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EWB Sim Leagues?


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I remember we had a baseball one last spring, it was fun while it lasted, how far it got I don't remember but it's cool to do sports sims with EWB members, is anyone else interested in doing something like that? It would take some work and some time but it would turn out to be fun.

Anyone interested in doing one or joing in one if it came about? I'd be more then happy to help out if it does come, I'd run one myself but I don't own any sim games.

So...anyone interested in doing one?

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IIRC, TPF is the only football sim capable of running a league right now and it was very buggy when we tried it once before. I think GDS has a football sim coming out, but I'm not sure on that one.

EHM is the only sim capable of running a hockey league, I believe. .400 had TDCB, but it required WAY too much work for a league.

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