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First NCAA Football 2007 Info


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Found this at gamestop.com under the PS2 section for this game.

Turn the tide in your favor and control momentum like never before with NCAA Football 07. Storm ahead early or come from behind late with drive-stopping sacks, key turnovers, and clutch first down conversions on your path to the first-ever BCS Championship Game in Dynasty Mode. In the all-new Student Athlete mode, you must remain disciplined to maintain a high GPA and improve your character and intelligence on and off the field. Grab your text books, strap on your helmet, and experience the true year-round passion of college football with NCAA Football 07.
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I'm with Hugar, the momentum meter sounds good. It would also make it challenging if the other team gets on a run early on then it would be harder to win it later. The student athlete thing could go either way for me, it sounds like it has promise but I don't know what its really going to be like right now. Either way I love college football and I'm definately going to grab this and Madden when they come out.

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