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Xbox Controllers

Scott McFly

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OK, at the moment I'm using one of the giant Xbox pads, but am looking to get one of the smaller "S style" ones. I've used the Joytech Neo S in the past and IMO it's very good, but then I've never used the official Controller S to compare. I'm also looking at the Logic 3 S-Type pad. I could get a Neo S from Play for a tenner and the Logic 3 one is going at Gamestation for the same, whereas a Controller S would set me back £18. Not really interested in a wireless pad, as I don't really wanna pay craploads for batteries, I don't really mind the wire and I had a Joytech one in the past and the springs in the battery compartment fused to themselves, making it no use at all. Basically, a good old-fashioned wired pad will do me.

Does anyone use any of the above pads? I presume plenty of people use the official one, but is it worth £8 more than one of the 3rd party ones? I'm a little wary of 3rd party syndrome, where the pad turns out to be bollocks, but don't really want to spend almost double for the same thing. The main reason I'm getting a new one, is I'll be finishing uni soon and might actually have time to play the damn thing, so I'm looking to get a lot of use out of it. Almost thinking I should just treat myself to an official one if I'm gonna be using it a lot, but I thought I'd see what all you good people have to say first, as that's always the best thing to do.

Any feedback on the above pads would be appreciated, or if there's any other suggestions, fire away. :)

EDIT: Forgot to say, I dug out all my old Official Xbox Magazines, and they gave the Joytech one 5/5 and the Logic 3 one 4/5. Can't find anything on the official one, but I presume it's a 5/5.

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The official one is great, its durable and very comfortable. Also, all of the Mad Catz controllers are excellent - even the one with the standard layout (white and black on top) are smaller then the old official ones.

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No Xbox ones though, just 360 and PS2 by the looks of things. I think I'll probably just get an official Controller S as a treat for myself since I can't really find any decent reviews of any of the 3rd party ones and I don't really want to buy one only for it to fall apart and have to buy an official one in the end. Thanks for all the help though. :)

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