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World Wrestling Federation 2002

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WWF 2002: From The Roster Split

Under Construction - Changing Format Of All Promos

The Roster Split was a huge point in Wrestling history. It was full of potential and promise. Some say it was successful, others say it wasn't. Me? I'd say it was successful, but not in the way it should have been.

What If?

The nWo were successful and didn't just fizzle out?

The WWF Title was treated with respect and not passed from challenger to challenger every month?

Former 'WCW and ECW' talent weren't just brought back simply to fill the rosters?

Superstars were not allowed to jump between RAW and SD! constantly?

And what if the roster split really was the beginning of a new WWF?

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WWF.com Superstars Page

To be updated throughout the diary.

Ric Flair's RAW


n.W.o. (Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, X-Pac)


Rob Van Dam

Booker T

Big Show

Bubba Ray Dudley

Brock Lesnar (Managed by Paul Heyman)



Steven Richards

Matt Hardy


Jeff Hardy

Mr. Perfect

Spike Dudley

D'Lo Brown

Shawn Stasiak

Terri Runnels



Trish Stratus

Justin Credible

The Bossman

Tommy Dreamer


Mighty Molly

Vince McMahon's Smackdown!

The Rock

Kurt Angle

Chris Benoit

Hulk Hogan

Billy, Chuck and Rico



D-Von Dudley

Mark Henry


Billy Kidman


Chris Jericho



The Hurricane

Al Snow

Lance Storm

Diamond Dallas Page

Torrie Wilson

Scotty Too Hotty

Stacy Keibler





Hardcore Holly

Val Venis


Chavo Guerrero Jr

Chad Collyer

Perry Saturn (Injured)

William Regal (In Rehab)

WWF Champions

IPB Image

WWF Undisputed Champion

Triple H

RAW Champions

IPB Image

WWF Intercontinental Champion

Rob Van Dam

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WWF Hardcore Champion

Jeff Hardy

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WWF Womens Champion


Smackdown! Champions

IPB ImageIPB Image

WWF Tag Team Champions

Billy and Chuck

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WWF European Champion


IPB Image

WWF Cruiserweight Champion


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RAW Preview

1st April 2002

A new era of RAW begins.

Ric Flair will present Triple H with a brand new Undisputed Title Belt.

Will Stone Cold sign a contract?

The WWF European and WWF Hardcore Titles will both be on the line.

Plus Undertaker, Rob Van Dam, n.W.o and much more!

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WWF RAW Results

1st April 2002

Stone Cold Contract Issues

RAW owner Ric Flair came to the ring to strong cheers from the crowd.

Ric Flair: Woooo! Welcome everybody.. to a new era of WWF RAW! Woooo!

Ric Flair: Later tonight Im going to present Triple H with a brand.. spanking...new Undisputed Title Belt! Woooo!

Ric Flair: But right now, I'm going to sign the free agent.. Stone Cold Steve Austin to a RAW contract and..

"No Chance" played on the titantron and Smackdown! Owner Vince McMahon made his way to the ring.

Vince McMahon: Ric, I'll be damned if I just let you sign away Stone Cold, but before we get to that I have a proposition for you!

Ric Flair: Go on...

Vince McMahon: Well we have here two brands but only one Undisputed Champion. I think it is extremely unfair to expect Triple H to have to travel twice as much as any other wrestler.

Ric Flair: Just cut to the chase Vince.

Vince McMahon: I propose a Triple threat title match at Backlash, one challenger from each brand. Whoever wins keeps the title for their brand exclusivley! As for Triple H, he gets to choose his brand in the event of a win or a loss. So.. do we have a deal?

Ric Flair then reluctantly shook Vince's hand when Glass Shattered and Stone Cold Steve Austin came down to the ring!

Stone Cold: Flair you want me to sign with RAW? What!? Vince Wants me on Smackdown!? What!?

Well the bottom line is, whichever brand Stone Cold Steve Austin is on, I'm going open a can of whoop ass on everyone in the way of me winning the WWF title! What!?

Vince McMahon: Listen Steve.. I know we haven't always seen eye to eye, heck we've spent the last few years at each others throats! But what I'm saying Steve is that you know me so well, you know I can run a company and that I always make my decisions in the interest of fairness!

Stone Cold: Uh Huh? What!? Well what does Ric Flair have to offer Stone Cold? What!?

Ric Flair: Listen Austin, I shouldn't have to remind you of how many times Vince has screwed you over in the past.

Stone Cold: Thats grand coming from 'The Dirtiest Player In The Game' What!?

Ric Flair: Just hear me out.. I will make you the RAW challenger for the Backlash Title Match! Woooooo!

Stone Cold: Its a tempting offer. What!? does Vince Have a better one? What!?

Vince McMahon: Of course I do, Im Vince McMahon dammit! I'll give you everything he can and more!

Stone Cold: Stone Cold has made his desicion.

Austin looked at Vince, and a huge grin emerged.. Stone Cold Stunner! Austin Stunnered Vince McMahon and signed Ric Flair's RAW contract!

Spike Dudley def Mr. Perfect via DQ

Perfect beat Spike up a bit at the start of the match, but Spike gained momentum and used his speed to his advantage. Mr. Perfect eventually became frustrated and hit Spike with a Steel Chair for the DQ. After the match Spike became victim of another Chair Shot, followed by the Perfect Plex.

Deadman Demands

Ric Flair was walking backstage when he ran into the Undertaker who grabbed him by the throat and shoved him against the wall.

Undertaker: Listen Flair, whats this I hear about Austin getting the title shot?

Ric Flair: Calm down Taker, I had to give it to him to get him to sign!

Undertaker: You picked me first in the draft so I should be in the title match! If you don't give me the title shot I'm gonna give you a beating more severe than the one I gave you at Wrestlemania!

Ric Flair: Okay, okay.. I'm not going to give in just like that, but I'll tell you what I will do. If you can beat Rob Van Dam tonight, you can face Austin next week in a number one contenders match.

Undertaker stared at Flair for a second before releasing him and looking pleased with himself.

William Regal def Matt Hardy (with Jeff Hardy and Lita) to retain WWF European Championship

An average match, a slight clash of styles. Matt had alot of momentum in the match and scored a near fall with his Top rope Leg Drop! He soon after set up for the Twist of Fate which Regal reveresed. He soon hit Hardy with his Brass Knux and scored the pin. Jeff Hardy chased Regal off while Lita checked on Matt.

The Next Big Thing is Here

Paul Heyman came to the ring with Brock Lesnar.

Paul Heyman: Welcome everyone, to the first night of the Next Big Thing Open Challenge!

Paul Heyman: You are about to witness history as my new client, Brock Lesnar will destroy anyone backstage who has the balls to answer Lesnar's challenge!

The APA's music played and Bradshaw ran to the ring!

Brock Lesnar w/Paul Heyman def. Bradshaw

Bradshaw got in a few right hands, but Lesnar just laughed in his face, Bradshaw ran off the ropes and took Lesnar to the floor with a Diving Shoulder Block! Lesnar quickly got back to his feet and knocked Bradshaw down before dominating him. Lesnar beat on Bradshaw a while longer before hitting him with the F-5 and pinning him. Heyman got in the ring and shouted at Lesnar 'Again'. Lesnar raised Bradshaw and hit another F-5 to add insult to injury.

Big Man Down

The camera cut to the parking lot and showed Big Show lying on the floor unconcious. Medical staff were attending to him while various members of the RAW roster and RAW Staff were crowding around the scene looking at what had happened, including Tommy Dreamer, Bubba Dudley, Justin Credible, Steven Richards, Goldust, Planet Stasiak and Crash Holly. Some of these wrestlers were shown speculating on who may be responsible.

Raven def Kane to retain WWF Hardcore Championship

A good Hardcore match, which saw Raven playing the desperate heel when Kane would simply shake off attacks from foreign objects (chairs, stops signs etc). Raven low blowed his way out of a Chokeslam attempt. The champ then nailed his Evenflow DDT but only got a two count. Kane proceeded to destroy Raven, when Scott Hall of the n.W.o ran in and clocked Kane with the Ring Bell allowing Raven to get the 3 count and the win. Raven quickly made his get away.

Not Finished Yet

Kane sat up and attacked Hall, but X-Pac and Kevin Nash soon ran to the ring and helped beat down Kane. After beating him with steel chairs the n.W.o all hit their individual finishers on Kane! He got hit with a Outsiders Edge, Jacknife Powerbomb and the X-Factor! The n.W.o did their usual cocky taunts and left looking pleased with themselves.

Championship Presentation

Ric Flair came to the ring and introduced the WWF Undisputed Champion Triple H. Triple H came to the ring and Flair awarded him with a brand new Undisputed WWF Championship belt.

Triple H: You were right when you said tonight is the start of a new era Ric, the new era of Triple H!

Triple H: I am honoured to recieve this new championship belt and I will defend it with every last breath in my body! It doesn't matter if it's Austin, Undertaker, or anyone from Smackdown! i WILL beat them all because I am that damn good!!

Undertaker def Rob Van Dam

A good main event. RVD got lots of offence in early with loads of quick moves and kicks. Taker later took control of the match when he rolled out of the way of RVD's Split Legged Moonsault. Undertaker controlled the match for a while basically beating RVD up with his fists and boots. When Taker attempted Old School RVD yanked his arm and pulled him off the top rope! RVD gained momentum and eventually went for the Five Star Frog Splash! But before he could hit his finisher, Booker T ran to ring side and shoved Van Dam off the turnbuckle, Taker then capitalised and Chokeslammed RVD and got the 3 count. After the match Booker T and Undertaker attacked RVD when Stone Cold Steve Austin made the save and Stunned both men! Austin shared a beer with RVD and then Stunned him to for the hell of it! Raw faded to black and went off the air.


Undisputed Title Situation, Injury

Backstage sources report that while the original plan was for the Undisputed Champion to wrestle on RAW and Smackdown! the decision to make the title exclusive to a certain brand is because it was thought it'd be too much responsibility for one man to travel backwards and forwards all the time. Expect the brand that doesn't have the Undisputed title after Backlash to introduce its own World Title of some kind. It is expected that something similar will happen for the Womens title, but just having the Womens division on one show, most likely RAW.

In other news, Perry Saturn picked up an injury the other day at a house show and will be out for at least a month or so, maybe longer.

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Smackdown! Preview

4th April 2002

The First New Smackdown!

Who will be entered into the Backlash Title match?

WWF Tag Team and WWF Cruiserweight titles to be defended.

Edge goes one on one with Test.

Plus appearances from Chris Jericho, The Rock, Kurt Angle and Hollywood Hulk Hogan.

All this and more!

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WWF Smackdown! Results

4th April 2002

Whos going to Backlash?

Vince McMahon came to the ring. he said he didn't care that Stone Cold had signed with RAW, because Smackdown! would be the superior brand anyway. He announced a fatal fourway next week featuring The Rock, Chris Jericho, Kurt Angle and Hollywood Hulk Hogan. The winner would be added to the Backlash title match. He said tonight Angle and Jericho would face Rock and Hogan in a tag match.

Tajiri w/Torrie Wilson def The Hurricane to retain WWF Cruiserweight Championship

A great match displaying the Smackdown! exclusive Cruiserweight division. Hurricane stayed on the offensive throughout the match. He got a near fall after a Top Rope cross body! Tajiri hit Hurricane with a big kick to the head when Torrie started yelling something at him. Tajiri stepped outside and slapped Torrie! While the referee checked on Torrie, Tajiri sprayed Hurricane with the Green Mist! Follwed by the Kick Of Death for the 3 count! Afterwards Tajiri snatched his title from the referee and dragged Torrie to the back.

Edge has Something to say

Edge was backstage with a mic. He said even though he's not involved in the match next week, it won't be long before he wins gold, and he's got his sights set on the WWF Undisputed Title!

Billy and Chuck w/Rico def Albert and Scotty 2 Hotty to retain WWF Tag Team Championship

Average tag match, which saw Albert dominate the champions early on with his superior strength. Scotty then got tagged in, but soon started to got worn down by the champs after Billy hit him with a Brainbuster. Albert finally tagged in and cleaned house, hitting Chuck with a Baldo Bomb for a near fall which was broke up by Billy! Towards the end of the match, Billy and Chuck double teamed Albert on the outside, allowing Rico to enter the ring and Spinning Heel Kick Scotty! Chuck got back in and scored the pin, while Billy held Albert back.

A New Team

Backstage Faarooq aproached D-Von Dudley. He said they were both tag team specialists seperated from their partners. He said they should team up and go after Billy and Chuck's titles. D-Von thought for a second then agreed. the two shook hands and walked away.

Godfather w/Hos def Hardcore Holly

A decent match which saw Hardcore play the arrogant bully, Godfather seemed to be doing everything in the interest of his Ho's. This was nearly his downfall as he stopped halfway through the Ho-Train allowing Holly to hit a stiff clothesline and take control. It didn't take the Godfather long to get back in the drivers seat though and he soon hit the Pimp Drop and got the 3 count. Afterwords he danced with his Ho's for a few minutes.

Diamond Dallas Page def. Lance Storm via DQ from interference

DDP went straight to work on Storm throwing him around with a hip toss and a powerslam. Christian came down to ringside and caused contstant distractions for DDP allowing Lance Storm to take control of the match. Storm hit a Super Kick but DDP kicked out to everyones surprise. Storm then applied the Single Legged Crab but DDP fought it off and gained momentum, and it wasn't long before he nailed Storm with the Diamond Cutter! But before he could pin him, Christian attacked with a steel chair! The two Canadiens lay a beating on DDP before leaving.

Not So Happy

Al Snow and Maven were stood backstage. Snow was complaining that a veteran like him doesn't have a match on the first new Smackdown! Maven said not to worry and they'd get their chance to shine. Al rolled his eyes and looked on in despair.

Edge def Test

A good match between the two men. Test displayed his power and a mean streak during this match, while Edge seemed unstoppable. After a nearfall from a Test Powerbomb and a shocking kick out from test after Edge nailed his Spear, Edge countered Test's Big Boot and applied the Edgecation for the Submission victory.

Ready To Run Wild

Hollywood Hulk Hogan and The Rock were stood backstage. Rock told Hogan that, Rockamania and Hulkamania would run wild on Jericho and Angle's candy asses! Hogan agreed but said that next week it'd be every man for himself!

Hollywood Hulk Hogan and The Rock def Kurt Angle and Chris Jericho

A good quality main event which saw the faces control the majority of the match. However a distraction from Angle allowed Jericho to Low Blow Hogan turning the match in their favour. Angle and Jericho continued to make quick tags and methodically beating down Hogan while keeping him away from Rock. Hogan miraculously managed to fight back and Hulk Up! Hogan fought of his opponents and finally tagged in The Rock! Rock proceeded to clean house on his opponents. He tossed Jericho out of the ring and then Rock Bottomed Angle! To finish up Hogan him with his Leg Drop and Rock covered to get the 3 count! Hogan and Rock stared each other down for a few seconds, before again shaking hands.

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Who Betta?

Sources within the WWE report that Kanyon was called up from Ohio Valley Wrestling and took part in the Metal portion of the Smackdown! Tapings.

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WWF Metal Recap

6th April 2002

Mark Henry pinned Rico after a Powerslam.

Kanyon came out and announced his return. He challenged anybody to a match later on. Hugh Morrus came out and accepted the challenge.

Billy Kidman defeated Chavo Guerrero Jr with a rollup. After the match Chavo attacked Kidman and hit him with his Spinning Brainbuster.

Hugh Morrus defeated Kanyon after a powerbomb and then the No Laughing Matter Moonsault.

A recap was shown of the tag team main event from Smackdown! when Hogan and The Rock defeated Kurt Angle and Chris Jericho.

Christian defeated Val Venis with the Un-Prettier.

IPB Image

WWF Sunday Night Heat Recap

7th April 2002

Bubba Dudley and Crash Holly defeated Steven Richards and Justin Credible in a Hardcore Tag Match when Bubba hit the Bubba Bomb on Richards.

Jeff Hardy defeated Goldust after hitting the Swanton Bomb.

A RAW recap was shown of Stone Cold Steve Austin signing Ric Flair's contract and Stunning Vince McMahon.

Jazz made Jacqueline submit with the STF to retain WWF Womens Championship.

A RAW recap was shown of the main event match with Undertaker defeating Rob Van Dam thanks to interference from Booker T.

Kevin Nash (n.W.o) defeated Tommy Dreamer in a squash match following the Jacknife Powerbomb.

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RAW Preview

1st April 2002

Who attacked Big Show?

Will Kane seek revenge against the n.W.o?

Austin vs Undertaker - Winner goes to Backlash Main Event

WWF Undisputed Champion Triple H in action!

RVD gets a chance at revenge when he teams up with Jeff Hardy to face Booker T and William Regal!

Brock Lesnar's Next Big Thing Open Challenge Continues!

All this and more!


WWF.com Update

Kanyon has been added to the WWF.com Smackdown! Superstars page.

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WWF RAW Results

8th April 2002

Triple H def Justin Credible

A decent but short match which saw Triple H win with the Pedigree after a few minutes.

We want revenge

Big Show was in the office of RAW Owner Ric Flair. He said he knows it was the n.W.o that attacked him last week and he wants a match with them tonight. Kane walked in and demanded he get a match with them also after last week. Flair set up a match for later on, Kane and Big Show vs Scott Hall and X-Pac.

Booker T and William Regal def Jeff Hardy and Rob Van Dam

The faces had control for the start of the match. Until later on Regal and Booker managed to isolate Jeff Hardy after Regal hit his Butterfly Powerbomb to get a near fall. RVD finally got tagged in and cleaned house. Jeff later attepted a corkscrew moonsault to the outside on Regal, but Regal moved out of the way and Hardy hit the floor and remained there for the rest of the match. RVD became a victim of Regal's Brass Knux while the legal man Booker T pinned the WWF Intercontinental Champion.

Perfect Revenge

Bubba and Spike Dudley were backstage. Bubba said he was going to make Mr. Perfect pay for what he did to Spike last week.

Bubba Dudley def Mr. Perfect via DQ

A good brawl, Bubba won via DQ when Mr. Perfect nailed a Chair Shot for the second week in a row! He then hit him with the Perfectplex! When Spike Dudley ran down for the save, only to walk right into another Chair Shot!

Planet Hardcore

The WWF Hardcore Champion Raven was walking backstage when all of sudden, Planet Stasiak ran at him with the most random sounding noise! Raven side stepped and Stasiak ran right into the wall knocking himself out! Raven shook his head and walked away.

n.W.o (Scott Hall/X-Pac) def Kane and Big Show

The monsters were unleashed during this match as Big Show and Kane totally destroyed n.W.o from the start of the match. Kane and Show looked poised to win when Kane chokeslammed Hall and Show Chokeslammed X-Pac at the same time! Kevin Nash appeared and took out the referee before he could count the 3! Big Show went and fought with Nash on the outside while inside, X-Pac gave Kane a Low Blow, before Scott Hall hit him with the Ring Bell and pinned him. Hall, Nash and x-Pac made themselves scarce before the giants came round.

The Next Big Thing Open Challenge

Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar came to the ring. Heyman said that the Next Big Thing Open Challenge will continue tonight, and will also take place at Backlash on the 21st April! The Hardy Boyz music played and out came Matt Hardy and Lita!

Brock Lesnar w/Paul Heyman def Matt Hardy w/Lita

Another complete squash. Hardy managed to get in a little more offense than Bradshaw the previous week, but Lesnar reversed a Hurricinrana into a Triple Powerbomb! Before pinning Hardy he then hit the F-5. Lesnar clearly wanted to attack Lita after the match but Heyman convinced him otherwise.

Making Who Famous?

Undertaker was backstage and he talked about how he would make Austin famous tonight. He then said he would do the same to Triple H at Backlash when he takes the WWF Undisputed Title. He turned around and Triple H was stood there! Triple H just smirked and walked away leaving Undertaker looking pissed off.

Undertaker def Stone Cold Steve Austin

A decent match between these two, which was pretty even all the way through. Austin fought out of a Chokeslam early on and nailed the Stone Cold Stunner! Undertaker miraculously put his foot on the bottom rope. The fight continued on the outside with both men utilising the ring post, ring apron and crowd barriers. Austin looked like he was about to get the win when Scott Hall came to the ring and tripped Austin as he ran against the ropes. Undertaker took advantage and gave Austin the Last Ride and got the victory. Hall walked off up the ramp as he and Austin stared each other down.

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Breaking News, Backlash Match Added and More WWF.com Updates

William Regal has come forward and admitted a Cocaine addiction! He has been sent to a Rehab Facility by the WWF. The WWF.com website has the WWF European title listed as Vacant! Expect the situation to be explained on television within the next week.

RAW Owner Ric Flair has informed WWF.com that at Backlash Rob Van Dam will defend the WWF Intercontinental Championship from Booker T.

Chavo Guerrero Jr and Rico have been added to the Smackdown! Superstars page on WWF.com

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Smackdown! Preview

11th April 2002

Hollywood Hulk Hogan, Chris Jericho, Kurt Angle and The Rock face off for a chance to compete for the WWF Undisputed Championship at Backlash!

Jazz defends the WWF Womens Title from Stacy Keibler!

Undisputed Champion Triple H goes one on one with Test!

Cruiserweight action as Champion Tajiri teams up with Chavo Guerrero Jr to face Billy Kidman and Hurricane!

Will Diamond Dallas Page seek revenge against nemesis Christian?

Edge will be in action!

All this and more!

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WWF Smackdown! Results

11th April 2002

European Title and more

Vince McMahon came to the ring with the WWF European Championship on his shoulder. He said everyones probably wondering why he has a RAW title. He said William Regal's RAW contract expired this monday and he had signed a Smackdown! contract. Vince said that since the title was vacated after Regal's RAW contract had expired, it was property of the Smackdown! brand and next week there will be a Battle Royal to crown a New Champion! Vince then went on to say that he is so confident the WWF Undisputed Title will be residing on Smackdown! after Backlash, he is making a 3 way Number One contenders match for Backlash featuring the 3 losers from tonights main event.

Hurricane and Billy Kidman def Chavo Guerrero and Tajiri w/Torrie Wilson

A top quality tag team match, fast paced and high flying. Hurricane won via Disqualification when the referee saw Tajiri spit his Green Mist into the Super Hero's face! After the match Tajiri grabbed hold of Torrie and dragged her away again.

Tag Team Challenge

Billy, Chuck and Rico were stood in their locker room. Chuck and Rico were telling Billy how big his ass looked in his tights. Faarooq and D-Von Dudley kicked the door opened and stormed in! They demanded a title shot late tonight! Billy told them to get out of their room of they'd call the police. Rico murmered to himslef 'fashion police more like.' Faarooq grabbed him by his collar and asked him what he jus tsaid when Vince McMahon walked in and told them all to calm down. He said Faarooq and D-Von would get a title shot if D-Von could beat Rico in a match tonight. He then added that Faarooq, Billy and Chuck were all Banned from Ringside! He said to make sure of this he's sending the 3 of them home for the night.

Jazz def Stacy Keibler to Retain WWF Womens Championship

A complete squash match. Jazz destroyed Stacy from the offset, and then applied the STF for the submission victory in less than a minute.

Still Not So Happy

Al Snow and Maven were in their locker room complaining that they had been left off the card for the second week in a row! Maven said not to worry because one of them would walk away with the WWF European Championship next week!

Diamond Dallas Page and Edge def Lance Storm and Christian

A good tag match. Plently of offence from Edge and DDP and lots of improvised double team moves from the Canadian Duo! No matter how many double team moves and how much cheating Storm and Christian did, their opponents always came back. The finish came when Edge Speared Lance Storm, and DDP Diamond Cuttered Christian for the pinfall victory, gaining a small amount of revenge.

D-Von Dudley def Rico to earn Tag Team title shot

Rico tried to make fun of D-Von at the start with some Gay Antics slapping his backside and taunting him. D-Von soon put a stop to this and took Rico down with a massive clothesline. It wasn't long before D-Von hit his Lifting Reverse DDT and got the victory.

Backlash Match Added

A video played hyping WWF Backlash. It announced that a new match had been added, Christian vs Diamond Dallas Page - Steel Cage Match!

Triple H def Test

Test put up a good fight using his size against the Undisputed Champion. But it wasn't enough to keep the more experienced Triple H at bay. Test hit a Pumphandle Slam of which Triple H barely kicked out of! Test then went to finish The Game with his Big Boot, but Triple H ducked and nailed the Pedigree for the 3 count!

Deadman Invasion

With the WWF Undisputed Champion, Triple H celebrating in the ring, RAW Superstar, Undertaker jumped over the crowd barrier and into the ring! He attacked Triple H right away, the game fought back but Undertaker soon got the better of the tired superstar. Several Security Guards ran to the ring, all of which were dispatched by the Deaman! Undertaker then pulled out a Biker Chain! He smashed Triple H ove the head with it, making him bleed. He then proceeded to choke him with the chain! When he was satisfied he walked off backstage. Officials sprinted to the ring right past Undertaker and straight to Triple H to provide medical attention.

Rock def Chris Jericho, Hollywood Hulk Hogan and Kurt Angle

A great main event in which the winner would get into the Backlash Title Match. Started out with Rock and Hogan teaming up against Jericho and Angle. After throwing the two from the ring, the crowd went wild at a Mini WrestleMania X8 Rematch! Hogan took advantage when he hit his Big Boot and Leg Drop! Jericho and Angle came back in and double teamed Hogan for a bit until Angle turned on Jericho hitting him with the Angle Slam! He pinned but Rock managed to break it up at 2! Rock and Angle went at it for a while when Rock hit a Spinebuster and attempted the People's Elbow but was intercepted by Jericho! Angle then got Jericho into the Ankle Lock, but Y2J reversed it and kicked Angle out of the ring. Hogan fought back and went for his Leg Drop again, but Angle pulled him to the outside and brawled with him, while inside the ring The Rock got back to his feet and hit the Rock Bottom on Jericho to get the 3 count! With The Rock celebrating, Undertaker appeared at the top of the stage and the two had a stare down as to show went off the air.

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WWF Metal Recap

13th April 2002

Chad Collyer pinned Funaki with a School Boy Rollup.

A recap was shown of The Rock winning a four way match against Chris Jericho, Kurt Angle and Hollywood Hulk Hogan to be entered into the Backlash Title Match.

Rikishi beat Hardcore Holly after using the Stink Face followed by the Banzai Drop.

Kanyon defeated Hugh Morrus with a rollup with his feet on the ropes.

A recap of Triple H beating Test was shown, as well as the post match attack by Undertaker.

Billy and Chuck beat Godfather and Val Venis in a Non-Title Match when Rico hit a Spinkick on Godfather.

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WWF Sunday Night Heat Recap

14th April 2002

Lita and Trish Stratus beat Molly Holly and Jackie Gadya when Lita hit the Litasault on Jackie.

Recap was shown of the Big Show and Kane losing to the n.W.o on RAW.

Bradshaw pinned Bossman after the Clothesline From Hell.

Recap was shown of Undertaker beating Steve Austin to get into Backlash Title Match when Scott Hall interfered.

Tommy Dreamer pinned Raven after the Dreamer Driver to become NEW WWF Hardcore Champion!

Steven Richards ran in and Steven Kicked Dreamer, only to become a victim of the Evenflow DDT from Raven who then pinned Dreamer to win back the WWF Hardcore Title.


Ohio Valley Wrestling and WWF.com Updates

After his tryout match on WWF Metal, Chad Collyer has signed a one year written contract with the WWF. He will be part of the Smackdown! brand and has been added to the Smackdown! Superstars page on WWF.com.

Jackie Gadya was anything but impressive in her match on Sunday Night Heat, and WWF Officials had her report to Ohio Valley Wrestling for more training.

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RAW Preview

15th April 2002

A Wrestlemania X8 rematch as Stone Cold Steve Austin goes one on one with Scott Hall of the n.W.o

Also X-Pac of the n.W.o will face Kane!

Ric Flair has informed WWF.com that Mr. Perfect will wrestle in a match that he can't get himself disqualified... A Handicap Tables Match against Bubba and Spike Dudley!

Booker T gets a shot at RVD's WWF Intercontinental Title at Backlash, but will face another former ECW star on RAW.. The Innovator of Violence Tommy Dreamer!

Undertaker in action!

WWF Hardcore Championship - Raven defends against Jeff Hardy!

Plus appearances from Kevin Nash, Big Show, Brock Lesnar and WWF Womens Champion, Jazz!

All this and more!

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WWF RAW Results

15th April 2002

Deadmans Challenge

Undertaker came down to the ring. He said that everyone saw how he destroyed the Undisputed Champion Triple H on Smackdown! and that even the roster split wouldn't keep him away from that title. He said he would walk out of Backlash as the new champion and he wants a warm up tonight since Triple H is too hurt to be there. WWF Intercontinental Champion, Rob Van Dam answered the challenge and said he wanted a re-match from two weeks ago. Undertaker said he'd be glad to give RVD another ass-kicking.

X-Pac (n.W.o) def Kane

Kane had control over X-Pac and dominated for the most of the match. Kevin Nash was at ringside with X-Pac and reapetedly tried to interfere. Big Show ran to the ring and ran Nash off! Show then tried to attack X-Pac but accidently hit Kane instead! Nash returned to keep Show at bay while X-Pac covered Kane for the 3! Nash grabbed X-Pac and the two escaped. Big Show then tried to apologise to Kane who answered with a Huge Right Hand leading to a big brawl between the two!

Calm it..Team

WWF RAW Owner Ric Flair came out and forced them to stop their little fight and informed them that they had better learn to get on because at Backlash this sunday they would team up with Stone Cold Steve Austin to face all 3 members of the n.W.o!

Warm Up

Booker T came to the ring and said at Backlash he will beat Rob Van Dam and be the 1 time...1 time.... 1 time WWF Intecontinental Champion! He said tonight he'll be facing another ECW Reject Tommy Dreamer to warm up for his title match on sunday!

Tommy Dreamer def Booker T via DQ

Dreamer entered the ring and caught Booker off guard! Booker gained momentum after he pulled the referee in the way of a Dreamer clothesline.. making Dreamer back off long enough for Booker to get a Cheap Shot in. Booker eventually went for the Scissors Kick which Dreamer escaped from before throwing Booker out of the ring! Dreamer celebrated and soaked up the crowd reaction, but Booker T got back in the ring and hit him with a Steel Chair! After the match Booker T continued the assault. Rob Van Dam ran out to make the save and soon disposed of Booker T. Undertaker then ran to the ring and hit RVD with a Steel Chair! The referee rang the bell and their match is on!

Undertaker def. Rob Van Dam

Undertaker spent the first few minutes beating on the already downed Van Dam! RVD took the momentum when he pulled Undertaker off the tope rope while he was attempting to hit Old School! RVD went on the offensive with kicks, flips and everything he could pull out, but came up short when Undertaker moved out of the way of his Split Legged Moonsault! Undertaker covered Van Dam and nearly got a 3 count! The two went back and forth for a while with RVD and the Deadman both getting near falls with a Rolling Thunder and a Running DDT respectively. Tommy Dreamer (still outside the ring) recovered, but Undertaker soon attacked him again. With the referee's attention drawn to this Booker T came in the ring and gave RVD the Book-End! Undertaker climbed back into the ring and gave RVD The Last Ride and pinned him.

Another RAW Exclusive Title

Jazz was shown backstage. She said that the Women on Smackdown! are pathetic so she is goin to be defending the WWF Womens Title exclusively on RAW.

Jeff Hardy def Raven to win WWF Hardcore Championship

A better than average Hardcore match between these two. Good spots included Jeff Leapfrogging a Ladder and Raven using a chair to elevate him into a "Flying Clothesline!" After a brawl outside the ring, Raven threw Jeff over the top rope and out of the ring. Matt Hardy ran to the ring and hit Raven with the Twist Of Fate just in time for Jeff to climb the turnbuckle and hit the Swanton Bomb to get the 3 count!

To Perfect to Wrestle

Mr. Perfect walked into Ric Flair's Office. Perfect said he had hurt his ankle and a Tables Match would be too much of a risk for his "Perfect Body." Flair said Perfect could take the night off if he could find a replacement. Perfect said he'd already sent someone to the ring who was Hungry for Action!

Brock Lesnar w/Paul Heyman def Bubba and Spike Dudley in a Tables Match

Lesnar annihalated the Dudleyz in this match. He threw Bubba out of the ring and destoryed Spike, giving him a Powerbomb through a Table within seconds. Bubba came in with a chair, after 3 shots, Lesnar had only been knocked down to one knee! Lesnar then Grabbed The Chair and smashed Bubba in the head with it! He hoisted Bubba up and gave him the F-5 through another Table for the win.

Stone Cold Steve Austin def Scott Hall (n.W.o) via DQ

As good as or maybe slightly better than the Wrestlemania X8 match. Both men put in good efforts and Austin seemed to have the match won when he slipped out of the Outsiders Edge and nailed a Stone Cold Stunner! However before he could pin Kevin Nash ran in and caused the DQ. Austin managed to hold his own until X-Pac joined the fray and 3 on 1 became too much! Big Show and Kane ran to the ring looking to be on the same page. Kane and Big Show then gave Chokeslams to X-Pac and Scott Hall respectively while Austin gave a Stone Cold Stunner to Nash! RAW went of the air with Austin doing his usual turnbuckle/beer celebrations while Kane and Big Show just stood in the centre of the ring face to face.

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Smackdown! Preview

18th April 2002

Undisputed Champion Triple H will compete in a match with three men who will fight for number one contendership at Backlash. The Game teams up with Hollywood Hulk Hogan to face Kurt Angle and Chris Jericho!

Edge goes one on one with Christian!

10 Man Battle Royal to determine the NEW WWF European Champion featuring; Al Snow, Albert, Hardcore Holly, Hugh Morrus, Kanyon, Maven, Rikishi, Rico, Test and Val Venis.

Billy faces D-Von Dudley, there'll be no Rico at ringside but expect Chuck and Faarooq not to be far behind.

Chavo Guerrero Jr head to head with The Hurricane!

Appearances from The Rock, DDP and Lance Storm!

All this and more!

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IPB Image

WWF Smackdown! Results

18th April 2002


Hollywood Hulk Hogan was stood in the ring and he talked about the number one contenders match at Backlash! He said he will beat Angle and Jericho on Sunday just like he's going to beat them tonight when he teams up with the Undisputed Champion Triple H. All of a sudden, Chris Jericho jumped over the crowd barrier and attacked Hogan from behind! After kicking him around for a while, he attacked Hogans ribs viciously with a Steel Chair! Soon enough Triple H ran to the ring Sledgehammer in hand! Jericho ran away but the damage had been done.

Chavo Guerrero Jr def Hurricane

A typically good cruiserweight match which was quite even until WWF Cruiserweight Champion Tajiri interfered and spit Green Mist at Hurricane allowing Chavo to roll him up for the 3. Both men attacked the superhero and Billy Kidman ran in for the save.

Hogans Replacement

Backstage Triple H was complaining to Vince McMahon about Chris Jericho's actions. Triple H demanded to know what Vince was going to do! Vince said he could make Triple H wrestle a handicap match against Angle and Jericho but in the interest of fairness he would give him a replacement partner. He said his partner would be one of his opponents on sunday.. The Rock!

D-Von Dudley w/Faarooq def Billy w/Chuck

Decent match, Chuck tried to hit D-Von with a Super Kick but missed and hit Billy instead. Faarooq removed Chuck from the ring while D-Von hit his Lifting Reverse DDT and got the 3 count!

Match Added To Backlash Card

A Backlash hype video played saying that a new match had been added. WWF Cruiserweight Championship Match - Tajiri © vs Chavo Guerrero Jr vs Hurricane vs Billy Kidman.

Revenge Will Be Ours

Kurt Angle and Chris Jericho were backstage. Angle congradulated Jericho for what he did to Hollywood Hulk Hogan earlier. Jericho said that when he wins at Backlash and then beats whatever Jackass has the Title, the Smackdown! brand would Neverr Eveeer be the same again! Angle told him not to be so sure, and not to forget he'd be in the match too. Jericho said they should focus on their tag match later tonight. Angle agreed and said they're going to make "Triple Jerk" and "The peoples idiot" TAP OUT!

Kanyon wins 10 man Battle Royal to win WWF European Championship

At the start Al Snow and Maven tossed Kanyon out and but he only went through the second rope. He then Hid on the outside until the end. Towards the end Snow and Maven successfully double teamed a few superstars. Maven eliminated Al Snow from behind shocking his mentor, and simply shrugged his shoulders at him! Kanyon then re-emerged and threw Maven out from behind to capture the WWF European Championship!

Order Of Elimination

Rikishi eliminated Hardcore Holly,

Test eliminated Rikishi,

Rico eliminated Albert,

Rico eliminated Hugh Morrus,

Val Venis eliminated Rico,

Al Snow/Maven eliminated Val Venis,

Al Snow/Maven eliminated Test,

Maven eliminated Al Snow,

Kanyon eliminated Maven.


A video played hyping the return of Chris Benoit!

Edge def Christian via DQ

A great match as expected between these two. Both got near falls after Edge and Christian hit the Edge o matic and the Reverse DDT respectively. The match came to a stop when Christian's buddy Lance Storm ran in and Superkicked Edge, making way for a 2 on 1 beating. When Diamond Dallas Page sprinted to the ring and delivered a Diamond Cutter to Storm, before tossing Christian from the ring. He then helped Edge to his feet.

Vince Makes Modifications to Backlash

WWF Smackdown! Owner Vince McMahon came out onto the entrance ramp. He informed the superstars that the match at Backlash will now be a Tag Team Cage Match! It will be Lance Storm and Christian vs Edge and DDP!

The Rock and Triple H def Kurt Angle and Chris Jericho

Good quality main event tag match. Both teams pulled out all the stops and there was plenty of near falls. Jericho was taken out of the match when Triple H gave him the Pedigree through the announcer table! This left Kurt Angle in the ring to become a victim of the Rock Bottom! The Rock covered and got the 3 count. After the match Rock and Triple H stood face to face in the ring, and Triple H offered The Rock a handshake. Rock accepted and then gave a Rock Bottom to Triple H! Rock celebrated as Smackdown! went off the air.

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WWF Metal Recap

20th April 2002

Test beat Mark Henry after he hit his Big Boot.

Smackdown! Recap was shown of Edge vs Christian as well as the run ins from DDP and Lance Storm leading up to the Backlash match.

Lance Storm made Godfather tap out to the Single Legged Crab.

Chad Collyer pinned Scotty 2 Hotty with a rollup and his feet on the ropes.

Smackdown! Recap was shown of Jericho attacking Hogan and the tag team main event.

Tajiri beat Billy Kidman to retain WWF Cruiserweight Championship after using his Green Mist and then hitting Kidman with his Kick Of Death.

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