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Extreme Championship Wrestling 2001

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Extreme Championship Wrestling

One of the most groundbreaking, pioneering and cutting edge promotions in the history of pro wrestling, ECW was the promotion that lead Shane McMahon to convince his father Vince McMahon to start the attitude era in the WWF. With a rabidly loyal fan base, ECW was based out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and was founded in 1992 by Todd Gordon and named Eastern Championship Wrestling.

When Todd Gordon had a disagreement with Eddie Gilbert, Gordon called upon Paul Heyman who had just recently left his role as an on air talent for WCW. Heyman dubbed ‘The Mad Scientist’ and ‘The Evil Genius’ ushered in a new era of professional wrestling, with more taboos, more blood and more hardcore content.

In August of 1994, Crockett and Gordon agreed to hold a title for the NWA Heavyweight Title. The then NWA President Dennis Coralluzzo, was suspicious, thinking that Gordon and Crockett were going to screw him over so he took control of the whole thing. This offended Gordon, so he and Shane Douglas (who was the hand picked winner of the tournament) agreed that after he won the title, he’d throw it down and break ECW from the NWA, declaring themselves Extreme Championship Wrestling.

ECW became a cult hit, bringing many different styles to the US. Lucha, hardcore, great technical wrestling, ECW had it all. Over the years they had such talent like Eddie Guerrero, Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko, Rey Mysterio and Chris Jericho work for them. The evil genius he was, highlighting the good, hiding the bad, he was able to make bona fide stars of people such as Raven, Sabu, The Sandman, Taz, The Dudleyz, Tommy Dreamer, New Jack and arguably ECW’s most popular star Rob Van Dam, even Public Enemy (Rocco Rock & Johnny Grunge) became stars.

In 1999, ECW got a deal with The Nashville Network, which later became known as the The National Network (TNN), yet despite this, it was a hindrance to them. Given barely anything for production and screwed on advertising and various other things, ECW literally went to war with TNN going as far to file a lawsuit for broken promises of not advertising ECW like they had said they would.

Despite negotiating for a new television deal with various networks, Heyman didn’t believe he could get anything strong enough to support ECW, they declared for bankruptcy on April 4, 2001.

But what if they hadn’t declared for bankruptcy? What if after The Guilty As Charged PPV Paul Heyman met with a benefactor who had promised to put enough money into ECW to keep it running? That’s what we’re going to find out, continuing on from Guilty As Charged. This is what could very well have happened.


- Man, never thought I'd see the day when I'd be doing "such-and-such 2001" PPVs.

- Live from New York City.

- Your hosts are Joey & Cyrus.

- Every day for me is full of little surprises - most aren't on the "Holy shit, promotion changing forever" level like Paul Heyman had promised for this show, but small things to make my days more interesting nonetheless. For instance, I didn't think Rick Scaia could possibly give this show a glowingly positive review in the face of what was presented, but there it was, right after the show ended! Ah, ECW mutants, gotta love 'em.

- Opening match: Joey Matthews & Christian York v. Cyrus & Jerry Lynn. Case in point: Instead of an actual match, we get the Baldies punking out the Hardly Boyz and Cyrus getting the pin. Wow, that was, like, so totally not a waste of my time. Lynn cuts a bitter promo, promises never to wrestle outside of the main event again, and lets the crowd know emphatically that RVD isn't here, so obviously he is. Oh, and he's NOT enhancement talent anymore and won't be used in that role from now on. Keep that one in mind later. DUD

- Opening sequence, which it should be noted is following the top of the show which had the Rage Against the Machine ECW video already shown, thus giving us basically 10 minutes of wasted time showing the same clips to different music tracks. I won't even get into the multilayered irony of RATM selling the rights to a song called "Renegades of Funk" to a group who is supposedly anti-establishment. Who sold out? EVERYONE.

- ECW tag title match: Danny Doring & Roadkill v. EZ Money & Julio Dinero. Stalling to start, then Doring gets some shots in on Dinero. Dinero gets a rollup for two, but gets superkicked. EZ comes in, but runs into Roadkill. Oops. The champs double-team both Hot Commodity members in succession and a few highspots come about, but don't really go anywhere. Back in, Hot Commodity double-teams Doring with help from Hamrick and finally settle the match down. I don't mind spotfests, but I would appreciate it if the spots HIT. Doring plays face in peril for a bit. Julio gets a neckbreaker for two. Bareback and hot tag to Roadkill. He gives EZ a wedgie and powerbombs him, then double-clotheslines both guys. EZ comes back with a moonsault that misses into Hugh Morrus territory of blown moonsaults, but it gets two. Buggyback finishes Deniro. Match was just a total mess, as they couldn't decide whether they wanted a comedy match or a standard formula tag match or a spotfest. *1/2 Nova (with Quiet Riot entrance music) storms the ring, apparently having transformed into Nasty Nova, and attacks Hamrick.

- Impromptu Match: Chris Hamrick v. Nasty Nova. A bunch of kicks from Nasty Nova to start. Nasty plancha on Hamrick, and some nasty stalling follows. They brawl outside, and Hamrick takes over inside. He misses a blind charge and Nasty Nova gets a nasty dragon-screw into a nasty figure-four. Slugfest goes nowhere. Nasty Nova blocks a tornado DDT and pancakes Hamrick, but Elektra crotches him on the top rope and Hamrick hits a rana from there. Nova makes the nasty comeback and gets NASTY. Nasty enzuigiri gets two. Nastykick gets two. Elektra gets beat up, and the ref is bumped as Nasty Nova hooks the Crossface Nastywing. And just because ECW ALWAYS adheres to their stipulations like Joey tells us, Chris Chetti, he who lost a loser-leaves-ECW match just what, last month, returns in a referee outfit to count a pin for Hamrick as he's on top of Nasty Nova. Spike Dudley comes out to complete the Dusty Finish, hitting an Acid Drop on Chetti and allowing Nasty Nova to hit the Kryponasty Krunch on Hamrick for yet another pinfall. I don't really see why Spike's count should be considered any more valid than Chetti's, but then I guess you can always Ask the Rick what the hell this booking was supposed to accomplish. ¾* Another spotfest filled with spots that didn't hit.

- I Quit match: Tommy Dreamer v. CW Anderson. Brawl to start. Tommy works the neck with something vaguely resembling a dragon sleeper. Outside, more brawling. Tommy hits him with the ringbell, drawing blood. CW sends him into the railing. Back in, CW drop toeholds him onto a chair. Dreamer bleeds. Anderson pound on him with a chair. Tommy comes back with a ropewalk elbow, then finds a spool of barbed wire, just in case. The towelboy from the last PPV returns to help Dreamer, presumably because he works cheaper than most of the ECW roster and probably has a better hit-to-miss spot ratio. Anderson takes care of the kid with a superplex, and then stuffs Tommy head in between a chair and sends him to the corner. Tommy falls out of the chair, and is considerate enough to stick his head back in while CW sets up a table. Tommy DVDs him through the table and chokes him out with the metal banding for the submission. The point of putting Tommy over ANYONE at this point eludes me. Match was okay. **

- Meanwhile, in what's simultaneously the funniest and stupidest segment of the PPV, Steve Corino propositions Francine, who won't give it up because she wants a man with the gold. She directs Corino to the bathroom, where Credible is, in no uncertain terms, getting fucked by Missy Hyatt. You know this because Francine says so, and Justin is buckling his pants as he emerges, and Missy is wearing a towel. The subtlety here boggles the mind. BUT WAIT! Corino and Jack Victory chase Missy down, and try to remind her that she once managed Victory in Texas (the requisite John Tatum reference is made). Missy's response: "Did I fuck you?" The whole thing is insanely retarded, but as a dutiful smart mark I was laughing my ass off at the whole thing despite the total lack of relevance to the eventual storyline, as we'll see later.

- The FBI v. Super Crazy & Kid Kash v. Mikey Whipwreck & Yoshihiro Tajiri. Kash/Mamaluke/Mikey start. Kash blows the first spot right away, missing a Lionsault. Stalling follows. Tajiri & Crazy go, hitting their usual good sequence of stuff. Mikey & Tajiri double-team Guido, leading to a triple-submission move spot. FBI brawl with the Unholy Alliance on the outside, but Kash & Crazy hit highspots on everyone. Back in, Crazy gets a backslide for two, but Big Sal squashes Kid Kash (literally) and Guido gets the pin, thus negating the point of Kash & Crazy doing their big spot less than a minute before. That's just poor match planning. The Alliance work on Mamaluke, but the FBI gains the advantage and Guido gets some near-falls on Mikey. Double-team powerbomb on Mikey looks good. They hook a double-kneebar, but Mikey gets a stunner on Mamaluke and makes the hot tag to Tajiri. Lowblow for Guido blocks the tomikaze, and both FBI are dropped on chairs. Mikey sets up a double-whippersnapper from the top, but the FBI reverses into a double-armbar. Good stuff. Tajiri takes charge, blows green mist in Mamaluke's face, and the Alliance hits stereo straitjacket suplexes for the pin. Nothing terribly special here. **3/4

- Simon & Swinger v. Ballz Mahoney & Chilly Willy. Blue Boy has apparently taken over managing Swinger. They hit the Problem Solver on Willy early, but Rhino charges the ring and takes out everyone, then piledrives Jasmine off the top. I'm sure I'd care if we hadn't seen this entire thing played out in the pre-game show with the same people. Details, Paul, details. DUD Total waste of time.

- ECW World title: Steve Corino v. Justin Credible v. Sandman. This is basically a ladder match. Corino dropkicks a ladder at Sandman, but Credible takes both out. Ladders gets used. Yawn. Sandman gets a ladder driven into his crotch. He gets tossed over the top and through a conveniently placed table. Back in, he suplexes Corino on a chair and puts Justin through a table on the outside, although it was more like Justin's foot going through the table. Sandman climbs for the belt but slips and takes a bad-looking fall to the mat. Welcome to amateur hour, kids. Sandman goes through ANOTHER table in an inanely contrived spot. Corino slingshots Justin into the ladder, but gets tombstoned. This match just has no flow whatsoever. Spots come, spots go (and miss most of the time), and they move onto something else. Sandman brings a HUGE ladder into the ring, and both Corino and Credible climb, but that darn Big Bossman is at it again and raises the belt up past their reach. When you're stealing booking ideas from VINCE RUSSO, you're in trouble. Both men go through a table, again VERY lame. Sandman grabs the belt to win the title. Awful, awful match reminiscent of the Sabu-Sandman match from N2R 97. ½* We get some male bonding, which is just totally against everything established by the storyline, and then the Baldies hit the ring and chase Corino and Credible back to the dressing room. Rhino attacks and wants a title match RIGHT NOW. Oh dear god, not the Wrestlemania IX finish.

- ECW World title: The Sandman v. Rhino. Spear, piledriver, piledriver, goodbye. Yup, it's the WM9 finish. Well, Rick gave THAT show a thumbs up back in 1993, so that explains his review of THIS one. DUD The TV title is now extinct, having been unified with the World title when Rhino won. Yet another sign of a dying promotion: Unification matches. Cyrus issues an open challenge to ANYONE, and of course who answers but Rob Van Dam? Wow, a guy already employed by the company makes a return after getting screwed out of his paycheque for two months, what a shocking surprise. Jerry Lynn attacks…

- Impromptu Main Event: Jerry Lynn v. Rob Van Dam. Because god knows we haven't seen enough of THIS match. Usual flippity-flop stuff to start. Rob socializes at ringside to waste some time. Wristlock sequence back in the ring, and both guys hit the floor. Rob gets busted open. He legdrops Lynn on the railing. Back in, RVD gets a standing moonsault, but Lynn takes over and dropkicks him out of the ring. Back in, it gets two. They go into a pinning sequence. Rob gets a senton for two. Steel to the face in corner for Lynn, but Lynn comes back with a sunset flip on said chair for two. Blind charge misses and they fight over a DDT, ultimately accomplishing nothing. Lynn gets a german suplex for two. Lynn brings in a chair and DDTs RVD on it. Rob comes back, but misses the ***** frog splash. Joel Gertner comes in seeking his usual revenge on Cyrus and DDTs him. Van Daminator sets up the Van Terminator for the pin. Boring match. *3/4 It should be noted that Lynn's promise not to be a jobber anymore lasted all of two hours before Van Dam treated him like one.

- Finally, Credible and Corino cut a promo in the back declaring themselves the "New Impact Players". Hate to tell you, but the team wasn't so great in the first place that we needed a new version, and the good part of the team is in WCW right now. Further, suddenly the entire Francine angle is forgotten for the sake of ANOTHER tag team in an already oversatured promotion?

Credit ~ Scott Keith

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Friday, January 12th 2001

- Hardcore TV started with Simon Diamond stood in the centre of the ring with a microphone in his hand and Swinger and Dawn Marie by his side. Simon has a problem you see and tonight his problem is Rhino. Simon then ran down Rhino for what he did at Guilty As Charged. Simon called Rhino a ‘no good coward’ for attacking him, Swinger, Dawn, Balls Mahoney, Chilly Willy, Jasmin St. Clare & The Blue Boy and destroying them all single handed at the PPV, seriously. Swinger just stood at the side smiling widely with his arms crossed and Dawn hung on to her man from behind smiling flirtatiously whilst Simon continued his tirade against Rhino. Rhino then suddenly popped up from seemingly nowhere to GORE! Simon out of his boots, literally. Fans chanted ‘GOLDBERG!’ and Rhino seemed pissed so he GORED! the fuck out of Swinger before planting Dawn with a piledriver.

- Kid Kash defeated EZ Money. EZ Money was accompanied by Chris Hamrick, Julio Dinero and Elektra. Elektra helped EZ strip before the match. Crowd was seemingly dead for most of what they did until Kash hopped from the top rope onto EZ on the outside with a hurracanrana sending EZ flying into Hamrick and Dinero. Elektra tripped Kash in the ring and EZ got a close fall with a stalling suplex. Kash though picked up the win hitting The Money in the Bank. **½

The bad guys jumped Kash after the match and were stomping a mudhole in him until the INSANE~! Luchadore Super Crazy hit the ring and Hot Commodity quickly left the ring as Super Crazy checked on Kash. Joel Gertner said some things in Spanish on commentary I couldn’t understand, presumably though he said that Super Crazy is INSANE~!

- Backstage, Scott Hall was shown staggering around; apparently he’s back in ECW for a short while. He bumped into the gang of Justin Credible, Steve Corino, Jack Victory and Francine. Hall made a pass at Francine, which was hilariously funny as he inadvertently groped her. Francine looked freaked out and Credible was pissed to say the least. Credible challenged Hall to a match tonight. Hall accepted before staggering off down the hall.

- Mikey Whipwreck defeated Michael Shane. This in essence was basically a squash match. Shane got a bit of offence in early getting a near-fall with a superkick, but Whipwreck hit his cool spinning pedigree manoeuvre before almost breaking Shane’s jaw with a Whippersnapper from the top rope. Good for what it was. **

Sinister Minister and Tajiri joined Whipwreck to celebrate his win and they seemed happy until Tony Mamaluke and Little Guido hit the ring. Bad guys beat the good guys down and left them laid out in the ring.

- Tony Mamaluke, Little Guido and Big Sal were backstage celebrating getting one up on The Unholy Alliance. Guido said they were well on the way to becoming the greatest tag team in ECW history which was funny. The tag champs Doring & Roadkill walked in. They challenged Guido and Mamaluke to a match on next week’s Hardcore TV. FBI accepted as long as the titles were put on the line. Doring & Roadkill deliberated and agreed. I wonder how that works as The Unholy Alliance are number one contenders?

- Cyrus was backstage with Jerry Lynn. Cyrus told Lynn they were still going to hold ECW up and Lynn wasn’t going to wrestle unless he was in the main event. Lynn smiled and said he was only getting what he deserved.

- Scott Hall went to a No Contest with Justin Credible. That’s right; the two went to a no contest. I wasn’t happy and the fans themselves weren’t very happy either booing the hell out of the finish. Hall was over like crazy coming out despite looking like he hasn’t worked out in a couple of months. He must be too busy cleaning out pools. Credible as well was white as a sheet, presumably not having any money from not being paid to go tan. They stalled for ages before eventually tying up. Credible got the better of Hall, before Hall came back and had Credible up for the Insiders Edge within 3 minutes of the match starting. Steve Corino and Jack Victory hit the ring immediately, saving Credible. Fans chanted ‘Bullshit’ as Corino, Victory and Credible all laid into Scott Hall. Hall gigged as Corino and Credible pounded on him. The NEW~! Impact Players stood over the bloodied Hall to end the show. ½*

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ECW: Hardcore TV

Friday, January 26th 2001

- The show starts with Lou E. Dangerously backstage with Chris Chetti. Chetti is in a ref’s shirt. Lou E. explains that since Chetti lost a loser leaves town match he can’t compete in ECW but had managed to secure a referee’s licence. Lou E. says Chetti will be the ref for Nova’s match tonight. Screw job abound, oh joy.

- Scott Hall d. The Prodigy Tom Marquez. Scott Hall destroyed The Prodigy defeating him in under two minutes, and that was due to stalling to play the crowd. Hall won with the Insider’s Edge almost dropping Prodigy on his head. *

- Justin Credible and Steve Corino rush out. Credible cracks Hall hard on the head with a Singapore cane, busting him open. Steve Corino adds insult to injury hitting him with the Old School Expulsion. Justin Credible grabs a microphone and challenges Scott Hall to a match at the next Pay Per View Wrestlepalooza, saying that all Hall had to do was find a tag team partner, if he could find one.

- Backstage Rob Van Dam, admittedly high, is stood with Joel Gertner, Joey Matthews and Christian York. Van Dam rants on about how Jerry Lynn is no good piece of shit, in not so many words more or less. Van Dam says that at Wrestlepalooza it’ll be him and Lynn going at it once again. But this time it was more personal than ever before. Cyrus and Jerry Lynn walk in. Cyrus informs Van Dam he’s got no chance of beating Lynn and that the match at the PPV is actually going to be Rob Van Dam & Joel Gertner vs. Jerry Lynn & Cyrus. Cyrus says he’s finally going to kill that ‘fat piece of shit’ Gertner once and for all. Cyrus and Lynn walk out laughing. Gertner in a main event, I’m sure that’ll sell.

- Julio Dinero d. Nova. Nova hit a spinning DDT, powerbomb thingamajig that he invented apparently. Chris Chetti was the designated referee for this match and he was constantly screwing Nova over. Nova had Dinero pinned after a Kryptonite Krunch but Chetti counted two but then refused to count the third. Nova went for Chetti. Dinero then rolled Nova up and Chetti quickly counted the three count. **

- Chris Chetti and Julio Dinero were celebrating in the aisle when Spike Dudley, Kid Kash and Super Crazy attacked them. The rest of Hot Commodity, Hamrick & EZ Money ran in. They brawled at ringside, until Nova dived onto them all. Hamrick was then laid on a table as Super Crazy went up into the balcony. The INSANE~! Luchadore then moonsaulted onto Hamrick from about 15 feet, putting him through the table, he’s INSANE~! you know.

- Simon Diamond, Swinger and Dawn Marie are backstage. Swinger brings The Blue Boy and Elektra into the room. He says they’re still employed as his managerial team. Simon says he doesn’t care, if Swinger wants to have his own manager he’s fine with that. Dawn then whispers something in Simon’s ear and he smiles. I’d smile too because soon after that they walked out the room, apparently going to bonk in their car or something.

- Tommy Dreamer & The Sandman d. Rhino & CW Anderson. It pains me to see Dreamer moving about awkwardly with his fucked up back, but he still tries harder than most. CW Anderson and Dreamer brawled a bit, with CW Anderson superkicking Dreamer out of his boots. The Sandman attacked CW using a suplex actually busting out some wrestling moves. Rhino then hit Sandman with a lariat. Rhino threw The Sandman to the outside and powerslammed Dreamer. Rhino hit some bootscrapes in the corner, taking the skin off of Dreamer’s face. Rhino grabbed a table and went to GORE~! Dreamer into the corner but Sandman cracked him over the head with his Singapore cane and Rhino NO SOLD IT! The Sandman hit him again, but Rhino just beat his chest and ran straight through The Sandman. Rhino got up, but took a brutal chair shot from Tommy Dreamer, this time going down and out of the ring. Dreamer turned and Anderson swung with a big left, but Dreamer got the chair up and Anderson smashed his fist right into and let out a big ‘OWWWWW!’ which was hilarious. Dreamer then cracked CW with the chair before DDT’ing him onto it for the three. **

- Rhino was back up quickly after the match, hitting the ring again to GORE~! Dreamer. The Sandman then came in, but Rhino scooped him up and ran him into the table in the corner. Rhino then stood with his ECW World Heavyweight Title in his hand with a huge grin on his face as the show ended.

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Guest The Timelord

OK, I understand. Previews aren't THAT essential now that I think about it.

Anyways a good ME for that last show BTW. You seem to know your stuff, so KUTGW.

And I like how Scott Hall has to "earn his stripes" if you will, and by not going straight to the Main Event this should be good. :D

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ECW News & Notes

- Rob Van Dam on his website this week noted that the rumours that have been flying around about him leaving ECW are false, but he is exploring his options. Van Dam noted that he was still chasing a pay check from around October time. He said he’d talked to WCW and a few Japanese organizations but nothing has gone further than preliminary talks and that he’d like to stay in ECW if they get they’re act sorted out. Van Dam said they’d been told someone was going to be injecting money into ECW to keep it running but as of yet people are still not getting paid. Rob said ECW needed to find a new network that would support them (ECW are actually negotiating a deal, more on that below) and promote them properly. He said he thought TNN screwed ECW and mentioned Heyman was still waiting on PPV money from as far back as Heatwave. Rob finished the interview saying “When you’re as good as Rob Van Dam, you don’t worry about ever having trouble getting work. Getting paid though, that’s another thing.”

- Paul Heyman has had talks with USA Network about a possible slot for ECW. Apparently USA have offered ECW a deal with them taking all advertising rights with ECW paying for it’s own production. Obviously this hasn’t gone down to well with Heyman who has stated he wants at least the production costs paying and proper promotion for the product.

- Wrestlepalooza, ECW’s next Pay Per View on the 11th as per usual doesn’t have a full lineup announced as yet. Rob Van Dam & Joel Gertner vs. Jerry Lynn & Cyrus, which should be interesting and Steve Corino & Justin Credible vs. Scott Hall and a partner were announced on Hardcore TV. Rhino vs. The Sandman for the ECW World Heavyweight Title was announced on their website last night. Also expected for the PPV is Tommy Dreamer vs. CW Anderson, something with the tag team titles and something with Hot Commodity, Nova and Spike etc.

- We could be seeing William Regal in ECW sometime in the near future. Whilst his contract with WWF is not up for another 2 years, apparently negotiations between Vince McMahon and Paul Heyman have taken place about a possible loan deal. Vince, who has let The Dudleyz and Taz return to ECW for one shots recently seems to be in a generous mood when it comes to ECW as of late as he also negotiated with TNN to let ECW stay on the air until December, but that fell through after two weeks when ECW filed it’s lawsuit against TNN.

- Heyman in an interview said he had no interest at this time in signing Juventud Guerrera, who was recently released from his WCW contract after an incident in Australia. Heyman did note that he was a big fan of Juvi’s which means we probably will see him in ECW at some time if he doesn’t re-sign with WCW.

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Friday, February 2nd 2001

- Simon Diamond & Swinger (w/ Dawn Marie, Blue Boy & Jasmin St. Clare) d. Balls Mahoney & Chilly Willy. Simon was arguing with Blue Boy and Jasmin St. Clare before the match. Styles said Simon was a little angry, despite what he says, that Swinger has Blue Boy and Jasmin managing him. Balls got a hellacious pop coming out. Simon & Swinger worked over Chilly early until Chilly made a comeback with a shoulder block and back body drop on Swinger. Chilly tagged out. Balls came in hot and did his usual left jabs, wind up and then big rights on both Simon and Swinger. Swinger chop blocked Balls. The match BROKE DOWN~! and everyone brawled at ringside. Blue Boy got involved and was thrown into the front row by Balls. Back in the ring, Balls cracked Swinger with his custom chair hard in the head. Balls then went to wrap it around Simon’s head, but Simon kicked him low and DDT’d him for the three. **

- A skit involving the FBI aired. Little Guido, Tony Mamaluke and Big Sal were all sat at a poker table. Three well built men dressed up like bikers were sitting opposite. Guido lost a hand that apparently had the ECW Tag Team Titles as the stake. Guido threw water at one of the guys sat opposite. They all got up and went for Guido and Mamaluke, but Sal got up from the table and stood in their way. One of them went to hit Sal, but he just pushed him away sending him flying into a load of chairs. Sal then punched the second ones lights out. The third then smashed a chair over Sal’s back and HE NO SOLD IT~! Sal turned round, scooped him up and powerslammed him through the poker table. Guido then stands over him and flicks his chin and spits on him as Mamaluke scoops up the tag belts and runs off. Great skit that made The FBI come across as totally major league. I love the FBI and I love Sal.

- The Sandman was stood backstage leant against a wall, with a smoke in one hand and a beer in the other as per usual. The Sandman noted that every time he’s come up against Rhino he’s either lost or had his ass beat. Sandman says he’ll probably get his ass kicked at Wrestlepalooza again, but he’s going to beat Rhino to within an inch of his life and take back HIS belt. Suddenly, but not surprisingly, Rhino charges at Sandman from out of nowhere crushing him against the wall. Rhino pounds at the head of Sandman until he’s busted open hardway and then boots him in the head for good measure. Rhino crouches to get in Sandman’s face and tells him ‘I’m going to fucking kill you.’ We’ll see.

- CW Anderson d. Mikey Whipwreck (w/ Sinister Minister). Crowd seem to be really buying into CW. Mikey got the better of CW early, getting a close count on a hurracanrana out of the corner. Mikey went for the Whippersnapper but CW pushed him off and almost killed him dead with one of the best lefts in the business for a two count. CW whipped Mikey into the ropes, but Mikey ducked a clothesline and dropkicked CW, sending him tumbling out of the ring. Mikey vaulted to the outside but CW caught him and threw him into the barricade hard, head first which drew out a ‘Holy Shit!’ chant. CW whipped Mikey into the rail a couple of times until Mikey reversed one whipping CW into the rail. Mikey then hit a crazy running knee off the apron connecting with CW’s jaw. Mikey and CW made their way into the ring and ended up on the top turnbuckle. Mikey went for a top rope Whippersnapper, but CW reversed and hit Mikey with a top rope Wheelbarrow Suplex, HOLY SHIT. CW then whipped Mikey into the ropes and hit him with a crisp Anderson Spinebuster for the win. Anderson is really impressing me. ***½

- CW Anderson grabbed a microphone after the match. CW said he was one and one with Tommy Dreamer on PPV and said if Tommy ‘has the balls’ he wants to go one on one, one more time at Wrestlepalooza to solve their problems and settle this once and for all.

- Scott Hall came out and cut one hell of a promo. Crowd were crazy into him. Hall said he was here to repay his dues to the wrestling business. He said he remembered breaking into this business as Starship Coyote with the NWA and noted his feud with Dusty Rhodes in Florida with FCW. He said he remembered going to Verne Gagne’s AWA as ‘Magnum’ Scott Hall and having some great matches with Larry Zbyszko, Ray Stevens and Nick Bockwinkel and mentioned winning his first championship, the AWA tag titles with Curt Hennig. Hall said he hated his first run in WCW before heading to the WWF. He mentioned his friendships with Nash, HBK, HHH and Waltman (all of whom drew considerable boo’s). He made mention of the famous ‘Kliq Farewell’ at an MSG house show and then said he loved his time in WCW, but things just got too much and he turned heavily to drinking. He said he hoped ECW could become his new home and he was willing to show everyone he is worthy of being here.

Hall then moved onto Justin Credible and Steve Corino. Hall said they had no respect and just because they’ve gotten the better of him for the past couple of weeks, that wasn’t going to be the case much longer. Hall said he knew he didn’t have many friends in this place and that he probably wouldn’t find a partner for Wrestlepalooza but he was willing to take them on one on two.

Justin Credible & Steve Corino then came walking down to the ring. Steve Corino snatched the mic from Scott Hall. Corino got in Hall’s face calling him a has been, saying he couldn’t ‘cut it’ anymore. Corino began to laugh at him as Credible sneaked round the back. Credible then jumped Hall and him and Corino started to beat him down. They looked to have gotten the better of Hall again until Hall made a comeback. Hall CHOKESLAMMED~! Corino and then chokeslammed Justin Credible as well before giving him an Outsider’s Edge. Hall then stood tall in the ring to end the show as Corino and Credible slowly backed up the entrance way. One of the best promos I've seen Hall cut as he touched on some really personal stuff. I actually can't wait for Wrestlepalooza now.

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ECW News & Notes

- With one Hardcore TV to go before Wrestlepalooza ECW has actually announced what should be the final line-up ahead of time. Jerry Lynn & Cyrus will take on Rob Van Dam & Joel Gertner in the main event. Scott Hall will take on Steve Corino and Justin Credible in a handicap match as it’s reported he probably won’t find a partner, but we’ll see. Rhino versus The Sandman for the ECW World Heavyweight Title again. CW Anderson will take on Tommy Dreamer to supposedly settle their feud once and for all. Also The Unholy Alliance will take on Doring & Roadkill with the winners facing The FBI for the tag team titles. Also scheduled is Da Baldies versus York & Matthews. Not announced but should be confirmed on Hardcore TV is something including Hot Commodity and any combination of Nova, Spike, Kid Kash and Super Crazy.

- Jerry Lynn in an interview with Alex Marvez this week said that his talks with WCW had stalled. He said he was loving his time in ECW but owed it to himself to see if he could move on to a higher level. He said he’d also spoken to the WWF and Jim Ross and Ross was said to be very high on him. Lynn said he was booked for the next 2 months of ECW shows, tapings and pay per views and would see those out before deciding what to do in regards to his future. Lynn said he’d actually been paid, as have most of the guys now. They are now just 3 weeks behind in pay. Lynn said he’d consider staying in ECW if he they managed to secure a television deal and the investor who was supposedly interested showed some serious commitment. Lynn said he knew Heyman was negotiating with USA Network, but those talks had stalled over production costs and advertising.

- As mentioned last week Paul Heyman has been in talks with USA in regards to a TV show. There has been no movement on the situation this week. A USA executive did mention when we called that they were hoping to get something sorted as they want some form of wrestling product on their network after the departure of the WWF.

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Guest The Timelord

I like how you are building up simon and swinger as a solid tag team, wouldnt mind seeing them higher up the card though, as thats where they deserve to be IMO.

i now like scott hall in ECW, his involvement at the last show was important, but minimal, nice.

i hope lynn does stay, as even though he was a bit washed-up in 2001, he could still but on solid matches.

overall things are good, but i am hoping to see better. especially since Wrestlepalooza is looking good thus far :D

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Friday, February 9th 2001

- The show starts with Cyrus in the ring. A lot of ‘Fuck You Cyrus’ chants fill the arena. The raucous crowd quiet down and Cyrus berates and insults them and they once again get on his back. Cyrus then turns his attentions to the nest and Joel Gertner in the commentary booth. Cyrus calls him a fat piece of shit and tells Gertner he’s looking forward to kicking his ass at the PPV. Gertner grabs a microphone. Gertner starts to rip into Cyrus when he notices Cyrus is stood with a huge smile on his face pointing behind him. Gertner turns and is quickly laid out by Jerry Lynn. Lynn continues to beat on Gertner as Cyrus shouts ‘Where’s your hero now, huh? Where’s Rob Van Dam now, huh?’ referencing at the fact that Rob Van Dam wasn’t in the arena tonight as mentioned by Joey Styles on commentary when Cyrus came out.

- Cyrus takes over in the commentary booth for the ‘indisposed’ Joel Gertner.

- Yoshihiro Tajiri (w/ Mikey Whipwreck & Sinister Minister) d. Tony Mamaluke (w/ Little Guido & Big Sal) & Danny Doring (w/ Roadkill) in a three way dance. This is the precursor to the tag team title match at the PPV. Tajiri controlled the match from the outset hitting both Mamaluke and Doring with stiff kicks, hitting a dragon suplex on Mamaluke for a near fall. The three then did some nifty back and forth exchanges, including a german suplex from Mamaluke on Tajiri who in turn delivered a sick dragon suplex to Danny Doring at the same time. After a brief exchange, Tajiri locked Mamaluke in the tarantula only for it to be broken up by Little Guido. Whipwreck attacked Guido, who in turn was attacked by Big Sal who in turn was attacked by Roadkill as a big brawl amassed on the outside. In the ring, Doring hit Mamaluke with the Wham Bam Thankyou Ma’am and Mamaluke was eliminated first. This left Doring and Tajiri, both from teams who would be the challengers for the tag team titles at Wrestlepalooza. After a couple of armdrags, Doring hit Tajiri with the Bareback, but Tajiri managed to kick out. Tajiri came back with some stiff kicks and a handspring elbow. Tajiri and Doring then exchanged a few chops before Tajiri kicked Doring hard in the side of the head before laying him out with a brainbuster for the three count. ***½

- Backstage Tommy Dreamer is signing a few autographs for some people who had backstage passes for the taping when CW Anderson walks up and gets in his face. Dreamer seems a little despondent. ‘So, you accepted my challenge!’. Dreamer nods and CW grins back at him. CW then slapped Dreamer in the face HARD~! and Dreamer just shook it off and slapped CW back even harder in the face. CW shook it off and just smiled before walking off. Weird.

- Backstage, Justin Credible, Steve Corino, Francine and Jack Victory were walking down the hall. Corino and Credible are discussing Scott Hall. They call him a washed up loser. They overhear a backstage hand talking to someone else saying that he’s heard Hall has found a partner for the PPV. Credible and Corino immediately get in his face demanding to know who it is. The man says he doesn’t know. So Corino and Credible decide to beat the shit out of him, and Credible almost drops him on his head giving him the That’s Incredible on the concrete.

- Super Crazy NC EZ Money (w/ Chris Hamrick, Julio Dinero, Chris Chetti & Lou E. Dangerously). They do an indyriffic trade off to start the match, with Super Crazy kipping up and dropkicking EZ Money right in the face. EZ Money then hit a sweet suplex on Super Crazy but failed to take the advantage as Super Crazy slams EZ Money and hits a springboard into a moonsault. Chris Chetti, Chris Hamrick and Julio Dinero got involved at this point and started beating down Super Crazy. So Kid Kash, ‘Nasty’ Nova & Spike Dudley all hit the ring and big brawl ensued. Everyone took turns to do dives with the big finale being Kid Kash hitting a double jump senton onto everyone on the outside.

- The Sandman’s music hit the PA system and The Sandman made his entrance through the crowd. Joey Styles said The Sandman was coming to cut a promo. Cyrus said it was inane that Sandman needed a 10 minute entrance to come and cut a promo. Whilst The Sandman was pouring beer down someone’s throat Rhino appeared from out of nowhere, charging The Sandman into the barricade. Rhino threw The Sandman about at ringside, whipping him into the rail. The Sandman though made a comeback, whipping Rhino into the rail and hitting a suplex on the concrete. The Sandman then cracked Rhino over the head with his Singapore Cane but Rhino no sold it. So The Sandman grabbed a chair and near god damned craved Rhino’s skull in with a wicked chair shot.

Rhino staggered to his feet and headed for the back unable to get the better of The Sandman tonight, turning to see The Sandman cracking a beer open and celebrating with the fans. Styles mentioned that The Sandman was obviously confident that he can beat Rhino this coming Sunday at Wrestlepalooza.

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IPB Image

ECW Wrestlepalooza 2001

Live on Pay Per View, 11th February 2001

from the Family Arena, St Louis, Missouri


Rob Van Dam & Joel Gertner vs. Jerry Lynn & Cyrus


Rhino © vs. The Sandman

The New Impact Players (Justin Credible & Steve Corino) vs. Scott Hall (& a partner if Hall can find one)

Tommy Dreamer vs. CW Anderson


Doring & Roadkill vs. The Unholy Alliance (Yoshihiro Tajiri & Mikey Whipwreck)

the winners will then go on to face The F.B.I. straight after for the Tag Team Titles

Super Crazy, Kid Kash, Nova & Spike Dudley vs. Hot Commodity (EZ Money, Chris Hamrick & Julio Dinero) & Chris Chetti

Da Baldies vs. York & Matthews

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ECW News & Notes

- In a move that went way under the radar, Joel Gertner has signed a contract with the WWF as is apparent by his appearance last night at the Smackdown tapings. Gertner who hooked back up with the Dudley Boyz on Smackdown is going under the name of Rainbow Dudley, the gay Dudley Boy. Gertner is reported to have signed a 2-year contract. Gertner as you may well know is in the main event of ECW’s next PPV Wrestlepalooza this coming Sunday teaming with Rob Van Dam to take on Jerry Lynn & Cyrus and it is expected to be his last appearance in ECW. We don’t have any further details on the move but Gertner is more than likely one of the ones who is still yet to be paid, but that is not certain.

- Jerry Lynn met with Jim Ross this weekend and it is said that the meeting went very well. Lynn had also been in talks with WCW but with the Bischoff takeover still in the process they can’t sign any talent up until around May time when everything is complete, so it sort of ties Bischoff’s hands. Lynn though has verbally committed with Paul Heyman for the next 2 months worth of shows.

- In this week’s Ross report, Jim Ross noted his meeting with Jerry Lynn and said they are very interested in signing a number of ECW talent, which is to be expected with the Fusient and Bischoff takeover of WCW, the WWF will be trying to sign anyone from ECW they feel WCW would actively try to sign themselves. Ross mentioned that he was particularly interested in working out a deal with Tajiri. Tajiri is said to be very high on the list of Bischoff’s main targets to sign once he is able to.

- With a lot of talent expected to be departing over the coming months it’s only right that ECW are actively seeking more talent. Internet darling Reckless Youth aka Tom Carter who has worked some ECW house shows in the past has apparently signed a deal. No word on when he will start but it is expected to be soon.

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IPB Image

ECW: Wrestlepalooza

Live on Pay Per View, 11th February 2001

from the Family Arena, St Louis, Missouri

- The show opens with just Joey Styles in the ring for a change. Apparently Gertner is getting ready for his match, as is Cyrus, so Joey will be alone on commentary. Simon Diamond, Swinger, Dawn Marie, The Blue Boy & Jasmin St Clare all come out. Simon has a problem, the problem is he says, is that he’s tired of being underappreciated here in ECW because he knows he’s worth so much more. Simon shouts at Joey for not putting him over in his matches, whilst Dawn gets on her hands and knees behind Joey. Simon then pushes Joey over and the fans boo wildly. ‘Balls’ by AC/DC hits the sound system and the fans immediately jump up as Balls Mahoney and Chilly Willy hit the ring. The bell rings, and we have an impromptu match.

- Simon Diamond (w/ Dawn Marie) & Swinger (w/ Blue Boy & Jasmin St Clare) defeated Balls Mahoney & Chilly Willy. Balls and Chilly went straight for Simon & Swinger whilst everyone else left the ring and Joey found his way to the booth. Balls hit his patented lefts then finished off hitting a wind up uppercut on Swinger as the fans chanted along. Chilly chopped Simon in the corner. Balls then held his chair up and the fans went wild. He was about to hit Swinger with it when The Blue Boy got involved. Balls though just cracked him over the head with the chair. Balls then turned to be kicked low by Swinger whilst Simon raked the eyes of Chilly and threw him out of the ring. Simon then whipped Balls into the ropes and hoisted him up and Swinger hit Balls with a DDT out of the elevated position for the win. **

- Simon and his whole entourage joined Joey Styles in the booth for commentary for the night. Simon and Joey argued about what went on earlier. Simon said he did what he had to do, which he’ll start doing from now on.

- Rhino cut a brief promo backstage saying that tonight, The Sandman wouldn’t be walking out of this arena and that he would more than likely be leaving in a body bag.

- Da Baldies (Tony DeVito & Angel) NC Matthews & York. This match never really got started as Da Baldies attacked York & Matthews in the aisle. York & Matthews got no offense in as Da Baldies threw them around ringside and both were busted open and bleeding profusely from the forehead. Da Baldies set up a table at ringside and laid Joey Matthews on it. Angel then held Matthews down whilst DeVito dragged Christian York up onto the apron. DeVito then proceeded to powerbomb York from the apron through the table and Matthews. Crowd chanted ‘Holy Shit’ as Da Baldies just walked off to the back, happy with themselves. *½

- Hot Commodity (EZ Money, Chris Hamrick & Julio Dinero) (w/ Elektra) & Chris Chetti (w/ Lou E. Dangerously) defeated Nova, Spike Dudley, Super Crazy & Kid Kash. Crazy match with no real flow. Styles said that Lou E. had negotiated a deal to have Chetti in this match, which explains why he’s suddenly not a referee anymore because you know Loser Leaves Town match stips don’t mean shit these days. Match started out with EZ Money and Kid Kash, they did a nice reversal routine before the whole thing broke down and went mad. Everyone was flip flopping around and Dinero took a crazy bump, taking a hurracanrana from Kid Kash from the apron to the floor, barely missing the rail. Hamrick then got a close fall hitting a legdrop off EZ Money’s shoulders, who was stood on the second rope, onto Spike Dudley. Everyone then took turns at doing a dive, ending with a double jump somersault plancha from Kid Kash onto everyone, apart from Super Crazy and Julio Dinero, who found themselves brawling through the crowd. Crazy threw a chair at the head of Dinero and then climbed up onto a balcony and then hit a moonsault from around 15-20 feet onto Dinero, because he’s INSANE~! Nova and Chetti started hitting each other and Nova dropped Chetti on his head with a Kryptonite Krunch. Everyone then took it in turn to hit their finishers. Dinero superkicked Nova and Hamrick then hit the Confederate Crunch on Nova. Spike hit an Acid Drop on Hamrick and then went to do the same to EZ Money but got thrown off and over the top rope through a table. Money took a headscissors from Crazy and Kash dropped Hamrick on his head with The Money Maker. Chetti was back in, and hit Kash with the Amityville Horror. Crazy then hit Chetti with a springboard dropkick and it came down to EZ Money and Super Crazy. Money went for the Money Clip, but Crazy ducked and slammed EZ Money down hard. Crazy then went for the Triple Moonsault but on the third Lou E. Dangerously and Elektra pulled EZ out of the way. EZ then hit the winded Super Crazy with the Cha-Ching Powerbomb for the win. Crazy match that the crowd loved. **½

- In a pre-taped promo Tommy Dreamer said that CW Anderson had taken him to the limit over the past few months. They’ve both given each other as good as they’ve got. Dreamer said that all though he’s not too fond of CW personally, he respects the hell out of him. But tonight Dreamer was going to show him why he is the ‘The Innovator of Violence’.

- CW Anderson defeated Tommy Dreamer. Dreamer and CW were 1-1 heading into this match on PPV and this was to supposedly settle things once and for all. They did a nifty little tie-up reversal routine to start which Dreamer actually managed to come out on top of. Dreamer put CW in a headlock. CW pushed Tommy off into the ropes and Dreamer knocked him off his feet with a shoulder block. Dreamer then ran the ropes as CW laid down and Dreamer jumped over him and on the return CW went for a clothesline but Dreamer ducked and poked CW in the eye which got a laugh from the crowd. Dreamer then pushed CW into the ropes and whipped him across the ring and hit him with a knee, but CW rolled through it and took Dreamer down and started pummeling him, Dreamer reversed and started pummeling CW and they somehow managed to roll to the outside. Dreamer whipped CW into the rail and CW immediately shot back but ate chair as Dreamer hit a drop toe hold sending CW face first into it. Dreamer then went to whip CW into the rail, but CW reversed and then crotched Dreamer on the rail. CW hit a couple of chops and Dreamer fell into the crowd and CW followed. CW hit Dreamer with a suplex on the hard concrete and then hit him in the back with a chair. Dreamer came back and whipped CW into a chair that a fan was holding up. Dreamer then hit CW with a glass of beer and then returned the favor suplexing CW onto the concrete. They made their way back to ringside where Dreamer pummeled CW with a cookie sheet. CW then DDT’d CW onto the floor before rolling him into the ring for a two count. Dreamer then went under the ring and pulled out some rolls of BARBED WIRE~! Dreamer threw them into the ring. Dreamer then pounded CW into the corner and then scooped him up and dropped him with a Spicolli Driver right onto the barbed wire. Dreamer covered but CW somehow managed to kick out at two. Dreamer then went for a DDT but CW reversed hitting Dreamer with a Wheelbarrow Suplex followed by a superkick for a two count. CW then went for the Anderson Spinebuster but Dreamer managed to escape. Dreamer then scooped CW up for another Spicolli Driver but CW escaped. CW then whipped Dreamer into the ropes and hit a huge Spinebuster spinning Dreamer round onto the barbed wire. CW covered and the referee counted three. ***½

After the match, Dreamer slowly made his way back to his feet. He and CW went face to face and after teasing something more Dreamer stuck out his hand and CW shook it. Both men got a standing ovation from the crowd.

- The Unholy Alliance (Yoshihiro Tajiri & Mikey Whipwreck) (w/ Sinister Minister) defeated Doring & Roadkill. Whipwreck and Doring started by exchanging chops and Doring came out on top. Doring whipped Whipwreck into the turnbuckle but ate boot on the run in and Whipwreck cradled him for a near fall. Whipwreck hit a headscissors takedown and tagged out, whilst Doring tagged out to Roadkill. Tajiri circled Roadkill before moving in. Roadkill just pushed Tajiri off before hitting him with a Dirt Road Slam. Roadkill then dropped an elbow from the second rope onto Tajiri for a near fall. Roadkill then went for a splash, but Tajiri kipped up to get out of the way before kicking Roadkill square in the head. Roadkill came back and whipped Tajiri into the ropes but Tajiri hit a handspring elbow that only staggered Roadkill. Tajiri though took him down with a series of kicks. Tajiri then followed that up with a roundhouse to the temple of Roadkill for a two count. Doring then took Tajiri down from behind. Doring turned to see Whipwreck coming off the top with an axehandle so just kicked him in the gut and then hit him with the Bareback, Doring instead of covering taunted and posed for the crowd, which would become his downfall as Tajiri grabbed him from behind and hit a Dragon Suplex for the three count, eliminating Doring & Roadkill. **½

- The F.B.I. (Little Guido & Tony Mamaluke) (w/ Big Sal) defeated The Unholy Alliance (Yoshihiro Tajiri & Mikey Whipwreck) (w/ Sinister Minister) to retain the ECW Tag Team Titles. FBI hit the ring immediately taking Tajiri and Whipwreck down and they beat on them until referee Jim Molineaux managed to restore order with Guido and Whipwreck in the ring. Guido had the advantage and worked over the arm of Whipwreck. Guido then hit a Fisherman Buster for a close fall before tagging out to Tony Mamaluke. Mamaluke continued to work over the arm of Whipwreck and hit him with a single arm Tornado DDT for a two count. Mamaluke then locked in an armbar and Tajiri hit the ring and the match BROKEDOWN~! Both teams hit the ring and it spilled to the outside. Mamaluke hit a crazy running somersault plancha almost killing himself on the rail. Tajiri then hit an Asai Moonsault onto everyone. Whipwreck then tried a dive, but was caught by Big Sal and thrown into the rail and then into the crowd and was never seen again. Guido and Mamaluke had Tajiri to themselves. Tajiri kicked both of them and fought them off. Sal got in the ring and was going to chokeslam Tajiri, but Tajiri spit green mist in his eyes and Sal FELL to the outside. Tajiri though was taken down from behind and Mamaluke put in him a wheelbarrow position whilst Guido came off the middle rope with the Sicilian Slice for the three count. ***½

- Scott Hall came out before his match to cut a promo. Hall said he had failed to find a partner but he did ‘have a plan!’. Justin Credible and Steve Corino came out laughing at Scott Hall saying that he’d burnt too many bridges and that no-one wanted to help him. They said they were going to kick Scott Hall’s ass and send him packing straight back out of ECW.

- Scott Hall defeated Justin Credible (w/ Francine) & Steve Corino (w/ Jack Victory). As Scott Hall said in his promo he didn’t have a partner, so this was two on one, under tag rules. Hall started with Corino and overpowered him pushing him into the corner. Hall hit a few slaps to the chest and then threw Corino across the ring with a hip toss and then hit a clothesline. Hall then immediately went for a chokeslam but Corino just thumbed him in the eye. Momentarily blinded, Hall was chop blocked by Corino and he and Credible started working over the left leg of Scott Hall. They continued to work over the leg of Hall tagging back and forth for a good amount of time until Hall made a significant comeback ducking a Corino clothesline whilst Credible was holding him. Hall then scooped Corino up and hit him with a Fall Away Slam. Hall then chokeslammed Credible and went to cover but Corino broke it up. Victory handed Corino a chair but Hall ducked the attempted shot and kicked it into the face of Corino. Hall then turned to be superkicked by Justin Credible. Credible went looking for his Singapore Cane but couldn’t find it. Francine then climbed into the ring with it as Hall groggily started to pull himself to his feet. Francine started shouting in Hall’s face before slapping him. Francine handed the cane to Credible, then when Credible was about to whack Hall with it Francine low-blowed Credible, turning on him and Credible just fell to his knees. Corino came back in, but ate boot as did Jack Victory. Hall then hoisted Credible up and hit him with the Outsider’s Edge for the pinfall and the win. ***

After the match Francine and Scott Hall embraced to the delight of the ECW fans in attendance. But as they were doing so Steve Corino hit the ring again this time armed with the Singapore Cane. Corino cracked Hall over the head with it knocking him silly. Credible, Corino and Victory all then put the boots in. Credible then grabbed Francine and started shouting obscenities at her. Corino grabbed Francine and held her by the arms as Credible picked up the Singapore Cane. Then as Credible wound up to hit her ’Natural Born Killers’ hit the PA system and ’The Original Gangsta’ New Jack, the man who quit ECW not so long ago, waltzed out into the aisle with a garbage can full of weapons. Credible, Corino & Victory had all immediately stopped dumbstruck staring at New Jack heading right for them. New Jack climbed into the ring and everyone jumped him but to no avail. Credible ate a stop sign and then Corino ate a keyboard, leaving Jack Victory in the ring for the brunt of the attack. Victory took a number of staples to the head before finally getting leveled with a guitar. Francine then helped Hall to his feet and he and New Jack stared each other down before finally shaking hands.

- Simon Diamond and Joey Styles argued about who would come be the ECW World Champion after the next match.

- Rhino defeated The Sandman to retain the ECW World Heavyweight Championship. Rhino attacked The Sandman as soon as he’d hopped the rail after his usual ten minute entrance. Rhino pounded on The Sandman whipping him into the rail. Sandman and Rhino then went through the crowd doing a standard brawl. Rhino at one point hit The Sandman with a bag of popcorn, which The Sandman SOLD! They made their way back to the ring and The Sandman clocked Rhino with a chair before pulling a ladder out from under the ring. The Sandman propped one side of the ladder up on the apron and the other side on the rail but was unable to use it as Rhino clobbered him from behind and rammed The Sandman head first into it. Rhino then ran The Sandman into the ring post and then went to do it again but The Sandman pushed Rhino into it. The Sandman then laid Rhino on the ladder that was propped up. The Sandman then went to the top rope and hit a motherfucking somersault senton onto Rhino and the ladder had no give. They’re both dead, surely. But no, they were both back up. The Sandman rolled Rhino into the ring and covered him and the fans thought it was all over but Rhino kicked out at two. The Sandman cracked Rhino over the head with his Singapore Cane then went for the White Russian Legsweep but Rhino threw him off. Rhino then went for a GORE~! but The Sandman moved and Rhino took out referee John Finnegan instead. The Sandman then hit Rhino again with his Singapore Cane and then hit the White Russian Legsweep, but there was no ref to count. The fans counted to seven before a ref hit the ring. ONE, TWO, THR…NO! Rhino kicked out. The Sandman then hit Rhino with his cane again but Rhino no sold it and put The Sandman on his shoulder and ran him into the corner. Rhino then pulled a table out and propped it up in the corner. Rhino scooped The Sandman up and went to run him through it, but The Sandman escaped. The Sandman then ran at Rhino but Rhino dodged him and The Sandman went running through the table himself. Rhino then GORED~! The Sandman through the remnants of the table for the victory. I’d say this was probably their best match together with the crazy senton from The Sandman that could have killed both of them. Rhino quickly grabbed his belt and left after the match. The Sandman slowly got up to a standing ovation. ****

- Jerry Lynn & Cyrus defeated Rob Van Dam & Joel Gertner. This was Joel Gertners last appearance in ECW. Gertner wanted to start with Cyrus, but Cyrus refused so Van Dam and Lynn started with a tie up. Van Dam went into a go behind but Lynn elbowed him a couple of times and the two exchanged armdrags. Van Dam went for a leg sweep but Lynn jumped it and dropped a knee into the back of Van Dam. Lynn took control, nailing Van Dam with a tornado DDT for a near fall. Lynn went for another tornado DDT but RVD blocked it and hit a Northern Lights Suplex for a near fall. Lynn reversed an irish whip sending RVD into the corner and Cyrus choked him. The match spilled to the outside. Lynn whipped RVD into the rail and then dropped him throat first onto it. Lynn then climbed up onto the apron and went for a dive but RVD moved and Lynn hit the rail hard. RVD then climbed the apron and hit a spinning legdrop onto Lynn. RVD rolled Lynn back in the ring and covered for a two count. RVD whipped Lynn into the corner and then hit a monkey flip followed by a rolling senton for another close fall. Van Dam then press slammed Lynn and immediately hit a standing moonsault for yet another near fall at which point Cyrus slid a chair into the ring. Van Dam went for a split legged moonsault but Lynn had managed to grab hold of the chair and put it on his knees so Van Dam landed chest first onto it. Lynn then hit a quick succession of clotheslines before hitting a tilt-a-whirl headscissors. Lynn then grabbed the chair and just threw it straight into the face of Rob Van Dam. Van Dam was out and groggy, so naturally at this point Cyrus wanted to tag in. Cyrus tagged in and started putting the boots to Van Dam to thunderous boo’s from the crowd. Gertner got involved and tackled Cyrus and they rolled about punching each other in the head. Lynn though pulled Gertner off Cyrus and signalled for the Cradle Piledriver, but Van Dam hit a side kick breaking it up at which point Rhino hit the ring. Rhino GORED~! Van Dam out of his boots. Cyrus covered him but somehow RVD managed to kick out. Rhino went for another GORE~! but Van Dam sidestepped it and Rhino went crashing into the turnbuckle. Cyrus then hit Van Dam in the back with a chair, but it didn’t affect Van Dam. Van Dam turned to face Cyrus only to be cracked hard in the head with a chair shot from Jerry Lynn sending him sprawling from the ring. Lynn then picked up Joel Gertner and hit a scary looking Cradle Piledriver on him. Cyrus covered Gertner for the win and the fans hated the finish chanting ‘Bullshit’. Not up to the level of past RVD vs. Lynn matches but that was to be expected. ***

After the match Rhino grabbed Gertner and dragged him out onto the apron and hit a Piledriver from the apron through a table to the floor. Crowd chanted Holy Shit. Goodbye Gertner, it was nice knowing you. The PPV finished with Rhino looking down at Gertner with a sick smile on his face.

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I'm really enjoying this mate. The format is awesome, you have a great understanding of the time period as you have stuck to little things like Blue Boy and Claire aligning with Simon and Swinger, which makes all the difference. The Pay Per View also really felt like a genuine ECW PPV from this time period, what with the No Contest and the New Jack run-in. Awesome stuff man.

Just a few tips. Don't hotshot the Title straight off Rhino to RVD, Rhino had really been built up at this point (i.e. destroying seven or so people at GAC) and give New Jack a push. I don't care what people say, as far as electing a reaction from the crowd, that man was the closest thing ECW had to a Hogan.

Eagerly looking forward to more man.

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ECW: Hardcore TV

Friday, February 16th 2001

- Show starts with Cyrus and Jerry Lynn stood in the ring. Cyrus says that what they had planned went down perfectly at Wrestlepalooza and he has finally gotten rid of that ‘fat faggot, Joel Gertner’ from ECW. But that was only half of his plan. The other half of his plan is to rid ECW of Rob Van Dam as well. Cyrus says that at the next PPV, Living Dangerously, there would be a three way dance between Rob Van Dam, Jerry Lynn and RHINO~! Rob Van Dam then makes his way to the ring, literally slapping every singles person’s hand on the way to the ring. Van Dam says that whatever Cyrus throws at him, he can take. He says he knows Cyrus still has a lot of stroke around here, but he doesn’t care because he’s Rob…Van…Dam and the world’s greatest wrestler doesn’t need stroke to get to the top. The camera focuses in on Cyrus who is grinning widely. Van Dam then turns and is GORED~! by Rhino. Lynn and Rhino begin to put the boots to Van Dam as Cyrus tells him that there will be nothing left of him when they’re done with him.

- Joey Styles hypes tonight’s Hardcore TV main event which sees Scott Hall take on Big Sal E. Graziano of The FBI. Styles mentions that The New Impact Players are in the house and anything could happen as they would no doubt want revenge for what Francine did at Wrestlepalooza.

- Simon Diamond (w/ Dawn Marie, Swinger, Blue Boy & Jasmin St Clare) d. Kid Kash. Match started with an armdrag series and both hit and blocked a couple of chops before Diamond hit Kash with a snapmare. Kash nipped straight up though and then dropkicked Simon to the outside. As Simon was being attended to by everyone on the outside, Kash dived onto them all. Back in the ring Kash hit a springboard clothesline for a two count. Kash then put Simon on the top rope, but Simon began to fight back, but didn’t get enough as Kash hit him with a hurracanrana for a two count. Kash then whipped Simon into the corner but Simon got a foot up when Kash ran in. Simon whipped Kash into the ropes and hit a discuss punch. Simon then hit Kash with the Simon Series (two rolling suplexes followed by a sit-out face first suplex) for a two count. Simon then went for the Simonizer, but Kash escaped and took Simon down with a flying headscissors. Kash then hit Simon with the Money Maker but as he went to cover referee Jim Molineaux was being distracted by Dawn Marie who had climbed up onto the apron. With the referee’s back turned Swinger hit the ring and laid Kash out with the Swing Thing. Swinger then put Simon on top and left as the referee turned to make the count.

- Backstage Da Baldies (DeVito & Angel) are stood in a hallway laughing. DeVito looks into the camera and says that what they did at Wrestlepalooza is nothing compared to what they are capable of. They said they are sick of these pretty boys (referencing York & Matthews) who keep coming into ECW thinking they’re hardcore. DeVito said they wouldn’t know hardcore even it bit them in the ass.

- Scott Hall cut a promo before his match, with Francine at his side. Hall says that Credible was never enough of man to satisfy Francine. Hall says he is. Hall says anytime Justin wants to extract some revenge to come and try, because he’s ready for him.

- Scott Hall NC Big Sal. Hall and Sal stood in the ring, stalling for ages. Sal then spit in Hall’s face and drew a line with his foot marking his territory. Hall then ran at Sal and started laying in with punches and Sal threw punches back. Sal whipped Hall into the ropes and Hall went for a shoulder block, but couldn’t move Sal. He tried another two times, but couldn’t move Sal so Hall just kicked Sal in the balls and he collapsed to his knees. Justin Credible, Steve Corino and Jack Victory all then ran in and attacked Hall. They laid him out and Credible then cracked Francine with the Singapore Cane. New Jack then hit the ring but was jumped on immediately. He fought back cracking what looked like a microwave over Jack Victory’s head, but Credible grabbed Jack’s guitar that he had brought to the ring with him. Credible then smashed the guitar over New Jack’s head. Credible was then going to drop New Jack with the That’s Incredible when Tommy Dreamer hit the ring. The New Impact Players, knowing they had done enough damage bailed from the ring as Dreamer slid in. The show finished with a bloody Scott Hall, a bloody New Jack and Tommy Dreamer all staring at Corino, Credible and Victory backing their way up the ramp.

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A solid Hardcore TV right there man.

-That opening segment was awesome in that it was simple, effective and above all had that authentic ECW feel. It's as if you have sat down and studied some ECW tapes from this time period right before writing this.

-Hall vs. Graziano, should be fun.

-Hmm, Kash getting beat albeit by interference, alright I suppose in building Simon up further. What I would suggest is bringing in some new talent like Los Maximos who were traiend at the HOH and Low Ki who was rumoured to be coming into the company. Kash was a pretty key player in ECW at this time and although I know you got to have a few glorified jobbers, Kash had really been there and done that already at this point.

-Da Baldies, interview, great. I really like these guys, I think they both had tremendous potential. Hopefully you won't just put York and Matthews over them cleanly. A nice long bloody feud could further establish both teams.

-Hall promo, again, simple but effective and I like the idea of Francine at his side, as the Impact Players with her wouldn't have worked as well as the three men.

-The Impact's come in and beat the shit out of Hall with a New Jack save. Fucking brilliant. New Jack, as I said before, in my opinion, could have been built up as a very credible World Champion. I'm liking the feud here and the resulting match between these four I am actually looking forward to. Small complaint in tha Graziano's boys weren't anywhere to be seen and I feel a main event push for them (especially Guido) could have established them as a credible unit.

All in all as I've said, great stuff. One thing I would say is that at this point RVD was really the one big mainstream star ECW had left aside from maybe Rhino. If he's getting beaten down in the first segment of the show, he really needs to be getting his heat back ASAP.

Looking forward to the next show. :)

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ECW News & Notes

- The big news of the week and one that will come as massive relief to many ECW fans is that ECW have signed a deal with the USA Network to start on TV in three weeks, which will be the final show before the Living Dangerously PPV. Paul Heyman had been stalling over the deal due to USA’s belief that they shouldn’t have to pay for production. As it is, USA has agreed to put $50,000 towards each taping tentatively titled ECW on USA. ECW are currently taping two shows in one go every 2 weeks. The deal is for the 10 to 11 slot on Thursday nights, right after Smackdown goes off the air on UPN. USA should be making a concerted effort to hype the debut of ECW on USA in the coming weeks which TNN failed to do when ECW appeared on the network.

- Hardcore TV seems to be done. The show which airs on the MSG Network in New York has been on the air since 1995. A spokesperson at the MSG Network revealed that the ECW contract with them had expired and had not been renewed as of press time, nor does it look likely it will be renewed at all. Heyman has said with the new USA deal he doesn’t see the need for Hardcore TV, especially since he pays for it to be on the air. Hardcore TV has been paid programming for a number of years now, meaning it isn’t a time slot exclusively assigned to ECW, it’s just whoever buys the time first gets the slot when contracts come to be renewed.

- New Jack was on Between The Ropes this past week talking about a million different things. He admitted to telling a few people he was retiring but what he meant when he told them that was that he was quitting ECW, which he didn’t do either in the end. Or he did, but only for a month or two. He said at the time he was sick of the company and wanted to wash his hands of it because he was sick of being lied to. He said he had problems around Christmas time because he didn’t know whether he was going to get paid or not and in the end he didn’t. He said he didn’t like working for free, because if he was out raking someone’s yard, he’d have been paid more for that than killing himself night in night out. He said he’d considered working for XPW, even after the incident at Heatwave because business is business and he needed the money. He said he’d finally gotten paid by ECW, including all his back pay. He said he’d spoken to Paul Heyman a couple of weeks ago and said that he’d been assured ECW would be getting on USA and that he would have enough money to pay everyone and wished he’d reconsider, and he did. He said he had to think about his kids, and he couldn’t turn down a steady pay check, hopefully he said it would be steady. He also joked that he didn’t know how many kids he had. He said if the ECW situation had taught him one thing, it would be that he needed to learn how to budget properly. He said the stories of him fooling around with the daughter of the New York State Commissioner or being wanted in California were a total crock. He talked about the incident at the Hammerstein Ballroom bar in December. He said a woman came up to him and started yelling at him about how much money he made, and he told her to hit the bricks. Her husband then came up, got into Jack’s face, and shoved him. Jack claimed he pushed the guy, who tripped and fell down. According to Jack, the woman started screaming that he’d killed her husband. Jack said the guy just fell down and it was no big deal. New Jack finished saying he was looking forward to working with Scott Hall more in the future.

- Sal E. Graziano shot a Twix commercial last week which will apparently air nationally. Tina Landon, who has done choreography for Ricky Martin, Jennifer Lopez, Janet Jackson, and Britney Spears apparently helped him out with his polka dancing scenes. That is a pretty funny visual there.

- Reckless Youth aka Tom Carter who has been making major headlines on the indy scene starts with ECW the first TV tapings after Living Dangerously. He’ll probably be working dark matches for a couple of months before making a proper debut though. Heyman is said to be very high on him.

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ECW: Hardcore TV

Friday, February 23rd 2005

- The show started with The Sandman literally begging someone backstage to be given some mic time in the ring. He said he couldn’t do anything for him. The Sandman looked very drunk.

- Kid Kash d. Swinger (w/ Simon Diamond, Dawn Marie, Jasmin St Clare & Blue Boy). Looking for revenge, Kid Kash took on Swinger who cost him the match against Simon Diamond last week. Match started with a headlock takedown from Swinger. Kash kipped up out of it and hit a series of armdrags on Swinger but Swinger responded by nearly taking Kash’s head off with a clothesline. Swinger choked Kash before whipping him into the turnbuckle. Swinger followed in with a knee to the gut but failed to press the advantage as Kash came back with a headscissors takedown followed by a swinging DDT. Kash then whipped Swinger into the ropes and hit a flying forearm before hitting a springboard clothesline. Swinger raked the eyes of Kash and hit a powerslam for a near fall. Swinger then whipped Kash into the ropes, but Kash ducked a clothesline attempt and kicked Swinger in the gut. Kash went for the Money Maker but Jasmin was distracting the referee. The Blue Boy tried to get involved but Kash took him out with a superkick. Swinger then went for the Swing Thing but Kash blocked it and hit the Money Maker for the three whilst Simon stood on the outside reluctant to help his partner.

- After the match had ended though Simon Diamond finally entered the ring and took Kash out with a chair, Simon & Swinger then started to put the boots in to Kash. Super Crazy then hit the ring and Simon & Swinger quickly bailed. Super Crazy helped Kash back to his feet and helped to the back to a nice ovation from the crowd.

- Backstage Christian York and Joey Matthews are about to cut a promo when, thankfully, Da Baldies come out of nowhere and attack them. Da Baldies throw York & Matthews around and DeVito pulls a FORK~! from his pocket and starts to poke and rip York’s forehead with it. Da Baldies then walk away laughing leaving York & Matthews in a pool of their own blood.

- Backstage Scott Hall with Francine, New Jack & Tommy Dreamer are all stood in the same locker room. Hall motions for the cameraman to come closer. Hall then talks about his new found friends and says that The New Impact Players are no match for any of them. Hall says The New Impact Players time has come and they would regret ever crossing him. ‘You wanna war…you wanna war…well you got one!’ Hall said. Francine then said she’d had enough of Justin and was now with a real man. Dreamer then brought up his history with Credible and their battles for the World Title. Dreamer said that there is no love lost between any of them and he was itching to get another shot at them and said he wanted to kick that punk ass of Corino so bad. New Jack then basically threatened to kill them all. Hall then finished the promo with some classic Razor Ramon lines, ‘You thought you had me, well you didn’t…say hello to the original bad guy, caus’ he’s back, and when ya come face ta face with Scott Hall, well he’s gonna carve…you…up!’

- EZ Money (w/ Chris Hamrick, Julio Dinero & Elektra) d. Mikey Whipwreck (w/ Sinister Minister). Styles explained before the match that Tajiri wasn’t in attendance due to a family emergency. Match didn’t last long as the other members of Hot Commodity were a constant distraction. Elektra and Sinister Minister got into a kafuffle on the outside, providing ample distraction allowing Hamrick, Dinero and Money to triple team Whipwreck. Money sat on Dinero’s shoulders whilst Dinero was on the second rope. Hamrick then balanced on top of EZ Money and hit a huge legdrop from around 12 feet, which got a ‘Holy Shit!’ from the crowd. Needless to say, Whipwreck wasn’t kicking out of that as EZ covered for the win.

CW Anderson d. Danny Doring (w/ Roadkill). Doring got killed in the end after a pretty decent match with CW. Match started with a tie-up and Doring surprisingly got the advantage taking CW over and then whipping him into the ropes. Doring hit a couple of chops and CW fired back with some even harder chops. Doring thumbed CW in the eye and whipped him into the ropes and hip tossed CW, before taunting and posing for the crowd. Doring then went to the second turnbuckle and went for an axehandle but CW caught him and hit a Wheelbarrow Suplex for a two count. CW then whipped Doring into the ropes, but Doring got his foot up and then CW immediately fired back with a superkick for two count. Doring made a final comeback managing to hit the Bareback but only got a two count. Doring then went for the Wham Bam but CW back dropped Doring and then went crazy on him hitting with stiff chops and elbows across the face. CW then hit a wicked left before whipping Doring into the ropes and hitting a superb Spinebuster for the win.

- After the match CW Anderson was apparently about to cut a promo when an inebriated Sandman waltzed out from the back and down the aisle. The Sandman got in the ring and snatched the microphone from CW. ‘Rhino, you and I…’ Sandman started, but didn’t get any further as CW cracked him over the head with a chair. CW then put the boots in to Sandman. Styles alluded that CW was angry that The Sandman had stole his mic time. I bet he was. CW then spat on The Sandman before leaving.

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Awesome, another show. You do spoil me. Writing as we read here.

-Sandman is trying to get mic time, great. Uh oh he looks drunk. Could this be perhaps because you have gone ahead in the game and he has checked himself into rehab? Speculation~!

-Kash gets some revenge in the form of beating Swinger. Uh oh, Swinger is being treated as Simon's bitch. Looks like we've got a feud here potentially between the two partners and a re-match a Living Dangerously between Simon and Kash.

-Crazy makes the save and I guess it'll be a tag match at the Pay Per View. I'm vouching for a Swinger turn.

-York and Matthews get destroyed by Da Baldies. Hmm, although I like you putting DeVito and Angel over strongly, the youngsters really have been made to look pretty weak lately.

-Nice little three man and a girl segment there. Loving the New Jack push. Don't really see what Hall can offer you in the long term but use him to get some young unestablished guys over (as he had the reputation of being more than willing to do) and he'll fit right in.

-Looks like Tajiri is done or you're working a storyline with him. EZ picks up the win, decent enough I guess. Hot Commodity need some sort of direction though. All very talented, but they need a mouthpiece of some sort. I suggest a heel Joel Gertner with EZ being a stripper and Gertner being a man of many women as well.

-See Dubya over Doring, I could imagine that being a damn good match actually. Anderson has future World Champion written all over him. Jobbing out one half of the Tag Champs cleanly may not be the greatest idea in the world though.

-CW gets on the mic beats the hell out of Sandman. Uhh, I don't get the logic to that: isn't Sandman the going to be facing Rhino for the belt again then? Oh well, puts 'The Enforcer' over I guess.

Overall pretty good, although I dislike how the company's biggest feud by a mile at this point, RVD/Cyrus, Lynn and Rhino has seemingly been skipped this week. I know you face segment restrictions however so this new TV show will be a breath of fresh air.

I give this show C-.

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