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DVD boxes


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this may seem a little random, but does anyone else hate the stickers they put on the DVD boxes?

a few years back, they started adding the slip-on boxes, to put over the DVD cases. The box has the same exact writing as the actual case, so i dont see the point, other than to waste trees.

I dont want to throw those things away or else they would be a waste of good trees, but there is alway the stupid sticker that has the price on it, and i hate it. sometimes it will go off easily, but other times its hard and it leaves the box sticky. :angry:

so yeah. i think i first noticed these things on Disney (and other sister companies) DVDs, and then everyone else started following.

worst idea ever. :thumbsdown:

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There is a lot of stuff that goes into packaging that is useless, except from an advertising stand point. People like to buy attractive, cool looking things. Did you ever see the way they used to package computer games? The boxes were enormous!

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