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Life on Mars

Timmoru Suzuki

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Has anyone been watching Life on Mars on BBC 1 on monday nights? After a passable first episode, the last two have been very very good, and it's becoming a good cop show in it's own right.

Basically, the story can be a bit complex for those that haven't watched so far but basically, the series began in 2006. A DI (Sam) was tracking a serial killer, when he was run down in a hit and run. He 'woke' up in 1973, and the series is about him as a cop in 1973. Its a bit more clever and involved than that though, as although we dont see 2006 again, we are made aware Sam is in a coma, and this world he is in is just in his mind as he is in a coma. You also get the sense events in 2006 are having an effect on Sam's 1973 life (like today's show, Sam was getting used to 1973, and you heard doctors saying that his response levels have fallen, like he's giving up fighting. Sam can often hear them, but no-one can hear his responses). Sam isn't sure how to escape the world, and part of each episode is dedicated to this. There is a bit more to it than that, but that's the very basic jist.

My favourite character so far is Gene, Sam's boss in 1973. Mostly because he practises the 'look tough, shout and beat the crap out of someone until they talk' theory of policing. He's about instincts.

Oh, and for some reason, remember how in the early hours of the morning the BBC just used to be a grey screen with boxes. There was a circle in the middle with a picture of a young girl writing on a board and a clown? For whatever reason, Sam is haunted by that girl, who claims to be his only friend. Strange.

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