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WWE 2006


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WWE 2006

Authors Foreword

In my short time here at EWB I have tried many diaries all based around the WWE’s past. The most success of these attempts proved to be my 2001 diary, which proved to be the longest and most popular to date. However I soon found myself rushing shows and the quality of that diary from a writing aspect was questionable to say the least, particularly for someone who holds an A Level in English. So after ending a diary that had lasted many months of my life I decided I needed a fresh start, something I could take my time over and yet still enjoy just as much. With this in mind I chose a 97 era diary, as usual I spent hours researching and knew where I wanted to go but soon found that particular era in history was not for me for various reasons. So here I am starting a current day WWE diary for the first time, something I can take my time over and do for myself rather than for a readership. Decent feedback is obviously welcome but anything left which I constitute postwhoring I will report but with that being said, decent feedback isn’t judge by its length but merely its content. Just proved to me that you have read the whole show and tell me what you liked and what you didn’t with a reason or two. One last point before we begin, don’t expect this diary to be updated at regular intervals. Sometimes updates may be regular and other times they may be sparse due to real world factors or probably just me being bone idle.

Now that’s all out the way lets begin, the game is being run on EWR and starts on January 1st 2006. No need for a backstory or past results of course, so lets get started.


WWE Superstars

(* Indicates non written contract)

Vince McMahon's Raw Brand

Main Eventers

Big Show

Hulk Hogan*

John Cena

Kurt Angle

Shawn Michaels

Steve Austin*

The Rock*

Triple H

Upper Midcarders



Ric Flair

Rob Van Dam



Chavo Guerrero

Chris Masters


Gene Snitsky

Gregory Helms

Rene Dupree

Rob Conway

Shelton Benjamin

Trish Stratus

Lower Midcarders

Ashley Massaro

Danny Basham

Lance Cade

Mickie James


Trevor Murdoch

Tyson Tomko

Val Venis




Johnny Parisi

Matt Striker

Nick Nemeth



Tag Teams

Big Show & Kane

The Heart Throbs (Antonio & Romeo)

Gene Snitsky & Tyson Tomko

Val Venis & Viscera


Candice Michelle, Torrie Wilson & Victoria


Candice Michelle > Victoria

Lita > Edge

Torrie Wilson > Victoria

Theodore Long's Smackdown Brand

Main Eventers


John Bradshaw Layfield

Randy Orton

The Undertaker

Upper Midcarders

Booker T

Chris Benoit


Al Snow


Ken Kennedy

Mark Henry

Matt Hardy

Rey Mysterio

Road Warrior Animal

William Regal

Lower Midcarders

Big Vito

Brian Kendrick

Doug Basham

Hardcore Holly

Joey Mercury

Johnny Nitro

Kid Kash

Juventud Guerrera



Orlando Jordan

Paul London


Scotty Too Hotty

Simon Dean

Super Crazy



Chad Dick

James Dick


Paul Burchill

Steven Richards

The Boogeyman

Tag Teams

Paul Burchill & William Regal

Legion Of Doom (Heidenreich & Road Warrior Animal)

Brian Kendrick & Paul London

MNM (Joey Mercury & Johnny Nitro)

Big Vito & Nunzio

The Dicks (Chad Dick & James Dick)


MNM (Joey Mercury, Johnny Nitro & Melina)

Mexicools (Juventud Guerrera, Psicosis & Super Crazy)


Jillian Hall > John Bradshaw Layfield

Melina Perez > Mark Henry & MNM

Sharmell Sullivan > Booker T

Stacy Keibler


WWE Champions

Raw Brand

WWE Champion: John Cena

Defeated John Bradshaw Layfield At WrestleMania XXI

Intercontinental Champion: Ric Flair

Defeated Carlito at Unforgiven

World Tag Team Champions: Big Show & Kane

Defeated Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch at Taboo Tuesday

Women’s Champion: Trish Stratus

Defeated Lita at New Years Revolution

Smackdown Brand

World Heavyweight Champion: Batista

Defeated Triple H at WrestleMania XXI

United States Champion: Vacant

Being contested in a Best Of Seven Series by Chris Benoit and Randy Orton (On behalf of the injured Booker T). Current score: Chris Benoit 2 – 3 Randy Orton.

WWE Tag Team Champions: MNM

Defeated Batista &y Mysterio on Smackdown (December 30th 2005)

Cruiserweight Champion: Kid Kash

Defeated Juventud Guerrera at Armageddon

Next Update: Raw Preview

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Taken from wwe.com

A McMahon-made RAW

January 2, 2006

With Mr. McMahon still interviewing for the next General Manager of RAW, he took it upon himself to make a huge match based on last week’s events.

Last week on RAW, John Cena defeated Shelton Benjamin but was then unceremoniously attacked by Kurt Angle and Daivari. Seeing the brawl, Mr. McMahon ordered a match for this Monday between Angle and Cena. But it won’t just be a typical match – it’ll be a First Blood Match, which ensures that by its very nature things will get out of hand. Who will leave RAW wearing the crimson mask, and who will walk away victorious? Watch RAW (9/8 CT; USA) to find out.

Also, after his latest devastating loss, Shelton Benjamin received a call on his cell phone. Whoever was on the other end of the line will be coming to see Shelton at this week’s RAW. Who will it be, and can that person help Shelton get off the losing track?

And Shawn Michaels looked seriously concerned as RAW went off the air last week. He had just received a threat from Mr. McMahon, who took exception to HBK’s comments regarding the infamous “Montreal Incident” of 1997. What will HBK have to say this week, and is Mr. McMahon finished with Michaels? Tune in to RAW to find out.

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Monday January 2nd 2006

East Rutherford – New Jersey

Across The Nation plays as the Raw opening video starts to roll. We go through the usual pyrotechnic display before the action begins.

Time For Some Geography

Matt Striker is positioned on the ramp complete with blackboard and pointy stick ready to teach East Rutherford a lesson in morality.

Matt Striker “Ladies and gentlemen I am here tonight to teach you all a lesson, a very important lesson in life and moral ethics! You see, I’m sick and tired of people moaning about their life and the people or things within it, when frankly it’s your fault! *Small boo’s can be heard in the arena.* What’s the matter, don’t you people like that? Well I couldn’t give a damn what you people like or think because you’re not important, I am! *The boo’s begin to get louder.* Because whether you people realise it or not I am here for the good of each and every one of you! I am here to show you all where you’ve been doing wrong in your lives and more importantly I can tell you how to fix it! I can get you that promotion at work or that girl who seems to always ignore you. Wish your kids had more respect for you? Then I can make it happen, you people just have to listen! Nobody is a lost cause, not even the cesspool that is East Rutherford, New Jersey! *The crowd are all over Striker now.* So without any further ado, let me begin our first lesson,”

OOOOO, Chavo! The crowd pop as Chavo comes out to put an abrupt end to teachers lesson. Striker is not impressed.

Matt Striker “What in the hell do you want? Can’t you see class is in session? Now turn back around, walk back where you came from and wait your turn like a good little boy!”

Chavo doesn’t listen to the advice of Striker and decides to tell the whole world what’s on his mind by snatching the microphone from teacher’s mitts.

Chavo Guerrero “What are you trying to accomplish out here Striker? I mean seriously, you’re out here dressed like an idiot and trying to conduct a night school? What in the hell is wrong with you?”

Striker goes to take the microphone of Chavo who won’t relinquish his grip until finally he decided Striker may issue a rebuttal.

Matt Striker “There’s nothing wrong with me Chavo, I’m just trying to enlighten the world and in doing so I hope to make it a better place, even for people like you Chavo. *Chavo doesn’t seem to respond well to this comment and asks Striker what he means by “people like you”* Yes people like you, you know, Mexicans! I mean lets face it Chavo, your people hardly deserve my help but I’m still willing to offer it to them and even to you so what do ya say? Have we got a deal, will you help spread word of Matt Striker to the Mexican slum lands? Together we can make Mexico, average. I mean Mexico is never gonna be great because quite frankly the people suck but we can at least make it acceptable!”

Seemingly oblivious to what his words would do to Chavo, Striker genuinely awaits a response for Guerrero and gets it, in the form of a fist to the face! Chavo wreaks havoc on Striker with rights and lefts as the crowd will him on but Striker shows his smarts when he nails Chavo in the crotch with a swift knee! Striker takes the fight to Chavo now and bounces the Mexicans head off the blackboard before taunting to the disgusted New Jersey crowd!

Joey Styles “Damn it this is a disgrace! I can’t believe what Matt Striker has just done!”

The Coach “Hey! Chavo attacked Striker first, Striker was just protecting himself!”

Joey Styles “Can you blame him? Matt Striker just disrespected everything Chavo stands for!”

The Coach “That may be, but Chavo attacked Striker and paid the price!”

Commercial break.

As Raw returns we are taken to our announce team which consists of Joey Styles, Jerry “The King” Lawler and The Coach.

Jerry Lawler “Well what Matt Striker just did to Chavo was a disgrace but Chavo’s going to have his chance at revenge this Sunday when he and Striker go one on one!”

The Coach “That’s going to be a great match and I can’t wait till New Years Revolution!”

You Don’t Screw With HBK

Todd Grisham is backstage standing by with HBK and ready to ask the question on everyone’s lips.

Todd Grisham “Shawn at the end of last weeks show you and Mr McMahon had a heated confrontation in which Mr McMahon threatened to screw you like he screwed Bret Hart. Are you at all worried by Mr McMahon’s threat and what do you think Mr McMahon has in mind?”

Shawn Michaels “Todd, I don’t have a clue what goes on inside Vince’s head and quite frankly I don’t want to know. Now as for your threat Vince, you can talk about screwing me all ya want and ya can flex your muscles and make yourself look like you’re in charge but lets face it Vince, we both know that you don’t screw with HBK! *Cheers can be heard through the arena.* McMahon knows that HBK is not someone you screw with but just in case you have another senile moment Vince then let me make this perfectly clear to ya. Anyone who screws with HBK always gets the same result and you’re no different Vinnie, if you even think of trying to do to me what you did to Bret Hart then I won’t just knock ya out, no! I’ll take ya down with me!”

The crowd pop as the camera rests on a stern looking HBK.

Shawn Michaels Vs Shelton Benjamin

A solid technical match up here which see’s Shelton succumb to the Sweet Chin Music but not before an excellent showing. Shelton outwrestles HBK early on and presses the advantage with a succession of fast paced ammunition. Surprisingly Shelton seems to be too quick in the early going for the veteran HBK. Shawn finally gets into the match though when Shelton is over zealous and misses a corner splash and the highlight of his attack is a well-executed suicide dive that takes a lot out of both men. The match progresses in a back and forth fashion with Shelton repaying HBK’s suicide dive with his own, only with no hands in an amazing show of agility! The match ends with Michaels blocking the T Bone and connecting with Sweet Chin Music for the victory.

Winner: Shawn Michaels

Commercial break.

A Match Is Made

Having just lost another match Shelton Benjamin is in a foul mood and foolishly bursts into Mr McMahon’s office. Unbeknown to him McMahon already has his hands full with Tyson Tomko. Shelton doesn’t seem to care much though as he exercises his new attitude and totally ignores the conversation in progress between Tomko and McMahon.

Shelton Benjamin “Vince! Vince! I want a rematch with Shawn Michaels! No, I demand a rematch with Shawn Michaels!”

Tomko rises from his seated position and stands over Benjamin menacingly.

Tyson Tomko “Perhaps your blind or maybe you’re just stupid but you obviously don’t seem to realise that Mr McMahon is busy with me.”

Shelton Benjamin “He’s busy with you? You’re a nobody, a loser! Who the hell gives a damn about Tyson Tomko? *The crowd seem to react positively to Shelton’s remark.* Now step aside and let somebody important get on with his business.”

Tyson Tomko “Important? You haven’t won a match in recent memory. There’s only one loser in this room Shelton and it ain’t me and defiantly isn’t Mr McMahon!”

Shelton certainly doesn’t like this comment and both men go nose to nose in what would seem to be the beginnings of a brawl but Mr McMahon soon puts a stop to it.

Mr McMahon “Both of you calm down! Nobody’s fighting in my office so if you two have a problem you can settle it in the ring. In fact I’m going to make that match for this Sunday at New Year’s Revolution. Shelton Benjamin Vs Tyson Tomko! Now both of you get the hell out!”

Both men wisely leave McMahon’s office with the match for New Year’s Revolution having been made.

Joey Styles “Shelton Benjamin Vs Tyson Tomko this Sunday!”

It’s All Business This Sunday

The action now switches backstage to Trish Stratus who is doing some pre match stretches. The obsessed Mickie James who as ever is very pleased to see Trish soon interrupts her.

Mickie James “Hey Trish! Doing some pre match stretches before you match with Victoria? I wouldn’t worry about it you’ll kick her ass! You are the Women’s Champion!”

Trish Stratus “You’re right Mickie, I am the Women’s Champion and this title means everything to me.”

Mickie James “I know Trish! I know! You’re the greatest Women’s Champion ever!”

Trish Stratus “Erm, thanks but my point was that me and you are going to be fighting at New Years Revolution for my Women’s Title and I’m not going to hold back!”

Mickie James “I know! I know Trish!”

Trish Stratus “And even you kissing my last week isn’t going to change that, I am going to give it everything on Sunday and I don’t care if you’re my biggest fan, I’m all business this Sunday!”

Mickie James “I know Trish, it’s going to be great!”

Trish Stratus “You see I’m not sure you understand Mickie. I mean, what was that kiss about?”

Mickie James “I’m sorry about that Trish, it was just meant to be a joke but I promise you I understand what you’re saying and I’m gonna prove it tonight!”

Mickie leaves Trish who looks a little bemused before continuing her stretches.

Joey Styles “What in the hell did Mickie James mean by that?”

Commercial break.

Trish Stratus Vs Victoria w Candice Michelle & Torrie Wilson

Nothing particular special, In fact this match is rather a disappointment even for the women’s division. Trish starts the aggressor with some sloppy offence before Victoria comes back with a clothesline to turn the tide. Victoria spends the next few minutes dominating Trish and things are made difficult for the Women’s Champion thanks to the antics of Candice Michelle and Torrie Wilson on the outside. Thinks soon look up for Trish though when Mickie James comes down and takes the two vixens on the outside out of the equation to leave Trish and Victoria one on one. Trish now is in the game and takes Victoria down with a clothesline and looks to have the match in the bag. That is until Mickie James distracts her and allows Victoria to roll her up for the three! Afterwards Mickie looks to help Trish up but gets pushed away and Mickie is all smiles telling Trish she thought she’d make her happy by these actions. Clearly Trish isn’t and Mickie apologises profusely.

Winner: Victoria

Joey Styles “Mickie James just intentionally costs Trish the match! What kind of a fan does that?”

Jerry Lawler “Mickie knows exactly what she did Joey, it’s all mind games.”

The Coach “You’re right King and I’ve got a prediction for ya, this Sunday we will have a new Women’s Champion! I guarantee it!”

Commercial break.

Chioda Screwed Me

Kurt Angle is backstage discussing the antics of Mike Chioda last week on Raw with Daivari.

Kurt Angle “What Mike Chioda did was a disgrace and to top it all off Chioda is the referee for tonight main event? Chioda screwed me out of last place in the Elimination Chamber, a position that would of guaranteed I would of walked out of New Years Revolution WWE Champion! But now that big red freak Kane has the last spot! Well it doesn’t matter because I’ll break his ankle along with everyone else’s in that chamber!”

Daivari starts to roll off some Arabic clearly supporting the words of his man, Kurt Angle.

Commercial break.

As Raw returns we are taken to our commentary team once more who are this time on hype duty for New Years Revolution.

Joey Styles “Well as you both know New Years Revolution is this Sunday live on Pay Per View and the card has been finalised.”

Chavo Guerrero Vs Matt Striker

The Coach “A match made tonight and it should be a good un, Chavo Guerrero defending his heritage against Matt Striker!”

Shelton Benjamin Vs Tyson Tomko

Jerry Lawler “And another match made tonight, Shelton Benjamin is looking to end his losing streak against Tyson Tomko, it’s not going to be an easy task I assure you!”

Women’s Championship

Mickie James Vs Trish Stratus ©

Joey Styles “Will Mickie James finally reveal her true colours this Sunday at New Years Revolution and become the new Women’s champion?”

Intercontinental Championship

Edge Vs Ric Flair ©

The Coach “A match I’m personally looking forward to, Edge is going to kick Ric Flairs ass and in doing so become the new Intercontinental Champion!”

Big Show Vs Triple H

Jerry Lawler “Will Big Show be able to overcome his handicap and defeat The Game?”

WWE Championship

Elimination Chamber

Carlito Vs Chris Masters Vs John Cena © Vs Kane Vs Kurt Angle Vs Shawn Michaels

Joey Styles “And the big one! Who can survive the chamber? Can John Cena defeat the odds and remain WWE Champion?”

The Coach “That’s not gonna happen Styles! We will have a new champion this Sunday!”

Commercial break.

The Cutting Edge

You think you know me! The sounds of Alter Bridge fill the arena as everyone’s favourite girlfriend stealer comes down to the ring but not to wrestle no, to host the Cutting Edge alongside the sexy Lita. The crowd really hate Edge!

Edge “Thank you for that warm New Jersey welcome but then again what else should I expect from a bunch of backward idiots! *Boo’s fill the arena.* You people wouldn’t know success if it came up and slapped ya in the face. Yeh! You don’t like that do ya? Well maybe some I should slap some of you in the face, teach you some respect for the Rated R Superstar! *Edge proudly displays his T Shirt as boo’s continue to fill the arena.* Now on to something important and tonight’s edition of the Cutting Edge! As you all know this Sunday at New Years Revolution I’m going to kick Ric Flairs ass and become the new Intercontinental Champion! So who better to come out tonight then one of Ric Flairs best friends, one part of the Four Horseman and more importantly someone who knows exactly what goes on inside the head of Ric Flair? Tonight I give you Arn Anderson!”

Arn’s music starts up and the Hall Of Famer makes his way down to the ring but with some difficultly due to his disability. Arn enters the ring and grabs the microphone laid out ready for him.

Edge “Thank you from coming here tonight Arn, I know how difficult it is for a old age cripple such as your self to get about these days particularly one who use to be so active. I mean Arn you’re a WWE Hall Of Famer! You were part of the legendary Four Horsemen! You were part of one of the greatest wrestling groups of all time! Now look at you! You’re a broken down cripple who makes me sick! You’ve fallen so far but you still try to cling on to the past like the pathetic piece of crap you are! *The crowd start to really hate on Edge now and are urging Arn to knock him out.* But when I look at you I see the future of Ric Flair, I see the broken shell of Ric Flair after the punishment I give him this Sunday at New Years Revolution! You see Arn at least you knew when to quit the wrestling ring, at least you knew when you began to suck and sag! Yeh, unlike The Nature Boy! He won’t ever quit, he stills thinks his 22 but it doesn’t matter because I’m gonna prove to the world that Ric Flair is past it and I’m gonna prove it to you too Arn! I’m gonna.”

Arn Anderson “Would you shut the hell up? *The crowd give a loud cheer.* Now you’re right I do have trouble walking and sometimes it hurts like hell to even get up! But why don’t you just ask yourself why? Thought about it? It’s because of people like me and Ric Flair busting our asses night after night that people like you can become the millionaires you are! *The crowd endorse Arn’s comments with huge cheers.* The superstar status you have right now is because of people like Ric Flair who put this business on the map! That stupid little T Shirt you’re wearing is because of guys like me who literally wore out there bodies to give the next generation of wrestlers a better life! When you leave this business you’ll not have to worry about getting a new job or how you’re going to pay the mortgage because you’ll be able to live in luxury for the rest of your life! People like me didn’t have that luxury, we had to do something afterward but it’s not like we didn’t know what we were doing, we wrestled because we loved the business! *Loud cheers continue throughout Arn’s whole speech.* Why do you do this Edge? Is it because you wanna be rich and famous or is it just because you needed a stage to prove what a huge jackass you are?”

The crowd are really into the segment and Lita now decides she’s going to stick her oar in.

Lita “People like you Arn? People like you? You were nothing more than a glorified lackey. Ric Flairs sidekick! Without the Horseman and Ric Flair you would have been nothing Arn, I mean Ric won 16 world titles and what did you win Arn? *Arn looks away in disgust as Lita pauses.* Yeh exactly! So why don’t you gets your facts straight before you talking about how great you were?”

Arn Anderson “So the slut talks? *The crowd give a huge cheer as Edge and Lita are disgusted.* You’ve had this chip on your shoulder for a long time now Edge, you see to think the people backstage and in the crowd hate you because their jealous of you and want to hold you down, newsflash that’s not how it is! People can’t stand you because you stole your best friends girlfriend and got him fired, and when he did gets his job back you manage to screw him over again by getting him kicked off Raw! Now why he’s on Smackdown doing nothing you’re out here parading his ex girlfriend around and rubbing it in everyone’s face. To makes matters worse you’re on the biggest up of your whole career and all because you screwed your best mate, and his girlfriend! These people don’t like you Edge for one reason and one reason alone, because you’re a asshole!”

Edge squares up to Arn as Lita leaves the ring, things seem to be cooling off until the dastardly Lita re-enters behind Arn and nails a low blow! Arn is on the floor while Edge lays the boots into his fallen foe as the crowd scream for Ric Flair to make the save, which he does! Flair comes dashing to ringside and Edge and Lita scarper as Ric helps his old friends to his feet to a standing ovation.

Joey Styles “Edge is a disgrace to this company and I can’t wait to see Ric Flair kick his ass this Sunday!”

The Coach “You better watch your mouth Styles because Edge is going to become the new Intercontinental Champion this Sunday, bank on it!”

Commercial break.

Losing His Mind

Shelton Benjamin is in the parking lot talking to someone off camera, he looks rather wound up and distressed.

Shelton Benjamin “I’m sorry! I know I lost but it wasn’t my fault! Shawn Michaels screwed me! I won’t let you down again I swear, I will end my losing streak against Tomko and I promise I will be a success again! I am not lying I will prove it! Just watch this Sunday! Please just leave me alone!”

Shelton walks off looking very off balance as the camera pans to show nobody else in the parking lot at all!

Jerry Lawler “I think Shelton has finally flipped!”

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Cena is backstage with his WWE Title proudly on display; Todd Grisham is there to ask Cena about tonight’s first blood match.

Todd Grisham “Tonight John you face Kurt Angle in one of the most sadistic matches in WWE history, a match that can only be won by another man’s bloodshed. To make matters worse we are less than a week away before the most brutal match in WWE history, the Elimination Chamber and your WWE Title is on the line.”

John Cena “Let me stop you there Todd because I know the situation, you don’t have to tell me. This Sunday I’m facing the biggest test of my whole career, 5 men all gunning for my WWE Title in the most punishing environment in the whole of wrestling! It’s gonna be tough but John Cena is not about to start whining, in situations like this you gets your ass into gear and make your actions speak for you! And that’s exactly what I’m gonna do!”

The camera focus’s on a serious Cena as the crowd give up a little cheer.

Commercial break.

Big Show Vs Gene Snitsky

A match made in order to sell Big Show’s hand injury and made all the more interesting by Triple H’s presence on the rampway throughout the match. Show’s giant cast turns out not be a hindrance but actually a tool in the match! Show dominates the opening minute or two with one-handed offence until Snitsky comes back with some brawling offence of his own. Snitsky tries to work over the giant hand of the Big Show but is thwarted away by the 500 pounder. Snow looks for the chokeslam with his good hand but Snitsky takes out the legs but this only makes matters worse as Show clobbers Snitsky with the cast! Show covers and gets the three as Triple H looks on in horror! Big Show has a weapon for their match on Sunday!

Winner: Big Show

Joey Styles “Big Show just used that cast as a weapon! Show just turned his handicap into a weapon!”

The Coach “There’s no way Big Show should be allowed to use that cast! It’s a illegal weapon!”

Jerry Lawler “Yeh! Which Triple H gave him Coach, don’t forget that!”

The Coach “That doesn’t matter, it’s a illegal weapon!”

Commercial break.

Don’t Mess With McMahon

Moments before his main event match Kurt Angle has some issues to get off his chest with Mr McMahon.

Kurt Angle “Vince! You know why I’m here. I was screwed last week! Mike Chioda was a biased official and I want him removed from tonight’s main even and fired on the spot! You have no choice Vince, do it!”

Vince McMahon “I have no choice? I have no choice? Who in the hell do you think you are? *The crowd pop.* Damn it I’m Vince McMahon and I don’t have to do a damn thing!”

Kurt Angle “He screwed me out of the last spot in the chamber Vince, he screwed me!”

Vince McMahon “If you don’t shut the hell up I’ll take you out of the match all together! *Kurt suddenly falls silently as McMahon continues.* Now as for tonight, Mike Chioda is and will remain the referee for your match and I assure you he will be totally impartial, if he’s not then he’ll be fired! But if you lay your hands on Chioda at any point in the match then Kurt, you’re fired!”

The camera rests on Angle who can’t believe what Mr McMahon has just said.

First Blood Match

John Cena Vs Kurt Angle w Daivari

A decent match up with a very loud mixed reaction towards both men, various “let’s go Angle” and “let’s go Cena” spars between the crowd occurred throughout. Cena started the better of the two after winning the initial brawl and taking the fight to Angle. Angle soon retaliated however with a succession of crisp moves before ripping the turnbuckle covering off in an attempt to draw blood on Cena. Cena blocks and fights back and things are back and forth until a Daivari distraction allows Kurt to take the lead in the match. Angle once again looks to use the exposed buckle and this time nails Cena twice but still no blood is drawn. Angle looks to grab a chair from ringside to aid his cause but Cena dodges and uses the opening to land a succession of his trademark offence before landing the F-U! Cena goes for a chair of his own from the outside but has Daivari to contend with but this proves little trouble as Cena throws him into the steel steps. Cena enters the ring and both men hit chair shots at the same time! Both men are busted wide open! Chioda calls for the bell and signifies a draw. The action isn’t over yet though as fellow Elimination Chamber contestants Carlito and Chris Masters decide to take advantage and attack both men! Masters has Cena in the Master lock and Carlito beats down on Angle before HBK now joins the party! Michaels lands the Superkick on Carlito and he Masters brawl while the crowd correctly anticipate the arrival of Kane. The huge pyros signify his entrance and he takes out Masters, HBK, Carlito and Angle in that order before finally landing a huge chokeslam on Cena to a mixed reaction. The Big Red Machine sets the ring pyros off and stands tall over all 5 men that he faces this Sunday at New Years Revolution!

Draw: Double Bleed

Joey Styles “Look at the carnage! Everyone is down except Kane! Is this going to be the picture this Sunday at New Years Revolution?”

End show.

Next Update: Smackdown Preview

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Taken from wwe.com

A Night For Revenge

January 6, 2006

The end of Smackdown last week saw Batista laid flat out by The World’s Strongest Man Mark Henry!

Batista was teaming with Rey Mysterio to defend their tag team titles against MNM when the huge Henry made his impact and cost Batista and Mysterio the match and titles. What will the fallout be this week? Will Mysterio and Batista get their revenge? Tune into Smackdown (8 ET; UPN) to find out.

Following Randy Orton's loss on the behalf of Booker T last week in the best of seven series the deficient has been closed to 3-2 by the Rabid Wolverine Chris Benoit. What will Booker’s reaction be to Randy’s loss?

And following the attack on JBL by The Boogeyman what will JBL’s reaction be and where will The Boogeyman strike next? Tune into Smackdown to find out.

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WWE Smackdown

January 6, 2006

Wilkes Barre – Pennsylvania

Rise Up plays as the Smackdown opening video starts to roll. We go through the usual pyrotechnic display before the action begins.

Matt Hardy Vs Nunzio

The unusual concept of opening Smackdown with a match seems to be a good choice as both superstars put on a solid match. Hardy dominates early on and takes the fight to Nunzio but soon finds himself in trouble when Nunzio escapes the Twist Of Fate and nails a sweet dropkick. Nunzio now has a few minutes in the sun before Hardy attempts the Twist Of Fate once more but this time lands it. Hardy wins.

Winner: Matt Hardy

Commercial break.

Devious Alliance

Can you dig it sucka? The music of Booker T starts up and the Book Man makes his way from the back accompanied by his lovely wife Sharmell. Booker isn’t dressed for fighting though as he’s sporting a sassy suit and crutches and also bypasses his usual entrance to come straight to the ring.

Booker T “Now let me get straight to the point, last week Randy Orton let me down! Randy Orton got his assed kicked by Chris Benoit! *The crowd give out a cheer.* I chose you Randy because I thought you could get the job done. I thought that sucka had talent! Well looks like I was wrong ‘cause now Benoit has taken my advantage down 2 to 3. *The crowd give out another cheer.* Now I still can’t wrestle because of what Benoit did to me in this ring, but I’ll be damned if I’m gonna let someone else lose my United States championship! So.”

Hey! Hey! Orton’s decided his had enough of Booker’s ramblings and hastily makes his way down to ringside to fight his corner.

Booker T “What the hell do you want? I was talking about you not to you!”

Randy Orton “If you’ve got something to say Booker then you can say it to my face because quite frankly I’m sick of listening to you! *The crowd give out a loud cheer.* And as for last week, if you’re looking to blame someone for Benoit winning then perhaps you should look a little closer to home! Perhaps at the person standing right next to you!”

Booker takes a glance at his wife before responding to Orton’s comments.

Booker T “Tell me you didn’t just say that?”

Randy Orton “Oh I said it Booker and I’ll say it again in case you missed it, your wife is to blame for my loss last week!”

Booker T “If I weren’t on crutches I’d.”

A huge roar fills the arena as Chris Benoit’s music hits and the Rabid Wolverine decides to join the in ring party. Benoit goes nose to nose with Orton before going nose to nose with Booker and then speaking.

Chris Benoit “If you are so desperate to blame someone for my victory last week then why don’t you look in the mirror Book. Don’t send a boy to do a man’s job!

The crowd pop as Orton turns Benoit around and both men go nose to nose once more, they look to be about to come to blows when the despicable Sharmell uses Booker’s crutch to nail Benoit! Orton takes advantage and in what look a well planned out move hits the RKO! Benoit is left flat on the mat while Booker, Orton and Sharmell stand tall and proud.

Michael Cole “This was all a set up! What a disgusting act by these three heathens!”

Tazz “Now come on Cole, you don’t know this was set up so why don’t you lay off the insults a little or at least say them to their face so I can see you get your scrawny ass kicked!”

Michael Cole “Come on Tazz it’s obvious these three had a pre meditated plot to get one over on Benoit tonight!”

Tazz “Whatever you say Cole.”

Commercial break.

Orton Will Tap

Josh Matthews is backstage and manages to catch a quick word with an irate Benoit.

Josh Matthews “Chris! Chris! You just got RKOed by.”

Chris Benoit “I know what just happened Josh! And all I’ve got to say is that in our next match, two weeks time on Smackdown. Orton is going to tap out!”

Benoit storms off as the crowd pop.

Checking For Marks

A quick cut scene of Sylvain is shown and he is checking for marks left by Lashley from last weeks beating.

Lashley Vs Sylvain

Very much a carbon copy of last weeks match as Lashley dominates the male model with his awesome size and strength. The diamond of the offence is a sweet overhead belly to belly, which Lashley executes with sheer ease. Sylvain decides his had enough and once again tries to escape via countout, only this time he didn’t count on Hardcore Holly showing up! Holly forces Sylvain back into the ring where Lashley quickly dispenses of him with the Dominator.

Winner: Lashley

Commercial break.

Strangers In The Dark

JBL is backstage discussing marketing strategy with image consultant Jillian Hall and that mole.

JBL “We need to squash this whole Boogeyman thing! He’s a disgusting freak of nature! We need to get him as far away from me and my greatest as soon as possible, after all I am a Wrestling God!”

Jillian Hall “I totally agree and I have a marketing strategy to do just that. Ewwwe!”

Jillian’s outburst seems to stem from a solitary worm wriggling across her shoe, which she soon shakes off but that isn’t the end of it. There appears to be a trail of worms coming from underneath the doorway. Confused, JBL decided to investigate and finds a pile of worms right outside his dressing room, which almost makes him physically sick. Then the lights go out in JBL’s room and a voice calls from the shadows.

The Boogeyman “I’m The Boogeyman and I’m coming to get ya!”

Lighting is restored to the room and JBL turns around and bumps straight into the Boogeyman! The Boogeyman is chomping on worms and smashes the symbolic clock off his face while JBL and Jillian are paralysed with fear.

The action soon switches to our announce team of Michael Cole and Tazz.

Michael Cole “What in the hell? How did The Boogeyman get in JBL’s locker room?”

Tazz “I have no idea Cole but I do know that JBL will have to face The Boogeyman one on one next week!”

Michael Cole “JBL and The Boogeyman one on one next week!”

Tazz “You know you don’t have to repeat everything I say.”

Brian Kendrick Vs Kid Kash

A lively affair between the two talented cruiserweights, Kash shows why he’s champion of his division by dominating the early going with some crisp fast pace offence. Kendrick finally gets into the swing of things though with a tornado DDT before unloading a barrage of his fast pace offence on Kash. Kendrick makes a critical error though when he looks to land a moonsault but Kash moves and nails the Brian Damage to secure the victory. Kash doesn’t let up though and starts to stomp away on the down and out Kendrick. He looks to plant another Brain Damage on the helpless Kendrick but Funaki comes down to make the save by clotheslining the champ out the ring!

Winner Kid Kash

Commercial break.

As Smackdown returns Michael Cole and Tazz are called upon once again to update us on next weeks card.

Michael Cole “What a night we’ve had so far and next week is looking great too, we’ve already heard about JBL and The Boogeyman but how about this Tazz? Kid Kash verses Funaki for the Cruiserweight Championship!”

Tazz “No doubt next week is going to be off the chain but tonight isn’t over yet!”

Return The Favour Or Else

Randy Orton and Booker T are backstage discussing strategy for match number six in the Best Of Seven Series.

Booker T “What we did tonight will send a message to everyone! A message that says on the 20th of January 2006, Booker T becomes the new United States Champion!”

Randy Orton “There’s no doubt that you’ll become United States Champion Booker! The only question is what are you going to do in return, for me?”

Booker T “What?”

Randy Orton “You thought I was doing this out the goodness of my heart? Hell no! You better think of a sufficient reward between now and two weeks time because if you don’t, well lets just say things could get ugly!”

Booker looks less pleased with himself as Randy pushes the point with a stern look.

The Mexicools (Psicosis & Super Crazy) w Juventud Vs LOD

A entertaining match which saw a contrast of styles between both sides with the power of LOD going up against the speed of the Mexicools. Power takes the lead as Animal takes the fight to Super Crazy and he and Heidenreich use the ring effectively to keep him isolated. A tag to Psicosis soon heats things up though as the cruiserweight hits nitro and takes both members of LOD out with head scissors, dropkicks and armdrags. The match is back and forth for a few minutes before Psicosis nails the Guillotine legdrop for the surprise win.

Winners: The Mexicools

Commercial break.

Foolish Challenge

Josh Matthews is ready to interview the monster Batista and Rey Mysterio just moments before the main event.

Josh Matthews “Batista, tonight you both get your rematch with MNM for your WWE Tag Team Titles but with the return of Mark Henry and his actions last week are you concerned that he may show up again tonight?”

Batista “Mark Henry can show up if he wants to and quite frankly Josh I hope he does because I owe that man some payback for last week! So Mark if you want a piece of Batista then do like Melina did and come and get it!”

Josh Matthews “And Rey does that reflect how you feel?”

Rey Mysterio “Look Josh, last week Mark Henry costs us our tag team titles so I’m with the big man on this one. If Mark Henry wants to interfere in our match then he get nothing but 6-1-9!”

The camera rests on the aggrieved challengers with the main event next!

WWE Tag Team Championship

Batista & Rey Mysterio Vs MNM © w Melina

A solid tag team contest with a shocking end, Batista and Rey get out the blocks first as the champions can’t compete with their combination of speed and power. Melina makes herself a factor however when she trips Rey and gives Mercury and Nitro the opening they need to isolate the smaller Rey. Some excellent tag team wrestling sees Nitro and Mercury pull out various double team moves and frustrate the challengers and in particular Batista on the outside who becomes increasingly wound up. Batista soon decides his had enough and the official loses all control of the match as all four men go at it with Batista gaining the advantage for his team. Batista’s interference allows Rey to make the tag and the Animal becomes legal. Batista continues his assault on both members of MNM until Melina hands Nitro a chair, which he blatantly uses on the back of Batista! The ref has no choice but to ring the bell but MNM still continue their assault on the challengers. The crowd chanting Batista name seems to do the trick though as the World Heavyweight Champion fights back and he and Rey start to gain the upper hand, until Mark Henry appears. Henry takes Rey out and turns him inside out with a huge clothesline before he and Batista begin to brawl. The numbers game soon catches up on the monster though and Henry nails The World Strongest Slam to take out Batista for the second week in a row! Henry and MNM once again get one over on the World Heavyweight Champion and his buddy.

Winners: Batista & Rey Mysterio

Michael Cole “Our champion has just been laid flat out for the second week in a row! Can even Batista stand up to the challenge of a man the size of Mark Henry?”

End show.

Next Update: Breaking News!

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Taken from wwe.com

Batista injured!

Following Mark Henry and MNM’s vicious assault on Friday Night Smackdown the World Heavyweight Champion Batista has been injured! The injury occurred following a vicious chair shot and World Strongest Slam to the already fragile back of the Animal. It is believed Batista will be out for an extended period of time and the future of the World Heavyweight Championship is unclear but Theodore Long has promised to clear up the situation next Friday night on Smackdown (8 ET; UPN) so make sure you tune in to find out what happens next!

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Taken from wwe.com

WWE Velocity

January 7, 2006

Wilkes Barre – Pennsylvania

Velocity kicked off with The Dicks defeating Big Vito and Nunzio in tag team competition. Next up Ken Kennedy came down and told us all that’d he’d be back sooner than you’d think and promptly joined Steve Romeo and Josh Matthews on commentary for the remainder of the show. Kennedy had a great seat to see the hard-hitting Hardcore Holly take on and defeat Doug Basham after hitting the Alabama Slama. Paul Burchill was also in action when took on and defeated Havoc with a devastating armbar submission. The main event saw Bobby Lashley defeat Scotty Too Hotty after hitting the Dominator.

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Taken from wwe.com

Raw Presents New Years Revolution

January 8, 2006

Albany – New York

Elimination Chamber For The WWE Championship

Carlito Vs Chris Masters Vs John Cena © Vs Kane Vs Kurt Angle Vs Shawn Michaels

The final match to be made by Eric Bischoff and if past Chambers are anything to go by then it’s going to be brutal! All six men have been battling for weeks and Kane has shown his supremacy two weeks in a row by beating the clock to become the last man to enter and this week on Raw he was the last man standing as all five men laid flat out in his wake. Will this momentum and the huge advantage of entering last be enough to help Kane capture the WWE Title? Or will Shawn Michaels rise to the occasion like so many times in the past and repeat his victory in the Chamber? Or perhaps one of the young guns be able to take the title? Can Kurt Angle finally recapture the elusive WWE Title? Or can the unthinkable happen and John Cena walk out with his championship gold in tact?

Big Show Vs Triple H

This all started when Triple H attacked his former best friend Ric Flair at the WWE Homecoming, Triple H would continue his assault until Survivor Series where The Game totally decimated the Nature Boy in a Last Man Standing Match. The locker room shunned The Game but only Big Show came out to stand up to the hideous actions of the Cerebral Assassin and Triple H it seemed had gone too far. The 500-pound monster fired the first salvo by costing The Game an Elimination Chamber qualifying match against Show’s fellow World Tag Team Champion Kane. Triple H having been cost a shot at the WWE Title up the anti when he broke Big Show’s hand during the contract signing with his trusty sledgehammer, the only problem is that it turns out Big Show has a new weapon! Triple H ironically gave Big Show a sledgehammer of his own in the form of the cast on his right hand! Will the cast prove to be a hindrance or a help for the Big Show?

Intercontinental Championship

Edge Vs Ric Flair ©

Edge has been taking every opportunity to take swipes and make fun of Ric Flair and it hasn’t been made too difficult for him with The Nature Boy’s recent road rage incident. Due to his attorneys advice Flair hasn’t been able to respond to the constant cheap shots by Edge and his floozy Lita but instead has made his fists do the talking. With Edge recently attacking close friend Arn Anderson on Raw how smart is Edge to wind up the Nature Boy and will it come back to haunt the Rated R Superstar?

Women’s Championship

Mickie James Vs Trish Stratus ©

Is Mickie James playing mind games with Trish or is she her number one fan? Ever since joining Raw Mickie has been following Trish like a bad smell not giving the Women’s Champion a moment peace, she’s even tried to snog the Canadian beauty! There’s no doubt Trish’s head isn’t fully around this infatuation stemming from Mickie but when her gold’s on the line you better believe Trish won’t let anything stop her giving 100%!

Shelton Benjamin Vs Tyson Tomko

Shelton Benjamin is starting to lose it, both mentally and in the ring. Shelton just can’t buy a win and after interrupting a meeting between Tomko and Mr McMahon our stand in G.M decided it was about time Shelton put up or shut up. Can Shelton finally overcome his losing streak with a win over Tomko?

Chavo Guerrero Vs Matt Striker

Matt Striker has taken it upon himself to try and teach the world a lesson, a lesson in his morality and his views on society. After a comment too far towards Chavo’s Mexican heritage this match has been made, can Chavo successful defend the honour of his country and history?

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Taken from wwe.com

Raw Presents New Years Revolution

January 8, 2006

Albany – New York

Elimination Chamber For The WWE Championship

Carlito Vs Chris Masters Vs John Cena © Vs Kane Vs Kurt Angle Vs Shawn Michaels

I think you may do what WWE did, although then again you may not seeing as you may get complaints from people. Either way, I'm still going to go with John Cena. It was either him or Angle but I think Cena will go on to Mania.

Winner: John Cena


Big Show Vs Triple H

I think we'll see either Triple H vs Cena vs Edge vs Angle, or Cena vs Triple H. So that's why I'm going with Triple H.

Winner: Triple H


Intercontinental Championship

Edge Vs Ric Flair ©

Flair's go to take the win here. He's had his friend destroyed. FLair needs some revenge and then lose the title to Shelton Benjamin.

Winner: Ric Flair


Women’s Championship

Mickie James Vs Trish Stratus ©

Trish will win and this feud will continue to WrestleMania. I could even see a diva returning here, such as Molly Holly or Gail Kim to add a new member to this storyline.

Winner: Trish Stratus


Shelton Benjamin Vs Tyson Tomko

Shelton Benjamin needs this win. If he loses, I'll be seriously dissapointed.

Winner: Shelton Benjamin


Chavo Guerrero Vs Matt Striker

Chavo. I don't want to see Matt Striker be pushed so much because well... I don't like it. I do love his promos though. Chavo should go after the IC title, against Shelton (who should take it from Flair).

Winner: Chavo Guerrero

Good diary by the way, keep it going.

Next Update: New Years Revolution

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Taken from wwe.com

WWE Heat

January 8, 2006

Albany – New York

Gene Snitsky defeated Lance Cade after hitting the Pump Handle Slam.

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Taken from wwe.com

Fallout From The Chamber

January 9, 2006

Last night at New Years Revolution John Cena survived 5 other men and remained WWE Champion against all the odds.

With that in mind it will be interesting to see how the other five men react to Cena’s win, particularly Kane who was the last man left in the cell with Cena. Who will be on the end of the Big Red Machine frustrations tonight? Tune in to Raw (9/8 CT; USA) to find out.

And last night Shawn Michaels threatened to kick Vince McMahon’s teeth down his throat after HBK was made to start the chamber match in Vince’s continued hate campaign against the Heartbreak Kid, will Shawn make good on his promise tonight? Tune into Raw to find out.

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Nice work so far man, I'm glad you didn't do the exact same thing that already happened, as it is often quite tempting to just book a carbon copy of what happened before...but you're still sticking to current storylines. I look forward to seeing how you take things down a different path. (Y)

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Monday January 9th 2006

Hershey – Pennsylvania

Across The Nation plays as the Raw opening video starts to roll. We go through the usual pyrotechnic display before the action begins.

Still Your WWE Champion

Raw kicks off with John Cena who is still our WWE Champion following last nights brutal match up coming down to ringside title in hand. He has a few bandages too following the Elimination Chamber match. The crowd give him a good reception before he begins to speak.

John Cena “The champ is here! *Now we get the mixed reaction from the crowd.* Yeh, I’ve been getting use to that lately. People hating on me just because they think it’s cool or because it’s the in thing to do. But that’s ok because for every ten people that hate me at least one loves me and that’s enough for John Cena! That’s enough to ensure I keep fighting and I keep soldiering on for my Chain Gang! *Some cheers can be heard.* Like last night when I beat 5 other men to keep this damn WWE Title! Where I survived from the beginning to the end and I paid the price! But I’d pay it again just to keep this baby around my waist! *The crowd give a cheer.* And if you wanna carry on riding with Cena then that’s sweet because that’s real recognises real! And as for you people that wanna boo me, you use to cheer me and now just because I’m successful, just because I’m making a career for myself you wanna drag on me? What’s up with that? Do I come to where you work and start booing your ass just because you got a promotion or a pay rise? But you know what? I’d rather concentrate on my real fans, the real wrestling fans! My fans! *A huge mixed reaction starts up now.* And for those of you who don’t wanna ride with John Cena, you can kiss my ass!”

Cenas taunts to the crowd before exiting to the back.

Joey Styles "I guess Cena has made his intentions very clear towards the fans!"

Jerry Lawler "Finally Cena has realised that it doesn't matter what the crowd think as long as you get the job done in the ring!"

Commercial break.

Raw returns and the action switches to our announce team at ringside. A caption flashes on screen.

Joey Styles “Strong words from our champion John Cena just before the break but tonight we’re going to have a number one contenders match to determine who gets a title shot at Cena at the Royal Rumble!”

Jerry Lawler “Kane Vs Kurt Angle! The last two men left in the chamber with Cena last night.”

The Coach “Lets face it guys it doesn’t matter who wins tonight because John Cena is on borrowed time and last night he just got lucky.”

Chavo Guerrero Vs Rob Conway

A solid match that helped progress the Chavo mini push. Chavo has control early on working off his momentum from last night as he takes Conway down with a succession of armdrags and a vertical suplex. Conway fights his way back into the match when Chavo is to eager charging to the corner but Chavo comes back with a Tornado DDT for a near fall. Chavo keeps control and eventually lands the Frog Splash for the one, two, three.

Winner: Chavo Guerrero

Commercial break.

Mood Swings

Mickie is backstage sitting down in the Diva’s locker room when Trish approaches her. Trish seems somewhat sympathic towards the downhearted Mickie.

Trish Stratus “Hey Mickie, you ok?”

Mickie James “Yeh I’m fine.”

Trish Stratus “You sure? You seem a little down; look if it’s about last night then you did really well. It could easily of gone either way, you should be proud.”

Suddenly Mickie looks enraged.

Mickie James “I told you it’s fine! You beat me up! My idol beat me up but it’s ok because it was a wrestling match! It doesn’t mean you hate me! Or does it? No! It does! No it doesn’t Yes it does! No.”

Trish Stratus “Eh Mickie, do you wanna stop doing that?”

Mickie obliges and in true female style has another massive mood swing.

Mickie James “Hey Trish you’ve got Victoria next! And I’m in your corner! How cools that? Lets go!”

Trish is somewhat taken aback but regardless both women head off to the ring ready for the next match up.

Trish Stratus w Mickie James Vs Victoria w Candice Michelle & Torrie Wilson

Your regular divas match and defiantly not a patch on the excellent Women’s Title match up from last nights New Years Revolution. Action switched back and forth between the two divas as they trade punches, chops and suplexs and neither seems to be able to gain a foothold. Trish attempts the Stratusfaction but Candice Michelle and Torrie Wilson conspire to stop her, which leads Mickie to attack both women and lay them out. Regardless Victoria maintains control and looks ready to put it away when a Mickie attack leads to a DQ for Trish. Mickie maintains the assault afterwards until finally the referee and Trish calm her down. Mickie is insane!

Winner: Victoria

Joey Styles “What in the hell is wrong with Mickie James.”

The Coach “She’s got a screw lose baby and I’m personally loving it!”

Commercial break.

What Ever Happened To HBK?

Shawn Michaels is backstage in his locker room in a sorry solemn state having caught the worse of the beating last night at New Years Revolution. Enter a cocky and arrogant Vince McMahon.

Vince McMahon “Not looking so fine tonight are ya Shawn? In fact you look terrible.”

HBK refuses to rise to Vince’s bait and stays silent.

Vince McMahon “What’s the matter Shawn? Cat got ya tongue?”

HBK continued silence irritates McMahon further.

Vince McMahon “Damn it when Vince McMahon speaks to you, you answer him!”

HBK gives a quick glance before putting his head back down. Suddenly Vince sports a smirk.

Vince McMahon “Now I get it! Last night you realised something didn’t ya Shawn. In that chamber you didn’t just get beat up physically but you found out something about yourself mentally. That chamber made you realise you’re no longer the Show Stoppa. You’re no longer the Main Event! You’re just a broken down old man! Time was when Shawn Michaels could take a beating like that and still come out on top. What happened to that guy Shawn? What happened to the Shawn Michaels that I knew?”

HBK seems to lack any sort of fight against McMahon’s words and slumps out simply to escape.

Commercial break.

Raw action goes to our announce team who have an important announcement about tonight’s show.

Joey Styles “Ladies and gentlemen during the break on WWE Unlimited Vince McMahon just made a huge handicap match for tonight! Shawn Michaels Vs Carlito and “The Masterpiece” Chris Masters.”

The Coach “And with the state Shawn Michaels looks to be not only physically but also mentally I can’t see him overcoming two young studs like Carlito and Chris Masters.”

Jerry Lawler “Never count out HBK!”

Gene Snitsky Vs Shelton Benjamin

Can Shelton end his losing streak tonight Joey Styles pondered during his entrance and he got a clear-cut answer at the end, no! Things start bad for the former All American as Snitsky’s size and strength appear to be too much. Shelton does battle back however and nails a splash in the corner before looking to hook up the T Bone suplex. Snitsky blocks though and hits the Pump Handle Slam for the three.

Winner: Gene Snitsky

Commercial break.

Pushing To The Limits

Shelton is backstage walking down the corridor when he bumps into Vince’s Devils. Victoria blocks his path as Candice and Torrie look to have some fun.

Candice Michelle “So how did your match go tonight Shelton?”

Torrie Wilson “Why are you even asking? It’s obvious he lost! He’s a loser!”

All three laugh before Victoria unwisely takes things further.

Victoria “So Shelton when do you think you’ll start winning again? I know, perhaps you should ask those voices inside your head!”

All three witches cackle once more before Shelton snaps and slams Victoria up against the wall. Victoria can barely breath as Shelton continues to hyperventilate. Fortunately for Victoria Shelton seems to snap back and releases the terrified diva.

A Challenge Is Made

Chris Masters and Carlito are discussing last night’s events backstage.

Carlito “Last night Chris Masters and Carlito were screwed!”

Chris Masters “So that’s your story? You excuse for letting Kurt Angle put the Ankle Lock on me!”

Carlito “That wasn’t Carlito’s fault! Carlito had just been chokeslammed by that big red freak Kane. Though you’d never catch Carlito tapping out!”

Chris Masters “What?”

Carlito “Carlito is just saying that he would never have tapped out. That’s all.”

Chris Masters “Well if you’re such a tough nut then why don’t you try the Masterlock Challenge next week?”

Carlito “Carlito in the Masterlock Challenge? You’re on! How tough can one stupid little hold be?”

The camera rests on the two teammates who seem to be living in anything but harmony.

Joey Styles “Carlito in the Masterlock Challenge next week!”

The Coach “I think Carlito just let his ego get the better of him there, nobody can break the Masterlock, not even Carlito.”

Jerry Lawler “Yeh something tells me Carlito has bitten off more than he can chew!”

Commercial break.

Who Is The King?

Time To Play The Game! Motorhead pumps through Hershey as The Game Triple H makes his way down to ringside. He has that usual cocky smirk he always gets when he’s pleased with himself and judging by the size of that smirk, he’s very pleased with himself.

Triple H “Last night at New Year’s Revolution! Last night I proved that I’m still The Game! Last night I proved I’m still the Cerebral Assassin! Last night I proved I’m still that damn good! *The crowd begin to boo.* You see Big Show stuck his nose in business that didn’t concern him, Big Show did something few man dare to do and stood up to me! Big Show did what every person in that locker room has tried to do and has wanted to do for years! Ever since I won my first WWE Title all those years ago every man in this company, hell every man in this business has wanted a piece of The Game! They all come along and shoot their mouth off; hell I’ve seen them all. The big guys, the muscle heads, the small guys, the popular guys, hell I’ve even had the ingrates to put up with! But you see no matter who steps up to the plate, no matter who steps up to tackle the king of kings nobody can get the job done. Nobody can take me out of the equation. Sure they may start off well, a few may even get the odd fluke or bit of luck on their side but that’s life, sometimes things happen that are out of your control but there is one thing you can count on, one constant in this business. Me! I will always come out on top. Which is why at the Royal Rumble. *The crowd booing becomes louder and Triple H waits until the “asshole” chants die down.* Which is why at the Royal Rumble I will be the one man left standing in the middle of this ring! And I will go on to WrestleMania to become the WWE Champion! The king will sit on his throne once again!”

You think you know me? It seems Mr Money In The Bank has some words to say to our king of kings and makes his way ringside with Lita. Triple H does not like being interrupted which is evident in his body language and expressions.

Edge “Excuse me? The king of kings? There’s only one king in this business and your looking at him! I’m Mr Money In The Bank and I’ve been on the biggest roll ever! If anyone is going to win the Royal Rumble, it’s me!”

Triple H “You? You’re going to win the Royal Rumble? Ha ha, you have to be kidding me? What have you ever done in this business to justify interrupting me, interrupting The Game? What, you slept with your best mates slut of a girlfriend? *The crowd enjoy this comment unlike Edge and Lita.* We’ve all had our chance there kid, hell a blind man could tell she’s diseased just by the smell. *The crowd react positively once again.* Face it kid, you’ve done nothing in this business. I’m a 10 time WWE Champion! I know what it takes to be a champion, how many times have you won the WWE Title Edge? Face it junior, your just not championship material!”

Edge “You know if this was a couple of years ago you may have a point. Back when I was being held down in the tag team division with that useless partner of mine you were untouchable. Every one in that locker room either kissed your ass or stayed out of your way. Nobody wanted to be on the wrong side of The Game, nobody wanted to piss of Triple H! You were the best! But the key word there Hunter is were, you use to be the best but face it you’ve been on a steady decline for years, just look at your recent matches with Ric Flair, it took you two to put him away. How long did it take me to keep Flair away? One night! I beat his ass so bad you won’t be seeing old Nature Boy for quite some time. You see I’m what you once were and never will be again, I’m fresh blood and I’m the new king!”

Triple H “So why don’t you put your money where your mouth is? Let’s see if you can back up some of those claims of yours. How about next week on Raw Edge Vs Triple H one on one! And the loser forfeits his entry to the Royal Rumble! How bout that kid? Still wanna mess with the big boys or do you wanna do the smart thing, turn that ass around and get the hell outta my ring!”

Edge pauses in order to think it through thoroughly before responding.

Edge “See you next week.”

Edge’s theme music starts up as he exits with Lita and leaves Triple H to ponder the challenge he just made.

Joey Styles “Edge verses Triple H next week in a Royal Rumble qualifying match!”

Jerry Lawler “But both of these men should already have qualified for the Rumble due to their achievements over the pass year! I think Triple H has made a rare error in judgement here!”

The Coach “No king it’s simple! Edge thinks he’s the new kid on the block and Triple H wants to show that he’s still the man around this place. I personally can’t wait to see who comes out on top next week!”

Commercial break.

Carlito & Chris Masters Vs Shawn Michaels

Shawn Michaels is perked up and ready to perform and starts off well using his speed and ring savvy to off balance the two rookies but the numbers game soon catches up as Carlito hits a cheap shot from the outside. Both men make frequent tags and seem to be working well as a unit despite their disagreement earlier. A succession of tags and double team moves seem to have the heavily bandaged up HBK on the ropes and there looks to be no hope despite the “HBK” chants. Michaels does fight back though with a flying forearm and some how manages to nip up! But a well-placed Chris Masters clothesline soon puts a stop to any fight back and both rookies stomp away at the defenceless HBK. HBK gets the opening he needs later on though as he ducks a Carlito punch and Masters get nailed! Carlito and Masters begin to argue and HBK takes full advantage by bumping Carlito out of the ring and hitting Sweet Chin Music on Masters. Michaels covers and gets the unimaginable win.

Winner: Shawn Michaels

Kane Vs Kurt Angle w Davari

A mismatch in styles but still an enjoyable match, Angle’s early attempts to wrestle Kane are ill founded as the big man powers out of various holds with brute power. Angle attempts to trade blows also comes to a sticky end as Kane packs the stronger punch and following a stiff looking thrust to throat Joey Styles questions as to what Angle can do to beat Kane tonight. Angle does finally mount some offence as he whips the Big Red Machine into the steel steps outside following a clothesline. Angle doesn’t give his opponent a moment to breath as he looks to pound Kane into the ground but as expected Kane eventually retaliates with a big boot and clothesline from the top. Kane has Angle in a chokeslam position but suddenly from the crowd a blonde haired man attacks with a chair. On closer inspection Coach exclaims that it’s Chris Jericho! Y2J destroys both Kane, Kurt Angle and Davari with the chair before taunting to the cheering fans.

Draw: No Contest

Joey Styles “What in the hell? Is Chris Jericho back with the WWE? What in the hell is going on?”

The Coach “Y2J is back baby and his made one hell of a statement here tonight. Y2J wants Cena!”

Joey Styles “What’s going to happen next week?”

End show.

Next update: News Update.

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Taken from the forums of EWB

The Truth Behind Chris Jericho’s Appearance On Raw

It seems WWE has rushed back the return of Chris Jericho due to a lack of cohesion backstage. Sources report that various other options were explored and the appearance of Y2J was very much a last resort and it is highly likely Jericho will disappear once again following the Rumble. The original plan it is believed was for Edge to cash in his Money In The Bank contract following the Elimination Chamber match at New Years Revolution this past Sunday. However it is believed the plan was vetoed by Vince McMahon himself who wants to keep the title on Cena until WrestleMania and perhaps beyond. Another option discussed was Kane but this was dismissed as he is considered too important for the Rumble match itself. The only real option left was Kurt Angle but the prospect of yet another Cena squash on Angle would perhaps be too damaging to the already fragile fan base of the WWE Champion. Jericho will be facing Cena at the Rumble and will then return to his music and media career soon after.

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Taken from wwe.com

An Injured Champion

January 13, 2006

As reported earlier in the week on wwe.com, World Heavyweight Champion Batista was injured last week at the hands of Mark Henry and will be out of action for around 8 months!

Following this disturbing news Smackdown General Manager Theodore Long has promised to address the situation on Friday Night Smackdown this week! What will become of the World Heavyweight Championship? Tune into Smackdown (8 ET; UPN) to find out.

Also with the sixth match in the best of seven series for the US Title only one week away Chris Benoit and Randy Orton will both be in action. Can both men take the momentum they need into next weeks showdown?

Also following their recent spooky encounters on Smackdown JBL and Boogeyman will go one on one! Can JBL overcome his fear and defeat the bizarre Boogeyman?

Also Fuanki and Kid Kash will go one on one for the Cruiserweight Title! Can Fuanki defeat the cocky Kash? Tune into Smackdown to find out.

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WWE Smackdown

January 13, 2006

Philadelphia – Pennsylvania

Rise Up plays as the Smackdown opening video starts to roll. We go through the usual pyrotechnic display before the action begins.

A Wounded Animal

Smackdown kicks off and General Manager Theodore Long is already in the ring with some grave news to deliver.

Theodore Long “I’m out here tonight to do something I never thought and hoped I would have to never do! You see last week on Smackdown, our World Heavyweight Champion Batista was injured. He was injured at the hands of Mark Henry and he’s going to be out for a long period of time, perhaps even a whole year! *This gets jeers from the crowd.* So what I do tonight I do because I have no choice, that’s just the way it is. So without drawing this out any longer lets bring out the World Heavyweight Champion Batista!”

The roof blows off the arena as the soon to be stripped World Heavyweight Champion makes his way down to ringside with the prestige’s strap hanging over his left shoulder. Batista slaps some fans hands and taunts on the turnbuckles before grabbing a microphone.

Theodore Long “Now you know why I’ve brought you out here playa and I know this must be difficult for you so lets just make this short and sweet.”

Long holds out his hand expecting Batista to hand over the title but The Animal has different ideas and brings the microphone to his lips.

Batista “I’m sorry Teddy but I just can’t do that! *The crowd pop.* That’s to say I can’t just hand over the title without at least saying goodbye to each and everyone of these amazing fans! *The crowd pop once more.* You know I won this title last year at WrestleMania and I’ve held it for 9 months. Nobody has been able to take it from me and I’ve wrestled some of the best for it! One of those men was Eddie Guerrero! *Eddie! Eddie! Eddie!* And there’s one thought that is enough to keep me going while I rehab, while I fight the pain because no matter how long it takes, no matter how long I’m out of action I will be back! And I will be World Heavyweight Champion again! But unfortunately that’s one thing Eddie will never be able to do, we’ll never see him go to the top rope and hit the Frog Splash or cheat someone out of a win. We’ll never see him lie, cheat or steal or that stupid smile he always use to get! So when I look at my own situation that thought puts a humbling view on it and I will be back and I will win the title again, for you Eddie. I’m gonna do it for you!”

Batista has tears in his eyes now following his emotional farewell speech and hesitantly kisses the belt and slowly hands it over. Long takes the belt and stands out of view in respect as Batista music starts up and the former champ celebrates on the buckles to his adoring fans. Batista finally shakes Long’s hand and exits the ring. Our Smackdown G.M isn’t finished yet.

Theodore Long “Lets here it for Batista! A real champion! A real man! Come on! *Applause fills the arena.* As cold as this sounds this is a business and the show must go on so tonight we will make our first steps towards crowning a new World Heavyweight Champion. With the Royal Rumble only two weeks away it would seem fitting that a new champion sound be crowned there! So tonight we’re going to have the quarterfinals of an eight-man tournament with the final being at the Royal Rumble! Whoever wins the tournament finals at the Rumble will be crowded World Heavyweight Champion! *The crowd give out a little cheer.* And the first match is next!”

Long exits the ring as Matt Hardy’s music starts up and the tournament is under way.

Michael Cole “The champion is gone and life must go on!”

Tazz “What are you a freakin poet? Anyway I can’t wait to see which men are in this tournament and I guess Hardy is one of them!”

Commercial break.

World Heavyweight Championship Tournament Quarter Final

Chris Benoit Vs Matt Hardy

The match is already underway when Smackdown returns with Benoit controlling the early going with some vicious chops that sting the chest of Hardy. Hardy comes back with a spinkick and follows up with some punches in the corner and a whip to the opposing buckle. Benoit counters with his feet in the corner and responds with more chops before taking total control of the match. Benoit takes Hardy to school with a fine selection of moves before going up top for the Suicide Headbutt. Benoit gets good air but Hardy moves out the way. Hardy looks to capitalise with the Twist Of Faith but Benoit pushes Hardy away who collides with the referee! Even with no referee the match continues but neither man looks to soil this excellent contest and keep duking it out fairly. Benoit gains the upper hand though when he lands a series of vicious headbutts on Hardy and then hits the Suicide Headbutt! Benoit has the cover, which prompts current nemesis Randy Orton to come through the crowd, in his street clothing and stalk Benoit. Benoit turns and RKO! Orton drapes Hardy over Benoit and moves the ref into position and he counts Benoit’s shoulders out. Orton leaves with a wicked smirk!

Winner: Matt Hardy

Michael Cole “That damn Orton just screwed Benoit out of a chance to be World Heavyweight Champion!”

Tazz “No doubt and we all know Benoit will be looking for revenge!”

Commercial break.

Tantalising Fixture

We see Batista backstage about to leave the arena but Rey Mysterio manages to catch up with him before he leaves.

Rey Mysterio “Hey man! Where you going?”

Batista turns around and is pleased to see Rey standing before him.

Batista “I’m just gonna slip out, I’m not really in the mood to stick around.”

Rey Mysterio “You can’t leave without saying goodbye! These guys back here are gonna miss ya, you’ve been a great champion and Smackdown going to be worse off without you.”

Rey extends his hand and both men shake and embrace before Batista leaves us with a tantalising prospect.

Batista “I’m gonna be back Rey and I want you to go out there and win the World Heavyweight Championship! So when I do come back, it can be Rey Mysterio Vs Batista for the World Heavyweight Championship! Do that for me Rey! Do it for Eddie!”

Rey Mysterio “It’s a deal.”

Both men shake and embrace once more before Batista leaves Smackdown for the last time in a long time.

Michael Cole “This may well be the last time we see Batista in a long long time and I don’t know about you Tazz but I’m not very happy with that thought.”

Tazz “Well of course your not, nobody is because Batista was a great champion but life must go on and Smackdown will survive without him Cole.”

Cruiserweight Championship

Funaki Vs Kid Kash ©

Another excellent match up to keep the crowd pumped as both men give us a classic cruiserweight encounter. Kash shows why he is the champion of the division early on with a fine display of his arsenal before Fuanki reverses the Brian Damage into a suplex of his own to take control. Funaki nails a succession of clotheslines and dropkicks before taking Kash out on the outside with a suicide dive. Fuanki is made to pay though as Kash whips him into the steel steps and bounces his head off the announce table. Kash takes Funaki inside and following a near fall finishes the job with the Brian Damage. Afterwards Kash looks to hit the move one more time but Brian Kendrick repays the favour of last week and makes the save for Fuanki.

Winner: Kid Kash

Michael Cole “Brian Kendrick repaying the favour of last week!”

Tazz “Yeh but Kid Kash don’t look to happy about it and I don’t blame him. Why in the hell are people getting involved in business that doesn’t concern them?”

Michael Cole “Because it’s the right thing to do?”

Tazz “No because they have nothing better to do, stick to your own problems and maybe you’ll be champion yourself one day, you know what I’m saying?”

Michael Cole “That’s very philosophical Tazz.”

Tazz “Thank you, it is isn’t it?”

Commercial break.

Image Is Everything

JBL and Jillian Hall are backstage discussing the upcoming match with The Boogeyman.

Jillian Hall “A victory over The Boogeyman is important tonight, a victory would really increase your stock which has been on the fall recently.”

JBL “You think there’s any doubt that I’m going to beat that worm eating freak? Especially since Theodore Long made it a part of the World Heavyweight Title tournament? Well I can put those fears to rest because JBL hasn’t held gold for too long now and at the Royal Rumble that’s all going to change. Boogeyman or no Boogeyman!”

JBL and Jillian walk off because that match is next!

World Heavyweight Championship Tournament Quarter Final

JBL Vs The Boogeyman

The Boogeyman’s entrance is just plain weird and the crowd don’t know what to make of it either. Regardless JBL jumps Boogeyman looking for the early advantage but finds himself brushed aside. Boogeyman reaches in his pants and pulls out a handful of worms and throws them in JBL’s face! Bradshaw smartly gets the hell outta there and his various attempts to re-enter are unsuccessful as Boogeyman keeps cutting him off. Finally the referee restores some order and Boogeyman shows he can fight with some strong power offence before JBL rebounds with a boot in the corner and looks to be gaining some momentum until Boogeyman starts to freak out. He seems to lose control of his body and shakes uncontrollably before taking JBL down with a clothesline. Boogeyman then grabs his entrance stick and blows the fumes in JBL’s eyes! JBL looks to be blinded and the referee calls for the bell. Boogeyman has evil intentions on his mind though and munches on a handful of worms before spitting them in the face of a blinded JBL. Boogeyman looks towards Jillian but she luckily gets outta there before he can get his hands on her.

Winner: JBL

Tazz “That’s disgusting Cole! This man is seriously ill in the head!”

Michael Cole “I’m just Jillian got away, I mean she hasn’t got any cancerous moles left to eat so who knows what he’ll do to her next?”

Tazz “Blugh!”

Commercial break.

Ugly American Pig

Smackdown’s male model is backstage admiring himself in the mirror when a member of the backstage crew walks past.

Sylvain “Hey you! Zee baldly! How’s my face, can you see any scarring from that buffoon Lashley last week?”

Crewmember “No, erm you look fine.”

Sylvain “Fine? Fine? Is zee Mona Lisa fine? Is Michelangelo’s David ok? No! You are an idiot American! *Some boos can be heard.* My face is as beautiful, no more beautiful then any piece of art this world has ever seen! Unlike that filthy pig Hardcore Holly, he’s your typical American how you say? Ugly dog!”

The crewmember throughout has been staring blankly at Sylvain and as the camera pans out we see why, Hardcore Holly standing right behind Sylvain! Holly taps Sylvain on the shoulder and suddenly Sylvain’s courage seems to evaporate.

Hardcore Holly “Next week I’ve just been told that I can get my hands on you officially in the ring! *The crowd cheer.* And when I’m through with you, you’ll make dog crap look appealing!”

Holly walks off as Sylvain takes a large hesitant gulp.

A Promise And A Dedication

Josh Matthews is backstage and he has Rey Mysterio standing by.

Josh Matthews “Tonight must be a night full of mixed emotion for you Rey. While you have an opportunity to make progress in the World Heavyweight Championship Tournament it comes at the expense of your close friend Batista. So what goes through you mind as you prepare for this match?”

Rey Mysterio “You’re right Josh, it’s only because a terrible thing happen to a good friend that I’ve been given this opportunity but it’s the same for every man entered in this competition! As far as I’m concerned Batista was perhaps the greatest champion of all time and it seems only fitting that nobody could pin him one, two, three for the belt. But tonight I’ve got a promise to keep, when Batista comes back I will be the World Heavyweight Champion and we will main event a pay per view but not just for ourselves but also in the memory of Eddie Guerrero, viva la rasa!”

Rey makes his way towards the entrance ramp and his match with Lashley, next.

Commercial break.

World Heavyweight Championship Tournament Quarter Final

Lashley Vs Rey Mysterio

A David verses Goliath here as the speed and quickness of Rey goes against the strength and size of Lashley. Unfortunately Lashley does a poor job of selling the majority of Rey offence and it almost looks cringe worthy to see the big man go down at all the wrong times. Lashley did start on the offence however and Rey didn’t have the same problem as Lashley threw him around like a sack of spuds and showed his excellent technique but a head scissors counter sees Rey take charge. Rey uses his speed to keep Lashley off balance and the ends come when Rey looks for the 6-1-9. He connects with the feet but Lashley blocks a hurricanarana; it’s to no avail though as Rey slips down and applies the sunset flip for the three. Afterwards Lashley looks somewhat disgruntled with the referee and Tazz on commentary argues the count seemed a little quick. Regardless both men shake hands and Rey advances.

Winner: Rey Mysterio

Tazz “I still think it was a fast count but props to Lashley, he’s a bigger man than I would be in that situation.”

Michael Cole “Well it’s not Mysterio’s fault Tazz! He could hardly blame Rey for that.”

Tazz “No but he could blame the referee if you get my drift.”

Michael Cole “That’s terrible.”

Tazz “Well it was a terrible count!”

Commercial break.


Melina is backstage massaging the huge shoulders of the World Strongest Man Mark Henry; she’s pumping him up for his up coming match with Randy Orton in tonight’s main event. MNM are lingering in the background.

Melina “You’re the man who injured Batista and put him on the self, you should be the World Heavyweight Champion, but Teddy Long doesn’t see it. The only way to make him see is to go out there and destroy Orton and anybody else who gets in our way!”

Henry stands up as Mercury and Nitro reaffirm Melina’s words and before following Henry all three give each other a smug look.

World Heavyweight Championship Tournament Quarter Final

Mark Henry w Melina Vs Randy Orton

A solid match between the two which the young Orton must be given credit for. Orton cannot match the early power and strength of Henry and simply gets tossed around in the early going but Orton shows he’s not the youngest World Heavyweight Champion in history for nothing when he low bridges and sends Henry to the outside. Orton takes full advantage of the situation and throws Henry into the steps and bounces him off the guardrail, announce table and even slams his head into the ring post. Orton looks to work over Henry’s head now with a succession of punches, knees and kicks before locking in a rear naked choke. Henry manages to escape though and as Ortons comes off the ropes he catches him in a bearhug. Orton barely hangs on but takes control again with a top rope missile dropkick. Orton covers for the near fall and decides it’s time for the RKO. Orton has everything set but suddenly Benoit appears and distracts Orton. Orton hurls threats at Benoit before turning his attention back to Henry who drops him with the World Strongest Slam! Henry covers and advances. Benoit leaves smiling with Orton down and out and Melina and Henry ecstatic.

Winner: Mark Henry

Tazz “Orton just got screwed! And Benoit’s smiling about it! Good! Payback’s a bitch!”

Michael Cole “Orton just learnt you don’t mess with the Rabid Wolverine! See you next week!”

End show.

Next Update: Heat And Velocity Results

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Taken from wwe.com

WWE Velocity

January 14, 2006

Philadelphia – Pennsylvania

Velocity’s kicked off with some tag team action this week as The Dicks continued their rise through the ranks with an impressive win over former tag team champions Animal and Heidenreich. Sylvain was in action next as the male model took on Paul London and defeated him with the 3 Seconds Of Fame. In the main event Hardcore Holly and William Regal went one on one in a hard hitting contest which eventually saw Holly get the victory with the Alabama Slama, look out for Holly this week on Smackdown when he and Sylvain go one on one!

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Taken from wwe.com

The Return Of Y2J

January 16, 2006

Last week on Raw Chris Jericho made his dramatic return by attacking both Kane and Kurt Angle!

Kane and Angle were both fighting to determine who would go on to face John Cena at the Royal Rumble for the WWE Championship when Y2J assaulted both men with a steel chair. Does Jericho’s attack mean he wants in on the match at the Rumble? We should find out tonight as Jericho hosts the Highlight Reel with his guest as John Cena himself! Tune in to Raw (9/8 CT; USA) to find out what Y2J has to say for himself.

Also this week Edge and Triple H will square off with their Royal Rumble entry on the line, who will pay the price for their ego and find themselves sitting on the sidelines for the best opportunity of the year?

And last week Carlito enraged Chris Masters after both men missed out on an opportunity to become WWE Champion at New Years Revolution. As a result Carlito will be the next man to take the Masterlock Challenge. Can Carlito break the so far unbreakable hold? Tune into Raw to find out.

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I am really liking this diary as it is really realistic keeping the push on Henry and everything. The one thing I don't like though is that Lashley losing on Smackdown! to Rey Mysterio. I know Mysterio is awesome, but Lashley was a beast and should still be in this diary.

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