At this point they began beating BG down in the ring till Kip James came running down to ringside with a steel chair in hand and chased Team Canada off. Impact then goes to commercial break.

Samoa Joe vs Jarrelle Clark

We come back from commercial break with Samoa Joe getting set to take on apparently Jarrelle Clark as his music hits and he comes down to the ring. Then Samoa Joe's music hits and he makes his way down to the ring. Joe climbs into the ring and goes to work on Clark. He gets no offense in this match as Samoa Joe dominates him and finally hits the Mexican Stretch Buster and then locks in the Kokina Clutch for the submission victory. Samoa Joe celebrates as we go backstage

We go backstage where Monty Brown is standing with Shane Douglas

Shane Douglas: Monty in just a couple weeks you have a match at Genesis against Ron "The Truth" Killings a former two time NWA-TNA Heavyweight Champion for #1 contendership to that very title. How do you feel going in?

Monty Brown: The Alpha Male feels great Shane. It was a glorious day when I found out that at Genesis I was going to get a shot at #1 Contendership. Then I laughed when I heard who my opponent was. I am facing Ron "The So Called Truth" Killings. This is like feeding a live meal to a hungry Lion. I am going to eat Killings alive and spit the bones back out. At Genesis it's simple. We will step into the ring and the man walking out with be "The Alpha Male" Monty Brown after he delivers the POUNNCCCEEEE!

"The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels vs Chris Sabin vs Alex Shelley

Main Event, 3 Way Dance

This matchup was tremendous as the X Division once again shows itself off as the most impressive showcasing of wrestling in the industry today. These three men chain wrestle each other for ten minutes until finally Daniels gets a decisive advantage in the match and knocks Sabin out of the ring long enough to hit the Angel Wings on Shelley to put him down but Sabin recovers before Daniels can get the three count and pulls Daniels to his feet out of the cover and hits a HUGE CRADLE SHOCK on Daniels and covers him, hooking the leg!..1....2....3!!! Chris Sabin has defeated the Fallen Angel and we go off the air this week with Sabin climbing the turnbuckles victoriously over Daniels and Shelley!

AJ Styles Retained his X Division Championship over Austin Aries (9:15)

Team Canada defeated 3 Live Kru (13:23)

Samoa Joe defeated Jerrelle Clark (3:02)

Chris Sabin defeated Christopher Daniels & Alex Shelley (14:36)

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IPB Image

Jeff Jarrett vs Rhino

NWA-TNA Heavyweight Championship Match

Monty Brown vs Ron "The Truth Killings

#1 Contendership to the NWA-TNA Title Match

"The Phenominal" AJ Styles vs "The Canadian Destroyer" Petey Williams

TNA X Division Championship Match

America's Most Wanted vs Team 3D

NWA-TNA Tag Team Championship Match

"The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels vs Chris Sabin

Austin Aries/Sonjay Dutt vs Samoa Joe/Alex Shelley

Abyss vs Sabu

No DQ Match

Raven vs ???

If Raven wins Larry Zybsko must allow Raven back into the Impact-Zone and cannot bar him from the building anymore. If Raven loses, He is gone from TNA

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Just eight days before Genesis and things are heating up. There is a big main event as Rhino will be in action tonight.

Monty Brown will also being in action but tonight he'll be facing off against Konnan of 3 Live Kru! A warmup for Ron "The Truth" Killings in just eight days.

Raven will be in action finally as he's been allowed to enter the arena and he will be facing Abyss!

All this and more on TNA Impact!

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IPB Image

"The Alpha Male" Monty Brown vs Konnan

We kick off an action packed Impact with the grudge match between 3LK member Konnan facing off against his friend's opponent at Genesis...which is Monty Brown. Konnan and Brown go back and forth but quickly Monty's power overcomes Konnan's experience and after a couple minutes of offense. Monty hits a HUGE POUUNNNNCCCE and puts Konnan down for the three count. After the match though the crowd chants "One More Time" And Monty hits Konnan with the Pounce twice more but it's probably to send a message to Killings more than to appease the crowd!

We go backstage to see NWA Champion, Rhino entering the arena and as he walks in he is met by America's Most Wanted. Then Jeff Jarrett comes running up from behind and cracks Rhino over the head with his Guitar. Then the three proceed to beat Rhino down badly until finally security comes running up and breaks the beatdown up. The last image we see before commercial break is Rhino with his belt down on the cement.

Austin Aries vs Alex Shelley vs Chris Sabin

This is a terrific triple threat match between these three X-Division wrestlers. Sabin, Shelley and Aries go back and forth for almost ten minutes until Shelley hits a nasty Dropkick on Sabin which knocks him over the top rope and to the outside. Aries catches Shelley turning back around into his Modified Samoan Drop and then goes to the top rope and hits a HUGE 450 Splash and hooks the leg on Shelley for the academic three count but Sabin seems pissed at the fact the match was almost seemingly stolen from him!

Raven vs "The Monster" Abyss

This matchup is pretty back and forth. Raven takes control several times on Abyss when he tries more than once for a move that he isn't able to hit and Raven being a veteran takes advantage. Raven goes for the Evenflow DDT late in the match but the Sinister Minster gets up on the ring apron which distracts Raven. This makes him let go of Abyss and when Raven turns back away from Mitchell towards Abyss. He is caught in a huge Black Hole Slam and covered..1....2....3! Abyss gains the win over the Former NWA Champion! Abyss and James Mitchell walk to the back seeming pleased in their work.

Before we take our final commercial break..Rhino is seen walking out of the Treatment room and has his NWA Title in hand as he seems to be making his way out to the Impact-Zone!

Rhino vs "Wildcat" Chris Harris

Non-Title Match, Main Event

This match is back and forth mostly because Rhino is already battered from earlier in the night and the crowd is very into Rhino in this match. This match is pretty good though the crowd dies off in the middle part of the match. Late in the match James Storm tries to interfere but he swings the chair that he had grabbed at where Rhino was supposed to be hitting the ropes but he reversed and sent Harris in. Storm waffled Harris in the back with the chair and Rhino caught Harris off the ropes with a HUGE GORE!!! He then covered Harris..1....2....3!!! He then got out of the ring in a hurry as Storm got into the ring with a chair as well as Jarrett and Gail Kim heading down the opposite ramp and Impact goes off the air with Rhino celebrating on the top of the opposite ramp, holding his NWA Championship high in the air!

"The Alpha Male" Monty Brown defeats Konnan at 5:33

Austin Aries defeats Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley in 11:21

Abyss pins Raven at 8:35

Rhino wins via Pinfall at 12:44 against "Wildcat" Chris Harris

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Tonight on Impact we get ready for TNA Genesis which will be tommorrow night. Tonight will have a huge 8 man tag team matchup to headline the show. America's Most Wanted, Jeff Jarrett & Petey Williams vs Team 3D, Rhino & "The Phenominal" AJ Styles.

Abyss will face off against Raven one more time tonight heading into Genesis where both men have big matches set. Abyss facing off against Sabu in their No DQ Match and Zbysko obviously wants Raven softened up for his match against his still un-named opponent.

Chris Sabin will take on Samoa Joe tonight as well.

Team Canada has been vying for supremecy over TNA for quite some time and they will again try to stake their claim tonight in a six man tag match. Bobby Roode & Eric Young of Team Canada. Tag Teaming with "The Alpha Male" Monty Brown facing off against the 3 Live Kru!

All this and much more tonight in the Impact Zone!

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IPB Image

This Impact doesn't start like all the others. Tonight, one night away from TNA Genesis we have a video package setup to preview all the major matches. It shows the issues with The Canadian Destroys and The Phenominal One. It shows clips of Team 3D and AMW's Feud including the all Heel funeral for Team 3D. It then heads into the main feud which is between Rhino and Jarrett for the NWA Championship. It shows Rhino's historic win over Jarrett at Bound For Glory and everything that has occured between the two men since then. Then we cut into the Impact Zone where we get some fun pyro and Mike Tenay welcomes us to this Action Filled Impact where we get it started right away with some X Division action!

Chris Sabin vs Samoa Joe

"Hail Sabin, Hail Sabin" and the crowd begins cheering loudly for Sabin as he makes his way down to the ring, his fist held in the air as he comes down to the ring and in the ring. Then once he's in the ring Samoa Joe comes out from the back with his towel around his neck. This matchup similar to their PPV match this past summer where Sabin plays the small face and Samoa Joe plays the big nasty heel. Samoa Joe makes quicker work of Sabin this time and finishes him off at about the six minute mark with the Mexican Stretch Buster for the pinfall victory. He locks on the Kokina Clutch after the match though and chokes Sabin out after the match. Sending a message to the opposing team facing him and Shelley in the X Division Tag Match tommorrow night!

We get another video hyping up all the history of Petey Williams and AJ Styles including their Ultimate X encounter and everything in between. Clips of Styles getting Canadian Destroyered to hell and Styles hitting the Clash in every which way to Petey. Then we cut to commercial break!

Team Canada/"The Alpha Male" Monty Brown vs 3 Live Kru

This matchup never really happens because the Kru hits the ring first to a huge ovation from the crowd "Someone explain to me how a Mexican, A Black Man and a "Wigger so to speak in BG" got so over originally in the heart of Tennessee? I'm not being racist it just seems very odd in that part of the country but anyway"

Once the Kru is in the ring, Team Canada's music hits and with their Coach D'Amore make their way down to the ring and then once they are at ringside "The Alpha Male's" music hits and he comes charging down the opposite ramp and all three men hit the ring and attack and this distingrates into a 6 man brawl instead of a tag team match. This brawl ends up with Team Canada getting taken out on the outside by BG and Killings while in the ring Brown goes for the POOUNNNNCEEE on Konnan but he rolls under it and THROWS A SHOE AT Brown hitting him in the back of the head! At this point Killings jumps onto the apron and hits a Springboard Cross Body on a pissing off Brown whom had just turned around and then BG gets into the ring and manages to hit the Pump Handle Drop on Brown and then Konnan locks on the Tequila Sunrise on Brown as the Kru plays to the crowd. We leave this match to go back to Tenay and West a moment with the Kru standing tall over Monty Brown but will Ron Killings be able to do it on his own on Sunday?!

"The Monster" Abyss vs Raven

This matchup is actually shorter than their previous encounter because Zbysko screws Raven over after about two minutes when he comes out and announces that this match is now no Disqualification and this is the point where after yelling at Zbysko for a moment. Raven turns right around into a chair shot from hell by Abyss that busts Raven open bad. Then Abyss slams the chair down and hits a huge Black Hole Slam on Raven ON THE CHAIR and covers him, hooking the leg..1....2....3! Abyss continues the decimation of Raven as he rolls him off the chair and proceeds to beat him mercilessly with it as Zbysko gets down to ringside and taunts Raven after Abyss and Father James Mitchell have left!

Larry Zbysko: I Told you Raven I will never allow you to win tommorrow night. I gave you that match so that I could be rid of your kind once and for all! Tommorrow night will be your last match in TNA...FOREVER!

The crowd boo's Zbysko mercilessly and he doesn't seem to understand why. He feels just in taking out what he views as the garbage that is Raven though the faithful in Orlando don't feel the same! We take another commercial break after this next video package!

A More intense video package is shown just about Rhino and Jarrett and Rhino's three huge wins at Bound For Glory and his standing on top of the Casket in the middle of the ring, holding the NWA Title above his head. All of Jarrett's antics in the past and recently to get the belt back from Rhino and when he was champion before. It shows clips of both men holding the belt up and then shows them facing off as we go to commercial break!

AMW/Petey Williams & "The King of the Mountain" Jeff Jarrett vs Team 3D/"The Phenominal AJ Styles & "The Man-Beast" Rhino

This matchup is actually not as good as you'd expect from these seven men. (Jarrett doesn't count cause he sucks in the ring and actually has no business being in the ring with these seven men.) It's very clusterfucky and ends pretty quickly when Rhino is left in the ring with Jarrett and just like Bound for Glory. Rhino runs right through Jarrett with a vicious Gore to win the matchup for his team and he celebrates over Jarrett as Impact comes to a close!

Samoa Joe defeated Chris Sabin in 6:04

Team Canada/"The Alpha Male" No Contested with 3 Live Kru (Match Never Began)

Abyss defeated Raven in 2:32

Team 3D/"The Phenominal AJ Styles & "The Man-Beast" Rhino defeated AMW/Petey Williams & "The King of the Mountain" in 8:22

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NWA-TNA Genesis

Jeff Jarrett vs Rhino

NWA-TNA Heavyweight Championship Match

Monty Brown vs Ron "The Truth Killings

#1 Contendership to the NWA-TNA Title Match

"The Phenominal" AJ Styles vs "The Canadian Destroyer" Petey Williams

TNA X Division Championship Match

America's Most Wanted vs Team 3D

NWA-TNA Tag Team Championship Match

"The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels vs Chris Sabin

Austin Aries/Sonjay Dutt vs Samoa Joe/Alex Shelley

Abyss vs ????

No DQ Match

Raven vs ???

If Raven wins Larry Zybsko must allow Raven back into the Impact-Zone and cannot bar him from the building anymore. If Raven loses, He is gone from TNA

The Abyss vs Sabu No DQ Match has been changed because Sabu was checked into Rehab as of last night and he will not be at Genesis nor will he be in TNA for the forseeable future so the matchup was changed. There will be a No Disqualification match but who Abyss's opponent will be is not known

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NWA-TNA Genesis

(Disclaimer: Normally I would do a full write-up for a PPV but i've had some real problems with people on this end deleting my work accidentally while I step out for a bit. So I need to just post the results otherwise i'm never going to move forward. So without further ado. TNA Genesis!)

The night started on the Pre-Show where Lance Hoyt & The Naturals defeated the Diamonds in the Rough when Hoyt gave Diamond the Boot from hell and then finished him with his insane moonsault for the three count to give them the win on the Pre-Show!

The first match of the night on Genesis was Christopher Daniels taking on Chris Sabin. After a back and forth match for ten minutes. Sabin went for the Cradle Shock but Daniels delivered several knees to Sabin's head and broke out of it and grabbed a staggered Sabin into the Angel's Wings. Gaining the victory via pinfall. After the match though Daniels grabbed a chair from ringside and destroyed it over the head of Sabin to leave him laying and bloodied after the match!

It ended up being that Abyss did not have an opponent for his No Disqualification bout tonight and Larry Zbysko came out after Abyss came to the ring and told Abyss he had an opponent for him and since he opened up tonight. He would be facing off one on one with Raven. Abyss was now Zbysko's mystery wrestler! Raven came out and these two men went to war on each other's bodies with Chairs, Trash Cans, Kendo Sticks and everything inbetween. In the end it came down to an Evenflow DDT to a chair by Raven at about the twelve minute mark to get the victory and get his Access back to the ImpactZone!

Then we had our X Division Tag Match where Samoa Joe dominated much of the action and wound up carrying his team to victory. Alex Shelley wasn't tagged in much as Joe dominated Aries and Dutt. The match ended when Joe hit a huge Muscle Buster on Aries and then locked in the Kokina Clutch while Shelley took Dutt out of the equation so Joe could get the submission victory. Samoa Joe then got up and hit a HUGE JOE KICK ON SHELLEY!!! He then Muscle Bustered him to hell too and left all three men laying in the ring! Joe is apparently trying to send a message tonight.

Monty Brown faced off against Ron Killings for #1 Contendership to the NWA World Heavyweight Championship. This match went about fifteen minutes with Brown dominating about ten minutes of it and in the end it came down to a Pounce and a cover to give Brown contendership. He outmatched Killings in this match in most ways and looked VERY impressive!

Team 3D vs AMW was a long match that went the full twenty minutes. The reason it went a full 20 minutes is because at that point it went to a Time Limit Draw out of nowhere! Apparently AMW pulled a few strings pre-match and it was set for a twenty minute Time Limit and Team 3D had just hit the 3D on James Storm when the bell rang and the match was announced as a draw. The Dudleys (so sue me WWE) were furious and went on a rampage hitting 3D's on both men and then pulling out the tables and they proceeded to put Storm on the table while hitting Harris with a 3D to drive him into his partner and both men through the table! This obviously isn't over!

AJ Styles retained his X Division Championship against the "Canadian Destroyer" Petey Williams in an epic 18 minute match. It was back and forth all the way and at one point it looked like Petey had it won with the Canadian Destroyer but AJ got his foot on the ropes. He couldn't kick out but he managed to do that and he ended up gaining the victory with a Spiral Tap for the pinfall! But after the match Samoa Joe showed what he was trying to show the other three men in his tag match earlier as he charges the ring and takes out both Petey Williams and AJ Styles! Petey with a Face Wash while Styles was knocked down from a vicious clothesline and then grabs AJ and OVERHEAD BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX TO THE OUTSIDE!!! AJ lands on the matting on the outside and rolls to the base of the entryway and apparently Joe has made it apparent what he has his eyes on! The X Division Title.

Now came time for the main event and Jeff Jarrett tried everything to get the NWA Title back. He had Team Canada interfere as well as AMW but in the end. Jarrett went for a Guitar shot to get the job done himself but Rhino instead hit an Epic Gore on Jarrett that looked like it sawed Jarrett in half! Rhino then got the pinfall on Jarrett and has ended his Championship hopes! Rhino reigns supreme as NWA Heavyweight Champion as NWA-TNA Genesis goes off the air!

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The Rumor Mill running rampent after Sunday where WWE put in a very solid effort at Survivor Series and TNA had to throw several matches together at the last moment. WWE put another wrench into those plans by snatching up Shane Douglas and Raven to written contracts with the company.

This isn't crippling to TNA but it certainly hurts as Raven was one of their best draws. Now TNA will have to be careful with their top stars and get them signed to written contracts!

Rumor has it that Christian will be debuting for TNA very soon and that TNA is scowering about for big names to gain a better day and timeslot on Spike TV!

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IPB Image

Coming off the heels of TNA Genesis where Rhino retained his NWA Heavyweight Championship. He must now contend with "The Alpha Male" Monty Brown whom is the NEW #1 Contender after defeating "The Truth" Ron Killings at Genesis. Will Monty bide his time or come straight after the Champ!?

AJ Styles retained his X Division Championship as well as Genesis but Samoa Joe made his presence felt after the Title Match as well as in his match earlier. The Samoan Submission Machine is still undefeated and has set his sights on the Championship that AJ holds. Will the Phenominal One be able to fend off this challenge from the 280 lb wrestling machine?

Supposedly there is also going to be some kind of huge debut tonight on Impact. It's unknown as of this time whom it is but it's supposedly a defection from the E!

Ron Killings is set to take on Jeff Hardy tonight in one on one action as Jeff Hardy is returning from his hiatus.

The war between America's Most Wanted and Team 3D is far from over as tonight Brother Ray will take on Chris Harris one on one!

There will also be X Division action where Austin Aries vs Roderick Strong vs Alex Shelley vs Matt Bentley will go down!

Aftermath of the Sabin beatdown by the Fallen Angel will also be felt! All this and more on IMPACT!

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IPB Image

We get the IMPACT opening video to kick the show off and then once it's done and we get some pyro. Then Mike Tenay and Don West welcome us to IMPACT!

Mike Tenay: Welcome everyone to IMPACT! Tonight we have a packed show for everyone watching at home as well as all the fans that have crammed into the ImpactZone! Tonight we have a huge main event with Ron "The Truth" Killings taking on a returning Jeff Hardy!

Don West: True Mike but we also will have Brother Ray taking on Chris Harris whom along with James Storm, snuck away with their Tag Team Titles last Sunday at Genesis and Team 3D is sure to be looking for revenge!

"Hail Sabin!, Hail Sabin!" That lets us know that Chris Sabin with a big bandage on his head, is making his way to the ring. He comes straight to the ring and grabs a microphone and it definately looks like Daniels is on his mind tonight!

Chris Sabin: At Genesis I was beaten by Christopher Daniels and I can accept that. What I can't accept is the vile attack with a steel chair after the match was over. Well I still want a huge piece of Daniels after Genesis and unless you've got a huge yellow streak down your back Daniels. I want you to come out here and fight me right now!

At this point Daniels music hits and he comes running down to the ring in one of his always trendy shirts and pants. He slides under the bottom rope and begins slugging it out with Sabin in the middle of the ring. They fall to the mat and then to the outside punching at each other till security pulls them apart and finally they are seperated and this fight is ended with both men struggling after each other as we take a very quick commercial break!

Overall Rating: 63%

Austin Aries vs Roderick Strong vs Alex Shelley vs Matt Bentley

We thought this would be a great match between four of the X Division's best but it turned into a shocking three on one beatdown. Aries, Strong and Shelley suddenly teamed up and absolutely decimated Matt Bentley. All three men took turns hitting their finishers and finally it was finished with Aries hitting the 450 and then Shelley locking in the Border City Stretch to get the tap out win and after the match all three men hold their arms in the air as apparently...there is a X Division Faction that has formed!?

(Winner: Alex Shelley)

Overall Rating: 65%

Crowd Reaction: 49%

Match Quality: 81%

After this match Rhino makes his way to the ring. His music hits and the crowd explodes with cheers for the reigning NWA Heavyweight Champion. Rhino with the belt around his waist makes his way out to the ring and climbs a couple of the turnbuckles playing to the crowd. He then takes a microphone and is set to speak.

Rhino: Genesis was where I had to end it. To end Jeff Jarrett's Championship Dreams and end his reign of Tyrany in TNA. He brought every trick in the book to try and win this Title from me. But in the end. Brute Force and THE GORE kept this belt around my waist. So now I have a new challenger. "The Alpha Male" Well just like everyone else that has faced me before. Abyss, Jeff Hardy, Sabu, Jeff Jarrett and anyone else will know. I will take everything you have to give me and I will come back grinning and begging you for more and when you have nothing left. You will FEEL THE GORE!

"The Alpha Male" Monty Brown's music hits and he makes his way out from the back and down to the ring. He comes walking down the aisle and climbs into the ring. Monty then walks straight up to Rhino and gets right in his face. Rhino doesn't take this and immediately begins taking the fight to the #1 contender with right hands. He whips Brown into the ropes and goes for a Gore but Brown dodges it and hits the ropes on the other side of the ring and BROWN NAILS THE POUUUUUNCCCCEEEE! Period. Brown then picks up the NWA Heavyweight Title that had come off Rhino in the fight and grins, holding it in front of his face and rubs his nose against it. Then he throws it down at Rhino and leaves as we go to commercial break!

Overall Rating: 76%

The Naturals vs Team Canada (Roode/Williams)

This was a very good matchup between these two teams. The Naturals hitting several of their Tag Team moves on Williams but Roode ended up getting tagged in and it became a four man melee in the ring until Douglas and Williams ended up in the ring with Roode and Stevens wrestling on the outside. The referee was looking outside the ring so Petey kicked Andy square in the jewels and pulled him in..CANADIAN DESTROYER!!! Petey then covers him up..1....2....3! Team Canada gets the victory and Scott D'Amore gets into the ring to congratulate his team as we break away to Don West and Mike Tenay as they promote everyone to watch IMPACT every Saturday Night at 11 pm on Spike TV!

(Winners: Team Canada)

Overall Rating: 74%

Crowd Reaction: 65%

Match Quality: 83%

Brother Ray vs "Wildcat" Chris Harris

This matchup just like Genesis was an absolute brawl between these two men but the difference came when James Storm hit the ring and shattered a beer bottle off the head of Brother Ray! This allows Harris whom was distracting the referee to cover Brother Ray up...1...2...3! AMW began beating Brother Ray down until Devon intervened with a Steel Chair in hand. AMW bailed out as Devon sent them packing and then went to Brother Ray to see if he was ok!

(Winner: "Wildcat" Chris Harris)

Overall Rating: 75%

Crowd Reaction: 71%

Match Quality: 79%

Ron "The Truth" Killings vs Jeff Hardy

Main Event

The Truth and Hardy both went at it in a very hot match. The crowd was very into it and it looked like Hardy was into the match for once. He was pretty crisp with his moves as well as the very good Killings. It looked like Killings was going for the Axe Kick but Hardy ducked away from it and hit a jawbreaker. Hardy went to the top rope as the referee was checking on Killings a second...CHRISTIAN! "Christian Cage" more formally comes running through the crowd and pushes Hardy off the top rope! He crashes and burns which allows Killings the chance to get up and he hits an Axe Kick on a staggered Hardy and gets the win! Christian then throws Killings out of the ring and proceeds to beat the hell out of Jeff Hardy and finishes him off with the "Unprettier" (New Name Pending). Christian then slaps his chest with a huge grin and he's wearing a TNA Shirt which shows that he's the man that has defected from WWE! This is HUGE!!! Mike Tenay is going nuts as Christian stands in the ring as the show goes off the air. The crowd is boo'ing and some are cheering the hell out of him. See you next week!

(Winner: Ron "The Truth" Killings)

Overall Rating: 84%

Crowd Reaction: 76%

Match Quality: 92%

Overall Show Rating: 74%

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IPB Image

TNA News and Notes!

With IMPACT pulling huge numbers as of late in their Late Night slot. Spike TV Decided to move the successful show to an 8 pm time slot on Saturday Nights and give it two hours instead of one hour!

This is definately a step in the right direction for NWA-TNA. Especially with the jump of Christian Cage to TNA! TNA management has also been grinning from ear to ear recently and informed us here at TNAWrestling.com that several more...Major Signings have occured and that the E doesn't have their eye on the ball. There apparently are several contracts running out for stars in the WWE and TNA Management has acted quickly and has signed those men to come to TNA and help them become the #1 force in wrestling!

TNA is very high on the AJ Styles/Samoa Joe feud and now with a two hour timeslot. TNA is confident they can fit more of their storylines into the show as opposed to doing only so many per week.

TNA has also signed a couple Independent stars that should be making their debut shortly. James Gibson whom the WWE thought of hiring back a couple months ago but passed on. Has been signed to a contract by TNA. As well as Ken Kennedy and Bobby Lashley whom were released by WWE a couple months ago sighting that the writing team didn't have anything for them (don't look at me. WWE is the one that released them!)

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IPB Image

Coming off the news of TNA's move to 8 pm on Saturdays and changing to a two hour show. What will we see tonight on the all New IMPACT?!

One thing is for sure. Monty Brown fired the first shot in his war for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship but Rhino is sure to fire back tonight on IMPACT!

Christian Cage made his NWA-TNA debut last week and has targeted Jeff Hardy for some reason! Will he explain himself tonight? He has the opportunity as he's being given an open mic to speak tonight on Impact!

Matt Bentley wants revenge for the three on one decimation that occured to him last week and he's told TNA management he's got two guys that are ready to help him face the team which TNAWrestling.com found out in an interview are calling themselves Generation Next! Austin Aries, Roderick Strong and their apparent leader in Alex Shelley. It will be six man tag action on Impact. Aries, Strong & Shelley vs Bentley and his two partners!

AJ Styles will also be in action tonight as he will defend his X Division Title tonight to tune up for his matchup against Samoa Joe at Turning Point just 8 days away!

Tonight it will be Devon's turn as he will face off against James Storm but this time..It won't have any interferences because it'll all be legal when he faces Storm in a No DQ Matchup!

All this and much more on a jampacked IMPACT!

Featured Matches

Austin Aries, Roderick Strong & Alex Shelley vs Matt Bentley & ??? & ???

AJ Styles vs ??? (X Division Title Match)

Brother Devon vs James Storm (No Disqualification Match)

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IPB Image

We get the normal IMPACT video but with some new highlights added including Christian Cage posing in the ring after his attack on Hardy. Then we finish up and get some pyro in the ImpactZone and we go straight to the ring as Christian Cage's music. He comes out onto the stage to a chorus of boo's from the crowd and he struts down to the ring with a TNA T-Shirt on and he climbs into the ring and grabs a microphone.

Christian Cage: I bet everyone of my peeps out there are wondering how I got here. Why i'm here and why did I beat the hell out of Jeff Hardy last week. Well have no fear. Captain Charisma is here and he's going to answer those questions. I am here because TNA is the future of professional wrestling and I was wasting away until I got here. Why am I here? I'm here to take TNA to the top, how only Captain Charisma can. I am going to walk through everyone who stands in my way and become the next NWA Heavyweight Champion...BECAUSE THAT'S HOW I ROLL!

Christian Cage: Now why did I attack Jeff Hardy? Well it's simple, He was an example. Hardy is just another example of some flashy moves and little skill equaling out to being pushed to the top. He's had NWA Heavyweight Title Matches yet I can wrestle circles around the guy. I can talk circles around him. Bottom line I am just better than him. So if he wants to get some after last week. That's fine but I will put him down just like anyone else in my way to the NWA Heavyweight Title!

Christian Cage's music hits and he leaves after dropping the microphone. He makes his way up the stage as we go to commercial break!

Overall Rating: 89%

Samoa Joe vs Mikey Batts

Samoa Joe destroys poor Mikey Batts. Hitting him with a Lariat that sends him for a loop as well as a Joe Kick and a Face Wash before finally finishing him off with a Double Underhook Sit-Out Powerbomb that gets the three count on Batts. After the match he hoists him up to the top rope and hits a HUGE Muscle Buster on him and leaves him laying in the ring with a sadistic smile on his face.

(Winner: Samoa Joe)

Overall Rating: 61%

Crowd Reaction: 49%

Match Quality: 74%

"The Canadian Destroyer" Petey Williams vs Shocker

In a match to show off the X Division. Petey Williams takes on Shocker in a very solid matchup and it finishes up when Shocker goes for a Top Rope Hurricarana but Williams powerbombs him to the mat and then picks him back up quickly and finishes him off with a vicious Canadian Destroyer! Petey gains the three count and he as well as D'Amore proceed to beat Shocker down after the match until Petey hits another Canadian Destroyer on him and then they leave as IMPACT goes to another commercial break!

(Winner: "The Canadian Destroyer" Petey Williams)

Overall Rating: 66%

Crowd Reaction: 44%

Match Quality: 88%

We cut backstage where officials are surrounding someone whom is laid out on the floor. It is revealed that it is Jeff Jarrett whom is laying unconcious in a pool of his own blood that seems to be coming from the back of his head. He's been attacked and laid out but...who did it?!

Overall Rating: 80%

Brother Devon vs James Storm

(No Disqualification Match)

This matchup is back and forth between the two men. It's a straight up brawl. Storm controls the early going but Devon takes control back with a big neckbreaker followed by a Trash Can Lid shot to the head. Devon pulls the win out in the match when he hits the Fallen Grace Reverse DDT to a chair that was left in the ring! But at this point Chris Harris comes running in and he gets a Beer Bottle to the forehead, knocking him to the mat and seemingly out as he begins to bleed from his forehead. Then they proceed to hit the Death Sentence on Devon and leaves him laid out in the ring after this match as we take another commercial break!

(Winner: Brother Devon)

Overall Rating: 75%

Crowd Reaction: 72%

Match Quality: 78%

Kip James vs Apolo

To start this match BG James comes out onto the stage to watch the match. Kip makes short work of Apolo and hits the "Kip Cutter" (Rear Naked Drop) to win the matchup and then he points to BG and points to himself and BG seems very undecided, shaking his head and walking back to the backstage area.

(Winner: Kip James)

Overall Rating: 63%

Crowd Reaction: 62%

Match Quality: 64%

We cut backstage again to where Monty Brown is walking backstage until suddenly RHINO GORES MONTY BROWN INTO A POPCORN STAND!!! The glass shatters everywhere and Monty Brown is cut all over as Rhino scoffs down at Brown and leaves him laying in blood as medics quickly come over to tend him. Rhino has struck back at the #1 Contender!

Overall Rating: 70%

Chris Sabin vs Elix Skipper

Chris Sabin and Skipper go back and forth in this match with high impact dropkicks and alot of hard stiff forearm shots. The end comes when Sabin has Skipper up for the Cradle Shock and he hits it but as he hits it Daniels comes down from the blindside stage with a steel chair and gets into the ring as Sabin is covering Skipper and SLAMS the chair down on Sabin's back. The ref calls for the bell as Daniels motions a crucifix at Sabin and waits for him to rise before blasting him in the head with the Steel Chair! Sabin is left bleeding in the ring again by Christopher Daniels!

(Winner via DQ: Chris Sabin)

Overall Rating: 80%

Crowd Reaction: 64%

Match Quality: 97%

"The Phenominal One" AJ Styles vs Jeff Hardy

(X Division Title Match)

This matchup is dominated by AJ Styles though Hardy has some brief stints of offense and it looks like he almost wins the matchup with a Swanton Bomb to get a two count until Christian comes running down to the ring and distracts Hardy. Which allows AJ to recover and Hardy is spun around by Styles and he hits the Clash on Hardy to get the pinfall victory! Christian climbs into the ring and begins to pound on Hardy but Styles stops him and begins fighting him off which is when Samoa Joe hits the ring. He slides into the ring behind AJ and grabs the X Division Title Belt off the mat. Styles whips Christian to one side which is opposite of where Joe is. Christian reverses it and sends AJ into the ropes and ducks AJ's clothesline attempt and Joe sends Styles for a loop with one of the stiffest belt shots you've ever seen. Joe leaves AJ laying in the ring as Christian hits the Peepinator "Apparently that's the new finisher name from what Tenay said". Christian Cage leaves Hardy laying in the ring as he heads to the back as we head for a final commercial!

(Winner and Still X Division Champion: "The Phenominal One" AJ Styles)

Overall Rating: 77%

Crowd Reaction: 71%

Match Quality: 83%

Alex Shelley, Austin Aries & Roderick Strong vs Matt Bentley, James Gibson & Sonjay Dutt

(Main Event)

This matchup is the main event of the night and is a very good X Division matchup and is the debut of James Gibson in TNA. Everyone looks very impressive in this match and it ends up with a finisher fest at the end. Roderick Strong hit a Torture Rack into a Backbreaker on Sonjay Dutt. Gibson and Aries are on the outside fighting as Bentley runs at Strong when he's not expecting it and clotheslines him over the top rope to the outside. Shelley is now in the ring and comes at Bentley but Bentley ducks it and NAILS THE SUPERKICK! He lays Shelley out and covers him, pulling him away from the ropes a bit..1....2....3!!! Bentley has gotten it done against Shelley after last week's vile 3 on 1 beatdown! That's all for this week's IMPACT. The last image you see is Bentley celebrating with Trinity in the ring, doing the Bentley Bounce!

(Winners: Matt Bentley, James Gibson & Sonjay Dutt)

Overall Rating: 67%

Crowd Reaction: 52%

Match Quality: 82%

Overall Show Rating: 72%

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NWA-TNA Turning Point

"The War Machine" Rhino vs "The Alpha Male" Monty Brown

(NWA Heavyweight Championship Match)

"The Phenominal One" AJ Styles vs Samoa Joe

(X Division Title Match)

Team 3D vs America's Most Wanted

(NWA Tag Team Championship, Table Match)

Chris Sabin vs Christopher Daniels

(No Holds Barred)

"Captain Charisma" Christian Cage vs Jeff Hardy

Austin Aries, Roderick Strong, Alex Shelley & Petey Williams vs Matt Bentley, James Gibson, Sonjay Dutt & Shocker

(X Elimination Match)

Abyss vs Ron "The Truth" Killings

The Naturals vs Team Canada (Roode/Young) vs 3 Live Kru (BG James/Konnan)

Whomever actually wins the PPV Competition for this month will get to choose a Future NWA Heavyweight Champion. Must actually be someone that is built up for the belt or "Give me a storyline where they can be"

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IPB Image

Just one day away from Turning Point and everyone is on edge. Monty Brown is set to challenge Rhino for the NWA Heavyweight Championship but tonight he will have a tune up match against Jerry Lynn!

There is also going to be a triple threat match including one member of the Triple Threat Tag Match at Turning Point. It will be Bobby Roode vs BG James vs Chase Stevens

AJ Styles and Samoa Joe are on a collision course set for Sunday Night but tonight they will face off with partners in each of their corners. AJ will have James Gibson in his corner and Samoa Joe has chosen Austin Aries to be in his corner!

Christian Cage is set to do battle with Jeff Hardy at Turning Point but they will get a taste of each other tonight when they go one on one in a ten minute time limit match!

Team 3D and AMW on the other hand are not going to be in action tonight but that doesn't mean they won't deliver an impact on one another just a day before their big NWA Tag Team Championship Match

On top of all this there is a big 8 man tag match between Alex Shelley, Roderick Strong, Petey Williams & Abyss vs Matt Bentley, Sonjay Dutt, Shocker & Ron "The Truth" Killings

All this and much more on the situtation with Jeff Jarrett on Impact!

Featured Matches

Bobby Roode vs BG James vs Chase Stevens

"The Phenominal One" AJ Styles/James Gibson vs Samoa Joe/Austin Aries

Christian Cage vs Jeff Hardy (10 Minute Time Limit)

Shelley/Strong/Williams/Abyss vs Bentley/Dutt/Shocker/Killings (8 Man Tag Team Match)

"The Alpha Male" Monty Brown vs Jerry Lynn

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IPB Image

We get our normal video package leading us into IMPACT and once it is done we don't have pyro tonight but instead our eight man tag team match leading us off on IMPACT!!

Matt Bentley/Sonjay Dutt/Shocker/Ron "The Truth" Killings vs Alex Shelley/Roderick Strong/Abyss/Petey Williams

(Eight Man Tag Team Match)

This was a very solid way to lead off IMPACT. With three members from each team that will be in Elimination X on Sunday as well as Ron Killings added to one team and Abyss to the other. This matchup is back and forth and at one point in the match there is a Four Man Palancha spot. Bentley off the top rope while Killings flies over the top rope and over him. Shocker and Sonjay through the middle ropes and taking out all four members of the other team. The crowd is chanting TNA over and over through most of this match. The match comes to an end when Sonjay is left in the ring with Petey Williams. The other three men on each team, fighting with rivals on the outside. Sonjay goes for the Sprinkler after stunning Petey. Sonjay goes to leap off the top rope after doing it but Petey kicks Sonjay's legs out from under him. Sonjay's back bounces off the top rope and into Petey's clutches. Petey backs up a couple steps and CANADIAN DESTROYERS HIM!!! Petey then gets the cover..1...2....3! Petey Williams wins it for his team and we go to commercial break after that action packed start to IMPACT!

(Winners: Petey Williams/Alex Shelley/Roderick Strong/Abyss)

Overall Rating: 70%

Crowd Reaction: 60%

Match Quality: 81%

When we return to IMPACT. Christopher Daniels is backstage apparently waiting for Shane Douglas to do an interview when from out of nowhere. Chris Sabin attacks! Sabin takes it to Daniels for the couple minutes he has his hands on him. But security quickly breaks these two rivals apart but nothing will seperate them tommorrow night!

Overall Rating: 71%

Christian Cage vs Jeff Hardy

(10 Minute Time Limit Match)

This matchup has alot of heat on it from the crowd. Hardy getting some big cheers and Cage getting alot of the boo's but as always the fans have their favorites and Cage gets some cheers as well as Hardy being boo'ed a small bit. Christian takes it to Hardy for much of the match but late in the match Hardy hits a Jawbreaker followed by his Neckbreaker version of the Twist of Fate and he goes to the top rope when the bell sounds and apparently the time limit had passed. Christian takes advantage of the distraction and crotches Hardy on the top rope and then picks him up into a Powerbomb position from the top rope and DRIVES HIM DOWN TO THE MAT! Hardy lays there folded up on the mat as we take another commercial break!

(Winner: Time Limit Draw)

Overall Rating: 84%

Crowd Reaction: 87%

Match Quality: 79%

A video plays showing what happened to Jeff Jarrett last week as we come back from commercial break and Mike Tenay as well as Don West welcome us back and begin to give us an update on Jarrett!

Mike Tenay: Last week you saw Jeff Jarrett unconcious backstage and we have an update now. Apparently he suffered a herniated disc and a concussion from some sort of attack. We do not know whom attacked Jeff but we wish him a speedy recovery and I am sure TNA Management is on the case about this!

Don West: Seems like someone wanted the "King of the Mountain" Out of the way. Perhaps to open up a spot for this person. It really could be anyone on the roster!

Mike Tenay: Perhaps so Don but I am sure TNA Management will get to the bottom of it!

Overall Rating: 74%

Bobby Roode vs BG James vs Chase Stevens

Triple Threat Match

This match is dominated by the big man of Team Canada. Roode controls much of the matchup but near the end of the match. Roode gives the Northern Lariat to Stevens which takes him out but he rolls out of the ring which allows BG to pound on Roode from behind and hit the Pumphandle Drop! He covers Roode..1...2....3! BG James has gotten the victory over Roode and hopefully for the 3 Live Kru this bodes well for Sunday but as BG celebrates in the ring. Kip James comes out onto the stage as we take another commercial break!

(Winner: BG James)

Overall Rating: 59%

Crowd Reaction: 47%

Match Quality: 72%

"The Phenominal One" AJ Styles/James Gibson vs Samoa Joe/Austin Aries

This matchup was perhaps the best match of the night and the crowd was pretty into it as well. With several AJ chants going up against "Joe" Chants. The match ended when AJ did his Flip over the top rope to take Joe out while in the ring Aries was hitting a Brainbuster on Gibson and then a 450 Splash to gain the victory for his team while AJ was on the outside recovering from that move! Aries and Joe get the victory heading towards Turning Point! One last commercial break folks!

(Winners: Samoa Joe & Austin Aries)

Overall Rating: 76%

Crowd Reaction: 64%

Match Quality: 88%

We see a video hyping up the main event between "The Alpha Male" Monty Brown vs "The War Machine" Rhino tommorrow night at Turning Point for the NWA Heavyweight Championship! It shows their altercations from the last two weeks as well as both men winning their matches at Genesis. Then it shows them in a faceoff from when Brown confronted Rhino two weeks ago!

Overall Rating: 72%

"The Alpha Male" Monty Brown vs "The New F'in Show" Jerry Lynn

(Main Event)

This was a very good matchup and effort from Jerry Lynn against the bigger and stronger Brown. It ended up being Lynn went for the Cradle Piledriver but couldn't get Brown up and Brown shoved him off and hit a HUGE POUNCE. Brown then gained the pinfall on Lynn but as the pin was going on. Rhino was sprinting to the ring and when Brown got up he got the GORE FROM HELL!!! Rhino then pounds his chest and stands over Monty Brown as IMPACT goes off the air!

(Winner: "The Alpha Male" Monty Brown)

Overall Rating: 73%

Crowd Reaction: 70%

Match Quality: 76%

Overall Show Rating: 72%

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