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A bit of background -

Well at the begining of the year it was still not known who the new owner of NWA Anarchy was. Several people were rumored, but no one could have expected the tyrant that showed up. On the first show of the year in 06 John Phoenix and his personal assistant Jamie Koeppe showed up in force. On that night the formed The Elite and stole the NWA-A Tag Titles off of The God Squad. After several failed attempts to get someone to capture the NWA-A Title off Amazing Red Phoenix went after it himself, and fail like all the soilders he sent at Red. Full of rage and hate Phoenix lashed out at the first person he saw, that being Kimo Leopoldo. Fast Eddie captured the NWA-A Anarchy strap from Onyx and a blood war started between Eddie and Kimo. Kimo came out on top leaving all of Phoenix's plans smashed around him. Then he called in a ringer, Don Frye. Kimo and Fyre have had some of the most brutal and bloody wars in the ring that NWA Anarchry has ever seen. With things looking good for Phoenix he saught out to destroy the NWA-A superstar who had become a threat to Fast Eddie getting any gold again. Onyx. Phoenix had ditched all efforts of sending people to do his work in this long battle and is doing it all himself.

The other big thing that has happened since the start of 06 is the ramp up in the tag division. With all path of broken bodies laid out in the wake of the God Squad and The Elite a new team has come in and started to make major waves. That of Bubba Ray & Spike the Dudleyville Express. They have yet to taste NWA-A tag gold, but once they do it will be one hell of a fight to get those straps off them.

On Phoenix's second night of power he actually did something for the people, as shock to most in attendance that night. He created the NWA-A Quicksilver Title. In an epic ladder match between Brent Silver and Slim J, Silver became the victor. With that win his head got even bigger has he claimed it was his right to be the Quicksilver champion as his name was in the title. 2 short months later Slim J defeated Silver who is now in an emotional downward sprial.

Lastly, the newest member to NWA-A roster is involved in problems of his own, Paul Birchall. He showed up one night on NWA-A live to vist with friends backstage. One of those friends was not Shaun Tempers, he felt disrespected by Birchall and wrapped a chair around his head. Always looking to watch two people kill each other Phoenix granted Paul's wishes and gave him a contract. John must be gloating in his office over that as Birchall and Tempers and caused more disrutpions than even Phoenix himself could. When Tempers and Birchall are done with each other neither man will ever be the same.

It is curently June and Freedom Fight is just around the corner.

Here is a run down of the roster and other things -

NWA: Anarchy (Cult level, by the time the diary is up and kicking should be around 45 - 48%, curently the number 8 promotion out of 25 active at the moment)

Main Eventers -


Alter Boy Luke (f)

Gabreil (f)

Bubba Ray Dudley (H)

Spike Dudley (H)

Don Frye (H)

The Amazing Red (f)

The Great Sasuke (H)

Onyx (f)

Tony Mamaluke (H)

Kimo Leopoldo (f)

Fast Eddie (H)

Upper Mid -


Azrael (H)

Brandon P (f)

Brent Silver (H)

Caprice Coleman (f)

Jay Fury (f)

Jeff Lewis (H)

Jermey V (f)

Rainman (H)

Ray Gordy (H) <-- also injured at the moment

Sal Rinauro (H)

Shadow Jackson (H)

Slim J (f)

Mid -


Adam Roberts (H)

Seth Delay (H)

Shaun Tempers (H)

TC Carnage (H)

Todd Sexton (f)

Lower Mid -


Black Ness (H)

Chad Toland (H)

Paul Burchill (f)

Tank (f)

Tank Toland (H)

NWA-A Titles -


NWA-A Heavyweight Champion - The Amazing Red

NWA-A Anarchy X Champion - Don Frye (this title is a combo X Division and Hardcore Title)

NWA-A Television Champion - Caprice Coleman

NWA-A Quicksilver Champion - Slim J (this a pure cruiserweight title)

NWA-A Tag Team Champions - The God Squad (Alter Boy Luke & Gabriel)

Mangers & On screen owner


Al Getz (H) - leader of Gezt Enterprises :Adam Roberts,TC Carnage & Jeff Lewis

Jeff G Bailey (H)- leader of Hydra : The Great Sasuke, Ray Gordy, and two guys in devlopment

Candie (f)- leader of Sweet Revenge : Alter Boy Luke, Gabriel, Brandon P, Jeremy V & The Amazing Red

Jamie Koeppe (H) - assisant to John Pheonix

John Pheonix (H) - on screen owner and leader of The Elite : Azrael, Rainman, Don Frye & Fast Eddie

Tag Teams -


Dudleyville Express - Bubba Ray & Spike

The God Squad - Alter Boy Luke & Gabriel

The Elite - Azrael & Rainman

Scillian Hitmen - Tony Mamaluke & Sal Rinauro

The Bomb Squad - Jay Fury & Todd Sexton

The Blond Bombers - Chad & Tank Toland

Carolina Connection - Brandon P & Jermey V

Urban Assualt Squad - Black Ness & Shadow Jackson

TV Shows -


Anarchy TV - Wednesday Primetime on the Regional Network - Lance Russel and Doc Marlee announcers

NWA-A Live! - Friday Late Evening on Regional Network - Lance Russel and Doc Marlee announcers

Also since I didn't list them before here is the name of each month's big event show -

Jan - The Winter of Discontent

Feb - Broken Hearts n' Broken Dreams

Mar - Hardcore Hell

Apr - Beyond Driven

May - Grave Mistakes

Jun - Freedom Fight

Jul - Blood,White & Blue

Aug - The Benifactor's Cup

Sept - Anarchy Anniversary Show

Oct - Fright Night

Nov- Thanks - beating

Dec - Christmas Chaos

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June 28, 2006

The show comes on the air with a video package of highlights from Freedom Fight this past Sunday. They include The God Squad retaining the NWA-A Tag Titles against The Scillian Hitmen, Slim J beating Seth Delay to keep the NWA-A Quicksilver belt, and Fast Eddie and Amazing Red battling to a draw for the NWA-A Heavyweight Title. The last bit of footage shows Onyx getting his revenge on John Phoenix for the 6 months of hell he has been put through.

Cut to the ring

Onyx is standing in street clothes and mic in hand. He thanks the fans for all their support and promises them that now that he is allowed to go after the NWA-A Heavyweight Title it will be his. Not for himself but for all the fans. As he begins to leave to thunderous cheers The Scillian Hitmen's music pipes in. Tony Mamaluke struts down the ramp and climbs into the ring. Getting right in Onyx's face he explains that he wants to thank him for taking care of business with Phoenix. And to show his thanks he has something for him. Onyx raises an eyebrow at this and doesn't see Sal Rinauro slide in from the crowd. Sal uses a tire iron and clips Onyx in the knee. Mamaluke locks on the Scillian Stretch. Tony lets go and tells him that he will never get a chance to get the NWA-A Heavyweight Belt as long as he is around.

Paul Birchall vs Brent Silver

A high pace match right from the opening bell. Silver uses alot of arm drags and drop kicks to keep Birchall off balance, much like Silver has been as of late. Brent tosses Paul out of the ring and follows with a corkscrew plancha over the top rope. The ref follows out to check on both men but Birchall not sure where he is accidently hits the ref with a huge right hand dropping him on the spot. Seeing a chance to strike Shaun Tempers sprints down the isle and clotheslines Paul down, crashing into the steps. Silver pulls himself up using the ring and spot Tempers, a sick smile creeps across his face as he begins to rip up the floor mats around the ring. Tempers whips Birchall to Silver hits him with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Brent then picks up Paul and uses a piledriver down on the exposed floor. Tempers throws Birchall back in the ring as Silver rolls the ref back in. Silver puts a single foot on Birchall's chest and picks up the 1-2-3.

Backstage NWA-A Televison Champion Caprice Coleman arrives. He is passed by a team of medical personal who have Onyx on a stretcher. Coleman watches shaking his head then turns right into Great Sasuke and Jeff G. Bailey. Caprice simles and asks Bailey if his man didn't get enough of a beating at Freedom Fight. Sasuke starts to throw a punch but Bailey stops him. Coleman just laughs and walks off. Sasuke throws a glare at Bailey who explains he can't get the belt off him in a backstage fight. Sasuke bows and they both walk off.

Urban Assualt Squad vs Blond Bombers vs Bomb Squad vs Alabama Attitude

Black Ness and Adam Roberts start off in this four way fight. After a series of power moves capped off with a snap powerslam Ness is tagged out by Tank Toland on a blind tag. Tank rips through Ness with a lariat from behind picks up Roberts. Adam catches Tank off guard with an elbow to the gut then dives at TC Carnage for the tag. Alabama Attitude hit a double suplex and the cover is broken up by both Jay Fury and Chad Toland. At this point the ref losses all control, if he really even had it is still up to debate. Todd Sexton flies off the top with a cross body block onto Chad. Roberts picks up Jay Fury and launches him over the top rope to the outside. Tank and TC trade lefts and rights as the UAS grab a pair of chairs and charge Fury. Fury drop toe holds Shadow Jackson down, he ducks a swing by Black Ness and drops him with the Enzafury. Back in the ring Tank hits another lariat on TC sending both of them up and over the top rope. Sexton picks up Chad and plants him with a fall away slam seconds before Fury comes off the top with a 360 leg drop. Roberts tries to break up the pin but is cut off by Sexton. The Bomb Squad pick up the 1-2-3.

Tony Mamaluke stands infront of the office of John Phoenix. He takes a deep breath and walks right in. Phoenix and Jamie Koeppe are talking with Azrael and Rainman. All four turn at the same time a Tony. Mamaluke explains that since he took out Onyx for them he diserves something in return. Phoenix stands up telling Tony he doesn't seem to remember asking him to take care of Onyx for him. Jamie mutters something about a cage and The Elite and her leave the office. John walks over and put his arm around Tony. He tells Mamaluke he will get something, but you know he has to look strong infront of the troops. Tony nods and waits for his reward, Phoenix tells him he will get a shot at the NWA-A Heavyweight Champion Amazing Red tonight. Tony shakes Phoenix's hand and leaves to get ready for his match. From behind a curtian in the office NWA-A Anarchy X Champion Don Frye walks out. Frye asks if he will be needed in that match. Phoenix smiles, and tells him to make Tony doesn't win that belt. Make sure at any cost.

Spike Dudley vs Alter Boy Luke

Eager to get the attention of the NWA-A Tag champs Spike went right at Luke with a blood lust in his eyes. Spike gets the quick advantage with double footed dropkick to the chest that sends Luke into the corner. Spike puts him on top and hits a super frankenstiener but only gets a 2 count. Luke reverses an irish whip and hits a big back body drop on Spike. A huge elbow drop hits the mark and Luke pulls Spike up by the beard. A series of chops leaves Spike's chest red. Luke hits a flying neckbreaker on Spike but he only gets a 2 on the cover attempt. Luke pounds the mat then gets an idea. He slides out of the ring and flips up the ring skirt. Much to the crowds approval he starts to pull out a table. Luke stops once the Dudleyville Express's music hits. He spins to look up the ramp and spot Bubba Ray making his way down. But from behind Bubba is stopped by Gabriel. They fight on the ramp but Bubba gets the better of it sending Gabriel flying off the ramp and into the crowd. Luke slides the table into the ring and begins to set it up. Spike wakes up and pulls a chain out of his pocket, he levels Luke from behind with it. Spike then covers for the victory. Bubba slides in and finishes setting up the table and the Dudleyville Express put Luke through it with a 3D.

Jamie, The Elite, and Don Fyre are all back stage. Frye asks Jamie if he is need in the cage match as well. She just kinda laughs and tells him that he can go get ready for the main event. Jamie then turns towards Azrael and Rainman and tells them that tonight will be a great night for the NWA Elite. Onyx has already been taken to the hospital, Amazing Red will be broken down and destroyed having no choice but to vacate the title, and you two will put the Carolina Connection out permantly.

The Elite vs Carolina Connection (cage match)

The cage is already locked into place when the Carolina Connection get to the ring. The look over the cage testing and talking things over as The Elite make their way down. Once they hit the ring all hell breaks loose. Rainman picks up Brandon P and launches him face first into the steel mesh. Jeremy V rolls through Azrael's legs and snaps his head down by the hair. Rainman picks up Brandon into a suplex but instead of doing the move he throws him into the cage from that position. Jeremy locks on a triangle choke but it is quickly broken up Rainman with a stomp to the face. Brandon pulls himself up using the ropes and he is a bloody mess. Rainman and Azrael use a spike piledriver on Jeremy V before launching him into the cage wall. Brandon musters up all he can climbing to the top rope and floors both of the Elite with a clothesline off the top. Jamie comes down to ringside and starts looking under the ring for something. Brandon checks on Jeremy and helps him to his feet. They hit synchronized dropkicks on Azrael and Rainman and are starting to feel it. Jamie pulls out a barbwire wrapped baseball bat and makes her way to the cage door. They ref tries to stop her but he is hit with the bat, Jamie opens up the door and climbs in. She takes a wild swing at Brandon who ducks and slides out the cage door, apparently winning but the ref is down. Jeremy stalks Jamie but is caught from behind with a reverse DDT from Azrael. Rainman takes the barbwire bat and puts Jeremy in a camel clutch using the weapon. Brandon P turns to see this and grabs a chair and head back into the ring, the ref finally wakes up and staggers over closeing the open cage door. Brandon drops Azrael with a chair shot and goes after Rainman. Jamie slips in and plants her foot right between his legs. Rainman lets an unconscious and bloody Jeremy V drop to the mat and levels Brandon with a Dark City Street Cutter. Rainman picks up Azrael over his shoulder and kicks open the cage door. Jamie exits first followed by the Elite. The ref calls for the bell as the medical staff rush to the ring to attened the Carolina Connection.

The crowd cheers as NWA-A Heavyweight champ Amzing Red is shown in his locker room lacing up his boots. Candie walks in with a worried look in her face. She pleads with Red to just walk away from this match with Mamaluke. Red tells her that he will not hide from anyone if Phoenix is gonna send someone after him let them come. Candie tells Red that she is more worried that Fast Eddie has yet to show himself tonight. Amazing Red kisses Candie on the forehead and explaining he is more worried about Sal Rinauro then Eddie. Just then the door opens and John Phoenix walks in. Red asks him what he wants. Phoenix just walks around Red looking him up and down. He tells him that he can do one thing for him if he will grant him a favor in return. Red looks stuned and asks Phoenix what exactly he wants. John says he just want Fast Eddie to be granted a rematch against Red for the title at NWA-A's Blood,White, & Blue. Red agrees and tells Phoenix that he wants Sal banned from ringside tonight. Phoenix tells him it is done and wishes him luck in tonight's match against Mamaluke.

Slim J vs Jeff Lewis w/ Al Getz (NWA-A Quicksilver Title Match)

Almost right from the start Slim J spent too much time jawing with Al Getz. So much so that he didn't even notice the opening bell, Lewis snuck in a quick roll up for only a 2 count. Slim begins to fight back with a flury of chops then tries to whip Lewis off the ropes. It is reversed and Slim J gets tripped up by Getz. Then the ref decides enough is enough and sends Al packing to the back. Jeff goes balistic and slides out the ring and grabs the bell. The shoves the ref out of the way and tries to plant the bell in Slim J's face. But at the last second J blocks it and a test of strength over the bell takes place. Lewis uses a knee to the gut and drops the bell. He hooks Slim J and drives his head first down onto the bell with a DDT. The offical instantly calls for the dq, giving Slim J the victory. Getz comes back down to the ring with Alabama Attitude behind him. AA pick up Slim J and destroy him with the Attitude Adjustment, Lewis then snatches the NWA-A Quicksilver Title and lays it on J's chest. Getz then raises Lewis's hand in mock victory, then Jeff spits on both the title and Slim J before all four men leave the ring.

The Amazing Red vs Tony Mamaluke (NWA-A Heavyweight Title Match w/ Sal Rinauro banned from ringside)

Red was constantly looking over his shoulder during this match, not beliving Phoenix's word for a moment. This cost him big time. Before the opening bell Mamaluke hits a springboad plancha on Red before he even hits the ring. They fight on the outside and back up the ramp towards the enterance way. Red throws a wild right hand with Tony ducks the splatters Red with a backdrop suplex. Mamaluke drags Red back down to the ring by his hair, stopping every once in awhile to give him a couple more fists to head. He rolls Amazing Red back into the ring and follows with a slingshot leg drop onto the prone champion. The cover only gets a 2 count as just at the last second Red puts a foot on the bottom rope. Mamaluke wastes time arguing with the ref as Red slowly gets up only to stagger around and fall back down. Tony picks up Red and starts to hit a stalling brainbuster on him, when he sees Don Frye slowly walking down the ramp. Mamaluke finishes the suplex and starts yelling at Frye to get lost as he has everything in control. Don just nods as he continues to make his way down. Tony climbs out of the ring and rushes ring up to Frye and slaps him across the face. Don's eyes get huge then he locks his arms around Mamaluke and launches him with a over head belly to belly suplex. Amazing Red gets to his feet and stop the ref's count as he rolls out and heads up the ramp. About half way up the ramp a fan jumps over the railing and tackles Red down. That fan is none other than Fast Eddie. Eddie plants a swinging neckbreaker on Red followed up by a hot shot onto the security railing. Fast Eddie drags Red back to the ring and launches him in between the middle and bottom ropes. Frye then picks up Tony just to cave in the left side of his face with a thunderous right hand. Eddie tells the ref to continue with his count. He gets to 10 and awards Amazing Red the victory via countout.

After the bell Frye slowly marches down the ramp but Kimo Leopoldo rushes out and hits a nasty double axe handle to the back on Don. They begin fighting as Tony gets up from a pool of his own blood. Fast Eddie slides in to attack Amazing Red but gets hit with a knee high dropkick. Red picks up Eddie and plants him in the middle of the ring with the Code Red. Seeing that all is lost Mamaluke turns and begins to leave and stops in horror once Onyx's music hits. Onyx comes through the enterance way swinging a crutch and blasts Tony across the face with it. Red points to both Onyx and Kimo thankinng them for the help as the show fades to black.

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June 30,2006

The opening pyro blazes across the entry way as Doc Marlee and Lance Russel welcome in the tv audience to the last edition of NWA-A Live! in the month of June.

The Elite w/ Jamie Koeppe vs The Bomb Squad

The whole NWA Elite group is somewhat still riding high. Their efforts to make sure Fast Eddie is the only person to go after Amazing Red still going strong, even after the small set back on Anarchy TV. In this match Rainman showed his domiance like he did in the cage match tossing both Jay Fury and Todd Sexton around like rag dolls. Jamie distracts the ref as an illeagl switch happens between Rainman and Azrael. He crushes Sexton with a mean spinebuster followed up with a spinning leg drop. Azrael whips Sexton off the ropes and tag out to Rainman. He snatches Todd with the Dark City Street Cutter as Azrael dropkicks Fury off the apron. The Elite pick up the victory 1-2-3. After the match Fury rolls back in to help Sexton but Rainman plants him with a decapitating big boot. Jamie raises her the hands of her men looking over the damage done.

Alabama Attitude w/ Al Getz vs Urban Assualt Squad vs The Blond Bombers

In more great tag action that is NWA-A these three teams are looking to stake claim on getting the next title shot at The God Squad. The Bombers were quickly taken out as a factor in this match right from the get go. As the match went along Black Ness started laying a beatdown on Adam Roberts. Suddenly Slim J bolts down the ramp and lunges at Getz. Carnage hops down to help his manager leaving Roberts at the mercy of the UAS. Jackson and Ness plant him with a powerbomb neckbreaker combo and pick up the victory. Slim J backs up the ramp yelling at Carnage "1 down 3 to go."

Cut to Phoenix's office

Tony Mamaluke barges in still bandaged up from the beating he got from Fyre just days ago. Jamie is sitting behind Phoenix's desk smoking a cigar. Tony demands to know why John backed out on his deal with him. Jamie just laughs and tells him he got what he wanted a title shot. Mamaluke then demands he get another title shot, but in a 2 on 1 handicap match, with his partner Sal Rinauro. Jamie hands over a newspaper over to Mamaluke who sees a story about Sal being stuck in Canada because of passport troubles. Tony just crumples up the paper and throws it back in Jamie's face. She then tells him that she agreed with Tony and he should get another title shot, but this time against Caprice Coleman for his NWA-A Television Title, in fact he will get it tonight. Mamaluke nods and mutters that he like what he hears and leaves to get ready for the match.

Don Frye vs Paul Birchall

This was a fight more than it was a wrestling match. Frye has been on a massive streak of burtalizing people as of late, and this was no exception. Birchall did fight back with a nice powerslam into an armbar. But the Elite's hired gun just powered out of it. Shaun Tempers then snaked his way down to the ring area with out either combatant knowing about it. As Paul went to suplex Fyre Tempers yanked his feet out from under him causing Don to fall on top and pick up the win. Birchall gets up and chases after Tempers into the crowd. Frye gathers up his NWA-A Anarchy X Title and starts to leave when Kimo Leopoldo's music comes on. Frye stops mid ramp and waits for his greatest foe. But Kimo doesn't show up inperson, but rather on the wall of monitors on the sides of the stage. Kimo tells Frye that they will once and for all settle this war of theirs at Blood,White, & Blue in a first blood match. That is if Fyre has the courage for it. Don gets upset at the remark and tells him challenge accepted!

Fast Eddie vs Slim J (NWA-A Quicksilver Title Match)

t was clear from the start that Fast Eddie was just using this as a tune up for his up comming match with Amazing Red and he didn't care one thing about Slim J's title. Eddie brutalized Slim with various suplex and backbreakers. Fast Eddie pulled up Slim J and then in the most disgracefull thing he has done as of late plants him with the Code Red. But Eddie doesn't go for the cover, he instead motions for someone to come out from the back. Alabama Attitude come storming out and slide in the ring. Eddie just steps back and props himself up in a corner as AA hit Slim J with Attitude Adjustment for the second straight show! The ref calls for the dq, Fast Eddie just snaps his fingers in mock disgust with the decision before leaving Alabama Attitude to their handywork. Roberts and Carnage grab Slim J by the hair and drag him out of the ring back to the backstage area out of sight.

Tony Mamaluke vs Caprice Coleman(NWA-A Televison Title Match)

Mamaluke was still suffering from the beating Fyre gave him and was still not quite at 100% in this match. Coleman just did his thing in this match. High impact high risk moves one right on top of each other. Tony was just about on death's door when a well placed thumb to the eye got every thing going his way. Two snap neckbreakers and a knee drop later he was in charge. Mamaluke planted Coleman on the top rope and sent both men crashing down with huge super-plex. As they were both trying to recover from the move The Great Sasuke jumps the railing and stands up on the announcers table, he starts yelling and screaming in Japanese. Coleman wakes up from his daze first as he can hear his own name every so often. He spots Sasuke and begins to ready himself for a plancha at him. Mamaluke sees this out of the corner of his eye and quickly rolls him up with a handfull of tights, yet Coleman still kicks out on 2 and 3/4. Mamaluke's temper starts to rise as he yells at the ref. Onyx's music hits and Tony's anger turns to pure fear. Crutch still in hand Onyx appears and just waves at Tony. He gets spun around right in a Thermal Shock from Coleman a he retain his title 1-2-3.

After the match Sasuke slides in and superkicks Caprice from behind. Mamaluke gets up and shoves Sasuke who shakes his head and splatters Tony with a Northern Lights Bomb. Great Sasuke then bows to both prone men and grabs the NWA-A Television Title. He stares at it as if in a trance, then puts it over his shoulder and walks off with it as the show fades to black.

(Well my first two shows are done. Any posative input wold be nice. This is my first diary attempt after all. I will post two more shows tommorow night more than likely.)

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July 5,2006

After the opening video plays the camera fades in on the parking lot behind the arena. A rusted out pick up truck come blazing in squeeling it's tires the whole way. The truck comes to an adbrupt stop and TC Carnage and Adam Roberts get out of the cab. They go to the back of the truck and pull out a human sized canvas bag, Alabama Attitude drop the bag violently on the ground and begin kicking the hell out of it. Roberts then opens up the bag to show a beaten and battered Slim J inside. AA high five each other and Roberts inform Slim J that he has a match later tonight, against Roberts himself.

Jeff Lewis w/ Al Getz vs Paul Birchall

Lewis seem to have all the confidence in the world going into this match. And why not Alabama Attitude had just made sure that Slim J wouldn't get involved in his match. Birchall made his way down to the ring and noticed the same thing that the crowd did, there was no offical in the ring. Getz grabs a mic and explains that this match will have a very special offical, the newest member of Getz Enterprises Shaun Tempers. Tempers comes out wearing a ref's shirt and shakes the hands of both Lewis and Getz then calls for the bell to start the action. Paul tried to focus on the task at hand and not worry about Tempers being that close to him, and it did work ... for awhile anyway. Tempers called Birchall on everything from using a closed fist to phantom hair pulling. After about 5 minutes of this Burchall had had enough and droped Tempers right where he stood with a punishing right hand. Lewis rushes in but gets spinebustered right into the turnbuckles. Shaun gets up and instantly calls for the bell, giving Lewis the dq victory. Birchall gives chase to Tempers who once again bolts off through the crowd.

Inside John Phoenix's office

Phoenix is sitting in his chair eating popcorn and enjoying Birchall and Tempers beating the hell out of each other. Caprice Coleman walks in and slams both his hands down on the desk. He demands to know where his NWA-A Television Title is at. John just points at his monitor which shows Birchall launch Tempers into a t-shirt stand sending merchanise everywhere. Coleman then does something that he should know better than to do and grabs Phoenix out of his chair and starts yelling at him. John says that the NWA-A Television Title is not being defended tonight as he gave the champ the night off a few hours ago. Coleman looks puzzled telling him that this is the first time they have talked today. Phoenix just laughs explaining that Jeff G Bailey explained everything. Sasuke won the belt of Coleman on NWA-A Live. But if he wants a rematch he is welcome to it. Caprice can't belive his ears and informs Phoenix that he and Sasuke didn't even wrestle each other. In fact Sasuke attacked him after his match and stole his title. John shakes his head laughing, then explains to Coleman that he doesn't go to NWA-A Live cause the show is beneath him and he will have to take Bailey on his word as his man has the title. but Coleman is more than welcome to find footage or what not to prove that he is infact the true NWA-A Television Champion. Coleman turns and punches a hole in the office wall before leaving in disgust.

Dudleyville Express vs Bomb Squad

Bubba and Spike continue their quest to get the attention of NWA-A Tag Team Champs The God Squad in this match. They took over control of this match and never let it go. Spike planted Jay Fury with a neckbreaker then tags out to Bubba who comes off the top with a senton splash. He then splatters Fury with his pattened Bubba Bomb after which he tosses him to his corner telling him to tag in his partner Todd Sexton. Sexton races into a flury of punches and a bionic elbow from Bubba. After a quick tag out Spike takes to the air off the top with a double foot stomp onto Todd's chest. He whips him off the ropes and the Dudleyville Express put the final touches on this one with a 3D and the 1-2-3. After the match both Dudley's slide out and get tables, they double stack them on the outside of the ring. Bubba gets back in and spinebusters Fury onto Sexton, just for good measure. Spike grabs Sexton and places him on the bottom table. Bubba then climbs to the top rope with Fury over his shoulder and press slams him onto the top table, sending Fury crashing through the table onto his partner both men then crash through to the floor. Spike and Bubba make the sign of the cross over the train wreck of broken tables and the Bomb Squad, the crowds boos then mocking the champs as they throw garbage at them on the way out.

In the locker room

Tony Mamaluke is on the phone yell and screaming questioning why it will take Sal Rinauro 5 months get all this passport thing sorted out. He tells him that he needs him help now because Onyx is quite upset at the both of them. Just then a knock a door cuts the phone call to a stop. A delivery man walks in and hands Tony a briefcase. He opens it to find a contract, as Mamaluke is reading it his eyes grow bigger and bigger. In a fit of rage he hurls the briefcase into the face of the delivery man. Mamaluke then frantically starts dialing the phone again.

Kimo Leopoldo vs Shaun Tempers w/ Al Getz

espite contant interferance from Getz Tempers had no chance in this one. Kimo was looking to gain steam going into his first blood match with Don Fyre. In about 3 minutes Tempers was bloody from just the fists of Kimo. Leopoldo stalked his prey then latched on the Kimo Klaw, with in seconds Tempers passes out giving Kimo the victory. Afterwards Kimo takes some of Tempers blood and writes Frye on his own chest.


Rainman and Azrael with Jamie when the pass a door where alot of screams of pain are comming from. The Elite open the door to see the medical staff tending to the Bomb Squad. Jamie laughs at them telling them how they will never ever be on the same level as any other tag team in NWA-A because they are just 2 jobbers who share a liking of getting their asses kicked. Fury gets up from the table and charges at her but Rainman steps in the way and just shakes his head no. Fury points at Rainman as the medica team urge him to get back to the table so they can check him out.

The God Squad vs Urban Assault Squad (NWA-A Tag Team Title Match)

Offically this match never took place. Once the God Squad got in the ring Shadow Jackson grabbed a mic and challenged Alter Boy Luke and Gabriel to put the gold on the line against them tonight. The God Squad agreed, this got the attention of the Dudleyville Express. Bubba and Spike got in the ring and told the God Squad they had no right to put the gold on the line against a third rate rip off of Doom. The Dudleyville Express are the rightful number one contenders and they will get a title shot if one is to be given out. Bubba and Spike then destoryed the UAS as a shocked God Squad looked on. Once Black Ness and Shadow Jackson were out of the way a huge four man brawl broke out between the two remaining teams. A few dozen NWA-A security personal rushed down and pulled them apart from each other.

Back inside Phoenix's office

Phoenix is now joined by Fast Eddie and both of them are watch as Burchall and Tempers are still going toe to toe with each other all over the arena. Eddie tells John he should put them in a falls count anywhere match, as he will look like more of a genius than he already is. John agrees with Eddie and starts to fill out the paper work on it when Tony Mamaluke comes barging in. He demands to know why he is now scheduled to wrestle Onyx tonight! Phoenix tells Tony that if he finishes off the job he started he might consider giving him a title match against Fast Eddie after he beats Amazing Red at Blood,White, & Blue. Besides Onyx has really been medically cleared to wrestle, Phoenix informs Tony that the papers were forged by Jamie earlier today. Mamaluke sighs in relief and leaves. Fast Eddie then asks Phoenix if Tony stands a chance tonight. They both then laugh as we cut to commerical.

Slim J vs Adam Roberts w/Al Getz & TC Carnage

Roberts and Getz come out and got in the ring and talked over things as Slim J's music hit. The first person out of the entry way was Carnage, he was carrying Slim J over his shoulder still in the canvas bag. Carnage tosses the bag in the ring and Getz forces the ref to start the match. When Roberts bent down to open up the bag he was amazed to find it contained a couple pillows. Panic rushed over him and he started yelling at TC. Then through the crowd a bloodied Slim J hurdles the railing and bulldogs Getz down to the floor. He slides in turns Roberts around and blasts him with Anger Management. Carnage tries to get in the ring but Slim crushes his jaw with a dropkick. Slim J jumps to the top rope and flies off with the 4:20 Splash onto Roberts for the 1-2-3. Slim then yells 2 down 2 to go.

Tony Mamaluke vs Onyx

Tony came down to the ring with renewed vigor knowing that Onyx was yet to be cleared to wrestle. True to that fact Onyx came out with his crutch and hobbled down to the ring. He got in and the ref took the crutch leaving Onyx hopping around in his good leg. Tony right after the opening bell clips the good leg and starts pounding on the bad one. He rips off Onyx's knee pad and latches on with a knee bar. Onyx fought through the pain refusing to tap out. Tony let go and punished he wounded leg with several stomps before dragging Onyx over to the ring post. Their Mamaluke slid outside and whipped Onyx's leg into the unforgiving steel about half a dozen times. Just then a buzz spread through out the arena. From out of the snack bar section come Birchall and Tempers. Each are overed in various thing from mustard to nacho cheese sauce, even some pickles sticking to the back of Birchall. Paul launches Shaun over the railing right at the feet of a confused Mamaluke. Who was like a deer in headlights when the Birchall Tempers fight picked right back up infront of him. Tony found himself fighting off both men just trying not to get involved. By this time Onyx got out of the ring and snatched his crutch while making his way over to the 3 way fight. Birchall, probabaly not really aware of his suroundings grabs the crutch, making Onyx fall to the ground and takes a baseball swing at Tempers. He connects, much to the crowds approval. Paul celebrates as he turns around catching sight of Oynx. He bends over to see if he is alright and gets caught with a Scillain Drop from Mamaluke. Tony rolls Onyx back in the ring and locks on the Scillian Stretch. Onyx never taps out, but rather passed out from the pain. Mamaluke is declared the winner. He keeps the hold locked on doing more and more damage to Onyx as the show fades off the air

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July 7,2006

The darkened arena lights up with various pyros as the NWA-A Live theme song pours out of the sound system. A sell out crowd is on their feet as Lance Russell and Doc Marlee welcome everyone to another broadcast of NWA-A Live. Lance informs the viewing audience that tonight we will have The Elite take on the God Squad in tag team action as our feature action tonight.

Slim J vs TC Carnage w/ Al Getz

Slim J continues his personal quest to take out Getz Enterprise all on his own. Getz was very careful to stay clear of getting involved in the match as he didn't want yet another beating from Slim. In the ring it was a back and forth match up as Carnage's power off set every speed move that Slim J threw at him. In the end though Slim took over with some well placed chops and a forearm shot that rocked Carnage. A cradle piledriver crushes the top of TC's head onto the mat and Slim J soars through the air with the 4:20 Splash to pick up the 1-2-3.

Right after the match

Carnage rolls out the ring as Slim J yells at Getz that now no one stands between him and Jeff Lewis. Al scoffs at Slim as Lewis and Adam Roberts make their way down to the ring. Getz explains that he missed the big announcement on Anarchy TV since he was ... well detained. Getz reintroduces the newest memeber of Getz Enterprise Shaun Tempers. Shaun makes his way down and stands next to Lewis and Roberts at the bottom of the ramp. Slim J with out a second thought hurdles over the top rope with a plancha onto all 3 men. J pops right back up and tells Tempers he will see him soon.

Cut to backstage

ony Mamaluke is shown walking around all full of himself. He turns the corner and bumps right into NWA-A Anarchy X Champion Don Frye. The title falls off Frye's shoulder and makes a loud clang when it hit the concrete floor. Tony gets a paniced look on his face and quickly puts the belt back on Frye's shoulder. Mamaluke tries to slip past him as Don grabs him by the hair. He tells him he did a good job on Onyx at Anarchy TV. So good infact he has a favor to ask of Tony. Mamaluke starts to explain how he doesn't like being the lackey for Phoenix and the Elite but is cut off when Frye hands him a wad of cash. Frye tells him he wants the same treatment that Onyx got on his opponet tonight. Tony asks him who this person is, as Don just says one word before walking off. That word, Kimo.

The Elite w/ Jamie Koeppe vs The God Squad

Before the match even gets underway Bubba Ray and Spike come down and join Lance Russel and Doc Marlee for commentary. As the match gets going into it's flow the Dudleyville Express complain about how they should be given a title shot as they are without a doubt the number one contenders to the NWA-A Tag Team Titles. In the ring Azrael and Alter Boy Luke trade hip tosses and arm drags with Luke comming out on top. Luke drops a leg across the arm of Azrael then tags out to Gabriel. He unloads with a blitz of forearms an a nasty european uppercut. At the booth Bubba and Spike decide they have had enough and get up and yank Luke off the apron. They splatter him with a modified version of a 3D on the arena floor. Jamie makes her way over and tells them to get lost as they are ruining the match. Bubba pushes her to the ground as he and Spike slide in the ring. Azrael runs into a big back body drop from Spike just as Gabriel takes a Bubba Bomb. Rainman charges in with a boot towards Spike. At the last second he ducks it and lifts Rainman up the air. Bubba comes over and they finish him off with a 3D. The ref calls the match a no contest. Jamie then gets up and grabs a mic. She tells Bubba that he wants to prove once an for all who the number one contenders are she has a match in mind. Right here tonight it will be Bubba Ray Dudley vs Shadow Jackson vs Jeremy V in a triple threat match. Who ever wins that team will get a title shot at the God Squad. In fact that match is next!

Bubba Ray Dudley vs Shadow Jackson vs Jeremy V (winner gets his team a NWA-A Tag Team Title Shot)

Bubba Ray was on a mission in this match. His first victim was Jermey. No one could really understand why the Carolina Connection should get a title shot anyway. They had not been the same since The Elite destroyed them in that cage match a few weeks ago. A Bubba Bomb later and poor Jeremy V was gone. That left the two powerhouses Shadow Jackson and Bubba Ray. They slugged it out in the middle of the ring. Jackson takes the low road with a thumb to the eye then rocks Bubba with an elbow to the top of the head. Jackson poses to the crowd before bouncing off the ropes planting a big boot right to the ear of Bubba Ray. But he doesn't go down, he staggers a bit swinging wildly at the air. Jackson bounces off the ropes again blasting into Bubba with a flying shoulder block that finally sends him down to the canvas. Jackson pulls Bubba Ray to his feet and hooks him for the Shadow Slam at the last possible second Bubba launches a series of elbows into Shadow's ribs breaking the hold. Standing switch and a elbow to the small of the back is followed up with a Bubba Bomb for the 1-2-3! Bubba Ray staggers a bit over Shadow Jackson and makes the sign of the cross over his body.

Kimo Leopoldo vs Tony Mamaluke

Kimo was in the mood for more blood as was told by the look in his eyes. Mamaluke came out of the back still counting the money that Frye had slipped him earlier. Tony gets in the ring and stuffs the wad of cash in his trunks. The ref calls for the bell and we are underway, sort of. Mamaluke walks out to the middle of the ring and just lays down begging for Kimo to pin him. Kimo puts a foot on his chest and gets the 1-2-3. Leopoldo just kinda shrugs and starts to make his exit from the ring when Mamaluke's real plan goes into effect. He spears Kimo in the back then latches on for a german suplex that sends the crowd favorite neck first onto the mat. Tony then rolls out of the ring and starts looking underneath it for something. He pulls out a small black leather bag and a sledgehammer sending both in the ring before he gets back in. Kimo gets back up holding his head only to be sent back to with a vicious sledgehammer shot to leg. Kimo rolls around in pain but only till Mamaluke plants the sledgehammer right in the center of his chest. A hush falls over the crowd as Kimo lay still in the middle of the ring. Tony opens up his bag and pulls out a hypodermic needle. He taps it to get the air out and injects a clear liquid into Kimo's arm. Kimo wakes up coughing and starts spitting up blood As the show fades out.

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With Blood,White & Blue just weeks away the card is starting to take shape. Confirmed on the card so far are the following -

NWA-A Anarchy X Title Match - Don Fyre defends against Kimo Leopoldo in a First Blood Match

NWA-A Tag Team Title Match - Dudleyville Express take on champions The God Squad

Falls Count Anywhere Grudge Match - Paul Birchall versus Shaun Tempers

NWA-A Heavyweight Title Match - Amazing Red defends against Fast Eddie

More matches are expect to be added in the weeks to come.

NWA-A is proud to announce they are growing leaps and bounds in the cut throat wrestling world. 58 out of a 100 people surveyed on the regional level actually know who we are.

Fresh out of John Phoenix's office are the top 5 rankings for the NWA-A Heavyweight Title -

1 - Fast Eddie

2 - Onyx

3 - The Great Sasuke

4 - Tony Mamaluke

5 - Kimo Leopoldo

Once again our top t-shirt sales award winner goes to NWA-A Heavyweight Champion Amazing Red.

Onto this months hot rumor mill -

. A group that has been forming and plotting down in the developmental scene might soon be making major waves on television as soon as next month. They are rumored to have it in for the NWA-A Quicksilver and Tag Team Champions. More on this story when it breaks.

. Sal Rinauro's passport problems continue be a black mark on NWA Anarchy as well as his partner Tony Mamaluke. Word around the locker room is Mamaluke might be bringing in some "big" back up to help him out. Or he might ditch Sal all together and make his rocky relationship with Phoenix and The Elite a full time thing.

. Ray Gordy's broken ankle appears to be healing right on track. In a candid interview with him he even stated he could be back as early as September. This would be a big boost to NWA-A's television shows as Gordy has been a main stay since day one. More on this as it develops.

Hot Rumor of the Month While it has been speculated that D-Von Dudley will join Bubba Ray and Spike here in NWA-Anarchy he is still under contract to Ring of Honor at the moment. It is well known that he only has 2 months left on this contract and people in our front office have been trying to work out a deal. That being said as of 11:30 pm EST all contract talks were broken off. We don't know if this is because he sign with us here at NWA-A or if he has opted to test the free agency waters. Both Bubba Ray and Spike were not available for comment at the time of this posting.

Don't forget New Line Cinema presents NWA-A Blood, White, & Blue is on July 30th. There are a few tickets left for what is to be a can't miss show. If you are unable to attend live in person we will be have a chat room up to the minute updates on NWA-Anarchy.com!

(writers note - I just wanted to do an update like this to see what kind of reaction it gets. I know other people do things like this in their diaries. I am not sure if it adds much to them or not. Anyways, let me know what you think one way or the other.)

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July 12,2006

The show opens up with it's usual display for lazer lights, pyros, and the heart pounding NWA Anarchy theme song. The view then switches to the locker room of The Elite. Rainman is zoned out listening to his iPod while Azrael is sorting through his bags looking for something. Jamie Koeppe comes in, which doesn't phase Rainman, and shows Azrael a note which was taped to their door. The note reads good 'job' last week against the God Squad guys. Azrael shoves the note in front of Rainman. He sneers and crumples up the note as he stands. He grabs a lead pipe and leaves the room.

Bomb Squad vs The Blond Bombers

Chad and Todd started this match off. After two hip tosses in a row Chad bailed out of the rign to seek comfort from Tank. Chad got back in and blasted Sexton with a high knee followed by a quick tag out. Tank goes for an irish whip but it is reversed. Fury makes a blind tag then Todd slides under Tank's feet. He turns around to follow Sexotn and Fury sprints up behind Tank and nearly takes his head off with the Enzafury. Sexton leaps up in the air with high leg on Chad as the Bomb Squad pick up the victory 1-2-3. Just as soon as the Bomb Squad's music hits it is cut off by The Elite's music. Azrael and Jamie come out and soak up the boos for a second before heading down to the ring. Rainman comes out last with his lead pipe over his shoulder. Officials race out and hold The Elite back from getting in the ring. The screen fades out as Rainman just points the pipe towards the ring as the announcers have the feeling that something violent is going to happen real soon.

Back from break

The camera is kinda blurred in focus. When it fixes itself we are shown a table in the middle of an empty lot. Bubba Ray and Spike slowly come into view. Bubba takes a few steps back and Spike starts wrapping the table in barbwire. When he finishes with that he goes off camera and slowly walks back on with a huge canvas bag. He dumps thousands of thumbtacks out of the bag on onto the table. Bubba then launches into a tirad, most of which is bleeped out, about they have been screwed and black balled from even getting a shot at the God Squad since the first day they set foot in the company. He laughs then says that all his prayers have been answered and the God Squad should start praying themselves. Bubba pulls out a zippo an lits an unseen shape on the table. It is that of a cross done out in gasoline.

Slim J vs Shaun Tempers w/ Al Getz

Slim J has one last step to overcome before he can get back at Jeff Lewis and Getz Enterprise. The newly aquired Shaun Tempers. Tempers was not about to let his new stablemates down. He charged in at Slim with punishing lefts and right backing him up into a corner. Once there Tempers grabbed Slim by the head and drove his knee right into the forehead of Slim J. J stumbles around and his caught with a belly to belly suplex. Shaun struts over to Slim and picks him up hooking him for the Temper Tantrum. At the very last possible second Slim slips around Tempers and rolls him up for a 2 and 3/4 count. Getz gets up on the apron and distracts the ref as Tempers rips off a turnbuckle pad. Slim gets his senses back and splashes Tempers into the exposed bolt. In one fluid motion he hops up to the top and off onto Shaun with a 4:20 Splash and scores the 1-2-3. After the match he grabs a mic from ringside and warns Jeff Lewis that the war between the two of them is now on. All his lackeys have failed just as he will. Lewis comes out on the stage and asks him if that is an official challenge. Slim tells him it is and tells Lewis to name the time and place. Jeff laughs and tells him at Blood,White, & Blue ... for the NWA-A Quicksilver Title ... in a dumpster match. Slim J thinks for all of about 2 seconds and agrees!

Cut to The Elite's Office

Once again Tony Mamaluke is sitting before John Phoenix. Mamaluke tells him that he has done everything that The Elite have asked of him and more. Phoenix shakes his head and tells him that Onyx is still walking around and even now more of a threat to Fast Eddie getting the belt of Amazing Red. Phoenix pushes a button on his intercom and Don Frye walks in. He thanks Tony for his help with Kimo then tells Tony he has another favor to ask of him. Mamaluke throws his hands in the air in disgust, as he rolls his eyes asking what he who he is supposed to take out next. Phoenix starts to explain when the door to his office is smashed in. A brawling Tank and Seth Delay contine fighting grabbing anything not nailed down. Tank grabs the NWA-A Anarchy X title off of Frye's shoulder and blasts Seth in the face with it. He stands over the fallen Delay and rips into him. Don grabs his belt back and pulls his fist back to get ready to destroy Tank. Phoenix stops Don and in his usual angered tone tells Tank and Delay to get into the ring right now. He doesn't care what this fight is about but it will be done after tonight. Who ever looses the match between them will be fired right on the spot!

Tank vs Seth Delay (loser is fired match)

The fans wre really shocked at this turn of events. Phoenix hand't lashed out this bad in awhile. Both Tank and Seth were really tentative in this match in the early going. Delay after the opening moments struck the first really big blow with a backdrop suplex that he rolled over into a boston crab. Tank used his power and just tossed Delay off of him. Tank then unleashed a running shoulder block than almost sent Seth out of the ring. Instead he bounced off the rope blasting Tank with a spinning heel kick. Seth whips Tank into a corner and follows it up with a handspring elbow. Tank shrugs it off and lets out a lion like roar. He clubs Delay across the back then one hand spinebusters him right on the spot. Tank signals for the F-Bomb and picks up Seth way overhead. At the last second Delay turns in midair grabbing Tank and rocks his jaw with his Kool Krusher. Delay staggers around and falls on top of Tank for the 1-2-3. Tank get to his knees shocked at what has just happened. He almost breaks down into tears as he stands up, the crowd gives him the biggest ovation of his NWA-A career.

Back in Phoenix's office

Mamaluke gets up from his chair and shakes Don Frye's hand as he leaves. John asks Frye if what Tony did to Kimo is a long or a short term thing. Don tells him for Mamaluke's sake he better hope it will at least last till Blood,White,& Blue. Fast Eddie and Jamie then make their way in and sit down on the leather couch. Eddie looks like he hasn't slept in days and smells of cheap wine. Phoenix just shakes his head and ask him what all the celebrating is about. Eddie explains that he has been wheeling and dealing since Sunday. Jamie informs Phoenix that she found Eddie past out drunk in the back of a limo. A limo that was sent to Eddie by Amazing Red. Phoenix puts his hands over his face in disgust and orders Frye and Jamie to get Eddie out of his sight before he kills him.

Kimo Leopoldo vs Shadow Jackson (hardcore rules match)

Kimo came out for this match with a bloodstained towel in hand. Twice as he was making his way down the ramp he stopped and coughed up more blood. As the match started Kimo was still feeling the effects of what ever Mamaluke had done to him, Jackson used this to his advantage and clanged a frying pan off of Kimo's skull. That was followed up with a pair of trash can lids and a kendo stick shot to the stomach. The last blow of Jackson's causes Kimo to fall to the mat and grab at his ribs as he continued to spit blood out of his mouth. Shadown hooks Kimo's leg and gets the pinfall victory. The medical team comes out to help Kimo, but once they try to sedate him with a needle he goes nuts and takes out all four members of the medical staff. Kimo leaves the ring of his own power, but Mamaluke's damage is still being felt.

Backstage in the hallways of the arena

Caprice Coleman is walking around with a video tape in his hands. He turns the corner and bumps into Jeff G. Bailey. Jeff looks at the tape and asks him if that is his video proof that Great Sasuke stole the NWA-A Television title from him. Coleman tells him that he knows it is and now this little game he has cooked up is now over. Bailey pats Coleman on back and saying well played. At the same time he uses a magnet it is over hand and waves it over the tape. Caprice notices this, but only after Bailey pulls his patting hand off. Coleman screams at Bailey then smashes the video tape against the wall before storming off. Bailey can't help but start laughing.

Don Frye vs Onyx (guest ref Tony Mamaluke)

Tony was not really needed in this match as Onyx is still basically on one leg. But Tony did get a front row seat to the destruction of the fan favorite. Frye started off with sledgehammer like bodyblows to Onyx, he capped off the attack with a nasty brainbuster. Don floats over after that and drives elbow after elbow into the side of the head of Onyx. Don stands up and begins taunting the crowd as he makes his way over to Mamaluke. He whispers something to him as Onyx, now bleeding from the nose, slowly makes his way to his feet. Don tackles Onyx back down, this time unloading cannon like knee shots to the ribs of Onyx. Tony grabs a steel chain from under the ring and tosses it to Frye. Don takes the chain and wraps it around Onyx's neck and clamps on a camel clutch using the chain. Mamaluke instantly calls for the bell awarding the match to Frye via submission. The cameras show Onyx's eyes roll back in his head as he passes out from all the pain.

Amazing Red vs Great Sasuke w/ Jeff G. Bailey

This match was a main event a just a few short months ago at Hardcore Hell. These two picked up right where they left off as well. A great highflying match from both men, but sadly it came to a sudden stop when a drunk Fast Eddie stumbled his way down to ringside. Some how he had gotten away from Jamie and now had a bottle of Jim Bean in hand. He got right in the ring shoving past both Sasuke and the ref. Eddie wanted to thank Red for the limo with the stocked bar. Red just smiled and told Eddie he was welcome. Fast Eddie then wanted to give Red a big hug to show that nothing between them was personal it was all business. Red reluctantly agreed. As they embraced each other Eddie raised his bottle and smashed it over Amazing Red's head making a deep gash in it. Eddie then tossed down what remained of the bottle and stomped it out. Sasuke then drove Red down onto the broken glass with a Northern Lights Bomb. The ref had no choice but to call the match. Fast Eddie raised his hands in victory standing over a bleeding Amazing Red as the show faded out.

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July 14, 2006

The NWA-A Live! theme song plays getting the crowd on their feet. A small video package is show highlighting former NWA-A superstar Tank. The fans give a big ovation and the show offically kicks off.

Tank Toland vs Brandon P vs Great Sasuke w/ Jeff G. Bailey

Before this match started Bailey grabbed a mic and announced that this would be a NWA-A Television Title Match. Jeff was also quite upset at the ring announcer that Sasuke wasn't announced as the NWA-A Television champion. That being said overall the match did take place. Brandon and Tank tried to double team Sasuke every chance they got. After a double team hip toss Tank goes for a pin but is pulled off by Brandon. They exchange words and Tank ends up hitting a clothesline that nearly takes Brandon out of his boots. Sasuke rolls out of the ring and crawls over to Bailey for some advice. Toland whips Brandon off the ropes and nails him square in the jaw with a back elbow. After planting Brandon with a perfectly done ace crusher Tank climbs the ropes a prepares for a frog slash. Sasuke gets up and pulls his feet out from under him and Tank racks himself on the turnbuckle. Great Sasuke climbs up with Toland and splatters him on top of Brandon with a sunset flip powerbomb off the top for the 1-2-3 victory.

Paul Birchall vs Seth Delay

Paul has been kind of down on his luck as of late. He has been brutalized by Don Frye and his match with Jeff Lewis was ruined by the thorn in his side. One Shaun Tempers. Delay was feeling really good about himself in this one though. He came out wearing a shirt that said ,NWA-A's Career Killer. The newly dubbed killer went right at Birchall with a spinning high leg that connected with a huge thud. After a few minutes of getting a beat down Birchall made his comeback. A nice piledriver and tilt a whirl backbreaker later he was in his groove. He whipped Seth into the corner rushing close behind with a dropkick to back. Paul grabs hold of Delay putting him on the top rope. He gives the signal then plants Delay down with the C-4. Birchall scores the victory 1-2-3.


The crowd goes nuts when Onyx is shown on screen. He still has his crutch and is talking with Candie. He questions her about Amazing Red, she replies telling him that Red is resting at home he had to have 12 stitches in his head. Just then Tony Mamaluke walks up with a smug look on his face. He tells Onyx he had just back up as he has new friends. Tony informs Onyx that he is now running with Phoenix and The Elite. But this doesn't stop Onyx from getting right in Mamaluke's face. He tells Tony, with or without doctor's clearance he is gonna destroy him. Tony laughs then lays out a challenge. Mamaluke and a partner of choice against Onyx and a partner of choice on Anarchy TV. Onyx just sneers at Tony and agrees. Mamaluke kicks the crutch out from Onyx's graps and he falls to the ground as the show fades to commerical.

Out in the parking lot

Azrael, Rainman, and Jamie are all standing waiting for something. Jamie looks at her watch for the tenth time in the last minute. A limo pulls up and stops right next to them as a look of relif washes over Jamie. Fast Eddie steps out and adjusts the tie on his rather expensive looking suit. Jamie starts ripping into Eddie about being drunk on Anarchy TV and tells Eddie that Phoenix is more upset with him that he has ever been. Eddie just laughs and questions the state of Amazing Red, he is told about the stitches in the head. His reply is just a nod of the head. Fast Eddie puts his arm around Jamie and tells her that this is all part of the plan. But what he saw on the ride in wasn't. He tells her that Mamaluke is going around telling people he is part of The Elite. She just rolls her eyes and says it will be delt with as the show fades to commerical.

The God Squad vs Bomb Squad vs Alabama Attitude

This was a standard 3 way match up with no gold on the line. As the match progressed though two major things occured. As Alter Boy Luke and Adam Roberts were slugging it out in the ring Azrael and Rainman made their way down. The Bomb Squad noticed them and went right after them. All four men went to war on the ramp. Back in the ring Alabama Attitude had gotten total control over the match and even had Gabriel set up for the Attitude Adjustment when through the crowd Bubba Ray and Spike hopped the railing and beat the hell out of AA. They both got hit with the 3D. The Elite left the Bomb Squad down and beaten on the ramp and got in the ring and had a stare down with the Dudleyville Express. Rainman spit right in the face of Bubba Ray as Azrael told them how they cost them a shot to be number one contenders with the stunt they pulled last week on NWA-A Live!. Jamie comes running down the ramp and tries to get her men to the back, to no avail. Spike pushes Jamie to the ground and lunges at Azrael. Jamie gets up and tells the ref to ring the bell as this match is going to be for the Dudleyville Express's number one contendership!

Dudleyville Express vs The Elite w/ Jamie(number one contenders match)

This war for the next contenders to the God Squad has really gotten out of control. The match started with Bubba Ray still in the ring just letting Rainman's spit drip down his chin. Rainman was unphased standing stoicly in the ring. As soon as the ref rang the bell both men sprang to clubbing blows. Neither man was gaining any ground on the other and neither wanted to tag out either. On the ramp a battered Jay Fury and Todd Sexton get up looking in the ring they see their attackers. The Bomb Squad sprint down the ramp and try to kidnap Jamie. She screams for help and Azreal hops down to come to her aid. Rainman turns and looks away for a split second and is caught with a forearm shot from Bubba. Then Bubba Ray nails Rainman with a Bubba Bomb and tags out to Spike. They drive Rainman face first onto the canvas with a 3D to pick up the win.

After the match Rainman looks up to see the Bomb Squad going back up the ramp laughing. His gaze turns and he sees Jamie tending to Azreal who has a steel chair wrapped around his head. Rainman gets to his feet and just glares at Fury and Sexton as the show's credits come up.

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July 19, 2006

This weeks show opens up in the locker room. Gathered around a small table are all of Getz Enterprise as well as Hydra's leader Jeff G. Bailey along with Hydra's only non injuried member Great Sasuke. On a speaker phone in the middle of the table is heard the voice of Bailey's main man Ray Gordy every so often. Bailey and Getz do most of the talking. Nothing real specific. As the meeting is apparently at a close both Getz and Bailey sign a contract and shake hands. The screen then fades into the opening video as Anarchy TV's theme song explodes over the airwaves.

Bomb Squad vs Alabama Attitude w/ Al Getz

As things seemed to be turning around for Fury and Sexton all their efforts got washed away during this match. TC and Fury battled through most of the match until a Jamie Koeppe led Elite stalked down the ramp. Rainman was still carrying the lead pipe he pick up awhile ago. He used the pipe to knock Sexton off the apron and just kept on beating the tar out of him. All the while Azrael was yelling in his face about who the real jobbers of NWA-A really are. The second the Elite started to slide into the ring Jeff G Bailey brought out a small army that consisted of Shaun Tempers, Jeff Lewis, and Great Sasuke. They jumped Rainman and Azrael from behind as a pleased Getz and Alabama Attitude looked on. That was the break Fury needed. He did a handspring kip up and flattened Roberts with an Enzfury for the 1-2-3 while no one was watching. After the match Getz and Bailey each grabbed a mic and announced the merger of Hydra and Getz Enterprise into one huge conglomerate. In fact that is what they are calling themselves The Conglomerate. Getz explains who they came to this matter because they will not stand for only Phoenix's Elite getting all the title shots they want and running over friend and foe alike. Getz and Bailey dare Phoenix to get in their way, as soon there will be a new ruling class in NWA-Anarchy, that of the Conglomerate!

Back in The Elite's office

John Phoenix is throwing around anything not nailed to the floor in a fit of rage. He can't believe how these so called friends of his are planning to take over. The door to the office opens up and Fast Eddie walks in, dressed to the nines in a black suit with silver pin stripes. Phoenix looks at Eddie and tells him to go find Mamaluke and get together with him. Eddie raises an eyebrow at this, Phoenix tells him that he is going to be the tag partner of that rat of a errand boy tonight in the main event. Before Fast Eddie leaves John tells him in the angriest tone he has even shown towards anyone that Mamaluke is not at the bottom of bottle he is in a locker room somewhere.

Kimo Leopoldo vs Black Ness

As Black Ness was in the ring doing his warm ups the camera quickly panned to backstage where a medical team was looking at Kimo. He was still coughing up massive amounts of blood. The head doctor told him he wasn't going to allow him to wrestle tonight. Kimo stood up and tried to push past him. As he did Kimo fell to ground and continued coughing up blood. The EMTs quickly got Leopoldo on a stretcher rushing him into an ambulance out of the arena. Black Ness apparently wins via forefit.

In the ring

The Dudleyville Express has set up a table and begin bad mouthing every tag team in NWA-Anarchy. Bubba then informs the crowd that at Blood,White, & Blue the match between them and NWA-A Tag Team Champions The God Squad will be a tables match. But make no mistake not even god will be able to save them from the full on wrath of the Dudleyville Express. And no single team in all of pro wrestling is going to stop them from climbing to the top of mountian. Just then the Carolina Connection's music hits and the crowds jumps to it's feet in cheers. Brandon tells Bubba how talk like that is just gonna put a bigger bullseye on them. Jeremy continues telling them how since they are the self proclaimed gods of the table match if they are willing to put up or shut up right here right now! Bubba and Spike agree as a ref races down to the ring to start the match.

Carolina Connection vs Dudleyville Express (Tables Match)

All thought Brandon and Jeremy had good intentions in this match up they didn't stand a chance in it. Bubba and Spike are out for blood. In just under 3 minutes Spike and used the Dudley Dog on Brandon on the outside, running up steps and planting off the ringpost. Bubba had powerslammed Jeremy down hard in the middle of the ring then set up and table on the outside. Bubba Ray rolled Jeremy out onto the table Spike climbed to the top turnbuckle. Spike jumped off with a double footed stomp that drove Jeremy V right through the table winning the match for the Dudleyville Express.

In the arena hallway

Onyx is walking around, he is no longer on crutches, he is wearing a huge knee brace but still has a noticable limp. Caprice Coleman walks up and shakes his hand then offers to help him out in the main event tonight. Onyx tells him that he already has a partner but thanks him for the offer anyway. Coleman then asks Onyx for advice as to what he should do about his problem with Sasuke. Onyx just smiles and tells him to give him a call after the show tonight he will hook him up with something that will really get under the skin of both Bailey and Great Sasuke at the same time. They shake hands and part ways as the screen fades to break.

Slim J vs Seth "Career Killer" Delay

Tonight Delay was sporting not only his new shirt but a new set of tights as well. They are black with a light blue design on teh backside. At the top of the left leg read the word victims, underneath that in smaller blue letters was the name of Tank. Despite his new look and attitude he is after all the same Seth Delay. Slim had no problem wrapping this one up in about 5 minutes flat with the 4:20 Splash. After the match however a black robed figured walked out on stage. Slim J gather up his title and just stared at the figure. When J went to go up and question the black cloaked figure it just turned and walked into the back. No one in the crowd was quite sure what to make of this.

Inside Tony Mamaluke's locker room

Tony is doing some stretches to get himself ready as Fast Eddie, who is still in his suit, is just sitting back in a chair reading a paper. Mamaluke thanks him for his help and proceeds to tell Eddie what a fine addition to The Elite he will make. Eddie tilts the paper down and informs Mamaluke that he will have to show it tonight or else. Because no matter who Onyx's partner is he refuses to get involved in the war between the two of them. Fast Eddie continues to tell Tony that he has been done with Onyx for quite awhile and really has nothing more to prove by beating him again. Mamaluke gets pissed off at this and throws a cup of water in Eddie's face and storms out of the locker room. Eddie just laughs and goes to look for a towel as we cut to commerical.

Don Frye w/ Jamie Koeppe vs Paul Birchall

These two hooked up on the June 30th edition of NWA-A Live! and tore the house down. That was until Shaun Tempers got involved. Tonight however Tempers didn't show his face and both men put on yet another showcase for the fans. The first few minutes they spent reversing everything the other man tired. Eventually Frye landed a jumping knee to the chest that knocked the wind out of Paul. A double wing suplex followed by a vicious knee drop to the throat later Frye was in complete control. Fyre picked Birchall up and blasted him with a cobra clutch suplex floating right over into his Rear Naked Choke! Paul had no choice but to tap to avoid further damage. After the match as Don and Jamie were starting to leave all of the newly formed Conglomerate came out and stood on the enterance ramp. Frye told Jamie to stay where she was and he charged up at all seven men. He put up the fight of his life but the numbers game worked against him. Sasuke, Lewis, and Tempers then walk down to the ring. Saskue picks up Jamie and put her over his shoulder and walks back up to Bailey and Getz. In the ring Tempers and Lewis plant Birchall with a spiked piledriver then leave with the rest of the Conglomerate and their captive Jamie.

Tony Mamaluke & Fast Eddie vs Onyx & ?????

Mamaluke was first out and still looked generally upset with Fast Eddie. When Eddie did come out he was still in his suit, once in the ring he did take off his jacket and tie. Onyx's music hits and he hobbles out to a standing ovation. He stops about half way down the ramp and waits for his partner. The NWA-A Heavyweight Champion's music explodes through the speakers, it is almost drowned out by the crowd as a bandaged up Amazing Red came out. They charged the ring, and just as they did Fast Eddie bailed out. During the double team beat down that was going on Tony Eddie dug under the ring and pulled out a battle of Jim Bean and started chuging it down. At this point John Phoenix comes power walking down the ramp and starts yelling at Eddie to get in their and help. As Onyx is beating Tony from pillar to post, Red runs and vaults over Onyx and lands a picture perfect plancha onto Phoenix and Eddie. Fast Eddie is the first one to his feet and starts yelling at Red how he trusts him and wants him as a friend. Red gets up and shoves Eddie. Eddie then starts to swing his bottle at Amazing Red, but on the backswing he smashes the bottle over Phoenix's head instead. Onyx turns as the sound of the glass shattering to make sure Red is ok. Mamaluke uses the chance and hits a solid low blow on Onyx and rolls him up using a hand full of trunks for the 1-2-3. Mamaluke then bolts out of the ring and goes to try and help Phoenix up. John stands up bloody as all hell and wants nothing to do with Mamaluke. He grabs Eddie by his shirt collar and drags him up the ramp. The show fades out as Amazing Red is checking on Onyx as Tony is trying to tell Phoenix what a good job he just did.

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July 21, 2006

The crowd is on their feet, the pyros fire up the darkened arena, and NWA-A Live! is officially on the air.

Carolina Connection vs The Elite

Rainman and Azrael looked kinda lost in this one. Just a few weeks ago the entire group was onto of the world. Now they are a mess. Fast Eddie has turned into a lush and wants to be friends with Amazing Red, the Conglomerate being in existance just one night have kidnapped Jamie, and worst yet Mamaluke won't leave the Elite alone. But this match against Brandon and Jeremy was thought to be an easy one. After all they had just been softened up by the Dudleyville Express a few days ago. All that beating did though was make the Carolina Connection tougher and apparently smarter. As the match progressed Brandon and Jermey singled out Azrael, they worked his back and legs all most to the point of injuring him. Rainman gets fed up with not being in the match and grabs his lead pipe and walks right in the ring. He smashes it over Brandon P's head followed with a shot to Jeremy V's ribs. The ref instantly calls for the bell giving the Carolina Connection the win by dq. Just as Rainman began to assualt Brandon again out from the back dash Jay Fury and Todd Sexton. Each member of the Bomb Squad had steel chair in hand and cleared the ring of The Elite.

The God Squad vs The Blond Bombers

This was just a tune up for the NWA-A Tag Team Champions,The God Squad. In fact truth be told this was a pure and old fashion squash match. In about 4 minutes flat the match was over when Alter Boy Luke pinned Chad Toland after landing the Holy Driver on him, 1-2-3. As they were exiting the ring the video wall went to static and faded back in with a view of a table on fire. The fire was once again in the shape of a cross, in the background the laughter of Bubba Ray and Spike could be heard.

Cut to outside the arena

Caprice Coleman is waiting in the parking lot. A red unmarked van pulls up and the side pannel opens up. A man inside hands a case to Coleman and Coleman hands the man a case of his own. Caprice then flips open his cell phone making a call. He thanks the person on the other end for the advice as he head back inside the arena.

In the back hallway

Slim J is doing some warm ups when the figure in the black robe appears at the end of the hallway. The shadowy shape points a black gloved finger at the NWA-A Quicksilver Champion. Slim charges at the figure but runs right into a door that is opened at the last second. Out of the door steps Al Getz, Jeff G Bailey, and Great Sasuke. Getz and Bailey nod to each other then inform Slim J that he has a match tonight against the NWA-A Television Champion Great Sasuke. Champion versus Champion, with no gold on the line. Getz leans down next to Slim's ear and tells him that revenge will be swift tonight.

Caprice Coleman vs Tony Mamaluke vs Paul Birchall vs Seth "Career Killer" Delay (first fall wins)

Before the match started Coleman came out with his case and handcuffed it to the ringpost. Both Mamaluke and Delay glanced over in intrest as Birchall and Coleman shook each other hands. The match started off with Seth going aginst Paul. Delay kept pointing at his list on his tights and told Birchall he was next. Delay kept looking down at his tights and didn't see Paul running at him full speed and got send flying with a shoulder block. As the match progress and several tags in and out later Coleman went off on Delay. He blasted Seth with the Thermal Shock. Birchall cut off Mamaluke as he was trying to break up the count. Caprice wins 1-2-3.

Great Sasuke w/ Al Getz and Jeff G Bailey vs Slim J

Both Getz and Bailey made a point to make sure that the ring announcer said that Sasuke was the NWA-A Television Champion. And that this was a champion versus champion match. As the match got underway the older and more ring savy Great Sasuke took every shortcut in the book. He would toss Slim outside so Getz and Bailey could stomp the tar out of him then roll him back in. For every situation that Slim would catch Sasuke in, Sasuke would find a cheap way out of it. From eyerakes, hair pulling, and low blows. Suddenly on at the top of ramp Caprice Coleman reappears. He opens up his case to show that he now as a NWA-A Television Title in his possesion. This act sends Sasuke into a fit of rage. He blasts Slim J in the gut with a rolling savate kick and finishes him off with the Northern Lights Bomb for the victory 1-2-3.

After the match Sasuke pushes past Getz and Bailey after Coleman. Back in the ring Jeff Lewis comes through the crowd and plants Slim J with his Lewis Driver. He grabs a mic and tells Slim that at Blood,White, n Blue he is gonna take out the trash in their dumpster match. He gives him another Lewis Driver before officals can come in and drag him off of the NWA-A Quicksilver Champion. The show fades out with a smug Jeff Lewis looking at the carnage in the ring.

Any thoughts or comments?

I will be posting the next two shows, which are lead ups to the PPV later tonight.

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July 26, 2006

The show opens up with a picture of Jamie Koeppe sitting duct taped to a chair. Al Getz and Jeff G Bailey slowly creep in behind her. The tell John Phoenix he has until the first show of next month to strike a deal with them in order to get Jamie back unharmed. Until then she will be in good hands with everyone at the Conglomerate. After that the Anarcy TV theme plays to a hushed crowd as shocked announcers Lance Russel and Doc Marlee try to hype up tonights show.

Jay Fury vs Azrael

It was apparent from the get go that all of the Elite was somewhat lost without Jamie to guide them. Azrael always seemed a second behind in everything he was trying to do, which led to Fury mopping up the floor with him. Azrael did fight back a bit though. After a european uppercut that staggered Fury, Azrael planted him with a flipping reverse DDT. But it only scored a two count as Jay managed to get his foot on the bottom rope. This just seemed to further frustrate Azrael more. He slid out of the ring and snatched the ring bell from the time keeper. As he started to make his way back in Fury notices he has the bell and flips up and over the top rope with a somersault plancha. On the roation Azrael sidesteps and bashes him with the bell. The ref instantly calls for the dq giving Fury the win.

Cut to Phoenix's office

Azrael comes in celebrating his "morale" victory over Jay Fury. Phoenix looks up from his paperwork shaking his head as he hands Azrael something to sign. With out reading it he does sign it and hands the paper back to Phoenix. John then tells him at Blood,White, n Blue it will be The Elite against Bomb Squad in a no disqualification tornado tag match. He then tells Azrael to go find him both Amazing Red and Fast Eddie he needs to have words with the both of them.

Bubba Ray Dudley vs Alter Boy Luke

This was a warm up for both teams going into their table match at Blood,White, & Blue. As expect by almost everyone in the crowd both Spike and Gabriel got involved as in the match as well. As things were breaking down all over the place Gabriel drove Spike down onto the floor with a DDT just as Bubba flattened Luke with a Bubba Cutter to pick up the pinfall victory. Gabriel rushed at Bubba but got caught with a powerslam. Spike gets up and he and Bubba drag Gabriel up to the stage where the proceed to splatter him on the steel stage with a modified 3D. The Dudleyville Express just stand there soaking up the chorus of boos from the crowd as we cut to commerical.

Back from break

Tony Mamaluke is in his locker room when Seth "Career Killer" Delay walks in. Delay thanks Tony, in advance, for letting him kill the career of Kimo Leopoldo. Mamaluke questions just what in the hell Seth is talking about. He explains that after seeing what shape Kimo has been in Seth himself requested a match with Kimo. In fact he has already called his personal tailor to get Kimo's name readied to be added to the list. Seth gives Tony a big thumbs up and walks out. Mamaluke then starts kicking over stuff in the locker room yelling about how everyone in this company is using him and he is getting none of the rewards for it.

Kimo Leopoldo vs Seth "Career Killer" Delay

Seth came out to ring and kept pointing at the spot on his leg below where Tank's name is stitched on. Kimo's music hit and he came out. After about four steps out onto the ramp he sprayed blood all over. Seth quickly told the ref to make this a falls count anywhere match and ran out at Kimo. Delay tried to spear the big man, but bounced right off his stacked stomach. Kimo looked up at Seth and proceeded to cough up a huge spray of blood that coated Delay's face. Seth just stood in shock and horror giving Kimo the chance to lock on the Kimo Klaw. Delay went down instantly to blood sprayed rampway. The ref gets there just in time to count the pinfall 1-2-3. The medical staff then comes out to tend to Kimo as the show fades to commerical break.

Back inside Phoenix's office

Jeff G Bailey and Great Sasuke are talking to Phoenix about the state of the NWA-A Television Title. The office door gets kicked in and Caprice Coleman comes in with his Television Title around his waist. John just laughs saying just because NWA-A has two shows doesn't mean it has two Television Champions. But this will be settled once and for all at Blood,White, & Blue. Phoenix walks over and takes the title off of Sasuke's shoulder and rips it off Coleman. Phoenix explains that he is gonna take both these belts and hang them high above the ring and let both men battle it out for them. Who ever gets both belts down will be the undisputed NWA-A Television Champion. All three men agree to this and start to leave. At the last second Phoenix grabs Bailey. He questions him as to what exactly the Conglomerate wants in return for Jamie. Jeff smirks and tells John that they want 51% of NWA-A then he will get his sweet little assistant back. Bailey leaves as Phoenix just shakes his head in disbelif.

Shaun Tempers w/ Alabama Attitude vs Jeremy V

The Conglomerate had just dropped a bombshell on everyone in attendance by stating their demands. In this match Jeremy didn't stand much of a shot to further the crowd reaction to this newly formed group. Near the end of the match Tempers had the ref distracted long enough for Roberts and Carnage to hit the ring and blast Jeremy with the Attitude Adjustment. Temper then simply make the cover for the victory 1-2-3. After the match Roberts handed a small bag to Tempers who sprikled what looked like to be hair on Jeremy's chest. The announcers speculate that is hair from Jaime as the show fades to commerical.

After commerical

Fast Eddie is shown walking the back hallways. In one hand he has what looks like a contract, in the other a near empty bottle of Jim Bean. He stumbles into Amazing Red's locker room much to the surprise of the NWA-A Heavyweight Champion. He hands Red the contract telling him this is for the rematch. Red looks it over and questions Eddie if this is really what he wants, he doesn't seem to be in shape for this kind of match up. Fast Eddie then yells at Red to sign it. He does then Eddie yanks the contract out of his hands and stumbles out of the locker room and down the hall.

Don Frye vs Brandon P

Brandon was trying to fair better than his partner did in earlier action. He tried, but failed. Frye had just one thing on his mind, pain. Sources close to The Elite were saying that Fyre was blaming himself for the Conglomerate kidnapping Jaime. Frye started off the match with back to back gut wrench suplex followed up with vicious knees to head. After an exploder suplex Don quickly latched on his rear naked choke and squeezed the life out of Brandon for the submission victory.

In the ring

Onyx was cutting a promo on Tony Mamaluke and thier up comming match at Blood,White, & Blue. It was cut of suddenly by Fast Eddie's music, and low and behold he stagger out of the back. He got right in Onyx's face challenging him to a match right now. Onyx refused based on the state that Eddie was in, near fall down drunk. Eddie then smashed his now empty Jim Bean bottle over Onyx's head and stomped the crap out of him. As a ref came down to pull him off Eddie told him to count a pinfall or else. Eddie then lifts up the now bloody Onyx and powerbombs him down onto the broken bottle shards in the ring and the ref counts the 1-2-3.

The show comes to a close as a drunk Fast Eddie passes out on the mat next to a bloody Onyx.

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July 28,2006

The show fades in from darkness on the NWA Anarchy studio set. Behind the desk is Lance Russell and Doc Marlee. They hype up NWA-A's Blood,White, n Blue presented by New Line Cinema. Russell says that tonights show is more of a hype oriented show as they will be running down the card and just some of the events that took places before these matches.

Russell and Marlee then run down the card for Blue,White,n Blue -

NWA-A Heavyweight Title Match (2 out of 3 falls) Fast Eddie versus Amazing Red

NWA-A Tag Team Title Match (tables match) The God Squad defend against the Dudleyville Express

NWA-A Anarchy X Title Match (first blood) Kimo Leopoldo versus champion Don Frye

NWA-A Quicksilver Title Match (dumpster match) Slim J takes on Jeff Lewis who has Al Getz & Jeff G Bailey in his corner

NWA-A Televison Title Match (ladder match) Caprice Coleman defends against Great Sasuke with Al Getz & Jeff G Bailey

Falls Count Anywhere Grudge Match Paul Birchall against arch rival Shaun Tempers

No DQ Tornado Tag Match The Bomb Squad versus The Elite

Special Attraction Match Onyx goes one on one with Tony Mamaluke

Several video clips are show hyping up each match as they are announced. That is followed up with a special interview live from Toronto Canada with Sal Rinauro.

Sal discusses how he is upset with how he is being treated both by the Canadian National Government and everyone in NWA Anarchy. If he had his wish he would be back in time to help out his tag team partner Tony Mamaluke, but it looks like he might be stuck in Canada for at least another month.

Lance and Doc then briefly hit on the mysterious black robed figured that seems to be stalking NWA-A Quicksilver Champion Slim J.

After the last commerical break of the show a 5 minute video package is show that details the events leading up to Al Getz and Jeff G Bailey joining forces to form the Conglomerate. Their cowardly kidnapping of Jaime Koepee that led up to Bailey demands that if Phoenix wants her back he has to give the Conglomerate 51% ownership of NWA Anarchy. With less than a week away from Phoenix's choice on how to handle this matter everyone on the NWA-A staff is just a bit edgey.

Russell and Marlee schill out for NWA-A's Blood, White, n Blue presented by New Line Cinema one last time as the show comes to a close.

(I was going to post the show I booked out for NWA-A Live! but I noticed when I looked at it, alot of it was just getting people on tv who had nothing to do with anything. I didn't want their morale to drop too much from not being on the big show. So I decided to do this preview show instead.As always any questions or comments are always welcome.)

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July 30, 2006

A small video package is shown to hype a few of tonights major matches. Included in the video is the war between Don Frye and Kimo Leopoldo as well as Fast Eddie and Amazing Red. Then pyros lights up the pitch black arena as Lance Russell and Doc Marlee welcome everyone to what promises to be the can't miss show of the year.

Paul Birchall vs Shaun Tempers (fall count anywhere)

There has been alot of bad blood between these two for about a month and a half. Tonight that will would come to a head. Shaun didn't even wait for Paul to get to the ring before he started his assualt by jumping him from behind on the rampway. A clothesline later and both men continued to fight it out in the crowd in the opening contest. The brawling continued up past the crowd and out into the snack bar area. Birchall snap suplexed Tempers into the snack bar itself and went for a cover that only yielded a 2 count. Paul then pulled Shaun up by his hair onto the snack bar and tried to plant him with a C-4 off of it. At the last moment Tempers unloaded with an elbow to the ear and tornado DDTed Birchall off the snack bar down on the concrete floor. Shaun then bulldogs Paul down to give him time to go look for a weapon. He comes back with a steel chain wrapped around his fist. Shaun takes a swing at Paul, at the last second he ducks it and Tempers smashes his hand into a wall. They start brawling again this time making it outside into the parking lot of the arena. Tempers tries to send Birchall into a parked car, but it is reversed and Tempers hit the car door hard. Paul then lands a picture perfect dropkick that sends Shaun smashing through the driver's side window. Birchall then lifts Tempers onto the roof of the car and signals to the gathering crowd for the C-4. Both Paul and Shaun come crashing down onto the blacktop parking lot with the move. Birchall flings an arm over Tempers chest to get the 1-2-3 victory.

The Bomb Squad vs The Elite (no dq tornado tag)

As this match got underway the ref more or less just bailed out of ring and let all four men beat the hell out of each other. Rainman had his new best friend, his lead pipe, and went right after Todd Sexton. On the other side of the ring Jay Fury was giving Azrael punishing chair shots that echoed through out the arena. Once Fury was sure that Azrael wouldn't be getting up for awhile he went after Rainman. But he was caught off guard when Rainman heard him comming and used the pipe to sweep out the legs of Fury. Sexton slid out of the ring and got a trash can out from under it and tossed it in the ring. This got the attention of Azrael who sprung to his feet and caught Todd as he was getting in the ring with rolling heel kick. Rainman continued to work over the ribs of Fury with the pipe in almost a tunnel vision sort of way. Meanwhile Azrael had a new weapon of choice, a kendo stick. He used the bamboo pole to work over Sexton's head. On the sixith shot the kendo stick shattered and Sexton was split open. Azrael then stands on the apron with Sexton and russian leg sweeps him off, sending both men crashing to the floor. Rainman whips Jay off the ropes and crushes him with a Dark City Street Cutter but doesn't go for a pin. Instead he drags Fury over to a corner and ties his hands up with the tag rope and stomps him countless times in the gut. Azrael was first up on the outside and rolled a bloody Sexton into the ring. Once back in he laid in a few more shots to Todd's face and blasted him with a ground shaking Old Testament. Azrael then hooked the leg for the 1-2-3 pinfall. After the match Rainman untied Fury and crushed him with another Dark City Street Cutter before he and Azrael left to an arena full of boos.

NWA-A Quicksilver Title Match

Slim J vs Jeff Lewis w/ Al Getz & Jeff G Bailey (dumpster match)

Before the match offically started a huge green dumpster was wheeled down to ringside and placed at the foot of the ramp. Once both men got to the ring the bell was sounded and the violence errupted. Slim had waited almost a month to get his hands on Lewis, when he did he made it count. Thunderous lefts and rights were the prelude to a dropkick to the chest of Lewis. Jeff bailed to the outside to seek guidence from the Conglomerate braintrust. Slim saw this and launched himself over the top rope with a flying crossbody that took down all three men. Slim is first to his feet and sends Lewis crashing into the side of the steel dumpster. He follows it up with a knee lift right to the side of Jeff's head and it bounces off the metal trash bin with a loud thud that gets the crowd going. Slim J then opens up the plastic lid on the dumpster which really gets the crowd going. As Slim was preparing to lift Lewis up and dump him in the mysterious black robe figure rose up out of the dumpster. At the last second Slim sees the figure and throws a wild punch at him. It is blocked and much to the crowds shock the figure apparently unleashed spray of fire from his mouth on Slim J. The robed figure jumps out of the dumpster and blasts Slim with what has described as an inverted chokeslam, he grabbed Slim from the back of the neck and drove him face first on to the ground, before slowly walking up the ramp to the backstage area.

Slim rolled around on the ground for at least a minute in pure pain, during this time Getz and Bailey got Lewis up to his feet to show him the damage that had been done. Jeff was like a shark that smelled blood. He attacked Slim unleashing a snap suplex, neckbreaker, and a back breaker on him all in a row. Lewis then grabbed a steel chair from a fan at ringside and set it up. Jeff latched on Slim and drove him down onto the chair with a nasty looking powerbomb. Lewis then drags the broken and burned Slim J into the ring hooking him for the Lewis Driver. Slim J manages to slide down Lewis's back and reverse DDT him on the way down. Slim slowly gets to his feet, picking up Lewis in the process, and blasts him with a backdrop driver. Slim J lets out yell which gets the crowd back on his side as he picks up Lewis basically lawn darting him into the open dumpster. The NWA-A Quicksilver champion then climbs to the top turnbuckle and flies off with a 4:20 Splash down onto Lewis inside the dumpster. After a few minutes Slim J's hand appears and he pulls himself out of the dumpster. Once on the outside Getz starts punching Slim, to no effect. J just back elbows Al down and makes a move to close the dumpster lid. Bailey then sprints over and jumps on Slim J's back. Slim pulls Bailey over his shoulder then plants him with a powerslam on the steel rampway. With all the energy left in his body Slim J finally closes the lid on the dumpster to score the victory retaining the NWA-A Quicksilver Title.

NWA-A Television Title Match

Caprice Coleman vs Great Sasuke w/ Jeff G Bailey & Al Getz (ladder match)

After the ring crew cleaned up the mess from the last match they set up several ladders all around the ring and the stage. A spotlight was shown down on the two versions of the NWA-A Television Title hanging some 25 feet above the ring. When Sasuke made his way to the ring both Bailey and Getz had icepacks on their heads trying to deal with the pain that Slim J had just caused them. Coleman came out and the crowd was on it's collective feet. The match that took place was more like a train wreck. Both combatants in the early going used several ladders as weapons. Sasuke did have the advantage late in the match after he spinebustered Caprice down hard on a ladder. Great Sasuke then opened up the same ladder and placed Coleman's forearm in it. In a truely sadistic mvoe he stomped half a dozen times on the ladder, probably breaking Caprice's forearm in the process. Sasuke then tossed Coleman to the outside where a waiting Bailey & Getz stomped him further. In a true act of either brilliance or cowardaice, Al & Jeff hog tied Coleman with some camera cables. They even held Coleman's head and made him watch sas Sasuke climbed a ladder to get both sets of NWA-A Television Titles. After two failed attempts the newly formed Conglomerate had finally won a match in the show.

NWA-A Tag Team Title Match

The God Squad vs Dudleyville Express (tables match)

Bubba and Spike were about to put all the critics of NWA Anarchy behind them. Everyone was saying how the God Squad was unbeatable and quite frankly the best tag team to ever compete in NWA-A. As the match got underway Luke and Gabriel went on the attack first. Luke paired off with Spike unleashing forearms and topping his attack off with a nice DDT. Gabriel tried to take Bubba down with a couple well placed dropkicks, but the big man just wouldn't fall. He ran at Bubba Ray with a wheel kick, but was caught and Bubba just tossed him over the top rope to the outside. As things progressed a little further, Bubba and Gabriel were fighting it out on the outside while Spike was taking a beating on the inside. Bubba Ray took his victim up to the stage and launched him head first into one of the support beams holding up enterance way. A dazed Gabriel staggered back right into a Bubba Bomb then was promptly tossed off the stage, some 5 feet, to the concrete floor below. Bubba then left and went into the back out of sight, meanwhile in the ring Spike had landed a kick right between Alter Boy Luke's legs that gave Spike an opening. He landed a cradle piledriver that was followed up with a vicious double stomp from the top rope. Spike then tossed Luke out of the ring and placed him on the announce team's table. After a few forearm shots to make sure he was going to stay there Spike lept back up to the top turnbuckle. Spike jumped some 10 to 15 feet and drove Alter Boy Luke through the table with a leg drop. Luke was out of the match. At this point Bubba comes back with a barbwire wrapped table setting it up in front of the enterance way. Spike came up and tossed Gabriel up to Bubba Ray. Spike then pulled a lighter out of his pockets and set the barbwire table on fire. Without a care in the world the Dudleyville Express gave Gabriel a 3D through the flamming barbwire table to capture the NWA-A Tag Team Titles. The crowd was livid throwing garbage and a string of obscene slurs at Bubba Ray and Spike.

NWA-A Anarchy X Title Match

Don Frye vs Kimo Leopoldo (first blood)

his was going to be the end of an epic war between two of the greatest ring warriors in NWA-A history. But ever since Tony Mamaluke injected something into Kimo's blood stream he couldn't stop spitting up blood. Uncharacteristicaly the champion came to the ring first. He paced back and forth throwing fist in a warm up. Kimo finally came out still carrying his blood stained towel, he stopped about halfway down the ramp and wiped off his mouth, this caused Frye to start chuckling in the ring. Once the bell was sounded Don spent several minutes just pacing around, waiting for Kimo to start bleeding on his own. Kimo ran at Frye with a double axe handle but was caught with a stiff looking right hand to the cut. Leopoldo started coughing while grabbing his ribs, he even doubled over. Frye took this opportunity to climb to top rope and start celebrating. Kimo looks up and smiles, which causes a huge cheer from the crowd. He stalks over and german suplex Frye off the top rope. Frye rolls right out of the ring and his eyes are huge. Kimo lets out a roar that would scare a lion motioning for Frye to get back in the ring. Don grabs the middle rope pulling himself back in and gets caught with a stiff front kick to the head. Frye reels back shaking out the cobwebs as Kimo slides out of the ring and moves in for the kill. He lands several concrete like forearms on Don's back as both men fight up the ramp. Suddenly out of the back come John Phoenix with a sledgehammer. Kimo stops his attack on Frye upon spotting Phoenix and charges at him. This gave Frye the chance to trip up Kimo from behind and strap on an ankle lock. Phoenix then dropped a leg on the back of Kimo's head before comming down with full force on a sledgehammer shot to the back of Kimo's head. Frye then sliped the ankle lock into a STF while Phoenix went into the crowd grabbing a chair. John comes back and puts the chair in front of Kimo's face. Phoenix then smashes the chair with his sledgehammer into Kimo's unprotected face. Once the chair falls to the wayside a fountian of blood is pouring off of his face. The official stops the match giving the victory to NWA-A Anarchy X Champion Don Frye.

Onyx vs Tony Mamaluke

Mamaluke has been doing everything to get the attention of Phoenix and The Elite as of late. He started this all off by attacking the major thorn in Phoenix's side that person being Onyx. When Onyx came out he was still wearing a knee brace which was an instant target of Mamaluke's once the match started. After a single leg takedown Tony slapped on a knee bar on the injuried leg. Not satisfied with that he pulled Onyx to his feet and unloaded with a knee breaker. As Tony was trying to latch on the Scillian Stretch Onyx manage to grab hold of the bottom rope. Now on one leg Onyx tried to fight back. At every turn he was cut off when Mamaluke would simply sweep the hurt leg. The tide turned when Onyx pulled himself up in a corner and Tony ran full speed at him with a spear. At the last second Onyx sidestepped and Mamaluke went crashing shoulder first into the steel ring post. Onyx then struck with an ace crusher and a one legged dropkick. An irish whip later Mamaluke was powerslamed down to a thunderous cheer. Onyx was then like a coiled snake waiting to strike. And strike he did, he destroyed Mamaluke with the Blackout and a 1-2-3 pinfall victory.

NWA-A Heavyweight Title Match

Amazing Red vs Fast Eddie (2 out of 3 falls)

Fast Eddie came and looked surprisingly fresh despite the 3 day old stuble that had grown on his face. Once the champion came out it was a surprise that the roof didn't fly off due to the cheers he got. The bell rang and we were underway.

First Fall

This fall was a surprising technical match up. Both men really seemed to know each other well enough to damn near reverse out of every hold the other was trying to put them. Eddie the resorted to a thumb to the throat to gain the upper hand. After that he plastered Red with a series of snap suplexes that last one being a long delayed version. Fast Eddie then struted around being rather full of himself, which almost cost him. Amazing Red was able to quickly roll him up for a 2 and 3/4 count. Red then unloaded with several forearms and a superkick before climbing the top rope and giving the sign for the Infra Red. Fast Eddie kips up and runs up the turnbuckles to deliver a skull shattering enzugri to the champ. Red just slumped over on the top turnbuckle as Eddie climbed back up and sent Amazing Red flying to his doom with a super frankenstiener. Fast Eddie quickly crawled over and covered Red to pick up the first pinfall in this best of three match up.

Second Fall

Fast Eddie quickly tried to cover Red a second time but out of pure intestinaly fortitude he kicked out. Eddie spent precious time having a fight with the ref about the count, enough time for Amazing Red to get to his feet and regain his whereabouts. Fast Eddie turned around just in time to get caught with a superkick that damn near took of his head. Red pulled Eddie over to a corner and came crashing down wiht a picture perfect moonsault that only got a 2 count. Seemingly unphased by that Red planted Fast Eddie with a tornado DDT hooking the leg once again. This time Eddie got his foot on the bottom rope just in the nick of time. Now Red was starting to show signs of getting frustrated. He went over to pull Fast Eddie to the center of the ring, but Eddie rolled him up in a small package. Red just manages to kickout. Both men got to their feet and Eddie sprints at Red, who jumps over him and hits him with a mule kick on the way down. A piledriver later and Amazing Red was perched on the top rope. He flew through the air with his pattened Infra Red right down onto Fast Eddie to score himself a victory. Making the match even a one fall to each man.

Final Fall

It all came down to ths fall. Both men got back to their feet and the ref gave the signal that it was on. This fall started alot like the first one with each man reversing everything. After an irish whip Fast Eddie ducked a flying corkscrew clothesline, in which Amazing Red accidently hit the official sending him flying through the rope to the outside. As Red was looking at the ref not sure what to do now, Eddie plants a forearm to small of his back and drives him down with a reverse DDT. Eddie then unwrapped some of the tape around his wrist and started to choke the life out of Amazing Red with it. By this time a second ref runs down and slides in the ring and yells at Eddie giving him a 5 count. Fast Eddie lets go of Red and drops the ref with a STO. He then kicks the official out of the ring, as Amazing Red gets back to his feet. Red positions himself low behind Eddie, once he turns around Amazing Red snaps him around with huge spinebuster. The champ, damn near spent, flings a limp arm over Eddie's prone body but there is no ref to make the count. Red then goes to the outside and rolls in the first official who is somewhat comming around. As Red himself gets back in the ring Eddie drops him with a low blow. Fast Eddie climbs the rope and comes off with his Fasteddious. At the last second Amazing Red rolls out of the way. He springs to his feet and just crushes Fast Eddie with the Code Red. The cover 1-2-3. Amazing Red retains the NWA-A Heavyweight Title.

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Direct of NWA Anarchy offices :

It is August once again and that means it is time for the anual Benifactor's Cup Tournament. As always the winner will get a trophy in his honor as well as a NWA-A Heavyweight Title match at NWA-A's Anarchy Anniversary Show on September 24th. Past winners of this event include current NWA-A Heavyweight Champion Amazing Red, Great Sasuke, and Onyx. A preview bracket has been released with some very intresting match up in the first round.

Cluster I- Fast Eddie vs Slim J and Tony Mamaluke vs Paul Birchall

Cluster II- Onyx vs a mystery opponent and Caprice Coleman vs Jeff Lewis

Word around the offices is that Phoenix might have entry matches for the mystery wrestler or they could be brand new signing to NWA Anarchy.

Plus on the first edition of NWA-A Anarchy TV John Phoenix will have to give his decsion to Getz & Bailey's Conglomerate as the fate of Jaime Koeppe hangs in the ballance.

In breaking news The God Squad have issued a challenge to the Dudleyville Express for a rematch. This time in a tag team dog collar match for the NWA-A Tag Team Titles.

Futher updates on the status of Kimo Leopoldo, Shaun Tempers and The Bomb Squad. As well as a recap of all the action from Blood, White, & Blue on the August 2nd edition of NWA-A's Anarchy TV. Be sure to tune in.

I hope the surprise of the mystery opponent works out. And when the figure who is stalking Slim J is finally shown I know it will leave people just scratching their heads questioning who the guy is. But trust me he will be good. Better be anyway after all the time in devlopment he spent.

Till then any input on Blood, White, & Blue is welcome. Or hell even your thoughts on who should win the Benifactor's Cup. As of right now I am not even sure, don't have it booked out that far yet.

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August 2, 2006

As the show opens up all of The Elite are in Phoenix's office. John is on the phone as he is pacing around behind his desk. At moments of just listening to the person on the other end Phoenix tells them to "just do it". John then tells Azrael and Rainman that they have a match against Alabama Attitude tonight. Just before the opening credit rolls Phoenix says the game is afoot.

Great Sasuke w/ Al Getz & Jeff G Bailey vs Brandon P (NWA-A Television Title Match)

As the new champion made his way down a smug look was on the face of both his managers. As tonight would be the night where they would gain 51% of NWA Anarchy. After a very short match in which Brandon P was out classed and out wrestled Sasuke picks up the win. Getz grabs a mic and challenges what he called the greatest failure of Phoenix to a match, that being Onyx. Getz proclaimed they would show The Elite how to take someone out. But much to the surprise of the crowd Onyx didn't come out to challenge. A frustrated Getz, Bailey and Sasuke then left the ring.


Don Frye is standing guard in front of The Elite's office when Kimo Leopoldo walks by. His head and face are heavyly bandaged which causes Frye to start laughing. Kimo stops and gets right in Fyre's face. He tells him that yes he did win the match, and yes he did manage to break a few bones in in his face. But he realizes that he needs back up because Frye can't beat him on his own. Don's laughter stops and he questions what exactly Kimo is gonna do about it. Leopoldo comments that he won't do anything about, but next week someone will.

The Elite vs Alabama Attitude w/ Al Getz

Bailey's not being at ringside was quickly noted by both announcers as this match got underway. Actually this was more like a bar room brawl then a fight. At the end of the match Phoenix comes out onto the stage, talking on his cell phone again and motions at his watch then at Azrael and Rainman. Rainman nods and caves in the chest of TC Carnage with a huge boot. Azrael dropkicks Roberts all the way out of the ring, while Rainman picks up Carnage only to drop him with a Dark City Street Cutter for the 1-2-3. The Elite then stare down at Al Getz, who takes his cue and runs off through the crowd for fear of his life.

In the parking lot

A black and chrome hearse pull up and stops. The driver's door opens up and the mysterious black robed figure steps out. He walks around and opens up the back door. On the coffin rack is a figure covered in a jet black cloth. It is pulled out of the car all the way, then suddenly the figure on the rack sits up and removes the cloth over him. It is none other than Sean O'Haire. O'Haire gets up motioning to the robed figure to gets something, he comes back with what looks to be a suitcase. Sean glares around with an evil look in his eyes and he and the robed figure walk into the arena.

Benifactor's Cup Tournament Match

Tony Mamaluke vs Paul Birchall

As this match started both Lance Russel and Doc Marlee were still buzzing about the appearance of Sean O'Haire. Once everything kicked off that was all forgotten as an instant classic took place in the ring. Paul's had a nice power game going for him which started off with a powerslam then quickly into a shoulder breaker. After a crowd pleasing delayed brainbuster Birchall was really on a roll. That came to a sudden stop with a low blow from Mamaluke. Tony unleashed a series of right hands then promptly DDT Paul down. Once on the ground Mamaluke drove several knees into the small of Birchall's back. After an irish whip Tony used a drop toe hold to ground Birchall once again. He dropped a leg across the back and strapped on the Scillian Stretch. Paul struggled for a good minute trying to get to the bottom rope, all that did was make Mamaluke crank on the hold even harder. Birchall was left no other choice and taps out. Tony Mamaluke advances to the second round.

Cut to backstage

Slim J is talking with some of the crew. He has a huge bandage over the side of his face from the fireball at Blood, White, n Blue. From around the corner Sean O'Haire and the robed figure walk past. Slim grabs the arm of the robed figure then tries to punch him. At the last second Sean punches Slim J in the gut then puts him through the catering table with The Prophecy. O'Haire leans down into Slim's half burned face and tells him that the time to fight is yet upon him. But soon, very soon everything will be made clear. Then O'Haire and the robed figure walk off as the crew help Slim J up to his feet.

Shaun Tempers w/ Al Getz vs Caprice Coleman

Coleman was looking for a bit of revenge against the Conglomerate after they stole the NWA-A Television from him at Blood, White, n Blue. Bailey was still not at ringside for this match up. As things got underway Tempers worked on Coleman's arm with several arm breakers and shoulder breakers. Shaun locks on a fujiwara armbar trying to rip Caprice's arm right off. But Coleman manages to reach the ropes and slide outside for a breather. Getz snakes over and punches away at Caprice, to no effect. In fact Coleman gets up and decks Al with one swing. This prompts Jeff Lewis to come down and attack Coleman from behind. While this is going on Tempers has the ref distracted long enough so as not to see what is going on. Lewis chucks Caprice into the guardrail then belly to belly suplexes him into the side of the ring. Pleased with the damage done Jeff tosses Coleman in the ring. Shaun picks up what is left planting Coleman with the Temper Tantrum to score the pinfall 1-2-3. Lewis climbs in the ring after the match and press slams Caprice to the outside. Jeff then tells him he will see him next week in the tournament.

In the ring

Getz, Tempers, and Lewis are still pacing around when Alabama Attitude, Great Sasuke and Jeff G Bailey come walking out.They get instant heat from the crowd just from stepping out from the back. Bailey has a document of some sort in his hands when he grabs the mic. Bailey tells Phoenix that it is decision time now. 51% of NWA Anarchy for the return of Jamie Koepee. He tells Phoenix to get out and sign it away or else.

The Elite's music pipes through, which gets a smattering of cheers. Rainman, Azrael, Fast Eddie, Don Frye, and lastly John Phoenix come out and stand on the ramp. Phoenix says that before he does anything he wants to see Jaime to make sure she is alright. Getz tells the truck to cut to the live feed of Jamie. After a few moments of static what looks like to be the arena's boiler room is shown. Strangely enough, no Jamie is there. The Conglomerate all start yelling at each other about her whereabouts. This is interupted by Phoenix yelling at them through his mic. John then just starts laughing. Telling Getz & Bailey that you can't out smart Phoenix, not today, not ever. Phoenix explains that he figured Jamie would be somewhere in the building and hired someone to go find her.

Suddenly Tony Mamaluke's music hits and he walks out with Jamie Koeppe. A sick smile creeps over Phoenix's lips as he glares in the ring. He tells the Conglomerate that they wanted a war, they wanted to make things personal, they wanted to show Phoenix how things are supposed to be done around here. Well they have just rekindled the passion in his black heart. And now, like it or not, the war is on. All of the Elite, minus Jamie and Phoenix, rush the ring and a huge brawl takes place. Jaime gives John a huge hug as the show cuts to commerical.

Benifactor's Cup Tournament Match

Onyx vs Mystery Opponent

By this point the crowd had figured out who Onyx's opponent was, but for some reason the announcers couldn't. When Sean O'Haire was announced he came out with the black robed figure at his side. Lance and Doc were amazed at this, they apparently haven't been watching things backstage. Sean had nothing but evil things in mind for his first match in NWA Anarchy. A chop to throat later O'Haire was beating Onyx from pillar to post and back again. After a sickening piledriver Sean pulled Onyx up and splattered him in the center of the ring with a jumping powerslam. Sean then threw Onyx halfway across the ring into the turnbuckles. His robed cohort then pulls Onyx out of the ring and starts punching away at him. Slim J dashes down the ramp and tackles him down. O'Haire jumps out to help his partner. While the two on one beatdown is taking shape Onyx slides back in the ring undetected. The ref starts up his count. After O'Haire crushes Slim with a death valley driver on the ring steps he perks up when he hears the bell ring. Onyx wins via countout. Sean goes balistic and picks up the steps and smashes Slim J's already broken body with them. Onyx advances to the next round.

NWA-A Tag Team Title Match

The God Squad vs Dudleyville Express (tag team dog collar)

This match tonight would make the tables match look like a walk in the park. Right from the onset it was stated that backstage there was a coin flip, which ever team won got to decide who they wanted to be chained to. The Dudleyville Express won the coin toss and elected for Bubba to be connected to Gabriel leaving Spike with Alter Boy Luke.

After the opening bell, as usual in recent matches in the epic tag team war, all hell broke loose. Bubba started off by taking a bit of slack from the chain around his neck and whipping Gabriel viciously with it. Spike wasn't having as much sucess as Luke spent the opening moments chopping away at his chest. Bubba Ray chucks Gabriel over the top and basically hangs him when he yanks back on all the chain slack he had been using to whip Gabriel earlier. Alter Boy Luke plasters Spike with a suplex rolling it right over and starts punching Spike in the face.

Later during the match Bubba and Gabriel were beating each other to a bloody pulp on the outside. Spike splatters Luke with a piledriver then stands right back up. Not breaking the hold Spike crushes the top of Luke head with a second piledriver before letting him fall limp on the canvas. Gabriel notices from the corner of his eye that Luke isn't moving. He plants a foot right below the belt of Bubba Ray and tries to get in the ring. Spike gets up on the second turnbuckle and comes off with his pattened double foot stomp onto the chest of the prone Luke. Spike covers Atler Boy Luke. As Gabriel is just about to make the save Bubba Ray yanks on the chain and drops him. The Dudleyville Express pick up the 1-2-3 victory.

After the match all of the medical team as well as a host of wrestlers come to the ring. Alter Boy Luke hasn't moved since the first piledriver. A hush has fallen over the crowd as Luke is placed on a back board and carried out of the arena.

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August 4, 2006

The pyros explode across the stage as Lance Russel and Doc Marlee greet the viewing audience to another action packed show from NWA Anarchy. Lance informs everyone that tonight's main event will be Kimo Leopoldo going one on one against Sean O'Haire.

Onyx vs Jeff Lewis w/ Al Getz & Jeff G Bailey

As the match started Getz was yelling at Onyx, something about how much of a coward he was. The second Onyx turned to look at Al he got caught with a knee to the small of the back from Lewis. A snap backbreaker later and Lewis was taunting the fallen Onyx. Jeff then in a show of disrespect starts slapping Onyx in the face. Then from out of the back walks NWA-A Television champion Great Sasuke. In the ring Lewis continued to literally slap Onyx around. But that didn't last long as he decks Lewis with a thunderous right hand. Onyx and Lewis then start slugging it out in the ring. Sasuke gets to the bottom of the ramp and just stands there while Bailey walks over and discusses something with him. Onyx then splatters Lewis with a powerslam that shakes the ring, but only gets a 2 count out of it. Right after the count Sasuke slides in and blasts Onyx with his title belt. The ref instantly calls for the dq. All four Conglomerate members then start laying the boots to Onyx. Suddenly out of the back races Caprice Coleman. He sends then scattering. Caprice eyes down Lewis yelling at him to get ready for Wednesday.

Jeremy V vs Rainman vs Adam Roberts

Talk about being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Jeremy found himself in the ring right in the middle of two factions who are at war with each other. In fact during all the match all Rainman and Roberts did was focus in on each other. Eventually the stronger Rainman clotheslines Roberts up and over the top rope. Then the two of them continue to fight on the outside. Roberts reverses an irish whip that sends Rainman over the guardrail and into the crowd. Adam follows with a leg lariat from the guardrail that sends both men crashing through a few rows of seats. Eventually the ref's count hits 10 and Jeremy V is awarded the match. As the show fades out to break Rainman and Roberts are pulled apart by security.


Tony Mamaluke is sitting in the Elite's office with no one else around. He looks down at his watch a couple times. Growing bored the starts looking through the mess of papers on the desk. Tony finds something that sparks his interest, a folder marked new signee. Mamaluke opens the seal on it and a look of surprise flows over him. Just then Jamie and Don Frye walk in through the door. Before they even get all the way through the door Mamaluke starts questioning them about the contract. Just as he is about to say the name Frye pushes Tony down and just glares at him. Jamie tells Tony not to worry his spot is set in stone after helping out Phoenix. She takes the contract from Mamaluke telling him that this new signee is just an insurance policy. The best that money can buy.

Out in the parking lot

O'Haire's black and chrome hearse pulls up. The robed figure gets out and just as before pulls Sean out of the back on the coffin rack. The robed figure whispers something to O'Haire, in which he responds that next week another nail will be put in the coffin of Slim J. But tonight Kimo Leopoldo will meet his maker one way or another.

NWA-A Tag Team Title Match

Dudleyville Express vs The Blond Bombers

Eager to show off that they will be the most dominant tag team in NWA Anarchy history Bubba Ray and Spike put their titles on the line for the second time in a week. As many had suspected the tag team dog collar match did take alot out of the champs. Chad and Tank hit a nasty looking double spinebuster on Spike, but at the last second Bubba Ray broke up the cover. Tank then with reckless abandon worked the back of back. After a sit down torture rack he latched on with a boston crab. Bubba Ray quickly put an end to that with a running knee right to the face of Tank. Bubba's speed send him shoulder blocking Chad off the ring apron and about half way up the ramp. After a reversal of an irish whip it was the 3D that capped this match off with the 1-2-3. After the match Bubba and Spike got on the mic announcing that they will take anyone, any place, any time. That is except for the God Squad. Once again they leave to the crowd throwing all the empty cups and anything else at them.

Kimo Leopoldo vs Sean O'Haire w/ robed figure

An eerie silence seemed to follow O'Haire and his cohort to the ring. He still seemed bitterly upset about loosing to Onyx ton the Benifactor's Cup Tournament. Kimo came out to his usual fanfare and was still somewhat bandaged on his face. The bell rang and the bandage became a target for O'Haire. Several forearms to the face, a superkick, and lastly just driving Kimo face first into the mat by his hair cause an explosion of blood to seep through the cloth wrap. Sean continued his flury of damage to the face by locking on an iron claw. Just when it seemed that all was lost Kimo hammered away at O'Haire's gut and broke the hold. After a really stiff looking kick to the gut Kimo went on a rampage. Four knee lifts in a row, each one causing Sean to fly higher and higher off his feet. That was finished with a powerslam, but only yielded a 2 count. After a reversal of an irish whip O'Haire gets behind Kimo and locks him in a full nelson. Leopoldo easily breaks the hold and tosses Sean to the outside with a show of pure strength. O'Haire ducks under the ring itself. When Kimo leans out of the ring to look from him he appears on the other side of the ring and Sean grabs the ref. The robed figure then stick a thumb in the throat of Kimo right before the unleashes a fireball from his mouth. The bandage on Kimo's face catches fire and he starts screaming in pain. O'Haire climbs in the ring and points this out to the ref. The official then smothers the flame putting it out. O'Haire then easily picks up the win with a single foot on Kimo's chest.

After the match Slim J comes running out of the back to help Kimo. The robed figure starts to try and attack Slim but O'Haire holds him back. Sean just laughs like the sick demented man he is as the show fades out.

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August 9, 2006

The show fades in in the middle of John Phoenix addressing all of The Elite in his office. He talks about the contract that Mamaluke found in really vauge terms. He says that this new superstar for NWA Anarchy is the final missing link in the machine of The Elite. With this superstar's help Phoenix will be able to crush the Getz Bailey Conglomerate in one swoop. Then Onyx and Amazing Red will be destroyed by him. This is a glorious day for The Elite. Azrael pipes up wanting to know who this new superstar is. Phoenix just laughs as he shoves the cameraman out of the room.

The pyros explode off the stage as the NWA-A Anarchy TV theme song crushes the air waves. Anarchy TV is offically on the air.

NWA-A Tag Team Title Match

Bomb Squad vs Dudleyville Express

The Dudleys live up to their promise to give anyone who wants one a title shot. Tonight Fury and Sexton stepped up to the plate. During the opening half of the contest it seemed the champs were in trouble. Todd was using his speed and a series of dropkicks to keep Bubba Ray off balance. After a revesal of a whip attempt Bubba socre with a stiff back elbow. He then walks over and spits in the face of Fury. He rushes in the ring but the ref cuts him off. As that exchange is going on Bubba and Spike choke the life out of Sexton. After a double team spinebuster the Dudleyville Express set up Todd for the 3D. By mistake the whip Sexton near his corner and Fury makes a blind tag. After Todd is crushed with the 3D the ref doesn't give the count explaining that Sexton is not the legal man. Fury leaps off the top rope with a missle dropkick that sends Spike to the outside. Bubba looks up and bull rushes Fury, splashing him into a turnbuckle. Bubba sets Jay on the top rope and climbs up behind him. With spine jarring force he delivers a Bubba Bomb off the top rope. After that it is a simple cover and a 1-2-3 victory. After the match as Bubba and Spike are leaving they notice that in the ring both Sexton and Fury are, very slowly, getting back up to their feet. Sexton flips off the tag champs, but they just shake their heads and continue off to the back.

In an unknown location

A room is only lit by about a dozen or so candles. Sean O'Haire is sitting on what appears to be a throne of some sort. As he evily strokes his goatee his black robe cohort walks up next to him. Sean mentions something to the effect of this Sunday at The Benifactor's Cup will be the end of phase one and the begining of phase two. He continues on ranting for a few more moments before the show eventually fades to break.

Urban Assault Squad vs The Carolina Connection

With the Dudleyville Express leaving out open contracts for any tag team to get a title shot, all the other tag teams were looking to take each other out. This contest was proof of that. Black Ness and Brandon got this going in the ring, while on the outside Shadow Jackson yanked Jeremy of the apron and they fought back and forth on the outside. In the end however Brandon P caught Ness by surprise with the After Shock and the Carolina Connection pick up the victory.

At the catering table

Tony Mamaluke is seen gathering himself a plate when NWA-A Heavyweight Champion Amazing Red walks up next to him. Tony just look longingly at the champ. Red kinda gets creeped out by this and starts to walk away when Tony grabs him on the shoulder. Mamaluke talks about how it is so nice of Phoenix to give Red time off till this Sunday. Then questions him about who he will be facing for a title defense. Red says he has no idea but honestly doesn't care, as the title isn't going to leave his waist for a long time. Mamaluke tells Amazing Red it will be gone after the Anniversary Show when he takes that strap from him. Red sticks his hand out telling Mamaluke we will see. Tony just walks off leaving Red's hand extended.

Seth "Career Killer" Delay vs Paul Birchall

Seth is still trying to find he true mark here in NWA-A. The odd thing about this match was he was starting to get a smattering of cheers. The match itself was pretty back and forth. Seth managed to get a near pinfall with a shinning wizard, then he continued to work on Birchall's head with stomps and knee drops. Delay tried a tornado DDT but was promptly thrown half way across the ring. Paul then punishes Seth with a shoulder breaker and then just crushes him with a standing C-4 to score a pinfall victory.

In a make shift office in the arena somewhere

It what appears to be a janitor's closet we see Al Getz and Jeff G Bailey talking over things. Getz explains that in order for Great Sasuke to be taken seriously as a champion and to show up Phoenix once and for all Onyx has to fight Sasuke. Bailey says that it is next to impossible, Onyx has no grudge against Sasuke as well as no erge to fight him. Getz smirks that he will come Sunday.

Benifactor's Cup Tournament Match

Slim J vs Fast Eddie w/ Jamie Koeppe

This was a chance for redemption for Fast Eddie. He still looked like he had been drinking for about a week straight. Rumors have been saying he has been a mess since looking to Amazing Red at Blood,White, n Blue. Tonight though his game was on. Slim was getting taught a lesson in the ring he wouldn't forget. After a snap suplex Eddie popped up and hit a standing moonsault but only got a 2 count. A piledriver and powerslam later Fast Eddie climb the top rope and prepare to finish the match with The Fasteddious. Just then all the lights in the arena go out. There are sounds of fighting going on in the ring. When the lights come back on at the top of the ramp are Sean O'Haire and his black robed lackey. In the ring both men are a bloody mess and Slim J is on top of Fast Eddie. The ref counts 1-2-3. Slim J advances to the semi finals to face Tony Mamaluke on NWA-A Live! this Friday.

In the parking lot

A rebandaged Kimo Leopoldo steps out of a cab. The other door of the taxi opens up and out steps Taiyo Kea. The trunk pops open and both men grab suitcases. As they are walking into the building Kimo thanks Kea for showing up. Taiyo just nods as he takes in the arena from the outside.

Benifactor's Cup Tournament Match

Caprice Coleman vs Jeff Lewis w/ Al Getz & Jeff G. Bailey

This match above all others was really hyped all through the night. Mainly because of the actions that the Conglomerate took on NWA-A Live! this past Friday. As soon as the bell rang the war was started. Coleman got the quick upperhand with some well placed knees. After a nasty looking axe kick Caprice drove Lewis down with a falcon arrow, but only got a 1 count as Getz yanked the ref out of the ring. While Al and the official were having words Bailey slides in and low blows Coleman to tip things in favor of Lewis. Jeff took advantage with a nice DDT quickly followed up with some elbow drops. As the match continued it picked up it's pace. Both men started countering each other's every move. Grow more and more frustrated at this Bailey starts motioning for someone to come out of the back. Out comes NWA-A Television Title holder Great Sasuke. He takes his time walking down the ramp adjusting his mask along the way. Back in the ring Lewis gets tripped up and locked in a figure four leg lock. Sasuke slides in the ring and looks over the situation. The ref turns in shock that Great Sasuke is in the ring. He gets shoved to the side and Sasuke leaps up in the air and drives a leg down on Jeff Lewis. Getz starts yelling and screaming at Bailey. Bailey just points to the ring announcer who says,"The winner by disqualification ... Jeff Lewis!" Lewis advances to the semi finals to face Onyx on NWA-A Live! on Friday.

After the match Coleman gets up and runs at Sasuke. He gets greeted with a belt shot right off the face. Sasuke and Lewis then start stomping away at Caprice. Out from the back races Onyx with a steel chair. He slams it into Lewis first, which sends him stumbling and falling out of the ring. Then a long stare down between Great Sasuke and Onyx. Sasuke just points at Onyx before rolling out of the ring to join with the rest of his stablemates on the outside.

In the ring after the break

Kimo Leopoldo and Taiyo Kea walk out to the ring. Kimo once again publicly thanks Kea for showing up in NWA Anarchy and watching his back. Kimo talks about how knows no one mad can beat him, as proven by both Don Fyre and recently Sean O'Haire. Just as Kimo hands the mic over to Taiyo Don Fyre's music hits. Fyre laughs about how this is such a big surprise. Fyre slides in the ring and pushes right past Kimo. An epic stare down between Frye and Kea leads right into an impromtu match between to two.

Taiyo Kea w/ Kimo Leopoldo vs Don Fyre

They unload vicious lefts and right into each other, with neither man giving ground. Frye score with a huge knee to the ribs that knocks the wind out of Kea. After a grecko roman throw down to the mat Don blasts several knee into Taiyo's ribs. With no actually ref out there Kimo gets in the ring to try and pry Frye off of Kea. Suddenly out of crowd jumps Sean O'Haire. He slides in behind Kimo and plants him with The Prophecy. Don looks up and just shrugs it off as he locks in his Beast Choke on Kea. In a matter of seconds Taiyo is out cold. Don lets go and grabs his NWA-A Anarchy X Title belt and holds it high over head as he stands over the broken body of Taiyo Kea as the show fades off the air.

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Guest ncguy

ok first thing first would like to see some kind rating from game with results, second a little unrealistic in talent used even for bumping up fed i could c using decent big name for main event but not untill bigger, also alot of titles, ok i like writing pretty solid gives good feeling for match

hope this feedback helps in some way and will check back to see if improves

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I would put the in game raitings on the matches, but I honestly feel the story that revolves around the matches is sometimes more important that what the games says.

As for the unrealistic talent. I am not totally sure who you are talking about. I have been playing this game for almost 2 years now, in game that is. So I actually have alot of money built up and saved. Every once in a great while I go out and make a big spend on a couple of guys. This last time it was Taiyo Kea, Sean O'Haire, and the guy who won't debut till probably the Anniversary Show. The one that Phoenix talked about last show. So I am not sure where the "big name talent" comes from. Alot of guys started with the fed and I have built them up. I also have had some guys come out of devlopment in that time and really built them up as well.

As for my ammount of titles ... I only have 5. Considering how big the roster is it isn't that bad. I don't plan on ever adding any more titles ever. I only add two to and have tried to build divisions around them. Those being the Anarchy X and Quicksilver. The Anarchy X division was made to give, in story lines, a legit reason why people like say a Seth Delay would stand a bit of a chance against someone like a Don Fyre. The Quicksilver was brought in because I looked at my roster and noticed how many crusierweights I had. Plain and simple, so I decided that those not in the main event need a place to showcase their talent. So I made the Quicksilver division.

But thanks for the input. I should have the last show people the PPV up in about a half hour or so. Then I have to actually book the PPV. Kind of caught up to myself.

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IPB Image

August 11, 2006

As the camera pans around to various signs in the crowd the NWA-A Live! theme sound screams over the speakers. Lance Russell and Doc Marlee greet everyone. The big double main event tonight is the semi finals of The Benifactor's Cup Tournament. Slim J against Tony Mamaluke and Onyx taking on Jeff Lewis.

Bubba Ray Dudley vs Todd Sexton

Before this match started Bubba Ray said that if Sexton could manage to win this match that on Sunday they would give the Bomb Squad a rematch for the tag team titles. As the match got underway first thing Bubba Ray did was beat the crap out of Todd. Once Sexton was one the ground Bubba did the most vile and evil thing he has done since being in NWA Anarchy. He grabs Sexton's fingers and breaks his middle one on his right hand. Todd starts rolling around in pain as Bubba Ray just look on with a smirk on his face. Spike then walks down to the ring and whispers something to Bubba Ray. He then calmly walks over to Sexton, pushing the ref away from him, and holds Sexton down on top of him. Bubba Ray and Spike both yell at the ref to count. Which he does, Sexton wins the match. Spike grabs the mic and mockingly says he is looking forward to the big rematch on Sunday.

Taiyo Kea vs Sean O'Haire w/ the black robed figure

This match was requested by Kea as a way to get back for the events that unfolded at the end of Anarchy TV. A certified pier six brawl took place in the ring. Kea being the stronger of the two took the early advantage. Concrete like forearms were leaving a huge red welt on O'Haire's chest. When Sean tired to take Kea's legs out from under him he got caught in a front headlock. The headlock didn't last that long, unfortunatly for O'Haire, Kea used pure power to lift him up and drive him down with a powerbomb. The robed figure quickly yanks O'Haire to the outside so Kea can't follow up. As he does Slim J jumps the mystery man from behind through the crowd and start beating on him with a chair. Kea jumps out to help, when he does Slim J takes a swing with the chair that both the robed figure and O'Haire scatter from. Taiyo wasn't so lucky. The blow sent him reeling back into the ring post. Sean turns around and superkicks Kea against the ring post for good measure before rolling him back in the ring. O'Haire hooks the leg, and the tights, for a 1-2-3.

Afterwards Sean grabs his robed cohort and drags him away from the Slim J fight. O'Haire just smiles evilly shaking his finger at Slim J.


Caprice Coleman is seen talking to Jamie Koeppe. he is pleading with her to give him another match with Lewis this Sunday. She explains that as of right now she can't, see if Jeff wins his match tonight he will be in the finals of the tournament. But if something happens and Lewis looses, well ... seeing as how he is a memeber of the Conglomerate, she would be forced to grant Coleman his rematch wish. Caprice comments about how much of a shrew Jamie is, to which she replies with a thank you.

In The Elite's office

Jamie is sitting at her desk shuffling some things around. Paul Birchall walks in and calmly sits down. Jamie looks up a bit in surprise and questions as to just what he is doing here. Paul calmly states that he wants a match on Sunday, nothing more nothing less. Just then Fast Eddie stumbles in. He looks at Paul and laughs about how he got beat by Tony Mamaluke in the tournament. Birchall stands right up and says at least he didn't get beat by some punk kid and a freak of nature. Eddie points a finger at Paul, before he even utters a word it gets slapped away. Jamie yells at both men telling them she isn't in the mood for this right now. In fact they will try and settle this Sunday at The Benifactor's Cup. Fast Eddie grumbles something then just storms out of the office.

Benifactor's Cup Tournament Semi-Final Match

Slim J vs Tony Mamaluke

One of these men will be fighting for a chance to get a NWA-A Heavyweight Title Match at the NWA-A Annaiversary Show in September. As the match got underway it was clear that Slim J is still recovering from the recent attacks from O'Haire and his mysterious robed lackey. Things quickly evolved and Mamaluke was getting the advantage with several arm drags and a series of suplexes. After an asai moonsault Tony covers, but Slim kicks out on 2. Then Slim started to mount his comeback. A dropkick right on the chin of Tony was the last of his assault. Then on the ramp appeared Sean O'Haire. Slim J mistakenly turns his gaze that way. Mamaluke dropkicks Slim in the small of the back and rolls him up into his Scillian Crab. After several painful moments Slim J taps out. Tony Mamaluke is in the finals of the Benifactor's Cup Tournament!

O'Haire then comes down into the ring and demands that on Sunday Slim J put up his NWA-A Quicksilver Title. Slim tells him that he doesn't fit the weight limit for that. Sean laughs saying it isn't for him but rather him. O'Haire points up to the top of the ramp where the black robed figure is now standing. Slim J agrees wanting the chance to finally get his hands on his attacker.

Benifactor's Cup Tournament Semi-Final Match

Onyx vs Jeff Lewis w/ Al Getz & Jeff G Bailey

This was it, just a few days before the big Benifactor's Cup Tournament Finals, the winner of this match will face Tony Mamaluke in the finals. The crowd was really behind Onyx, but Lewis had both Getz and Bailey at ringside with him. As the match progressed Bailey was the first to get involved. He tripped up Onyx as he bounced off the ropes. As the ref was yelling at Bailey for this from down the ramp comes Caprice Coleman. Lewis and Onyx continue an epic back and forth battle in the ring. Getz tries to get involved in the match by jumping up on the apron. Coleman races over and yanks Al down and decks him with a thunderous right hand. While the ref goes over and tries to break that up on the outside, Great Sasuke jumps the guard rail and crushes Onyx with his NWA-A Television Title. The ring official eventually sends Getz to the back, he turns around and sees Lewis covering Onyx.

At the last possible second Onyx kicks out. Lewis has a WTF look on his face. Jeff pulls up Onyx and hooks him for the Lewis Driver. Onyx slides down his back and levels Lewis with a reverse DDT. Onyx slowly drapes an arm over Lewis, at the very last second Bailey yanks the ref out of the ring. Coleman comes over and scares off Jeff G Bailey as he stalks him around the ring and up the ramp. Saskue then pops his masked head up again. This time he slides in the ring in and blasts Onyx with his Northern Lights Bomb. The ref turns around to see Great Sasuke leaving the ring and both men down in it. The ring official starts his count, on 7 Lewis manages to get back to his feet. He staggers over to Onyx and drops down to cover him. At the last second Onyx rolls him up in a school boy and get the 1-2-3! Onyx advances to the finals this Sunday and goes 1 on 1 with Tony Mamaluke for The Benifactor's Cup.

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