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WWF 2002


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The year 2001 looked to be one of the most succsesful years in the wrestling business for the World Wrestling Federation. Vince McMahon and the World Wrestling Federation had won the wrestling wars, WCW and ECW were out of business, Vince had aqquired them both.

For many, the dream of an Invasion looked to become a reality, and it did. Many looked forward to seeing the likes of Sting, Goldberg, "The Outsiders" Kevin Nash and Scott Hall inside a WWF ring battling Stone Cold Steve Ausin, Triple H, The Undertaker and many more, in what would be the greatest storyline in Wrestling's history.

But instead we never got Sting, Goldberg, or even the Outsiders. Many Fans, Promoters and insiders saw the whole Invasion angle as a big flop. It did not provide what many thourght would be the greatest storyline ever, but instead the WWF gave us, a waterered down version of WCW teaming with ECW to take on selected superstars of the WWF. In the eyes of many, it basically,well sucked.

Now the WWF has the oppurtunity to make amends for the flop that was the Invasion angle. A new storyline has come about, a storyline that could make the wrestling world turn on it's head. This time instead of the WCW and ECW invading the WWF, it will be the nWo, one of the most deadly, ruthless and succesful groups in the wrestling world.

Now they're here, the nWo have arrived in the WWF. Hogan, Hall and Nash look to do what they did in WCW, and thats cause chaos and mayhem everywhere they turn.

Those that were in charge during the Invasion angle have been replaced, and instead I will be heading up the company and overseeing the nWo's arrival and future in the WWF.

My name in Paul Judd, and as of 17th February 2002 I will be in charge of all booking duties and creative decisions within the World Wrestling Federation, of course I will be working alongside Mr. McMahon and a booking commitue. But it will be I who has full control over the storylines, and it will be I who can make the changes neccesary to make the nWo angle a success.

Hold on tight, cause the boyz are back...... 4 life.


Title Holders

Undisputed - Chris Jericho

Intercontinental - William Regal

European - Diamond Dallas Page

Hardcore - Maven

Tag Team - Spike/Tazz

Womens - Jazz

Crusiserweight - Tajiri

Face - Red

Heel - Blue

Main Event

Steve Austin


Triple H

Chris Jericho

Kurt Angle

Hollywood Hogan


Upper Midcard

Big Show

Chris Beniot


Kevi Nash

Scott Hall

William Regal





Jeff Hardy

Matt Hardy



Rob Van Dam

Mr. Perfect

Booker T


Bubba Ray Dudley

D-Von Dudley


Lance Storm



Lower Midcard

Al Snow





Scotty 2 Hotty



Tommy Dreamer

Trish Stratus

Val Venis

Billy Gunn

Chuck Palumbo


Hardcore Holly


Molly Holly


X - Pac


Billy Kidman

Crash Holly


Planet Stasiak


Chavo Guerrero Jr

Hugh Morrus


Justin Credible

Perry Saturn

Steven Richards






Paul Bearer

Stacy Keibler


Torrie Wilson

Paul Heyman

Stephanie McMahon


Ric Flair

Shane McMahon

Shawn Michaels

Vince McMahon


nWo - Hollywood Hogan, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall.

Team Exteme - Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy, Lita

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Friday 15th February 2002

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Roster Split

There has been talks recently that the World Wrestling would be holding a roster split after Wrestlemania. The idea would be that Ric Flair and Vince McMahon both 50% owners would hold a show each, Ric Flair holding Raw, and Vince McMahon holding Smackdown. Each owner would draw names from a hat to determine their future roster.

But the idea has said to have been nixed, by new arrival Paul Judd. Mr Judd and Mr McMahon are reported to have recently held a meeting and came to the conclusion that the roster split would not be a good idea considering the arrival of the nWo.

The rumored storyline is that the nWo will do battle with Ric Flair alligning themself's with Vince McMahon. Both Judd and McMahon feel it would take away from the story if Flair and the nWo were on one show, but Vince McMahon on another.

WWF name change

The World Wrestling federation and the World Wildlife Fund are locked in a ballte over the WWF name right's. The British based compnay are suing the World Wrestling Federation over the rights to the name, claiming that the World Wrestling Federation have broke the terms of the contract according to the alowance of the use of the WWF intials.

As it stands if the World Wrestling Federation lose the court battle, they will be forced to drop the WWF initials and change the company name.

Details are currently scetchy as to the actual facts surronding the court battle, more on this story will be posted when details become available.

Mr. Perfect injured

Mr Perfect will be out for a month after breaking his nose. It is unknown what impact he will have upon his return.


Mr McMahon and Mr Judd came to the decison to release the following talent from their contract's, after meeting earlier this week.


Shawn "Planet" Stasiak

Hugh Morrus

Bull Buchanan


It is belived they were released for creative decisons.

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Raw 18th February 2002

Fireworks set of around the ramp stage of the arena, the camera pans around the audience to see the attending crowd on its feet, applading and screaming over the top of the fireworks.

Some fans have signs in the crowd, anti- nWo and pro nWo signs, nWo 4 Life and nWo sucks are the most common amongst the rowdy WF crowd.

The camera pans to the announcers desk with a glum looking Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler.

JR - Fans welcome, welcome to Raw.Im Jim Ross with Jerry Lawler. As you can tell it's not one of my most exciting moments to be announcing Raw, not while they are here.

King - JR I know the feeling, it's hard to belive that there here, that the nWo are really here in the World Wrestling Federation.

JR- Hollywood Hogan, Scott Hall and Kevin Nash, all former employees of the WWF, they all made successful carrers for them selfs here in the WWF, and now there back to destroy the very company that made them.

Last night they tried to suck all the fans in, including you King, with that speech at the begining of the No Way Out broadcast, but by the end of the night they showed us their true colours, by attacking and costing Steve Austin the world title.

King - Yeah and then as if that wasn't enough they continued to beat down on Austin, and even branded him with the nWo logo.

JR - It was a vile act King, and I hope they pay for it, I hope Austin whips some nWo ass and shows them were not the pushovers that WCW were.

King - Yeah but you know something JR, all Flair had to do was step down and we wouldn't have this problem. I blame him for this mess.


The Music of the nWo blasts out over the arena, fans turn in antcipation at seeing the arrival of Hogan, Hall and Nash on Raw. The three men appear onto the top of the stage to a chrous of boo's. they also get some pops, all attired in black jeans and nWo t-shirts. Hogan starts to play "air guitar" as Hall and Nash point to him smiling and lauging.

Hogan, Hall and Nash slowly make their way down to the ring trashing and mocking fan's along the way.

As soon as they enter the ring the music stops and Hogan is handed a mic. Hall and Nash stand on either side to Hollywood Hogan.

Hollywood Hogan - You guys better shut up else me and the boys will come down there and beat you all, just like we did that piss ant Steve Austin last night.

The crowd boos heavily, as Hall and Nash make threats to enter the crowd.

You see last night me and the boys let the WWF know who we are, we let the WWF know they can't mess with the nWo, no one is gonna stop us, not your hero Steve Austin, not the Rock and sure as hell not The "Nature Boy" Ric Flair.

The nWo answers to no one, well maybe an exception for one man, and that man is Vince McMahon. You see he drafted us in to do a job, and that job is to get his company back. And we will stop at nothing till we get the job done, last night we sent a message to Ric Flair. Hand over the 50% you own, or hell will break loose.

Hall asks Hogan for the mic.

Hall - Hey Yo. (The crowd give a little pop)

We don't want no real trouble, all we want is to get the job done for are friend, are buddy, Vince McMahon. Austin, last night was just a message for us to send, nothing personal.

Hall gives a little smirk, too show his inceceraty.

Oh hey rattlesnake, by the way did you like my little Stunner, Ha I thourght it was a nice touch to drive the message home.

Hall and Nash and Hogan laugh out at Hall's statement

But like I said we don't want no trouble, just come to get the job done, it's nothing personal to the boys in the back, but you know, if need be we will be forced to let hell loose, but you can't blame us for that. Nah you can blame Ric Flair for that.

The Camera cuts to a double feed, one of the ring, and one of the backstage, where Ric Flair is watching on from a monitor. The double feed shows up on the titontron.

Back in the ring Nash draws attention to the titontron and takes the mic from Hall.

Nash - Wow, Wow boys look, its the Nature Boy himeself. Hey Ric, buddy, pal, hows it going, long time no see. I err can't help but see you look a little worried up there Ric, nothing to do with us I hope, cause like Scott said, were not here to be personal, hell we don't want enemies, we just want to get the job done.

And yeah sure, the job may be to take you out and get your 50% back to Vince, but like we say, nothing personal.

The camera cuts back to Flair, who just shakes his head, muttering "yeah sure, sure"

Nash - Hey boys, I dont think Ric belives me. Now aint that a damn shame, cause you know Ric, we were hoping you'd come have a beer with us, you know maybe we could talk this thing over without resulting to kicking YOUR ASS.

Flair takes a jump back, and then smiles saying "you do that boys, you do that".

The crowd let out a pop as Steve Austin is seen in the background walking towards, and then past Ric Flair. Flair shouts over to Austin.

Flair - Where you going Steve, Steve. Don't think about going to that ring, Steve come back here.

Austin walks out of sight without muttering a word or even looking at Flair. Flair sighs to himself and mutters "oh man, not know"

The camera goes back to one feed and takes us into the ring with the nWo. The nWo look at each other and begin a huddle confering what to do next at the expected arrival of Austin.


The crowd gives out a massive pop

Austin begins walking down the ramp, the nWo members Hogan, Hall and Nash exit the ring and leave the ringside area via the railings heading off into the crowd. Hogan, Hall and Nash look at Austin and begin mocking him, waving at him as they stroll of through the crowd and out of sight towards the back.

Austin waits a moment, as he soaks up the crowd chanting his name, before leaving the ring and following the tracks of the nWo much to the approval of the crowd.



The Camera feeds cuts to the back where Ric Flair was standing as he watched over the nWo mocking him, a commotion can be heard as the camera pans round to see The Undertaker attacking Ric Flair.

Taker - Flair, we need to get one thing straight, around here, no one disrespects me, espcially not you.

Taker puts the boots into Flair as he talks down to him.

Last night was the last straw, last night you disrespected me for the very last time. You dare cost me my match with the Rock, bet you thourght you was good didn't you,huh, hiting me with that led pipe. You damn son of a bitch.

Taker pics Flair up of the ground and lands a big swinging punch sending "The Nature Boy" crashing into the wall, Flair tries to fight back but Taker just beats him down, before security come charging in and drag Taker away from Flair.

Taker - Flair you will fight me at Wrestlemania, no matter how much you think you don't want to, you know you have to. You will face me old man.

The security help Flair to his feet, now bleeding from his forehead, he holds his hand over his head as the security guards keep him from falling back on the floor.

Flair- Get him out of here, I want him out of my building, I want him gone, get rid of him,and make sure he stays out.

Security escort Undertaker away from the scene, Taker laughs as he's led away shouting back at Flair "You and me at Mania"


JR - God damn it, what does Flair have to do to get rid of this man.

King - Oh come on JR thats easy, all Undertaker wants is a match against Flair at Wrestlemania.

JR - Yeah but Flair doesn't want a match, for the past few weeks Flair's been saying no.

King - Well Flair knows what he needs to do to get rid of the Deadman, and thats face him in Toronto.

JR - Well up next is Rob Van Dam, challanging Maven for the Hardcore title, Van Dam enters the match after an impressive victory over Goldust last night at No Way Out.

King - Yeah and speaking of Goldust, what you think the chances are he shows up tonight, Goldust has been refering to his rivalery if you like with Van Dam like a movie, you think after losing his first match with him, he will want a sequel.

Maven vs RVD

Hardcore title match

Lilian Garcia announces RVD as the first competitor out, Van dam hits the ring and as Lillian calls his name, he does the R....V....D pose, with the fans chanting along to the announcment.

Maven is anounced next, he comes down to the ring enthusiasticaly with the hardcore title straped around his waist, he slides into the ring, and poses on one of the turnbuckles, before the match begins.

End of Match -

Maven goes to hit Van Dam with a trash can lid, but Van Dam ducks the move and hits a Van Daminator, the crowd are on their feet as Van Dam signals for the top turnbuckle. Before he goes up top, he places the trash can lid over the body of Maven, Van dam now goes up top, and signals with the RVD hand gesture. He launches him self of the ropes and hits the Five Star frog Splash, on Maven, the lid drops of Mavens body after the impact, Van Dam goes for the pin. 1.......2........3

Lilian Garcia announces Van Dam the winner and new Hardcore champion, much to the delight of the crowd, before Van Dam can carry on celebrating Goldust comes sprinting from down the ramp way and slides into the ring.

Goldust knocks down Vad Dam blindsiding him, Goldust looks down and see's the hardcore title, he picks it up and nails Van Dam with it. Van Dam is down and Goldust begind to stopm away at him, he finanly stops and once again take ahold of the Hardcore belt.

Goldust stares at the belt, and begins to kiss it!....... then he licks the middle of the belt before droping it over the fallen body of Rob Van Dam.

OR - 71%

CR - 72%

MQ - 72%

JR - He trully is bizzare, did you see him King, he kissed the damn hardcore title, and it wasn't the type of kiss you give to ya momma goodnight.

King - Well I should think know one kisses their momma goodnight like that, if they do then there is something seriously wrong with them.

JR - Well in anycase, up next the tag team champion's Spike and Tazz face off against those damn Dudley Boyz. The winner of this match will then go onto face the number one contenders the APA at Wrestlemania. After the APA were victories in a tag team turmoil match last night at No Way Out.

King - Yeah a match that included the Dudley Boyz, and then tonight they get a title shot, you can bet the APA won't be happy, I mean who would you rather face for the straps, two midgets like Spike and Tazz, or two no non-sense bully's like the Dudley Boyz.

Spike and Tazz vs Dudley Boyz

Tag team title match

First out are the Dudley Boyz, they slide into the ring and begin to terriorize Lillian for a second as she tries to announce the next competitors.

She finanly manages to break free and announces out the tag team champions Spike Dudley and Tazz.

End of Match -

Tazz locks the Tazzmisson on Bubba Ray, D,von quickly distracts the ref before he notices the hold being applied. Spike comes in and goes for Dvon Dudley, they collide and end up on the outside of the ring. The ref follows them and tries his best to split them apart, Tazz drops the hold leaving Bubba motionless in the ring he goes over to try and get the ref's attention.

But Dvon "accidently" hits the ref, Spike drops down to see if he's ok, allowing Dvon time to grab a chair and nail it over the head of Tazz, and then he nails Spike before he can do anything about it, who was still attending to the ref.

Dvon hits the ring, whilst the ref is still out, Bubba gets to his feet and they whip Tazz of the ropes for the 3D.

The ref comes too and enters the ring, as Bubba goes down for the pin 1.......2......3 and we've got new tag team champions.

Lilian Garcia announces them winners and for the second time tonight announces titles changing hands.

Spike rolls into the ring to see to Tazz, the Dudleys quickly attack Spike and beat him down, Bubba tells Dvon to "Get the Table". Just as he goes to, the number one contendors, the APA come running down the asile and into the ring, both Dudleyz make a hasty retreat and leave the ring, they head over to the belts and grab hold off their new gold.

The Dudley's begin to walk back up the ramp holding the belts in the air, taunting the APA.

OR - 77%

CR - 72%

MQ - 83%

Title Shot

We are taken to the back into the staff room of Ric Flair. Inside is a worse for ware Flair, with a plaster across his head, standing between Triple H and Kurt Angle, both are verbally bashing each other in a heated confrontation with Stephanie McMahon egging on Kurt.

Kurt - Face it Hunter it's over, your Wrestlemania dream is nothing more than a fantasy now. I got the pinfall last night not you, I got the one.. two... three, not you. AND I'm the one going to Wrestlemania to face Chris Jericho for the Undisputed World title. Oh it's true it's true.

Triple H - You know what's true KURT, YOU WANNA KNOW WHATS TRUE. I'LL tell you whats true, you and that damn whore over there screwed me last night, it was never a one on one match it was a damn two on one, and you know it.

You look me in the eyes Kurt, get your Olympic medal ass over here and look me damn straight in the eyes and tell me, you can be beat me.

Flair steps back as Kurt gets in Hunter's face, both men now eye to eye, both Stephanie and Ric lookin on anxiously.

Kurt - One Hunter, Stephanie McMahon is not a whore, she is the most loving kind hearted women I've ever met, and just becuase you couldn't satisfy her where it counts, doesn't maker her a whore. Cause we all know what kind of man, or should I say boy you are.

And two, I can beat your ass any day of the week, any time, any place. But remeber Hunter it doesn't matter anymore, cause I beat you last night, and I'm the one going to Wrestlemania to win the gold, not you.

Hunter has a look of anger in his eyes and shoves Kurt to the floor. Kurt gets straight to his feet and goes for Hunter, but Ric Flair gets in the way and holds him off.

Flair - Hey, Hey I got enough on my plate wihtout you two adding to it. You know what, I'm gonna put and end to this right now. Cause I know, I just KNOW you two aren't gonna let this one go. Kurt last night you won, but you didn't win fairly, as Hunter said you and that..... I mean you and Stephanie screwed him out of the match. The referees participation last night was biased and breaks every code in the manual, so as far as im concerned and as far as the WWF history books are concerned. Last nights match is now void, and never took place.

Angle and Steph begin to go irate shouting and screaming in Flair's face. Hunter begins to smile as he see's Angle going mad.

Steph - You can't do this Flair, you can't screw me and Kurt out of the title, no way, im not letting you do this Flair.

Flair - Who the hell do you think you are, to tell me The Nature Boy, what I can and Can not do. Since last nights match is void and in my eyes never took place, we have no number one contender. So tonight we are going to have a rematch, it's going to be "The Olympic gold meadilst" Kurt Angle, going one on one with "The Game" Triple H, for the shot at Chris Jericho at Wrestlemania. Whooooooooooooooooooooooooo. Oh and by the way, Stephanie, you are banned from ringside.

Now get the hell out of my office all of you.

Hunter gets in Kurts face one last time before he leaves the room, Steph leans into Kurt still looking furious.

Steph - Kurt, how about you go have a word with the nWo, you know seeing as that they are doing a favour for one McMahon, I fugure they might consider doing a favour for two, espcially if it means outdoing Flair.

Steph and Kurt both have beaming smiles across their face's they give Flair one last look before leaving the room. A sudden commotion is heard and Flair rushes out of his room muttering to himself " God damn it Hunter, Angle"



Hunter is well out of sight, and Angle and Steph are slowly walking away seemingly plotting somethig, they are in private conversation with each other making sure no one else can hear them.

Flair looks around to find the source of the commotion, only to see Steve Austin trashing up the backstgae area as he walks alond the corridors. Flair chases after his.

Flair - Steve, Steve, hold on a sec there Steve.

Austin - Before you being flapping ya damn gums, let me tell ya this, Im gonna hunt down the damn nWo and Im gonna give them a damn ass whipping. And im so sorry if Stone Cold is making a little too much noise in hunting down the nWo, but as you can probably tell, im one pissed of Rattlesnake.

Flair - Oh god, Steve I know ok, I know your pissed, hell what they did to you last night was crap, they screwed you out of the title, I know that, and I'll make sure they pay for it Steve. The nWo will be dealt with and punished.

Austin - You damn right they'll be dealt with and punished, as soon as I get my damn hands on the son bitches.

Flair - No Steve, thats not gonna happen.

Austin - What the hell you mean thats not gonna happen, you some kind of nWo fan, something you wanna tell us all Flair. Hell if I remeber rightly the reason the nWo are here in World Wrestling Federation is down to you.

Flair - Listen to me Austin, I don't like them being here one bit more than you, but the fact is they are here and we gotta deal with it, but not like this, not with you chasing them down in the corridors, causing all hell. The last thing we need is a riot backstage.

Austin - Hell a riot, a funfare, a bouncy castle, I couldn't give a crap what happens backstage, as long as Stone Cold gets his hands on the nWo, i'll be happy, now if you'll excuse me, i've got some ass whooping to do.

Flair - Ok, ok Steve I don't want to do this buddy, but your leaving me no choice. You need to leave the building, and im not asking you im telling you.

Austin - Ha, you serious. After what they did to me, after they cost me the damn Undisputed world title and your throwing me out the building.

Flair - Steve go now, if you don't i'll have no choice but to suspend you without pay. I can't have you aggravating the nWo anymore than what they already are. I need you too stay well alone from them, just untill I calm the situation down, and then there all yours. But not like this, Steve, im not having you fighting all over the place, I want some law and order.

Austin - You know what Flair, I never thought ole Stone Cold would live to see the day when Ric Flair became a coward. You disgust me, you yellow belly son of a bitch.

Austin walks away from Flair cussing him. Austin is soon joined by security as they begin to escort him out of the arena. He shoves some of them away as they try to take hold of him. Flair just puts his hands over his head and lets out a moan of agravation.


JR - Oh what a match, finaly maybe Triple H will get his fair shot. Kurt Angle vs Triple H, the winner goes to Wrestlemania to face the Undisputed champion of the world Chris Jericho. And no Stephanie McMahon to poke her nose in.

King - Yeah and what about Flair sending Austin home. I can't understand it, we are fighting the nWo, and he sends home the best chance we've got of beating them.

JR - Well, King, to be honest..... well let's give Flair the benefit of the doubt and say he's got his reasons.

King - Yeah his reasons for losing maybe.

JR - Folks up next is William Regal the current Intercontinental Champion taking on the Godfather, and you gotta wonder King, will those Brass Knucks come into play again. I mean last night he, well he fooled Edge and the ref, when he had his own pair of brass knuckles tucked away somewhere, in that Knuckles on a pole match.

King - Well now JR, to be fair to William Regal, there is no rule that states he could'nt have his own pair on knuckels, cause after all, Knuckles were legal in that match.

JR - Yeah they were legal, only if you retrived them from the pole, not from down ya damn trunks.

William Regal vs Godfather

Lilian announces the Intercontinental champion out first for this non-title match up. Rgeal comes down to the ring with his belt straped around his waist, he enters the ring and the referee quicky checks him over for any sigh of a foreign object, much to the annoyance of the British Intercontintal champion.

With a smile on her face Lillian announces to the ring, The Godfather accompanied by his ladie friends. Godfather and the "ho's" all dance around the ring, and even get Lillian involved. Before Regal takes a cheap shot and attacks the Godfather while his back is turned. Lillian and the "ho's" quickly exit the ring as the bell tolls.

End of Match -

Godfather whips Regal into the corner, he goes in after him with the Hoooo Train, but Regal manages to get a elbow up to the face. Godftaher drops back and Regal strikes with a running blow to the leg. Godfather drops to the canvas as Regal drops and slides out of the ring, the ref checks over The Godfather, and Regal making sure the ref is'nt looking goes searching under the ring apron for something...... He pulls out a pair of brass Knucks and slides them on over his fingers.

Regal slides into the ring and both men get to their feet, Regal pulls out his arm and goes for a big swinging punch, Godfather ducks, anf then takes ahold of Regal setting him up for the Pimp Drop. Godftaher looks to hit the move, but at the last second, Regal strikes his fist down on the head of The Godfather, they ref no the wiser maks the count as Regal covers him for the 1....2...3

Regal's arm is raised as he is announced the winner by pinfall. Out of the crowd comes Edge, he slides intot he ring, Regal unaware. Regal turns around as Edge chrges at him and hits a SPEAR. Edge grabs the Knuckles from of Regals fingers, and angrily shows them to the ref, Edge exits the ring and heads up the ramp to the back.




JR - You know what King, Regal got what he deserved. I only wish Edge had put the pair of Knuckles on himself and decked Regal with them.

King - JR and there was me thinking you were allways impartial.

We want you

We are taken backstage seeing Hogan, Hall and Nash walking around cautiously looking over their shoulders. When suddenly Kurt Angle comes out of nowhere.

Nash - Boys, boys, look who it is. It's Mr. olympic gold meadilst himself Kurt Friggin Angle.

Hall - Hey Kurt, good to meet ya man, it's not every day I meet a REAL olympic gold meadilst.

Hogan - Kurt my main man, a real gold medalist in my very presence, you know its my honour.

The nWo look at each other smirking, as Kurt laps up the insincerity

Kurt - Hey guys, you no im glad I found you three

Hogan - Kurt ermm before you go on, don't supose you seen Steve Austin around anywhere.

Kurt - Austin, no. You guys don't need to worry about him, he's long gone, Flair sent him home.

Hogan - Ha Ha You here that Kev, Scott, Flair sent home the rattlesnake.

Nash - I'll give Flair this, he got balls to send home the rattlesnake. Anyway Kurt our friend, what can we do you for.

Kurt - Well it's funny you should ask, ermm before I go on, I gotta say what an honour, what a true joy this is for me, meeting the real life nWo. I've had some great moments in my life, and winning a gold medal is damn sure one of them, but even that can't compare to this moment, this is something I'll treasure for the rest of my life, a real true memory.

The nWo pat Kurt on the back, all three men thank him, mockingly, but Kurt doesn't see the insincerity in them again.

Kurt- I ermm actually came here to ask you three a favour

Hall - A favour, sure Kurt anything for a Gold medalist.

Kurt - You see guys, Flair booked me and Triple H in a match tonight. for the number one contendership at Wrestlemania. But well me and Stephanie were talking, and well seeing as you are helping one McMahon get one over on Flair, how about helping a second McMahon get one over on Flair. Cause he's screwed me out of my deserved title shot already, and he will do it again tonight. So I was thinking maybe you guys could help level the playing field.

Hogan - You know what Kurt, I think we mihgt be able to help you out there, I mean after all we would only be leveling out the playing field, and afterall thats what the nWo is all about, being fair.

Kurt - Thanks guys, you three really are the best, I could hug each and eveyone of you.

Nash - Wow, wow buddy, that won't be nesseccary, how about a hand shake instead.

Kurt shakes the hand of all three men, and walks of joyfully, whooooing occasionally.

The nWo begin laughing histeracly, mocking Kurt Angle after he is out of ear shot.

Hogan, Hall and Nash suddenly stop laughing, a serious face comes across them all.

Nash - Well, well look what the cat draged out the bag, long time no see buddy.

Triple H - Kev, Scott, long time no see, ha man it's good to see you guys, but don't tell the boys in the back you heard me saying that. And Hollywod Hogan.

Hogan and Hunter stare at each other and just give half hearted smiles.

Nash - We just had a friend of yours speaking to us.

Triple H - Yeah Kurt, I saw, what he want anyway.

Nash - He wanted us to level out the playing field tonight, but lets say he's gonna get a surprise.

You know Hunter, the three nWo could always become the four nWo. All you gotta do is say the word and your in, imagine it Hunter. Triple H and the nWo running the WWF. We'd be unstopable, what you say, you want in. It'd be like the the old days, like the Klique running the show again.

Hall and Nash both put their hands on Triple H's shoulders, while Hogan just nods along with the offer of Triple H becoming the newest nWo member. Hunter puts his hand over his mouth and drops his head, then he removes their hands of his shoulders. Hall and Nash look taken aback.

Triple H - Guys, it's great seeing you again, and hell the klique was something I will never forget, but..... but I've moved on, you know, im on the way to becoming World champ, and you know, thaks but no thanks, I gotta do this on my own. Sorry guys, no hard feelings ay. You know were like brothers, friends to the end, how about after I beat Kurt Angle's ass, I come back here and we have a few beers, for old times sake.

Nash - Yeah sure Hunter, no problem, but if you ever change your mind, you know where we are. See ya later buddy, and good luck out there tonight.

Triple H walks of levaing Nash, Hall and Hogan staring at his back, they all turn to each other.

Hogan - Big Sexy, this is your call brother.

Nash - You know boyz, I think we should show the Olympic gold meadilst no one kisses the nWo's ass and uses us as stepping stones. And I think we should show are old buddy, no one turns down the nWo.

The camera cuts back to the announcers as The nWo have a disgusted look about their faces.


JR - Someone needs to warn Triple H, just as we think he's got a level playing field the nWo go and stick their damn nose's in. It just goes to show, no one is safe from the nWo, not even their best friends.

King - Well hang on a sec there JR, the nWo haven't actually done anything to Triple H yet, they just implied they MIGHT, and what about poor old Kurt Angle, he goes there looking for help. and they dupped him in JR.

JR - Yeah well, he shouldn't listen to Stephanie McMahon in the first place, she owt to know the nWo wouldn't help him unless they got something in return.

Well up next is the main event, it's Triple H vs Kurt Angle for the chance to face off against Chris Jericho, for the Undisputed world title at Wrestlemania in Toronto, March the 17th .

The Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla

The Music of the Unisputed world heavyweight champion plays out over the PA system, echoing all around the packed arena.

The fans stand on their feet to boo Chris Jericho.

Jericho comes out with his back to the fans and his arms outstreched, the Undisputed title hanging of the right arm.

Jericho turns and heads towards the ring, patting his belt and smirking so arrangntley. He is handed a mic, and snatches it away.

Jericho - Now that the Unisputed World heavweight champion is here, it's time for you to SHUT THE HELL UP.

The crowd boos heavily at Jericho's demand

Oh Booh Ho, you monkeys should be damn grateful that im even gracing my presence for you. I mean it's not ever day you get to see a Living Legend, live in the the flesh. Espcially a Living Legend as great as me.

Now listen up monkeys, cause im only gonna say this once, I've got something important to talk about, something that changed my life...... and yours too.

Tonight i've come out here to talk about, me beating that Ass Clown "Stone Cold" Steve Austin last night at No Way Out, and lets face it, there literally was No Way Out for the Rattlesnake. Not when he came toe to toe with the the Ayatollah... of.... Rock... and.... Rolla.

You see Austin thourght It would be a walk in the park at No Way Out, he thourght to himself.

(Jericho begins talking as if he was Steve Austin)

Hell i'll go in there whoop that son bitches ass and walk out the Undisputed Champion, cause im Stone Cold Steve Austin and I am better than everyone else.

Well guess what Monkey, you got ya ass handed to ya by Me, Chris Jericho, and i'll do it all over again. To Austin and to anyone that faces me, last night I was preparing to give that goofy gold medal man, Kurt Angle a beating likes he has never seen before. Then Flair goes and makes the match void, so now it could be either Angle, or The Gammmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeee that I whooop at Wrestlemania.

But get one thing right in ya heads ass clowns, this baby right here, the Unisputed title will be staying around my waste come the night of Wrestlemania. I've decided to stay on tonight and watch the main event, since it is all about me anyways, me and who's ass i'll beat. So Lillian get ya pert little ass in the ring and do ya announcing stuff that you do. While I watch from ringside.

Jericho leaves the ring and snatches a chair from underneath a ring crew member, Jericho sets the chair up and sits on it, as Lillian enters the ring to announce the following match, with Jericho admiring her view.


JR - Well, sorry for that brief interuprion folks, it's looks as if the champ will be watching from ringside. But up next, it is the main event.

King - Look JR, a real life living Legend. Ha, im so honured.

JR - Shut up King.

Main Event

Number one contendership match

Triple H vs Kurt Angle

Lilian Garcia enters the ring as the crowd go silent, wating for the main event to begin. Lilian begins the event by announcing the Olympic Gold medalist, Kurt Angle out. Angle comes out from behind the curtain to a loud chorus of boo's and well timed "You Suck" chants. He enters the ring and has his eyes set on the ramp way, awaiting his opponent Triple H.

Time to play the Game.... plays out over the PA system. The crowd stand to their feet as Triple H emerges out from the back. Kurt Angels face doesn't change, Chris Jericho still seated at ringside has a look or arrogance as per usual, he slowly claps Triple H to the ring, a sarcastic clap at that. Triple H stands upon the ring apron, and spits his water into the air, and then looks down upon Chris Jericho, both men lock eyes, Angle only has eyes for Triple H.

End of Match -

Triple H whips Angle into the corner and follows up with a running forearm smash. Angle grogerly gets to his feet but is put back down again with a hard right from Triple H.

Hunter lifts Kurt up onto the top turnbuckle, he looks to attempt a Superplex, but Angle fights him off with several punches to the head. And eventually knocks Triple H of the turnbuckle and onto the canvas. Angle sees Triple H down, he turns his back standing on the top rope and attempts a Moonsault. But Triple H rolls out of the way, and then goes for a quick cover. 1.......2....... but Kurt kicks out.

Triple H, picks Kurt up and looks to set him up for a Pedigree, but Angle hits a low blow on Hunter sending him to the mat in agony. Angle drops the straps and grabs hold of Triple H's Ankle. But before he can do any damage Triple H manages to kick out at Kurt, breaking the hold but also sending Kurt flying into the referee, knocking him out of the ring completley.

Jericho jumps up onto the ring apron, and begins goading Triple H, Kurt gets to his feet, and he and Hunter look at each other and at the same time send Jericho flying of the rign apron and down to the floor mat.

Triple H has his back turned to Kurt as he looks over at Jericho, Hunter turns and is met with an Angle slam sending him crashing to the canvas. Kurt gets to his feet and cheers, much to the annoyance of the crowd, Kurt see's that the ref is still down and goes to the outside of the ring, he pulls out a chair and slides back into the ring. Kurt smashes the chair of the canvas denting it, as he prepares for Triple H to stur and get to his feet.

The crowd suddenly begin to buzz, as at the top of the ramp, Hollywood Hogan, Scott Hall, and Kevin Nash appear. Kurt cheers, thinking they have come out to "level the playing field" after their conversation earlier on. The nWo make their way down the ramp and enter into the ring. Kurt goes to high five them as they all look down over Triple H's fallen body, then he realises they are staring a hole into him.

Hogan strikes Kurt knocking him down,the nWo begin to stomp away at Kurt. Hall then picks Kurt up and hits him with a "Stunner" the nWo all laugh out and give each other high fives.

Nash picks up the chair that Kurt was holding and slams it down over his back, as Hollywood takes of his leather strap and looks as if he will strike Kurt with it, Triple H gets to his feet and grabs the belt from his hand and slams it to the canvas.

Triple H stares at Kevin Nash and Scott Hall. Nash and Hall, look at each other and shrug their shoulders, as if to say ok, ok were leaving. Nash smiles and nods and then signals for Hall and Hogan to leave the ring with him. The nWo look as if they are about to leave. When Hall asks Nash to hand his the chair. Nash hands it over and then calls out to Triplpe H. Triple H turns and Scott Hall nails the chair across his forehead.

Hogan picks his leather strap up from of the floor and begins whipping Triple H with it, Chris Jericho jumps to the ring apron and begind cheering on the nWo, they look at him and give a sly smile. Hogan goes over to Kurt and proceeds whipping him with the leather belt as Nash and Hall stomp away on Triple H. Hogan runs of the rops and drops the leg on Kurt Angle. Nash props Triple H up in the corner and "Sizes him up" before striking him with his forearm,Triple H staggers out as Scott Hall takes hold of him and lifts him on the air, for the Razors Edge.

Hogan goes to outside of the ring, and looks underneath the ring apron, he pulls out three spray cans. Hogan slides two into the ring, Hall and Nash take one each. Nash sprays the nWo logo over the back of Triple H, Hogan underlines it. Hall then brands Kurt Angle with the same nWo logo once again wth Hollywood underlining it.

The nWo look over to Jericho, he looks back at them worringly and drops down from the ring, The nWo taunt the crowd and exit the ring, leaving behind the wreckage of Kurt Angle and Triple H.

OR - 87

CR - 90

MQ - 82

JR - Those damn nwo, I can't belive them, they had no reason being here, no reason at all.

King - JR, there the nWo, in their eyes they don't need a reason, they think they run the show.

JR - We need medical attention out here for these men, and to top it off, they branded them with the nWo logo. You know what the nWo can go to hell, GO TO HELL.

Run down

The camera cuts to the back where the cameraman is following Hall, Hogan and Nash.

The nWo are heading out to the parking lot, bragging about the beating they gave Triple H and Kurt Angle.

Nash - Guy's guy's in all seriuosness, you see Hunter's face when Scott decked him with the chair, it was a picture. O man he never thourght it did he, his old buddy's and pal's, Scott and Kev stabbing him in the back.

Hall - Yeah you know what, what I did to Hunter, I wanna do to that punk rattlesnake Steve Austin.

Hogan - I hear ya there brother, make him bow down to ya Scott, make him bow down and lick the boots you kick his ass with.

Nash - Who's driving anyways, you got the keys Hollywood.

Hogan - You wanna drive Kev. she's all your's baby.

Hogan tosses the keys over to Nash, who's sheading to the drivers side of the car, Hogan and Scott are making their way to the car.

Scott - You hear that....... What the, it's that punk Austin.

A pickup truck comes speading around the corner hurtling towards the three nWo members. The horn constantly been beeped. Austin pokes his head out the window as he speeds up at Hogan, Hall and Nash. Just as he reaches them, Hogan and Hall have to throw them selfs to one side to aviod been ran down, Nash is already at the drivers door and is looking miffed and angry.

Austin stops the vechile and pokes his head out the window once more.

Austin - Come on you stupid son of bitches, I don't care what Flair says, Im gonna make you pay, Stone Cold style.

Nash - Were gonna kill you Austin.

Austin - Ha gotta catch me first you stupid bastards.

Austin speeds of out of the parking lot, as Hall and Hogan rush to get to their feet.

Scott - lets get that punk and show not to mess with the nWo.

Nash hops into the drivers seat and starts the car, as Hall and Hogan hurry into the vechile. Nash speeds of giving chase to Austin. Raw begins to fade to black as the nWo leave the parking lot in pursuit of Steve Austin.


Raw got 84%

We got a 6.08 rating for 'RAW'!

The attendance level was 6528 people.

We made $261120 from ticket sales.

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IPB Image

Monday Night on Raw, the nWo made their presence felt especially to two men, Triple H and Kurt Angle. The Olympic gold medallist Kurt Angle and "The Game" Triple H squared of in the middle of the ring to determine who would become the No 1 contender, to the Undisputed Champion of the World, Chris Jericho. But the match came to an abrupt halt as the nWo attacked and beat down both men.

Smackdown will bring you the rematch and this time Ric Flair has added an extra stipulation, Chris Jericho will be the Special Guest Referee.

Also as Raw went of the air on Monday we were left wondering what would happen to Steve Austin, as the nWo chased him out of the parking lot in hot pursuit.

The Texas Rattlesnake is booked to be on Smackdown find out what he has to say, and lets see if the nWo will make their presence felt upon the WWF once more.

Confirmed matches for Smackdown

- Jazz defends her womens championship against Lita

- The Tag team number one contenders face of against the Hardy Boyz.

- Edge and DDP team up to face William Regal and Christian

- Triple H and Kurt Angle meet once again with Jericho as the Special Guest Referee, to determine the number one contender for the Undisputed Championship.

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IPB Image

21st February 2002

Fireworks set off around the arena, many different signs in the crowd, including, a "I love Kurt" sign, and and "Austin 3:16 sign" The camera cuts to the announcers desk.

Cole -Hello and welcome everybody to Smackdown, im Michael Cole, and as always alongside me is Tazz.

And what a night Raw was Tazz, what a night.

Tazz - O not doubt Cole, no doubt, I mean the nWo strike again, they shown us what they are made of, and of course sending out that message to Ric Flair, that they want him to give up his half of the company. And they will stop at nothing to get it.

Cole- Mr McMahon drafted the nWo in for one reason and one reason only, to help him get back full control of the WWF. And well frankly it's not looking too good for Ric Flair, at the moment not only has he got to deal with Mr McMahon and the nWo but he has got personal issues with The Undertaker.

Tazz - Or as JR likes to call him, bugga red. But no Cole your right, these past few weeks even before No Way Out we've seen The Undertaker doing whatever it takes to persuade Flair to fight him at Wrestlemania, in Toronto.

Cole - Well lets tell you about some of tonight's action, we will see Jazz defend her title against Lita, we will also see The APA'S Bradshaw and Faarooq take on the Hardy Boyz. also in tag team action will be Diamond Dallas Page and Edge teaming up to take on William Regal and Christian.

And in the main event, already booked by Co-Owner of the World Wrestling Federation Ric Flair, will be Kurt Angle going one on one with Triple H, for a shot at the Undisputed champion Chris Jericho, and get this Tazz. Jericho will be the special guest referee for the match tonight.

Tazz - You know Cole summerts gotta go down here, I mean Triple H and Kurt hate each other, but Jericho, well Jericho probably couldn't give a damn who he fights at Mania, so you gotta wonder what part he will play in the match, will he call it down the middle, side with Kurt or side with Triple H, we just don't know.


Glass Shatters

The music of Stone Cold Steve Austin hits out over the PA system sending the crowd wild. The whole arena cheers as Austin makes his way down to the ring with a serious look about him.

Austin dressed in jeans and a 3:16 t-shirt, rolls into the ring and demands a mic be handed to him.

Austin - I gotta get summert of my chest, you see o'le Stone Cold is a bit pissed. You wanna know why im pissed, good I'll tell you why. Im pissed because of them sun bitches the nWo. They walk in here thinking they can run the damn show, thinking they call walk all over Stone Colds ass, well I gotta some news for the damn nWo.................


Before Austin can get any more word's out the music of the nWo hits out over the PA system. Scott Hall appears on the stage area, he doesn't stop there though as he arrogantly struts to the ring, pointing and yelling at Austin.

Austin throws the mic out of the ring over the top rope, calling for Hall to get in the ring. Scott Hall slowly walks up ring steps and enters the ring. He has a mic sticking out the front of his jeans, he pulls it out and puts it too his mouth. Still looking at Austin.

Hall - Hey..........

Before Hall can say a word more Austin charges him down and begins punching away at him. Austin lets Hall up only to carry on striking at him with right hooks that end up backing him into the corner. Hall backed in the corner pokes Austin in the eyes and then nails him with a swinging right, and then another, and then...... Austin blocks and unleashes a barrage of rights on Hall once again backing him into a corner, and then stomps a mudhole in his ass.

Nash appears through the crowd on the left side of the ring, as Hogan appears on the right hand side. Both men climb the barriers as Austin watches on, looking left from right, waiting for one of them to enter the ring.

Hall crawls to the mic he dropped and grabs hold of it, he gets to his feet and strikes it across the back of Austin's head.

Austin drops to the floor, Hall stands over him and smirks he then proceeds by stomping away at him as Hogan and Nash cheer him on, as they enter the ring. Hogan and Nash pick Austin up and hold him on either side as Hall takes shots at him with the microphone. Hall tells them to let go of him, they do and he kicks him to the mid section and follows up with a Stunner.

Austin drops to the floor as the nWo stand over his fallen body and taunt him. Hall spits at Austin, then he grabs his feet and drags him over the a ring post, Hall slides to the outside still holding onto Austin's feet, Hall takes Austin's his right leg pulls it out and then swings it back in bashing it of the ring post.

Austin screams out in agony as Hall swings his leg off the post for a second time. Hall walks away from Austin and goes for a chair. He takes the chair and swings it straight over Austin's right leg. Hogan un-straps his leather belt as Nash pulls Austin back into the centre of the ring, Hall slides into the ring armed with the steel chair.

Hogan whips the belt of Austin's back and then orders Nash to pick him up, Hall looks set as if he will hit Austin with the chair.



The save

The Rocks music plays out over the PA system as he comes sprinting to the ring armed with a steel chair. Hogan, Hall and Nash quickly exit the ring as The Rock slides in, Austin is down and hurt, Hogan Hall and Nash look on from the outside calling out at The Rock, Hall climbs to the apron, but quickly jumps back down as The Rock charges over and swings the chair at him, but misses and gets the ropes instead.

Rock just stares down at the nWo from the ring, they make there way around the ring and towards the ramp way, all three men taunt The Rock as he carries on looking at them, WWF officials and medical staff come running past the nWo on the ramp way and enter the ring to attend to Austin.

The nWo just laugh away, and then turn their backs on The Rock, The Rock sees the mic on the ring and picks it up.

Rock - So this is the the nWo, the great New World Order that changed the face of professional wrestling. This the way you, BOYZ do business then, well you gotta get on thing straight, know one, and The Rock means Know one is gonna take this horse crap from you three.

You might have gotten away with it in Atlanta, you might have been the poison that killed WCW. But you jabronis better get this one thing straight.

In the WWF you answer to US, we don't answer to you, you see nWo it all ends tonight, the sneak attacks, the spray paint, the two on ones the three on ones, it all ends tonight.

And the ass whooping that The Rock's gonna give you begins tonight. Im gonna take my boot, hell no, im gonna take three spray cans, shine them up real nice, turn them sideways, and STICK EM STRAIGHT UP ALL YOUR CANDY ASSES.

Hogan, Hall and Nash just look at The Rock in anger and then casually walk away up the ramp and head of behind the curtain.

The medical staff attend to Austin.and try to get him onto a stretcher, but he refuses and tries to roll out the ring and stand up on his own. The Rock goes to the outside and helps him walk up the ramp way as the medical staff follow closely behind.

Cole - The damn nWo did again Tazz, there nothing but cowards, they attacked Austin like a pack of wolves. Just a good thing that The Rock came down when he did.

Tazz - Maybe a little bit too late may I add there Cole, but yeah your right, had The Rock not shown up who knows how far the nWo might have gone.

Cole - Well as we move along up next is Jazz and Lita one on one.

Jazz vs Lita

WWF Womens Championship match

The first women announced out by Lillian Garcia is Lita, Lita receives a good reaction as she runs down the ramp and slides into the ring.

The Womens champion Jazz is next out, she walks to the ring slowly with the title slung over her shoulder, she shows little emotion apart from the odd shouting to a fan.

End of match

Lita whips Jazz of the ropes and runs at her with a clothesline, but Jazz ducks it as Lita lands on the canvas. Lita staggers to her feet as Jazz stalks her, and nails her with a bitch slap, oh a mean and tough slap across the mouth of Lita, she gives Lita another and then a third. Lita is down and hurt but Jazz doesn't let up and stomps away at her, the ref tries to get in and see if Lita is ok. But Jazz won't let him and shoves him away.

The ref tries again but Jazz just turns a round and slaps him. The ref calls for the bell, but Jazz carries on attacking Lita. She picks Lita up and rams he head of the turnbuckle and then as she lands on the mat, stomps away at her even more. The ref calls for assistance as he tries to pull Jazz off Lita.

Lita is attended to as Jazz takes her title and walks off up the ramp way looking pleased with herself

OR 56

CR 59

MQ 51

Cole - Jazz there going overboard in my opinion, she dominated Lita, and there was no need for her to do what she did.

Tazz - Quite right Cole, but hey who's gonna stop her, I mean if you want to Cole go right ahead.

Cole - Err no thanks Tazz, im fine in one piece thanks. Up next the number one contenders for the tag team titles, the APA, take on the young and charismatic Hardy Boyz.

APA vs Hardyz

Matt and Jeff are out first, they receive a great reception as they are announced by Lilian Garcia. The APA are next out, wearing jeans and an APA t-shirt they command presence as they enter the ring.

End of match

Matt Hardy and Bradshaw the legal men in battle away, Bradshaw whips Matt off the ropes and as he comes back scoops him up and nails a fall-away slam.

Bradshaw goes for the pin, 1...2.... but Jeff Hardy comes flying of the top with a Swanton Bomb on Bradshaw breaking up the pin fall.

Faarooq comes running in and clotheslines Jeff Hardy over the top ropes, Faarooq rolls to the outside and whips Jeff Hardy into the steps.

Back in the ring, Matt Hardy gets to his feet, and so does Bradshaw with his back to Matt Hardy rather groggily, Matt Hardy rolls him up, and as the ref counts takes ahold of the ropes. 1......2........3

Matt Hardy pins Bradshaw with a roll up pin, and an assist from the ring ropes.

Matt Hardy rolls to the outside as Faarooq rolls in. Bradshaw and Faarooq shout at the Hardy Boyz.

Just as they do, they Dudley Boyz come out of the crowd and roll into the ring attacking the APA from behind. The Dudley Boyz beat away on the APA, Matt and Jeff Hardy take one look into the ring, but decide against doing anything, and walk away of up the ramp leaving the Acolytes alone with the Dudley Boyz.

D- Von throw Bradshaw to the outside of the ring, Bubba Ray whips Faarooq of the ropes and the Dudleyz lay him out with a 3D.

Bubba and Devon roll out the ring and head up the ramp towards the back.

OR 78

CR 74

MQ 82

Cole - Well somewhat of an upset there, Matt Hardy pinning Bradshaw. And then we get those damn Dudley's coming down and attacking the APA.

Tazz - Cole you know what we just saw, the Hardy Boyz pinning the number one contenders, the APA. So does that mean the Hardyz are eligible for a shot too.

Cole - Well no Tazz, cause it wasn't a number one contender match, plus Matt Hardy did cheat. And you would have thought the Hardyz would have give Bradshaw and Faarooq a hand when the Dudleyz attacked.

Tazz- Well Cole the Dudleyz aren't the Hardy Boyz problem.

No Chance thats just what ya got

Cole - What the, is that Vince McMahon's music, what the hell does he want.

Tazz - Careful now Cole, he is still half your boss.

Cole - Yeah don't remind me.

Flair vs McMahon

Vince McMahon appears on the stage way, microphone in hand a wide smile across his face, he power struts down to the ring, looking very pleased with himself.

Vince McMahon enters the ring, still smiling then he sets his eyes upon the fans and the smile fades and turns into a snarl.

Vince - Look at you all, just look at you, you people disgust me, you are vile human beings, I might even be tempted to go as far as saying, you are almost as vile as RIC FLAIR.

The crowd lets out a Whoo at the mention of Ric Flair.

But im not even that mean, my heart won't let we say it. Ha ha hell yes it will, you people are as vile as Ric Flair, see I said it, that wasn't so hard.

Vince McMahon's statement is met with a chorus of boos

Shut up you moron's, im Vince McMahon damn it and no on boos me.

Anyway where was I.Ah yes

Speaking of the nature boy. I just got three letters for him, n.........w............o, you fans may hate me for it, and well quite frankly I don't give a damn if you do, but one person you can blame, and that's Ric Flair.

You see Mr Flair had his chance, all he had to do was hand me back my 50% of the World Wrestling Federation, and the nWo would never have been brought in.

You see, now all hell is going to break loose, they destroyed the WCW, and they will destroy Ric Flair. They will make the life's of Flair and the World Wrestling Federation superstars a living hell, they are all now involved in a nightmare, a nightmare that some of the wrestlers have been involved in before, in WCW. A nightmare that they thought they would never have to live again, but now they do, and for that, they have one man to thank, and that man is Ric Flair.

When the wrestlers go back home to their girlfriends, wife's and family's, and they say "Hunny how was your day" and they respond with "It was hell, I want to quit, the nWo are back and they are killing us all, one by one they are killing us off". They can think back and thank Ric Flair.

When the girlfriends and wife's, and family's visit the superstars in hospital, and they ask them "What happened to you, you are a mess" and they respond with "the nWo found me and beat me, I can't go on anymore, I want to quit." They can look back and thank Ric Flair.

Vince McMahon's head drops a little and an evil smirk comes across his face.

And when the girlfriends, and wife's, and family's find the nWo stalking them and haunting them at their own homes, they can all look back, and thank Ric Flair.

Hell if Steve Austin is looking for someone to blame for his attack earlier on, don't blame the nWo, blame Ric Flair. Hell they were just getting the job done, and Steve Austin just happened to be in the way. And dare I say, he happened to be in the way, just like The Rock may find he's in the way, a bit latter on. But you'll all see what I mean in a short while.

All this could end, the beatings, the nightmare, it could all end, and it is only going to get worse, that I can promise you. It could all end if only Ric Flair would do the right thing and hand over his 50% share to me.


Ric Flair's music hits out over the PA system, the crowd stand in their feet awaiting the arrival of the "Nature Boy."

Flair makes his way down to the ring, also with a microphone in his hand, he has a serious look about his face, no whooing or strutting, just an angry, hungry face.

Flair gets right in Vince McMahon's face as he begins to yell at him

Flair - LISTEN to me McMahon, don't you dare, don't you even dare to try and pin the nWo on me. You brought in the nWo, you was the one to phone Hulk Hogan, and Scott Hall and Kevin Nash. You was the one to offer them a contract in the WWF, you are the one responsible for the "nightmare"

McMahon you want my 50%, tough, cause you ain't getting it.

The crowd cheer and clap at the announcement

Im here to Stay Vince, and you think the nWo will drive me out, then you underestimate me buddy. I've seen the nWo before, I've battled Hogan, Hall and Nash all over the country before, and no matter if it was me on my own, or me with the Horsemen.

I always stood tall, I always fought hard McMahon and I never backed down. Just like now, I will not back down.

Vince - Well Flair you are a very foolish man. Hell like you say you've battled the nWo all over the country, and in WCW may I add. And ermm well look what happened there. You know what they are capable off, you know just how dangerous and vicious they are, you know what happened to Austin was just a starter you know it will only get worse. Flair be it all on your conscious. All you gotta do Flair is hand me back my 50%.

Flair - McMahon I got just two things to say to ya. " SCREW YOU"

Flair goes to leave the ring after dropping the microphone, he is under the ropes when McMahon speaks.

Vince - Oh and Flair, if you see The Rock on your way out, be sure to tell him to be careful, you never know what accidents can happen in a backstage environment like ours. Hell the whole place is an accident waiting to happen, just like Steve Austin was an accident waiting to happen.

Flair backs him self up and grabs ahold of the mic he dropped and with a furious tone speaks back to Vince.

Flair - Dammit McMahon if anything happens to The Rock, I'll personally make sure you are dealt with, I will kick your ass from one end of the arena to the other.

Vince - How appropriate you want to take care of me, just like your actions took care of Steve Austin, and just like your actions will take care of The Rock.

Flair - What happened to Austin was not my fault McMahon and you know it, your the one who set this whole thing up, and your the one who should take the blame. Your the one who should have all this on his conscious not me.

Vince - But Ric, thats just the problem, I don't have a conscious, now if you'll excuse me I've got some very urgent business to attend to.

No chance in hell plays out over the arena PA system, as McMahon drops the mic and pats Ric Flair on the shoulder as he makes his way out of the ring, Flair looks dumbfounded and watches Vince leave the ring with a look of disbelief on his face.

Vince power struts up the ramp and off to the back without looking back to the ring, on the titontron you can see him smiling, almost gloating.


Cole - You know what Tazz, Vince McMahon can kiss my....

Tazz - Wow, Wow there Cole. you wanna lose ya job. I mean I suppose I'd get a better broadcast partner. But then who would I have to make me the tea in the morning.

Cole - Yeah yeah Tazz very funny, I just can't belive Mr McMahon would go about this whole thing and blame Ric Flair for it, Mr. McMahon was the one to bring in the nWo, and he's the one who's letting them run riot, yet he blames Flair for all this, he thinks he's done nothing wrong.

Tazz - Cole, this is Vince McMahon your talking about, he can do what the hel he likes, hey if Vince thinks he's doing nothing wrong then who are we to argue. I mean after all, Ric Flair knows what he's got to do to get the nWo of his back.

Cole - That's just the thing though Tazz, it's not just Ric Flair's back there on, sooner or latter they will affect everyone in the WWF, so far it's just been Austin and Flair they've targeted, and now maybe the The Rock, but it will be all of us, mark my words Tazz.

Tazz - Well personally I think your getting way ahead of ya self, don't worry Cole I'll take care of ya, me and Vince were close, you know, he rubs my back, I rub his.

Cole - Yeah right Tazz. Anyway the next match up will be William Regal and Christian teaming up, to take on Edge and Diamond Dallas Page.

Tazz - Oh hey Cole, just remember, "Thats not a bad thing, thats a good thing"

Cole - Oh please don't remind me.

Tazz - Ha, you not a fan of DDP'S spiritually way's.

Cole - Well it doesn't matter about me, but I know of at least one person who isn't keen and that's Christian.

Regal/Christian interview

The camera cuts to the back where William Regal and Christian are standing by with Kevin Kelly.

Kelly - Mr Regal and Christian over the past few weeks you've both had encounters with Edge and DDP, William both you and Edge have had many battles for the Intercontinental Championship, and Christian you with Page, in well, in him trying to stop your tantrums as such and turn you into a winner. Your thoughts please.

Regal - Yes my good man, me and that bumbling idiot Edge have had many fights lately over my Intercontinental championship.

Christian - Hey Willy look, guess who am I

Christian has a wide goofy smile across his face, making sure he shows all his teeth off. Regal looks a tad annoyed at being interrupted but looks and smiles.

Regal - Ah yes very good, your that, that bafoon DDP.

Christian - (still smiling) And you know what that is.

Regal - No what is it. ( Regal sounding annoyed)

Christian - Thats not a bad thing, it's a good thing.

Regal - Indeed it is. (Regal shakes his head, as Christian carries on pulling goofy smiles, keeping himself occupied.)

As I was saying, me and Edge have been fighting over my title lately and each time lets just say he's felt the power of my punch.

Kelly - You mean the brass Knuckles

Regal looks at Kevin Kelly in disgust.

Regal - I have no idea what you are talking about, you stupid idiot. As for that street urchin Edge I will give him a bloody good hiding any day of the week. At No way out I beat him and again tonight I will beat him and he may very well once again feel the power of my punch.

Regal looks over at Christian and mutters "Fool" to himself before walking of, Christian not realising straight away he's gone, as he carries son pulling DDP like smiles.


Edge/DDP vs Regal/Christian

First team out is Regal and Christian Regal is checked over for brass Knuckles.

Lilian Garcia announces out Diamond Dallas Page and Edge, Edge runs straight to the ring and goes for Regal as the match begins.

End of match

Page goes for the Diamond Cutter on Regal, but Christian tackles Page before he can hit the move, Christian drops down to Regal and looks to hand him something, Edge comes in the ring and hits a SPEAR on Christian sending him flying out of the ring, the ref tells Edge to get back into his corner, Edge protests giving Regal and opportunity to strike the Brass knucks across Pages head. Regal goes down for the cover 1.....2......3

Regal carries on doing a beat down, Edge comes running in and goes to tackle Regal, but Regal hits the knucks of his forehead, sending him crashing to the mat. Christian rolls back into the ring and stomps away on Page, before being instructed by Regal to lift Edge up. He does so and Regal for a second time strikes the brass knuckles against the forehead of Edge.

Edge drops to the floor, blood begins to come from his forehead.

DDP gets to his feet and strikes Regal, but Christian is equal to the attack and blindsides him, Regal gets up and hits him with the Knuckles, Page falls into Christian who props him up and then nails him with an Unprettier.

OR 78

CR 77

MQ 79

Cole - Well Edge feeling the power of the punch, not once but twice. And Christian taking his anger out on his spiritual guide DDP.

Tazz - Well Cole, you can safely say Christian won't be acquiring DDP as his mentor any more. I bet Page doesn't think, "thats a good thing"

Cole - Whatever Tazz

Tazz - What

Sweet Talker

The camera cuts to the back, we are taken inside the dressing room of the Undisputed Heavyweight Champion of the world, Chris Jericho.

Jericho is a sitting down on the sofa, admiring over his title, and shining it up. A knock at the door is heard, Jericho asks "Who is It"

It's me Chris, Stephanie McMahon.

Jericho -Yeah what ya what

Steph - Can I come on for a moment, I want to talk to you..

Without waiting for an answer Stephanie open the door and walks straight in.

Jericho - Yeah sure why not. (Jericho says sarcastically) What you want, can't you see im busy with MY title.

Steph - You know something Chris, I've always admired you, your long locks of hair, your Rock and Roll life style, and well to be honest, and ermm don't tell Kurt this, I sometimes get a little jealous when I see you with other women.

Jericho - Oh really, Steph I never knew, but ermm maybe there's something we could do about your jealousy.

Jericho pulls at Steph's arm to bring her onto the sofa, she looks a little taken back.

Steph - Well ermm Chris, yeah maybe there is.

Stephanie tried to adjust herself to a seating position on the sofa.

Steph - But you see, I just can't bring myself to do it, you well you know cheat on Kurt, I'd feel so guilty.

Steph pulls the puppy dog eyes look at Jericho

Jericho - Hey so, he'll get over it, he's an Olympic gold medallist, he'll pull in plenty of chicks once you ditch him.

Steph looks a little annoyed at the thought of Kurt and other women.

Steph - Yeah but even so, if there was something I could do, well we could do, to make it a bit less painful for him.

Jericho - Yeah, what you got in mind.

Steph - Well you know how tonight your the special guest referee for the his match against Triple H, how about if you well, fix the match.

Stephanie starts playing with Jericho's hair and looks at him seductaviley

Jericho - What so he wins, and the stupid ass clown has to face me at Wrestlemania......... Yeah and then I could kick his ass, and we could really rub it in his face when I beat him, you could pretend to be on his side, you know keep him sweet until Mania, then wham you nail his Olympic ass and then I retain my title.

Steph - So we got a deal, you'll fix the match tonight.

Steph had a look of excitement come across her face.

Jericho - Yeah and then me and you baby, we got all the time we need. You know we could always seal the deal if you know what I mean.

Steph turns her head away, and looks a little disgusted.

Steph - Well ermm not now Chris I've gotta go find the little girl's room, and then well, I better get back to Kurt otherwise he'll star to get suspicious

Jericho - Okie my little hunny buns.

Steph rather quickly gets up of the sofa and heads for the door, half heartedly blowing Jericho a kiss on the way out

As she leaves leaves Jericho mutters to himself, " stupid ho, what she think I am, im the King of the world damn it, I got me plenty of women lined up".

The camera follows Steph to outside of the room where she is met by Kurt Angle.

Kurt - Well then, did he fall for it.

Steph - Yeah Hook, Line and Sinker. He was totally gross, he even called me hunny buns.

Kurt - Hunny buns, I'll go in there and give him hunny buns.

Steph - No Kurt you can't.We got our self's a Wrestlemania title shot in the bag. Oh it's true it's true.


Thats not a bad thing....... It's a good thing

The camera cuts to the corridors, where one of the superstars is throwing things around in anger, some WWF officials are trying to calm him down.

But he just shoves them away.

official - Look Page this isn't gonna help, why don't you go talk to Flair he's one half owner, maybe he could help you out.

Page just grabs the nearest thing and throws it at the official narrowly missing him, the nearest thing being a led pipe, the official storms off.

Another voice calls out to him, "Page, what the hell you doing, this isn't helping matters".

DDP stops what he's doing and turns around, to see Kimberly Page.

DDP - Kim, what you doing here. I thought you were away on business. Not that, thats a bad thing, in-fact it's a good thing.

(Page then pulls one of his cheesy smiles)

Kim - OK for a start Page, you can wipe that stupid smile of ya face, and stop saying that, well whatever it is you say.

Page - That's not a ..........

Kim - Yes that, stop saying that, Page this isn't you, this isn't my husband Diamond Dallas Page, former Heavyweight champion of the word. Your some new goofy, DDP that well to be honest no one likes, Page you gotta get back to your normal self. You need to be the Diamond Ass Cutting husband I married.

Page drops his head, and then looks up smiling at his wife, Kimberly Page.

Page - What you want me to do Kim. Change just like that, I can't Kim. Im stuck in this mode, I've tried to be me, I've tried to be the old Diamond Dallas Page. I want to be the old DDP.

Kim - You will Page, come on, I think you need some time away from this place, come home and I'll sort you out, Screw Vince McMahon, and screw Ric Flair, if they don't like you coming home then they can kiss your ass.


Cole - Wow, just wow.

Tazz - I know Cole did you see Kimberly Page, she is smokin or what, that DDP is one lucky man.

Cole - Well actually I was referring to Page the ever so calm spiritual healer trashing up the backstage area. But when you come to mention it yeah she is smokin Tazz.

This is the one we've been waiting for, the number one contender to Chris Jericho will be decide, as Kurt Angle and Triple H go one on one with Jericho as the special guest referee.

HHH vs Kurt

Special Guest Referee - Chris Jericho

Lilian in the middle of the ring, announces the special guest referee as the Undisputed Heavyweight Champion of the World, Chris Jericho.

Jericho makes his way to the ring, appropriately dressed in a referees top. He has the title strapped around his waist.

Before entering the ring he hands the title over to the ring crew to look after.

The fireworks go off signalling the arrival of Kurt Angle, Angle makes his way from the top of the ramp accompanied by Stephanie McMahon. Steph give Jericho a little flirty smile.

Triple H's music echos all around the arena, sounding the crowd wild as The Game appears on the ramp way, he heads down to the ring and climbs the apron, he drinks out of his bottle and as the light shines on him spits water up into the air.

End of match

Triple H whips Angle of the ropes and as he comes back nails him with a running knee strike, he goes down for the pin 1................................... kick out, Jericho with a slow deliberate count. Triple H is furious, he shoves Jericho away, Jericho warns him he will call for the bell.

Jericho takes a side glance at Stephanie McMahon and gives her a wink, she follows up with a smile, then when he's not looking gives him a look of disgust.

Kurt and Triple H slug it out in the middle of the ring, right followed by left then by right, each man matching the other for punches. Kurt takes the advantage with a deliberate low blow. Jericho quickly looks to the floor as to make out her saw nothing. Kurt stomps away at Triple H and then signals for the Ankle Lock as he pulls down the straps. Kurt goes for the ankle, but Triple H counters it and kicks him out of the ring.

Angle drops to the outside where he bashes the floor, Stephanie comes over to him and hands him a chair, he slides into the middle of the ring, chair in hand. Jericho turns around to face the crowd as Kurt goes to swing the chair at Triple H. Hunter manages to get a kick into the mid section of Kurt before he can swing the chair. Kurt drops the chair as Triple H nails him with a right knocking him to the floor.

Triple H sees the chair and picks it up, Jericho turns around and sees Hunter with it. He quickly comes over and again threatens to call for the bell. Jericho snatches the chair of him and props it up in the corner of the ring, and then sits down on it.

Kurt rolls into the ring and begins to argue with Jericho, he says he should have called for the DQ because Triple H had the chair, Jericho shoves him away and says get on with the match. Kurt looks angry and squares up to Jericho, but Triple H comes in and attacks Kurt from behind.

Triple H slugs at Kurt , Stephanie McMahon jumps up on the ring apron, Triple H goes over to her and grabs her by the hair. Kurt comes in and hits a low blow and then with an ANGLE SLAM takes Triple H down.

Kurt smirks as he looks down over Triple H. Kurt goes over to Jericho and pushes him off the chair before grabbing it. Kurt makes his way over to Hunter and slams the chair down over his back. Kurt puts his foot on Triple H with an arrogant pin and demands Jericho come over and make the count.

Jericho points to himself and says "me," Kurt responds with "yeah ya freakin moron, who else"

Jericho lets out a little laugh and with a shrug if the shoulders says "ok". He goes across as Stephanie McMahon is banging the ring apron in anticipation. Jericho drops down and counts the 1.................2............ and then hits Kurt with a low blow.

Stephanie screams at Jericho, he just looks at her and blows her a kiss. Kurt and Triple H both stagger to their feet, Triple H manages to get their first and kicks Kurt in the mid section and follows up with a PEDIGREE, he makes the cover and Jericho makes the count 1............2........3

Triple H gets to his feet and looks Jericho square in the eyes, the two men talk trash to each other, both claiming they will walk out of Wrestlemania champion. Kurt Angle gets to his feet and charges at Jericho, Kurt takes him down and then turns to strike Triple H, flooring him.

Jericho springs to his feet and attacks Kurt, he grabs ahold of him and throws him out of the ring. Jericho grabs a chair and rolls to the outside. He swings the chair at Kurt but Kurt manages to jump out of the way. Triple H comes out to the fight and nails Jericho in the back. The three men are caught up in a brawl, officials and road agents come running down and meet the three men half way on the ramp. They try and split them up as the fight carries on and they head of into the back. Stephanie McMahon runs after them screaming at Triple H.

OR 87

CR 90

MQ 83

Cole - Jericho had us fooled for a while there, he was luring Kurt and Steph into a false sense of security and then he turned on him when he had a good reason, well a good reason in his eyes. But we have a number on contender, Triple H will face Chris Jericho at Wrestlemania.

Tazz - indeed we do Cole indeed we do,m but right now the Champion and the number one contender along with Kurt Angle are all fighting it out backstage somewhere.

Cole - Well I've just got word that a camera man has followed them backstage and we are about to be taken to action.

The camera cuts to the back, we are taken to the parking lot.

Tazz - Thats not Triple H, or Jericho, or Angle, what the, oh no Cole this don't look good.

Cole - Is that The Rock.

Tazz - Yeah and looks who's behind him.

Car attack

The Rock is at his car, his back to the camera. The Rock opens up the door, when all of a sudden he it struck from behind. Hollywood Hogan, Scott Hall, and Kevin Nash come into view.

Hollywood - Well, well boys, look what we got here, it's The Peoples Champ, The Rock.

Nash - You know Hollywood, I seem to recall something about The Rock whooping all are candy Asses/

Hall - You know what, we should beat his ass like we did that punks Steve Austin.

Hollywood - Kev, Scott you are both absolutely right.

The Rock tries to get to his feet but is beat down by all three men. Hollywood takes of his leather strap and begins whipping The Rock with it. Hogan carries on whipping The Rock as he gets to his feet and begins to stagger around his car, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall cheer on Hogan.

Hogan lowers his arm and begins to but his belt back on as Scott Hall moves in and lands a punch on The Rock knocking him against the bonnet of his car.

Hall grabs The Rock and slams his head down on the bonnet, Nash then moves in and takes The Rock by the head and also slams him of the bonnet. The Rock slides of the bonnet of the car and drops down to the floor. Hogan stomps away on him as Scot Hall goes into the drives seat of the car and begins to rev up the engine.

Nash - Wow Wow there buddy, take it easy, we just wanna give him a little message thats all, not completely mutilate him.

Hall - Yeah sure thing big Sexy, don't know what come over me, when I us beating him down, all I see is me kicking that punk Austin's ass.

Hogan - Come on guys, lets finish the job, I want to teach the Rock a lesson about respecting the nWo. Big Sexy what you say about climbing on top of the car, and giving are friend here a ride he won't forget in a hurry.

Nash - Sure thing Boss.

Nash pulls The Rock up from of the ground, who immediately strikes a punch against Nash, Hogan comes in but The Rock nails him with a right, and then a second, but is stopped from delivering a third as Scott Hall attacks him from behind.

Nash climbs up on the bonnet, as Hogan and Hall feed him The Rock. Nash pulls up the Rock between his legs and lifts him high into the air, Nash slams the Rock down onto the car roof with a JACKNIFE Power bomb

Hollywood - come on boys job done, Kev you been working out man, cause that was one mean Jackknife.

Nash - Ha, yeah don't think he'll be getting up from that one in a hurry boys..

Hollywood Hogan, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall high five each other as they leave the parking lot, the smackdown logo appears and the picture fades to black.


Smackdown got 77%

We got a 5.90 rating for 'Smackdown!'!

The attendance level was 6540 people.

We made $261600 from ticket sales.

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Friday 22nd February

IPB Image

WWF Name Change

The rumour going round at the moment is that the World Wildlife Fund and the World Wrestling Federation may be bale to strike up an agreement over the use of the WWF initials. The World Wildlife fund is currently suing the World Wrestling Federation for breaching an agreement the two have over the use of the WWF initials.

Vince McMahon has said to be talking to the World Wildlife Fund, about a settlement claim, in the hopes that he can keep the WWF name and logo.

Saturn resigns

Perry Saturn has just put pen to paper and signed a twelve month extension on his contract. His current contract runs up in three months time.

DDP hiatus

The angle on Smackdown involving Diamond Dallas Page, and his wife Kimberly Page is the set up for Page taking time off TV for a few weeks. Expect Page to be back in time for Wrestlemania to defend his European title. DDP is expected to drop his "Positive" Gimmick and return to the old DDP gimmick.

Big names heading to the Federation

With the New World Order in full swing, there are talks of bringing in some old faces that have been associated with the nWo in the past. It is unknown at this time who those names are. Many are hoping for the arrival of Sting somewhere down the line, to do battle against his old enemies, Hogan, Hall and Nash. But it is not know if Sting will be one of the old faces to make an arrival in the WWF.

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IPB Image

Raw 25th February 2002

Fireworks set of from the stage way of the arena signalling the start of Monday Night Raw. The camera pans around the arena, many fans standing on their feet and waving their signs around, as the Raw music plays in the background.

The camera cuts to the announcers desk, where Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler are seated.

JR - Welcome fans to Monday Night Raw, im Jim Ross and as always alongside me is Jerry "The King" Lawler. What a night we have in store for you, many great matches have been announced for tonight's show, including, get this King. Chris Benoit verses the nWo's Scott Hall.

King - Oh JR what a match that could be, but you gotta help wonder what Benoit's chances are, I mean we saw on Smackdown what happened to The Rock. The nWo travels in three's, not one's.

JR - Well that is very true King, very true indeed, the latest word on The Rock is that he spent the weekend in a local medical facility, and is now out and at home resting, so Rock if you're watching which no doubt you are, get better soon

King - And JR any news on your good friend Steve Austin.

JR - King I spoke to the Rattlesnake over the weekend, and let's just say he will be back in no time to dish out some revenge. He got his knee checked over, and has been told he just needs to rest it, he should be back in action within the week King.

JR - Within the week, nWo you better watch out, cause you got the 'rattlesnake' Steve Austin to deal with now.

No Chance....

Three Way at Wrestlemania

The music for Vince McMahon is heard all around the arena, within seconds the 50% owner of the World Wrestling Federation is out from the back and heading down to the ring, as usual doing his power strut and with a microphone grasped in his palm.

Vince enters the ring and puts the microphone to his lips, but pauses as he is met with a reception of boos.

Vince - Boo all you want, go on, boo to your hearts content, but it won't stop me making the announcement im about to make. And Ric Flair, my soon to be ex fifty percent partner may I add, you might want to listen to what I have to say as well.

You see this announcement is being made because of the incompetence of one man, and you all know who im talking about, yes im talking about that son of a bitch Ric Flair.

The crowd boo at Vince's statement regarding Ric Flair

You see three men last week on Smackdown tore the backstage area apart, they caused havoc and generally made peoples job's even harder than normal. Those three men im talking about are, Chris Jericho, Triple H and Kurt Angle.

And why where they fighting, because Ric Flair couldn't make a number one contender for the Undisputed title. Two weeks in a row they fought, and two weeks in a row, Ric Flair messed up. Now because of his incompetence I've had to tell Triple H, and Chris Jericho, and also Kurt Angle to stay at home for tonight's Raw.

The crowd boo as the announcement of the missing superstars

Cause well, quite frankly I can't have three men running havoc backstage on my shows. I can't have three men fighting backstage, I can't have three men making the life's of everyone backstage a misery with their antics.

Vince lets out a smirk

Oh but wait a minute, wait just a damn minute, what am I saying yes we can, hell we already do, the nWo, how could I forget. looks like their was no need to keep the three men at home after all. But lets face it, had Flair sorted it out in the first place, you fans would have got to see your favourite superstars competing in that ring tonight.

Vince smiles as he talks on the mic, pleased with himself.

But once again Ric Flair has screwed you good paying fans out of what you want. But I, Vincent Kennedy McMahon will give you fans what you want, I will give you Chris Jericho, Triple H and Kurt Angle...... but not tonight. No you will have to wait till Wrestlemania for that, cause this is my announcement, at Wrestlemania it will be Chris Jericho defending his Undisputed title against Kurt Angle and Triple H.

The crowd for the first time let out a few cheers, at the announcement of the Wrestlemania main event.

Now Hunter, I can understand you are probably at home right now, thinking you just got screwed, cause you won the match on Smackdown for the title shot. And well yes, frankly you just did get screwed. But im just doing what Ric Flair did to Kurt in the first place. You see Flair made the first match at No Way Out void because of a biased referee, so im just doing the same, since Chris Jericho used his influences to help steer the match in your favour.

But Hunter you can't blame me, you can blame Ric Flair, he should have been more precise when booking a special guest referee.

Oh and Flair just remember all the actions you take, have ramifications. We only need to ask Steve Austin and The Rock after what happened to them on Smackdown. It's all coming to light now Nature Boy, Smackdown you was in control, and Smackdown was a shambles, two of your biggest superstars got injured and you failed to keep a main event without there being all hell running lose. If I was you Flair, I'd hand me my fifty per cent back straight away, cause you and I both know, things ain't gonna get any easier.

With that No chance plays out over the arena, Vince drops the microphone and heads up the ramp and off of the backstage area.


JR- What a load of Bull King, the only reason we didn't get a official number one contender in the fist place was because of the nWo attacking Kurt and Triple H, and who brought in the nWo. Vince McMahon, he is just trying to put all the blame onto Flair.

King - Well even if you don't like the way Vince goes about his business, you can't deny we have been given a great main event match for Wrestlemania when we head for Toronto. Jericho verses Triple H verses Kurt Angle, what a match, JR what a match.

Tajiri vs Kidman

Cruiserweight title match

Lilian Garcia announces out Billy Kidman first, he strolls to the ring and then rolls inside and faces the ramp, awaiting the arrival of Tajiri.

Lilian announces out Tajiri as the Cruiserweight champion of the world.

End Of Match -

Kidman levels out Tajiri with a dropkick, he signals for the top rope, as he climbs though Tajiri gets to his feet and lands a running elbow to Kidman's back. Tajiri places Kidman on the top turnbuckle, he looks to go for a top rope move, but Kidman kicks at him, and again, Tajiri drops off the top and lands on the ref. Kidman tries to settle him self back into position on the top rope. But Tajiri springs to his feet and blows MIST into the face of Kidman, Kidman falls from the top ropes and Tajiri goes to quickly cover him, the ref returning back to action makes the count. 1......2.......3

OR - 66

CR - 45

MQ - 87

JR - Up next is brother verses brother, as Christian takes on Edge.

Christian challenges DDP

Christian comes out his fancy pyro, gold streams coming from the top of the titontron, He cockily walks to the ring, and as he enters snatches the microphone form Lilian Garcia as she announces.

Lilian is ushered out of the ring by Christian, he strikes a pose similar to that of DDP'S smile, before beginning to talk on the microphone.

Christian - You know there have been rumours flying around that Christian has ran DDP out of the WWF for good. And I hate to say it, but it's true, Diamond Dallas Page got scared of the peep nation and bailed. You see you saw how I was beating his ass every week, and he got scared, he's gone from being a heavyweight champion in WCW, (Christian snigger's) to being my Bitch in the WWF.

But Page has got something I want, and no it's not his wife. I've already had that, just like the rest of the boys in the back.

No he's got the European championship, and I want it. So Page if you ever decide to come out of hiding, and want to face up to the peep nation, im challenging you to a match at Wrestlemania for the European championship.


Christian vs Edge

Edges music plays out over the PA system as soon as Christian has finished talking, Edge runs down to the ring and slides in, Christian makes the jump start.

End Of Match -

Edge whips Christian into the turnbuckle he looks to go for the Spear but Christian moves out of the way and Edge goes shoulder first into the ring post. Christian pulls Edge out and take hold of him looking for the Unprettier, but Edge breaks out of the hold and pushes Christian away, he goes flying to the outside of the ring.

The ref goes to check on him, out of the crowd comes William Regal. Regal slides into the ring and nails Edge across the forehead. Edge drops straight away, Regal kisses his fist and pulls of some brass Knuckles. Christian slides into the ring, a little groggy, he quickly crawl over to Edge and makes the pin 1......2......3

Regal slides back into the ring, and places the knuckles over his fist. He waits till Edge gets to his feet and nails him once again with the Knuckles. Regal for a third time hits Edge busting him wide open, WWF officials come running down to pull Regal away from Edge. Medical staff attend to Edge.

OR - 81

CR - 77

MQ - 85

Bill /Chuck vs Scotty/Albert

Billy and Chuck are announced out first. They are soon followed by Scotty and Albert.

End Of Match -

Billy sends a left to Albert, but he blocks it, and then sends in a big punch of his own, then whips Billy of the ropes and nails him with a big boot.

The crowd seem to liven up and get more anxious, suddenly we see Hall and Nash come out from the crowd.

Scott Hall and Kevin Nash slide into the ring and attack Albert, Billy tries to get to his feet but Nash big boots him back down to the canvas. Scotty and Chuck both enter the ring at the same time and go to attack the Outsiders, but Hall slugs Chuck with a big right and Nash big boots Scotty. Billy and Chuck roll out of the ring but Hollywood Hogan comes walking down the the ramp, with spray cans in his hand. Hogan reached the ring, Billy and Chuck have their backs to him. Hogan nails both Billy and Chuck with the spray cans.

Back in the ring Nash picks up Scotty, and sets him up for a JACKNIFE. Scott Hall then sets up Chuck for the Outsiders Edge. Hogan rolls in Billy and Chuck and then throws in the spray cans.

The nWo stomp down all for men, before spraying the nWo initials over their backs. Hogan, Hall and Nash celebrate in the ring, giving each other high fives, and then spitting down at the fallen bodies in the ring.

OR - 70

CR - 68

MQ - 72

JR - They disgust me King, the nWo had no right being out here, once again they think they can do what they want, when they want.

King - Well JR incase you haven't noticed they all ready do.

JR - Well I hope Chris Benoit kicks Scott Hall's ass tonight. I hope he gives Hall some pay back for those four men in that ring.

It's about time someone showed the nWo who's boss around here.

King - JR I think your forgetting that Steve Austin and The Rock already tried that, and look where that got them. Austin got assaulted in the middle of the ring and had to be taken away, and The Rock got Jack knifed on his own car.

Fight me now Flair

The camera cuts to the back stage area, where Ric Flair is seated and watching a video tape. Flair has an expression of worry and anxiety. Flair's eyes are glued to the TV set that he is watching the Video from. The Video cuts off, and Flair's face drops, he looks worried and sad. He mumbles to himself "son of a bitch"

A voice is heard laughing, the camera spins around to see the Undertaker leaning on the door.

Taker - What's the matter Flair, don't you like what you saw.

Flair - Taker you son of bitch im gonna Kill you.

Flair springs up from his seat and charges at The Undertaker, both men fall out of the doorway and into the corridor. Flair is on top of Taker and laying into him, hard shots to the head. Taker manages to throw Flair from off, of him and then jumps at him and starts laying into Flair. Road agents and security come piling into the melee and drag the two men apart. Flair tries to attack Taker but is kept from meeting him as the security and agents push Flair back. Taker just looks at Flair and laughs.

"Wrestlemania old man, and it'll all be over. Just Fight me Flair, fight me now"


JR - What the hell is he playing at, who does he think he is, what gives him the right to taunt a fellow human being like this. Flair doesn't want a match, why can't he leave it at that.

King - JR, I wanna know what was on that tape, cause whatever it was certainly got Flair all fired up.

JR - Well whatever it was, there is a good chance it was something evil and calculated, especially when it's got something to do with the Undertaker.

Up next is Rob Van Dam going one on one with Raven.

RVD vs Raven -

Hardcore title match

Lilian announces Raven out as the first competitor, he comes down to the ring with a trolley full of weapons.

RVD comes out next and as he hits the ring goes to do his R-V-D taunt, but is cut of mid way by a shot to the head with a trash can lid from Raven.

End Of Match -

RVD nails Raven with a shot to the head from a trash can, knocking Raven out of the ring. Raven scurries around on the floor and then looks to go under the ring apron searching for something. As RVD goes to the ropes Raven pulls out a fire extinguisher from under the ring and sets it off, in the face of RVD. RVD goes hurtling backwards into the centre of the ring, Raven sides in and looks to set it of once more, but Goldust comes running down the ramp and slides into the ring. Goldust snatches the fire Extinguisher and drills it into Ravens head.

Goldust slides out of the ring and watches on from the outside as RVD climbs the top turnbuckle and hits the Five Star Frog Splash. The ref counts the 1....2.....3 RVD retains the hardcore title.

Goldust and RVD stare at each other as RVD has he hand raised and the Hardcore title handed over to him. Goldust looks at the belt and blows a Kiss to it. And then does the same to RVD. Van Dam, drops the belt and charges to the outside to attack Goldust.

Both men brawl, but referees come piling out of the back and hold the two men apart.

OR - 78

CR - 77

MQ - 80

JR - That Goldust certainly is bizarre, I really don't understand him King, I really don't.

King - JR any man that can understand Goldust is most probably just as bizarre as he is.

JR - Well it looks like Goldust wants the Hardcore title, most probably due to the fact that it's just because RVD has it.

King - Well they have been battling each other for the past few weeks. Even after RVD beat Goldust at No Way Out it seems he still wants more.

Benoit beat down

We are taken backstage to the locker rooms. Chris Benoit is warming up ahead of his match with Scott Hall.

Suddenly the door swings open and the nWo's Hollywood Hogan, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall enter the room. Benoit stops warming up and just stares a whole in the nWo, Benoit gets into a stance, ready for a fight.

Hogan - Well well, what we got here, Scotty I think this is your opponent for tonight, the 'Wolverine' Chris Benoit.

Hall - Ha, this punk got no chance against me, cause im gonna give him a beating just as if he was Stone Cold himself.

Nash - Hey boys, what you say we give the 'Crippler' a preview for tonight's match.

Benoit moves in for the first attack trying to get some kind of advantage before the nWo strike. Benoit charges down the centre man Scott Hall. He manages to land a couple of punches before he is dragged off by Hogan and Nash.

Nash slugs out a right to Benoit and then Hogan sends in one of his own, knocking Benoit to the ground. Hall gets to his feet and the three men stomp away at Benoit. Hogan pauses for a second, looks around the room and picks up a chair. Hogan raises the chair and slams it down over Benoit's Ankle. Hogan drops the chair to the floor, Hall grabs hold of Benoit's ankle and twists it. Hall lets go and the three men laugh as they leave the locker room, leaving Benoit down and hurt.


King - Well it looks like the nWo strike again, what did I say JR about not fancying Benoit's chances against the nWo.

JR - You were right King, once again those damn nWo strike again. There nothing but coward King, cowards. They strike in threes and now there is every chance they have shattered Chris Benoit' ankle, with that chair shot.

Folks up next is Booker T and Test teaming up to take on the APA.

Booker T/ Test vs APA

Lilian Garcia announces out Booker T and Test first, they both hit the ring and Booker T does his Spinaroonie

The APA are announced out as the number one contenders to the WWF tag team titles.

End Of Match -

Faarooq clotheslines Booker T out of the ring, as Bradshaw nails Test with a Clothesline from Hell. Bradshaw goes to make the pin but the ref is pulled out of the ring, by the Dudley Boyz. Dvon and Bub bah enter the ring and immediately attack Bradshaw, Faarooq slides into the ring to intervene but is cut of by Dvon and Bub bah . The Dudley Boyz stomp away on the APA, but as the crowd let out a cheer, the Hardy Boyz come running down the ramp and slide into the ring.

The Dudley Boyz quickly exit the ring as the Hardy Boyz stand over the APA, Matt and Jeff extend their hands and help Bradshaw and Faarooq to their feet.

Both Tag teams stare at each other as the Dudley Boyz watch on from the outside.

Both the Hardy Boyz and the APA look a little angry with each other, there is clear tension between the two teams.

OR - 76

CR - 72

MQ - 80

JR - Some tension between The APA and the Hardy boyz.

King - You think that has anything to do with the Hardy Boyz walking away from them last week, when the Dudley's attacked them.

JR - Well if it was, you would have thought the Hardy Boyz have redeemed them selves making the save here tonight.

Rock and Austin

The Camera cuts to the back where the nWo are standing around talking to each other.

Hogan - You ready Scott.

Hall - Yeah baby, time to take this punk to school.

Nash - Hey Scott we'll be waiting here for the signal, as soon as ya done, we'll be ready.

Halls walks off towards the ring, as Hogan and Nash pat him on the back.

Nash - The Crippler won't know what hit him.

Suddenly Steve Austin and The Rock come storming into the room, both with chairs in hand. Austin nails Hogan with a chair shot and The Rock does the same to Nash. Nash and Hogan drop to the floor. Austin viciously slams the chair down over Hogan several times, The Rock stalks Nash and as he is about to get to his feet nails him with a second chair shot.

Austin - You stupid son bitch's, never piss of a Rattlesnake.

Rock - Now you smell what The Rock is cooking.

Rock - Come on, think they got the message.

Austin and The Rock drop the chairs and casually walk out the room.

Rock - I feel like a cold Stevewiser, what you reckon

Austin - Sounds good, but I got some business to take care off.


JR - YES YES YES, The Rock and the Texas Rattlesnake are here, there here and they just showed the nWo who runs things around here.

King - You know what that means now JR, Scott Hall is all out on his own, with a Texas Rattlesnake on the loose.

JR - All I gotta say is this,OH HELL YEAH.

Hall vs Benoit

Scott Hall comes out first to the nWo music. He struts down to the ring in a manner of arrogance. He enters the ring and poses to the fans, receiving a chorus of boos.

Chris Benoit comes out to a great ovation, he hobbles down to the ring, still injured after the nWo attack.

End Of Match -

Hall stamps away at the ankle of Benoit. Benoit tries to grab the ropes and pull himself up, but Hall kicks his arms and he drops straight to the floor. Hall taunts Benoit and starts to slap his face, Benoit suddenly grabs out at Halls arm and pulls him down, after a struggle he locks in the


Benoit tries to apply the hold as hard as he can, but Hall is too close to the ropes and manages to take hold of them, forcing Benoit to break the crossface.

Benoit tries to get to his feet, but his ankle still hurting he drops to the mat. Hall after his lucky escape decides enough is enough and sets Benoit up for the Outsiders Edge.

Hall makes the cover 1.....2.......3

Hall looks down over a fallen Benoit and laughs at him, he stamps at Benoit's ankle, but the ref tries to stop him Hall just pushes him away. Hall raises his hand and looks to the back, he is signalling for Hogan and Nash to come down.


Hall looks stunned as the music hits out. the fans stand to their feet as Stone Cold makes his way from the back and down the ramp. Austin slides into the ring, Hall quickly pounces and hits an axe handle smash, Austin tries to get to his feet but Hall, punches Austin down, Austin manages to block a punch, and hits Hall with a Right, then a left, and then another right, and again a right, and then a barrage of lefts and rights backing Scott Hall into the corner turnbuckle.

Hall drops down and Austin stomps away at him , Austin gives him a finger and then caries on with the stomping, Austin backs out allowing Hall to get to his feet and then a STUNNER.

Austin brings Hall to his feet and hits him with a second Stunner. Hall lies flat on the canvas as Austin's music hits and he calls for some beers. The ring crew toss in some beers as Raw goes of the air.

OR - 83

CR - 84

MQ - 81

Raw got 81%

We got a 6.06 rating for 'RAW'!

The attendance level was 6543 people.

We made $261720 from ticket sales.

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IPB Image


This week's Smackdown is one for the ages. The nWo's Hollywood Hogan and Kevin Nash will square off against two of the most successful men ever to set foot in a wrestling Ring, Steve Austin and The Rock.

Monday night on Raw the nWo got a taste of their own medicine as The Rock and the Texas Rattlesnake took out the nWo backstage. Scott Hall called for reinforcements only to be met by the sound of glass shattering. Steve Austin hit the ring and demolished the nWo member.

This week the nWo will be sure to look for revenge after being show up by two men. Is this the beginning of the end for the nWo, or have Steve Austin and The Rock bitten of more than they can chew.

Also in action will be Goldust, his stalking of fellow superstar Rob Van Dam has taken a bizarre turn, after their encounter at No Way Out Goldust seems to want a little bit of revenge. But now he seems to be stalking not Rob Van Dam, but Rob Van Dam's hardcore title.

What will Ric Flair have to say regarding the video sent to him from the Undertaker, will the deadman finally get what he wants, or will Flair carry on to resist Undertakers demand for a match at Wrestlemania.

Confirmed matches for Smackdown

*Goldust vs Godfather

*Triple H vs Booker T

*Edge vs Chris Jericho

*Steve Austin/The Rock vs Hollywood Hogan/Kevin Nash

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Friday 1st March 2002

IPB Image

WWF Name Saved

The current report is that Vince McMahon and the World Wildlife Fund have come to an agreement over the allowance of the WWF initials. The latest word is that the court case has been dropped and the WWF have pulled out of suing Vince McMahon and the World Wrestling Federation. It is believed that the World Wildlife Fund will be allowing Vince McMahon to carry on using the WWF initials, after an out of court settlement was agreed between the two parties.

New Hirings

It is rumoured that two former WCW stars have put pen to paper and signed deals with the WWF. The two stars are said to be huge names, and will be involved in the nWo story. It is unknown who the stars are, but it is said one is a major shock signing and that both have been involved in the nWo before. It is expected that over the next few weeks the WWF will be hiring more stars to written contracts, to be used in the nWo program.

Paul Heyman to leave

Paul Heyman currently has only two months left his contract and is yet to reach a deal with Vince McMahon over a contract extension. It is believed that many superstars are keen on Heyman re-signing and taking a role in creative for the nWo stroy line, or even making an appearance himself in some capacity. But as we all know, what the wrestlers want is never the same as what Vince McMahon wants. Many belive that McMahon wont resign him , and he will go onto to feature in the WWA promotion, after his 90 day no appearance clause is up.

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IPB Image

We found out on Smackdown that The Undertaker finally got his wish for a fight against Ric Flair at Wrestlemania, and what a fight it will be when Flair and Taker square of in a street fight.

But has Ric Flair got other things he should be worrying about apart from his Wrestlemania opponent? As we saw the nWo demolish The Rock and Steve Austin after their main event match.

Will the nWo carry on their vicious streak or will someone stand up and put an end to their ways!

Austin and The Rock are both in the house for Raw, will they get revenge on the nWo or will they bide their time for a later date.

Edge challenged William Regal for a last man standing match at Wrestlemania, it's time for the British Intercontinental champion to make a decision, and decide if he will put his belt on the line at the biggest stage of them all. Or will he run away with his tail between his legs.

And will the bizarre one Goldust have any more antics up his sleeve as he continues to harass the current Hardcore Champion Rob Van Dam.

The main event will see current Undisputed Heavyweight champion, Chris Jericho, go up against one of his Wrestlemania opponents, Kurt Angle. Will the current champion take the victory, or will the challenger come up trumps and show Jericho what he's got to look forward to at Wrestlemania 18. Find out this and more, this Monday Night on Raw.

Confirmed Matches for Raw

- Chris Jericho vs Kurt Angle

- William Regal vs Rikishi

- Hardy Boyz vs Billy and Chuck

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IPB Image

Raw 4th March

The camera pans around the arena as the fireworks are let of from the stage way, the Raw music is playing away in the background. The camera zooms in on the Raw announcers at ringside.

JR - Hello, and Welcome to Monday Night Raw folks we are only two weeks away from the grand daddy of them all, Wrestlemania. In two weeks time we head for the Toronto SkyDome, in Canada. Already we know the main event will pit Chris Jericho in a triple threat match for his WWF Undisputed Heavyweight Championship, as he squares of against Kurt Angle and The 'Game' Triple H. The nWo's Scott Hall will be in action taking on the 'Texas Rattlesnake' Steve Austin. And The Undertaker finally got his wish granted, he will be facing the 'Nature Boy' Ric Flair at Wrestlemania, but it will be in a street fight. Also in action will be Jazz defending her Womens championship in a four way, against Trish Stratus, Lita and Molly. The other confirmed match is the Dudley Boys defending their Tag team titles against the APA. Boy am I looking forward to this years Wrestlemania.

King - JR it's gonna be great, those matches announced are gonna be summert else, and im sure there will be more to follow. The one im looking forward to the most is the womens title defence, Puppies JR, puppies. Of what a night it will be, all those puppies in one ......

JR - Yes thank you King, enough of the puppies, we all know you love the puppies. You wanna know which match im looking forward to the most. Stone Cold Steve Austin kicking Scott Hall's ass all over the SkyDome.

King - Well you hope it's gonna be Hall getting his butt kicked, but just remember JR, he's got Hogan and Nash to look out for him.

JR - Well moving away from Wrestlemania for a second lets talk about tonight's main event. The Undisputed champion Chris Jericho goes up against Kurt Angle in a non title confrontation.

King - This will be a great match, and what a way to lead into Wrestlemania, especially after what happened on Smackdown, Kurt Angle coming out in Jericho's and Triple H's matches, and causing them both to loose.

Break The Walls Down

JR - Well it looks like we don't have to talk about it much more, because here comes the Undisputed Champion, Chris Jericho.

My Gold baby

The countdown begins on the titontron, the crowd boo heavily at the arrival of Jericho on the stage way. Jericho instead of out stretching his arms and posing, makes his way down to the ring, belt slung over his shoulder, and microphone in his hand. He walks the ramp and then slides into the ring.

Jericho - Hey Lillian make your self useful and get your butt up of that chair and slide it into the ring for me.

Lilian looks a little surprised, but she stands up folds the chair and slides it into the ring under the bottom rope, Jericho gives her a wink and a smile. She looks disgusted. Y2J sets the chair up in the middle of the ring, and sits down on it.

Jericho - Hey ass clowns, you can stop ya booing now, your in the presence of a true living legend. Someone I know you all look up too, someone you all admire. Some one you all wish you were. Cause lets face it, not every one can be a sexy beast like me, Y2J.

The crowd boo out at Jericho, but he sits on the chair with a smile across his face, patting his title.

Now down to business, on smackdown that monkey, Kurt Angleeeeeeeeeeeeeeee thought he was been clever, he thought he was being smart when he came out and cost me my match against Edge. But well I did get the better of that monkey, and his orangutang girlfriend Stephanie McMahon earlier on that night. But even so tonight I get to show that jackass what an idiot he's gotta be, when he taps out to the Ayatollah of rock 'n' rolla, both tonight and at Wrestlemania in two weeks time.

This Gold around my waist, is my baby, and no other jackass is gonna take it away from me, not that Olympic Gold jackass Kurt Angle and his trashy ho girlfriend Stephanie McMahon, and not her ex husband "The Gameeeeeeeeee" Triple H.

I walk into the SkyDome the champ, and I walk out the SkyDome the champ, and there's not a thing any of you ass clowns can say or do that will change the fact, that I am the king of the world, and the WWF Undisputed Champion.

Jericho drops the microphone and gets up of the chair, he smiles out to the crowd and strokes his belt. Suddenly Kurt Angle comes running out from the crowd behind Jericho and slides into the ring.

Jericho not noticing Angle attempts the leave the ring, but Angle pulls him back in and sets him up for an Angle Slam. Jericho is down, Angle starts jumping in the air shouting "yeah, Yeah have that Y2J" Stephanie comes down to the ring and directs Kurt to do something. Kurt turns Jericho over and un-straps the Undisputed title from around his waist. Angle looking pleased with himself raises the title in the air and lets out a woo. He quickly leaves the ring towards Stephanie. Stephanie McMahon puts the belt around his waist and straps him up. They both look into the ring and mock Jericho, Stephanie laughs at him, and then they both make their way up the ramp and out towards the back, Kurt Angle with Jericho's title strapped around his waist.


APA and Team Extreme confrontation

The camera cuts to the back where Jeff and Matt Hardy are warming up, Lita talking to them both as they do so. Just as Matt and Jeff halt their warm ups, Bradshaw and Faarooq come into the picture.

Bradshaw - Well, well what we got here Faarooq, it's the Hardy Boyz, Matt and Jeff. And oh the ever lovely Lita.

Matt - What you want Bradshaw, we got a match up next, so make it quick.

Faarooq - Damn, boy needs some manners.

Matt and Jeff suddenly square up to the APA

Bradshaw - HA, wow there boys we don't wont no trouble, we just came by to ask you a few questions.

You know like WHY THE HELL TWO WEEKS ago did you use the ropes to pin me on Smackdown, and then you two head up of the ramp when the Dudley's beat us down and put us through a table.

Jeff Hardy just casually looks at Bradshaw and Faarooq

Jeff- Hell, it non of are business what goes on between you and the Dudleyz, after all you are the number one contenders.

Matt - Anyway the hell you talking about, on Raw we came down to save your asses, the Dudley's were beating the hell out of the APA AGAIN.

Bradshaw looks a little frustrated at the comment

You know Jeff makes me wonder if the APA got any chance at Wrestlemania of winning those belts, cause every week they seem to be down on the mat.

Jeff laughs, Lita looks on with a smile

Maybe we should take ya place as number one contenders, cause like you said, I pinned you two weeks ago, maybe it should be The Hardy Boyz facing the Dudley's at mania. Ha at least the fans would get to see more of an even match up, and not a one sided affair.

Bradshaw - The Hell you didn't. You know what Faarooq I think we should show Team Extreme what it's like to be beat down on the mat.

Just as it looks like a brawl would start, a referee comes up to the Hardy'z.

You guys ready, your up next.

Matt - Yeah were coming.

Team Extreme walks of smirking at the APA, Bradshaw and Faarooq look annoyed, Faarooq mutters "Damn".


JR - Up next, the Hardy Boyz taking on Billy and Chuck.

King - I wonder if the APA will finish the conversation in the ring.

Hardyz vs Billy/chuck

Billy and Chuck are announced out first by Lilian Garcia, both men seemingly eyeing each other up, and complimenting the other on their appearance as they make their way down the ramp and into the ring.

Announced out next is The Hardy Boyz, Matt and Jeff run down to the ring, as Lita strolls behind them. The Hardyz slide into the ring and then climb the turnbuckles posing for the crowd.

End Of Match

Matt hits the twist of Fate on Chuck, he makes the tag and Jeff Hardy quickly climbs the turnbuckle, he signals for the Swanton Bomb, Billy enters the ring looking to stop Jeff from connecting, but Matt Hardy tackles Billy and the two go hurtling out of the ring. The referee rushes over to them trying to stop each man beating on the other.

Jeff launches of the top, and lands the Swanton Bomb. He goes over for the cover, but Bradshaw and Faarooq come running down the aisle, Jeff notices Bradshaw enter the ring but is hit with a Clothesline From Hell as he goes to confront him.

Bradshaw quickly pulls Chuck over Jeff Hardy. The APA alert the referee to the pin fall attempt, and immediately go after Matt Hardy on the outside. The referee goes down and makes the pin, 1......2.......3 An unaware Chuck takes the pin over Jeff Hardy.

Bradshaw and Faarooq end the beat down on Matt Hardy as soon as Billy and Chuck are announced as winners. Matt rolls into the ring to tend to Jeff as the APA head up the aisle way not once turning back. Matt brings Jeff to his feet, the two look at each other and suddenly run out of the ring and head up the ramp way after the APA, Lita quickly follows after them looking slightly worried.

OR 80

CR 77

MQ 84

JR - King you said you wondered if the APA would finish the conversation in the ring and they did.

King - But JR did you see the Hardy Boyz going after them, they didn't look non to happy.

nWo joys

The camera cuts to the back where we are taken to the nWo's own personal locker room. Hogan Hall and Nash are all seated around a table, drinking a few beers.

Hogan - Listen up, while were here in are new, luxury locker room compliments of Vince McMahon, I think we should have a toast, a toast to Steve Austin and The Rock. Take your drinks and lets toast to their good health.

Hall - Ha those punks are gonna need it after the beating we gave them on Smackdown. Now Steve Austin nows what it's gonna be like at Wrestlemania when he goes toe to toe with the Rattlesnake Hall 3:16

Nash - You know boys I don't think Austin and Rocky will want no more of us, not after the beating we dished out to them.

Hogan - Tell you something Kev, it felt good, o did it feel good, when I took my leather strap, and whipped that cocky son of a bitch, The Rock. And I'll gladly do it all over again, I mean I've whipped some asses over the years. But none of those whipping where more pleasurable than the one I gave to The Rock.

The nWo all laugh together and once again toast each other bashing their beers in the air. The camera cuts back to the announcers desk.


JR - Who in the hell do they think they are, bragging about seriously beating on two fellow men. Incase the nWo hadn't noticed, this is Wrestling, not backstreet brawling.

Deadman walking

Ric Flair's music plays out over the PA system, the fans stand on their feet as they welcome "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair down to the ring.

Flair struts down to the ring with a smile on his face. He enters the ring, and is handed a microphone. Flair lets out a whooo before beginning to speak.

Flair - Ha Undertaker, Deadman you wanted the Nature Boy at Wrestlemania and now you got me, but let me tell you something pal, it's gonna be one hell of a fight, all the pushing you did, all the things you put me through, and now it's pay back time.

At Wrestlemania it's you and me buddy in a street fight, but before then I've got pay back for you tonight.

Im gonna make this short but sweet Taker. Tonight it's you The Undertaker going one on one with............ "Stone Cold" Steve Austin .

TAKER you listen to me, I want you to pay for what you've done, and I want Steve Austin fired up for his match against Scott Hall at Wrestlemania, so what better way to fire him up then let his give the deadman an ass whooping, and Undertaker as far as you are concerned when it comes to Wrestlemania you are a Deadman Walking. Whooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Flair drops the microphone and struts out the ring, still with a smile on his face.


JR - WOW what a match, The Undertaker verses Stone Cold.

King - I wonder how Austin will take the news JR, he takes a major beating on Smackdown, and is put into a match on Raw, just to please Ric Flair.

Bizarre one vs RVD

The camera goes to the backstage area where RVD is standing by with Kevin Kelly

Kelly - RVD for the past few weeks Goldust has been how shall we say harassing you......

Suddenly Goldust's music can be heard RVD and Kelly look at each other in confusion. When Goldust voice can be heard. RVD and Kelly look around trying to see if they can spot Goldust.

Goldust - Van Dam, I've always admired you, but something I admire more is that Hardcore title you so sexily hold around your waist. For weeks I've wanted it Rob, I've wanted you to give it to me Robby. But I've always been to shy to just ask, until now Van Dam. I want it and im going to get it at Wrestlemania. And remember just one thing Mr RVD You will NEVER forget the name of... ummmmmmmmmmm Goldust."

Goldust's music stops playing and his voice has faded away. RVD snatches Kelly's microphone.

RVD - Goldust, you want my Hardcore title, you want it soooooooo bad, then you got it, at Wrestlemania eighteen im gonna show you whats it's like to be on the end of a beating from R......V.......D


JR - There you have it King, Goldust and Van Dam at Wrestlemania.

King - Yeah and apparently the only thing that freak wants is the Hardcore title. Ha rather you than me RVD.

Regal vs Rikishi

Lillian announces out Rikishi first, Rikishi dances his way down to the ring, much to the joy of the fans, and seemingly Lilian Garcia. Rikishi and Lilian momentarily dance with each each other, until Regal's music hit and she begins to announce him.

Regal enters the ring and is immediately checked over by the referee, who is looking for any foreign objects that Regal might be concealing. But Regal with a little smirk has nothing tucked away.

End Of Match

Rikishi whips Regal into the corner, who drops down onto his backside, Rikishi in the middle of the ring turned to the fans as they cheer him om, he pulls up his thong and makes his way over to Regal, and straight away sticks his butt in Regal's face, and shakes it across his face for the Stink Face.

Regal immediately rolls out the ring and in disgust wipes his face with his hands, Regal moans to the ref as he makes his way around the ring. Regal drops to his knees and once again wipes his face, but as he does so, Regal picks out something from underneath the ring. Regal slides into the ring, and tells the ref there is something hidden under the ring, Regal keeps on insisting the ref check it out as he describes something, in a voice of disgust. The ref looking weary heads towards the outside, Rikishi follows the ref wanting to know what has halted the fight.

As soon as Rikishi has his back turned Regal looks to pounce but Edge comes jumping out of the crowd and hits the ring, he immediately starts brawling with Regal as Rikishi looks on in confusion, the referee calls for the bell ending the match as Edge and Regal carry on brawling.

Edge and Regal roll around then ring getting in punches where they can. Regal struggles with Edge but is just buying his time as he places the brass knuckles he picked up from the outside over his fist. Edge pauses for a split second allowing Regal to strike him around the head. Edge drops to the floor after feeling the power of the punch, Regal gets to his feet and stomps away at Edge for a few seconds before letting up. Regal shouts out for a microphone.

Regal - Listen to me you bloody hooligan, I could beat you within an inch of your life right this second, but I want to save that for Wrestlemania, as far as your challenge goes for a Last Man Standing match at Wrestlemania, you've got it.

I can guarantee you Edge, the power of the punch will knock you down for a lot longer than a ten count at Wrestlemania.

Regal drops the knuckles next to Edge and looks down at him with a stiff upper lip. Regal leaves the ring and heads of to the back, as medical staff hit the ring to tend to Edge.

OR 74

CR 75

MQ 74

JR - Wrestlemania, Edge verses Regal in a Last Man Standing match for the Intercontinental championship.

King - That's gonna be on brutal fight JR.

Pissed Rattlesnake

The camera pulls to the backstage area where The Rock and Steve Austin are talking to each other in the corridor.

Rock - You ready Steve, you all fired up Steve, you gonna go out there and kick the Undertakers ass. (The Rock speaking faster and more excitedly each time he speaks)

Austin - Oh hell yeah you bet your ass I am Rock. Im gonna roll my ass down to the ring, step inside it, and open a can of whoop ass on the deadman, and if that little piss ant Scott Hall shows his ugly son of a bitch face, then im gonna slap it all over the ring.

Rock - Yeah Steve I'd say your all fired up, but in all seriousness, if the nWo show up during your match im there for ya, we got some ass whooping to do after what they did to us on Smackdown, and I want a word with that vitamin eating black bearded son of a ...... Hollywood Hogan.

Steve - I hear ya, an Rock I appreciate it.


JR - Its next, its Steve Austin verses The Undertaker

Austin vs Taker

Undertaker comes down to the ring riding his Motorbike. The tune of Keep Rollin playing in the background. Taker steps away from his bike after riding it around the ring and back to the ramp. He enters the ring and looks on at the stage way awaiting Stone Cold.

The sound of glass shattering is heard and Steve Austin makes his way down to the ring, to a great reception, the crowd on their feet. Austin hits the ring and The Undertaker strikes straight away.

End Of Match

Taker with a big boot sending Austin crashing down to the mat, Taker goes for the cover 1...2 and a kick out. Taker brings Austin to his feet and goes to nail him with a big right, but Austin blocks it and hits a right of his own, followed by a second, and then a third, and a fourth. Austin unleashing a barrage of right hands backing Undertaker into the corner turnbuckle. Austin goes to whip Undertaker but Taker holds on and pulls Austin in towards him, thrusting his hand around his throat as he comes back. Taker lifts Austin high and nails him with a Chokeslam.

Taker makes the cover. 1.......2....... and a kick out from Austin, Taker looks annoyed he gets to his feet and for a split second turns his back, no knowing that Austin has risen to his feet in a serge of energy, and hits him with a STUNNER. Austin drops back down to the mat, still feeling the effect of the Chokeslam. Both men are down on the canvas as the referee starts counting.

Suddenly the crowd errupt into boos. Hollywood Hogan Scott Hall and Kevin Nash make their way down to the ring. Scott Hall leads the pack in a stalking manner as he approaches the ring, the ref turns to see the nWo and with hesitance approaches them. Nash and Hogan begin to surround the ref and shout down to him. Hall enters the ring the referee not being able to see. Hall looks down over Austin and sees Austin making it to his feet, as soon as he gets a chance Hall hits a Stone Cold Stunner on Austin. Hall rolls out of the ring banging the mat, giving notice to Hogan and Nash. Hogan and Nash point into the ring and the referee slides back in. Undertaker picks Austin up and groggily hits him with a second Chokeslam. The ref makes the reluctant count, knowing what probably just happened. 1.......2.........3 Undertaker beats Steve Austin.

The nWo enter the ring as Undertaker gets to his feet, he stares down at them all not knowing what move they will make. Taker warily leaves the ring, as Hogan Nash and Hall watch him go by. As soon as Taker leaves the ring the nWo pounce on Austin, Hall and Nash put in vicious stomps as Hogan begins to take of his leather belt. Nash and Hall hold Austin by the arms allowing Hogan to slap the face of Steve Austin.

Before the nWo can do anything else The Rock comes running down the aisle armed with a chair, Rock slides into the ring and slams the chair over Hogan's back. Hall and Nash quickly retreat to the outside, and pull at Hogan's legs sliding him to the outside out of The Rock's way.

OR 82

CR 86

MQ 73

Icon vs Icon

Rock parades around the ring before being handed a microphone from the outside.

Rock - Hogan, you yellow belly son of a bitch, this all you got, this how you wanna play things, how about you step your ass up into this ring and try and whip The Rocks ass with that leather strap your holding.

Hogan slowly makes movement towards the ring.

Wow Wow, hold on a second, The Rocks had a brain wave, how about you step your ass up here and I whoop you from one end of the ring to the other, or how about this. Instead of the Rock whooping your ass tonight, how about I do it in the SkyDome...... at WRESTLEMANIA.

You and me Hollywood, one on one, Icon verses Icon, at the biggest stage of them all, in the biggest Wrestlemania main event ever. The Rock, Hollywood Hogan, what you say brother!.

Hogan slowly approaches the ring and steps inside. He goes up to the Rock toe to toe and takes the microphone from his hand.

Hogan - Rocky you better say your prayers brother cause YOUR ON.

The Rock smiles, Hogan smiles, they stare each other down before Hogan slowly backs down out of the ring, Austin is back on his feet patting The Rocks back. Referees come out from the back to make sure no more fighting begins. The nWo head of towards the back first, and then once they are out of sight, Rock and Austin head off.


JR - King did I just hear that right, Hollywood Hogan and The Rock at Wrestlemania.

King - I know JR, pinch me, I can't belive it. What a match thats gonna be.

JR - Icon verses Icon, The peoples champion verses Hollywood Hogan. I sure hope Rocky kicks his ass.

Jericho vs Angle

Lillian Garcia announces out Kurt Angle first of, Angle accompanied down to the ring by Stephanie McMahon, tries his best to make out the "you suck" chants don't bother him, but they clearly do as he yells out to the crowd to shut up.

Jericho is announced out as the WWF Undisputed heavyweight champion. Jericho comes out with his back to the crowd and his arms outstretched. The Undisputed title hanging around his right arm. Jericho cockily makes his way down to the ring, he arrogantly blows Stephanie a kiss, which annoys Kurt as he tries to go for Jericho, only to be held of by the referee.

End Of Match

Jericho chops Angles chest, and then takes hold of him and whips him of the ropes, Angle comes back Jericho goes for a clothesline but Angle ducks quickly halts his run, he takes Jericho from behind, and nails him with a German suplex. Jericho hits the mat, but Angle holds on and lifts him up for a second German Suplex, and then hits him with a third and final German Suplex.

Jericho is down and Angle signal for the Ankle lock as he pulls down his straps. Angle goes for Jericho's ankle, but he gets kicked back and drops to the mat. Jericho gets to his feet and as soon as Angle does he nails him with a dropkick sending Angle flying to the outside. Stephanie attends to Angle but she soon moves out of the way as Jericho comes flying over the top rope and lands on Angle.

Jericho rolls Angle back into the ring, he centres Angle up and runs to the ropes and goes for the lionsault, but Angle rolls out of the way as Jericho goes crashing to the canvas. Angle slowly gets to his feet as Jericho stirs on the mat, Angle waits for Jericho to get up and goes for an Angle Slam. Jericho hits the mat and Angle looks down over his fallen foe.

Angle smiles and looks once again for the ankle of Jericho, he takes hold of it and applies the hold, Jericho yells out in pain for a split second, when Triple H slides into the ring and takes Angle by the scruff of the neck and sets him up.... PEDIGREE

The referee calls for the bell as Triple H nails Angle with the Pedigree, Triple H waists no time in making a move for Jericho and sets him up.... PEDIGREE.

OR 85

CR 72

MQ 99

JR - Folks we gotta go, but The Game Triple H has laid out Kurt Angle, and the Undisputed champion Chris Jericho. Wrestlemania is gonna be one for the ages when these three meet in the squared circle.

Raw got 82%

We got a 6.02 rating for 'RAW'!

The attendance level was 6502 people.

We made $260080 from ticket sales.

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IPB Image

After last weeks confrontation and beat down, the Hardy Boyz challenge the number contenders for the Tag team titles, the APA, just weeks before their tag team title match at Wrestlemania against Dudley Boyz. Will the Hardy Boyz once again take a pin fall victory of the APA, or will Bradshaw and Faarooq show everyone just exactly why they are the number one contenders.

Christian has still to hear from Diamond Dallas Page as he awaits his answer for a title shot at the European belt in Toronto come march the 17th. Christian takes on RVD in a one on one encounter just two weeks before Wrestlemania 18. Will Christian have any comments for Page, and will Goldust and RVD lock horns in a preview for their WWF Hardcore title match at the SkyDome.

Tag team champions The Dudley Boyz face of against Billy and Chuck in a Wrestlemania warm up match, will the Dudleyz come out on top and head into mania with a clean victory under their belts, or will the number one contenders the APA be looking to send a message to the champs.

The main event pits The Rock against Booker T, last week The Rock made the save for Steve Austin as the nWo looked to do some more damage to the Texas Rattlesnake. Promptly after the save, The Rock made the challenge to Hollywood Hogan for an, Icon verses Icon match at Wrestlemania. Hogan accepted and will be in the house for Smackdown, what will he have to say about his upcoming Wrestlemania match.

And will The Undertaker confront Ric Flair, after Flair booked Taker against Austin as to give Taker a taste of his own medicine. Will the Deadman be looking for revenge or will he wait to serve out his 'Respect' in their street fight at Wrestlemania 18.

Confirmed matches for Smackdown

- The Rock vs Booker T

- Dudley Boyz vs Billy/Chuck

- Christian vs RVD

- APA vs Hardy Boyz

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IPB Image

Smackdown 7th March

Cole - Welcome to Smackdown, I am Michael Cole, and im along side Tazz for this evenings show. We are only 10 days away from the biggest event on the wrestling calendar, Wrestlemania 18.

On Raw The Rock challenged Hollywood Hogan to a match at Wrestlemania, and he accepted. Now arguable two of the biggest names in professional Wrestling will go up against each other in Toronto.

Tazz- Cole im so hyped for that match, the 'Peoples Champion' The Rock going up against the 'Immortal' Hollywood Hogan what a rocket busta of a match that will be Cole.

Cole - And get this Tazz, one of those men is in tonight's main event.

Tazz - Oh I've seen the booking sheet Cole and I'm pumped for tonight's match.

Cole - And so you should be, as so should all of you out there, cause tonight The Rock goes one on one with Booker T.

Also in action tonight will be the tag team champions the Dudley Boyz as they go up against Billy and Chuck. Not only will the Dudley Boyz be in action but so will the number one contenders to the tag team titles, as The APA go up against The Hardy Boyz.. And thats up next.

APA vs Hardy Boyz

The crowd settles down, but not for long. As the music of The Hardy Boyz plays out over the arena PA system sending the crowd into a frenzy. Matt and Jeff appear on the stage way at the top of the ramp. Lita follows behind receiving a few cheers and whistles from the men in the crowd. Matt and Jeff storm the ring and jump up onto the turnbuckles posing for the crowd as Lilian Garcia announces them.

The APA'S music plays and to a fair few cheers come Bradshaw and Faarooq, both men looking serious head to the ring and waste no time in attacking Matt and Jeff, Lillian ducks out of the ring as to avoid being taken down as the APA send Matt and Jeff flying.

End Of Match

Matt and Bradshaw the two legal men in the ring are battling away in the corner turnbuckle, Matt backs Bradshaw into the corner and then climbs the turnbuckle and begins to punch down on him 1.....2......3 the crowd counting along with the punches 4........5........6..... as Matt goes for seventh Bradshaw manages to take hold of him and drops him down with an atomic drop then Bradshaw follows up with a Clothesline From Hell. Out of know where Bradshaw takes down Matt Hardy, he goes for the cover 1....2... Jeff Hardy comes in and breaks up the pin. Faarooq enters the ring and goes for Jeff Hardy, Faarooq takes him down with a tackle, Bradshaw joins in and stomps down on the fallen Hardy brother, Matt manages to get to his feet, and makes a feeble attempt at a save, still feeling the effects of the clothesline from hell. The four men begin in a small melee in the corner of the ring. When the Dudley Boyz come running down the ramp armed with chairs and slide into the ring.

Bubba nails his chair over Bradshaw as D-von does the same to Faarooq sending The APA crashing to the mat. The Dudleyz then turn their attentions to the Hardy Boyz. The ref calls for the bell and gets a chair shot over the back for his troubles.

Jeff is first to his feet but is immediately sent crashing back down taking an unsuspecting chair shot from D-von. Matt uses the ropes to prop himself up, but is met with a chair shot as he goes flying to the outside, where Lita immediately attends to him.

The Dudleyz slam their chairs to the ground and exit the ring, they look to be heading up the ramp when they pause and look back over their shoulders. Then suddenly they make a sharp turn and head back to the ringside with sinister smiles across their faces.

OR 70

CR 71

MQ 85

Table Manners

Bubba and D-von start looking under the ring, and after a few seconds pull out a table. Bubba goes back under the ring and pulls out a second table. D-von takes his table and slides it into the ring, Bubba follows D-Von's actions and slides a second table into the ring.

The Dudley Boyz take one table and set it up, moving it over to the corner turnbuckle. Bubba climbs the turnbuckle as D-von beats down on Jeff Hardy before eventually dragging him over the the corner where Bubba is waiting.

D-von lifts Jeff Hardy up into the air as Bubba takes hold of him. Bubba seated on the turnbuckle stands up and launches himself of the turnbuckle with Jeff Hardy in his arms and Powerbombs him through the table.

Matt Hardy attempts to run into the ring but is beaten back back by D-von.

The APA begin to stur, but D-von quickly takes action picking up one of the chairs left in the ring and slamming it down over Bradshaws head, and then doing the same to Faarooq. Bubba gets to his feet and rolls Jeff Hardy out of the ring Lita quickly runs over to him to see if he's ok.

D-von begins to set up the second table in the middle of the ring, Bubba picks up Faarooq and throws him out of the ring, leaving Bradshaw on his own. Bubba sends some punches towards Bradshaw before letting up as D-von takes hold of Bradshaw, he whips him of the ropes, and as he comes back launches him in the air. He comes crashing, down Bubba jumps up, and the Dudleyz land the 3D on Bradshaw through the table.

The Dudleyz music plays out over the PA system, they look down over the fallen body of Bradshaw as he lays in the middle of the ring after being sent through a table, whilst Jeff Hardy lays on the outside as Matt and Lita tend to him, the carnage of the broken table still visible in the corner of the ring. Bubba and D-von eventually leave the ring and head up the ramp way towards the backstage.


Cole - The Dudley Boyz strike again, and this time not content with a beat down, they put Jeff Hardy and Bradshaw through a table.

Tazz - Cole, those Dudley Boyz are vicious and calculating, they bided there time, they let The Hardy boyz and the APA beat each other, and then attacked them when they saw an opportunity.

nWo rampage

The camera cuts to the back, where we are taken to the parking lot of the arena, standing around are Hollywood Hogan, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall. The nWo members are casually walking around the parking lot, bantering with each other, they look to be heading to the arena, when Hogan suddenly stops dead in his tracks and begins laughing, Hall and Nash look at him puzzled then he points over towards a parked car with a wrestler locking up the door.

Hogan - What you say boys, shall we go great Mr Tough Enough.

Nash - Yeah maybe Maven could show us the ropes you know, being the seasoned veteran en all.

The three nWo members let out a laugh and begin to make their way over to Maven. Maven comes to a sudden halt when he notices Hogan Hall and Nash surrounding him.

Maven - Oh come on, please. I don't want no trouble im just here to meet with some pals and enjoy the show.

Hall - Shut up punk, you don't want trouble from the nWo then you shouldn't disrespect us.

Maven - Disrespect you, how the how did I disrespect you.

Nash- You just spoke back to us, and boy, that's disrespecting us.

Without notice Hall strikes Maven knocking him to the concrete floor. Hogan and Nash take no persuading in taking part in the beat down, Hogan and Nash join in by stomping away.

Hall picks Maven up to his feet and then lifts him off the ground and into in the air Hall drops Maven onto the hood of his car. Maven rolls off the hood and falls onto the concrete.

Nash doesn't give Maven time to recover as he picks him back up and slams him into the side of the car door.

Hogan tells Hall and Nash to step back, while he has a go. Hogan punches Maven as he tries to get to his feet and then without warning takes Maven by the head and sends him head first through the car door window.

Maven drops to the floor with blood pouring out from his head. Hogan Hall and Nash just casually walk off as if nothing ever happened. Leaving Maven lying there in a pool of his own blood and unconscious.


Cole - I feel sick, there was no need for what the nWo just did. Maven just minding his own business.

Tazz - Thats the nWo for ya Cole, one things for sure, he needs medical attention and quick.

Cole - Im being told that medics have arrived on the scene, and it looks like they are loading Maven into an ambulance.

Thats not a good thing......

The camera cuts back to Kevin Kelly, who is standing by with Christian.

Kelly - Christian up next you have a tough match facing Rob Van Dam, do you have any thoughts you want to share with us, regarding RVD, or even Diamond Dallas Page/

Christian - Kevin Kelly let me ask you something.

Kelly - OK

Christian - Kelly have you heard from that goofy smiling loser Diamond Dallas Page.............. No me neither. Now it's common knowledge amongst the peep nation that DDP is running scared from me, we all know that DDP is a coward, and a goofy coward come to think of it. I challenged him to a match at Wrestlemania, and he still has not got back to me, no one in the WWF has heard from Page since his wife dragged him off from the arena a few weeks ago.

Christian smirks and speaks into Kevin Kelly's ear.

So it's obvious who wears the trousers in that relationship.... you know what I mean Kelly.

Christian looks a little miffed after asking the question

Why the hell am I asking you.

Page there's a good chance you are at home now, probably dusting the TV while Kimberley sits by and bosses you about. So I want you to listen to me.

Wrestlemania I want that belt of yours, I want to become the European champion, and most of all Page, I want to kick your ass.

Christian just walks off, then seconds later comes back onto screen and pulls one of DDP'S goofy smiles. Before Walking off again.


Christian vs RVD

Christian makes his way out from the back and down to the ring, he slides in and poses on the turnbuckle, much to the displeasure of the fans.

Lilian announces RVD out as One of a kind hits out over the PA system.RVD walks to the ring doing the R...V...D hand gestures. Van Dam slides into the middle of the ring, and does some warm up martial arts.

Christian looks on, and as soon as RVD has stopped he attempts his own martial arts, looking stupid in the process and getting a few laughs from the crowd and RVD.

End Of Match

RVD runs of the ropes, runs at a downed Christian and hits the rolling thunder. Van Dam signals to the top, the crowd cheer as Van Dam jumps onto the top turnbuckle.

Shattered dreams productions suddenly appears on the titontron, Van Dam immediately jumps down form the turnbuckle and moves towards the ring ropes on the ramp side, calling out Goldust. Christian takes down an unaware Van Dam with a roll up pin, the ref counts it 1.....2.......3

Christian quickly rolls out of the ring as his music plays. Van Dam looking angry looks up at the ramp way as Goldust appears.

The bizzare one looks down at Van Dam and rubs his hands around his waist, signalling he wants RVD'S title. Van Dam jumps to his feet and yells at Goldust to come down to the ring, but Goldust just smiles and blows a kiss to Van Dam before heading of to the back, as Christian watches Goldust and gives a look of disgust.

OR 78

CR 76

MQ 99

Cole - Van Dam there loosing out to Christian, but only because of the distraction by Goldust.

Tazz - I'll tell you Cole that Goldust is one weird cookie. But let me also tell you something else, I've faced Rob Van Dam in the ring before, and once he gets going... he really gets going, I don't think Goldust quiet knows what he's getting himself in for.

Dirtiest player in the game.....


Ric Flair's music plays out over the PA system and to a loud reception of cheers Ric Flair makes his way onto the stage , he heads of towards the ring. Flair enters the ring, decked out in a smart suit, and with a microphone in hand. Flair lets out a grin before he begins to speak.

Flair - whooo. Tonight, I've come out here to talk about one thing, and one thing only........ the nWo. Cause frankly Taker you don't deserve my attention aha, no pal, you'll get that at Wrestlemania in ten days time.

Anyways onto business. You see, the nWo was drafted into the WWF for one reason, and that reason was to take me out, and help Vince McMahon get back his fifty percent of shares in the WWF. Well let me tell you something I ain't letting that happen, the nWo may have destroyed one company, a company that I spent most of my career in, and there is no way in hell im gonna let that happen again, no way. whooo.

You see nWo, you may have Hollywood Hogan, you may have Scott Hall and 'Big Sexy' Kevin Nash, but one thing you ain't got, and thats me, the 'Nature Boy, whooooooooooooo.

In WCW I battled you from 1996 all the way to the end, I fought Hogan all of his WCW career. I've had battles with Hall and Nash, I've fought you on my own, and I've fought you with the Horsemen. And belive me some of the things you did to me, I've never forgotten, oh no.... the Nature Boy always remembers. Which is bad for you.

When WCW went out of business, I thought I was done with the nWo, I thought that for good the nWo was out of my life, but no. February 17th 2002, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Who should turn up, none other than the nWo. Hogan, Hall and Nash were once again back in my life. And this time they wanted to take me out, take me out from something that I love, from something that I've always wanted..... and thats being part of the World Wrestling Federation.

But by god the nWo being the nWo are not content on just going after me, no, they go after the roster aswell, they go after my friends, my pals, and most importantly the people that im employed to look after, being half owner of the World Wrestling Federation. And tonight you three men crossed the line, tonight is the final straw, by god tonight im taking no more Bullshit from the nWo.

The nWo saw a rookie, a rookie someone still learning the ropes and ganged up on him and smashed his head through a car window. That rookie Maven is now in hospital receiving urgent medical attention.

Too far boys, you went too far. The nWo want to pick on someone, then boys why don't you get your asses out here and gang up on me. Whooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

Remember one thing, Im the dirtiest player in the game, and if need be I'll play dirty with the nWo. Cause it's time I kick your asses just like I did in WCW. Whooooooooooooooooooooooooo

What you waiting for, you son of bitches, come and gang up on me. whooo, whooo, whooo.

The nWo music plays out over the PA system sending the crowd on their feet. The nWo are met with loud boos but the three men just laugh them off. Hogan begins playing air guitar as Hall and Nash stand either side of him, both with sinister smiles as they stare hard down at Flair, who is still whooing away in the ring. The nWo head to the ring, Hogan makes his way into the squared circle via the steps, Nash walks over the ropes as Scott Hall slides in under the bottom rope. The nWo surround Flair.


Not as dirty as the nWo.....

Hogan snatches the microphone away from Ric Flair.

Hogan - Let me tell you something dude, you may be the dirtiest player in the game, but you ain't as dirty as the nWo..... get him.

Nash sends a big boot directly to Flair's face, knocking him down in one go. Hall quickly pounces and stomps away at Flair, Nash joins in before bringing Flair to his feet, he whips him of the ropes, as he comes back nails a second big boot on the 'Nature Boy'. Flair crashes down to the mat. Hogan un strap's his leather belt and tells Hall and Nash to hold Flair up.

Hogan rips of Flair's shirt and begins to whip away at the back of the 'Nature Boy' Hogan sends the belt thrashing down several times, before stopping the beating. Hogan grabs the microphone from of the floor as Hall and Nash keep hold of Flair.

Hogan - You wanna play the hero now brother, you think you can take out the nWo all by yourself Flair, you were the nWo's whipping boy in WCW, and nothings changed. Vince McMahon wants his fifty percent, and he will get it. What'cha gonna do Flair, when the nWo runs your ass outa town.

Hogan turns to Hall and Nash

Hogan - Toss him out the ring.

Hall and Nash run Flair out of the ring sending him crashing over the top rope and down to the floor. Hogan turns to the crowd with the microphone in his hand, he begins to speak but receives boos from all around the arena.

Hogan - Looks like the nWo's not too popular here boys.

You fans wanna shut the hell up, else we gonna do to you what we we've been doing to the WWF ever since we got here, and thats rip you apart. Were the poison, the cancer the, disease that was brought the WWF to kill it off bit by bit. And until we get what we want, and thats Ric Flair's half of the company we will kill the WWF just like we did to WCW.

You want us to go away Flair, then you know what you gotta do.

But let me tell you something dude's, there is another part of the WWF that were gonna kill of, and thats gonna happen at Wrestlemania. The part that the nWo is gonna inject it's poison into next, and thats your 'Peoples Champion' The Rock.

Rocky brother, on Raw you challenged Hollywood Hogan to a match, an Icon verser Icon match at Wrestlemania, well let me tell you something brother, there is nothing more that id like to do than kick your cocky little ass all over a Wrestlemania ring.

I've been tearing up arenas all over the world long before you were sucking on ya mum-as nipples. And now you think you big enough to challenge me to a match at Wrestlemania, you got the balls to call yourself an icon, let me tell you something brother in the WWF there's only one Icon, and that Icon is us......the nWo.

Wrestlemania eighteen will give me the great pleasure of whipping your Candy ass brother, all over Toronto and sending you out of the WWF with your tail between your legs.

As Hogan pauses for the boos of the crowd, Hall asks for the microphone.

Hall - Hey Yo.

Some of the crowd cheer, most boo.

Hall - What's with the hostility, I mean come on, Hall Three: Sixteen is in da house.

Hall laughs out as the crowd boo and chant you suck.

Hall - Nah, you know who sucks, your hero Stone Cold Steve Austin Sucks, and at Wrestlemania, I'll prove it, I'll prove that your 'Texas Rattlesnake' got no venom in his bite. Cause im gonna kick his ass all around the SkyDome, and you know what..... Thats the bottom line cause Hall Three: Sixteen says so.

Nash asks for the microphone.

Nash - You know something boys, you are actually making me jealous. I mean you two get to kick ass all over Wrestlemania, and I've got nothing. But you know what, maybe since I got nothing to do at Wrestlemania, I'll make up for it in other ways, hey Flair, what you say to that.

Bet you wouldn't mind me introducing myself to some of the boys in the back.... you know like say Maven.

The nWo laugh out, as they look down over Flair who is now being carried to the back by road agents, Flair tries to break free as Nash makes his comment, but is held back by the road agents.

Nash hands the microphone back over to Hogan

Hogan - Just remember one thing brother, it's only gonna get worse, the nWo is here for life. And thats just too sweet.

Then nWo's music plays out over the PA system as they leave the ring to a chorus of boos. Hogan Hall and Nash head up the ramp and walk past Flair who is being led down the side of the stage away, still trying to break free. They look at him and wave mockingly. The nWo head o behind the curtain, Hollywood playing a bit of air guitar as he exits.


Cole - The nWo once again getting the better of the WWF, how can they get away with attacking Ric Flair, I mean he's part owner of the WWF for god's sake.

Tazz - Yeah but Cole, so is Vince McMahon, and they are in McMahon's pocket, he's the one running their contracts, he's the one with the power in the case of the nWo, not Flair.

Cole - Well it stinks, but anyway, up next is the WWF tag team champions The Dudley Boys taking on Billy and Chuck.

Dudleyz vs Billy/Chuck

Non Title

Lilian Announces out Billy and Chuck first, they receive a not so flattering reception, with a few fans making reference to them being "gay." But Billy and Chuck lap up the attention and high five each other in a rather camp way.

The Dudley Boyz music hits and they charge down to the ring, Billy and Chuck quickly make a hasty exit to the outside, Billy grabs a microphone from one of the ring announcers.

Billy - You know Bubba, D-von, we saw what you did earlier on with those tables you like to use, and hell normally me and Chuck are up for a bit of wood. But we were hoping you'd leave the tables out of are match. So what you say........

Bubba and D-von just charge to the outside of the ring and begin beating on Billy and Chuck.

End Of Match

D-von clotheslines Billy to the outside, leaving Chuck alone in the middle of the ring, D-von takes Chuck and whips him of the ropes, as he comes back he lifts him in the air Bubba comes running in and they nail Chuck with a 3D. Bubba makes the pin fall. the referee counts it, 1....2.....3

Billy rolls back into the ring to check over Chuck as the bell rings out. But without notice Bubba and D-von strike down Billy. Bubba body slams Billy and tells D-von to go up top. D-von climbs the turnbuckle and launches himself of the top rope as Bubba pins Billy down holding his legs over his head, and with a flying head D-von nails him in the groin-Al area.

Bubba yells to D-von "Get The Tables."

Matt Hardy comes running out of the crowd with a steel chair, but at the same time Faarooq comes running down the ramp also armed with a chair. Matt and Faarooq notice each other and they decide to slide into the ring. Matt nails the chair over D-von's head sending him crashing down, as Faarooq does the same to Bubba. Both Dudley Boyz go crashing to the floor, Matt lays his chair over D-von, and proceeds to climb the turnbuckle, he stands on the top and launches him self of with a Leg Drop straight onto D-von.

Faarooq lays his chair down, and scoops Bubba up for a Dominator straight onto the chair. Matt gets to his feet, as Faarooq turns around, they both stair at each other, the Dudley Boyz lay downed and out. Matt leaves the ring first, and head up the back, Faarooq soon follows his lead and the only two left are Bubba and D-von, Billy and chuck had sneaked out whilst the Dudleyz got beat down.

OR 70

CR 73

MQ 83

Cole - Wow, Matt Hardy and Faarooq both having the same idea of getting pay back on the Dudley Boyz for the earlier table attack.

Tazz - Oh Cole no doubt neither man knew the other was coming, but I sure bet they are glad they both turned up.

Cole - Well next up is the main event, it's the Rock, it's Booker T and they are going one on one.

Tazz - Cole this one will be of the chain, thats for sure.

Hunter looking for pray

The camera cuts to the back unannounced, Ric Flair is shown, still in his torn shirt he is calling out for the nWo as road agents try to restrain him.

Flair - Hogan you son of a bitch, where are you, im gonna kill you Hogan.

Get the hell of me, I want the nWo, I want them now, im gonna show them why im the damn dirtiest player in the game, the nWo ain't got nothing on the nature boy.

Flair is held back by two road agents who keep on insisting he calm down and head back to his office. Flair manages to break free and he chops away at one of them, knocking him to the ground, the second road agent holds off. Flair quickly turns away and heads of up the corridor.

Flair slams open one of the doors in the corridor, he is met with a large group of people watching Smackdown on TV.

Flair - You seen the nWo, anyone seen where the nWo went.

They all shake there heads, Flair turns over a table, and picks up a chair throwing it half way across the room, some of the people duck out of the way. Flair heads out of the room and back into the corridor.

Flair - Where are you, come on where are you, come on.

Flair shouts at the top of his voice once more.

Where you at, you cowards.

The camera cuts back to the announcers desk, the last we see of Flair opening another door and shouting into the room.


Cole - Well, that was unexpected, but it looks like Flair is on the warpath and he wants one thing, the nWo.But up next as promised, it's The Rock and Booker T, one on one.

Rock vs Booker T

Lilian Garcia announces out Booker T as the first competitor for tonight's main event. Booker receiving boos enters the ring, and just props himself up against one of the turnbuckles awaiting the arrival of The Rock.

If Ya Smell .......What The Rock Is Cooking plays out over the PA system, sending the crowd wild. The Rock makes his way down to the ring, taking in all the cheers, he enters the ring via the steps, Booker T watches on, not looking phased. The Rock climbs the turnbuckle and poses for the crowd.

End of Match

Booker takes Rock down with a body slam, he runs of the ropes and as he comes back goes for a jumping knee strike to the head, but Rock rolls out of the way sending Bookers knee crashing into the mat, Rock steps up, waits for Booker to get to his feet, and goes for the Rock Bottom, but Booker manages to get in a couple of elbows before Rock can hit the move.

Booker takes control whipping The Rock into the ropes, as The Rock comes back, Booker hits him with a clothesline, then follows up with an elbow drop, Booker goes for the pin, the ref counts 1....2 and a kick out.

Booker brings The Rock to his feet, sends him a left but Rock blocks it, and lands a winding right punch on Booker, follows up with a second, and a third, with a fourth following, Rock brings his hand back, looks at it, then hits Booker with a fifth and final punch sending Booker flying into the turnbuckle.

In a burst of anger Booker charges at The Rock, but The Rock takes Booker T down with a Spinebuster in the middle of the ring. Rock stands over Booker, his feet over Booker T's head. Rock looks into the crowd and begins to remove one of his elbow pads he throws it onto the crowd, runs of the ropes comes back jumps over Booker T......... and then pauses. The Rock sees Hollywood Hogan making his way down to the ring, Hogan un straps his belt as he walks down the ramp, The Rock motions for Hogan to "Bring it".

As Hogan reaches the ring he pauses, allowing Booker T to make the roll up pin, the referee goes down to count it 1....2....... but The Rock kicks out. Booker gets up in looking shocked he didn't get the three count. The Rock quickly gets to his feet, Booker goes for a clothesline but Rock catches him and lands a Rock Bottom. Rock goes for the pin, the referee drops down and begins to count it. 1......2.......3

The bell rings and The Rock is announced the winner, but in a matter of no time Hollywood Hogan enters the ring and strikes The Rock down. Hogan puts the boots into The Rock, and then with his leather strap in hand, thrashes it down over the Rocks back, he brings the belt up high in the air and strikes him for a second time. The Rock rolls around in pain, as Hogan strikes him for a third time. Booker T watches on, but he has a face of disgust, Booker walks over to Hogan and asks him to stop. Hogan looks at Booker for a second, drops his head, and then without notice whips the belt around Bookers face. Booker T drops to the floor and rolls out of the ring in agony.

Rock tries to get to his feet but Hogan thrashes him some more with the leather strap. Hogan with an opportune moment runs of the rope, comes back and Drops The Leg on The Rock.

Hogan gets to his feet and without hesitation goes for a second Leg Drop, his leg landing right across The Rocks throat.

Hogan watches over The Rock as WWF officials come running down the ramp and into the ring, this fails to phase Hollywood Hogan, but the referees and officials surround The Rock making it near impossible for Hogan to make any movement towards The Rock. Hogan just smirks, he exits the ring and heads of up the ramp, he turns around and carries on walking backwards at a slow pace, looking over the scene in the ring.

OR 72

CR 82

MQ 80

Cole - Well The Rock takes the victory over Booker T, but Tazz it's come at a price.

Tazz - Those shots from Hollywood were sickening Cole, the leather strap beating down over The Rocks flesh, just the sound makes you cringe.

Cole - Something has to be done about the nWo, something NOW. Just wait till Wrestlemania, The Rock will get his hands on Hollywood Hogan, then we'll see how tough Hogan really is.

Folks im hearing in my headset that we are heading backstage, I thought it was the end of the broadcast, but hang on....... im being told that Flair has found Hall and Nash.

Tazz - There's gonna be trouble and to be honest I don't fancy Flair's chances.

Lesson of respect

The camera cuts to the backstage, we are taken to the parking lot of the arena where Ric Flair has the nWo's Scott Hall and Kevin Nash cornered. Flair is holding a led pipe in his hand.

Flair - I got you now boys, it's just you and me, Ha the Outsiders, who'd have thought it ay boys. Who'd have thought all those years ago, we would wind up here in the WWF, and I'd be kicking your asses in a parking lot outside a Smackdown arena.

Flair slowly paces towards Hall and Nash, both men slowly take a step back.

Nash - Wow there buddy, you wanna calm down a little, that vain on ya forehead looks as if it's gonna pop.

Flair - Don't mess with me Nash, I got you now.

Nash - What you gonna do old man, hell I could take you on my own, but there's someone behind you that I think wants a word.

Nash points over Flair's shoulder with a smile across his face. Flair turns around and is suddenly struck down........The Undertaker looks down over Flair, then looks up to the nWo.

Nash - Hey he's all yours pal.

Nash and Hall leave the parking lot, Nash is whistling as they enter back into the arena, both men can be heard joking around in the near distance.

Taker - Hey old man, what was it you said earlier, I don't deserve your attention. Well have I got your attention now.

Taker sends a boot right to the rib cage of Flair, Flair rolls round in pain, and then Taker stomps down on Flair's Ribs.

Taker - How fitting, we got are selves a street fight at Wrestlemania, and look here we are in the streets, fighting. You see Flair now I get to show you what it's gonna be like at Wrestlemania when I kick your ass and leave you a bloody mess in the middle of the ring.

You should have just left it as it was Flair, you and me, one on one. But no, you had to go one better you had to make it a street fight. I bet you wish you kept ya mouth shut now don't ya.

Taker once again sends a boot to Flair's ribs.

Undertaker sees the led pipe that Flair was holding on the floor and picks it up. Taker strikes the pipe down on the back of Flair. Flair slowly crawls over to a nearby car and uses it to pull himself up, as Taker watches on . Taker whacks the pipe into Flair's ribs as he gets to his feet, sending him hurtling back down to the concrete.

Undertaker drops the pipe, and then brings Flair to his feet, he sizes flair up and nails him with a hard right hand, flair drops backwards against the car, Taker unleashes a barrage of punches that ends up knocking Flair to the ground.

Flair cries out in pain, The Undertaker lets out a laugh. As Flair crawls around on the concrete Undertaker kicks out at him, before finally picking him up, grabbing him around the throat and lifting him high into the air, Choke-slamming him down onto the concrete of the parking lot.

Taker - You see Flair thats just a taster of what's to come at Wrestlemania. But hey, can't say it's not been fun hanging around with you.

Taker lets out a laugh as he walks away from Ric Flair, Flair is barley conscious with blood dripping down from his forehead. Someone is heard in the background calling for an ambulance.

The WF logo appears as Smackdown fades away into darkness, the last image we see is of Flair a bloody mess.


Smackdown got 78%

We got a 5.78 rating for 'Smackdown!'!

The attendance level was 6523 people.

We made $260920 from ticket sales.

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Friday 8th March 2002

IPB Image

WCW names to WWF

A couple of weeks ago it was reported that the WWF was in talks with some former WCW stars about bringing them in for the nWo angle.

It was also reported that two stars had definitely signed contracts with the WWF and would be appearing within the next few weeks.

Lords Of Pain can confirm that the WWF has been in further talks with several superstars, but as of yet no contracts have been signed. The WWF has been talking to: Sting, Roddy Piper, Buff Bagwell and Rand Savage. It is thought that the two confirmed signing are none of the above.

OVW superstars to be promoted to full roster

Expect D'Lo Brown, and Mike Awesome to make their "debuts" on WWF television in the upcoming months. It is unknown how they will be handled and what impact their presence will make on their arrival to TV. Mike Awesome will most likely go into the Hardcore division , and expect D'Lo brown to become a Heat regular, with the possibility of him appearing on Raw and smackdown once creative find him a fitting story line.

WWF Releases

It was announced on WWF.com that the following talent have been released from their contracts.

Jacqueline, Chris Kanyon and David Flair. The WWF have wished them the best for the future. It is thought that no more talent will be released and this is a one off case.

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IPB Image

It's Wrestlemania time and this is the last Raw before the grand daddy of them all. Raw promises to be explosive leading into Wrestlemania with all three main event Wrestlemania WWF title competitors sharing the same ring, as Jericho and Angle team up with William Regal to take on Triple H, Chris Benoit and Regal's Wrestlemania opponent Edge. You can guarantee this one will be brutal.

On Smackdown we saw the nWo attack Maven in an un-provoked and vicious assault out in the parking lot, the nWo sent the young rookies head crashing through a car window and after showing no remorse they got the Nature Boy heading up the hunt for them. He found two of the pack and looked to dish out some revenge on the young Maven's behalf, but he never got that far as the Undertaker jumped him from behind and attacked him. Now, just days before their street fight at Wrestlemania Ric Flair will be at Raw to address the deadman and the nWo.

Also in the last week leading into Wrestlemania, will Christian get an answer from Diamond Dallas Page, or will Christian be heading to Toronto as a spectator only.

The Hardy Boyz are in action, you can bet The Dudley Boyz will be keeping an eye out for them, espcially after the revenge Matt Hardy along with Faarooq layed out to the Dudley Boyz on Smackdown.

Two out of the four competitors for the womens title at Wrestlemania will be in action, when Trish takes on the womens champion Jazz. Will Trish be able to hold her own against the barbaric womens champ, or has she gotten in way over her head.

Also in the house tonight will be, the Texas Rattlesnake Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock, will Austin and The Rock have anything to say to their Wrestlemania opponents... or in their case will actions speak louder than words. Tune into WWF Monday Night Raw to find out, and watch the last Raw before WRESTELEMANIA.


*Trish vs Jazz

*Christian vs Godfather

*Hardy Boyz vs Test/Booker T

*Jericho/Angle/Regal vs Triple H/Edge/Benoit

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  • 2 weeks later...

IPB Image

Raw 11th

JR - Hello fans worldwide welcome to the final Monday Night Raw before Wrestlemania.

Im Jim Ross and along side me is Jerry The King Lawler.

King - Thanks JR, what a night this is going to be, we are only six days away from Wrestlemania eighteen where we will travel to Toronto Canada. The Rock, Hollywood Hogan, Scott Hall Steve Austin, JR they will all be there.

JR - Indeed they will King, it's going to be one hell of a night, as will tonight's Raw, confirmed for later on tonight is a six man tag, the WWF Undisputed Heavyweight Champion teaming with Kurt Angle and William Regal to take on Edge, Chris Benoit and "The Game" Triple H. It's gonna be on hell of a slober-knocker

No Chance...............

No Chance fills out around the arena, sending the crowd into anticipation of the arrival of the co-owner of the WWF. Vince McMahon.

Vince McMahon appears on the top of the stage way with a microphone in his hand, the crowd let out wild boos as Vince power struts down to the ring.

Vince enters the ring and with a stern look on his face, puts the microphone to his lips.

Vince - You know something, each and every single one of you are trash, garbage, nothing, nobody's just like Ric Flair. And you know why you and Ric Flair have so much in common, its because you all belive you are better than me, you all belive that while Ric Flair is co-owner of the World Wrestling Federation you have a say, that you think your opinion matters, and that goes for Ric Flair too. You see Ric Flair seems to think that he has a say in what goes on around here, he seems to think that his opinion matters, when well quiet frankly, NOBODY GIVES A DAMN.

You hear that Flair no one in the World Wrestling Federation gives a damn about you, just like I don't give a damn about each and everyone of you in the crowd tonight. Flair I want you and your garbage fans to remember one thing, I am the boss, I am the one who controls everything, in the contract it might say you are co owner. But in reality we all know who is the real owner, and it's just a matter of time before that is put into writing and it is made official

On Smackdown you saw fit to abuse your powers as co-owner of the World Wrestling Federation, and frankly im appalled Flair. The great Nature Boy Ric Flair, running around backstage on Smackdown, causing all sorts of havoc and mayhem, it's no way for a owner of a multi million dollar corporation to act. And if I had my way, you'd be out on your ass Flair.

But that's not to be, instead I have taken it upon myself to book a match for tonight, a match that will leave you thinking about your actions.

A match that will leave you guilt ridden for your actions, you see Mr. Flair, you want the nWo so bad as too go around causing havoc at one of the companies biggest shows, and trash the place up looking for them, well thats just not on, now is it.

So I have to make sure that you don't do it again, and by booking this match it will make you think, cause every time you go wrong Flair I'll be ready with the nWo to pounce. Because of your actions this past Thursday on Smackdown, 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin will face the consequences on your behalf.

Tonight in that very ring, Steve Austin will face the consequences when he goes up against The 'Outsiders' Scott Hall and Kevin Nash.

You see Flair every time you mess up, every time you go chasing the nWo, someone else will face the consequences, tonight it is Steve Austin, next time it may very well be 'The Peoples Champion' The Rock.

If Ya Smelllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll


The Rock's music hits out over the PA system sending the crowd into a frenzy, Vince McMahon looking shocked at being interrupted stares on as The Peoples Champ makes his way down to the ring.

Rock enters the ring and stands side by side with Vince McMahon , raising his eyebrow to the WWF co-owner.

Rock - Well, what the hell you waiting for Vince, get the hell out of The Rock's ring. Cause I mean, do you want The Rock to kick Your Candy Ass.

Rock receiving cheers form the crowd keeps a look over Vince McMahon, Vince goes to put his mic to his lips, but The Rock puts his hand over the mic and takes it from Vince's hand.


Vince bolts from the ring lighting fast, much to the amusement of the crowd.

Rock - You see it goes down something like this, Vince McMahon big bad tough guy, gets the nWo into the WWF to take back his share in the company, but not only does he do that, he orders the nWo to make all the life's of every WWF superstar hell. Well Vince McMahon and the nWo the Rock says. Just Bring It.......

You see no matter the odds, one on one, two on one, three on one, hell how about we throw in the nWo's lackeys Horace Hogan and Stevie Ray. You see no matter who you are, no matter how many of you, the Rock will always and The ROCK, MEANS ALWAYS KICK YOUR CANDY ASSES.

Which brings me to you, Hollywood Hogan.

At Wrestlemania, it's you and me one on one, Icon vs Icon, past verses present, and let The Rock tell you something Hogan, at Wrestlemania I'll Layeth the Smackethdown on your old wrinkle candy ass, I'll drop the people's elbow and then the Rock will run wild on you brother, before pining you in the middle of the ring one...two....three.

You may think your the big bad wolf coming into the WWF, with your sidekicks Chico and Big Daddy Tool. But let the Rock tell you something, no matter if it's you, or Chico, or big daddy, you make one more bad move, one more beat down on The Rock, like you did to me on Smackdown with that leather strap, and I'll take that strap, shine it up real nice, turn that sumbitch sideways, and stick it straight up ALLLL YOUR CANDY ASSES.

Now Hogan, can you Smelllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll what the Rock is cooking.


JR - Vince McMahon booking Austin in that handicap match against the nWo tonight, you gotta wonder King how will Austin fair when he takes on the Outsiders.

King - I'm worried JR, I mean I know Austin is as tough as they come, but even still, he's facing the nWo.

JR - Well up next is Trish stratus and Jazz going one on one in a non title match. These two women will collide once again in six days time, when Jazz defends her title in a four way dance, at Wrestlemania.

Trish vs Jazz

Non - Title

Trish is announced out first, she makes her way down to the ring with a spring in her step.

she sides in under the bottom rope and then climbs the turnbuckle, posing to the fans to a good reception.

Lilian Garcia announces out the womens champ Jazz, Jazz not looking to please shrugs of fans as she makes her way down the ramp and into the ring.

End of Match

Trish whips Jazz of the ropes, as she comes back jumps at her, Lou Thez style, she lands on Jazz and punches away at her, Trish gets to her feet, she looks to go for a Chick Kick, but Jazz ducks the move and takes Trish down with a clothesline.

Lita comes running down the aisle way, Trish is distracting the ref, as Lita climbs the tope rope and launches of hitting Jazz with a Litacanrana, Lita quickly rolls out of the ring, Trish takes advantage and goes for the pin fall 1.....2......3

Trish has her hand raised as the victor, Lita rolls back into the ring and goes nose to nose with Trish, then she takes a step back and the two women shake hands.

OR 73

CR 67

MQ 79

JR - Well Lita and Trish on the same page, but at Wrestlemania it will be a whole different story, that I can guarantee.

King - But JR, more importantly, Puppies, and lots of them at Wrestlemania.

JR - Whatever King, well up next there are more puppies for you King, It's the Godfather and im sure he has his women friends, going one on one with Christian.

Christian vs Godfather

Out first is Christian, he walks to the ring rather arrogantly, going to high five the crowd and then pulling away at the last second.

The Godfather is announced out and is accompanied by his lady friends. Godfather and the ladies enter the ring, and parade around, much to the delight of Christian, he tries to make a move on one of them but gets a slap across the face.

End of match

Christian looks for the Unprettier, but Godfather breaks free out of the move and pushes Christian against the ropes, as he comes back Godfather lifts Christian up onto his shoulders, looking for the Pimp Drop, but Christian reaches out onto the top rope as Godfather goes for the move, Christian sees an opportunity and goes for a roll up pin, he grabs onto the ropes the ref unaware. 1.....2... but Godfather kicks out, and ends up colliding with the referee.

The referee drops to the mat, Christian gets to his feet, but starts stomping away in a mardy, he then pulls an angry face and makes his way over to the Godfather.

The crowd let out a loud cheer, out of the crowd comes DDP, Page rolls into the ring, he turns Christian around and Diamond Cutter. Lays Christian out.

The referee looks over to see Christian down and The Godfather making the pin. 1.....2......3

Page grabs a microphone and slides into the ring, he looks down over Christian.

DDP - Yo, chump, you want a piece of DDP at Wrestlemania, then you got it, get ready to feel Da BANG!!!!

Page drops the microphone down and slides out the ring, he climbs into the crowd and makes his way up the staircase, half way he stops and turns. He looks to the ring, raises his hands in the Diamond Cutter sign, as do the crowd surrounding him. And all together they do the BANG with DDP'S music playing in the background.

OR 76

CR 73


JR - Page is back, he's back and he accepted Christian's challenge, King Christian and DDP will meet at Wrestlemania.

King - I think it was just a matter of time, Page wasn't gonna miss the opportunity of a life time and throw away a Wrestlemania match.

Hardy Boyz vs Test/Booker T

Booker T and Test come down to the ring first, Booker rolls into the ring and does a Spinaroonie, Test poses on the turnbuckle, both receive boos.

Lillian announces out The Hardy Boyz accompanied by Lita, All three stroll to the ring, Matt and Jeff slide in and take of their top ring attire, much to the delight of the female's in the crowd.

End of match

Test goes for a big boot on Jeff, but Jeff running ducks the move, runs up the turnbuckle and jumps of the top rope landing on Test with 360 Splash. Jeff goes for the pin but Booker comes in and breaks the pin, Matt makes no hesitation in running in and taking Booker T out. Booker and Matt fight and end up falling to the outside, as Lita watches on helplessly.

Back in the ring Jeff and Test are fighting away in the corner, when the Dudley Boyz come running down the aisle and side into the ring, the ref with his back turned trying to keep control over Matt and Booker fighting on the outside.

Test back down and the Dudley take no time in setting Jeff up for 3D, the Dudleyz roll out of the ring, Test gets the referee's attention as he goes go and makes the pin 1.....2.......3

OR 81

CR 78

MQ 85

The Dudley Boyz grab a microphone from Lilian Garcia at ringside, Bubba slides in as D-von follows.

Bubba - Hardy Boyz, you think you got what it takes to beat The Dudleyz, ha you gotta be kidding me. After what you did on Smackdown, that made us mad, after Matt, you ran down to the ring and attacked the Dudley Boyz with a chair, oh no now that made us madddddddddddd. We want revenge and were gonna get it, you see heres how it goes at Wrestlemania, not only will be beat the APA into oblivion, we will beat you The Hardy Boyz to a bloody mess, it's a three way tag at Wrestlemania.

Bubba hold the microphone to D-von's mouth

D-von - Oh my brother, testifyyyyyyyy


JR - Did you hear that JR, Wrestlemania it's The Dudley Boyz defending their tag team titles against the APA and the Hardy Boyz.

King - O I heard it alright JR, but what do you think the APA are going to say about having Matt and Jeff thrown into their match.


Ric Flair's music plays out over the PA system, the co oner of the WWF struts down to the ring, he enters and is handed a microphone.

Flair - Whooooooooooooo, two things tonight. Firstly is the deadman the Undertaker, now Taker I was so close to getting my hands on the nWo, so close, but you come in and take that away from me, I admit, you got me good, yeah pal, you got me good.

But im gonna wait till smackdown to deal with you, seeing as your not hear tonight, but lets put it this way, your playing with fire, ha. whooooooooooooo

The second thing I wan to to talk to you about is the nWo and the main event for tonight.

You see Vince McMahon thinks he can turn people against me, by booking handicap matches, he think s he can force the Nature Boy to step down, because he will make others pay for my actions.

Well Vince not gonna happen buddy, not in a million years, there is know way, that I whooo Ric Flair will be stepping down as the co owner of the WWF any time soon.

Tonight Steve Austin is gonna whip you nWo boys into shape, he one pissed of rattlesnake, and Vince maybe booking him against Hall and Nash wasn't such a hot idea.

I know who my moneys on Whooooooooooooo

Last week Vince I said no more Bull****, and by god I meant it, you might think that booking Austin against the Outsiders is a low and dirty trick, but you forget I am the dirtiest player in the game, and Vice, pal, you wanna play dirty so will I.

I've battled the nWo before, I know what the nWo is all about, I know all their games, I know all their trick, since I've be on the end of most of them, but not once did I ever back down, not once did the Nature Boy concede defeat, and not once did I lose face to the nWo.

McMahon you can through everything you got at me, nWo or not, but remember one thing. I will never back down, you want my fifty percent, over my dead body pal.



JR - The Nature Boy there sending out a message of his own to Vince and the nWo.

But folks up next is the six man tag match, it's the Undisputed Heavyweight Champion, and the Intercontinental champion teaming together with and Olympic gold medalist to take on. Chris Benoit, Edge and The Game Triple H.

King - It's gonna be good JR.

Jericho/Angle/Regal vs Triple H/Edge/Benoit

Lillian Garcia stands in the middle of the ring, the first person she announces out is William Regal. Regal makes his way to the ring, he enters via the ring steps and waits in the ring, with a smarmy look about his face, rubbing the Intercontinental title.

Kurt Angle is out next, accompanied by Stephanie McMahon, Angle is met with "You Suck" chants. Stephanie shouts at some of the crowd as Angle slides into the ring and waits with Regal for their tag team partner and Undisputed Champion, Chris Jericho.

The count down begins and Jericho appears on the stage way, both arms outstretched, the title hanging around hi right arm. Jericho turns and makes his way to the ring as Angle watches on with a fixed face. Jericho enters the ring, and takes stare down with one of his WrestleMania opponents, Kurt Angle.

Angle and Jericho are come between by William Regal as Chris Benoit's music plays out over the PA system. Benoit with a serious look about his face walks sternly down the ramp and halts at the ring, all three men in ring are down looking down at Benoit, Jericho makes a few cocky remarks.

Regal's face tilts away from Benoit and up the ramp way when the music of Edge plays. Edge makes his way down the ramp and stands side by side with Chris Benoit. Edge and Benoit slide into the ring at the same time, Regal and Edge look to go nose to nose but at kept apart by the referee.

The last man announced out is Triple H. "The Game" plays over the PA system and out appears Triple H, both Chris Jericho and Kurt Angle take their eyes from each other and stare at Triple H. Hunter slowly makes his way to the ring apron, then climbs upon it, he takes his water bottle and takes a drink of water before spitting it into the air for his trademark entrance.

End of match

Triple H and Kurt Angle both the legal men in, Jericho and Regal wait on the ring apron as do Chris Benoit and Edge. Hunter clotheslines Angle out of the ring sending him crashing down to Stephanie McMahon's side. Stephanie orders Kurt back into the ring, he looks bemused at Stephanie but he takes the orders and quickly slides back into the ring, Hunter and Kurt collide in the middle of the ring, HHH sending out a right, followed by a second, backing Kurt into the ropes, Triple H whips Kurt of the ropes and as he comes back goes for a Spinebuster, but Kurt counters it and looks to follow up with an Angle Slam, but Hunter breaks free and immediately hits Kurt with a PEDIGREE.

Triple H goes for the pin, the ref drops down and makes the count with the crowd following along. 1......2....... Jericho comes in and breaks up the pin, Benoit comes charing onto the ring and attacks Jericho, Regal enters the ring, as soon as he does Edge makes no waste of time and runs in and SPEAR to William Regal, sending Regal crashing to the outside.Benoit and Jericho battle away in the corner turnbuckle, Benoit chops at Jericho's chest once, and then hits him with a second, before taking his head and slamming it down on the turnbuckle

Jericho falls forwards and drops to the floor, Benoit climbs the turnbuckle and signals for the head-butt, but Jericho quickly rolls out of the ring before Benoit can launch himself, Benoit wastes no time and launches him self of the top and goes for an axe Handle smash on Jericho, but is met with a dropkick from the Undisputed Champion.

Back in the ring, Triple H has Kurt Angle pinned down in a headlock, Kurt tries to get to his feet but Triple H drops him down with a backdrop, Triple H gets to his feet and lets out a yell, he signals for a second Pedigree of the night, but before he can act Stephanie McMahon rolls into the ring, with a steel chair in hand. She goes to swing it at Triple H, but he notices in time, and ducks, she looks bemused as Triple H looks on laughing at her, she swings a second time but Triple H moves out of the way, Stephanie looks even more angry, and in a act of anger lashes out and swings the chair once more, Triple H again ducks and instead Stephanie slams the chair of Kurt Angle's head as he attempts to get to his feet.

Stephanie looks shocked, Triple H goes after and she quickly drops the chair and runs out the ring, Triple H smiles as he looks down over the fallen Kurt Angle, he picks him up too his feet and hits him with a second PEDIGREE.

Triple H makes the pinfall, the referee counts it 1......2........3

Benoit and Jericho stop fighting as the bell rings out, Jericho stares up at Triple H, who is staring back, Triple H climbs the turnbuckle and points down to the Undisputed Champion. Regal and Edge are still brawling and have spilled out into the crowd.

OR 83

CR 85

MQ 81

The bell rings out but Edge and Regal are in the crowd, the referee comes running out of the ring and jumps into the crowd to try and prise the two men apart, but is caught with a flying elbow. Regal and Edge battle their way through the fans slugging at ech other every given opportunity, until they reach the corridors of the arena.

Edge gets the upper hand in the fight, when he slams Regal head first of the corridor wall, Edge looking a little deranged looks down on the groggy Regal, Edge stamps away at Regal then brings him to his feet, Edge slugs at Regal and eventually stops as he lines him up against a door. Edge takes a few steps back and with a sinister smile charges at Regal looking to SPEAR him through the door, but Regal jumps out of the way at the last second sending Edge colliding head first into the solid door.

Regal seizing the opportunity takes ahold of Edge and brings him to his feet before throwing him head first again into the already dented door.

Suddenly road agents come running into the scene, they take Regal to one side and hold him there making sure he isn't able to attack the downed Edge.

A referee is looking over Edge who is down and a bloody mess, he looks half unconscious., Regal shouts out "Is that bloody ten count enough for you, cause at Wrestlemania I'll make sure you stay down for longer".

The road agents escort Regal away as Edge is treated by the other road agents and referee.


JR - What a wild way to end the match, we knew that Edge and Regal had issues but their last man standing match at Wrestlemania just got even more personal.

King - It sure did JR, I tell you something, I wouldn't want to be Regal on Sunday, did you see the look in Edges eyes. he looked evil JR.

JR - Well up next, it's the main event. It Steve Austin taking on the nWo in a handicap match. I hope he kicks Hall and Nash to the gutter.

Austin vs Hall/Nash

Lillian Garcia with a bit of hesitation announces out the Outsiders Scott Hall and Kevin Nash, the nWo music plays away as Hall and Nash make their way down the aisle and towards the ring.

Hall and Nash take a look around the arena, and look to each other before giving the thumbs down.

Without notice Austin comes running down the ramp and heading towards Hall and Nash, neither of the Outsiders notice Austin and are struck down to the floor. Austin takes Hall and slams him into the ring-post, before unleashing a barrage of punches on Nash, and then whipping him of the ring steps.

Austin slides into the ring to an arena full of cheers, Austin gives Hall and Nash the finger as they regroup on the outside.

End of match

Nash is the legal man out of the outsiders. Nash whips Austin of the ropes and as he comes back goes for a big boot, but Austin ducks under the boot, and carries on running, he meets Hall and strikes him down of the ring apron. Austin quickly turns and gives Nash a STUNNER. Nash drops to the floor, Austin makes the cover 1.....2..... Hall pulls the referee out of the ring and strikes him down.

Hall enters the ring and sends a punch crashing at Austin, he knocks Austin down and stomps away at him, Hall picks up Austin and slams his head of the turnbuckle, and then gives Austin a finger, he kicks Austin in the midsection, and goes for a Stunner but Austin blocks the move and clotheslines Hall to the mat. He goes to punch away at Austin, but Nash makes his way over and gives Austin a BIG BOOT.

Nash and Hall go down and beat away on Austin, stamping away at the Texas Rattlesnake, Nash brings Austin to his feet, and holds him back. Hall taunts Austin before slapping him across the face, Austin responds by spitting at him, Hall sends out a second slap, but then Ric Flair comes running down the aisle. Flair slides into the ring, and gives Hall a chop sending him crashing to the mat. Nash then takes a kick to the gut from Flair who follows up with a chop, and then a second chop before finally sending him down with a third and final chop.

Flair takes hold of Nash's legs, then locks him in with a Figure Four Leg Lock, Nash wriggles around in pain and starts tapping out, Hall gets to his feet but is sent baci down as he is met with a STUNNER from Austin. Flair lets go of Nash as Austin tosses Hall over the top rope, Flair whips Nash towards Austin who hits him with a STUNNER.

Flair goes to the outside and slides the referee back into the ring, the referee comes too as he sees Austin pinning Nash, he makes the slow groggy count.1............2...............3

OR 79

CR 85

MQ 67

The bell rings as Austin is announced the winner, but this doesn't stop Flair from making a return to the ring, Flair slides in and starts stomping away at Kevin Nash, Austin slides to the outside to meet Hall, Austin launches out a barrage of punches on Scott Hall sending him crashing backwards into the ring post, Austin runs at Hall and Clotheslines him as he is propped up at the post, Hall drops down to the ground.

Flair back in the ring has Nash backed up into the corner, he is sending chop after chop to Nash's chest, and then kicks him between the legs sending Nash to the floor in agony.

The crowd begins to get louder, as on the stage way Hollywood Hogan has appeared, Hogan making his way down the ramp and towards the ring, un-straping his leather belt as he walks.

Austin pauses as he notices Hollywood Hogan but fails to make a move because behind Hogan he sees The Rock charging down the ramp way and heading for the nWo leader.

Hogan unaware is clotheslined from behind by The Rock sending him flying to the floor. Hogan tries to get to his feet, but is met with many fast paced right hands from The Rock, that keep Hogan grounded. Rock takes Hogan by the head and rolls him into the ring, Rock slides in after him and begins stalking him, setting him up.

Flair kicks away at Nash, the poking kicks send Nash out of the ring going under the bottom rope.

Austin on the outside picks Hall up, gives him the finger and follows up with a STUNNER

The Rock still stalking Hogan, bides his time. Hogan gets to his feet, turns around and is met with a ROCK BOTTOM.

Austin rolls into the ring, himself The Rock and Flair celebrate as The Rock's music plays in the background. Austin is thrown three beers, he hands one to Flair and to The Rock, the three men raise the beers and bash them against each other.

Raw goes of the air with Flair, The Rock and Austin drinking beers to celebrate the ass whooping they gave the nWo. Hogan lays still in the ring, Hall and Nash are on the outside of the ring, Nash trying to stagger to his feet, Hall down and out.


Raw got 83%

We got a 6.10 rating for 'RAW'!

The attendance level was 6526 people.

We made $261040 from ticket sales.

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IPB Image


The last stop before Wrestlemania in Toronto, Smackdown will surely be one show not to miss out on.

Smackdown this week promises, carnage and blood shed as we witness William Regal and Edge going one on one in a hardcore match, just days before their Last Man Standing match at Wrestlemania, and if the brawl they had on Raw is anything to go buy, then the hardcore bout promises to be anything but civil.

On Raw we found out that the Hardy Boyz would be added to the Tag team championship title bout at Wrestlemania, making it a three way tag match. But will the Hardy Boyz make it to Wrestlemania as the play the Dudley Boyz at their own game when they take them on in a tables match.

The returning DDP told Christian that at Wrestlemania he would feel the bang, tonight DDP will get a chance to give Christian a taster when he squares of against him in a tag team match, the other two competitors RVD teaming with Page and Goldust teaming with Christian will surely be itching to get at each other just days before their Hardcore title match in Toronto.

The Undisputed heavyweight champion will be action when he goes one on one in a non title match with one of his opponents for his Wrestlemania title defence, Triple H.

the 'Cerebral Assassin' will be looking to prove a point to the champ, but will the champ and 'The Game' be able to square off without facing the faces of Kurt Angle and Stephanie McMahon.

The main event will be one match that Smackdown fans will see as a treat, as they will bare witness to 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin and The Rock teaming up to take on the mighty nWo, will the nWo crumble just days before they look to take out Austin and Rock at Wrestlemania, or will the numbers game play a significant factor in the outcome to the match.

Also, on Raw the Co-Owner of the World Wrestling Federation Ric Flair promised to deal with The Undertaker this week on Smackdown, find out what he has in store for the Deadman.

Will the nWo have any words for their opponents Steve Austin and The Rock, just days after taking a beating from them with help from 'The Nature Boy' Ric Flair. You can be sure Hogan and his run in buddies Scott Hall and Kevin Nash will want to ease their egos, and get in some fighting words only days before they do battle with 'The Texas Rattlesnake' and 'The Peoples Champ' one on one at the grand daddy of them all, WRESTLEMAINA.

Confirmed matches for Smackdown

- Austin/Rock vs nWo

- HHH vs Jericho

- RVD/DDP vs Christian/Goldust

- William Regal vs Edge - Hardcore match

- Dudley Boyz vs Hardy Boyz - Table match

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IPB Image

Smackdown 14th

Cole - Welcome all to Smackdown, im Michael Cole your host for tonight and along side me is Tazz. Tonight we will be with you for all the action at the last stop before Wrestlemania Eighteen, which is just three days away.

Tazz - Cole im so pumped for Wrestlemania, all the great matches that will take place and hell even all the great matches that will take place tonight. Cole im just as hyped for tonight's Smackdown.

Cole - And so you should be partner, we have some great action coming to you in the next two hours. First of we will see two of the teams involved in the three way tag match at Wrestlemania, The Dudley Boyz verses The Hardy Boyz, and Tazz get this, not only is it a Table match it's also for the Tag Team titles.

Tazz - Wow, your kidding me right. That is off the Hook Cole.

Cole - And later on in the night William Regal takes on Edge in a hardcore match, and we can promise you this, it wont be pretty. We got Hardcore champion Rob Van Dam teaming up with the returning European champion Diamond Dallas Page, to take on Christian and Goldust. Also in action, the Undisputed champion Chris Jericho goes one on one with "The Game", Triple H. And then in the main event, "Stone Cold Steve" Austin will be teaming up with The Rock, to take on all three members of the nWo. What a show Tazz, and what a night it's going to be.

Tazz - I'll tell you something Michelle, tonight looks to be one of the greatest smackdown ever.


The familiar music of Ric Flair plays out around the packed arena, the "Nature Boy" Ric Flair appears on the stage, dressed in a suit and with a microphone in his hand.

Flair begins to walk down the ramp whooing along the way. Flair walks the steps to the ring, and stands dead centre letting out a big whooo once his music has finished. The crowd whooo back.

Flair - By God you got it going on tonight, whooooooooooooo

I got two things to talk about tonight, and it seems to be the same two things that "The Nature Boy" talks about every single week.

First up is the nWo, and then secondly The Undertaker.

Usually I come out here to tell the nWo how they gonna pay for that they did, how im gonna make them sorry for the actions, but hell on Raw this past Monday the nWo got what was coming to them. They got pay back for all the things they've done, they were sorry for their actions, and you know why that is.

It's cause the "Nature Boy" and "The Peoples Champ" and the "Texas Rattlesnake" kicked each and every one of their asses. whooooooooooooo

Hall got a Stunner, Hogan got Rock Bottomed and Nash got the figure four baby. whooo yeah, and I tell you something, damn it felt good, it felt good to take those long legs of "Big Sexy" and bruise them up with the Figure Four, it felt good to see Scott Hall get flipped and given a Stunner, and it damn sure felt good to see Hogan, whooo Brother, get his ass kicked by The Rock.

Each and every week the nWo come out here and strut their stuff, they walk around like they own the place, well pal let me tell you something. As long as The Nature Boy is in charge, the nWo won't be strutting nothing no-more whooooooooooooo.

Hogan, Hall, Nash the nWo.

You got your asses handed to you on Raw, you had to leave with your tails between ya legs, and from now on in, thats the way it's always gonna be, no more beat downs, no more chaos backstage, no more bullying.

You wanted to play with the big Boys, and buddy, now you are. Raw you were shown what the WWF is all about, and a Wrestlemania when Hall and Austin and Rock and Hogan square off, you will see why the WWF takes shit from no one. Whooooooooooooooooooooooooo

And that leads me onto my second point of the night, The Undertaker. You see on Raw I took care of the nWo and now on Smackdown, I want to take care of you. Ha.

You see I can't touch you in that ring until Wrestlemania, if I had my way you and me would be in there right now kicking seven bells out of each other, but thats not to be. So I sat at home thinking what could I do, what could I do to get The Undertaker back, I thought about it for a while, I came up with the ideas of taking you out backstage with a led pipe, I thought about dragging your ass out to the parking lot, and given you a beating the likes you never seen before.

But then it dawned on me, that's probably what The Deadman wants, hell he's probably even banking on it, so I changed my ideas. Instead I decided to book your ass in a match, tonight whooo.

And what an opponent I've got for you Deadman, I was thinking who I could stick you in a match against, first I thought of Stone Cold Steve Austin, but then remembered he was in a tag match against the nWo, so him and the Rock were out of the question, as were the nWo.

And then I thought about "The Game" Triple H, but then realised he's facing the Undisputed champion Chris Jericho tonight. I then realised that I wanted someone bigger, some one taller, someone who by god would send your ass straight to hell and back again, and thats when I decided on KANE. whooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Tonight Undertaker you take on your brother Kane in the middle of that ring.


Keep Rollin, Rollin, Rollin.

The Undertaker comes out on the stage way, and for once without his Bike. Taker has a steal chain wrapped around his fist, Taker walks down to the ring punching his fist against his other hand, the Deadman and Flair don't take their eyes of each other, Flair undoes his suit jacket and drops it to the floor, he rolls up his sleeves as Undertaker reaches the ring.

The lights go out, sending the arena into darkness, after a few seconds red smoke fills the ring and the ramp way, then suddenly the music of Kane hits out over the PA system. The Undertaker look over his shoulder as he sees his brother Kane making his way towards him.

Taker heads off towards Kane and swings at him with the chain still wrapped around his fist, Kane ducks and then nails Taker with a right under hook punch, and then with a second, and then takes him down with a big boot.

Kane just looks down over his brother. The Undertaker gets to his feet with a look of bewilderment across his face, Taker begins to back away and heads of up the ramp, with Kane just looking on and Ric Flair in the middle of the ring whooing.


Cole -What a match Tazz, the "Big Red" Machine taking on The "Deadman", The Undertaker and it's tonight.

Tazz - Cole this one is gonna be sweet, maybe just maybe The Deadman will get a taste of his own medicine tonight, after all no one is gonna know him better than his brother, and it just so happens that brother is a big red machine.

Cole - Well up next it's the Dudley boyz defending their tag team titles against The Hardy Boyz, and its in a table match.

Dudley Boyz vs Hardyz

Table match

Tag team title match

Lilian Garcia announces out the Hardy Boyz first, Matt and Jeff appear on the stage alongside Lita, The Hardy Boyz rush down to the ring and slide into it as Lita strolls begin with a smile on her face, Matt and Jeff climb the turnbuckles and pose to the delight of the fans.

The tag team champions music plays out around the arena, marking the arrival of D-von and Bubba Ray Dudley, The Dudleyz are carrying a table down to the ring, the table is spray painted with "Hardy Boyz". D-von and Bubba set the table up on the outside and then slide into the ring, starting the match up.

End of match

All four men in the ring battling away with each other, Jeff Hardy and D-von slugging away in the corner, whilst Matt and Bubba slug away at each other in the centre of the ring.

Matt whips Bubba of the ropes and as he comes back bends down ready to lift him for a big backdrop, but Bubba halts and kicks Matt square in the face. Matt drops to his knees allowing Bubba to hit him with an axe handle smashes and then following up with a few stomps to the back keeping Matt Hardy grounded.

Matt attempts to got to his feet but Bubba takes hold of him and slides him out of the ring under the bottom rope and to the outside, next to the propped up table.

Bubba follows to the outside leaving Jeff and D-von alone in the ring.

D-von whips Jeff from one turnbuckle to the opposite with some power as he sends Jeff bouncing back out of the turnbuckle and dropping to the floor. D-von makes his way over to Jeff, as he reaches Jeff he is taken down with a drop-toe hold sending his head crashing into the middle turnbuckle. Jeff gets to his feet and slides to the outside, he reaches under the ring and pulls out a table to the pleasure of the fans.

Jeff slides the table back into the ring and props it up inches away from the turnbuckle. Jeff takes D-von and lays into him with a few punches, before rolling him onto the table.

Jeff climbs the turnbuckle and signals for his signature move.

Bubba turns to see the referee watching Jeff Hardy, ready to launch of the top.

Bubba waist no time in pulling at the referees ankles and bringing him out of the ring, the ref argues but only for a split second as Bubba Dudley sends out a big right hand to the referee sending him crashing to the floor.

Jeff Hardy launches of the top and hit's a SWANTON BOMB on D-von sending him crashing through the table. Bubba quickly slides into the ring ready to attack Jeff Hardy, but out of the crowd comes the APA, Faarooq and Bradshaw.

Bradshaw and Faarooq hit the ring, Bubba sees them and halts from attacking Jeff, he makes his way over the APA and takes a swing at Bradshaw, but Bradshaw ducks and hits a standing CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL, sending Bubba crashing to the canvas.

Jeff watches on, but is soon met by the eyes of Bradshaw and D-von, Jeff realises he is next and launches him self at the APA, but is cut down with a big boot from Bradshaw, Bradshaw takes a step back as Faarooq brings Jeff to his feet before hitting him with a DOMINATOR.

Jeff goes crashing down and lands next to D-von amongst the broken table shards.

The APA take a look around at the carnage in the ring, then notice Matt Hardy on the outside pulling himself up, using a table as leverage. The APA quickly exit the ring and make their way over to Matt, Matt not even noticing them takes a beating from Bradshaw sending him back to the floor.

Faarooq lifts Matt up and props him in the power bomb position, he launches him high in the air, and as he comes down Bradshaw takes hold of Matt pulling him down with force, the APA sending Matt Hardy crashing through the table.

The APA have left everyone down and out, the referee comes around as Bradshaw and Faarooq make their way over to the tag team titles, next to the ring crew. The referee takes a look around and sees all four men down, he sees Jeff and D-von down and spread out over broken table, and then takes a look to the outside and sees Matt lying over another broken table. He makes an assumption and awards the match to the Dudley Boyz, allowing them to retain their WWF tag team titles.

The APA Bradshaw and Faarooq snatch away the tag team title and roll into the ring, they both lift the belts high in the air, posing, before dropping them down next to the tag team champions Bubba and D-von the Dudley Boyz.

OR 85

CR 82

MQ 89

Cole - Well the Dudley Boyz retain their tag team titles, but only at the hands of the APA. Will the APA be able to do what they did tonight at Wrestlemania, and take out both the Dudley Boyz and the Hardy Boyz.

Tazz - Well the Hardy Boyz could have come close to taking those belts here tonight, and walked into Wrestlemania as the champions, but because of the APA and the confusion the referee awarded the belts to the Dudley Boyz, and you gotta wonder will lady luck be on the side of the Dudleyz at Wrestlemania or is tonight as a sign of thing to come, with the APA holding the tag team titles.

Cole - Well up next, it's Edge and Regal and get this it's in a hardcore match, just three days before their last man standing match at Wrestlemania.

Tazz - This match won't be for the fain hearted, it's gonna be summert brutal, I can promise you that.

William Regal vs Edge

Hardcore match

Edges music plays out over the PA system, Lillian announces him out for the hardcore match up, Edge makes his way to the ring down the ramp way, he slides into the ring, and immediately props himself up against the turnbuckle awaiting the arrival of William Regal.

Regal makes his way down to the ring, he makes a point of showing off the Intercontinental belt to Edge, Regal reaches the ring and begins to search under the ring apron for weapons, he manages to pull out a Singapore cane, but Edge comes sliding out and nails Regal with a baseball slide before he can use the weapon.

End of match

Both men are down and bloodied, weapons spread out all over the ring.

Edge and Regal both trying to get to their feet, as they lie in opposite corners of the ring.

Regal gets up first and manages to take hold of a trash can lid. Edge seconds later gets to his feet, he sees Regal and charges at him, going for the Spear. But Regal sees Edge and slams the trash can lid across his face, sending Edge to the floor and rolling out of the ring, as he holds his head in pain.

Regal makes his way over to the ring apron and looks to leave the ring, but is met with a Singapore cane shot to the head. Edge rolls into the ring with the weapon in hand, Regal tries to get to his feet but Edge takes another swing at him, this time missing. Regal quickly reaches into his boot and pulls out a pair of knuckles, he goes to put them on, but Edge smacks the cane of Regal's hand forcing him to drop the knuckles.

Edge smiles as he sees the Knuckles drop to the floor, he bends down and picks them up, before placing them over his hand. He turns to get a breath back, not seeing Regal reach into his trunks and pull out a second pair of knuckles.

Regal gets to his feet as Edge turns around, both wearing brass Knuckles take shots at each other, and both connect. Edge drops to the floor blood pouring from his head, Regal then drops down, also with cuts across his head and blood spurting out. Regal drops down and falls on top of Edge, the referee notices Edges shoulders touching the mat, and begins to make the count. 1........2.........3

William Regal is announced the winner of the hardcore match, even though he doesn't know it him self. The referee bends down to see if both men are ok, as they lay out cold.

OR 80

CR 81

MQ 78

Cole - Wow, Regal and Edge beating the hell out of each other, but what about the finish Tazz. Regal takes the win but on a pure fluke alone.

Tazz - Fluke or not Cole, Regal will take that victory any way he can, and the same goes for their Wrestlemania match.

Cole - Oh great, look what we got coming up next, folks on such a great night im sorry we gotta ruin it, but by the orders of Vince McMahon we got the nWo coming out here to say a few words.

The Poison

The static music of the nWo plays out around the arena, appearing on the stage sending the crowd into a frenzy of boos is Hollywood Hogan, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall. The nWo trio make their way down to the ring, cursing at the fans and being ignorant towards them. Hogan Nash and Hall enter the ring and take centre stage, Hogan is handed a microphone and waits for the crowd to quiet down before he begins to speak.

Hogan - Tonight's the night the nWo strike brothers. You see, Vince McMahon has booked us in a match tonight, a match against your heros, The Rock and Stone Cold.

Tonight Rocky and Austin get a taste of things to come, they get a Wrestlemania preview of when we beat them bloody, when we take them down and show them that no one messes with the New World Order.

On Raw, Rocky brother you laid me out with a Rock Bottom, you got lucky. Come Wrestlemania I'll make sure your worthless ass gets no chance to hit that crap move. I'll make sure I take you down, drop the leg and send your ass packing as I pin you one, two, three.

On Raw you asked me if I smell what your cooking, and let me tell you something brother, I smell it, and it smells like Bullshit. Wrestlemania will be the beginning of the end for you Rocky, you say Icon verses Icon, and past verses present, well in Toronto at the SkyDome I'll show you there is only one icon in the World Wrestling Federation, and that I will always be the present, and there is nothing you can do about that brother.

Hall extends out his hand looking at Hogan, Hogan puts the microphone in Scott Halls hand.

Hall - Hey Yo.

Hey chico, you listing up Rattlesnake. On Raw you might have beat the nWo in a fluke, but tonight in the Wrestlemania preview Hall three Sixteen strikes, and tonight Hall three sixteen kicks your ass, and guess what. Dat's the bottom line, case Hall says so.

Your punk ass may have got one over, but your punk ass will meet the end soon enough, tonight im gonna batter and bruise you up real good. Then in three days time at Wrestlemania, I'll finish the job, no more Stone Cold in the WWF.

Nash whispers in Scott's ear, Scott then hands over the microphone to "Big Sexy."

Nash - You know, truer words have never been spoken. Wrestlemania is the beginning of the end for both Rock and Austin, and hey lets face it, no one will miss them.

I mean, on one hand we got a brown nose'r who thinks he's all that in the Rock, and then we got a foulmouthed beer swilling redneck in Steve Austin. I mean come on, really, who wants to see that each and every week on ya television sets, no one, not when you got the three saviours of professional wrestling standing right here.

On Raw Stevey boy, you might have pinned me, but that was a one off. You had Flair watching ya back, and ok fair do it paid off but tonight, I'm gonna shove my seven foot boot up your ass and make sure cough out the laces.

You won't win tonight, and you won't win at Wrestlemania. The nWo are here for life.

The music of the nWo plays out as Hogan, Hall and Nash exit the ring.


It's me, it's me it's RVD

The camera cuts to the back, where we are taken to Kevin Kelly who is waiting with Diamond Dallas Page and Rob Van Dam.

Kelly - With me as you can all see are, the WWF European champion and the WWF Hardcore champion, Diamond Dallas Page and Rob Van Dam.

Now on Raw Page, we saw you make your return to the WWF after a few weeks absence, seemingly a changed man, and accepting Christians challenge for a European title shot at Wrestlemania. The question I ask is, are you the Diamond Dallas Page of old and how much are you looking forward to defending your WWF European championship in Toronto in front of thousands of people.

DDP - Yo Kelly, you want ya know what kind of man I am, well lets just say at Wrestlemania that chump Christian will feel DA....... BANG. Enough of the cheesy smiles, enough of helping others, im here for me, for me D...D...P

My wife took me away, and showed me what kind of man everyone wants, the kind of DDP I used to be. And bam, here I stand.

As for Wrestlemania, im pumped, im pumped to be able to walk out in front of thousands of people and kick Christians ass all over the SkyDome. And retaining the European title will make it all that much more sweeter.

Kelly - Now Rob Van Dam, for weeks on end you have had to endure the antics of Goldust, in three days time at Wrestlemania you get to face the bizzare one Goldust one on one. How do you feel in the days leading up to your Hardcore title defence.

RVD - Kevin Kelly, in just a few minutes time me and DDP get to show them goof balls what Wrestlemania will be like for them, then come Wrestlemania I get to take it that bit more further with Goldust.

At Wrestlemania when I defend the WWF Hardcore title, I will show Goldust why they call me The Whole Dam Show, cause I will take him to the extreme. Goldust it's time to face me R........V.....D


Cole - Well you heard the words from RVD and DDP, now it's time to see them in action, up next it's RVD and DDP teaming up to take on Christian and Goldust.

RVD/DDP vs Christian/Goldust

The music of Goldust is heard first off, the bizzare makes his way down to the ring, occasionally blowing kisses when a camera comes near him. Goldust slides into the ring and poses, he begins to torment Lilian Garcia and begins striking her hair, she looks extremely worried by Goldust's actions. Lillian Garcia begins to announce out Christian as soon as she can.

Christian comes down to the ring, looking chirpy, when a camera comes near him he simulates himself wearing a title, then he rolls into the ring, and pulls of a goofy smile, reflecting Page's smile of old.

The Hardcore champion RVD is next out, Van dam hits the ring with pace, Christian and Goldust quickly hit the outside to avoid any confrontation with the Hardcore champion. Van dam stomps around the ring, barley keeping his eyes away from Goldust. The DDP'S music hits out over the PA system, Page makes his way down the ramp and slides into the ring, DDP takes centre stage and raises his hands for the Diamond Cutter Sign, he looks towards Christian and drops his hands, Page un-straps his European title and points at it whilst still looking at Christian.

End of match

DDP clotheslines Goldust over the top rope sending him crashing backwards against the announcers desk. Christian goes to attack Page, but Van Dam comes into the ring and hits him with a running drop kick.

Christian drops to the floor, Van Dam signals to Page he is going up top. Page nods his head, then signals the Diamond Cutter sign.

Page waits for Christian to get to his feet, then when he turns hits him with a DIAMOND CUTTER.

RVD comes flying of the top and hits the downed Christian with a FIVE STAR FROG SPLASH.

Van Dam makes the pin fall as Page holds of Goldust getting into the ring. 1.......2........3

OR 81

CR 79

MQ 83

Cole - Rob Van Dam and Diamond Dallas Page picking up great victory just days before they head to Wrestlemania.

Tazz - There's no doubt Cole that that victory their will send them into a high for the big one in just three days time, but we can't underestimate Christian and Goldust just yet, there still good to go.

Cole - That Im sure they are, DDP and RVD hit the Diamond Cutter and the Five Star Frog Splash, if they do that again at Wrestlemania they will both be walking out with their titles in tact.

But right now, let's take you backstage as Kevin Kelly stands by with "The Game" Triple H.

Time to play The Game

The camera pans to the backstage area, where we see Kevin Kelly and Triple H.

Kevin Kelly - Triple H you are only three days away from taking part in the Wrestlemania main event, when you take on Kurt Angle and Chris Jericho, in a triple threat match for the WWF Undisputed championship.

How do you feel about Wrestlemania, and also what are your thoughts going into your match tonight against Chris Jericho.

HHH - First thing first Kevin Kelly, tonight. Tonight I get to go one on one with the champ, with Chris Jericho. The Ayatollah of rock 'n' rolla, well I'll tell you thins for nothing, the Ayatollah better get ready to rolla, cause tonight Im gonna kick his ass.

Jericho needs to remember one thing, I am "The Game", and this game will be the hardest he's ever come up against. He will play me, he will try to figure me out, he will try to cheat to beat me, but when all is said and done, it will be "The Game" that once again wins.

Wrestlemania in thee days time, I will face not one, but two other men inside the ring. The people playing The Game will be better, but once again, they will not beat me. I will walk into the SkyDome determined, and I will walk out of the SkyDome with the most prestigious title in the whole of professional wrestling, and you know why..... cause im that damn good.


Cole - Well there you heard from Triple H as he awaits his match against the champion, but up next is the Undertaker taking on his brother Kane, at the orders of Ric Flair.

Undertaker vs Kane

Undertaker is the first out, he rides down to the ring on his bike, Take circles the ring and props the bike up as gets ready to enter the ring.

Undertaker enters the ring and stands in the middle awaiting the arrival of Kane.

Kane's music plays out and the big red machine makes his way onto the entrance stage. Kane walks down to the ring, pulling his leather glove down over his hand. Kane gets to the ring and slides in under the bottom rope.

End of match

Taker hits Kane with a left, then a second and then a third, but the big red machine barley flinches and blocks an incoming punch from Undertaker.

Kane lets out a under hook right hand, and then a second and takes The Undertaker down with a third, Taker quickly gets to his feet but is sent back down with a massive big boot.

Kane climbs the turnbuckle and waits for Undertaker to get to his feet, Taker slowly gets up, turns and sees Kane coming flying of the top, he manages to catch him by the throat. Taker lifts Kane high up and takes him down with a CHOKESLAM.

Taker looks down over Kane and after a few seconds begins to smile, but Kane sits straight back up leaving Undertaker gob smacked. Take sends a boot to Kane knocking him down, but he sits straight back up. Taker with another boot to the head sends Kane down, but he sits back up, and gets to his feet.

Kane and Taker stand in the middle of the ring and stare at each other, Taker looking a little worried. Taker goes to strike the standing Kane but Kane grabs Takers arm and drops it back down, then Undertaker kicks Kane between the legs, making sure he drops to the floor.

Taker looks down over Kane and smirks, the referee goes down to see if Kane is ok, then Ric Flair comes over the barriers at ring side and slides into the ring, no once notices Flair as he drops down and gives The Undertaker a low blow.

Flair gives him a second low blow, before rolling out of the ring. Kane slowly gets to his feet, and thrusts his hand around Takers throat, he lifts him high into the air and nails him with a CHOKESLAM. Kane makes the pinfall 1........2........3

Flair is standing on the outside, whooing. Flair makes his way up the ramp and of to the back, as Undertaker begins to come to and gives Flair a cold hard Stare, Kane leaves the ring and heads up to the back.

OR 80

CR 81

MQ 79

Cole - Kane picks up a much impressive victory over his brother The Undertaker, even if it was thanks to Ric Flair.

Tazz - Well if "Big Evil" wasn't pissed before, he sure will be now.

Cole - Folks next up, we got the WWF Undisputed Champion in action as he goes one on one against one of his Wrestlemania opponents. Triple H

HHH vs Jericho

The Games music plays out over the PA system, and Triple H makes his way out onto the entrance way. Triple H pours water over his head, then takes a drink. He makes his way towards the ring with a stern look on his face.

HHH climbs the ring apron, leans back on the ropes and spits the water into the air as the bright spotlight shines over him.

Lillian waits for the music to stop, before going onto to announce out the Undisputed heavyweight champion of the wold, Chris Jericho. Jericho appears on stage with his back turned to the ring, his arms outstretched with the title hanging around his left arm.

Jericho turns around to face the ring as Triple H watches on at him, still with a stern face.

Jericho makes his way down to the ring, with an arrogant smile across his face. Triple H and Jericho fail to look away from each other, Jericho enters the ring via the steps, and immediately goes face to face with Triple H.

End of match

Jericho sends a right out to Hunter, follows with a second, and then with a kick to the midsection, before whipping him into the corner turnbuckle.

Jericho comes charging in but is met by an elbow and then a hard right from Triple H. Jericho tries to respond with a punch but is blocked by Triple h's arm who then knocks him to the mat with a hard right.

Triple H picks Jericho up, and whips him of the ropes. Triple runs the opposite way and as they meet takes Jericho down with a running knee strike. Triple H looks down over Jericho and signals for the end.

Triple H attempts to bring Jericho to his feet but is met with a low blow, the referee makes his way over to the downed Triple H and lays a hand on his shoulder, Triple H extends out his elbow meeting with the referee's head. The referee drops to the floor. Triple H looks over and realises it was the referee he took out and not Jericho.

Jericho stomps away at Hunter, not giving him time to get up, and then takes a step back before nailing HHH with a dropkick as he sits there. Jericho see HH down and runs to the ropes, the launches him self of the middle rope for the moonsault but is met by HHH's knees, Jericho rolls round in agony as HHH gets to his feet. HHH once again signals for the end, he waits for Jericho to get to his feet, but Kurt Angle comes running down the aisle and slides into the ring. Angle reaches HHH and lifts him up for an ANGLE SLAM.

Kurt drops down and rolls out of the ring as the referee comes around. Jericho crawls his way over the fallen Triple and lays his arm across his body, as the referee makes the count. 1........2.......3

Angle on the outside smirks away pleased at costing HHH is match, Jericho looks down at Kurt and signals the belt around his waist. Jericho and Angle exchange words as Angle makes his way up the ramp, Jericho still in the ring.

Lillian Garcia announces Jericho as the winner, Jericho gets to his feet and shrugs of the referee as he tries to raise his arm in victory.

He snatches the Undisputed championship away from the referee and straps it around his waist.

Jericho points to the belt and then raises his arms in the air as Kurt Angle watches on and Triple H looks up to see him posing.

OR 88

CR 92

MQ 81

Cole - The champ wins, but all thanks to Kurt Angle, one of Chris Jericho's opponents in three days time. Will Angle be able to hit the Angle Slam again, but this time taking the match, or will Jericho walk out on top just like he did tonight.

Tazz - Well one things for sure, Jericho has got it all against him, two men gunning for his title, and he doesn't even need to be pinned. Triple H came close to hitting the Pedigree twice tonight, if he does that in Toronto, then it's curtains for the champ.

Cole - Or is it, as we saw tonight we thought Triple H was going to take the victory leading into the Triple Threat match at Wrestlemania. But Kurt Angle came out from no where and hit that Angle Slam, that third man making all the difference.

Tazz - Well I'll guess we'll see soon enough Cole, but one thing is for sure, it's gonna make a great main event.

Cole - And speaking of main event's, it's time for our. The nWo going up against The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Austin/Rock vs nWo

The music of the nWo plays out bringing the crowd to their feet. Hogan, Hall and Nash all appear out on the stage way. Hogan makes his way down to the ring playing air guitar, as Hall and Nash wait on the stage way taking in the boos. They just look at each other and let out laughs. Hall and Nash follow Hogan down to the ring the three men enter the ring, and as they wait for Austin and Rock just mock the crowd. Hall flips off the crowd with the finger like Austin, and Hogan tells the fans to "bring it" imitating the Rock

The Music of The Rock plays out, and the Peoples champ comes storming down to the ring amongst the cheering of the crowd. Rock enters the ring and slides in, quickly going after the nWo. Hogan, Hall and Nash waste no time in pouncing on him.

The sound of glass shattering can be heard as Austin comes running down the ramp and into the ring. He goes straight for the nWo giving The Rock the much needed help.

End of match

Rock and Hall the two legal men battle away as Austin, Hogan and Nash watch on from their corners. Hall backs Rock into the nWo corner sending rights to his face, along with the occasional slap. Rock goes to hit Hall, but is met by force from behind as Nash club's him down. Rock turns and hits Nash sending him falling of the apron, Rock then nails Hogan who drops down to the mat on the outside. Hall goes to strike Rock but the shot gets blocked and The Rock sends out a right hand followed fast paced by a second and then a third, and a fourth, the Rock pulls his hand back then nails Scott Hall with it sending him crashing to the floor.

Hogan and Nash waist no time in storming the ring going after The Rock as he takes down Hall. Austin comes in and heads straight for Hogan and Nash, Rock and Hogan lock horns as Nash and Austin battle away, the referee loosing control of the match.

Rock whips Hogan of the ropes and hits him with a Spinebuster as he comes back, Austin backs Nash into the corner and begins laying into him with rights and lefts that send him down to the mat, Austin begins stomping away at him.

Hall gets up and slugs Austin from behind, but The Rock comes in leaving Hogan laying in the middle of the ring, Rock turns Hall and attempts a Rock Bottom, but is elbowed in the head by Hall who then drops to the mat and rolls to the outside.

Nash sees Austin and Rock with their backs turned to him, he clotheslines Austin sending him crashing to the outside through the middle rope, and then takes out The Rock with a Big Boot as he turns to face him. Hogan slowly gets to his feet, and begins to unstrap his belt, Hogan tells Nash to pick him up, Nash does so and holds the Rock with his arms behind his back. Hogan takes the strap and whips it across The Rock's chest. Rock drops to the mat in pain, Hogan then lashes out at him with the strap again. The referee tries to stop it, but is met with a right hand from Hogan sending him to the mat.

Hogan pulls the Rock up but is hit with a low blow. The Rock turns and kicks Nash in the gut and then follows up with a DDT.

Hogan and Nash get to their feet, the Rock runs to the ropes comes back and takes out Hogan and Nash with a flying double clothesline.

Austin on the outside takes Hall and whips him into the barricade. Hall drops to the floor allowing Austin to pounce on him with a barrage of stomps and kicks.

Austin takes Hall by the scruff of the hair and rolls him into the ring. Austin takes himself off around to the announcers area and picks up a steel chair, he slides into the ring and as Hogan stands up nails him with a chair shot, Nash also on his feet goes to big boot Austin, but Austin side steps the boot and as Nash turns sends the chair crashing down over his skull.

Hogan and Nash are out cold, leaving Hall alone with Rock and Austin, The Rock looks set to hit a Rock Bottom as he stalks Hall around the ring, but before he can do anything Austin moves in and takes Hall down with a STUNNER.

The Rock lets out a laugh, and then stands over the fallen Hall, he looks down ticks his arms in with his feet, looks to the crowd, takes of his elbow pad and throws it into the crowd. Rock runs of the ropes, comes back jumps over Hall hits the ropes and comes back and then nails Scott Hall with the PEOPLES ELBOW.

Nash begins to make it to his feet, but Austin hits him with a STUNNER, Hogan also gets up but The Rock move in and takes him down with a ROCK BOTTOM.

The Rock then drops down to make the cover over the downed Scott Hall, Austin slaps the referee trying to wake him up, the ref comes too and begins to make the slow count.1.........2..........3

OR 77

CR 84

MQ 61

Cole - They did it, Austin and The Rock beat the nWo, can they do the same in three days time at Wrestlemania, im Michael Cole with Tazz signing off. See you at Wrestlemania.

Smackdown got 78%

We got a 5.78 rating for 'Smackdown!'!

The attendance level was 6501 people.

We made $260040 from ticket sales.

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