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Elfen Lied

Johnny Latino Heat

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So I just watched the whole Elfen Lied anime, and I have to say, it's one of the most impressive, emotional, and stomach churning animes I have ever seen.

Here are some of the parts that moved/disgusted the living hell outta me:

That whole part when the little boys are killing Lucy/Nyu's dog in front of her. God, I just loved that payback.

The Mayu/stepfather relationship made me sick.

Kohta's sister's expression and last words when she died.

The suffering the Diclonius' have been through.

Kohta being one of the biggest victims in this.

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I've not seen more than a few clips, but I haven't as yet bothered to follow it up. I may do so once I free up some more hard drive space.

Obviously I can't be entirely accurate when recommending similar anime, but for ones that are that emotionally fucked up then Saikano is king.

I need more emotionally destructive anime. I've been on a run of comedies recently, and the giggling is strarting to become painful.

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I didn't find Pefect Blue that bad. I mean, maybe it was overhyped to me by everyone going on about how its "like if Hitchcock did animation". Sure there was a bit of rape, some attempted knifeage, and the whole wierdness caused by everybody being fucked in the head, but frankly I was more disturbed by the first episode of Speed Grapher than I was by this.

Probably because I wasn't expecting it, to be fair.

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The Place Promised To Us In Our Early Days (can't be arsed to remember the Japanese name to this one :( )

It's a good film, but it damn sure doesn't contain the 'devastating' variety of emotion like those examples from Elfen Lied. It's sweet, that's all it is.

And screw the Japanese name, I can barely be bothered with the English one. I usually refer to it by its alternate title 'Beyond the Clouds', because I can actually get it out in one breath without tripping up over myself.

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