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World Wrestling Entertainment 2004


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Due to commitments such as college, my girlfriend and my band, I have little time to spare in a week. Because of this I have ended my other diary which was too time consuming. In this one I will write Raw/Smackdown! as recaps, Heat/Velocity as quick results and PPV's as big write ups (No Mercy will be booked as real life and results just posted.)

Recent RAW Storylines

After winning the World Heavyweight Title at Summerslam, Evolution turned on Randy Orton, which lead to Triple H beating him at Unforgiven to win the title. After Taboo Tuesday was announced, Orton had a chance to be in the voting balot for the main event, all he had to do was beat Batista... in a No DQ Match! Ric Flair who had earlier teased a face turn, attacked Orton screwing him out of a possible world title shot. So, Chris Benoit, Shawn Michaels and Edge are all elligable to be voted into the title match.

At Unforgiven, Chris Jericho defeated Christian in a ladder match to become the NEW WWE Intercontinental Champion, ever since, Jericho has had trouble with Christian, and "Problem Solver" Tyson Tomko.

The monstrous Gene Snitsky made his debut in a No DQ match against Kane. The results were disastarous as Lita, who was with Kane, got hurt and miscarried her baby! Snitsky has continuously claimed that "it wasn't his fault" Kane said on a recorded interview, that even though Lita didn't like him, they shared love for the baby, which is now gone, so he was going to kill Snitsky! Snitsky challenged Kane to appear on the next addition of RAW.

WWE Women's Champion, Trish Stratus, Molly Holly and Gail Kim all apparently have issues with Diva Search winner, Christy Hemme. They held an 'initiation' and beat her up before stripping her. However she gained confidence and posed for the crowd!

After being a continous annoyance to his uncle, it was announced that Eugene will face RAW GM, Eric Bischoff at Taboo Tuesday, no stipulations have been announced.

Also, La Resistance are the World Team Champions, Simon Dean (a fitness guy) is set to debut soon.

World Heavyweight Champion: Triple H

Defeated Randy Orton at Unforgiven on 12th September 2004

World Tag Team Champions: La Resistance (Rob Conway and Sylvain Grenier)

Defeated Chris Benoit and Edge at RAW on 31st May 2004

WWE Intercontinental Champion: Chris Jericho

Defeated Christian at Unforgiven on 12th September 2004

WWE Women's Champion: Trish Stratus

Defeated Victoria, Lita and Gail Kim in a 4-Way at Bad Blood on 13th June 2004

Recent Smackdown! Storylines

WWE Champion JBL managed to escape Summerslam with his title match, after Orlando Jordan, now his "Chief of Staff" aided him against the Undertaker, a rematch was made and its at No Mercy and it will be a 'last ride match' The loser is the man who gets shut into a hearse first.

After returning from suspension, Big Show had his sights set on Kurt Angle. Angle was the then GM of Smackdown! and was assaulted by Show. When Teddy Long became GM he re-instated Show. After a tag match, Angle and his men, Luther Reigns and Mark Jindrak, subdued Show with tranquilisers and shaved him bald! Angle and Show will go one on one at No Mercy with Reigns and Jindrak banned from ringside. Reigns however, will face Eddie Guerrero at No Mercy, another recent rival of Angle's.

US Champion Booker T and former champion John Cena, had been locked in a best of 5 series to name an undisputed United States Champion, with the fith and final match being held at No Mercy.

Billy Kidman accidently injured Chavo Guererro with a Shooting Star Press and was ever since anxious about using the move, and seemed to be losing his senses somewhat. He eventually turned on partner Paul London and a match for No Mercy was made.

Paul Heyman currently manages all 3 Dudley Boyz and Heidenreich. Spike is the Cruiserwight Champion with his brothers as his body guards. He will defend his title at No Mercy form Nunzio who beat him in a non-title match. Heidenreich is just insane and 'reads poetry' He also had a strange obsession with announcer, Micheal Cole recently. Also at No Mercy the Dudleyz are set to team up with Dawn Marie in a six person match against, Rico, Charlie Haas and Miss Jackie after a recent dispute.

Also Tag Champions Kenzo Suzuki and Rene Dupree will defend against challengers Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio, while there have been promo's recently for the debut of 'Carlito Caribean Cool'

WWE Champion: John Bradshaw Layfield

Defeated Eddie Guerrero at Great American Bash in a Bull Rope Match on 27th June 2004

WWE Tag Champions: Kenzo Suzuki and Rene Dupree

Defeated Billy Kidman and Paul London at Smackdown! on 9th September 2004

WWE United States Champion: Booker T

Defeated John Cena in an 8 man match at Smackdown! on 29th July 2004

WWE Cruiserweight Champion: Spike Dudley

Defeated Rey Mysterio at Smackdown! on 29th July 2004

And thats all the information, No Mercy results will be up very soon then on with the first RAW.

Note: I will be using a layout much like the one in Kody's WWE Road to WrestleMania and Beyond diary, I have asked him for permission.

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No Mercy 2004 Results, 3rd October 2004

Eddie Guerrero def. Luther Reigns

Spike Dudley def. Nunzio to retain WWE Cruiserweight Title

Billy Kidman def. Paul London

Dupree/Suzuki def. RVD/Mysterio to retain WWE Tag Titles

Big Show def. Kurt Angle

John Cena def. Booker T to win WWE US Title (Best of 5 final)

Charlie Haas, Rico & Miss Jackie def. Dudley Boyz & Dawn Marie

JBL def. Undertaker to retain WWE World Title in last ride match when Heidenreich interfered.

Afterwards Heidenreich drove a truck into the hearse and Undertaker is assumed 'Dead'

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RAW Preview

4th October 2004

RAW is set to be great after last week when Ric Flair hinted at leaving Evolution, but eventually revealed his true colours and turned on former Evolution member, Randy Orton! This week, the legendary Ric Flair will go one on one with Legend Killer Randy Orton!

The three men who have a chance to be voted into the Taboo Tuesday main event will all be in matches to prove themselves to the fans. Edge will face the monster of Evolution, Batista. Chris Benoit will square off against Shelton Benjamin and Shawn Michaels will wrestle Christian.

RAW General Manager will face his nephew Eugene, at Taboo Tuesday, but for tonight the GM has ordered a Summerslam rematch. Eugene goes head to head with World Heavyweight Champion, Triple H!

Also, Kane will be on RAW to answer Gene Snitsky's challenge, what will he do to the man who lost him his son and then claimed 'it wasn't my fault'?

All this and much, much more.

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4th October 2004

The Hurricane and Rosey def. La Resistance in a non-title match

Decent match with both teams working well together. The match started with the Hurricane running rings around Conway. After hitting a suplex and a few other slams, Grenier ran into the ring only to the intercepted by Rosey. With the referee distracted though, Conway low blowed Hurricane and went to work on him. A beatdown from La Resistance began as they made frequent tags and took it in turns keeping The Hurricane down. After a few failed attempts, Hurricane finally managed to tag in Rosey, who demolished both of the tag champs! He clotheslined both men down and then threw Conway out of the ring, he then Samoan Dropped Sylvain, who was then the legal man. Rosey pinned him, but Grenier just managed to kick out! He tagged out to Hurricane, as Conway got back into the ring. Rosey took Conway to the floor as Hurricane ascended the turnbuckle, and nailed a Flying Cross Body on both men! Rosey threw Conway back out of the ring as Hurricane hit the Shining Wizard on Grenier for the 3 count!

Taboo Tuesday draws nearer

RAW General Manager, Eric Bischoff came to the ring. He said that it isn't long until Taboo Tuesday and he has some announcements to make about the show. He said that the two men who do not get into the main event will compete against each other that night for another chance at being number one contender. He then went on to say how he is going teach that idiot Eugene some respect. But thats only if he is able to compete after he gets his ass kicked by Triple H tonight. Vince McMahon made his way onto the entry ramp and announced he was adding an interactive element to the match between Eric and Eugene. The stipulations fans will be able to choose from are; Hair vs Hair OR Eugene controls RAW/gets suspended for a week. Vince left leaving Eric looking pissed.

Edge def. Batista

Edge managed to get a quick advantage against the monster with a dropkick to the knee. The match went back and forth for a while with Edge holding his own against the powerful Batista. However, Batista gained himself the advantage and a close two count after Edge missed a spear and became a victim of a massive Batista clothesline! At this point Batista became ruthless and used his strength and size advantage to keep Edge at bay. Edge finally got some momentum on his side after reversing a Batista spinebuster into a DDT! Both men were down, but not for long as they both got back up and began exchanging right hands. After ducking a clothesline, Edge hit his reverse sitting DDT move and got a two count. Shortly after Batista hit a powerslam for a two count of his own. After countering a spear into a spinebuster, Batista set Edge up for a powerbomb. Edge countered, dropped behind Batista and rolled him up and got the 3 count whilst holding the middle rope with his left hand.

There's going to be hell to pay

Kane's music played as the big red machine had returned to answer Gene Snitsky's challenge. He only managed to get as far as far as the top of the entrance ramp when he was attacked from behind by Gene Snitsky with a steel chair! Snitsky went crazy hammering Kane in the back of the head with the chair. Everytime Kane tried to get back to his feet he got took back down by Snitsky and his chair! Snitsky realised that Kane wasn't going to stay down, and ran at Kane kicking him in the stomach. He kept kicking him until Kane had rolled to the edge of the ramp! Snitsky took a few steps back, ran at Kane, and Booted him in the face! Kane, who wasn't even back to his feet lost what little balance he had and fell of the ramp! He landed in some boxes filled with electrical equipment and sparks flew for a few seconds! Medics rushed out to attend to Kane while road agents and referees came to take Snitsky away. Snitsky shoved them out of the way and climbed down the ramp! He went over to Kane, took out the medics and began hammering Kane with right hands! Snitsky continued until Kane was bleeding from the forehead and drenched in his own blood. After some more beating and more man handled officials, Snitsky was finally escorted from the arena, leaving Kane bloodied and lifeless.

Shawn Michaels def. Christian

In the second of tonights matches where the Taboo Tuesday main event choices could prove themselves to fans, the Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels, took on Christian, accompanied of course by Tyson Tomko. The match started with lots of fast paced action between the two, involving many reversals and fast moves you'd expect to see from two smaller guys. HBK managed to get the advantage early on after Christian missed a clothesline into the corner and ran into the turnbuckle. Christian soon regained the upper hand though, as 'Problem Solver' Tyson Tomko certainly made his presence felt. Christian kept dropping HBK onto the bottom rope and then getting the referee's attention so that Tomko could run past and nail Michaels in the head with his fist! After taking quite alot of punishment from both men, HBK managed a comeback. He took Christian down with right hands and followed with a hip toss.

Christian got back up and ran right into a back body drop, only to get up and run into a jumping forearm smash! HBK ascended the turnbuckle and hit his elbow drop! He did a kip-up, and much to the pleasure of the fans started to tune up the band. After a count of ten he went to hit his opponent with Sweet Chin Music but Christian ducked an nailed a reverse DDT! He covered, and HBK barely kicked out! HBK raised Christian, who then shoved Michaels into the referee knocking him down. Tyson Tomko ran in, went for his Big Boot, but HBK ducked and Tomko botted Christian! HBK threw Tomko out of the ring and covered Christian, the referee had recovered and he counted the 3! After the match, Tomko got back inside and a brawl broke out. HBK was managing to fight back until Christian got back up and joined in. The two one on attack became too much when all of a sudden, WWE Intercontinental Champion, Chris Jericho sprinted to the ring and evened things up a little. Jericho and Michaels soon cleared the ring of Christian and Tomko, and celebrated.

A little Revenge

WWE Womens Champion Trish Stratus was shown backstage in a bathroom seeing to herself in the mirror. All of a sudden she was attacked from behind by Christy Hemme! Christy grabbed Trishes head and shoved it into the sink before turning the tap on! She held her head under the water for a few seconds before running off, having gained a small measure of revenge from last week.

Triple H def. Eugene

A decent match, about as good as the Summerslam match. The first half of the match saw Triple H getting and keeping the upper hand as a result of playing tricks on Eugene. Triple H continued to make a mockery of Eugene much to the fans displeasure. However, Eugene finally snapped and went crazy when HHH ripped up his teddy bear to taunt him! Eugene levelled the World Champion with right hands. He followed up by hitting Triple H with a Stone Cold Stunner! He got a two count when Triple H put his foot on the bottom rope. Eugene then hit a Rock Bottom and prepared for 'Eugene's Elbow' when Eric Bischoff came to ringside and started yelling at Eugene. The distraction proved fatal for Eugene as Triple H managed to catch him unaware and nail the Pedigree for the 3 count!

Intercontinental Title at Taboo Tuesday

Christian was stood backstage with Tyson Tomko and he announced that Chris Jericho would defend his title at Taboo Tuesday. The fans would choose for it either to be: vs Christian, vs Tyson Tomko, vs Christian and Tomko in a handicap match or vs Christian and Tomko in a triple threat match.

Simon System

A video played hyping the debut of Simon Dean and his patented Simon System. It said when he arrives out of shape wrestlers will be put in shape, or put out of a job!

Chris Benoit def. Shelton Benjamin

An amazing match between two amazing superstars. Despite being a face vs face bout, the fans were into this match more than any other all night. They went back and forth all match reversing grapples and countering submissions. Near the end of the match, Benoit set up Shelton for a superplex, but the youngster countered it mid air into a cross body! Benoit however managed to barely kick out. Shortly after, Shelton hit Benoit in the corner with his splash, and as Benoit staggered into the centre of the ring, Benjamin got him ready for the T-Bone suplex, but Benoit somehow countered it and applied the crippler crossface for the submission! After the match, the two men shook hands and got a big ovation from the crowd.

A look back

A recap video of the the past months was shown. It highlighted Randy Orton winning the World Title at Summerslam, the turn from Evolution, HHH winning the title, and Flair teasing a turn last week which lead to this match.

Randy Orton vs Ric Flair ended in a No Contest

This match never got going, Orton took it to Flair on the outside before it started. He used the ring post, cables and the crowd barrier to take it to Flair before rolling him into the ring. As Flair was getting back up, Orton was stalking him for the RKO, when all of a sudden Batista runs in and takes out Orton! A two on one beatdown began and Orton got beat to a pulp. Flair got a steel chair and bloodied Orton and Batista then hit his Batista Bomb to finish off Orton. Raw went off the air with Batista and Flair stood together while Orton was left in a bloodied heap.

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New Match added to Taboo Tuesday

After mondays Raw, Eric Bischoff has informed WWE.com that at Taboo Tuesday, Randy Orton will wrestle in a street fight. The fans will be able to choose whether his opponent will be Ric Flair or Batista.

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Smackdown! Preview

7th October 2004

The fallout from WWE No Mercy is set to be great.

JBL defeated Undertaker to retain the WWE Title in a last ride match, thanks to the less than sane Heidenreich! Afterwards, Heidenreich drove a truck into the Hearse leaving Undertaker assumed Dead. Will Heidenreich reveal why he attacked Undertaker? And who will be the next to challenge JBL?

At No Mercy, Spike Dudley defeated Nunzio to retain the WWE Cruiserweight Title, and Billy Kidman defeated Paul London. This thursday, London and Nunzio will team up to face Kidman and Spike.

In other tag action, RVD and Rey Mysterio will face The Dudley Boyz in a number one contenders match, after they failed to capture the titles from Kenzo Suzuki and Rene Dupree.

Eddie Guerrero defeated Luther Reigns at No Mercy, but this thursday he will go one on one with his Team Angle asscoiate, Mark Jindrak.

Big Show finally gained revenge by defeating Kurt Angle at No Mercy, what will he have to say? And how will the Olympic Gold Medallist react?

Also NEW WWE United States Champion, John Cena will be in the house!

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WWE Smackdown!

7th October 2004

And STILL The Champion

JBL and Orlando Jordan came out to the ring. JBL said that at No Mercy he proved he why he is the greatest WWE Champion of all time. He said that as well as brawn, he had brains, and he used this to think of paying Heyman and Heidenreich to take out the Undertaker for him. He said that nobody would ever take his title and they left the ring.

Paul London and Nunzio def. Billy Kidman and Spike Dudley

A great cruiserweight tag match, with all four men putting on a good performance. London and Nunzio got the win when Paul London hit Spike Dudley with the 450 splash while Nunzio and Kidman were brawling outside.

A Big Interview and a Big Challenge

Big Show was stood with Josh Matthews backstage preparing to be interviewed. Matthews asked what Show planned to do now that he had gotten revenge on Kurt Angle at No Mercy. Show said he wanted the WWE Title and he challenged JBL to a title match!

Eddie Guerrero def. Mark Jindrak

A decent match which saw Eddie dominated most of it. The end came when Eddie managed to mount a come back against Jindrak who had been in control for a short while. Eddie nailed the 3 amigos when Luther Reigns ran in! He ran at Eddie with a big boot, but Eddie ducked, and Luther hit Jindrak! Eddie dropkicked Luther out of the ring and then hit the frogsplash for the victory.

The Champ is Here!

The NEW WWE United States Champion, John Cena, made his way to the ring. He did a small rap which promted former champion, Booker T to come out. Booker informed Cena that he has a rematch and it is next week on Smackdown! Cena said he doesn't want to wait to kick Booker's ass and told him to bring it on. Booker ran down to the ring and they brawled, Cena picked Booker up for the F-U, but Booker escaped and ran away up the ramp, looking pissed off.

WWE Title match... Tonight!

Theodore Long walked into JBL's lockeroom and told him that because of how he retained his title at No Mercy, he is going to grant Big Show a title match. He said that it'll be right here tonight!

Heidenreich def. Hardcore Holly

Heidenriech dominated the match, totally over powering Holly. Holly managed to gain some momentum towards the end hitting a dropkick and some other offence. A distraction from Paul Heyman later and Heidenreich hit his Tilt-a-Whirl Sidewalk Slam for the 3 count.

Why, Oh Why Heidenreich?

After the match Paul Heyman made Heidenreich put his Straight Jacket back on. Heyman said that he is a genious. He said not only did he make money from JBL paying him, but he also finally brought in someone who could get rid of the Undertaker! He said now that the Undertaker is gone, no one is safe from the genious of Paul Heyman and the pure destruction brought by Heidenreich.

Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio draw Dudley Boyz in a Number One Contenders Match

RVD and Mysterio continued to work well as a team using a variety of high flying double team moves. After awhile the Dudleyz managed to isolate Mysterio for a long time. He eventually tagged in RVD who cleaned house, but failed to finish the match after missing a Five Star Frog Splash. After a bit more brawling, WWE Tag Champions Kenzo Suzuki and Rene Dupree ran in. Dupree hit Bubba Dudley with a title belt, while Suzuki unleashed a vicious attack on Mysterio. The ref called for a double DQ, and the Champions made a getaway!

CCC Coming Soon!

Another video played hyping the upcoming debut of Carlito Caribean Cool. It showed him getting on a bus and getting told he didn't have enough money for the fair. He tells the driver 'thats not cool' then takes a bite of his apple before spitting it in his face!

Big Show def. JBL w/ Orlando Jordan via DQ in a WWE Title Match

The most of this match saw Big Show dominating from the start. JBL was blatently scared to go face to face with the giant and made a few escape attempts. A throwing the Champ around abit more, Show prepared for a chokeslam when Orlando Jordan got in the ring and got a Chokeslam for his troubles! JBL took advantage and gave a low blow to the Giant from behind while the referee was shoved OJ out of the ring. JBL hammered down with his fists and boots in an attempt to subdue the monster. It didn't take long for Show to mount a comeback yet again, and he took it to JBL with a series of slams and clotheslines before stalking the champion and nailing him with a Chokelslam!! Before he could capitalise, Kurt Angle stormed the ring and hit Big Show in the back numerous times with a steel chair causing a DQ. Angle viciously attacked Show, attacking his Ankle once he was on the ground. This let JBL and OJ make their escape, while Angle applied the Angle Lock to the fallen giant! He refused to let go as Smackdown! faded to black.

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B-Show Improvements

As of this weekend, Velocity and Heat will undergo a slight change. They will still feature recaps and matches with lower card wrestlers, but the main event for each show will have some importance. Whether it'll be a match featuring a big star, or a championship match of some kind, expect so good matches starting this with weekends shows featuring Raw's Batista and Smackdown's John Cena.

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WWE Velocity

9th October 2004

Shannon Moore def. Akio

Orlando Jordan def. Haas

Bashams def. Ultimo Dragon and Funaki

John Cena def. Matt Morgan (Non-Title)

WWE Heat

10th October 2004

Molly Holly def. Victoria

Gene Snitsky def. Val Venis

William Regal def. Tyson Tomko via DQ

Batista def. Tajiri

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Rumour Squash

Rumours have circulated the internet about certain superstars who have been off TV recently being released. Chuck Palumbo and A-Train will be returning to RAW soon after a short break. Rico is out with an injury from a house show and could be out for upto a few months. Johnny Stamboli is not currently under contract as his previous one had expired, however he is negotiating with WWE for a new contract deal.

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RAW Preview

11th October 2004

This monday on RAW, possible participants of two big Taboo Tuesday matches will clash in a huge six man tag match. Evolution (Triple H, Batista and Ric Flair) will battle the team of Randy Orton, Chris Benoit and Edge. While Edge and Benoit will certainly be looking to impress the fans, Randy Orton will only have revenge on his mind, for the beatdown suffered last week at the hands of Batista and Flair.

Last week, Shawn Michaels defeated Christian, but was subjected to a beatdown afterwords by Christian and his 'Problem Solver' Tyson Tomko. WWE Intercontinental Champion, Chris Jericho came to HBK's aid and ran off Tomko and Christian. This week HBK and Y2J will team up and face Christian and Tomko in a tag team battle.

After coming to answer Gene Snitskys challenge, Kane was brutally assaulted by the man himself. Snitsky attacked Kane from behind with a steel chair, then threw him off the stage! After that Snitsky climbed down and continued the attack and bloodied the big red monster. This week Lita returns and has said she will confront Snitsky on his recent actions!

Last week, RAW GM Eric Bischoff cost Eugene a match against Triple H. Will he continue to be a thorn in his side or will Eugene get an advantage a few weeks before their Taboo Tuesday match?

All this and more Monday on RAW.

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11th October 2004

Christian and Tyson Tomko def. Shawn Michaels and Chris Jericho

A good opening match which saw Jericho and Michaels dominate most of it. Towards the end, Jericho and Michaels look poised to win. However, Evolutions music played and HBK got out of the ring, but when it became apparent no one was coming out, HBK became a victim of a Tyson Tomko boot to the head! While in the ring Christian got Jericho from behind with the Unprettier and got a 3 count!

Edge states his case

Backstage Edge said everyone should vote for him, and its his time now. And to prove this he guarateed he would get the winning pinfall or submission in tonights main event.

Robert Conway def. Rosey

A short match which saw Rosey tossing Conway around for awhile. Sylvain Grenier then distracted the bigger superhero allowing Conway to roll him up, he then placed his feet on the ropes and got the victory. Hurricane jumped into the ring and the Superheroes chased La Resistance away!

Lita confronts Gene Snitsky

Lita made her way to the ring and siad she wanted Gene Snitsky to come out and apologise for his recent actions. Without having to ask again, Snitsky made his way to the ring. She said that what he had done to her, Kane and her child was unacceptable. She said that even though she wasn't in love with Kane, they shared a love for their child. She demanded an apology from him and he just laughed in her face! Seeing this, Lita slapped him in the face! Snitsky reared his head and looked positively insane! He lunged forwards and grabbed her around the throat when all of a sudden, Eugene ran to the ring! Eugene took Snitsky by surprise and battered him with his hands, Lita climbed out of the ring and the referee called for the bell, its an offical match!

Eugene def. Gene Snitsky via DQ

Eugene continued hitting the larger Snitsky seemingly hell bent on putting the monster in his place. Snitsky got to the edge of the ring and rolled to the outside. While Eugene played to the crowd in the ring, doing his rendition of Hulk Hogans ear thing. While doing this, Eugene clearly let his guard down when Snitsky got back into the ring and attacked him from behind. He beat on him for a while, until he blocked a right hand and 'Eugened Up' again copying Hulk Hogan. Snitsky couldn't get a shot in, and eventually got tossed outside by Eugene! This time Snitsky came into the ring with a steel chair and smashed it against Eugene's skull! The referee called for a DQ and Snitsky continued the assault. He continued until Eugene was eft bloodied and battered in the ring. RAW GM Eric Bischoff stood at the entrance ramp while this happened clapping and smiling.

WWE Womens Champion has something to say

Trish Stratus came to the ring. She said that after last week, she wants to call a truce with Christy Hemme. Hemme came out looking suspicious of the champion. Trish offered her hand and Hemme nervously shook it. When out of nowhere Molly Holly attacked Hemme and a two on one beat down began! Victoria then sprinted to the ring and made the save helping Christy fight off Molly and Trish!

Interview with the Legend Killer

Randy Orton was backstage. He said tonight he will get a small measure of revenge against Evolution. He said for who ever the fans vote as his opponent at Taboo Tuesday, there will be hell to pay, and tonight they will get a sample of the mighty legend killer.

Shelton Benjamin def. Al Snow

A decent but short match, Al Snow got little offence in, Shelton hit him with the splash in the corner and followed up with his T-Bone Suplex for the 3 count.

SimonSystem Challenge

Another video hyping the debut of Simon Dean played. On it he announced that his 'SimonSystem Challenge' would begin at Taboo Tuesday. Fans can vote one of four superstars to face him in the debut of his challenge. The choices are Shelton Benjamin, Rhyno, Tajiri and William Regal. The camera then cut to Regal Backstage.

Angry Englishman

Regal said that next week he will prove why the fans should vote for him. He has been granted a match he requested against that vile Gene Snitsky. He said he is going teach that pillock a lesson after what he did to poor little Eugene earlier tonight.

Edge, Chris Benoit and Randy Orton vs Evolution (Triple H, Ric Flair and Batista)

A good six man main event which saw action from all six competitors. Edge, Benoit and Orton had control at the start, they frequently tagged each other in and out of the match and took it in turns keeping Triple H down. H finally got a tag to Batista who dominated the then legal man, Edge. Batista used his superior strength to keep control of Edge. Batista hit a spinebuster and set Edge up for the Batista Bomb! Edge reversed into a tornado DDT, but was to hurt to go for a pin. Edge crawled to his corner and tagged Benoit in! Batista ran at Benoit, who ducked a clothesline, and nailed a german suplex! Triple H ran in at Benoit but received a german of his own! Ric Flair ran in, but got intercepted by Randy Orton, who attacked the nature boy with right hands. Flair escaped by delivering a low blow to Orton and throwing him through the ropes. Batista tagged in Flair, who then low blowed Benoit, saving Triple H! Benoit managed to deliver a huge chop knocking Flair down long enough for him to tag Edge back into the match. Edge and Flair battled while, Benoit and Orton brawled with Batista and Triple H on the outside. Batista threw Orton into the steel ring steps leaving him motionless. Both men then attacked Benoit, allowing Triple H to pedigree him through the announce table! back in the ring Edge and Flair were still battling. Edge set Flair up for a spear, but Flair got him with a drop toe hold and was about to apply the Figure Four when.. Shawn Michaels ran into the ring and delivered Sweet Chin Music to Flair! Edge quickly jumped onto Flair and the referee (who had been checking on the other men outside the ring) counted 1..2..3!! Edge celebrated in the ring as HBK walked up the ramp, signifying that Edge wouldn't have won if it wasn't for him.

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Taboo Tuesday News

A final match has been added to the card of Taboo Tuesday, World Team Champions La Resistance will defend their titles from the super team of Rosey and The Hurricane. No voting will be involved as this match will be opening the show.

With this announcement, Voting is now open and will remain open until the eve of Taboo Tuesday.

Voting Closed

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Smackdown! Preview

14th October 2004

Smackdown! is set to be huge this week.

The United States Champion will defend his championship for the first time for the man he won it from, Booker T. Will Cena hold on to the belt he won a best of 7 series for? Or will Booker T take back what he believes is his?

Smackdown! General Manager, Theodore Long has informed WWE.com that he will make a big announcement this thursday! What will it be? Who will it affect?

In last week's main event, Kurt Angle cost Big Show a chance at being WWE Champion, this week, Big Show and Eddie Guererro team up to face Angle's two proteges, Luther Reigns and Mark Jindrak.

Last week in a tag team match, Paul London pinned WWE Cruiserweight Champion Spike Dudley, this week they go head to head with the title on the line.

All this and more on Smackdown! Thursday night!

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WWE Smackdown!

14th October 2004

Spike Dudley def. Paul London to retain WWE Cruiserweight Championship

A good cruiserweight title match which had the crowd firmly behind London. Spike used his sneaky tactics to gain an early advantage though. London soon gained momentum and looked poised for victory. Until Spike tryed bringing in his title belt to use as a weapon. While the referee was disposing of the belt, London took control and mounted the turnbuckle for his 450 splash! When Billy Kidman ran down the ramp and shoved London off! Spike pinned London and retained his title. Spike and Kidman attacked London, only to be ran off by Nunzio!

Its My Night, Sucka

Booker T backstage, he said that tonight he will take back whats his, and he is going to make John Cena pay, one way or another.

Can they survive?

WWE Tag Team Champions, Rene Dupree and Kenzo Suzuki were stood in a locker room, also with Rene's dog Fifi and Kenzo's wife, Hiroko. Dupree told Suzuki that his plan worked last week, and no there are no contenders to their titles. They laughed about it, but then in came Smackdown! General Manager, Theodore Long. He said that because of their actions, they would defend their titles from Rey Mysterio and Rob Van Dam, and The Dudley Boyz at Survivor Series! The match will be triple threat elimination rules. And tonight Rene has a match against Mysterio!

Kurt Angle def. Shannon Moore

Kurt Angle didn't take long to make Shannon Moore tapout to the Ankle Lock, but Moore certainly didn't go down without a fight. Angle went into the match with a certain cockyness, which soon backfired as Moore's offense at first was way to fast for Angle. After hitting dropkicks, crossbodys and then a top rope dropkick, it looked like Moore may get an upset. After Angle kicked out of the tope rope dropkick, Shannon looked poised to finish off Angle, however another dropkick from Moore was instantly reversed into the Ankle Lock and Shannon Moore tapped within seconds! Angle quickly left the ring with a look of worry on his face. The announcers pointed out he was probly looking to escape the Big Show after costing him the WWE Title last week.

Heyman Demands

Backstage Paul Heyman walked into Theodore Long's office and said he needed to talk. He said that Heidenreich deserves a shot at WWE Gold after ridding Smackdown! of the Undertaker. Long said that he gave Heyman and Heidenreich the night off for a reason. He told him to leave and that Heidenreich would get an oppurtunity following his announcement later tonight.

Rey Mysterio def. Rene Dupree via DQ from Interference

Mysterio gave Dupree the run around and used his speed to tire him out early on. As soon as Dupree began to tire, Rey went on the offensive. Hitting a dropkick, a spingboard cross body and then a tornado DDT, almost got him an early victory, but Rene just managed to escape a pinfall. Dupree gave Rey a thumb to the eye and got the advantage for a short time. He then started to wear him down with stomps and a few holds, also pulling his mask back while the referee couldn't see! This didn't last long though as Mysterio soon mounted a comeback and looked set to win, he hit the 619, and jumped up for the West Coast Pop but he was intercepted by an interfering Kenzo Suzuki! The ref called for a DQ as Dupree and Suzuki put the boots to Rey. Rob Van Dam ran in for the save and took both men down with spinning heel kicks. The two teams brawled for a bit until The Dudley Boyz arrived and took out both teams! The Dudleyz left looking proud.

Carlito Carribean Cool - Next Week!

Another CCC video played. This one showed footage from previous videos, with Carlito speaking over the top of it. "Starting Next Week, Carlito will be making his mark on Smackdown!... Now Thats Cool!"

Doug Basham w/Danny Basham def. Charlie Haas w/Miss Jackie

Haas gave Doug all he had to offer and looked to win this match as he stalked Doug for his finishing move. Danny then caused a distraction from the outside, allowing Doug to sneak up behind Haas and roll him up for the 3 count.

Big Show and Eddie Guererro def. Luther Reigns and Mark Jindrak via DQ from interference

Big Show and Eddie dominated this match, and had plently of reason to give it their all. Eddie has had problems with men recently, and Show was screwed out of the WWE Title by their mentor Kurt Angle. Eddie and Show kept control and 'Team Angle' never really got a chance. Big Show chokeslammed Jindrak and then Chokeslammed Reigns too. However, Kurt Angle ran in and caused him another DQ, when he hit Show with a steel chair! This time Angle didn't escape though and a huge brawl broke out. Show chokeslammed Kurt, which was followed by a Frogsplash from Eddie Guererro. Jindrak returned to the ring and clocked Eddie with the ring bell! Jindrak and Reigns both began the attack Big Show, who eventually managed to fight them off throwing them out of the ring. When it looked like Big Show had won the battle, WWE Champion JBL and Orlando Jordan ran to the ring and surprise attacked the already weakened Big Show. With Show down, JBL got a mic and told everyone that what they see is five men on the floor, all at the hands of 'The Wrestling God' John Bradshaw Layfield! The crowd didn't like this and errupted into a chorus of boo's, when some familiar music played.

Elimination Chamber

Theodore Long came out and announced that at Survivor Series, JBL would defend his title in the firstever Smackdown! Elimination Chamber! Big Show, Eddie Guerrero and Kurt Angle will all be in the match, and the other two spots will be filled by winners of qualifying matches. Long left leaving JBL looking shocked.

Tonights Main Event

A video played highlighting the recent history between Booker T and John Cena, and their battles over the United States Title.

John Cena def. Booker T to retain WWE United States Championship

Another good match between both men which was quite even until near the end. Cena gained momentum and hit the Throwback, followed by the Five Knuckle Shuffle. Cena raised Booker for the F-U, Booker escaped however and rolled up Cena for a two count. Booker set Cena up for the Book End but Cena fought out of it only to walk into a kick to the gut. Booker T went for the Scissors Kick, but Cena ducked and rolled Booker T up for the 3 count! Cena celebrated with his US Title for a bit, when Booker T attacked him from behind and layed a massive beating on the champion, much to the crowds displeasure.

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IPB Image

WWE Velocity

16th October 2004

Billy Kidman def. Nunzio

Orlando Jordan def. Hardcore Holly

Dudley Boyz def. Ultimo Dragon and Funaki

Heidenreich def. Rob Van Dam

WWE Heat

17th October 2004

Rhyno def. A-Train

Tajiri def. Sylvain Grenier

Christian def. The Hurricane

Trish Stratus def. Victoria to retain WWE Womens Title

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IPB Image

Breaking News!

WWE.com has just been informed that new superstar Simon Dean is gone from the WWE only two days before his debut at Taboo Tuesday! Dean was expected to sign a new WWE by contract today, as his developmental one was up. He simply decided not to sign, despite weeks of hype leading up to his debut. He kept his reasons to himself. Chairman Mr. McMahon will be on RAW this Monday to clear up the situation. He has urged that all voting for the match in question at Taboo Tuesday should continue as normal.

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IPB Image

RAW Preview

18th October 2004

Theres bound to be plenty of action and excitment this monday on RAW, the night before Taboo Tuesday!

Mr McMahon will be on RAW to address the 'Simon Dean' Situation. WWE.com was earlier informed that his WWE career had come to an end before it had even begun. For unknown reasons, Simon Dean did not sign a contract as planned on Sunday and left the WWE. Mr Mcmahon will reveal what will happen regarding his supposed match at Taboo Tuesday. Will Mr McMahon have any other surprises?

The main event will be huge. Edge, Chris Benoit and Shawn Michaels will get a final chance to impress fans, when they face off in a triple threat match! But there is a twist, World Heavyweight Champion Triple H will be special Guest Referee!

Randy Orton will team up with WWE Intercontinental Champion, Chris Jericho to face Batista and Ric Flair in tag team action. However, with Jericho involved its likely his enemies, Christian and Tyson Tomko won't be far away.

William Regal will face Gene Snitsky in a Hardcore Rules match, in an attempt to get revenge for his friend Eugene and the beating he took at the hands of Snitsky last week.

All this and much more on the eve of Taboo Tuesday!

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IPB Image


18th October 2004

Vince takes over for the night

Mr McMahon came to the ring as RAW started. He got in the ring and took a mic from Lillian Garcia. He said for thoses who didn't know, Simon Dean has indeed left the WWE two days before his debut. Vince pointed out that it would be the biggest mistake of his life. He said voting for that match will continue and the winner will face a mystery opponent. He said Eric Bischoff has been given the night off to prepare for his match tomorrow and Vince is in charge of RAW for tonight. He said that Eugene also has a night off, to prepare for tommorrow but to more importantly recover from the attack by Gene Snitsky last week.

Gene Snitsky def. William Regal in Hardcore Match

A decent match in which Snitsky took Regal down with a vicious attack at the start. Regal shocked Snitsky with his Brass Knux and seemed to have scored an upset. However the big man just managed to kick out of the pin. Snitsky dominated the rest of the match, bloodying Regal with a variety of weapons. Once Regal was totally out of hit, a big boot and Pumphandle Slam later, Snitsky got the pin and the victory.

Evolution of Taboo Tuesday

Triple H, Batista and Ric Flair all came to the ring. Triple H said that he will call the main event right down the line and went on to say that it doesn't matter who he faces at Taboo Tuesday, he will walk out with his title. He said he has beat HBK many times before, Edge is just a joke and Benoit couldn't even beat Randy Orton. Flair stepped in and pointed out that Orton would also recieve the beating of his life when he goes up against the Nature Boy, Ric Flair or The Animal Batista, in a Street Fight. Triple H said that sooner or later, everyone will learn that you do not mess with Evolution!

Shelton Benjamin, Rhyno and Tajiri def. Al Snow, Christian and Tyson Tomko

A decent match with all men taking turns in the ring. A brawl broke out near the end which lead to Shelton Benjamin hitting Al Snow with his T-Bone Suplex for the 3 count.

Sneak Attack

Diva Search Winner, Christy Hemme was walking backstage, happily saying hello to random staff members. When suddenly she was attacked by Trish Stratus and Molly Hollyl They knocked her to the floor and kicked her about before Trish told her to stay out of their business, and the attackers walked away.

The Hurricane def Sylvain Grenier

An average match, Hurricane got the best of Sylvain for most of it. Towards the end, Rob Conway interfered, but Hurricane swiftly dealt with him and Hurri-chokeslammed him! He then repeated the move on Grenier for the 3 count. After the match, La Resistance both attacked Hurricane, only to be ran off by his sidekick Rosey.

Italian Stallion... Coming Soon

A video played hyping the return of Chuck Palumbo, it dubbed him 'The Italian Stallion'

Batista and Ric Flair def Chris Jericho and Randy Orton

Orton and Jericho took it in turns taking it to Flair and kept an advantage with quick tags. Flair low blowed Jericho and made a tag to Batista. Batista as the fresh man, used his size advantage and beat down on Jericho for a while. Keeping him isolated in corners, and knocking him back down whenever he tried to mount a comeback. Batista tagged Flair in who continued to work on Jericho. Y2J finally got back with an Enziguri! He made a tag to Randy Orton who totally cleaned house. Batista ran in only to walk right into a RKO, Flair got up and walked right into anotehr RKO! Orton covered 1.. 2.. but Flair had his foot on the bottom rope. Orton the tagged in Jericho, who went after Flair. Batista pulled Orton of the apron and Spinebustered him on the Floor!! With the referee's attention on this, Christian ran to the ring and leading Tyson Tomko, who got into the ring and booted Jericho in the head! Flair covered, got the referee's attention and got the win.

Better Watch Out

Lita was walking backstage when she bumped into Gene Snitsky. She told him he makes her sick and when Kane gets back he's going to be sorry. Snitsky said that Eric Bischoff assured him that Kane won't be aloud to wrestle him because he would become a danger to the public. Mr McMahon appeared and informed Snitsky that he had over ruled Bischoff and guaranteed a Kane vs Gene Snitsky match when the Big Red Machine returns!

Val Venis def. A-Train

A decent filler match which saw Val Venis use the Money Shot to get the pin and win, after he escaped a A-Bomb attempt.

Tomorrow Night

A video played going through the entire Taboo Tuesday Card, talking about all the match possibilities from voting.

Edge def Chris Benoit and Shawn Michaels: Guest Referee - Triple H

A brilliant match. At the start, Edge stood outside the ring for a while and let Benoit and Michaels go at it one on one, and the stole the show! After reversing each others grapples, holds and slams, Benoit got arm dragged by Michaels, but then ducked a HBK clothesline and hit a German Suplex! Benoit held on and hit an amazing ten German Suplexes! he then signalled for the Diving Headbutt, but Edge then ran in ant attacked him! Benoit was prepared though and German Suplexed Edge too! Benoit raised Edge and worked on him with a series of chops. Not realising HBK was back to his feet, Benoit became a victim of a back suplex from Michaels. HBK didn't have time to capitalise however as Edge went on the offensive. Benoit came back shortly after, and all three men continued to battle it out. Triple H remained impartial like he had promised, occaisionally getting in the face of all 3 men, but nothing coming of it. The finish came when HBK delivered Sweet Chin Music to Chris Benoit. Edge threw HBK out of the ring and covered Benoit, Triple H made the (seemingly slow) 3 count and Edge won the match. Edge left proudly to a mixed reaction from the crowd. After the match, HBK got in the face of Triple H and challenged him about the alleged 'fast count' Triple H responed with a low blow and a Pedigree!! Triple H held his World Title up as RAW went off the air.

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IPB Image

Taboo Tuesday Voting Officially Closed

As of now Taboo Tuesday is closed. WWE.com will later post a preview of the Event, without revealing winners of votes. The winners will not be known until the actual event. After the event fans will be able to find a list of voting results online including votes in percent.

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IPB Image

World Heavyweight Championship - Triple H © vs

a) Chris Benoit

b) Edge

c) Shawn Michaels

IPB Image

World Heavyweight Number One Contendership

Losers from main event vote

IPB Image

Street Fight - Randy Orton vs

a) Batista

b) Ric Flair

IPB Image

WWE Intercontinental Championship - Chris Jericho © vs

a) Christian

b) Christian and Tyson Tomko Handicap

c) Christian and Tyson Tomko Triple Threat

d) Tyson Tomko

IPB Image

Eugene vs Eric Bischoff

a) Hair vs Hair

b) Eugene controls RAW for a week/Gets Suspened

IPB Image

Mystery Opponent Challenge

a) Rhyno

b) Shelton Benjamin

c) Tajiri

d) William Regal

IPB Image

World Tag Championship - La Resistance © vs Hurricane and Rosey

Taboo Tuseday will be up within a couple of days. Predictions welcome. :)

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Hurricane and Rosey -- Always liked Hurricane.

Shelton Benjamin -- Meh, I like him the best of those four.

b) Eugene controls RAW for a week/Gets Suspened; and Eugene wins

a) Christian, but Jericho wins -- Tomko doesn't deserve to be anywhere near the IC Title.

a) Batista; but Orton wins -- I like it when these two fight

Benoit def. Edge -- Not Edge's time to shine...yet

HHH def. HBK -- To set up Benoit/HHH again.

Overall, it looks like a good PPV. I'd order it >_>

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IPB Image

Taboo Tuesday

19th October 2004

IPB Image

Vive La Tag Champions

La Resistance def. Hurricane and Rosey to retain World Tag Team Championships

Conway and Rosey started out and Conway caught the big hero off guard and took him to the floor. Grenier came into the ring (illegally) and La Resistance hit a double clothesline on Rosey. Rosey hit Conway with a powerslam out of nowhere and covered 1..2.. Conway just got out of it. Grenier gets tagged in, and Hurricane runs in and takes him down to avoid a double team attack. Conway however dopped Rosey with a reverse DDT before he left the ring. Grenier then continued to work on Rosey in the corner with kicks and right hands. Conway came back into the ring and the champs went for another double clothesline, but Rosey ducked and clotheslined both champions! Rosey Tagged in The Hurricane, but the referee didn't see it! Conway and Grenier then beat on Rosey until the referee forced Conway back out of the ring. Rosey then reversed a Grenier DDT attempt into a back body drop and finally tagged Hurricane into the match! Hurricane ran at Grenier and hit him with a flying forearm attack. Conway ran in, and walked right into a Hurri-Chokeslam, Grenier made the save however. Rosey got back in and shoulder blocked Grenier to the ground and then clotheslined both members of La Resistance. Conway then ducked another clothesline by Rosey, which accidently took the referee down. Hurricane then chokeslammed Grenier, followed by a Splash from Rosey, but there was no referee to count the pin! Conway pulled Hurricane out of the ring and slammed him into the ring steps. He then slid back into the ring where he and Grenier caught Rosey off guard and hit the Au Revoir for the 1..2..3 and the win. La Resistance grabbed their titles and left quickly.

IPB Image

Storm Returns But There Still Ain't No Stopping Shelton

Shelton Benjamin def Lance Storm

A good mactch considering Benjamin didn't know he would be competing, or who his opponent would be. Match starts off with a shoulder block by Storm. Shelton then backbody dropped Storm, followed by a dropkick before he tossed Storm over the top rope to the outside. Shelton slammed Storm's head against the apron then rolled him back into the ring. Shelton quickly ascended the turnbuckle and hit Lance with a top rope cross body! He pinned him, but only got a two count. Shelton ran at Storm who had him scouted and lifted him up and dropped him throat first onto the rope! Storm threw Shelton into the corner and gave him some kicks before giving him a choke with his boot. The referee pulled Storm away, who then ran at Shelton in the corner. Shelton jumped out of the corner right at Storm and got him in a schoolboy rollup for a 2 count! Storm then put Shelton in a small package for a two count, Shelton reversed into a small package of his own for a two count! Shelton reversed a Storm dropkick and rolled over him in a bridging pin for another 2 count! Storm applied a abdominal stretch to Shelton who quickly grabbed the ropes, forcing Storm to release the hold and throw Shelton to the floor. Lance Storm climbed the turnbuckle and attepted an ariel attack, but Shelton counted it mid-air and nailed a powerslam! The referee counted but Storm managed to put his foot on the bottom rope just before 3. Both men got back to their feet and Lance Storm put Shelton in the single legged crab! Shelton rolled through and applied his own version of the move to Storm! Lance kicked Shelton off and sent him towards the ropes. Storm got up and went for a Super Kick, but Shelton ducked and hit his T-Bone Suplex! He covered 1..2..3!

IPB Image

Eugene Takes Over RAW Next Week

Eugene def Eric Bischoff

Eugene ran to the ring looking more furious than usual. Eugene attacked Bischoff right away, spearing him to the ground and hammering him with right hands. The referee tried to restrain Eugene, which gave Bischoff long enough to regain his composure. Bischoff shoved the referee and hit Eugene with a couple of martial arts kicks. Eugene the grabbed Eric's foot and pulled it making him fall over. Eugene pointed and laughed at Bischoff. The RAW GM then ran at Eugene, who booted him in the face. Eugene did the Hulk Hogan taunt and bounce off the ropes and Leg Dropped Bischoff! He covered but Bischoff some how managed to kick out much to Eugene's dismay. While Eugene was arguing with the referee, Bischoff went out side the ring and grabbed a steel chair, he slammed Eugene in the head with it! The referee was about to call for a DQ when Bischoff grabbed his arm and told him if he DQ's him, he'd Fire him! Bischoff went for another chair attack, but Eugene jumped up and hit him with the Rock Bottom! Jonathan Coachman then ran to the ring and Eugene hit him with the chair! Bischoff pulled himself up by the ropes, while Eugene stalked him in a manner only Eugene could. Eugene then did a ridiculous double handed wave at Bischoff and hit a Stunner! he covered 1..2..3! William Regal came down after the match and celebrated with Eugene.

IPB Image

Jericho Retains!

Chris Jericho def Christian to retain WWE Intercontinental Championship

Christian made his way to the ring as the selected challenger for the match and waited for Jericho, however when the titantron countdown hit 0, Jericho didn't appear. Jericho entered through the crowd while Christian still looked up to the ramp. Jericho climbed up the turnbuckle and just as Christian turned, Jericho jumped off with his top rope elbow! He pinnned Christian and almost made one of the quickest defences in history! Y2J continued to dominate the match with a suplex and then DDT which scored him another very close 2 count. Jericho whipped Christian against the ropes, but Christian grabbed the ropes, forcing Jericho to mess up a dropkick. Christian quickly capitalised and kicked Jericho right in the side of the leg, making him fall to his knees. Christian then kept on top of Jericho with continous stomps to his leg. Christian became incresingly cocky, and let his guard down long enough for jericho to block a kick and nail an Enziguri! Jericho went for the pin but only managed to get a 2 count yet again. Jericho waited for Christian to get up, and the ran against the ropes and hit him with a bulldog! Off the other ropes with the Lionsault! But Christian put his knees up! Christian then swooped in behind Jericho and hit a Reverse DDT, he covered, but Jericho escaped at 2! Before Jericho could get back to his feet, Christian began kicking his leg once again as well as his lower back. Christian picked up Jericho and slammed him into the corner, and started punching and kicking away. Christian then placed Jericho on top of the turnbuckle and set him up for a superplex, Jericho was prepared though, and after a few gut shots sent Christian to the mat. Jericho then launched off the turnbuckle with a massive missile dropkick, but Christian hit his own dropkick and and met mid air! Both men were down until the referee's count of 7, when they were back to their feet Christian ran at Jericho, who ducked a clothesline, and went for a dropkick. Christian countered and dropped Jericho to the floor and he's trying to put him in the Walls of Jericho! Jericho was clearly in pain thanks to all the damage he recieved to his legs and back earlier. Jericho unable to reverse the move, had Christian laughing, he new he had won. The cockiness proved to be a huge error, as Jericho then caught Christian off-guard and rolled him into a small package 1..2...3! Jericho had retained his title! Jericho left holding his title up high while Christian was furious in the ring.

IPB Image

The Crippler Gets A Title Shot

Chris Benoit def Edge to become Number One Contender

A great match between these two men. Started out with a tieup where Edge forced Benoit into the corner, Benoit soon switched it around placing Edge in the corner, and hit him with a massive chop to the chest! He followed up with more chops to Edge's chest making it bright red! Edge staggered out of the corner right into a vicious snap suplex for Benoit which gained the rabid wolverine a 2 count! It wasn't long before Edge made a comeback with a suplex of his own, which he followed up with a hip toss, which he then covered after for an easily escaped 2 count. Edge quickly ascended the turnbuckle and flew off it with a missile dropkick for another two count on Benoit. Edge picked up Benoit and placed him in a headlock, but Benoit soon powered out of it and pushed Edge towards the ropes. Benoit ducked an Edge clothesline and hit a bridging German suplex and got a two count. Benoit ran at Edge, who ducked and nailed the Edge-O-Matic for a 2 count of his own! Edge was starting to get frustrated, but held himself together and applied a rear chinlock to Benoit. It didn't take Benoit long to get to his feet and break out of Edge's hold with some elbows to his stomach. Edge then hit Benoit to the ground with his full nelson face buster. Instead of going for a cover, Edge applied the Edgecator! He had Benoit writhing with pain, who finally struggled across the mat to the ropes! However Edge didn't break the hold immedietly, and Benoit got to his feet while still in the move! He forced Edge to the ground and turned it into the Sharpshooter! Now Edge was the one in the pain, but he managed to quickly grab the bottom rope making the referee force Benoit to break the hold. An exchange of right hands began between the two, until Edge finally got an upper hand and set up Benoit for the Edgecution, but Benoit reversed it into a Nothern Lights Suplex! The referee counted 1..2.. Edge just got his shoulder up! Benoit quickly got back on Edge and hit him with an amazing 5 german suplexes!! Benoit then signalled for the Diving Headbutt! He climbed the turnbuckle and flew through the air, but Edge moved out of the way and Benoit crashed into the mat! Edge slowly crawled over to Benoit and draped his arm over him, the referee counted 1..2.. No! Benoit just got his shoulder up! Edge cant belive it and he's furious! Edge then tried to get the referee the change his decision, but to no avail. Edge then kicked Benoit to the corner and went to the opposite corner and began stalking Benoit for the Spear! Benoit made his way to his feet and Edge ran at him, Benoit countered and put him in the Crippler Crossface! Edge tapped within seconds and Chris Benoit won the match via submission! After Edge got back to his feet he stood face to face with Benoit, who offered him a handshake. Edge looked around, before shaking his head and walking away, much to the crowds displeasure.

IPB Image

Legend Killer Prevails

Randy Orton def Batista in a Street Fight

As soon as Batista got into the ring Orton went right at him and unloaded on him with a flurry of right hands! Batista soon fights Randy off and throws him into the corner and hits his stomach with some vicious shoulder slams, Batista then hits Randy with a couple of right hands before he fights him off with a huge uppercut! Randy capitalised on this and ran at Batista knocking the big man to the floor with a big clothesline! Orton covered but barley got a 2 count. Orton's momentum didn't last long as the big man nailed a massive clothesline of his own, however instead of covering, tossed Orton over the top rope to the outside! Once outside Batista whipped Orton back first into the ring apron! He threw him into the crowd barrier and then dropped him chin-first onto it! Batista then removed its protective covering and dropped him again onto it! Batista then went over to the timekeepers table, shoved him out of the way and picked up a steel chair! He went over to Orton who was still down and raised the chair, but Orton kicked Batista in the stomach forcing him to drop the chair. Randy quickly got to his feet, grabbed the chair and slid into the ring. Batista followed and walked right into a chair shot to his head! Orton went crazy and layed right into Batista continuously beating him with the chair! Once the chair was to battered to use Orton stalked Batista for the RKO! Batista countered though and pushed Randy into the ropes before catching him with a massive Spinebuster! Batista went for a cover but Orton just got his shoulder up at a 2 count! Batista picked Orton back up and whipped him against the ropes for another spinebuster, but Orton countered and kicked him in the face, he grabbed Batista and hit his Custom Backbreaker! He covered 1..2 Batista got his shoulder up! Randy went out of the ring, but was followed by Batista, who seemed to be sneaking behind Orton, when Orton turned round and hit Batista in the head out of nowhere with the Ring Bell! Batista fell to the floor with a blood covered face. Orton started to strip the announce table, his intentions were clear. When all of a sudden Ric Flair appeared and attacked Orton! Orton soon managed to fight back, and clocked Flair with a TV monitor form the announce table! With Flair also covered in blood, Orton rolled him into the ring and followed. The Nature Boy slowly staggered to his feet and became a victim of the RKO! A few referees rushed to the ring and helped the bloodied Flair out of the arena, while Orton went back to Batista. Batista however, had recovered during Randy's brawl with Flair. Batista slammed Orton into the ring steps, and then on top the announce table. Batista put Orton in position for a Powerbomb, but Orton reversed and back body dropped Batista into the adjacent table! By the time Orton had recovered enough to continue, Batista had started to recover. Orton picked up Batista, slammed his head into the ringpost (further bloodeying him) and rolled him into the ring. Orton stalked him and prepared for for the RKO, he ran at him and walked right into a Spinebuster! Batista raised Orton, he lifted him in a Powerbomb, but Orton dropped out of it mid-air and nailed the RKO!!!! He covered him 1..2..3!! Orton celebrated in the ring as Batista layed battered and bleeding below him.

IPB Image

HBK Wins The Vote, But Loses The Game

Triple H def Shawn Michaels to retain World Heavyweight Championship

HBK sprinted to the ring and attacked the champion from the offset. This was another great encounter between the two men. Triple H soon threw HBK into the corner and went to work with some kicks. Michaels made a comeback with some right hands, but Triple soon sent him down after a vicious kick to Michaels' leg. Triple H continued to beat on Michaels, but not for long as the showstopper made a comeback with a crossbody which went into a pin for a 2 count! Michaels kept on the offensive by applying a sleeper hold, which Triple H soon powered out of, Michaels then took the champ down again with a clothesline and did his little dance to an applaud from the audience. Michaels got to his knees and hit HHH in the head with a couple of right hands before standing back up and posing again. Triple H pulled himself up by HBK's body only to get slapped in the face! The champion then walked into a inverse atomic drop and a DDT by Michaels! he covered 1..2.. Kick out! Triple H soon regained an advantage after shoving Michaels into the referee and then low-blowing his challenger! Triple H then assaulted HBK with vicious right hands to the forehead! He hit him at least 10 times before letting go, he then stomped the head and abdomen of Michaels. Triple H looked down, saw the referee stil knocked out and suddenly a sneaky smile crept across his face. Triple H slid out the ring and rumaged around under the ring for a while before he pulled out his deadly weapon.. the Sledgehammer! Before he could do anything Shawn Michaels took him out with plancha over the top rope to the outside! Michaels then reigned down with right hands on Triple H! HBK picked up Triple H and whipped him into the steel steps. He continued to battle the champion around the side of the ring until they got near the entrance ramp. Here, Triple H blocked a punch and they began exchanging right hands until Triple H kicked HBK in the groin for the second low blow of the match! Hunter got HBK and slammed him right into the ring apron, before sliding him back into the ring. He positioned HBK's head so it hanged out of the ring, and then dropped his elbow on it! Triple H climbed back into the ring and went to the other side, brought his sledghammer in and went for the kill. He lifted it above his head, but Shawn Michaels low blowed Triple H! Michaels gained huge momentum, hitting The Game with a few clotheslines, a hip toss, a suplex and then his forearm smash followed by the kip up! Michaels did a little pose and dance and jumped onto the top turnbuckle, he jumped, Elbow Drop! HBK kipped up again and started tuning up the band! He stomped his foot ten times and nailed Triple H with Sweet Chin Music! He dropepd on top of him for the pin, the referee was still out and the crowd counted 1..2..3..4.. all the way up to 10! HBK stood up and tried to wake the referee, who started to come too, but before HBK could do anything he fot hit in the stomach by Triple H and his sledgehammer! Triple H threw the Sledgehammer out of the ring and raised HBK befoe hitting him with the pedigree! He covered him as the referee recovered, 1..2..3!! Triple H retained his World Heavyweight Title from the fans choice Shawn Michaels.

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Taboo Tuesday Full Voting Results

World Heavyweight Championship - Triple H © vs

Shawn Michaels 43.75 %

Chris Benoit 31.25 %

Edge 25%

Street Fight - Randy Orton vs

Batista 62.5%

Ric Flair 43.5%

WWE Intercontinental Championship - Chris Jericho © vs

Christian 62.5 %

Christian and Tyson Tomko Handicap Match 18.75 %

Christian and Tyson Tomko Triple Threat Match 18.75%

Tyson Tomko 0%

Eric Bischoff vs Eugene

Eugene controls RAW for a week if he wins/Gets suspended for a week if he loses 68.75 %

Hair vs Hair 31.25 %

Mystery Opponent Challenge vs

Shelton Benjamin 43.75 %

Rhyno 31.25 %

Tajiri 12.5 %

William Regal 12.5 %

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