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EWB SDvsRAW UK League Information


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Last Updated: 9th April 2006

<img src="/junky/sdvsraw.jpg%22>">http://www.ewbattleground.com/junky/sdvsraw.jpg">


Adam Striker

EWB Username: alldawson

Contact: alldawson@gmail.com

Online Handle: alldawson

Record (W/D/L): 1/0/0 (100%)

Dread X

EWB Username: The Zekester

Contact: amplesalty@gmail.com

Online Handle: AmpleSalty

Record (W/D/L): 0/0/1 (0%)


EWB Username: Dan

Contact: one.last.kiss.for.you@googlemail.com

Online Handle: dkh89

Record (W/D/L): 0/0/1 (0%)

Jason Michaels

EWB Username: Jouzy

Contact: tehjou@gmail.com

Online Handle: tehjou

Finishing Move: Tiger Driver

Record (W/D/L): 1/0/0 (100%)

Liam Byrne

EWB Username: rvdwannabe

Contact: kingliambyrne@hotmail.com

Online Handle: rvdwannabe

Record (W/D/L): 1/0/0 (100%)


EWB Username: Katsuya

Contact: christoman280391@hotmail.com

Online Handle: Katsuya

Record (W/D/L): 0/0/1 (0%)


EWB Username: adrenalinejunky

Contact: adrenalinejunky99@hotmail.com

Online Handle: junkd

Record (W/D/L): 0/0/0 (0%)

Richie S

EWB Username: Richie S

Contact: y2richie@hotmail.com

Online Handle: RichieS198

Record (W/D/L): 0/0/1 (0%)

Ryan Steel

EWB Username: Dragsy

Contact: rookie.of.the.year@gmail.com

Online Handle: Dragsy

Finishing Move: One Way Down

Record (W/D/L): 1/0/0 (100%)

Want to join?

If you live in the United Kingdom, have Smackdown vs RAW 2006 for the PS2 with an online connection and want to join the EWB league. Simply send me a private message with your MSN contact, online handle and wrestler name. Please note that all wrestlers must be original CAW's.

Results Archive

/forum/index.php?showtopic=37437">Show #1 - World Title Tournament Round 1

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