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King of Colosseum II

Guest ncguy

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Is this good game? saw trialers for graphics on gamespot looked great and i did like the fire pro games for GBA, anyways anyone know like how much i could get game,fliptop-disk for and internet router so i can download game saves? anyways any help would be great! thanks in advance

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The game is excellent. IMO, the best wrestling game around, and easily the most realistic.

If you prefer the arcade beat em up style of Smackdown games, then this isn't the game for you.

If you want it, you can get it from CDJapan (I think), ebay, or there are a few import online game companies around (forgot the name of the one, I got my game from... but they weren't very good anyway)

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I've got an earlier version of the game I think, KOC Red and Green. I haven't played it much because I don't know any Japanese so can't really do much in it and I always get my ass kicked in the matches. Any idea where I can either get a translation update for it somehow to some sort of translation in English on how to use the game.

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yea i have saw the game for 80 us on must sites, but how much would flip top and magic swap be? also wanna know about how much a solid router would be becuase i wanna download saved games from the net? and thanks for feedback i thing it looks like a great game but just need a lil more info thanks guys.

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Go to gamefaqs...

...or don´t.

KoC2 is great, it´s the best wrestlin game out there for any system, especialy for non highflying action it´s pure awsomeness.

FAQs and everything straight from the NR. one english KoC Site on tze webz.


Well it works 2 ways there... The guy who does Kocaccess, Monitor, did all the stuff on Gamefaqs for the game ;)

Be weary of Play Asia. They sent the game to me, it took 4 weeks, and I hadn't received it. I emailed them, and they said they still had it at their centre... WTF?

So they expressed it out to me for free, after I bitched in a big email about poor service...

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