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ECW 2000 - The way it should've been

Guest Coley

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ECW went into 2000 with a lot of there main star's missing. Star's such as Taz, Shane Douglas and Perry Saturn amongst were absent from the company as they moved other and in some cases bigger promotions (Reffering to WCW and the WWF). However, on the 14th of May when ECW hit the Millenium Theatre in Florida thing's changed for the better. ECW announced the return of Taz back into the family and the introduction of star's such as Jushin Thunder Lyger, Ken Shamrock plus many more star's of the future. Such as Randy Orton, Brock Lesnar, Thugging Marvelous (Directors note: John Cena) & many more former WWF developmental talent. Upon there arrival at ECW they were fowarded to the ECW Boot Camp by owner Paul Heyman, where they are set to hone there skill's and improve upon there already ravishing reputation.


Main event:

Jerry Lynn (F)

Raven (F)

Rhino (H)


Super Crazy (F)

Taz (F)

Upper Midcard

Jushin Thunder Lyger (F) (Japanese Commitments)

Ken Shamrock (F) (Japanese Commitments)

Little Guido (H)

Masato Tanaka (F)

Mike Awesome (H)

Sabu (F)

Steve Corino (H)

Tommy Dreamer (F)

Tony Mamaluke (H)

Ultimo Dragon (F) (Japanese Commitments)

Willy Regal (H)

Yoshihiro Tajiri (F)


Chris Candido (H)

Justin Credible (H)

Lance Storm (H) (Currently injured)

New Jack (F)

Sandman (F)

Spike Dudley (F)

Lower Midcarders:

Axl Rotten (F)

Balls Mahoney (F)

Danny Doring (F)

Johnny Swinger (H)

Kid Kash (F)

Low Ki (N) (Japanese Commitments)

Mikey Whipwreck (F)

Nova (F)

Roadkill (F)

Satoshi Kojima (H)

Simon Diamond (H)


Nick Dinsmore (H) (Inactive)


Austin Lee (H)

Brock Lesnar (F)

Charlie Haas (F)

Christopher Daniels (H)

Elix Skipper (H)

Gail Kim (F)

Onyx (F)

Randy Orton (H)

Stylez (F)

The Truth (H)

Thugging Marvelous (H)


Bill Alfonso (H)

Dawn Marie (H)

Francine (F)

Joel Gertner (F)

Paul Heyman (T) (Commish)

Hardcore Heaven Recap

- Ultimo Dragon over Jushin Lyger

- Taz over Ken Shamrock

- Diamond & Swinger over The Chair Swinging Freaks, Doring & Roadkill, Awesome & Tanaka to win the ECW Tag Team titles

- Rob Van Dam over Jerry Lynn to retain the ECW TV Title.

- Sandman over Justin Credible in a "Singapore Cane Match"

- Super Crazy over Little Guido in a ladder match to capture the ECW Super Division title for the second time!

- Rhino over Raven, Corino & Dreamer. Order of elimination: Dreamer, Raven, Corino. Raven lost the title without losing to Rhino!

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There's a lot I see wrong with this, so sorry if I come across sounding like an asshole. I don't mean to, it's really just a case of pointing out some things you might have wanted to think about before putting this together

might sound nitpicky but referencing Perry Saturn when you're talking about the guys missing in 2000 is a little odd for me. He was missing the whole of 99 too, it's not like he was a part of ECW any time recently, unlike Taz and Douglas, so I don't really see him fitting with that at all.

Jushin Lyger? If he was bought in for a show, or the odd here and there appearance I could dig that and as far as I'm aware it would make sense. But as a full time fully active roster member it's a bit optimistic.

Ken Shamrock. I've never quite been sure how all his WWE contract stuff worked at this point in time and whether he was actually a free agent. Either way, I could see Shamrock fitting into ECW if his style was changed a little. Only thing is, WWE tried to bring him in to work a programme with Angle, but he backed out when he wasn't given an easy workload and schedule. Would a hardworking ECW one, and his high wage demands, really work for him?

As for Lesnar, Orton and Cena, whether they've gone into development or not, I'm not a fan of that either. The other thing as well is that ECW isn't the WWE. a 2000 Orton or Lesnar, would go straight onto tv in ECW. They often used stars who were too green, and would help them develop on screen, and cover their weaknesses. You think they'd stick a guy like Lesnar in development with that physique? He made his debut in 2000, ECW would have put him straight on tv in my opinion. Same goes for Orton really. As for Cena, he didn't debut until 2001, so I guess it's ok. Still, it's jsut the idea of signing all three of these guys who we know are now three of the biggest new stars the WWE has produced over recent years, just doesn't sit well with me really.

Then when I look through the rest of your roster you've got Dinsmore, Haas, the Truth and a whole load of other guys that you've signed out of nowhere. Again, not a big fan of this either.

Also, Candido's there and this is May 14th? WCW? No?

Mike Awesome? WCW? No? If you just re-signed him away from WCW I don't think that's gonna happen, when they bought him in to drop the belt, they kept him away from the roster because they expected the roster to kick the shit out of him.

why is Taz back? I know you said they announced him coming back, but why? What happened to him and the WWE?

I just think that this needed a lot more research, or just basic knowledge, before starting it out to be honest. I'm sure there's loads I missed but that'll do for now.

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There's a lot I see wrong with this, so sorry if I come across sounding like an asshole. I don't mean to, it's really just a case of pointing out some things you might have wanted to think about before putting this together

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He was a free agent I think, so I just signed him. Or he was under ECW contract. I used a pretty shitty 2000 scenario for this Diary.
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IPB Image

ECW In Demand - 4th July 2000

The show started off with Joey Styles & Cyrus in the ring, but no Gertner or Earl. Cyrus goes on to say ECW is lucky that he isn't on this "Network" or else this show wouldn't even air! They both introduce themselves and go to there commentators area as the night begins!

The Legion of Doom versus Diamond & Swinger - ECW Tag Team Titles

- The Legion of Doom come out to a great reception from the crowd with there newly won ECW Tag Team Titles!

- Simon Diamond & Johnny Swinger then come out and say that LOD are way past there prime and they're hogging the limelight that teams like themselves deserve!

- Animal and Hawk lay down the challenge to them saying that they're going to feel a rush tonight!

- Diamond & Swinger suprisingly dominate the match throughout!

- Swinger prepares to hit The Swing Thing on Road Warrior Animal but Roadkill runs in and hits him with a chair!

- Roadkill then hoists Swinger on his shoulder's and Hawk comes off the rope with a clothesline. Animal then makes the cover and they successfully defend their ECW Tag Team Titles!

- Diamond & Swinger then double team on Roadkill, Doring runs in to save his tag partner but get's ejected from the ring almost instantly.

- Then The Legion of Doom come to the hell of Roadkill and lay Diamond and Swinger out!

Rating: 69%

Raven isn't too happy

- The former ECW World Heavyweight Champion, Raven, comes out to the ring with a microphone in his hand

- He say's that during his long altercation with Rhino that the crowd were never behind him!

- And that he's going to do what the fan's have been doing to him for years. Shitting all over him.

- He then put's down the crowd before being interrupted by Megadeth's "Trust"

- "The New F'N Show" Jerry Lynn comes out to the crowd's defence and challenges Raven to a match tonight!

- Raven accept's swearing that Lynn has no idea what he is getting himself in to.

Rating: 81%

Thugging Marvelous "spits" on New Jack

- The camera goes backstage where Thugging Marvelous is seen with an ECW branded microphone.

- Marvelous put's himself over and says he isn't scared of New Jack. Calling him nothing but a worthless shit.

- "Natural Born Killaz" play's once again and Marvelous look's around cautiously half expecting New Jack to show up.

Rating: 73%

Guido's Second Defense

- The FBI come out once again with Guido leading the pack.

- He says that he is a man of his word when he said that he is the best Italian in wrestling, by defending his Super Division title against Mikey Whipwreck last week.

- He tell's the "guys in the back" to roll the footage.

- A video package of last week's match between Whipwreck and Guido is aired. The video has obviously been edited as it only shows Guido's high points in the match, it doesn't show the champ bending the rules to beat Mikey!

- "Bawitaba" by Kid Rock then play's and Kid Kash comes out questioning Guido's skills, and say's the only way he's gonna sell himself as the best champion is by beating Kash tonight!

- Guido seem's hesistant, but Big Sal E. Graziano say's that Guido would kick the crap out of that punk.

- His look's disagree, but Guido's pride gets the better of him as he accepts Kash's challenge!

- Kash gains the upper hand throughout the match, but when Mamaluke and Big Sal decide to "help" Guido it all changes.

- Guido goes low and then locks in the Sicilian Crab, Kash doesn't tap but he passes out from the pain!

Rating: 73%

Steve Corino vs Danny Doring

- The King of Old School comes out for his scheduled match with former ECW Tag Team Champion, Danny Doring.

- It is announced that interference in this contest will not be tolerated.

- Corino squashed Doring in this match and finishes it with The Old School Expulsion for the three count.

- Corino get's on the microphone and says that Taz is afraid of him!

- "War Machine" by Kiss then play's as the lights flicker. Taz marches down the ramp while Steve Corino paces around the ring waiting for them to go head to head.

- Both men get in each others faces, but Steve Corino throws fists first!

- Both men exchanges right hands and Taz get's the better by flooring Corino.

- The King of Old School pull's something out of his trunks and hit's Taz with it right in the face!

- Corino then runs for it as Taz is on the floor.

- Just as Corino is nearing up the ramp, Taz recovers and starts cursing at Corino before ECW In Demand goes to a commercial break.

Rating: 64%

Tommy Dreamer vs Nova

- In Demand comes back from a commercial break with Nova making his entrance to The Beastie Boy's "Intergalactic"

- "Man in a box" by Alice in Chains then play's as The Innovator of Violence, Tommy Dreamer comes out to a rabid reaction from the crowd!

- The match doesn't last for long after Tommy gets the three count as a Death Valley Driver dedicated to the late Louie Spicolli.

- Tommy begins to walk up the ramp but then Mike Awesome comes out and has a few words for Dreamer.

- He gives Tommy credit for how quick he recovered.

- He went on to say that next time they meet he'll be on the shelf even longer!

- Dreamer then goes to fetch a chair but Awesome quickly walk's off before Tommy can come in close proximity of him.

Rating: 56%

Earl tries to get booked

- Joel Gertner is seen backstage hesitantly drinking a beer with The Sandman.

- Gertner says: "So... you fancy having a match with Earl tonight?"

- Earl is saw in the camera with a can of beer in his hand, but it has yet to be opened.

- The Sandman doesn't reply to Gertner and says to Earl: "Drink up kid!"

- Earl looks to Gertner for a translation and he signal's for Earl to drink.

- The camera fades to the next segment as Styles and Cyrus comment that Gertner may be asking the wrong guy.

Rating: 80%

Raven vs Jerry Lynn

- Both men make there way to the ring for the next bout.

- Raven dominates for the most part of the match, and at one point hit's the Evenflow DDT!, but Lynn kicked out.

- Raven once again hit's the DDT after Lynn failed at attempting to hit the Cradle Piledriver.

- Raven pin's Lynn, but Lynn some how turns Raven on to his shoulders with a crucifix and gets the upset over the former World Champion!

- Raven get's revenge on Lynn and bloodies The New F'N Show!

- Raven then does his signature pose over Lynn's limp body as In Demand cut's to a commercial break.

Rating: 72%

Earl tries to get booked: Part II

- The camera goes back to Gertner, Sandman and Earl sitting down "enjoying" a few beers. Well, at least that was The Sandman is doing!

- Rhino walks in with his newly won World Heavyweight Title over his shoulder. Gertner jumps at the chance of asking Rhino to give Earl a match!

- Rhino grin's angrily at The Quintessential Stud Muffin before socking him one sending Gertner to the floor!

- The Sandman stands up to The Man Beast and pushes Rhino back saying "Not to attack his fucking guests"

- Earl stands up to both men rather comically, both Rhino and Sandman look at him in a perculiar fashion. He then utter's a few words in his own language very angrily.

- Gertner get's back up and says; "Earl says that he wants him and Sandman against Rhino and a partner of his choice tonight! .... it obviously wasn't what Earl said.

- Earl grins evily thinking that Gertner translated correctly.

- Both The Sandman and Rhino agree as the camera cuts to the next segment.

Rating: 73%

Rob Van Dam & Sabu vs The Chair Swinging Freaks

- Both teams come out to a great reaction from the crowd.

- At one point in the match RVD accidentally hit Sabu with the Van-Daminator!

- Never the less, the team of RVD and Sabu still came out on top after Sabu hit the Arabian Face Buster on Balls Mahoney.

- Sabu and RVD face off at the end of the match, but Bill Alfonso steps in before anything happens.

Rating: 72%

Earl & The Sandman vs Rhino and ???

- Earl, Gertner, The Sandman & Rhino wait in the ring while Rhino's mystery partner decides to arrive.

- Rhino's mystery partner reveals himself to be Masato Tanaka!!

- Earl nearly get's a shock win over the world champion after getting a close call on Rhino!

- Rhino repaid Earl with a gore....

- Tanaka inadvetertantly hit Rhino which sends The Man Beast to the outside of the ring!

- The Sandman then hit the White Russian Leg Sweep on Tanaka for the three count!

- Rhino goes absolutely nuts and gore's both Sandman and Tanaka as In Demand goes off the air!

Rating: 68%

Overall Rating: 70%

We got a 0.75 rating for 'In Demand'!

The attendance level was 1509 people.

We made $45270 from ticket sales.

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ok, so my thoughts on "In Demand"....

LOD Vs Diamond & Swinger. Kinda mixed feelings about you even using the LOD in the first place. I know that they were still bobbing about at this point, and hell, Animal's still in the WWE right now, but I just don't find them entertaining anymore. That said, if you are going to use them then they need to be dominant, if the LOD aren't dominating people then what exactly are they? They have to be credible, until you get to a point where you have someone ready and waiting to destroy them and put themselves over big style in the process, a la New Age Outlaws. That match made your tag team champions look weak, and didn't do anyone else that many favours either. LOD should be dominating, or getting destroyed to put someone else over, nowhere in between really.

Decent Raven, Lynn segment. I always like it when a wrestler's getting booed by the crowd's and the bookers are smart enbough to have a "you people turned on me, so fuck you all, I'm gonna shit on you too" type scenario where the guy turns uber heel. Lynn's probably the right sort of choice for a "i wanna defend the fans" type guy too.

Just a side note at this point, I understand why people have started using this format that wrestlingsuicide uses but while I think it works for him to a point, I think a lot of the time (and definitely in this diary) it becomes hard to get into the characters.

I don't like the name Thugging Marvellous, I really don't. I do like a New Jack Vs Cena feud though, the mic work could be awesome between the two. The matches would have to be overbooked and gimmicked up to hell to be any good, but then this is ECW right? They're great at taking barely talented guys and hiding their weaknesses. The segment itself was good, but I didn't like the music suddenly playing. It's a backstage skit, not an in ring promo, so someone's music playing is a bit odd. If you wanted to work around that in some way, a little bit of comedy with maybe another roster member walkin past with a ghetto blaster on his shoulder or something, listening to the song, I dunno. Just didn't quite work for me as it was.

Ok, I didn't read all the previous shows. What's the super division? Two secs... Ok just skimmed through the previous posts and I still don't know what the super division is? Anyway, Guido as the pussy champ who relies on his buddies to win him matches works well enough. Kash refusing to quit and passing out works too I guess. Only thing with that is that again, because of the format and the writing, the emotion of Kash passing out in the hold like that was missed in my opinion.

Doring's out again? and getting squashed? Hmm, ok. Anyway, Corino's really standing up to Taz, that surprises me a bit with Taz being such a badass. Having him hit him with a foreign object is fine, but dunno, corino had balls right before that too and that again, didn't quite work for me. Corino should be playing on being smarter than Taz, not on being tougher and starting fights with him. I know the foreign object in tights hints at the smartness, but he did call him out and then start throwing fists at him way before that. Then once he's done that and actually destroyed Taz on the floor, he becomes the pussy Corino and runs away? Again, I think he should be one or the other. Either shitting himself when Taz is coming to the ring, and shitting himself when he's laid him out, or being the tough bastard standing up to him, and the tough cocky bastard screaming in his face when he's down on the floor.

Dream Vs Nova, and the Awesome segment was ok. Not too sure about Mike Awesome running away and backing down from things, even Tommy Dreamer with a chair, but still.

I don't think I got the Sandman, Earl, Gerntner thing. It's probably me though as opposed to you, I think I'm missing something.

Raven Lynn was good. The booking was fine. Raven destroys Lynn, but Lynn pulls an upset win out of nowhere, so an angry Raven destroys Lynn some more. Nice.

Still not sure I'm getting all the Earl stuff. Maybe I'll get into the character a little more as we go along.

The RVD and Sabu stuff just screams of being there before. Seen it, done it, no need to go back to it. An RVD Vs Sabu match for nostalgia purposes is fine. Re-running them teaming up and falling apart isn't.

Rhino and Tanaka as a team seems odd, and Rhino doesn't seem like the ECW Rhino I loved. "Earl, Gertner, The Sandman & Rhino wait in the ring while Rhino's mystery partner decides to arrive" Why is Rhino waiting there and not goreing the shit out of them all? The Rhino after the match is better.

So, err, yeah the show had a couple of strong points, I liked everything you did with Raven and Lynn, but the rest had some holes in it for me.

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it probably is and as I said, it's probably just me. I just don't think I quite got it properly. The way you've explained it, it has a lot of potential and could make for some really humourous skits, which is of course, exactly what Gertner exists in this business for.

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IPB Image

8th July 2000

Cut the crap, straight to the action! - ECW TV Title - Rob Van Dam vs Masato Tanaka

- "Walk" by Pantera play's over the crowd as the ECW Television Champion Rob Van Dam makes his way out to the ring with his manager Bill Alfonso and tag team partner Sabu for the opening bout.

- Rob get's on the microphone and say's about how he stole the show on In Demand.

- He went on to say he carried 3 other people through the match. Sabu, who is standing beside RVD, get's in RVD's face and holds his fist up to him.

- Van Dam then hastily say's that he couldn't have won the match without the help of Sabu, which relinquishes Sabu's threat.

- The Whole F'N Show was about to gloat even more but Masato Tanaka came out and challenged Van Dam!

- Tanaka isn't a man of very many words, but basically what he said is that he's came here to get RVD's Television Title!

- RVD accepts Tanaka's proposal and the match begins!

- Tanaka nearly get's the win early on with a ferocious lariat but Alfonso distracts the referee allowing Sabu to interfere on RVD's behalf.

- RVD signal's to Sabu to throw a chair into the ring, Sabu slides a chair into the ring and when RVD get's up he is met by a Lariat from Tanaka, but RVD holds up the chair in defense, but Tanaka tears through it as the chair falls to the floor. RVD then get's hit by the Lariat which was attempted to be blocked.

- Tanaka attempts the cover then Rhino runs down and gores the hell out of the referee who is about to count to three!

- Tanaka get's up and begins to exchange chops with The Man Beast, but Rhino grabs the upper hand and hit's the Gore on Tanaka as well. RVD climbs up high and hits the Frog Splash for the win! RVD retains the gold thanks to the interference of The Man Beast!

Rating: 80%

Thugging Paranoia!

- Thugging Marvelous is seen walking around backstage with a chain wrapped around his fists in defence.

- He then hears what appears to be the sound of guitar strings being plucked! The guitar is a signature weapon of New Jack.

- Marvelous look's around before walking off he camera's sight.

- New Jack is then seen with a trolley full of weapons grinning!

Rating: 75%

The Path of Rage

- The camera then cut's to another area backstage where Taz is pacing around shouting around for Paul Heyman.

- He finally finds Heyman who is busy doing work related with the production aspect of the show.

- Taz pleads to have a match against Steve Corino next week on In Demand.

- Heyman agree's and say's he will make it a "Brass Knuckle on a Pole" match.

- Taz look's warily at Heyman before leaving to find Corino.

Rating: 78%

Tommy's Hardcore Invitational

- Tommy Dreamer comes out with a singapore cane in hand laying down a challenge to anybody in the back!

- The music of Mike Awesome hit's as the crowd erupts at the arrival of Tommy's arch rival!

- ........ But instead Little Spike Dudley comes out.

- The smallest Dudley gets squashed by Tommy after a DDT on guard rail which has been set up on the floor.

- Tommy then invited anybody else to come down and take him on.

- Then all of a sudden Mike Awesome ran through the crowd and attacked Tommy from behind!

- He attempted an Awesome-Bomb but Tommy slipped down Awesome's back and caned Awesome over the head!

- Awesome get's caned once again and falls out of the ring from the impact. Awesome get's enranged and throws two chairs into the ring.

- Awesome plucks up the courage and runs in again only to get caned by Tommy! He fights through the pain however and dis-arms the Innovator of Violence!

- Awesome then hoists Tommy up for the Awesome-Bomb and pulls it off and Tommy lands neck first on one of the chairs!

- EMT's immeadietly enter the ring to check on Tommy to see if he has re-injured himself.

- Awesome throw's a few EMT's out and stands over Tommy's body, he then tilts his head back and spreads his arms. Immitating Tommy's taunt which Tommy once did to Raven.

Rating: 61%

The Legion of Doom vs The Chair Swinging Freaks

- In this match The LOD steam rolled over Axl & Balls.

- Mid way during the match. Diamond & Swinger came in and observed the match, paying particular attention to the tag champs!

- Animal and Hawk hit The Doomsday Device on Rotten for the three count

- The LOD celebrated there win as Diamond & Swinger began to get in the ring.

- The champion's got in the face of Diamond & Swinger and clotheslined them from out the ring.

- The champs continued to celebrate as Hardcore TV went to a commercial break.

Rating: 72%

ECW World Heavyweight Title - Rhino vs Willy Regal

- Rhino came out to "Debonaire" by Dope with the title around his waist, the man beast looks pumped for action tonight!

- The challenger Regal made his way to the ring for the bout and immedietly got shoulder blocked by Rhino. This set the tone for the rest of the match.

- Rhino GORED Regal to the floor and prepares to make the cover but Masato Tanaka runs down to the ring, he get's a few punches on Rhino and then runs against the ropes propelling himself at Rhino but he eats a nice, healthy Gore from The Man Beast!

- Rhino then covered Regal for the win while Tanaka clenches his stomach in pain!

- The referee goes to raise Rhino's arm but get's a Gore for his kindness!

- Suddenly "Enter Sandman" by Metallica play's over as The Sandman makes his long winded entrance throughout the crowd.

- The two bulls, Rhino and The Sandman, get in each others face. Sandman has a beer in his right hand and a singapore cane in the other.

- Rhino slaps the beer out of Sandman's hand, and he retaliates by cracked the cane over Rhino's head.

- Rhino goes to the floor then emerges like a monster from a swamp and GORES the living day lights out of The Sandman as Regal, John Finnegan, Masato Tanaka and most recently The Sandman clench there stomachs in agony. Hardcore TV then goes off the air with the image of Rhino with the ECW title standing victorious

Rating: 68%

Overall Rating: 71%

We got a 0.36 rating for 'Hardcore TV'!

The attendance level was 1506 people.

We made $45180 from ticket sales.

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The way you write the results for your shows makes me want to poke out my eyes. The parts you point out aren't even highlights of the match. You'd be better served by writing in paragraphs with more summary and then noting the spots. Putting the spots in context makes them work better than just throwing them out there. It's even worse for your promos as they just feel sloppy written that way. The parts where you have a promo written right into a match are really fugly too and the two segments should be seperated.

I don't think the Earl character is going to work in a diary. It's funny in real life but it doesn't really work here. Or maybe it just doesn't work with your writing. I get the joke it's just not that funny.

The buildup to a Rhino/Tanaka match is going way too fast. I assume it is going to be on the next PPV or big show or whatever the fuck it is you are doing and you just blew through a ton of storyline stuff in one night.

Jayden couldn't be anymore right on how horrible a name Thugging Marvelous is.

Your backstory is poorly written. It has lots of spelling and grammar mistakes which I find never bodes well for a diary. Then putting a bunch of shows all in one post turns people off. I know I didn't read any of those shows because there is too much all at once. You could easily have just started with your backstory and one show and kept on going that way.

Quit asking for feedback at the end of your shows. It's so hackneyed. People will let you know what they think of it if they want to and asking for it isn't going to get you anymore feedback.

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opener, too much going on for the opening segment of a tv show. Tanaka getting the three on one treatment with Alfonso and Sabu out there was ok, but Rhino as well was a bit too much in my book. Also a bit unsure of having Sabu at ringside the whole time, I don't remember too many RVD matches where Sabu would be at ringside with him. Where he'd do a run in, yes, but not too often there throughout the match posing RVD's opponent problems. Again, I'm still not a big fan of you replaying this whole unstable tag team and RVD's ego when it's been done before.

The Cena New Jack segment was cool, much preferred it to the one at In Demand. Work's nicely, and the whiteboy rapper Cena, being scared of the badass convicted felon New Jack, makes for entertaining stuff.

The Taz segment works ok but I don't like the idea of the brass knuckle on a poll match. In a promotion where you can basically grab any weapon, any time, batter your opponent to buggery, and not get disqualified, why does anyone need to climb a pole to get a set of brass knucks. Corino might as well bring some with him. Now, if you'd made it a brass knucks match and both guys came out wearing two sets each and smashed each other's faces in, now that would have been cool ;)

The Tommy stuff was ok once it got down to him and Awesome, but I didn't like how you got there. The Spike squash just seemed pointless, and the idea that Dreamer would pin someone, and then start screaming for another opponent, it just seems like a more badass heel thing, than the company's heroic face. I could imagine Rhino goreing the shit out of someone and then asking for another guy to be fed to him, but not really Dreamer. That said, once that was out of the way Awesome and Dreamer was cool.

The LOD dominate Balls and Axl. Excellent, that's how LOD should be used. Nice to see they took Diamond and Swinger out after the match too. There's more for you to work with in my opinion if you play it that way, and have LOD use their brawn, and Diamond and Swinger use their brains.

I didn't like the main event. Too much going on again. Rhino goreing the shit out of people is good, but there were just too many run ins. Tanaka, Sandman? It was all a bit too much, I know this is ECW, and I know this was just a tv show, but over the two shows I've read there's a hell of a lot of outside people getting constantly involved in everything, to the point where I can barely remember the winners of any of your matches at this point. Hopefully that will change a bit once you get to one of the big monthly PPV's and we'll get some more decisive winners.

Again, a few bits that I enjoyed, some that I didn't on this one

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The Taz segment works ok but I don't like the idea of the brass knuckle on a poll match. In a promotion where you can basically grab any weapon, any time, batter your opponent to buggery, and not get disqualified, why does anyone need to climb a pole to get a set of brass knucks. Corino might as well bring some with him. Now, if you'd made it a brass knucks match and both guys came out wearing two sets each and smashed each other's faces in, now that would have been cool
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And in the next show, I'm gonna change the writing style as magell suggested. I usually write this way but I haven't got the drive anymore so that's why I've write in such a short fashion recently.

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IPB Image

11 July

And the show begins....

The show open's with Joey Styles in the ring along with his colour commentator Cyrus. They run the usual deal of introducing themselves and thanking everyone for coming along, they also hype up the main event of the evening. When Taz takes on Steve Corino in a "Brass Knuckle on a Pole" match. They are just about to head to there commentary place but "I touch myself" by The Diviynls plays as "The Quintessential Stud Muffin" Joel Gertner and his "friend" of recent weeks, Earl, come out down to the ring. Joel ravishly introduces himself as well as Joel "Insert random sexual innuendo" Gertner. He then hand's Earl the microphone, like in previous weeks. He speaks in his native language, he hand's the microphone to Gertner who then says "Earl appears to have said .... 'Gertner is a great man, no wonder the chicks dig it!'" The music of Yoshihiro Tajiri then play's as the foreign star makes his way to the ring. Jim Molineaux then runs in and ring's the bell which initiates our first match on In Demand; Earl w/Joel Gertner vs Yoshihiro Tajiri.

The match began with Tajiri and Earl, who Cyrus points out are from a japanese descent, exchanging chops which are reminiscent of "The Nature Boy", Ric Flair. The crowd "Wooo" as each scintilating chop slaps upon either Earl's or Tajiri's chest. Tajiri then delivers a massive barrage of stiff kicks to every inch of Earl's body, but Earl catches one of Tajiri's left boot's and hits a dragon screw on Tajiri. He then attempts a leg lock but Tajiri wisely rolls out of the ring. Earl then shows his high flying prowess by hitting a spinning plancha over the top rope onto the recovering Tajiri on the outside! In his landing he comes down on Tajiri with a cross body with perfection as Tajiri's head narrowly misses the unprotected steel railings. The match rolls on eventually to the point where both men are in the ring exchanging chops once again, Earl put's a knee to the gut and delivers a hard snap suplex to Tajiri with authority. He attempts the first pin fall of the match only to get a two count, and a very short one at that from referee Jim Molineaux. Later in the match Tajiri get's his first pin attempt after attempting a sunset flip on Earl. However, the match came to an end when Earl hit the shining wizard on Tajiri and hooked the legs for the three count! After the match Earl and Gertner stayed in the ring and celebrated. Joey Styles on commentary notes that Earl can boast that he has a victory over the World Champion, Rhino, after the antics on In Demand last week.

Winner: Earl

Rating: 83%

"You call that revenge?"

After a short video package which showed the new Francine & Dawn Marie photoshoots on ECWwrestling.com the camera fades to a dark and isolated room, the lighting is absent all but a small candle light which is located under neath someone's face. The light off of the candle display's a minor shadow of the man's face, which reveals to be Raven. The former ECW World Heavyweight Champion goes on to quote himself from last weeks "In Demand" when he turned his back on the fans. He says that the loss he suffered at the hands of Lynn was nothing more, and nothing less, than pure luck. He says the revenge that he dished out to the "New F'N Show" after last weeks altercation was not fitting for how the crowd treated Raven over the past years, where he has given his body to them. He sends a message personally to Lynn by saying "If you thought that was bad last week, you have no idea what is coming in your imminent future. Jerry Lynn, the future is dark, the future is bleak, the future is approaching, and so it was written, and so it shall come to pass, Quoth the Raven ... Nevermore.

Rating: 84%

Callin' it straight down the middle

Next we see the ECW TV Champion RVD, his tag partner Sabu and the man who calls it straight down the middle, Bill Alfonso. Alfonso, who is the manager of both men, says that he has sensed the both feel a sense of hostility between each other. So Fonzie demands that they shake hands, they do so as they bury the hatchet, for now. He then tells RVD to get ready for his match tonight against Kid Kash.

Rating: 80%

Rob Van Dam vs Kid Kash - Non-Title match

"Mr. PPV" Rob Van Dam comes down to the ring accompanied by the man who calls it straight down the middle, "Bill Alfonso", who is sporting a orange RVD & Sabu branded shirt which looks as if it got colour mixed in the washing machine. Alfonso get's on the microphone and says RVD is the best TV champion, and he proves it by putting on performances which should be reserved for PPV's night in night out. However, Fonzie is interrupted by "Bawitaba" which is performed by Kid Rock as RVD's opponent for tonight Kid Kash makes his way to the ring. Fonzie look's furious that his air time has been interrupted, but The Whole F'N Show reassures Alfonso and says "Your air time is my air time, and I'm the Whole F'N Show!". Kash rolls into the ring and works the crowd by taunting on the second rope. RVD and Kash then stand in there respective corners as both men are introduced. Once the pre-match shenanigans are all over and done with RVD and Kash lock up to test out each other. RVD first hits a kick to the sternum of Kash, who Styles notes has a history of passing out which was infamously displayed only last week in Kid Kash's loss against Little Guido, who we will see in action later tonight. Back to the match, after the stiff kick to the sternum by RVD, Kash fight's back and takes the lead for a good part of the early stages in the match, this includes getting a close call with a "La Magistaral" pin attempt on the Television champion. Rob Van Dam after time bails out of the ring in an attempt to recover and Kash takes the opportunity to hit a plancha on the Whole F'N Show on the outside of the ring. Kash nearly clears the railings in his attempt, but he hits RVD with accuracy never the less. Kash and RVD then fight into the crowd where they exchange punches and kicks in RVD's case, but Kash delivers a spine tingling suplex on the unprotected concrete floor. Whilst RVD is out on the floor in the crowd, Kash climbs back into the ring and onto the top turnbuckle and waits for RVD to climb to his feet. When the Television champ climbed to his feet his opponent met him with a picture perfect cross body from the top rope onto the Whole F'N Show. A holy shit chant begins to ring through the arena at the recent (metaphorically speaking) suicide attempt by Kid Kash. He rolls into the ring and works the crowd as RVD eventually climbs his way over the railings only to fall back down again. He assisted by Bill Alfonso who checks on the physical well being of RVD, but RVD appears to be fine as he says "I'm still the whole damn show!", he climbs into the ring and mounts a counter attack on his opponent by hitting a stiff wheel kick on Kash's jaw. Alfonso slides a chair into the ring for RVD to use at some point in this bout, but Kash lays his hands on it first, he raises this chair up and attempts to hit RVD, but the Whole F'N Show has other plans on his mind as he attempts the Van-Daminator!, but Kash drops the chair just in time but still get's jawed by RVD's boot none the less. Cyrus comments that if RVD would've had the chair there as well as Kash's head then the contest would've been all but over! From here on Kash mounted an offence by attempting the money maker on RVD, but Alfonso interfered and threw a chair which folded like an accordian around the neck of Kash. RVD then removed the chair and climbed up high and hit the 5 Star Frog Splash, he covers Kash and gets the three count and the win! "In Demand" then cut's to a commercial break as RVD is seen boasting in the ring after his recent win.

Winner: Rob Van Dam

Rating: 85%

The FBI vs The Legion of Doom

The FBI came out for there scheduled match against the ECW Tag Team Champions, The Legion of Doom. The ring announcer announces that if The FBI get a victory tonight they will get a title shot next week on Hardcore TV! Hawk and Animal then made there entrance to a great reaction from the crowd. Both Mamaluke and Guido had there asses handed to them early on in the match as LOD's experience shines through, however, The FBI's youth out wrestles there experience so to speak as Guido and Mamaluke isolate Hawk from his corner and work away at the back of the one half of the tag champions. Eventually Hawk gets the tag in to his partner and Animal cleans house! However, like last week the team of Simon Diamond and Johnny Swinger come out again! Animal looks over at the two and Guido takes advantage by hitting the low blow, which he shortly follows up with a school boy pin which he holds the tights for leverage. Mamaluke holds back Hawk who is gagging to help his partner out of the pinning predicament, but it's too late. Guido scores the upset and the title shot next week against The LOD is put on the cards. Thanks to the mind games played by Diamond and Swinger. Simon Diamond then get's on the microphone and says that The LOD will need to bring more to the table that brute force next week when they defend the titles against The FBI! Both Animal and Hawk look infuriated that the two men cost them the match. The camera then cuts to the next segment...

Winners: The FBI

Rating: 83%

He really is Justin Credible!

We see Justin Credible standing backstage along side "The Queen of Extreme" Francine, Francine says to Justin that she misses not having Lance around, and that she wishes the Impact Players would get back together. In reply, Justin says that he wishes so too, but who need's the Impact players when you've got Justin and Francine? The Queen of Extreme look's flattered as "In Demand" cut's into a commercial break.

Rating: 73%

Jerry Lynn vs Mikey Whipwreck

When In Demand comes back from a commercial break we see Jerry Lynn and Mikey Whipwreck in the ring, the two are set to go one on one in tonights fourth match of the evening! Cyrus says that Justin Credible is perhaps the most flattering guy in ECW besides himself! Joey Styles reaction is disgruntled more than anyting. Lynn and Mikey tie up in the middle of the ring, Lynn gains the upper hand early in the match by overpowering Whipwreck with various shoulderblocks and slams. Even though Lynn isn't exactly a big man himself, he over powers Whipwreck with ease. Mikey mounts a comeback later in the match by hitting the Whipper Snapper, he only gets a two count though. Joey Styles reminds us that a few weeks back on Hardcore TV Mikey injured himself doing that very move. The New F'N Show eventually finishes the match in his favour by hitting the Cradle Piledriver on Whipwreck for the three count and the victory! Lynn then makes his way up to the back as we lead to the next segment.

Winner: Jerry Lynn.

Rating: 79%

Thugging Marvelous shows no fear! ... so he says

After Whipwreck and Lynn make there way to the back Thugging Marvelous comes out to the ring, he lays down an open challenge and stresses that he is not scared of anyone! Well he isn't scared of anyone until "Natural Born Killaz" by The NWA plays and New Jack comes out! Marvelous paces around the ring in fear, but is determinned to not pussy out of this altercation. As always, New Jack comes down to the ring with a trolley full of his toys, such as trash cans, brooms, rag dolls, road signs, a pool cue and his signature Guitar, and hell, even a purple dildo... Cyrus comments on the matter by saying "Now you know what Jack does in his spare time", Styles replies with "You wouldn't say that to New Jack's face! I know I sure as hell wouldn't!" New Jack emptys all of his trolly into the ring where he uses the array of weapons at his disposal on his opponent. He snaps the pool cue over his back, dents the road sign over his head and even slaps the dildo over Thugging Marvelous' head to the crowds delight!, Cyrus says "What sick fucks!" Jack finally pull's something from underneath his shirt, which is hanging from his chain. The crowd go wild when it emerges as a stapler! He attempts to staple his opponent but the referee intervenes, and gets a staple for his own troubles! Marvelous attempts to mount a comeback but New Jack delivers a knee to the stomach and smashes the guitar over Thugging Marvelous' head which sends mass amounts of smoke into the air! New Jack then covers his opponent for the three count! Marvelous rolls out of the ring and hitch hikes it up the ramp away from Jack. The Gangsta then gets on the mike and says that he got let off lightly! The camera then cuts to a commercial break!

Winner: New Jack

Rating: 63%

Tommy can't catch a break!

Up next we see Tommy Dreamer in the ring yet again on crutches after the brutal assault by Mike Awesome last week on Hardcore TV. He says that in his time in ECW he has faced many opponents that have crossed the line, but Awesome has crossed the line, and then powerbombed him right on it! Tommy say's that next week on In Demand he will cash in on Heyman's offer of any match he so desires. However, Dreamer decides to keep it under wrap for now. I guess you'll have to tune in next week to find out!

Rating: 70%

Rhino's "ambitions"

A pre taped segment aired next. The ECW World Heavyweight Champion Rhino stands in a pitch black room, similar to the one which Raven embraced earlier, the man beast says that he still has unfinished business with Tanaka. He says that he's brawled on the streets of Detroit all his life and all the pain and suffering in which he has summoned will be unleashed on him the next time they meet!

Rating: 67%

Justin There! (As in Just in there! .. crappy I know)

We see Francine and Justin Credible backstage once again, Francine proclaims her hatred for Dawn Marie and she hopes that Justin can do something to "Fuel her hatred", she says that if Justin does so that maybe she will have to owe him a favour. Cyrus says "If that isn't motivation, then I don't know what is!"

Rating: 67%

The Brass Knuckle on a Pole match - Taz vs Steve Corino

A video package airs of Taz and Corino's fued up to this night, it features such incidents as when Corino stood up to the path of rage. The package finally comes to an end with a split screen of both Taz and Corino saying "Beat me if you can, Survive if I let you". Corino makes his way to the entrance to "Come with me" by P.Diddy and Jimmy Paige, and he is shortly followed by the man who layed down the gauntlet, The Human Suplex Machine. Taz! Both men wait for there introductions to be told, but after they are told the match begins, and the fury of Taz is unleashed. The path of rage stands firm early on in the match exchanging chops and whatever Corino throws at him with his opponent. Taz dominated the match until Corino busted Taz open with a chair, he then climbed the turnbuckle to bring down the subject of this bout. The brass knuckles. Corino wears the brass knuckles as Taz climbs to his feet. Corino goes to punch Taz but his arm get's catched by Taz and he is suplexed very awkwardly onto his neck. Taz then gets the brass knucks on his hand, but Corino smartly and sneakily rolls Taz up in a small package, but Corino only get's a two count. Over time, the brass knuckles slip off Taz's grasp and fall onto the mat, for anybody's picking. Corino lunges foward to grab the knucks, but Taz catches him and hits a beautiful german suplex! Taz point's at the brass knucks, but shakes his head. He points at Corino, then nods. He proceeds to lock The King of Old School in the Tazmission! Corino gets to the ropes which makes Taz break the hold. Taz then get's the brass knucks and prepares to sock Corino in the face, but he hits The Old School Expulsion! He attempts the cover. 1....2...KICKOUT!, Corino is livid that he couldn't put away Taz, so he get's the equalizer, he get's the Brass knucks. He socks Taz over the head which sends him crashing to the floor. Corino then makes the cover and gets the three count on Taz! Corino reigns supreme as In Demand goes off the air!

Winner: Steve Corino

Rating: 90%

Overall Rating: 78%

We got a 0.78 rating for 'In Demand'!

The attendance level was 1509 people.

We made $45270 from ticket sales.

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IPB Image

15th July

ECW Tag Team Titles - The Full Blooded Italians vs The Legion of Doom!

This match was announced last week after The FBI scored an upset win over The LOD thanks to the mind games play by Diamond & Swinger. This match was nothing short of a brawl, Big Sal interfered on behalf of The FBI throughout the match but it could not influence the finish. The team of Animal and Hawk hit The Doomsday device on Mamaluke and got the three count. After the match, Diamond & Swinger attempted to assault the champs, but were un-successful in doing so. The team of Doring & Roadkill then came out and challenged Diamond & Swinger to a #1 contenders match on In Demand next week. They accept, meaning the winners will get a shot at LOD and the titles!

Winners: The LOD

Rating: 84%

Justin Credible vs Willy Regal

Justin Credible made his way out to the ring tonight with "The Queen of Extreme", Francine. This week on In Demand we saw them both "befriend" each other so to speak, tonight we will see Credible face off against Regal. The match was very fast paced, both men went for straight mat wrestling opposed to high flying and exploiting the use of weapons. Justin Credible got the win after hitting the "That's Incredible" on Regal. After the match Dawn Marie stood at the top of the ramp staring at Francine. Maybe Dawn was aware of what Francine said this week on In Demand? Who knows?

Winner: Justin Credible

Rating: 60%

He's pretty fly for a white guy!

Next we see Thugging Marvelous on screen, his head is heavily bandaged from his encounter with New Jack on this week's In Demand. He says that he is not afraid of Jack, and he proved it on In Demand by putting on a "marvelous" performance... or so he says. He goes on to say that Jack has been behind bars more time that George Dubya, and that he's dropped the soap more times than George Micheal. He says the fans prefer himself over New Jack because of everything he is, right down to his ring name (Directors Note: :thumbsdown:) Thug is about to wrap up the segment then "Natural Born Killaz" is heard, he paces around as if he was scared, only to realise that it is his cell phone...

Rating: 72%

Heyman book's the main event

We see the man behind ECW and the true mastermind in Wrestling, Paul Heyman, standing backstage in front of the traditional Extreme Championship Wrestling logo. He says that in tonights main event there shall be a tag match. In one corner it will be "The Innovator of Violence", Tommy Dreamer. His tag partner will be Masato Tanaka. And there opponents will be Mike Awesome and the ECW World Heavyweight Champion, Rhino!!

Rating: 82%

Kid Kash vs Jerry Lynn

Next up we saw Kid Kash squaring off one on one against The New F'N Show, Jerry Lynn. Half way during the match Bill Alfonso came to the top of the ramp to "scout" the match. He payed particular attention to Kid Kash, who nearly got a victory over Fonzies client, Rob Van Dam! The match ended when Lynn hit the Cradle Piledriver on Kash, who appeared to be distracted at the appearance of Alfonso. Lynn got the three count and celebrated in the ring. Once Kash and Alfonso had scattered from the ring side are "Come out to play" by The Offspring played as Raven came out to the top of the ramp. He says that all of his plans that he spoke of on In Demand will come to fluition. He then begins to walk down to the ring and a visuably tired Lynn prepares to have his second fight of the night. Lynn does his best to stand up against the fresh Raven, but soon enough Raven hit the Evenflow DDT. Raven then stood silently and stared at Jerry Lynn's battered and bruised body on the floor.

Winner: Jerry Lynn

Rating: 85%

The Main Event - Rhino/Awesome vs Tommy/Tanaka

The team of Tommy Dreamer and Masato Tanaka came out to the ring first. They were shortly followed by Mike Awesome, who stood atop of the ramp. Awesome then waits for his tag team partner for tonight, and ECW World Champion Rhino to make his appearance. "Debonaire" by Dope then hits as the crowd go wild and start a "GORE!" chant! Rhino literally sprints out from behind the curtain and goes straight for Masato Tanaka, shoulder blocking Tanaka and sending them both flying to the outside of the ring. This left The Innovator of Violence, Tommy Dreamer and his arch nemesis Mike Awesome, who has put Tommy on the shelf on more than one occasion! Tommy sprints towards Awesome as the two brawl around the arena in a true ECW fashion! The match nearly came to an end at one point when Mike Awesome attempted to powerbomb Tommy on to a table, but it wasn't to be. Tommy and Awesome then wrestled back to the ring, as did Rhino and Tanaka. Awesome put Tommy out of the picture by hitting a ferocious Awesome-bomb. Tommy luckily landed on the mat instead of through a table. Awesome then took Tommy to the outside to dish out more punishment. Tanaka then attempted a Lariat on Rhino but it was ducked and followed up with a GORE which sent the crowd WILD! Rhino got the cover and paced around the ring psychopathically as Hardcore TV went off the air!

Winners: Rhino & Mike Awesome

Rating: 71%

Overall Rating: 75%

We got a 0.39 rating for 'Hardcore TV'!

The attendance level was 1508 people.

We made $45240 from ticket sales.

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