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Galactic Civilizations 2

Guest clintcasey

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Guest clintcasey

Who all has played this game so far?

Its a great turned based stratagy game. I'm actualy thinking about making a diary with it at some point. Its a great game. You can find more information about the game here


I think my favorite part of the game is the ship designer

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Guest clintcasey

The real trick to the military aspect is to adapt the weapon technologies you research to the weapons and deffences your opponet seems to be using. If your opponet is using laser baised deffence then start using Missiles are mass drivers. If the only weapon you've researched missiles and your opponet has point deffence to deffend against them start researching something esle. Also whenver you come out with a new military technology (ie. a bigger gun) go to your shipyard and design a new ship right away to use it. A good way to get the other technoligies is to trade techs with your allies.

Asside from that the other essential piece of advice to offer is don't try to research everything. You'll never be able to do it, instead pick out things that you seem the most benificial to you and stick to them.

Typically it is better for you to research your own ships as opposed to using the ships that are already in the game. This lets you pick and choose your componets and what the ship is capable and can allow you to make a ship thats suited for the paticular mission your working on.

As far as the campain goes the dreadlords are probably 100 times more powerfull tech wize than any AI you'll ever play against. They're not impossible to beat however, you just have to accept a few things.

The Typical dreadlord ship will destroy whatever it is its firing at in one shot unless you just get realy lucky. The only way to fight back effectivly is start every battle to give you the first shot, and to build ships that can destroy theirs in one shot. Acheiving both is actualy not as hard as they sound, the easiest way to attack first is to build fast ships, so reasearch better engions. And the way to cause more damage is to research bigger ship designs that can hold more weapon emplacements and to research better weapons.

You can also try to research deffences to use against them but chances are its probably a waiste of time since you wont research deffenses that are good enough until almost the end of the tech tree.

All I've got to say is thank god the Dreadlords aren't in the normal game.


Oh yeah, and research Logistics, bigger fleets are probably your best offense in the whole game no matter what technolgies your researching

And the Dread Lord's biggest weakness is their low population. There will never be more than 20 million on any one planet, because of this the money they collect from taxes rarly rises about 5bc a turn even when they've captured most of the planets on the map. Their ships on the other hand are expensive as hell and require alot of infrastucture to maintain, infrastructure that they don't have. If you can keep the fight agaisnt them going long enough eventualy their economy will colapse and they'll stop building new ships, and then you've got to just slowly beat them back. Also since their populations are so low you'll probably never need more than 2 billion soldiers to take over one of their worlds if you can manage to get a transport to them.

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