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WWE From Sep 2006

ZJ Penn

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WWE Sep ‘06...

Inspiration for this goes to Aaron man, for inspiring me to have a reason to carry on booking. Basically, I started a new game in Feb 2006 as WWE (Using the Breaking Barriers Update (Y) ) and have currently played through seven months and have arrived at September. At this point I thought to myself about starting a new game because this one was going stale. Then as I lay about last night looking through the various forums on Ewbattleground and GreyDogSoftware etc. I had the vision to do this. Tbh, even though its nice to have what you’re doing acknowledged, the main reason I am doing this is to ‘jazz up’ my current game and give me more reason to go on. Anyways, I doubt this will be a four times a week update :) , although I will try to at least stick to the schedule of one Raw and one Smackdown! Also a PPV at least once a month. However, if I get really into it and receive some positive feedback then who knows. Finally, before I get going, if you’ve been writing/reading a ‘dynasty’ before you, may notice similar elements in here. If that’s the case then its likely I’ve stolen the idea from you and a bunch of other ideas from other people. Please don’t complain, take it as a compliment (Y)

All right, so the first thing to note is that as I’m WWE, I have completely abolished the brand split, simply because it was rubbish. I then simply had everyone on each show. However, that did lead to having two tag title belts, which I’ll get to in a minute. I let go the usual suspects and brought in some new faces. Below is the entire roster as it stands right now:

Main Event Scene

Batista (Face)

Chris Benoit (Heel-Recent Turn)

Chris Jericho (Face)

Christopher Daniels (Heel)

Kurt Angle (Heel)

The Undertaker (Face)

Triple H (Heel)

Upper Midcarders

AJ Styles (Face)

Christian (Face)

John Cena (Face)

Ken Shamrock (Tweener)

Randy Orton (Heel)

Shawn Michaels (Face)

At this point I’ll note that these rankings become pretty packed from here and so I will only point out the noteworthy and regularly used workers from here on (H)


Booker T (Heel)

Big Show (Face)

Carlito (Heel)

Chris Masters (Heel)

CM Punk (Heel)

Edge (Heel)

El Hijo Del Santo (Mexican Lucha Libre Veteran, Face btw)

James Gibson/Noble (Face)

JBL (Heel)

Kane (Face)

Kid Kash (Heel)

Lashley (Face)

Matt Hardy (Face)

Paul London (Face)

Rey Mysterio (Face)

Ron Killings (Face)

Sabu (Face)

Shelton Benjamin (Face)

Tajiri (Face)

Tank Abbott (Heel)

NB/ I also have kept the entire women’s division but rarely use them….their managers if anything :D

Lower Midcarders

Austin Aries (Face)

Brian Lawler (Heel)

Bob Sapp (Face)

Brian Kendrick (Face)

Bryan Danielson (Face)

Chavo Guerrero (Face)

Colt Cabana (Face)

EZ Money (Heel)

Fit Finlay (Heel)

Frankie Kazarian (Heel)

Jody Fleisch (Face)

Juventud Guerrera (Tweener)

Ken Kennedy (Heel)

MNM (inc. Melina, all Heels)

Paul Burchill (Heel)

Psychosis (Tweener)

Super Crazy (Tweener)

Scotty 2 Hotty (Face)

Trent Acid (Face)

William Regal (Heel)


Funaki (Face)

Jimmy Yang (Face)

Tarzan Goto (Face)

The Boogeyman (Heel)


Bob Orton (Face turn after trying to cost Randy his WWE title against John Cena)

Bobby Heenan (Face, main client = Austin Aries)

Jimmy Hart (Face)

Lita (Heel, main client = Edge)

Melina Perez (Heel, main clients = MNM)

Ric Flair (Tweener, main client HHH, I reunited them J)

Stacy Keibler (Face, main client = Lashley)

Torrie Wilson (Heel, main client = Paul Burchill)

Authority Figures/Non-Wrestlers

Eric Bischoff (Heel)

Hulk Hogan (Face)

Mick Foley (Tweener)

Shane McMahon (Heel)

Stephanie McMahon (Face)

Steve Austin (Face)

The Rock (Face)

Theodore Long (Face)

Vince McMahon (Heel)

Unavailable Workers

James Gibson (Face, Ripped Bicep for 6 months)

Johnny Parisi (Heel, Torn Calf for 4 months)

Lance Cade (Heel, Rehab)

Matt Stryker (Face, Neck Injury for 7 months )

Rob Van Dam (Face, Neck Injury for 7 months)

Steven Richards (Tweener, Rehab)

Jesus, that’s a lot of workers actually, it looks a lot smaller on scroll bars :D

Well the only things left to tell are the titles and the TV shows and then you lucky lot have got no excuse to not know everything about this masterpiece.


Right, I will list the titles in order of their image within the promotion, who holds them and how long for and who they won them off of. Also note that I felt two tag titles were one too many to be used without a brand split. As a result I unified them both in a match for the Undisputed Tag Champions. The match was a ladder bout contested between the World Tag Champions RVD and Sabu (recently re-united J), the WWE Champions Psychosis and Super Crazy and Kane and the Big Show who wormed their way in. The match was eventually won by RVD and Sabu.

World Heavyweight Championship

Holder: The Undertaker

Held for: 3 months plus

Preceded By: Kurt Angle

Image Rating: 97 (out of100)

WWE United States Championship

Holder: Christopher Daniels

Held for: 1 and a half months

Preceded By: Chris Jericho

Image Rating: 96 (out of100)

WWE Cruiserweight Championship

Holder: Rey Mysterio

Held for: 6 Days

Preceded By: AJ Styles

Image Rating: 92 (out of100)

WWE Heavyweight

Holder: Randy Orton

Held for: Just under 3 months

Preceded By: John Cena

Image Rating: 89 (out of100)

Undisputed Tag Team Championships

Holders: Edge and Christian (Oh Yes!!!!)

Held for: Just under 2 months

Preceded By: RVD and Sabu

Image Rating: 89 (out of100)

WWE Intercontinental Championship

Holder: CM Punk

Held for: Just over 1 month

Preceded By: HBK Shawn Michaels

Image Rating: 79 (out of100), how the mighty has fallen

WWE Power League

(new title me and a friend thought of/stole from another, used for promising talent)

Holder: Bobby Lashley

Held for: 2 months

Preceded By: Paul Burchill

Image Rating: 75 (out of100)

WWE Hardcore Title (It‘s Back!!!)

Holder: Edge

Held for: Less than 1 month

Preceded By: James Gibson forced to vacate due to injury

Image Rating: 74 (out of100)

WWE Women’s Championship

Holder: Trish Stratus

Held for: Less than 1 month

Preceded By: Vacated after Aja Kong was fired for speaking out against the WWE

Image Rating: 45 (out of100)

Television Shows

Fundamentally, I run the same TV and events schedule as the current WWE. However, I also run a primetime WWE show on Wednesdays named WWE Lockdown. However, if you do continue reading you will notice the fact that it doesn’t appear. This is because I basically use this show as a ‘pure’ wrestling show. No storylines or angles, or titles on the line, just matches between up-and-comers and also a main event showcase between big time workers such as Angle - Benoit. Furthermore, there are also special appearances matches from overseas wrestlers such as a promotional ‘Best of Japan/Mexico/Britain’ (for example, TAKA Michinoku V Jushin ‘Thunder’ Liger or Johnny Smith V Doug Williams). As this doesn’t really make good reading to most I wont include it, unless someone really wants me to in which case I’ll post them under the closest ‘quick results’ section.

Final point to make is that I saw one ‘dynasty’ offer the chance to let people predict the outcome of a PPV etc. with the winner being given the perfect of prize of the opportunity to book the next Raw/Smackdown! Main event (H) Whoever thought of this, I’m stealing it (Y) , it’s a great idea. Also if I have a big decision to make such as a disciplinary matter (fire suspend-how long, etc) then I might very well ask for some input on it.

That’s it for background info (Y) seen as its Saturday I’ll start with the nearest show which is Smackdown!

Card coming to a thread near you soon!


Apologies if you started reading already but Four-Star-Fizzle brought to my attention that I was missing my catch-up paragraph, and so here it is:


WrestleMania 22 ran the same matches as in real life, with the same results except that Kurt Angle and Benoit retained and Mark Henry was pronounced dead, never to darken the WWE’s door again. Also, the Money In The Bank match was replaced with a Smackdown V Raw tag match. The expected draft was denounced by Vince McMahon, who announced the removal of the brand split, but then went on to appoint Mick Foley as Raw General Manager. Angle was then forced back into a match with Undertaker by Mick Foley at Aprils Backlash PPV.


April saw the debut of Sabu into the WWE teaming with old partner RVD, who had decided to take on the tag team scene, picking up the straps at Backlash. Christian also made a U-turn on his TNA contract after some revised terms of over $100,000 a month was agreed to sign a permanent contract for WWE. He appeared at Backlash and nailed Benoit with a chair before reuniting with Edge, who had just been defeated in his challenge for the US title. John Cena retained his WWE title against Randy Orton, thanks to his father Bob, nailing his own son with the cast, apparently his way of toughing him up. HBK also won the IC strap that night after Benjamin looked for a springboard that went into a Sweet Chin Music. The Animal also made his return, grabbing a fourth PPV victory over HHH as well as a second consecutive win at Backlash. This was despite Ric Flair re-aligning himself with the Game. In the main event, Kurt Angle again overcame the odds, grabbing a second PPV victory over the Deadman in four months. However, this did come after three questionable chair shots to the head.


At Judgement Day this year, RVD and Sabu were set for their first successful title defence against Kane and the Big Show, before Edge and Christian cost them the titles through interference, prior to declaring themselves to be in the race for the belts. Michaels retained against Benjamin in a rematch, and a handshake ended the feud mutually. John Cena again beat Randy Orton in the WWE title match, with more unwanted interference from Bob Orton. Another repeat performance occurred when Batista grabbed the five straight wins over HHH at Pay-Per-Views in just over a year, after Triple H demanded a rematch, saying he needed to know if he could beat him. The event finished with a title change as The Undertaker grabbed his fifth world championship of his career in a hardcore match after a sickening tombstone onto a chair reminiscent of his first title victory over Hulk Hogan all those years ago.


Bad Blood quickly became one of the most shocking events in WWE history after three superstars from rival companies invaded the event. Christopher Daniels, AJ Styles and Frankie Kazarian, neither face nor heel, led by the first ever Undisputed World Champion, Chris ‘Y2J’ Jericho. They claimed they were the next step in wrestling and would change the face of WWE themselves (think N.W.O/Evolution crossover). They fulfilled this promise by winning both the US title and Cruiserweight championship titles in less than 24 hours. Kid Kash also retired Jimmy Snuka at the event in a cage match, replicating the infamous Snuka - Muraco match from decades past. After defeating Cena the following night on Raw from Judgement Day, new WWE champion Randy Orton successfully teamed up with Shane McMahon to defeat HBK and Shane McMahon in a tag team match. John Cena took on and defeated Booker T as well as Triple H finally grabbing a PPV win, this time over a disheartened Kurt Angle, who claimed that he was losing his desire to wrestle now that he was no longer the champion. RVD and Sabu became No.1 contenders to the tag team titles after pinning Edge, just after a mistimed Big Boot from the Big Show. The main attraction of the night came in the form of a brutal triple threat match for the WHC between JBL, Batista and the champion, The Undertaker. In the end Taker retained after coming back from both a clothesline and a Batista Bomb.


Vengeance was hyped as being chaotic and it duly delivered. The hardcore championship was re-introduced. The belt was eventually won by James Gibson, after a gruelling 20-minute, 20 man hardcore match, featuring experienced hardcore grapplers such as Hardcore Holly and even Steve Blackman returned to try and pick up the honour. Edge and Christian, who by now had forced their way into the match after a non-title victory over Kane and the Big Show, picked up the belts after a triangle tag team match. Christian snuck the pin after Kane and The Big Show double choke slammed Sabu out of his boots and went after RVD and Edge. The Second City Saints debuted at the show today, answering the open challenge of MNM and fully deserved their victory with an impressive performance that left the crowd already appreciating their work inside the ring. A sneaky roll-up by Booker T cost John Cena further in his quest to get back to the WWE title as well as Randy Orton defeating an injured HBK in a hardcore match which finally put him out of action for a few months after a number of niggling injuries threatened to do so. Angle walked out of rematch against HHH giving the Game the count out victory. Angle soon regretted this however, as Mick Foley informed him that it turned out this was a No.1 contendership match for the World Heavyweight Championship! The champion was hot tonight also, getting the three count over Batista in a falls count anywhere. The ‘Invasion’ continued their dominance in the WWE, defending both their titles, however, Vince McMahon then announced to Y2J that if he left this group then he would gladly give him a shot at the WWE title the next night on Raw, which he accepted! The group were stunned and swore they would keep going and Jericho should watch his back.


The next night on Raw, they as promised, attacked Jericho in his match and cost him the title he craved so much. By now though, the group was struggling without a clear leader and with all three, particularly Styles and Daniels arguing amongst each other, the group officially split at Summerslam when Daniels purposefully cost Styles his cruiserweight title to Rey Mysterio. Other matches on the card included; Booker T pinning John Cena once again, CM Punk from the Second City Saints defeated Ron Killings by submission. The showpiece of the night was the elimination chamber match for the WHC. This was contested by Undertaker, Batista, Chris Jericho, Chris Benoit, Randy Orton and Kurt Angle with HHH as the special referee to decide who he would face in his WHC match at Unforgiven. Taker eventually got the win after threatening the Game into making the pinfall over a fallen Benoit.


Hopefully, that brings everyone up to speed. Any questions or queries, feel free to ask (Y)

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Advance Card For

IPB Image

Here’s the confirmed card ahead of tonight’s Smackdown! show:

-Two major announcements regarding the NO.1 contendership for both of the World Heavyweight Titles!

-Lashley to defend WWE Power League Title against not one, not two, but three opponents, Carlito, Sabu and V1 himself, Matt Hardy!!!

-JBL has a self-proclaimed ‘huge’ announcement regarding both his and the companies futures!

-Its Challengers V Champions as former ROH partners AJ Styles and Paul London re-unite for one night only to face their respective opponents at Unforgiven, Christopher Daniels (US Champion) and Rey Mysterio (CW Champion)!!!

-Will John Cena get a rematch after dropping the WWE Title to Randy Orton?

Stay right here to find out this and more….

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IPB Image

Friday 1st September 2006, 1st Mariner Arena, Balitmore, Maryland

Joey Styles and Tazz welcome us to the show and immediately inform us all of the big announcements coming up throughout the show and to stay tuned because apparently we don’t want to miss a second of this, unless Michael Cole comes back to the announcing team, in which case you probably will. They also goes as far as to re-confirm the fatal-four way match, the challengers vs. champions match as well as exclusively drop the ‘bombshell’ that Booker T and Ken Shamrock are going to be going at it as well. Aren’t we the lucky ones? Anyhoo, the cameras start rolling and the lights start flickering, its time for our first match of the evening!

IPB Image

Hardcore Championship

Edge© V B-Boy V Burchill

Alright, we’re kicking off with some hardcore action! Edge makes his way down to ringside without Christian for a change, meaning there’s the usual chorus of boo’s. B-Boy makes his WWE debut entrance to a mixed reaction; cheers from those who know him from his Indy and OVW days, nothing really from everyone else, followed by the no longer ‘Pirate’ Paul Burchill.

Before the match can get under way however, Edge exit’s the ring and returns with a mic and declares that, “Hey, I didn’t bring Christian with me, so I don’t expect to see either of those Second City Stains either!”. Very funny. By the way, for the uneducated out there Edge and Christian will be defending their Undisputed Tag Titles against the Saints at Unforgiven. The contest finally begins and it is in fact the champion who takes an early advantage after turning on Burchill after they both attacked the debutant, both being unsure of his offensive skills. With Burchill firmly planted to the mat following an implant DDT and a near fall, the ‘R rated superstar’ turns his attentions to B-Boy who manages to reverse a number of smooth holds before hitting a big time Hurrancarana to the outside and signals for what I’d assume to be a springboard piancha. I’ll never know though because Burchill blind sides him with a chair shot and prepares for the C4. However, both fail to notice both Edge AND Christian sneak into the ring, hitting a con-chair-to on the interlinked workers. Burchill then takes the Edge-O-Matic whilst Christian delivers a big time Unprettier to B-Boy, allowing Edge to cover the fallen B-Boy and get the three-count from the referee.

Winner: Still Hardcore Champion, Edge

Match Rating = ***

JBL then appears on the Titan Tron. This must be his ‘huge announcement’. I cant wait. The former WWE Champion declares that, “I…am going to keep this short and sweet…last year when I was champion I had a long list of challengers to my title, The Undertaker (*pop*), Booker T (*pop*), Eddie Guerrero (*huge pop*) to name but a few. But when I look around today I see all these young guns thinking they’re the next big thing! Well, I’ll tell them something right now! Until you’ve been in the ring with me, a wrestling god!!…you are a NOTHING!!! And once you’ve been in the ring with me you are something….a LOSER!!! That’s why I’m gonna take these new kids on the block a the lesson! Its time for JBL’s cleansing of the roster! It’s time for JBL’s crusade! Its time…to take out the trash!!!!”


Wow, that was certainly something! Lets wait and see where JBL goes with this one. *JBL‘s music hits*

Well, it looks like we aren’t gonna have to wait long!

JBL V ???

JBL reaches the ring and takes the mic and challenges anyone who has been on the roster for less than six months to get their chicken ass out here so he can whip it. The answer comes in the form of Jimmy Yang, who some may remember as Akio from a while back. JBL laughs and turns to hand the mic back, but when he turns round Akio flies of the top rope for a cross body!! Oh no, JBL catches him and here it comes….Last Call! Yang must be out! JBL’s not done yet though nailing him with a couple more power moves including a knee lift, a pile driver, some neck breakers and a DDT. Eventually after enough hassle from the referee, he waits for Yang to groggily rise before taking his head off with a huge clothesline from hell!!! 1..2..3, its over. Oh no its not! JBL picks Yang up and power bombs him to the outside! Brutal! Heaven help anyone else who crosses this mans warpath!!

Winner: JBL

Match Rating: **½

Backstage we see the Legend Killer himself, Randy Orton who looks like he’s got something he wants to share with Maria and everyone in the audience and at home. “So…we all know its gonna be Batista who’s challenging me for my title at Unforgiven (*Huge Pop*). But we also know this, on any day, that I can beat anyone (Un-der-taker chants start up) and on any day I can make an impact! That’s right, and tonight I plan on sending a message to Batista about what he’s let himself in for!


Interesting stuff, I guess we will find out what he means exactly later on. At least he seemed calm enough. Anyway, time for something which I can guarantee will not be so calm…it’s the Power League fatal-four way!!

Lashley© V Sabu V Matt Hardy V Carlito

Every wrestler makes their way to the ring with the least fuss possible. Its Sabu and Carlito to start with CCC raking the eyes and going to work on Sabu. He then uses almost every move in his arsenal on the former ECW world champion, before planting the back cracker for a near fall. Sabu gets whipped into a vacant corner and escapes Carlito’s shoulder thrust with a mule kick into the turnbuckle!! A pissed off Carlito nails Hardy with a chop that constitutes as a tag. Hardy gets a good deal of offence in, including a side effect, before trying in vain for a pin and tagging out to Lashley. Business just picked up. Lashley dominates Sabu with a series of wicked suplexes and power bombs before Sabu slides out the back door of a power slam and makes the tag to a stunned Carlito, who I am sure right about now would be saying how that’s not cool, or something similar. He hesitantly enters the squared circle and promptly gets nailed with a side slam. Just when it looks like Carlito’s going to need his last rites read to him he puts in a risky low blow which Mr Hebner must have chosen to ignore it was that clear. He taunts a broken Lashley before pulling him up for his swinging neck breaker…wait a second! Lashley shows incredible power and stands up to vertical base with Carlito laying flat on his back, mid neck breaker! Then plants Carlito with the Dominator!!!! He gets the pin fall with Hardy deciding not to risk the wrath of Lashley by interrupting the count…and Sabu not really in the right state to do anything just about now.

Winner: Still Power League Champion, Bobby Lashley

Match Rating: ***

Cut to the back, and we see CM Punk shining up his Intercontinental belt. All of a sudden we see Hardcore champ Edge storm in and nail him with his title. Christian, who we now see was watching guard in case Colt Cabana decided to show his mug joins in before they leave, one title heavier.


CM Punk really did not look in a good shape, I think we need some EMT’s back there quick smart. It’ll be interesting to see how this develops on Raw. The show must go on however, and its time for the Challengers and Champions match!

AJ Styles + Paul London V Christopher Daniels + Rey Mysterio

The champs are out first making a separate entrance from one another. There’s a long silence before London and Styles make their entrance together! Same old music and entrance styles (no pun intended) as in the past! Pure nostalgia for any ROH fans out there!

The challengers are jumped quickly however and beat them down, throwing styles out the ring before double teaming London. Some seamless tagging in and out from Rey and Daniels and this could be a foregone conclusion after five or six minutes! London finally is able to get some room and goes to cross the ring for the tag. But Rey dropkicks him to the back of the head and sends him to the second rope…619!!! Springboard Hurrancarana….no!! London counters with a high impact Moon flip Kick out of desperation and makes the tag! Styles cleans house of Mysterio but fails to notice Daniels with the IC belt...wait, he ducks it and sends Daniels to the outside as well! Rey prepares for another springboard. Good teamwork from London who alerts AJ who catches Rey-Rey and nails the Styles Clash!!! 1..2..3!!

Winners: AJ Styles and Paul London

Match Rating: ****

We cut to a commercial break and when we return good ol’ Vinny Mac is in the ring:

“As I‘m sure you have guessed I have come to make announcements regarding the title matches. Now we all know that HHH will face The Undertaker and Batista will go up against Randy Orton, but what you all wanna know is who faces the winner of those. Well, at Unforgiven, there are gonna be two #1 contendership matches HBK and Angle, with the winner facing the World Heavyweight Champion, whoever that may be. As for the second match, Orton or Batista will get to pit their skills against one of two…what some say…undervalued employees….Benoit….or…Jericho!!!!”

Woohoo, two #1 contendership matches announced on one show!

“Wait a damn minute, cut this music! I’m not finished yet! John Cena! You wanna demand a championship match, you‘ve got one! But no-one demands anything off Vincent Kennedy McMahon, which is why you wont be facing Orton, oh no…you‘ve got Undertaker!!!!”


Booker T V Ken Shamrock

As the crowd recovers from the shock of three potential title changing matches ring announced all at once, the next match begins. It was a pretty short, but entertaining bout telling a good story. Booker tried to go hold for hold with Shamrock and failed, then attacked with his spinning kicks and chops, which worked. The finish came when Booker went for a running leg lariat and Shamrock moved, resulting in a Jack Doan bump. Orton suddenly sprinted down the aisle and into the ring, delivering the RKO to Shamrock giving Booker T the three (see what I did there). Orton then got on the stick announcing how…

“If I can take out the Worlds Most Dangerous Man like that then beating someone who gives up titles because they‘ve hurt their back shouldn’t be too hard!”

At this Batistas music hit and he sprinted to the ring only for Orton to push Booker at him, giving him enough time to race up the aisle, whilst Booker received a massive spine buster! Once he realised Orton had hightailed it he then delivered the Batista Bomb sending a message to the champion.

Winner: Booker T

Match Rating: ***½

Booker slumps his way up the aisle towards the back as Angles music hits and he makes his way to the ring giving Booker T a sarcastic applause. When he does reach the ring he gets on the stick and declares…

“The reason I‘m out here tonight ladies and gentleman, is not to run down Shawn Michaels. Hell, I am an Olympic Gold Medallist! I let my performance in the ring humiliate my opponent. No, I am out here tonight to challenge HBK to a match next week on Raw under ‘Pick Your Poison Rules’. Basically we wrestle, the winner chooses the match variety for our now #1 contendership match at Unforgiven! Later this month”

Angles combined anger and curiousness as to Michaels response will be leads him to not notice the man sneak into the ring behind till its too late and….BANG!!! Sweet Chin Music!

“You want that match Angle, you got that match! Oh by the way, I‘ll see you next week!!!”


John Cena V The Undertaker

Cena makes his usual entrance with a not-so-usual look of nervousness on his face. He knows its do-or-die now (which could be literally now he’s against The Undertaker). He waits…the lights go out…there is no smoke…there is no dong…the lights come back on. Turns out he doesn’t need an entrance because he’s already behind Cena!

The match was basically a squash, with Undertaker getting a load of offence in, in a short period of time. Cena did get one opening however, after a controversial low blow. He then hit all of his main moves including the FU, with The Undertaker sitting up after all bar the FU, which got a near fall. a shocked Cena was then overpowered, followed by a choke slam, last ride power bomb and tombstone combination. Cena was pissed. He knew that was it, he’d have to go back down from the elites like his opponent and his challenger HHH, and start having to earn shots by beating nobodies for months on end, as opposed to demanding them when he wanted them. He tried to barge past the Deadman, and got a choke slam over the top rope for his troubles. Although this left ‘Taker unguarded and Crack! HHH brought the sledgehammer across the back of his head! Crack! Crack! Twice more! HHH was getting desperate to weaken this guy, because he knows its the only chance he has of winning at Unforgiven…

Winner: The Undertaker

Match Rating: ****

Quick Results:

- Edge beat B-Boy and Paul Burchill to retain the Hardcore title.

- JBL beat Jimmy Yang

-Lashley beat Carlito, Sabu and Matt Hardy to retain the Power League title

- Styles and London beat Daniels and Mysterio

-Booker T beat Ken Shamrock

Undertaker beat John Cena to retain the World Heavyweight title

Show Reaction: Rating: 79% and 5.77 TV Rating,

Remember, Pick Your Poison Next Week, Only On Raw!!!

OOC: This is my first diary i've done...any thoughts so far...good, bad what do you think?

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Advance Card For

IPB Image

Here’s the confirmed card so far ahead of tonight’s Monday Night Raw:

-Pick Your Poison! HBK Vs Kurt Angle

-John Cena finds out his future within the company!

-Colt Cabana takes on Christian!

-Chris Benoit on The Highlight Reel!

-Batista gets his hands on Randy Orton, who has nowhere to run in a non-title cage match!

-Contract Signing for Styles/Daniels IC title bout

-Internationality match! The Mexicools vs. Finlay (UK), Ultimo Dragon (Japan) and fellow Mexican Chavo Guerrero!

Stay right here to find out what goes down in its entirety….


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IPB Image

Monday 4th December, Kemper Arena, Kansas City, Missouri

The opening credits finish rolling and we’re presented with a well made video clip of Vince McMahon’s previous announcements from Smackdown! over the titles, Kurt Angles ‘Pick Your Poison’ challenge to HBK followed by the ambush and acceptance and finishing with HHH’s brutalisation of the Undertaker last week. JR and the King are tonight’s commentators, with both quick to point out that even though HBK-Angle has the potential to be another classic, they simply cannot wait for Batista to finally catch up with Orton inside the steel cage. They also point out that we’re kicking off with the internationality match-up, which should show off a wide variety of wrestling styles.

The Mexicools V Finlay, Chavo Guerrero and Ultimo Dragon

This match has the potential to really get the show off to an awesome start with a variation of styles, from Mexican Lucha Libra, to Japanese high impact wrestling to the brutal-pull no punches-British style. The match started off well with Ultimo taking the advantage over Psychosis using his almost unparalleled combined ring awareness and speed; even managing to hit a dragon-rana for a broken-up two count. The multi-national side then went through their entire team with smooth tagging, Finlay hitting a brutal power bomb and Chavo getting a couple of close falls with moves such as the mahistrol cradle among others. Eventually Psychosis made the tag however and the match levelled back out. A couple more spots played out including a triple springboard cross-body by every one of the Mexicools onto their opponents. The finish came when everyone was down, including the referee, except for Ultimo. He signalled for the Asai moonsault to the outside but Psychosis entered the ring with the timekeepers bell! Dragon ducked the swing and nailed him with his own weapon! A simple three count followed, but a second referee entered the fray and reversed the decision because of the DQ! Dragon was furious, but to no avail, as the Mexicools gained the victory.

Winner: The Mexicools

Match Rating: ***

Crowd are a bit curious as they see a chair being set up in the ring. All of a sudden, Masters music hits and he makes his way to the ring with that painfully slow entrance of his. He announces that recently he’s being bored stiff (just like his wrestling) sitting in the back during the TV broadcasts, forced to wrestle the house shows when HHH and Kurt Angle cant be bothered to. So for one night only, Vince McMahon has given him the opportunity to hold the ‘ever popular’…Master lock Challenge! He awaits the arrival of a challenger…and it is Ron ‘The Truth’ Killings! He sits calmly, waiting for the inevitable hold to come….but it doesn’t…instead a chair shot does! Killings tries to fight back but its too late. Masters drops him with a body press and applies the Master lock till he passes out, then grabs hold of the nearest mic…

“Hahaha!! You all fell for it! All you fans, this chump, even the great Vince McMahon was hooked in! Basically, while I‘ve been sitting around the back, lugging everyone’s bags around, I thought of an idea. I absolutely destroy the guy who comes out, he demands a match with me, instant TV exposure! If all goes well, when my contract is up at the end of the next month, it’ll be Total Non-stop Action, for Chris Masters, if you get me?”


Interesting, it seems like Masters is planning on grabbing some big time TV exposure then making the jump to a ‘rival company’ when his contracts up! In any event, JBL has made his way to the ring and awaits a response to his ‘crusade’ challenge…

JBL V ???

This time the answer comes from new recruit Trent Acid, who the other day on Byte! This stated that he was ready to go toe-to-toe with the likes of Angle and HHH. Well this should be a good initiation! Acid at first does a good job, using his speed to dodge the slower, ungainly JBL. He then slaps the former champ across the face…big mistake. JBL nails him with a huge Big Boot and the Clothesline From Hell! 1..2..3! He then carries a lifeless Acid to the apron and proceeds to deliver a dead weight body press drop over the top rope and through the Spanish announcers table! I’m guessing that we won’t be seeing him for a while, and that next week the challengers to JBL might not be as willing to step into the ring.

Winner: John Bradshaw Layfield

Match Rating: **½

Cut to backstage and there’s not really much to describe, just Ric Flair going into a locker room labelled ‘WWE Champion’….anyways, the next match is up and we’re taking back to ringside.


Colt Cabana V Christian

Cabana knew this would be an uphill struggle from the start, but I doubt he expected this. Christian refused to enter the ring to start the match and eventually Earl Hebner had to exit to the outside and try and get him in. this lead to a chair shot to the back of Cabana from a crafty Edge and a Spear! Christian controlled the match from here on, until he attempted a big time top rope axe handle which was countered with a power slam! Cabana then summoned enough energy to hit a pair of hard clotheslines, and a massive back body drop to the outside. Edge then climbed onto the apron and received a right hand and a dropkick for his troubles! This gave Christian valuable recovery time, sneaking back in and hitting the Unprettier for the win! It was simple maths really, the numbers game working in favour of the Undisputed Tag Champs. A beat down then ensued with them signalling for the con-chair-to! All of a sudden a battered CM Punk limped to ringside clearing house of Christian, but then turning into a massive Spear!!! Once again, the challengers have been destroyed, will either of them make it to Smackdown on Thursday, let alone Unforgiven!

Winner: Christian

Match Rating: ****

An interesting bout that could have serious repercussions for either team mark my words. *No chance hits* Well, it looks like its time for former WWE Champion John Cena to ‘know his role’. McMahon gets on the mic and tells everyone in the back, at home and in the audience that John Cena felt his power last week and that if he ever wants to get back to where he was in his company, its time to lose the attitude. Cenas music hits and he gets to the ring, and then into McMahons face. He tells him to cut the crap, that the attitude isn’t a part of his ‘act’, the attitude is him and if he wants rid of the attitude, then he wants rid of him. He then leans up to nearly touching distance and demands to know…..have I got a job? McMahon looks a bit pissed, recomposes himself before declaring to everyone….yes! However, McMahons word is as good as a contract and he told him about the conditions for the match last week, that if he lost, his superstar main event status was also lost. As of next week John Cena will be opening Smackdown against….Funaki!!! Cena put on a sarcastic smile before asking McMahon, just tell me what I gotta sign to get rid of you and your bullshit because John Cena has left the building….and the WWE!!! Wow, Cena has offered his resignation to a remarkably composed McMahon and then heads back up the aisle. However just before he can give a final goodbye to the ‘Chain Gang’, Vince shouts back to him, Hey John, you should really let a guy finish what he’s saying before you go and do something like that…because if you show up on Smackdown then you’ve won the first match of your ‘5 steps back to stardom’ gauntlet. Cena looks intrigued.

“Basically every show up to Unforgiven you are in a match against someone from each rank of the card, opener, lower-mid-upper card and main event. Every one of these matches that you win…you get that spot in the card! Also, as a bonus, if you get to the main event spot match-up and are victorious, you will earn the chance to put yourself in either of the main events at Unforgiven! However, in the interests of fairness to the others on the roster, as soon as you lose a match you stay in that position on the card till at least next year, that’s right 2007! And even then, how good are you at winning royal rumbles? Because that’s your only way up! Now I’ll let you re-consider your resignation for a few days, and we‘ll know your answer to the challenge if we see you show up on Smackdown!”


Batista V Randy Orton

(Cage Match/Non-Title)

The cage descends and Batista awaits Orton’s arrival with a grin on his face, he cant wait to take him apart! His music hits and what the f….it’s a midget dressed as Orton! Batista looks pissed and plants him with a one-armed spine buster and a Batista Bomb!! The real Orton then enters with a baseball bat and nails an unsuspecting Batista in the spine…and then hit’s the RKO!!! He mocks Batista with a pretend three count…which Batista kicks out of at two and starts to get to his feet! Orton tries to exit through the door but Batista intercepts him! Orton has nowhere to turn, so feigns to be begging for mercy…waits for Batista to get close and goes for an RKO! Its well scouted and Orton goes first face into the cage, getting busted open in the process! Flair makes his way to ringside and throws a steel chair over to him…and Batista catches it! Big-Time chair shot and Batista exit’s the cage…before re-entering to plant Flair with a shot as well…and declares to the 16-time world champion….DON’T GET INVOLVED IN MY BUISNESS!!! Batista has gone someway towards finishing the job tonight and will look to continue on Smackdown!

Winner: Batista

Match Rating: **

Alright, there is still much more to come and up next is the US Title bout signing. Its going to be two former ROH and X-Division legends, Chris Daniels and the ‘phenomenal one’ AJ Styles. Both make their way out to the ring and take a seat as another man with a link to TNA, Dusty Rhodes who has been given the ‘opportunity’ to be the road agent for this match and keep it under control, begins to read the stipulations for the contest. A minute or two later and Daniels picks up the mic and tells Rhodes to shut it. He’s heard enough and whilst staring down Styles declares the rules of the match mean nothing to him and he WILL beat him under any rules, whatever they are. He then snatches the contract and signs it without even reading it. This ‘brave’ act gets to Styles who then does the same, feeling under pressure to keep up with the champion. Rhodes retrieves the contracts from both and takes them backstage. All of a sudden Daniels bursts into laughter and exit’s the ring. A puzzled Styles demands to know what he’s laughing at. The Fallen Angel manages to calm himself to declare Styles a ‘predictable son of a bitch’ and that he’s just agreed to meet Daniels in a special guest referee match, and the referee is none other than…Bryan Danielson!!! Styles face says it all, he’s been had and is now gonna be in what will no doubt be a handicap match against former tag team members and lifelong friends!


Triple H V Shelton Benjamin

HHH came out and stated that tonight he was gonna compete in singles competition to knock off the rust before he beats The Undertaker at Unforgiven and becomes 11-time World Heavyweight Champion. He then said how he was gonna kill two birds with one stone and also exorcise the demon of someone who did beat him a couple of times cheaply, a while back when he had his mind on other things…and demands that Shelton Benjamin get out here! He responded and the match began. Shelton fought well but HHH and his underhand tactics some him out of all tight spots…including the use of an exposed turnbuckle. Eventually HHH got the win after dodging the Stinger Splash and nailing an AA Spine buster and the Pedigree! Following the match he said its time to show the Undertaker what will happen if he crosses his path before Unforgiven…and reaches for the sledgehammer underneath the ring! All of a sudden his arm tenses and he’s slammed against the ring, as he rolls around in pain we see that the Undertaker was under the ring all along! HHH then takes a choke slam through the remaining announce table! More road agents than Einstein could count hit the ring at the order of McMahon to ensure that the title match can still go ahead...but the familiar dong hits and the arena goes black! When the lights return the Undertaker is nowhere to be found!

Winner: HHH

Match Rating: **¾

The final scheduled non-wrestling segment of the night is about to come in the form of the highlight reel! Jericho announces the guest Chris Benoit!! Jericho goes over the previous battles, interspersed with clips and tells him how they have been friends in the past, will be enemies at Unforgiven, but whatever tense you look at, we respect each other all the same. Benoit cuts Y2J off quick smart and says he agrees with everything in that sentence, except one thing. He agrees they’ve had classic battles, he agrees they’ve been friends in the past. Hell, he even agrees that in the future they will be enemies of the worst proportions. But the thing he doesn’t agree with, is the respect thing. Now Jericho might respect him, and he’s fine with that, but Chris Benoit sure as anything, does not respect Chris Jericho! He says how when he started out, one of his main aims was to bring wrestling back to the masses of days gone by, when ‘Killer’ Kowalski and Bruno Sammartino wrestled a match to packed houses every night. He then goes on, saying how after over twenty years of hard work at WrestleMania 20, he did that. But then, just over a year later Chris Jericho returns and undoes all his hard work. Y2J looks puzzled and asks him if he can elaborate, tell him what he means. Benoit laughs and tells him how he stands for everything he hates. Glorifying what should be a contest of skill and passion…into a popularity and beauty contest! He finally tells him that he’s now part of the problem and that Chris Benoit is the solution. This is more than just a #1 contendership match, the future of the industry is on the line…and that at Unforgiven….problem solved! Jericho tells him that he’s delivered too many head butts and has lost it, and that Y2J is Y2Gone and he’ll see him at Unforgiven and then makes his way up the ramp.


Shawn Michaels V Kurt Angle

(Pick Your Poison!)

Both competitor hit the ring to massive receptions and stare each other down, before HBK gets on the stick and says that there have been a lot of PPV standard matches tonight and that they should put on a bout like only they can…and do it under hardcore rules! Angle nods his head in agreement and the match begins. The majority of the match is spent trading hold for hold with Angle applying the ankle lock a number of times with no success. Eventually it spilled to the outside and Angles predatory instincts kicked in nailing HBK all the way to the stage and back with weapons! HBK as we all know though is a big time performer and came back hitting the spot of the night, after Angle attempted a belly-to-belly over the top rope HBK skinned the cat and nailed Sweet Chin Music to the outside! He propped Angle onto a table on the outside and then hit a Flying Elbow Drop off of the top of the turnbuckle straight through it! Angle kicked out and then somehow got to his feet and collapsed against a ring post. Michaels went for a second sweet chin music but he moved! Michael’s leg crashed against the post and he collapsed after rolling back into the ring. Angle grabbed the nearest thing to him, the ring steps and nailed Michael’s in his damaged ankle three times and then locked on the Angle Lock! Amazingly, Michael’s wouldn’t tap and Kurt released the hold. He then looked to go for the angle slam but Michaels had it scouted and locked on the Angle Lock himself! Angle knew his own move inside out though and rolled through grabbing the ropes on the way for a cheap finish to a class match!

Winner: Kurt Angle

Match Rating: ***¾

Angle then darted up the aisle for the quick getaway and grabbed the closest mic and declared:

“Michaels….you’d better look after that ankle of yours, because at Unforgiven for the #1 contendership to the World Heavyweight Championship, you are going one-on-one against the holder of the best rookie year in the history of the WWE, a multiple time World Champion and an Olympic Gold medallist... in a submissions match!!! And even though you didn’t tap tonight, I guarantee you will on the 24th September!”

Quick Results:

- The Mexicools beat Finlay/Chavo/Ultimo

- JBL beat Trent Acid

- Christian beat Colt Cabana

- Batista beat Randy Orton

- HHH beat Shelton Benjamin

- Kurt Angle beat Shawn Michaels

Show Reaction: Rating :87% and 6.78 TV rating

John Cena begins his gauntlet and Bryan Danielson takes on AJ Styles…only on Smackdown!!!

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IPB Image

Breaking News!

The following news items are taken from the www.wwe.com website:

-Chris Benoit is the confirmed guest for Carlito’s Cabana. After his remarks on the Highlight Reel the other night about the ‘glorifying of sports-entertainment’ through talk segments and so on. This could lead to an uneasy segment for Carlito.

-Eric Bischoff has decided to step down from his role as a WWE authority figure, leaving Vince McMahon, Theodore Long and Mick Foley as the remaining authorities. Bischoff stated that his reason for stepping down is that he wants to give something back to the WWE for not leaving him in the wrestling wilderness after the collapse of WCW and so is going to put his efforts into helping running the backstage area for a while.

-Major new announcement regarding Rey Mysterio’s cruiserweight championship at Unforgiven! The following week on Smackdown, a 10 man cruiserweight battle royal will be held to decide the number one contender to the title. Confirmed participants so far include; Austin Aries, Funaki, Jerry Lynn, Jody Fleisch, Trent Acid, Kid Kash, Paul London, EZ Money and Brian Kendrick with the final member to be announced on the night. This leaves the Unforgiven pay-per-view card looking like this:

World Heavyweight Championship

The Undertaker © vs. Triple H

WWE Championship

Randy Orton © vs. Batista

No. 1 Contendership For WHC Title- Submission Match

Kurt Angle vs. Shawn Michaels

WWE Title No.1 Contendership Bout- Style or Substance

Chris Jericho vs. Chris Benoit

United States Title Match

Christopher Daniels © vs. AJ Styles

Special Guest Referee = Bryan Danielson

Undisputed Tag Team Titles Bout

Edge and Christian © vs. Second City Saints

Cruiserweight Championship Match

Rey Mysterio © vs. ???

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IPB Image

The Truth To The Tales!

-This Thursdays big news is that after a huge backstage bust-up, Eric Bischoff has declared he is to sit out the rest of his contract with the WWE! Obviously wwe.com tried to cover it up with a story as to how he wants to run the backstage area, however it can be officially and exclusively revealed that Bischoff is in fact furious at his limited TV exposure this year and is willing to sit out the contract or receive a pay-off to go early. However WWE are refusing to let him leave in the vain hope that they can get him to change his mind

and also to stop him become what would be a major coup for TNA!

IPB Image

-WWE have released two workers less than three weeks into their new, six month deals! The two workers can officially be confirmed as New Jack and Ian Rotten - both former ECW stars. It was initially hoped they would add some experience and solidity to the lower end of the card and also rookie filled OVW. However, it is said that the OVW head booker, Danny Davis, was shocked at the lack of fitness and in-ring skills of the pair during their first session and they even didn’t get chance to make their debut for OVW television!

IPB Image-New Jack

IPB Image - Ian Rotten

-Final big news this week is that some quite reliable sources are reporting that Mark Calloway, known to fans across the world as The Undertaker, wants to go on another vacation for personal reasons before returning for one last run before his expected retirement at WrestleMania 23 in 2007. This has added fuel to the fire of speculation that the 5-time World Champion will be dropping the WHC strap to Triple H this month at Unforgiven!

IPB Image

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Guest KapitolDubbya

I'm not sure what has happened within the months in your game but there is a couple things that make me uneasy about this.

1. Master practically plugging TNA on WWE TV. Wassupwitdat!?

2. Vince not allowing John Cena to leave with his resignation, obviously he is a thorn in his side and i can not wrap my head around why he would keep Cena around let alone give him an opportunity suck as the 5 steps.

3. Bryan Danielson as guest referee? Now, unless you have built him up as somewhat of a star why shit yourself over him being ref?

also if you have such a hefty roster that you can't list every worker then why do you have workers with multiple title?

anyways, it is needless to say this can only go up so good luck!

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I'm not sure what has happened within the months in your game but there is a couple things that make me uneasy about this.

1. Master practically plugging TNA on WWE TV. Wassupwitdat!?

2. Vince not allowing John Cena to leave with his resignation, obviously he is a thorn in his side and i can not wrap my head around why he would keep Cena around let alone give him an opportunity suck as the 5 steps.

3. Bryan Danielson as guest referee? Now, unless you have built him up as somewhat of a star why shit yourself over him being ref?

also if you have such a hefty roster that you can't list every worker then why do you have workers with multiple title?

anyways, it is needless to say this can only go up so good luck!

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Advance Card For

IPB Image

Here’s the confirmed card so far ahead of tonight’s program:

-John Cena starts on his first step to stardom against Funaki!

-Chris Benoit a guest on Carlito’s Cabana!

-10- Man Battle Royal to determine Rey Mysterio’s #1 contender to his title!

-Edge and Christian to hold an Undisputed Tag Champions appreciation night!

-Its 6-Man Tag action as HHH, Kurt Angle and Randy Orton take on HBK, Batista and Chris Jericho!

-What will be the response to Chris Masters ‘Master’ plan for his future?

-Bobby Lashley to defend his Title againstBooker T!

Tune in tomorrow night and all will be revealed and more…

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IPB Image

Friday 8th September, Spokane Arena, Washington

Tazz and Styles (Joey, not AJ obviously) open the show with a certain energy about them as they state that tonight the road to Unforgiven hits perhaps its biggest bump when six of the men who will in someway be having an impact on the WWE and World Heavyweight Championship scenes at the end of the month, compete in a six man tag match, with Batista and HBK looking for victories over their future opponents here tonight. In any event, we open tonight with opening step in the ‘5 steps to stardom’ challenge.

John Cena V Funaki

Cena makes his way to ringside to a pretty decent reception and Funaki tries to nail him from behind! Cena doesn’t even budge and nails a hard right hand, following up with a pile driver! He then follows up with a big time power bomb and Funaki is out! Cena drags him to his feet and here it comes, F-U!!! Referee gives the three count and we have a winner! Cena advances! However, instead of Cena’s music, McMahons hits and he makes his way to the stage. He says he’s a busy man so he’ll make this quick. Congratulations on beating Funaki, you’ve made it to the lower mid-card, next weeks opponent…Paul Burchill!

Winner: John Cena

Match Rating: **

JBL comes down to the ring and says that over the last two weeks…he’s been wrong. These superstars whilst maybe not the future, deserve to be given a chance. He then says that his campaign has finished and tonight he’s just going to sit back and watch these two superstars go one on one, and if they’re lucky, he might give them some tips. We see JBL pull up a chair by the side of the ring as both EZ Money and Deuce Shade make their way to the ring for their televised debuts. Unfortunately, both debuts last less than 30 seconds as JBL storms the ring nailing both men with vicious chair shots! The referee is forced to call for a no contest as JBL then hit’s a double clothesline from hell on both men! He exits the ring and looks underneath the ring for something….oh no, he’s got a table. The former champ sets it up and then lays EZ Money on the top. He’s got Shade and…my god! What impact! JBL just power bombed Deuce Shade onto a prone EZ Money…straight through the table!!! “This man is fast becoming an unnecessary member of the roster!” yells Joey Styles. “…and I hope gets what’s coming to him!

Winner: No Contest

Match Rating: **½

WWE Power League

Booker T V Lashley ©

Its time for another title defence and tonight Lashley is in the ring with five-time WCW champion Booker T! Booker looks cocky and starts by taunting Lashley. Bad Idea. Booker gets nailed with a big time shoulder block and then a high impact belly-to-belly suplex! Booker is all over when Lashley follows up with a delayed suplex and a tiger bomb!!! Booker decides enough is enough and goes to the outside while Lashley pumps the crowd with the Dominator set up. Booker rolls back in and nails an unsuspecting Lashley with the title! it’s a DQ but Booker T has had his fill of Lashley for now and launches his way backstage. The replay seems to show him saying, ‘that title isn’t worth that shit’.

Winner: Still champion, Lashley by DQ

Match Rating: ***½

We return from the commercial break as VKM makes his way to ringside, speculation is that this will be his response to Masters’ statement that he will join a rival promotion at the end of his contract. He says how he’s gonna start with the truth, that yeah, he was considering letting Masters go, however, after last weeks shenanigans…he’s got no chance…IN HELL!!! And now, the truths changed! He’d rather pay him out of his own pocket and let his career rot in the un-televised matches in OVW! That’s why at Unforgiven, you’re against ‘the Truth’ Ron Killings in a lumberjack match, which shouldn’t be a problem, with you being a marked man and all. The stipulations of the match being; if you win, you’re free, you can go wherever you damn please! But if you lose, you sign a lifetime contract! Remember the date, 24th September 2006, the day that Chris Masters found out, ‘the truth’ hurts!


10-Man Battle Royal

(Austin Aries, Brian Kendrick, Jody Fleisch, Paul London, Jerry Lynn, Super Crazy, Kid Kash, Psychosis, Trent Acid and ???)

Seven of the ten are out here and now the two replacements for both the injured Funaki and EZ Money arrive, former WWE tag team champions, Psychosis and Super Crazy! Two of Mysterio’s stable, the Mexicools could be contenders for his title!. The final entrant is….Juventud Guerrera! All three of the Mexicools who are not the cruiserweight champion, could be fighting Rey for it at Unforgiven! The bell rings and every man starts brawling. This continues for a few minutes with every man getting his finisher in a continuous spot, and now everyone is down! Fleisch is first up and runs at London who is on the ropes…but gets back body dropped up and over to the outside!

[Elimination #1 = Jody Fleisch]

London is then ambushed by Crazy and Psychosis who after trying to eliminate him unsuccessfully…are both tossed over by stable member Juvi!

[Eliminations #’s 2 + 3 = Psychosis and Super Crazy]

Juvi then goes on the rampage eliminating Austin Aries, Brian Kendrick and then Jerry Lynn in quick succession!

[Elimination #4, 5 and 6 = Austin Aries, Brian Kendrick and Jerry Lynn respectively]

Trent Acid is the next to go after being sent all the way over the top by a Kid Kash Hurrancanrana!

[Elimination #7 = Trent Acid]

Kid Kash is very impresses by this…too impresses and is caught from behind by Juvi for the pen-ultimate elimination!

[Elimination #8 = Kid Kash]

London is out and Juvi picks him up and prepares for the elimination…wait a second…Mysterio slides in on the sly and eliminates Juvi! Paul London has won, and is going to have the opportunity to wrestle for the undisputed title at Unforgiven! The remaining Mexicools walk back down the aisle both trying to justify their actions to one another.

Winner: Paul London

Match Rating: **

There’s a cut to the backstage area and we see Christopher Daniels and now special guest referee at Unforgiven Bryan Danielson asking Theodore Long if its possible to take part in a tag team bout tonight to knock their ring rust off before the US title match in a few weeks time. Long says because of the means as to which they gained the match advantage at Unforgiven, he isn’t gonna give them a match, although if they can find their own opponents then he will be happy to book it for them. They quickly dash to the nearest locker room and are turned down by Nunzio & Vito, Tomko & Snitsky as well as Paul Burchill & William Regal before having their challenge accepted by MNM, in the hope of getting themselves back in the undisputed title race. I expect we’ll see that match later on.


WWE Hardcore Title

Sabu V Edge © w/Christian

The most important thing to note here is that Christian was active from the start, making this a handicap match from the word go. Although Sabu fought hard, dominating the majority of the match, even hitting the Air Sabu off of the ring apron onto Edge who was laying on against the barrier outside. Despite chants of RVD, there was no sight of Mr. Monday Night. Eventually the odds were too much and Sabu succumbed to a Con-Chair-To and Edge retained.

Winner: Still WWE Hardcore champion Edge!

Match Rating: ***

The tag champs stay in the ring as some tables, chairs and balloons are brought into the ring, as ‘Captain Charisma’ announces its time for their appreciation ceremony. They basically spend a couple of minutes stating who they are officially the greatest team ever, as a 3-D chant goes up. Then Edge gets on the mic and talks about how bringing the two back together has fully turned this businesses, hell the entire wrestling worlds tag team divisions right round. Eventually they get to their title match and go on about how clever they have been eliminating their opponents nice and early, giving themselves the Sunday night off. Second City Saints music hits, but only CM Punk makes his way to the ring area…wait Colt Cabana with a double springboard bulldog from behind! The challengers now have the firm advantage and whilst Punk forces Edge to tap lose consciousness with the Anaconda Vice, Cabana puts Christian through a table with a flapjack! They then drag an unconscious Edge to his feet and nail him with Edge and Christians own move, the Con-Chair-To! On their way to the back, the Saints themselves get on the stick and challenge the undisputed champs at Unforgiven….to a Tables match!


Chris Daniels + Bryan Danielson V MNM w/Melina

A good solid match from four really solid wrestlers, each getting a good amount of offence throughout. Danielson was particular impressive, showing no signs of the ring rust he claimed he had earlier. Hitting a 450 splash on Nitro and following up with a double power bomb on Mercury with Daniels for the win. Thye even showed a ruthless streak when Daniels nailed an interfering Melina with a right hand! It was what followed that mattered though as AJ Styles stormed the ring nailing both men several times. He then went for the styles clash on Daniels, but it was too time consuming and the future guest referee made the save, then both of them hit the double DDT on him and proceeded to beat him down. However, you look at this, AJ Styles is in a lot of trouble when he tries to take the US title at Unforgiven!

Winners: Daniels and Danielson

Match Rating: ***

Its time for the Cabana and Carlito is in the ring and announces that his guest is former world champion, known world-wide and also a former royal rumble winner among other things. However, there is one thing that his guest is not, and that is…COOL!!! Benoit’s music hits and he looks pissed! However, the interview goes quite well considering until Benoit decides to repeat his previous comments to Jericho last week. At this Carlito looks pretty mad and declares how what he said is definitely not cool, and that Carlito is gonna leave before he does something he regrets. As he goes to exit the ring though Benoit attacks and nails three German suplexes in a row! He then locks on the crossface…but here comes Jericho! Benoit bails before he reaches him and a fierce stare down ensues. That match is gonna be intense!


HBK, Batista and Chris Jericho V Kurt Angle, Randy Orton and Triple H

The main event began and as the six guys made their ways out you could tell the crowd was really hot for this and the match did not disappoint. Every member of the match gaining some good ring time. One particularly good spot came when Orton went to hit the RKO on the Animal Batista but was pushed away straight into Sweet Chin Music, although the near fall was broken up by HHH. The actual finish to the match came when Orton and Batista and HBK and Angle had all battled into the crowd leaving just Triple H and Y2J. Eventually, the first ever Undisputed Champion had the Game on the ground and was lining up a Lion Sault. However, who was on the other side of the ropes…Chris Benoit! The two engaged in a stare down resulting in a hangman for Chris Jericho, and who should pick up the pieces…HHH with a Pedigree! The referee administered the three count and all four heels celebrated in front of the three stunned others. Just as everyone thought that was it however, a familiar gong was heard as the Deadman made his way to the ring!!! He entered the ring and HHH launched Orton at him who took a choke slam! Benoit and Angle were next, the wolverine taking another choke slam and angle a tombstone! Even the faces had decided that was enough and tried to stop him. But the Undertaker fought like a man possessed, firing off shots to everyone in the ring! HBK…choke slam! Chris Jericho…Tombstone! Even Batista took a choke slam! Crack the Game sent Undertaker to the canvas with a sledgehammer shot! But he sat right back up!! Triple H attacked with another shot but was nailed with a big boot to the face…and a Tombstone!! The Undertaker has just blown his way through SEVEN of the worlds biggest stars in a few minutes! What a way to send a message to Triple H ahead of the World Heavyweight Championship match in two weeks time!

Winner: Angle, Orton and HHH

Match Rating: ***½

And with that…Smackdown went off air…

Quick Results:

- John Cena beat Funaki to advance to the second step of the gauntlet by pinfall

- EZ Money and Deuce Shade; No contest due to interference

- Lashley beat Booker T to retain WWE Power League title by DQ

- Paul London won a 10-man battle royal

- Edge beat Sabu to retain Hardcore championship

- Daniels and Danielson defeated MNM by pinfall

- Angle, HHH and Orton beat Shawn Michaels, Batista and Y2J by pinfall

Show Reaction: Rating: 81% and a TV rating of 5.79

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Advance Card For

IPB Image

Here’s the confirmed card so far ahead of tonight’s Monday Night Raw:

-Batista has something to say to Orton!

-Cena has a much more tricky second step in his gauntlet, when he goes one-on-one with the unpredictable Paul Burchill!

-HHH has requested a match with the Legendary Undertaker! What will his answer be?

-Edge and Christian take on the Second City Saints in a warm-up non-title match for Unforgiven!

-Y2J takes on Kurt Angle and Shawn Michaels goes up against Benoit, in two No.1 contender crossover matches!

-AJ Styles responds to Daniels and Danielson’s beat down!

Be back to see who did what in the only place that matters, the WWE….

OOC: Wrestlemania tomorrow so i'll post the raw results now (Y)

IPB Image

Monday 11th September 2006, Arco Arena, Sacramento

Its Raw so that means tonight’s commentators are Jim ‘JR’ Ross and The King. To get the crowd, and the show rolling, a vignette is shown of the Undertakers warpath from the last Smackdown and JR reminds us that tonight we are going to see to huge bouts when the No.1 contenders cross over and Y2J goes up against Angle and Benoit faces HBK! The show officially starts as JBL makes his way to ringside, microphone in hand. He then describes as to how he’s gone through so many mother-*beeping* rookies that there is none left to challenge him as they all seem to have gotten the message. So now, he is gonna see if there is anyone in the back, who thinks they can get the job done and remember, beating JBL is a major feather in the cap of anyone and could be the step up to the next level for them. We wait a few seconds for a challenger and its Scotty 2 Hotty who hit’s the ring!

JBL V Scotty 2 Hotty

The match isn’t quite the squash expected with Scotty getting some offence in. This doesn’t last long though and soon a would-be crucifix becomes a death valley driver. Scotty never really recovered from this, with JBL mocking him even nailing his own version of the worm! He soon follows up with the Clothesline From Hell and we have a winner. JBL exit’s the ring and returns with the ring bell and it looks like we’re gonna see some more devastation of the roster here tonight! JBL measures the shot and…what the…some music hits! Its Too Cool! Here comes Grand Master Sexay, Brian Christopher! He ducks JBL’s clothesline and plants him with a big time flying forearm! He heads to the second rope and nails the Hip Hop Drop, goggles and all! Scotty is now to his feet and they embrace…and Scotty plants a recovering JBL with the bulldog and the worm! He soon exit’s the ring for his own safety as Too Cool celebrate their reuniting!

Winner: JBL

Match Rating: *¾

We then get to witness a short squash for the Power League title between Lashley and Nunzio. Match lasted about two minutes when Lashley hit the Dominator for the three-count. Lashley seems to be getting well over with the fans and certainly has the in-ring skills to get to the next level. Hmm, I guess only time will tell.

(Match Rating: ***¾)

John Cena V Paul Burchill

Cena gets a hot reception from this Sacramento crowd tonight. Burchill is the first to attack nails Cena with a big time backdrop and locks on his Fujiwara arm bar! Hold on, Cena powers out! A huge right hand and a body slam. DDT!! Burchill is renting a house on dream street right now and walks straight into the F-U! 1..2..3! However, again its Vince who makes his way to the ring and declares that again, you have put on a good match for the crowd and have earned his lower mid card spot. Next week though, things are gonna get a lot cooler…because he’s got Carlito!

Winner: John Cena

Match Rating: **¾

AJ Styles is shown backstage along with Maria and says that he has something which he wants two pieces of trash in particular to hear, and that he is naming no names because they know who they are. He states that he has just been to see Mick Foley and asked for a match with both of them, he doesn’t care it’s a handicap match, next week on Smackdown when he will nearly be at full fitness. However, Foley said that both he and Theodore Long are under strict instructions to make sure that everyone in the roster performs at Unforgiven (OOC: At this point I should note that Foley and Long are like general managers of each show, even though there is no brand split, they book the matches). On the flip side though, he will give him a singles match against either of them, its his choice. Styles goes as far as to point out that the match will be against Bryan Danielson and that he’s gonna knock some sense into the guy before a week on Sunday!


Edge and Christian V Second City Saints


Alright, the Saints are well over with this California crowd tonight and its gonna be Edge and CM Punk to start. Edge is taken apart by Punk with suplexes and spinning kicks. He tags in Colt and they nail a spike pile driver on the Hardcore champion! Its not enough and gets a near fall. edge eventually catches a break and lands a low blow on Cabana. Him and Christian then show why they are as respected as they are with some strong tag team manoeuvres, working well in tandem. The finish comes when Colt eventfully pushes out of the Unprettier and finds the energy to hit two dropkicks and a massive back body drop! Both teams make the tag but the fresh CM Punk destroys both the champions and dodges a spear by Edge and after he ricochets off of the turnbuckle locks on the Anaconda Vice and he taps out!

Winners: Second City Saints

Match Rating: ****¼

Apparently there isn’t much going on back stage tonight and we are launching straight back into the next match!

Chris Benoit V Shawn Michaels

If you want a match that can impress a fan of just about any wrestling style then this was it. It had everything, quick exchanges of holds, high impact manoeuvres as well as some top rope and hardcore action outside of the ring! Both men were able to hit their signature moves, each one getting near falls. The referee gave a signal to the two that there was one minute left of the thirty minute time limit and then Benoit with a new found sense of purpose hit two of his three German suplexes on HBK! He went for the third and HBK followed up with a roll through and managed to lock on the Sharpshooter!! With only around 40 seconds left Kurt Angles made his way to ringside and HBK released the hold to tell to Angle where to go. Angle started to leave and Michaels turned around right into a crossface! With only around five seconds left Michaels could hold out no longer and was forced to tap!

Winner: Chris Benoit

Match Rating: ***½

We return from the commercial break and Rey Mysterio is in the ring. He starts off by saying he was wrong to eliminate Juventud Guerrera from the battle royal on Smackdown and that he is sorry for what he did, despite Juvi eliminating the two other Mexicools from the match. He also realises that it was fair he eliminated them because once your in the ring, there are no friends. He then goes on to say that next week, he is offering Juvi a cruiserweight title match to make up for it! He also says not to worry about Paul London, he will get his shot at Unforgiven, unless of course Mysterio loses, but that’s not gonna happen.


Kurt Angle V Chris Jericho

Definitely the match of the evening for fans of pure wrestling with two of the best wrestlers around doing what they do best. One of the spots of the match came when Angle thought he had Y2J down after a high impact overhead belly-to-belly suplex and decided to go for a moonsault. Jericho had it scouted though and was up early. Angle didn’t realise though and still went for it, immediately as he hit the canvas Y2J came off of the ropes with a Lion Sault for a near fall! The finish came when Angle ducked the Y2J running enziguri and he nailed Earl Hebner! An Angle Slam was soon hit but no ref was there to count and here comes Michaels! He waits for Angle to turn around and Sweet Chin Music…no! Angle ducked and he nailed Y2J! Michaels takes a clothesline to the outside as the Angle Lock is applied and a weakened Y2J has no other option than to tap!

Winner: Kurt Angle

Match Rating: ****

Ladies and Gentleman, the Animal is about to be unleashed! He makes his way to the ring and declares that ever since he was given the title match against Orton at Unforgiven all he has done is run and worm his way out of everything…and he isn’t standing for it anymore! Next week he is challenging Orton to a one-on-one, non-title match, and he wants to see the real Randy Orton! He doesn’t want to face the Orton who sends midgets to the ring or the one who attacks people by surprise to send a message! He wants the Orton who stands and fights! He wants the Orton who became the youngest ever World Champion! He wants the Orton who almost ended the Undertakers undefeated streak at WrestleMania! He wants the Orton who overcame all the odds to beat John Cena for the WWE championship, despite his own father turning against him! But most importantly, he wants Randy Orton, the Legend Killer!!! Mercy Drive fills the arena and here comes Orton! He agrees and says the time for cheap shots and messages has passed. And for bringing the warrior back out in Orton, he will give him that match, with a difference…its gonna be a title match! Whoa, these guys seem to have found a mutual respect for each other that no-one knew existed!


Triple H V The Undertaker?


The music of the Game hits and he and Flair make their way to the ring. HHH says that over the passed few shows, Undertaker has outfoxed them, but not anymore! Tonight, he is offering the Undertaker the chance to go one-on-one with the Game in a non-title match! He says that he knows people are wondering why he is doing this and that the reason is simple; he needs to know that he can beat the Undertaker! And after he does it tonight…he will be able to do it anytime I want! The gong hits and the World Heavyweight Champion is here! The match starts and they stare each other down…HHH goes for the cheap shot, which is blocked and Taker returns with a huge right hand! HHH goes to the outside and Flair distracts the Undertaker while the Game returns and hit’s a Harley Race-style knee to the face! The referee says not tonight, he is stopping the match and not restarting it till Flair leaves the arena! Both are furious and eventually he leaves. Taker goes on the offence, nailing lefts, rights and big boots, one particular right hand busting him wide open! Here comes the Last Ride...no, HHH rakes the eyes and plants him with the spine buster for a near fall. Triple H goes through every move in his arsenal but its just not enough, Taker is on another level. Hang on, Triple H manoeuvres himself so the ref cant see and hits some brass knuckles right between the eyes…and a roll up, using the ropes for leverage! 1...2...3! He’s done it! Wait a second, replays show that Flair had returned to ringside and was holding the Deadman’s arms down for three! Somehow the ref missed both acts of cheating! The two make their way back up the aisle as the Undertaker looks furious, hitting the referee with a choke slam! The Game just laughs and makes the ‘your title is gonna be mine’ waist action as the show goes off for the night!

Winner: Triple H

Match Rating: ***¾

Quick Results:

- JBL beat Scotty 2 Hotty

- Lashley squashed Nunzio to retain the Power League title

- John Cena beat Burchill

- Second City Saints defeated Edge and Christian

- Benoit beat HBK

- Angle pinned Y2J

- Triple H pinned The Undertaker

Show Reaction: Rating 87% and TV rating of 6.51

Be sure to be with us for Smackdown this Friday when AJ Styles takes on Bryan Danielson and Juvi Guerrera takes on Rey Mysterio for the WWE Cruiserweight Title!

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IPB Image

Breaking News On Tuesday 12th September 2006!

The following news items are taken from the www.wwe.com website:

-It seems that Triple H’s ‘victory’ over the World Heavyweight Champion, the Undertaker last night on Raw has gone to his head. Apparently he seems to think that he should be the one to choose what type of match they engage in at Unforgiven! Tune into Smackdown on Friday to find out what he intends to do.

-Its official! The correct documentation has been signed and sealed and on Friday Night Smackdown WWE proudly brings to you…Randy Orton versus Batista for the WWE Championship! This is reason alone not to miss this weeks show!

-Unfortunately we regret to inform that there have been 22 contracts terminated this month from the WWE Developmental program. Notable departures include; Al Snow, the Basham Brothers, Gene Snitsky and Tyson Tomko who will no doubt be successful in the future. The full lost of departures are:

Al Snow

Axl Rotten

Brent Albright

Eric Perez

Doug Basham

Danny Basham

Deacon Deville

Drew Hankinson

Elisabeth Rouffaer

Gene Snitsky

Jason Riggs

Johnny Riggs

Jun Kasai

Justice Smith

Michelle McCool

Mike Hettinga

Nick Mitchell

Oleg Prudius

Palmer Canon

Ryan Reeves

Shad Gaspard

Tyson Tomko

As usual the WWE regrets having to let high calibre talent leave the company and wishes them all the best in the future.

IPB Image

Thursday 14th September 2006

The Truth To The Tales!

-Big news this week is that the WWE have finally got round to deciding on who stays and who goes from the OVW development camp. The first phase of the development has now finished and the WWE have picked out the ‘diamonds from the rough’ so to speak. Allegedly the people who have impressed the most early on and look firm favourites to land a full contract soon includes; Harley Lewis (similar to HHH in that he has an old fashioned fighting style which has been brought into the new era of sports entertainment), Greg Pawluck (who is said to be similar to a young Chris Benoit in that he can wrestle any style but a solid technical match is were he excels) and Mystico (Dean Malenko is suspected to have called him the best high flyer since Ricky Steamboat, in terms of knowing the psychology of when to do moves, not just doing them for the sake of pulling them off). Whilst this will provide some good news for fans of the Indy circuit, a lot of these workers will struggle for work and may have to leave the business.

-Other news is that former WCW and WWE heavyweight champion Bill Goldberg has finished his tour with Japanese promotion AJPW and has let it known that he is considering moving back into the big time again, however only for one of the big two, WWE or TNA, and is hoping a deal can be thrashed out quickly before the ring rust settles in. Although with WWE’s plans for the future seeming to be set into motion and TNA already hiring big names such as Brock Lesnar, Sting, Rhino and Jushin ‘Thunder’ Liger, the future looks uncertain for Goldberg and he may have to wonder ‘Who’s Next?’ after the two giants of the wrestling world!

-The final titbit of news this week to interest fans is that of a little known pod cast interview which Bryan Danielson gave for TNR: Total Non-stop Radio. The majority of the interview was the same old, ‘how’d you get started?’, ‘who’s your dream opponent?’ and so on. However, there was one small aspect which has caused rumour mill to go into overdrive. As we all know, Danielson is set to referee the upcoming, much anticipated match up between AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels for the United States Championship at Unforgiven a week on Sunday. When asked, somewhat bluntly, by the interviewer, ‘aren’t you worried that you will be dumped by the wayside like other talent the WWE has thrown away in the past?’, the technical master simply laughed it off and replied, ‘that’s the difference between you and me, you’re on the outside and THINK you know what’s gonna happen, I’m on the inside and KNOW what’s going to happen! And trust me, you’ll be seeing a lot more of me up to and post Unforgiven!’ Make of it what you will…

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OOC: well the roster was just too big somone had to go, and with snitsky gone, there was nothing for him...

btw, there might be a twist in the works for aj/daniels (Y) ...sssshhhhh...dont tell anyone!

Advance Card For

IPB Image

Here’s the confirmed card so far ahead of tonight’s program:

-John Cena third step to stardom for the mid card spot against Carlito!

-Juvi Guerrera looks to cause an upset ahead of Unforgiven when Rey Mysterio defends his title!

-What will JBL’s reaction be to being embarrassed by Too Cool last time on Raw?

-AJ Styles takes on the future referee for his US title match tonight, Bryan Danielson!

-Is HHH actually going to try and challenge the Undertaker to his choice of match type?

-WWE Championship Match! Randy Orton told Batista he’d better be prepared because he’ll be facing the Legend Killer tonight!

Tune in tomorrow night and all will be revealed and more…

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IPB Image

Friday 15th September, Houston Arena, Texas

The familiar sounds of Joey Styles and Tazz means that Smackdown is ready to roll. They remind us of all the things which went on last week also showing a video package of the controversial circumstances following the three main matches. They then say that that’s why Raw is a good show. A video package for Orton-Batista WWE championship match tonight, and they then state that that’s why Smackdown is a great show! Some music hits and its time to start with the action…

Paul Burchill V Val Venis

Kicking things off tonight with a fairly solid match between a grizzled veteran and a relative ‘rookie’ who’s tipped for big things. Burchill looks good from the word go planting a C4 on the outside, although Venis somehow made it back in before the ten count. The match is very even and could go either way until Paul Burchill accidentally punches an earlier exposed turnbuckle and charges around the ring in pain and into a back body drop from Val! He ascends the turnbuckle and looks for the Money Shot…but Burchill rolls to the outside and grabs a steel chair. He’s had enough and repeatedly nails Val with it till he’s stopped moving! Its safe to say this one is a DQ in favour of Val Venis. Burchill leaves and celebrates to the crowd o a chorus of boos.

Winner: Val Venis

Match Rating: ***¾

JBL comes down to the ring, limo and all, and declares that he is absolutely disgusted how he was treated last week by those two 70’s trapped freaks! Yeah, maybe he was a little rough on the rookies over the last few weeks but not once, did he outnumber them! He fought them all one-on-one, mono-on-mono, man-on-man! Which is why next week he is gonna show them that numbers mean nothing to a former WWE Champion, and that he’ll face them both…in a handicap match! Too Cools music hits…and they sneak in through the crowd! Sexay off of the turnbuckle with the hip-hop drop…and Scotty nails the Worm!!! JBL embarrassed again by the same two guys, and boy does he look pissed as he makes his way backstage!


B-Boy V Chavo Guerrero V El Hijo Del Santo V EZ Money

One for the thrill seeker right now as four of the best high fliers in the company come together for what should be a hugely entertaining bit of action. Its everyman in at once and straight away go to the outside. The match was a good ten minutes with a large amount of spots that only cruiserweights or Kurt Angle could pull off. We are eventually left with Chavo and B-Boy in the ring when Guerrero plants the three amigos and goes up top…but in comes EZ Money slides in and hit’s a huge enziguri knocking Chavo off the top to the outside! B-Boy is back on his feet and looks for the Shining Wizard! Money has it well scouted and ducks the kick and hit’s a dropkick to the back of the head knocking him to the outside to join Chavo. Santo is back though and EZ Money is too busy posing to notice him nail a springboard double axe handle to the back of his head…and a mahistrol cradle for the victory! All for cruiserweights are still in and around the ring…what the…here comes Finlay! He decimates B-Boy with a strike from his ‘weapon’, Chavo gets launched into and then over the crowd barrier! EZ Money is next and receives a stiff right hand and then an Irish whip into the ring steps. El Hijo looks for a piancha…Finlay catches him…and gives him the Muscle-Buster on the outside! Finlay has destroyed all four of the weakened stars! He gets on the stick and once again announces he’s here to fight and if he doesn’t have a match…he’ll come and pick one!

Winner: El Hijo Del Santo

Match Rating: ***¼

We’ve cut to the backstage now and it’s the Nature Boy, Ric Flair with Vince McMahon discussing the recent cuts to the roster that have been announced. They eventually stop and Vince leaves, Flair turns and bumps into Shelton Benjamin. He tells him that he should look out, because he’s been asked personally by Vince to look out for potential candidates for him to wield the axe to their WWE careers. He also says that he cant seem to remember Shelton’s last match…or the last time he won one! Benjamin looks pretty mad as Flair tells him that he might have to have a word in Vince’s ear after the show, then laughs and walks away. He comes back though, delivering a ‘Wooooo!’ right in Shelton’s face. This pushes him over the edge and he lands a hard right hand on the 16-time world champion…and then an exploder T-Bone suplex through a buffet table! Shelton talks some trash before walking away, he can vaguely be made out saying something like, ‘maybe I do need to have a talk to Vince about my position in this business.’


WWE Cruiserweight Championship

Rey Mysterio © V Juventud Guerrera

Quality match. These guys have wrestled each other a huge amount of times before and the chemistry showed between them, both knowing each styles and cancelling each other out. Match started off with fancy holds and pins being exchanged until Juvi caught a springboard from Rey and converted it into the power bomb for a near fall. This gave Juvi an opening and the chance to build on the previous offence, which he did. The match seemed to be over when Juventud looked to have the Juvi Driver locked in, but Mysterio landed on his feet and hit a shining wizard! The match then swung back and forth till both men were on top of the turnbuckle, and Juvi managed to knock Rey down, crushing Earl Hebner in the process! It looked like we were gonna see the 450 splash for the victory until London appeared on the apron! He pushed Guerrera to the canvas and hit a 450 of his own…dragging Rey on top for the 1-2-3! London is not giving his title shot up easily!

Winner: Still Champion, Rey Mysterio!

Match Rating: ****

Alright we’re with Maria in the back who’s with the Undisputed Tag Champions, apparently they have something to say to the challengers. They reveal how there has been talk throughout the entire wrestling industry of how Raw last week was one of the best of recent years, if not ever! But neither of them have been able to talk about it, because all they remember is looking up at the lights and being carted off to the local infirmary after been put through tables. Edge says not to worry though, because Christian records them off the television with his VCR and now they’ve caught up. Hell, the show was incredibly intense, except for one part…and that part was hilarious! That part was when the Second City Stains, who’ve come from nothing, won nothing and are nothings, challenged Edge and Christian, Undisputed Tag Champions and masters of the TLC match…to a table match!!! They laugh for a minute or two then become deadly serious and telling them…they’re on! Edge and Christian don’t lose table matches….and aren’t about to start now!


John Cena V Carlito

We return from the advertisements and see John Cena making his way out to a mixed reaction. It seems that even after losing the belt to Orton the fans still have a mixed reaction to the ‘champ’. The match started and even though he’s relatively young, Carlito is picking up the tricks of the trade fast and used a number of dirty tactics to gain the advantage early on. We then got to see the good side to Carlito, utilising a huge variety of crowd pleasing moves, including a piancha, springboard senton and also a springboard onto Cena’s shoulders into a victory roll for a near fall! It was the high flying antics which got the better of him in the end though, after pushing himself out of the corner for the go-behind, Cena scouted it, caught him on his shoulders and nailed the F-U for the victory in what was his toughest step to date. After the match again Vince made his way down, congratulated him on his mid-card spot and revealed his next opponent, Ken Shamrock!

Winner: John Cena

Match Rating: ***

Motorhead hits and the Game and Flair are on the way to the ring! The Game instantly grabs a mic and demands they cut his music. He declares that as HE won the last match, HE is in control and HE will decide the match they have! He is challenging the Undertaker to a first blood match at Unforgiven! Theodore Long makes his way out and announces that at no point has either he, Mick Foley or even step-daddy Vince McMahon added that stipulation. But he likes the idea, and that is why they have all agreed to add that rule to the match next week. But because of the cheating and the interference last week…HHH wont be wrestling on Raw….Ric Flair will! Against the Undertaker! The Game is furious as Flair drops to his knees…as Long makes his final rule to the match…HHH is banned from ringside and if he shows, he loses his title shot! On a side note, Trips seemed to be less of his cool, franchise player style and was very much the egomaniac, bragging about all his past conquests etc.


AJ Styles V Bryan Danielson

The penultimate match of the night had more heat than the Sahara Desert, Danielson was being absolutely roasted by the Texan fans! The story to the match was that Styles kept trying to bring his speed into the match, and was unsuccessful every time as Danielson countered well with an expertly applied technical hold. Danielson soon realised that he couldn’t win the match with this tactic neither and after eventually getting Styles on the canvas with some well versed submissions went to the top rope. His attempted Dragon-rana failed though, as Styles caught the opponent and hit the Styles Clash for a long two count! This gave him the opening though and his almost unparalleled speed came into play, particularly when he hit a tornado DDT off of the top turnbuckle, onto Danielson who was on the ring apron to the outside! The referee eventually bumped to a stray clothesline and that was all Christopher Daniels needed who despite Danielson already having the Cattle Mutilation locked on in the centre of the ring, still deemed it necessary to nail him with the US Title right between the eyes! The ref came to, and declared the match a knockout victory in favour of Bryan Danielson! Danielson shakes hands with Daniels, although its pretty clear that he thinks he had the match won already and isn’t particularly happy about the interference.

Winner: = Bryan Danielson

Match Rating: ***¾

We are only a few seconds away from the main event as the Titan-tron lights up and there is the announcement that next week Angle and Benoit will go up against Y2J and Shawn Michaels in a hardcore match! That promises to be explosive!


WWE Championship

Batista V Randy Orton ©

Before the match we are treated to a video montage of both superstars, their history with each other and Batista’s challenge to the real Orton from Raw. Both workers make their entrances and this crowd are hot for the Animal! The match starts and Orton goes for it and just bounces off the Leviathan! He follows up with two big shoulder blocks and Orton is down! Batista goes over and gets hit with a hard right! A couple more and Batista is rocking, and an Orton power slam for a two count. Orton stalks the challenger looking for that RKO of his…but gets pushed into the referee! He turns into a big time spine buster and Batista should be WWE Champion right about now but there’s no referee to count! He goes over to wake the referee, but he’s gone…Orton is back up though…and runs straight into another spine buster for another would-be victory! Again Batista goes to rouse the ref and again Orton eats another spine buster! This time the referees coming round though, …ONE…TWO…THREE, no!!! That was too close! He signals the thumbs down for the Batista Bomb. Up goes Orton…RKO!! What a reversal! 1...2..No! That was a sure-fire finish. Both men are up and it’s a slug-fest, both are tiring and they drop to their knees but keeping throwing fists. Oh no, here comes Bob Orton, we haven’t seen him since he turned on his own son over a month ago! Both men on their knees and Orton is pleading for mercy from his father!! Crack! Bob Orton brings the cast down…across the head of Batista!!! What a disgrace they’re back together and have done a number on Batista! Tazz announces that we should mark his words, Orton will not be leaving the ring smiling in less than two weeks time as Batista comes round. He is pissed!

Winner: Orton

Match Rating: **¾

And with that…Smackdown finished for the week…

Quick Results:

- Val Venis def. Paul Burchill by DQ

- El Hijo Del Santo pinned EZ Money to win a fatal four way which also inc. Chavo and B-Boy

- Rey Mysterio beat Juvi Guerrera to retain the Cruiserweight Title

- John Cena def. Carlito to advance to the fourth step in the stardom gauntlet

- Bryan Danielson beat AJ Styles by submission

-Batista def. Randy Orton by DQ

Show Reaction: Rating: 79% and a TV rating of 5.85



Boo! releasing Tomko is not cool . Unless you write this really well im gonna be bored of seeing AJ/Daniels etc which we have seen before just because it gets good ratings .

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Advance Card For

IPB Image

Here’s the confirmed card so far ahead of tonight’s Monday Night Raw:

-Finlay gets his fight tonight, against Bobby Lashley with the Power League Title on the line!

-Its Paul London and Brian Kendrick versus Juvi Guerrera and Rey Mysterio!

-JBL takes on Too Cool in a handicap match!

-Will the Saints respond to Edge and Christians comments last week?

-John Cena takes on Ken Shamrock for the upper mid-card spot on the roster!

-Y2J and HBK go up against the Wolverine and Angle in a hardcore match!

-The Undertaker faces the challenge of the Nature Boy, Ric Flair, for the chance to choose the stipulation for the World Heavyweight Championship match at Unforgiven!

Tune in to find out if Raw was War….


OOC: I hate Teddy Long! You'll find out at Judgement Day :(

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IPB Image

Monday 18th September 2006, Hershey Arena, PA

We’re welcomed to the show by JR and The King who immediately point out that we are in fact only six days away from one of the most hotly anticipated pay-per-views of the year so far, Unforgiven! They give us a quick run down of the matches, taking time out to particularly point out; the World Heavyweight Championship match, the WWE Title match and the Number 1 contenders matches. They then point out that the matches could change as quick as they begun with five of those eight superstars involved in potentially career shortening match-ups tonight.

WWE Power League

Lashley © V Fit Finlay

The opening match is actually a pretty short, physical match that consisted of Finlay insisting on going toe-to-toe with Lashley, which is the fast route to destruction. The finish came when Finlay went for a shot with his stick and Lashley caught it, snapped it in half and followed up with a high impact belly-to-belly! The Dominator was then hit and the referee made the three count for the victory.

Winner: Still Champion, Bobby Lashley

Match Rating: ***

Backstage and its Val Venis being interviewed by ‘Mean’ Gene Okerlund who tells him that its about this time last week on Smackdown that Paul Burchill nailed him with some underhand chair shots. Val shakes his head and tells him that even though he is the recognised victor, he’s pissed off that Paul Burchill comes away with the general reaction of being the better wrestler, because he’s the one who left the ring with no support from the EMT‘s. So right now he’s issuing a challenge to meet him in the ring next week on Smackdown in a hardcore match and we will see who is the better man! Venis is then jumped from behind by Burchill! He plants him with some rapid right hands and throws him threw a nearby window! He reacts to the challenge and says that he will meet him next week and he will beat him next week!


Handicap Match

JBL V Too Cool

The crowd are hot for Too Cool despite them confirming it is just to teach JBL a lesson, a full reunion is unlikely. He starts off promisingly enough but is soon overwhelmed by the two former tag champions. They work well in tandem hitting a number of classic double team manoeuvres including the Too Cool double elbow. Eventually Scotty has JBL in a headlock and drags him to the corner where Sexay is preparing for the Hip Hop Drop! JBL recovers though and launches Scotty into his partner who gets crotched on the top rope!. JBL ducks Scotty’s recovery clothesline and comes off the ropes for a clothesline from hell! Sexay has recovered and comes off the top rope…and gets caught with a spine buster! He claws his way to his feet only to be met with a clothesline from hell as well! JBL puts an arm across each for the victory, although he has been pushed to the limit tonight.

Winner: JBL

Match Rating: **

Flairs music hits and he is on his way to the ring, even though he isn’t scheduled to be out till much later on. He says that he us he doesn’t want this and the shows general managers both hate him and he does not want to jeopardize his career by going into the ring with a man like the Undertaker. That’s why he wants Taker to come out and agree to call the match off. The gong hits and the champion makes his way to the squared circle. Flair slowly re-enters the ring and says that its cool then and he’ll be going now…but the Undertaker grabs him by the throat and shakes his head, he’s going nowhere! But other plans have already been made and Triple H darts to the ring and hit’s a low blow and the Pedigree on the Deadman! The pair continue to beat down on him. This continues for a few minutes with the Deadman taking a number of illegal weapon shots to the knee and inside leg, before a huge number of officials and road agents get them to the back.


London and Kendrick V Juvi and Rey

For many the cruiserweights are one of the highlights of the WWE today and this match did not disappoint. Surprisingly it was Kendrick who although considered by a lot to be the weak link or underdog in the team who took the initiative in this match nailing both men with a top rope double clothesline. After working on Juvi for a while he declined a tag to London and went for Sliced Bread #2. Guerrera reverses though and plants him with a big time Juvi Driver with London breaking up the count for a near fall! The shoe is on the other foot now and we see Kendrick getting worked over. Rey eventually sets him up after a dropkick to the knee, for the 619! He looks for the springboard leg drop for the win but Kendrick gets out of the way through desperation and both men make the tag. London is pumped up and fresh and goes to town on both men, with some showboating including a moon flip kick with a boot on both men. The referee loses order and everyone is in there! Kendrick is dumped to the outside and Juvi heaves London on to his shoulders as Mysterio goes up top…could they be looking for the Doomsday Device!!! They are but London reverses and hit’s a victory roll through and Rey launches into nowhere as London gets the three over Juvi! The victors celebrate as the losers look more than angry. Rey signals to the back and here comes the rest of the Mexicools, Psychosis and Super Crazy! Oh no, they decimate the two in the ring with the four on two advantage just too much. Rey has yet to get an in-ring victory over Paul London and does not see it as a good omen less than a week away from Unforgiven!

Winners: Paul London and Brian Kendrick

Match Rating: ****¼

We’re backstage and its ‘Cowboy’ Bob Orton with his son Randy, being interviewed by Michael Cole who wants to know why, why Randy did it? He could have gone to Unforgiven, given Batista a match and win or lose come away with respect. Orton claims that its an amateur question, so he’ll let his father answer it and then walks away. The mic is passed on to Bob Orton who simply says that his son could defeat Batista on his own no questions asked, but why do it the harder way when they could work together and do it in a few minutes? Orton turns around to leave and is confronted by the Animal himself, Batista! He says to Batista that he will NOT get involved in the match! Batista declares that as much as he wants to believe that, the WWE title is on the line and he cant afford to take that chance. He pushes Orton into the cameraman and we lose sight of the situation, when we regain sight of the area all we have left is a busted open, unconscious Bob Orton on the arena floor.


John Cena V Ken Shamrock

The Worlds Most Dangerous Man makes a one-off return to the WWE tonight as a surprise opponent for John Cena in his penultimate gauntlet step before the main event match next week, if he gets there. Both participants are well received with a notably large number of signs saying thing such as ‘Sign Back Shamrock’ and the like. If there were any ring rust on the former IC champ, its gone quickly as he nails Cena with some high impact belly-to-belly suplexes and snap suplexes without even giving John Cena a chance to counter once. Cena has the desire though and just will not be put away for the three. Cena seems to be out and Shamrock goes for the ankle lock…small package for three!!! Cena was playing possum and the adrenaline fuelled Shamrock was too slow to react. John Cena is gonna fight for the main event spot next week! No Chance and again here comes Vince McMahon. He points out that he has shown the characteristics of a main event legend, strength, brains and determination. However that doesn’t matter because he wont be wrestling next week, because he’s booking the main event spot for Unforgiven! Also, he’s gonna have to partly rely on another man because its gonna be a tag team match! He finishes by saying he wants to know his partner by the time Smackdown finishes and that he better find a man with wide shoulders, because this is a big burden to carry!

Winner: John Cena

Match Rating: ***¾

We are now treated to some footage of the US champion and Bryan Danielson knocking AJ Styles unconscious last week. The footage specifically focuses on Danielson’s annoyed reaction to Christopher Daniels interference despite still gaining the victory.


Kurt Angle + Chris Benoit V Chris Jericho + Shawn Michaels

Notable match in that it never actually got started. From the word go the intensity boiled through and Benoit and Jericho took it backstage with some stiff right hands to both! This left Angle and HBK who both were too busy almost killing each other that the ref threw the match out before it had even begun! Michaels tried to protest and gave Angle an opening to attack. He kept the hardcore theme running and nailed him with a chair shot to the ankle! Followed by four more! Michaels is rolling around in pain as Angle exit’s the ring and returns with some steel steps! Again he strikes down on the ankle with them and then locks on the Angle Lock!! Michaels is tapping but he wont let go and eventually releases the hold only to trap his leg between the steps and the ring post. He sets up the previously mentioned steel chair and stands on it… and delivers a dropkick into the steel steps and crushes his ankle in the process! The general manager has had enough and Foley makes the save! He gets on the mic and tells Angle to get to the back or he’s fired, which he does.

Winner: No Contest

Match Rating: ****½

The final scheduled non-wrestling segment of the night is an interview with the Second City Saints, CM Punk and Colt Cabana. They make their entrance to ringside and immediately get to their point. They state that after Edge and Christian laughed at their table match challenge, they decided that they’re right. A table match does not do the match in which the Saints win their first WWE tag team gold justice. As a result of this, they have decided to up the ante. Also, this isn’t a challenge, its already been discussed with Long and Foley and is gonna happen whether they like it or not! So this Sunday at Unforgiven, its gonna be the Second City Saints versus Edge and Christian for the Undisputed Tag Team titles…in a TLC match!!!


Ric Flair V The Undertaker


The main event is here and The Deadman arrives to meet Flair alone, and the champion is showing no signs of leg damage! Flair ducks an early right hand and connects with some trademark knife edge chops. They have no effect though so he decides to come off the ropes but walks straight into a Gorilla Press Slam! Flair waits for the Undertaker to turn and hit’s a chop block and instantly the limp returns. The next ten minutes are spent with Flair working the leg and eventually locking on the figure-four leg lock! The Undertaker has never submitted though and didn’t start tonight reversing the pressure and escaping the hold. Eventually the champ just had to much for the 16-time world champion and he scored the pin fall with the Last Ride power bomb. Instantly, Triple H appears with a sledgehammer and takes a choke slam for his troubles! The Deadman makes his way to the back, apparently we’ll find out his stipulation in four days time!

Winner: The Undertaker

Match Rating: **½

Quick Results:

- Lashley pinned Finlay to retain

- JBL def. Too Cool

- London and Kendrick beat Juvi and Rey

- John Cena defeated Ken Shamrock

- Jericho beat Chris Benoit by submission

- The Undertaker pinned Ric Flair

Show Reaction: Rating 82% and TV rating of 6.78

Be with us on Smackdown for the final events before Unforgiven to find out who will John Cenas partner be? What will the Undertaker choose as the match type for the World Heavyweight Title match be at Unforgiven?

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Advance Card For

IPB Image

Here’s the confirmed card so far ahead of tonight’s program:

-Vince McMahon has decided to ban all superstars who will be competing in title matches from wrestling tonight to prevent injury!

-The Undertaker names his stipulation to the World Heavyweight Championship match in two days time!

-John Cena will announce his partner for the main event spot tag team match at Unforgiven!

-Brian Kendrick takes on Super Crazy!

-Theodore Long has a major announcement!

-Ron Killings goes up against Booker T!

Tune in tomorrow night and all will be revealed and more…

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IPB Image

Friday 22nd September, Breslin Events Centre, East Lansing Michigan

The show kicks off with a video package plugging this Sunday with a build-up from the cruiserweight match right through to the World Heavyweight Championship main event. Tazz explains that as some already know Vince McMahon has banned any wrestler who is scheduled to take part in a championship match in two days time from wrestling tonight! However, we should still stay tuned in because we will here from some of them, including John Cena who will announce his tag team partner to face McMahons team and The Undertaker, who will reveal his chosen stipulation for his match against Triple H this Sunday. They also note that Theodore Long wants to make his major announcement this Sunday instead of tonight. Styles then further points out that there is still going to be the usual wrestling action that you’d expect from a company like the WWE, and we’re kicking off with Jerry Lynn and Kid Kash versus Tajiri and Jimmy Yang, who’s making his return since his ambush by JBL.

Jerry Lynn and Kid Kash V Tajiri and Jimmy Yang

All four contestants are eager to get into the ring but the starting two are Kash and Tajiri. Good interchanging of holds between the two with Tajiri gaining the advantage with the springboard-back flip elbow. He then built on this with a series of punishing strikes and kicks to keep Kash down. He then made the tag to Yang who showed no signs of ring rust by straight away nailing a top rope guillotine leg drop onto the former cruiserweight champion. Yang looked good with a couple more high risk manoeuvres including a standing shooting star press for a near fall. eventually Kash was able to catch a break and make the tag and the elusive Jerry Lynn came into action. A good showing from the man who used his slight size advantage over the others with a variety of suplexes and power bombs to floor his opponent, before going up top and nailing a corkscrew splash for a broken up two count. Eventually, we wound up with the original pairing back in the squared circle who went toe-to-toe before Kash gained the advantage and hit the Money Maker and Tajiri is out! He crawled over for the pin but the referee stopped him and declared that the imposed twenty-minute time limit had expired and the match was a tie! Kash and Lynn looked a bit irritated but both teams shook hands and left together to a round of applause from the fans.

Winner: No Contest

Match Rating: ***¼

Val Venis V Paul Burchill

Moving straight on and the next match that we’re presented with is the hardcore match between Venis and Burchill which has slowly built up over the previous weeks. Its hardcore from the word go as Venis hits some big time chair shots before Burchill recovers with a low blow. The match swings back and forth with both the Shoulder Breaker from Burchill and the Money Shot from Val Venis gaining near falls. A notable spot in the match came when Burchill had Val Venis on the Spanish announcers table and came off the ropes inside the ring and hit an Undertaker-style dive, clearing the top rope and reaching Venis to destroy the table!!! Val managed to recover through a well-placed kendo stick strike and looked to have the match won when he signalled for what would have been a Fisherman’s suplex. Burchill nailed him legally with some hidden brass knuckles though, and planted the C4 onto a chair for the three count!

Winner: Paul Burchill

Match Rating: ***¼

Rey Mysterio is backstage with the rest of the Mexicools and says that when he looks at the Unforgiven card, he sees the main event title matches, Cena’s surprise partner match, the special guest referee match, the TLC match, the contract match, the submission match and Jericho-Benoit for the WWE title #1 contendership. He sees all of the matches and then he looks at theirs, and it just looks ordinary at best. Which is why he has got permission from the correct authorities to make this a ladder match!


Brian Kendrick V Super Crazy

Bit of back-story to this match been that they are both involved with either a tag team or stable with either the cruiserweight champion or the #1 contender for the match at Unforgiven. They have both been involved with the matches somehow and through the banning of London and Mysterio wrestling tonight this is the next best thing I suppose! A good match with a number of crowd friendly high-risk moves to keep the crowd alive. Specifically, Super Crazy’s top rope Hurrancanrana which was reversed into a death valley driver being one of them. Fortunately for Kendrick, Mysterio didn’t show up. However, unfortunately, Psychosis and Juvi Guerrera did. The constant distractions proved too much for him and Crazy scored the victory with a top rope sunset flip and grabbing the ropes. It seems that London will have his work cut out if he is gonna become the new cruiserweight champ, as its gonna be four on two this Sunday, no doubt about that.

Winner: Super Crazy

Match Rating: ***½

We return from a commercial break to see HHH in the middle of the ring and he is demanding that the Undertaker reveals the stipulation as not only is it unfair how he earned the right to the stipulation, but to keep it from him till two days before the match is even worse! The gong hits, smoke fills the arena and the titan tron reveals a black room. Out of the corner of the darkness in the room steps his opponent, the Deadman! He announces that the match their having is going to be brutal. That he has taken other superstars there and changed their careers forever! Triple H, he says, has also been there but not with him, which is a new level. He says that Triple H’s disrespecting methods have unleashed the beast in the Reaper and in two days time he will take him to Hell, inside a cell! HHH is scared to death as the titan tron returns to normal and the smoke drifts away. Now business has really picked up ahead to the World heavyweight Championship match this Sunday!


Nunzio V Matt Hardy

With the main event superstars having the night off, tonight was the night to showcase the lesser seen workers in the WWE at the moment. This was more or less a squash match with Nunzio unable to keep Hardy down for long enough to lock in a hold or two. In the end his risky tactic of a top rope double axe-handle backfired and he was caught in the Side Effect, followed by the Twist of Fate for the three count.

Winner: Matt Hardy

Match Rating: ***½

Ron Killings V Booker T

Of tonight’s pre-booked matches, this was potentially the most anticipated of the bunch, starring a previous champion and a man who is predicted to be a future one. Similar styles often leads to a good match and this one was no exception either. Quickly though Killings youth and speed was too much and he had Booker were he wanted him and went for his Scissors Kick, but Masters appeared at ring side. The two are scheduled to meet Unforgiven but have been given strict instructions to try not to have any physical alterations beforehand. This distracts The Truth for long enough to allow Booker to get is bearings and he avoids his Scissor Kick and then nails one of his own and gets above his opponent for the victory! Quickly, the Masterpiece is in the ring and he connects with a Gorilla Press Slam and locks on the Master lock till he goes limp! He makes his way to the back, all the while making the symbol for the ‘I can snap you like this’ motion.

Winner: Booker T

Match Rating: ***¼

We’re backstage now and its Vince McMahon coming out of a bathroom with his name on the front…I mean office! He starts to walk off and is confronted by Shelton Benjamin. He asks if he can spare some time and McMahon replies, not really. He says that he wants a shot at something big in the company and that he’s ready and to ignore Flairs comments. McMahon is pretty angry and tells him that he’ll judge when he’s ready, he can have a match against Flair in ten minutes, if he wins that, come see him on Monday, and we’ll see what I have for you. He then declares that if he doesn’t mind, he has a crowd and an audience waiting for him.

Match Rating: ***¾


No Chance fills the arena and Vince makes his way to the ring. He announces that four days ago he challenged John Cena to find a partner for Unforgiven. He also said that he wanted to know who it was by the end of Smackdown, and he hasn’t heard yet anything from him. So now is the time to break the news! Cena makes his way to the stage with a huge smile on his face. He says that going up with McMahon is a lot easier than going up against McMahon. So when looking for a partner, his phone was hardly off of the hook. So he took matters into his own hands and he called a friend who he’s tagged with before, someone who’s regularly gone against McMahon and someone who couldn’t wait to get back into the ring for his Hulk-a-maniacs! That’s right, he called Hulk Hogan!!! McMahon looks stunned for a second then starts laughing and says that Hogan is indeed a legend and a good partner. However, the problem for John Cena is that he will be going up against TWO legends this Sunday! You see, the team he has chosen is that damn good that if John Cena wins at Unforgiven, he will personally induct him into the 2007 Hall of Fame, promote you to main event status AND bring a new title into the WWE and award it to him this Monday night on Raw!!! Because Cena, he says, he WILL lose, he doesn’t promise it, he guaran-damn-tees it! But wait, he thinks Cena’s announcement is enough for tonight and he and everyone at home and in the back can wait till Sunday to find out his team.


Shelton Benjamin V Ric Flair

The final match of the night is a bonus one as it has just been scheduled by the WWE chairman himself! Both men get to the ring and the match starts. Flair uses every trick in the book and then some to get an advantage whenever and wherever possible. Benjamin is having none of it though and quickly gets out of any potential blind siding situation. The match finish came when Shelton looked for a springboard bulldog but Flair ducked and went for the figure-four, but Benjamin showed some cunning of his own and rolled him up for a sneaky three count! Flair is pissed off and confronts Benjamin…but receives another T-Bone suplex for his efforts! Benjamin is elated and looks like we will see what McMahon has in store for this promising talent on Raw, but first we have bigger fish to fry. See you on Sunday for Unforgiven!

Winner: Shelton Benjamin

Match Rating: **

And with that…Smackdown finished for the week…

Quick Results:

- Lynn and Kash versus Tajiri and Yang fought to a time limit draw

- Burchill pinned Venis

- Super Crazy pinned Kendrick after interference

- Matt Hardy pinned Nunzio after a Twist of Fate

- Booker T def. Ron Killings

-Shelton Benjamin beat Ric Flair

Show Reaction: Rating: 85% and a TV rating of 6.06

IPB Image

The Truth To The Tales!

-Not much WWE news to report this week, although obviously most have noticed that the WWE restricted Smackdown to only Midcarders at best in terms of actually wrestling. This is believed to be in an effort to reduce the chances of any injuries before Unforgiven tomorrow. There have also been hints that this ‘main eveners ban’ might become a regular thing. Whilst a lot of people have seen this as a risky move, early statistics are actually showing that the show scored some of its best ratings of recent weeks, perhaps because of the fresh talent, perhaps not.

-Another notable piece of news this week is that of Hogan’s and Cenas opponents this Sunday. Whilst nothing has been confirmed, it is now knowledge that a number of Hogan’s old enemies and WWE legends have been contacted, including Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, Vader and Randy Savage although none are willing to break kayfabe at this time.

-Extra news is that wwe.com has released information that prior to the event being broadcast as a taster to the Pay-Per-View, (to hopefully increase buy rates) Val Venis and Paul Burchill will be competing in a Last Man Standing match in a completely free viewing. The two have been having a noteworthy feud recently and so for those on the fence as to whether o not you will buy it, this could be the one for you to help decide.

-Also, expect big time developments on the WWE title scene. Current champion Randy Orton and Batista have whilst pulling in the fans for now, are only gaining around ** match ratings from critics. Those higher up the WWE hierarchy simply believe this is not good enough for two main eventers of the company and perhaps to expect the unexpected at Unforgiven?

-Final point today, Mick Foley declared live on wwe.com today that less than 24 hours after trying to defend the tag titles in what will no doubt be a gruelling TLC match against the Saints, he will have to take part in a triple threat match for the Hardcore title!

Final Card For

IPB Image

Here’s the final card for tonight’s wrestling extravaganza:

World Heavyweight Championship

The Undertaker © V Triple H

Main Event Spot Match

John Cena & Hulk Hogan V ??? & ???

WWE Championship

Randy Orton © V Batista

WHC No.1 Contendership - Submissions Match

Kurt Angle V Shawn Michaels

Undisputed Tag Team Titles - TLC Match

Edge and Christian © V Second City Saints

United States Championship - Special Guest Referee

Christopher Daniels © V AJ Styles

Ref: Bryan Danielson

WWE No.1 Contendership - Style or Substance?

Chris Benoit V Chris Jericho

WWE Cruiserweight Championship - Ladder Match

Rey Mysterio © V Paul London

Contract Match

Chris Masters V Ron ‘The Truth’ Killings

Last Man Standing Match

Paul Burchill V Val Venis


OOC: Predictions are welcome as always (Y)

As an added incentive, the winner can choose one of the particpants for the WWE Hardcore match on the following Raw if they wish (some workers that are involved with feuds and titles in the future will be unanvailable for choice) (H)

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Sports Entertainment Genius

Hey, I’m the sports entertainment genius and tonight I am gonna be looking at WWE’s September PPV, Unforgiven.

The first match is that of the pre-PPV teaser match (which has recently been re-introduced) which will be Val Venis up against Paul Burchill. They have been having some pretty decent matches recently with Burchill coming out on top almost every time. They now have been handed what could be considered the daunting task of opening the show.

What Should Happen: Burchill grabs a convincing win and moves on up the card.

What Will Happen: Burchill to win and move up the card.

Opening the actual PPV is what could be considered to be the only ‘space filler’ on the card and is the contract match between Chris Masters and Ron ‘the Truth’ Killings. The general twist of the match been that Masters wants to leave the company and Killings is there to make sure he stays, through force.

What Should Happen: Personally I like Masters, but there are too many brawlers further up the card, so Killings.

What Will Happen: Too close to call, depends on who is needed to be pushed at the time.

Next up is likely to be the cruiserweight ladder match between Rey Mysterio and Paul London. This should be a cracking match considering the in-ring skills of the two involved.

What Should Happen: Rey retains in a classic one-on-one encounter.

What Will Happen: Paul London comes close but then loses out, perhaps due to interference, continuing the feud.

According to WWE, the next scheduled match is that of the US Title special guest referee match, featuring Christopher Daniels, AJ Styles and Bryan Danielson. The match looks tremendously unbalanced and it will be interested to see if AJ can put up any offence.

What Should Happen: Styles picks up an against the odds, classic WWE-style.

What Will Happen: Its tough to see past Daniels losing, given the way this has been built up. I actually think that both of these competitors have the skills to go all the way in the company and so it could be the loser who is the winner so to speak.

Next up we’ve been told, will be the WWE No.1 Contendership match, which is strange so early on in the card. In any event, it has the potential to be an entertaining match. Benoit been the straight-talking villain who hates the ‘pizzazz’ of Y2J’s wrestling ethic.

What Should Happen: Jericho picks up the victory spectacularly and goes on to strip Orton next month or at Survivor Series.

What Will Happen: It looks to me from recent TV like WWE are having Batista go over tonight and will want a heel (in this instance, Benoit) to face him. Jericho/Batista would still be an attraction though, surely?

Perhaps my highlight of the night this month is this match, the Undisputed Tag Title match. WWE have a habit of putting on the best TLC matches around and even though only four men take part tonight, it could be one of the best yet. Edge and Christian have the experience, the Saints have the skills.

What Should Happen: I honestly don’t mind. Both teams can legitimately be passed off as champions and provide exciting TV.

What Will Happen: Its very unpredictable. Only the WWE know what is in store next. They could plan to have the Saints go down as one of the all-time great tag teams and then have this match as one of their ‘moments’. On the other hand they may want them to get more experience wrestling other teams and keep Edge and Christian’s impressive ladder match success intact. As I have already said, both teams have the ability to be/continue to be great champions.

Four matches left by now and we will be on the verge of finding out the challenger to the winner of tonight’s hellacious main event. Its Angle-Michaels and under submission rules. I think we all know there’s only one winner here.

What Should Happen: Even though Michaels is a terrific athlete, I cant see him beating Angle at his own game which would damage his ‘legitimate athlete’ credibility.

What Will Happen: Angle to get the victory and face either HHH or the Undertaker in an almost WrestleMania proportions match-up at the next PPV. Although as with any Michaels match-up, you just never know, I mean who thought he would win the first ever elimination chamber?

First of the two title matches of the evening and it’s the WWE championship, Randy Orton versus Batista. The history between these two characters is enough as it is, without the angles we’ve been shown in recent weeks.

What Should Happen: I’d personally love to see face Jericho up against heel Orton at Survivor Series for the WWE title.

What Will Happen: Batista has been pushed to moon over recent weeks, taking out Orton Senior, Booker T and even Orton on a few occasions, its hard to see past him. Also with my prediction of Benoit to win earlier on, would set up a simple good guy/bad guy scenario for the next month or two.

Interesting one to call this next match, John Cena and his partner, the legendary Hulk Hogan are facing Vince’s two mystery partners. Names thrown into the hat so far have included Vader, Randy Savage, Sid Vicious and even Hogan’s old nemesis Bill Goldberg has been named. Sensationally reports have also surfaced that a steal may be on the cards, with some big time TNA guys stepping up, such as Team 3-D, Abyss, Kip James and BG James and even Sting has been mentioned in some circles! My favourites though have to be Hogan’s old N.W.O guys, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall. The fan involvement and atmosphere would be pretty intense, even if the wrestling was nothing short of terrible.

What Should Happen: Cena to get the victory over the most over opponent, putting him up there with the hardcore wrestling fans.

What Will Happen: See above, then celebrates with Hogan for even more cheap fan reaction.

The final match of the night features the World Heavyweight Champion, The Undertaker and his opponent, 10-time world champion, the Game, the Cerebral Assassin, The King of Kings, Triple H. If that isn’t enough, its inside the hell in a cell. This is the sort of match that with no build-up and even if the under card was weak, would bring in the buy rates on name alone.

What Should Happen: Takers WHC streak has been the longest of any title streak of the year and deservedly so. Its been a breath of fresh air in the business and one that the Deadman has been long overdue. If the retirement rumours are true then I hope he holds till Mania and gets 15-0 with a title.

What Will Happen: Sadly, I have to go with HHH. Out of the title picture for well over a year and a half, its time for the king of kings to return to his throne.

Well, there you have it the genius has delivered lets see how accurate I can be this Sunday.

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IPB Image

Sunday 24th September 2006, ARCO Arena

The time has arrived! After nearly a month of agonising build-up it all comes to a head here tonight. We’re gonna see No.1 contendership matches, TLC matches, Ladder matches and perhaps most importantly…world championship matches! Before the show launches though, we have the pre-PPV teaser match, with Tazz and the King on commentary.

Last Man Standing Match

Val Venis V Paul Burchill

Tazz welcomes everyone to the show tonight and before we get going with the main course, its time for an appetiser. Val is already in the ring and here comes Burchill to some big time boos. Recently Burchill has been feuding with Venis, using nefarious means to get the upper hand wherever and whenever possible. Not tonight though as anything goes and a cheap, quick three count won’t do it here, the loser has to be down for ten. The match begins and they lock up. Before long and Burchill has hit a rake to the eyes and plants a huge C4 to the delight of everyone in the crowd!! Venis is up for 7 though and Burchill looks for another C4, but Venis doesn’t budge and scores with a clothesline on the Englishman. He is then able to lock on the trailer hitch and Burchill is tapping! Venis is pulling no punches tonight and carries on going to work nailing some forearms and a back drop for a five count. He then grabs a chair from the outside and plants with Burchill with no less than four unprotected chair shots to the head and back! Venis goes up top as the referee reaches a 9-count and tells Jack Doan to quit counting! He then comes off the top with the money shot but Burchill gets his knees up. He sends Venis into the corner and lifts him to the top rope…and hit’s a C4!!! Venis is out but Burchill picks him up out of pure anger and hits another C4 onto the steel chair brought in by Venis earlier. This time its over as the ref reaches ten and both men have given this their all and Val’s hatred for Burchill has cost him the match tonight.

Winner: Paul Burchill

Match Rating: ***¾

Coverage is cut for a few minutes and then we are back as the pyrotechnics go off and good old JR and Joey Styles welcome us to the show and guide us through a video package further building up the evenings matches. Before we get into the matches though Theodore Long comes out and plays to the crowd, he declares that on Smackdown he said that tonight he would make a big announcement. Well that announcement is that as of September 2007, Unforgiven is gone and back is the King Of The Ring!! The crowd is frenzied now as a video package is showed of all the great Kings from the past, Bret Hart, Edge and Kurt Angle among others. The video is stopped early though and its Mick Foley who is on his way to the ring! He says that even though he is pleased with what he has just heard, him and Long are supposed to be Co-General Managers and he should have discussed this with him. Long says that he apologises but this was his idea and he wanted to be the one to share it with the world. Also, they are 50-50 runners of the WWE brand and he doesn’t need Foleys ‘blessing’ to do what he feels is necessary to put on a good show for the fans. Foley then gets in his face and says that he didn’t want to take he credit, hell, he could have told him backstage if he wanted, he just wanted to know the score before everyone else, what with him been one of the major players in the business. Also, if he does anything like this again then they are gonna have a falling out, and you don’t want that with a hardcore legend! Long says that he isn’t gonna be intimidated by him, or anyone! Also, don’t ever speak to him like that again! This is met by a smile from Foley, a kick to the mid-section and a double arm DDT! He then follows up with Mr Socko on the Smackdown General Manager!! Foley exits to a rapturous reception from the crowd as Long is helped to his feet by road agents.

A video clip rolls, showing Chris Masters decimate Ron Killings a few weeks ago and then threaten to sit out his contract because of a ‘great misuse of his talent’. It goes on to show Vince McMahon putting Masters’ contract on the line against The Truth as well as making it a lumberjack match! Finally we are shown footage of Masters distracting Killings against Booker T before further beating him down.

Contract Lumberjack Match

Ron Killings V Chris Masters

Ron Killings is out now and awaits his opponent with a firm gaze. Here he comes and Masters looks focused, he has a briefcase and we’re led to assuming it has the contract in. Masters is reluctant to get into the ring, he does when the lumberjacks come out though! Today’s woodcutters are Lashley, Sabu, Fit Finlay, Matt Hardy, JBL, Chavo Guerrero, Carlito, El Hijo Del Santo, Trent Acid and Booker T! The match gets under way and for the majority of it Masters is trying to build on any openings but every time he wanders near the ropes he is distracted by his would be attackers. Eventually Masters has Killings in the corner and charges but Killings gets the feet up and runs back at him. Masters is ready though and body presses him to the outside, but he’s caught by Lashley and tossed to the inside. Killings is eventually able to fight back and looks for the scissor kick but Masters moves and pushes him into the referee! He waits for him to rise and nails him with the briefcase and applies the master lock to no response from a downed ref. This is a cue for the lumberjacks who beat Masters down big time! Carlito plants a back-cracker and Masters stumbles into the corner and receives Air Sabu followed up with the Dominator! They exit to the backstage and Killings drags him to his feet and hit’s the Scissors Kick for three. Vince McMahon then makes his way to ringside with a contract in hand and grabs an unconscious Masters arm and makes him sign the contract himself!

Winner: Ron ‘The Truth’ Killings

Match Rating: **½

JR then informs us that up next is the Cruiserweight Championship Ladder match. He goes over the confrontations the two competitors have had in the past and the fact that Rey will have three men in his corner in the form of Juvi, Super Crazy and Psychosis whereas Paul London just has his tag team partner Brian Kendrick.

Ladder Match for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship

Paul London V Rey Mysterio ©

Both men make their way to ringside, notably on their own. The match begins and it’s the usual quick interchange of cruiserweight holds with the more experienced Rey coming out on top. This continues until London plays possum in the corner and Rey charges into the turnbuckle and then turns into an enziguri! London exits to the outside and returns with a ladder. He follows up with two big time shots to the stomach and then dropkicks it into Mysterio’s face. Mysterio is out and London traps him under the ladder and begins the ascension to the top, until Psychosis runs in pushes the ladder over! He beats down on him and goes for a guillotine leg drop from the top rope, but London moves and nails a stunned Psychosis with the moon-flip kick. Rey is stirring so London climbs up top and nails a 450 degree splash! For the second time tonight London sets up and climbs the ladder, and for the second time tonight someone interferes. This time its Super Crazy who springboards onto the opposite side of the ladder, but London ducks a right hand and hits one of his own, knocking Crazy onto the top of Psychosis. London grabs the briefcase, then stops, looks at the two bodies below, smiles and nails a Shooting Star Press from the top of the ladder onto both of them. Some serious damage done to all three, but London is somehow able to climb to his feet…but Rey is there and drop toe holds him and nails the 619! The challenger staggers back and Rey looks for the springboard Hurrancarana. London moves though and Rey is sent crashing into the ladder!!! Now surely London has done it…NO, Juvi Guerrera is here and goes to work on Paul planting him with some hard shots and the Juvi Driver. All three of the interfering Mexicools hold back London as Rey goes to the top. Wait a second…London’s partner Brian Kendrick has made his way through the crowd and sent Mysterio crashing back to the canvas with a missile drop kick! Kendrick is on fire and hits all members with right hands London is back up and together they clear the ring of Juvi, Psychosis and Super Crazy who regroup on the outside. They aren’t finished though and London hits all fours as Kendrick comes off of the ropes, off his partner and nails all three with a corkscrew piancha!! He then grabs a chair and drives all three to the back. We are back to the beginning now and its just the champion and London in the ring. They stare each other down and then both climb the ladder. There is a lengthy exchange of punches before the determined and adrenaline-fuelled London pulls out in front. Just before he can hit the killer blow though someone knew enters the ring and plants London with a shot from the Cruiserweight championship and Rey pushes his opponent off onto the canvas with a crash. He then reaches up and grabs the title and the match is over! Rey retains and hugs the assailant and is that…it is! Its Rey’s father, Rey Mysterio Senior! Brave attempt from London and Kendrick but in the end it was five on two which was simply too much.

Winner: Still WWE Cruiserweight Champion, Rey Mysterio

Match Rating: ****¾

JR is quick to point out that the show has only just started but already that has to be a contender for match of the evening, if not the year! All praise aside the odds were firmly against Paul London. Styles follows up by stating that this next match, featuring his namesake will also carry that theme. Clips are shown of Daniels tricking AJ into signing a special referee match with Bryan Danielson, and the subsequent assaults from there. In any event, its now time for the WWE United States Championship match!

WWE US Title-Special Guest Referee

Christopher Daniels © V AJ Styles

Referee- Bryan Danielson

AJ Styles is out first and receives a solid reception from the fans here at the ARCO Arena, which then turns the other way around when US champion Christopher Daniels makes his way out to ringside alongside the referee complete with a black and white shirt. Before the match starts the ref grabs the nearest mic and says contrary to peoples beliefs he is gonna call this straight down the middle. The match begins and Styles locks in a headlock on the champion and throws him over pinning his shoulders down. Danielson is out of position and walks round and counts. One……two……and Daniels is able to kick out after a massively slow count from the referee. AJ is pissed and pushes the ref and shouts something about calling it fairly. Daniels gets the sneaky backslide and Danielson counts. One. Two. No! AJ kicks out and goes crazy hitting four or five right hands on the champion, following up with a back body drop and a power slam for a slow two count. Styles is clearly not happy and says that the title isn’t worth this and nails the referee with a kick to the mid-section and an enziguri! He signals for the Styles Clash but doesn’t notice Daniels behind him and gets planted with the Angels Wings. Danielson is gone though and there’s no count, even though it could have gone to a hundred! He brings the ref round and makes the cover but Styles is out for two. They glance at each other and then proceed to put one of the biggest two-on-one beat downs the business has ever seen. They work well in tandem, using double suplexes, double power bombs and even an almost 3-D like manoeuvre. Still AJ Styles tries to fight back though but the odds are too much and Danielson locks on the Cattle Mutilation and puts him to sleep. Daniels makes the cover… but Danielson refuses to count. Daniels asks what’s going on and Bryan holds up his hands and says wait a second. The former American Dragon exits and looks under the ring…and returns with a piece of lead pipe! Daniels says let me do it, but Bryan is adamant he’ll be doing it and tells the champion to stand him up. He does and Danielson takes one look at AJ Styles…and crashes the piping across his face, busting him wide open!!! Daniels laughs and makes the cover…but Danielson nails him in the back with the pipe, and again two more times. He then locks on the Cattle Mutilation and after Chris Daniels goes limp stands up counts to ten, looks at the chaos and exits laughing all the way up the ramp. It has been given as a no contest as neither man could answer the call of ten. It’ll be interesting to see what repercussions that will have tomorrow night!

Winner: No Contest

Match Rating: *****

WWE Title No.1 Contendership

Chris Benoit V Chris Jericho

Up next we’re told is the number one contendership match, for the WWE championship. Videos are shown of Benoit talking down to Jericho about his glamorising of the business and all his distractions and attacks on Y2J recently. Benoit is out first and receives an alarmingly positive reception from the crowd. it’s the usual calm, focused and intense entrance from the crippler. Next up its Chris Jericho and we have Saliva playing King of My World live at the ARCO Arena. it’s a terrific pop from the crowd as he finally comes into view and enters the ring. They straight away go toe-to-toe and talk trash to one another. Benoit pushes Jericho away, not once but twice, pissing Jericho off and he goes to push back but Benoit has anticipated it and locks in the crossface right in the middle of the ring! The bell rings and Y2J is trapped, but refuses to tap. A few minutes later and he has somehow made it to the ropes but the damage has been done and Y2J is struggling to lift his arm and his neck is clearly damaged. The veteran Benoit capitalises on this and nails a few arm bars and the like and then a neck breaker. He scores with a near fall and lifts him up for a delayed suplex. Jericho comes out of the back and rolls him up and locks on the walls of Jericho! Benoit grabs the ropes and charges at Jericho and plants a Benoit attack and signals for the head butt. He goes up top and dives…but Jericho rolls out of the way and goes up top himself for the moonsault which Benoit rolls out of the way of himself. Jericho has it scouted though and lands on his feet, he waits for Benoit to rise and looks for the enziguri which Benoit ducks nails a German suplex! And another! And a third for good measure! For the second time tonight he gives the cut-throat sign and goes up top, although this time he lands it and Jericho is more or less unconscious on the canvas. This time Benoit brings his arms up as a cross, and drives them down! He scoops up Jericho’s legs and he’s looking for the sharpshooter! Jericho was playing possum though and rolls him over for the small package! Benoit rolls through though and grabs the tights. 1...2...3!!! Benoit has done it! The referee didn’t see it and Benoit is the new number one contender to the WWE title! He hurtles down the aisle to the back as Jericho looks on in disbelief shaking his head, he cant believe that he has fallen for that.

Winner: Chris Benoit

Match Rating: *****

There is a massive pop from the crowd as Lillian Garcia announces that the following contest is a tables, ladders and chairs match for the Undisputed Tag Team championships! The rules being that everything is legal and the way to win is that you must grab the tag team titles from the suspension above the ring, whilst also putting the other team through as many tables as possible and beating the crap out of them with chairs.

Undisputed Tag Team Championship - TLC Match

Edge and Christian © V Second City Saints

The Saints are the first team out tonight and there’s an electricity and a togetherness about them which just gives you the impression that this might be their night tonight. They go through their usual routine and play to the crowd. It’s the turn of the champions now and even though they are clearly the heels here, the crowd just cannot wait for this match and are applauding this team also. The match starts and E + C run straight to the outside, which prompts a piancha from CM Punk over the top rope onto both. Cabana follows up with a chair shot to each of the champions and then rolls Christian back into the squared circle and goes to work on him. CM Punk decides to put a beating on Edge and uses a number of right hands to send him to the back and follows him, nailing a clothesline over the barrier! He continues to follow him and eventually scoops him up and lays him onto the top of a nearby sound table. Back in the ring though and Christian has taken the advantage after a crafty low blow to Colt Cabana. He notices the commotion and sprints to the back to help his partner. Punk has climbed up a nearby barrier and has joined the fans! He signals for a moonsault or something but Christian jumps him and they begin brawling. Edge comes round and also climbs up top as well! He crouches down and signals for the spear! He charges…but Punk moves and Edge spears his partner off of a ten foot barrier, through a table! The ‘Holy S**t’ chants go up as Edge and Punk battle back to the ring. Cabana joins them and the numbers game catches up with Edge and he is on the receiving end of a double vertical suplex through a table. They both grab a ladder each and set one up in the ring and another is balanced against the ropes. Edge is back up and nails Cabana with a spear and plants Punk with a right hand. He decides that its time to climb the ladder and goes up top. Punk out of nowhere runs up the balanced ladder and nails Edge with the Step-up Enziguri!!! He crashes to the mat and is unconscious in the ring. Somehow Christian is back however and plants CM Punk with a chair shot to the back of the head and then places the chair around the neck of CM Punk and climbs to the second rope. Surely he isn’t gonna jump! No he isn’t because Colt Cabana has climbed an adjoining turnbuckle and gone coast-to-coast sending Christian to the outside. Now, its Cabanas turn to climb to the top but Edge is here and hooks up Cabana for the suplex and crotches Cabana on the ropes. He then comes off of the opposite side of the ring and charges up the balanced ladder and spears Cabana to the outside!!! Just a groggy Edge and CM Punk now. Both going at it and Punk pulls in front and plants a big-time high angle back drop. He begins his ascension to the top of the ladder and fails to notice Christian enter with two chairs and hand one to Edge. Punk is finally aware but its too late…Con-chair-to! He collapses to the ground and Cabana is still out as the champions climb the ladder and that’s it! Edge and Christian have retained the Undisputed Tag Team titles in a sensational match-up!

Winners: Still the Undisputed Tag Team Champions, Edge and Christian

Match Rating: ****¾

The champions struggle to the back leaving the Saints in the ring as they receive a standing ovation for a quality high impact match. CM Punk clearly is not happy and stops Cabana from leaving. He says he is not happy and nails his partner with the Step-Up Enziguri! He gets on the mic and declares that he is here to win championships and he’s done that with his Intercontinental Championship. Now, he wants to add to it and defend it. He says that he might not have added to his list tonight, but he is looking to add to it in the future, trust him, whether it’s the US title, the Hardcore title, even a World title! He finishes by saying that to do this, he has to lose this dead weight named Colt Cabana. But just to show there is no hard feelings, he is offering him an IC match tomorrow night on Raw!

Joey Styles says that we already have found out that Chris Benoit is the challenger for the WWE Champion, now it is time to find out who will be challenging for the World Heavyweight Championship come October. A video highlights package shows the notable points of the feud so far and now it is time for Kurt Angle versus Shawn Michaels for the World Heavyweight Championship No.1 contendership in a submissions match.

World Heavyweight Championship No.1 Contendership-Submission Match

Kurt Angle V Shawn Michaels

Its time for what very well could be the show stealer, and here comes HBK, Shawn Michaels! The crowd are clearly in favour of HBK tonight as Angle enters the ring looking as intense as ever. The first ten to fifteen minutes are spent with the usual interchange of impressive moves and holds as you expect from to of the most gifted performers on the roster, until Angle is able to plant a huge belly-to-belly suplex and down come the straps! He is able to follow up with a German suplex and the Angle slam. Angle goes up top and nails a moonsault down to perfection. He makes the cover before been reminded that it’s a submissions match by Earl Hebner. This pisses him off and he exit’s the ring looking for a chair which the referee takes off him on entry. Michaels has recovered by now and lands an atomic drop, followed by two short arm clotheslines and a hard scoop slam to the canvas and Michaels is rolling! He goes up top and lands the flying elbow drop. He signals for Sweet Chin Music and toots up the band, which Angle ducks and he nails the ref, and then Angle. There’s no referee though and Michaels looks around to wake him up and doesn’t see Angle pick up the and nail him in the back with it! Its not enough though and he wraps the chair around his ankle and heads up top before landing a second moonsault, this time onto the chair! Michaels is rolling around in pain as Angle disposes of the chair and locks on the Angle Lock with grapevine!!! Michael’s struggles for as long as possible, but its just too much and he’s forced to concede defeat!

Winner: Kurt Angle

Match Rating: ***¾

Lillian Garcia then gets on the mic and announces that it is now time for the first World Championship match if the night, the WWE title match!

WWE Championship Match

Batista V Randy Orton ©

They then announce Batista’s arrival and here comes the Animal! Up next is Orton with the title around his waist, most likely for the last time. They stare down and lock up, with Batista using his incomparable power to throw Randy back two or three times, before hitting a shoulder block and a scoop slam for 2. He then follows up by taunting Orton and nailing him with a gorilla press slam to the outside. He follows him but Orton nails a low blow and bounces the Animals skull of the steel steps and then again twice off of the ring post. He rolls him back into the ring for a two count and signals for the RKO, Batista catches on though and plants Orton with a spine buster and gives the thumbs down! He gets ready to lift Orton up when the music of Vince McMahon hits and he makes his way to ringside to that of a stunned audience and Batista, not to mention a relieved Randy Orton. He says that recently he has become aware, thanks to a certain number one contender, of a loophole within the rules and that as from October 2006 this loophole will be fixed. However, as of tonight, Batista is no longer the number one contender and so now he is going to add that new contender to the match and Batista needs to get his ass to the back because he is out of the match! Out from the back comes Chris Benoit who is about to enter the ring. Batista looks pissed off at being screwed by Benoit and exit’s the ring and grabs a steel chair! He aims for the wolverine, but he ducks and he nails Orton who is stunned back into the corner. Benoit gives Batista a knee to the back and sends him to the outside as security guards come to escort him to the back. The crippler turns as semi-conscious Orton shuffles out of the corner and into the crossface. The referee takes one look and judges Orton to be unconscious and awards the victory to Benoit!!! New Champion!

Winner: New WWE Champion, Chris Benoit!

Match Rating: ***½

We cut to the back in time to see Kurt Angle emerging from Vince McMahons office shaking his hand and saying thanks. He turns and bumps into Triple H, this should be interesting! HHH declares that he’s seen what happened with Benoit just now and that Angle better not have been talking to Vince about what he thinks he was, otherwise he…WILL…bring the hammer down…on Kurt Angles CAREER!…Literally!!! Angle looks away then gets in the games face and says that yeah, he might be the number one contender and he might not play by the rules inside of the ring as we saw tonight, but he has no interest in backstage politics and lets his skills do the talking. Also, unlike Benoit, he wants to earn his titles! With that, he walks away, leaving Triple H fuming.

John Cena + Hulk Hogan V ??? + ???

We are back at ringside as John Cena makes his way to the ring and gets the microphone off of Lillian Garcia. He then announces that ladies and gentleman, all the way from Venice Beach, California, weighing in at 303lbs, standing 6’6” tall, please give it up for the one, the only, Hulk Hogan!!! Hogan makes his way to the ring to a huge pop and does his usual routine to the usual reaction. Cena gets on the stick and says that as usual, he isn’t here to talk, he’s here to fight! So get those two chumps out here for an ass-whipping! No Chance fills the arena for the third time tonight and McMahon makes his way to the stage. He says that he is glad he came to fight because he is gonna have to be in a fighting mood to even survive this. He goes on to explain that they say money cant buy you happiness. Well after he sees Cena been hit with the one, two, three, he will be extremely happy, and remember everybody has a price! There is a momentary silence as McMahon gets backstage then…the music of the Rock hits and here comes the peoples champion! The crowd are out of their seats and Cena looks worried as Rocky works the turnbuckles and eyes up his opponents before grabbing a microphone and shouting, “Finally…Stone Cold Steve Austin…has come back…to a WWE ring!”. The crowd are in a silence of disbelief for an agonising thirty seconds, until the glass breaks and here comes the Rattlesnake! The atmosphere is electric as the match starts and Cena and the Rock lock up. Rocky outwrestles his opponent and tosses him into the ropes for a Samoan drop for two. He works Cena for a few more minutes and then nails three right hands and looks for the killer blow, but Cena ducks and hoists him up for the F-U! The Rock slides out of the back and nails the Rock Bottom! He covers but Cena kicks out. Rock is in top gear though and sets up, and hits, the Peoples Elbow! Hogan interrupts the count with the leg drop though and both men are out. Cena is first up and tags out to Hogan. Hogan immediately goes to work hitting the big boot and then the leg drop! He makes the cover, 1...2...NO, Rock got a shoulder up. Hogan whips him into the corner and charges, but the Rock explodes out of the corner and plants a huge clothesline and makes the tag to Austin as the ARCO arena goes wild! Cena gets the tag and Hogan and the Rock spills to the outside. Austin blocks a right hand and hits five in return, sending Cena into the corner where he receives no fewer than twenty mud hole stomps! He waits for Cena to arise before nailing him with a Lou Thesz press and some right hands! Hogan follows into the ring and he gets the same. Lastly comes the Rock and a fired up Austin says f**k you and nails The Rock with one and some Texan right hands. He then proceeds to plant every man in the ring with a Stone Cold Stunner and gets the three count over Cena!!! The crowd is electric as Austin celebrates with a beer and makes his way to the back, hopefully not for the last time!

Winners: Stone Cold Steve Austin + The Rock

Match Rating: **½

(Image of Undertaker)

World Heavyweight Championship

Triple H V The Undertaker ©

We return from some sponsorship advertisements and the cell is being lowered as we see some clips of the Game and Taker feuding. The King of Kings hits and here comes the Game minus Ric Flair, who we are told has been banned from ringside and the referees are responsible for keeping him away and so will lock the cell door! Its now time for the Deadman and here he comes as the gong sounds and smoke fills the arena! What the…he has got a casket with him?!?! He leaves it on the stage and enters the cell and the Game wastes no time in attacking with some right hands and sends him into the ropes for the spine buster for two! The Game is relentless and sets up the Pedigree, and sends the Deadman down for a two and a half count! The Game hits another and again Undertaker kicks out! Triple H cant believe it and goes to the outside and picks up a Sledgehammer. He waits for Undertaker to sit up and plants him for a two count. He waits for Undertaker to get up and nails him three more times but he wont go down! He looks for another strike…but the champion grabs the hammer and break it in half! He then proceeds to lamp the challenger with a big time choke slam and signals for the tombstone pile driver! Wait a second, Flair has come out from under the ring and plants the Deadman with some right hands and some chops, which don’t even stun him and he tosses him into the corner and hit’s a high impact flurry of right hands and the final one goes straight to the forehead and busts him open as he stumbles into the Last Ride Power bomb! The Undertaker gives a furious look in Triple H’s direction who tries to get out of the ring but Taker nails a running big boot, sending HHH off of the apron and through the cage wall!!! The champion isn’t finished yet though and comes off the ropes and hit’s a suicide dive over the top rope, through a Triple H shaped hole and onto the challenger! Ten seconds later and he sits up and signals for the casket and takes a few steps towards it! The Game makes the no way motion and begins to climbs the cell and the Undertaker follows suit! HHH tries to cheap shot him but the Deadman blocks and grabs him by the throat…they pause for just a motionless second, in one of those moments…before choke slamming Trips through the top of the cell! The crowd chants hardcore over and over again as the champion climbs back down and hit’s a groggy Ric Flair with a tombstone, before scooping up HHH and giving him one for good measure! He crosses the arms and the referee counts. One…Two…Three!!! Undertaker has retained and celebrates in the ring! He makes his way to the back with Trips carcass and just before he can stuff him in, some fireworks go off and what the hell…here comes his brother Kane and The Big Show!!! Taker tries to valiantly fight back but is overwhelmed by the sheer force of the other two and they give him a double choke slam on the stage! Undertaker is motionless as Big Show moves HHH and opens the casket and they give Taker another double choke slam, this time into the casket!! The lid is slammed shut and the crowd are stunned! They aren’t done yet though and manage to lift the casket…and toss it off of the stage into the blackness below! The last thing we see is HHH looking up at a laughing Big Show and Kane as the show ends!

Winner: Still World Heavyweight Champion, The Undertaker!

Match Rating: ***¾

Quick Results

- Burchill def. Val Venis in a last man standing teaser match.

- Ron Killings beat Chris Masters in a lumberjack match.

- Rey Mysterio retained against Paul London in a ladder match.

- Christopher Daniels retained against AJ Styles.

- Chris Benoit pinned Y2J for the WWE No.1 Contendership.

- Edge and Christian retained against the Saints in a TLC match.

- Kurt Angle beat HBK by submission for the WHC NO.1 contendership.

- Benoit beat Randy Orton by submission for the WWE title.

- Steve Austin and The Rock pinned John Cena and Hulk Hogan.

- The Undertaker pinned HHH to retain the WHC.

Show Rating: 94%

Buy Rate: 1.80

Be sure to tune into Raw tomorrow for the fall out of tonight’s events


OOC: By the way, as this is the first PPV I have done and am approaching the end of the first month, I'd appreciate any feedback. :)

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