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Galactic Civilizations II: The Dread Lords


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So I bought this game online and it is a really cool game, so I wanted to share it with everyone. Basically this is Civilizations in space, very similar to Master of Orion, but with good 3D graphics. You pick a race(humans included, but they have like 7 other choices) each with their own characteristics and stuff, you research tech, expand to other worlds, build better stuff and win by force(WAR!), economical might, having better tech and so on. They have a cool ship designer which feels like building lego ships as you add parts, weapons, engines, systems and so on to make your own creations.

It is very complex, but also very entertaining. If you want to give it a go, check www.galciv2.com

If anybody has this game, feel welcomed to share stories and strategies....I need them :(

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