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For those who are asking....I dropped my PWG/SCPW diary. Simply because I don't play it often enough to regularly update it. Since I mostly play WWE and TNA on my EWR, I opted for a TNA diary.


I was finishing packing my stuff when my father came to my room. Here I was, ready to leave for Orlando, Florida. That wasn’t just a vacation. I was leaving my family and friends to discover the world. Why Orlando? Sure, I heard from my folks that Orlando was a beautiful place and I’ve been there with them for family vacations during Spring Break but nothing else. This was indeed feeling awkward…

Dad: “Ready to go, son?”

Me: “Yeop…guess it’s time to go.”

Dad: “Ya know, your mom would probably still be upset for a few days.”

Me: “Hey, it’s not like I’d be all alone….Anthony and Johnny are in Orlando. I’m gonna be fine.”

So we packed my stuff in the car and my parents gave me a ride to the airport. Then, happened the emotional goodbye kiss from my mom and I told my folks that I’d be back in the country as often as I could. I boarded the plane and took the opportunity to take a nap. When we landed in Orlando, my buddies Anthony and Johnny were waiting for me. First, we decided to go to our place, unpacking my stuff. And then, we realized it was Monday, so we decided to go to Universal Studios for TNA’s Impact tapings.

When we arrived at Universal Studios, we were lucky to arrive early: 5 minutes later, the soundstage studio was full. We really had a great time. Got to see my favourite stars, couldn’t ask for a better start to my new life in Orlando. After the show, fans were invited to stick around for a meet and greet session with the roster of TNA. I got a chance to chat again with guys like AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels. I don’t know how but Daniels even recognized me! After all, he came only 3 times in Quebec City working for the EWR promotion over there. It was very fun to share those moments with my favourite guys and then, I saw Scott D’Amore, manager of Team Canada and writer on the booking committee. I had to go talk to him, congratulating him for the awesome work he was doing.

We chatted for about 30 minutes or so, and we talked about our view of pro wrestling. Coach D’Amore really seemed impressed with my knowledge of wrestling.

D’Amore: “So, tell me, kid….how old are you?

Me: “25 years old.

D’Amore: And your name?

Me: “My name is Pat Mercy. I’m a Canuck, just like you.”

D’Amore: “Really? Well, that’s nice to have some support in the studios. It’s different but it’s nice for a change. How long you been following wrestling?

Me: “Since I was 4 years old. It’s my only true passion. This is what I wanna do for a living, sir.”

D’Amore: “I tell you what….you’re really knowledgeable as a wrestling fan. You don’t act or talk like a smark, you know what you’re talking about….What do you do for a living?”

Me: “Actually….I don’t have a job. I’ve just arrived here.”

D’Amore looked behind him and saw Jeff Jarrett in discussion with TNA owner and Panda Energy president Dixie Carter.

D’Amore: “Just wait a sec, I’ll be right back.”

D’Amore left and went for a talk with Jarrett and Dixie Carter. It lasted about 30 seconds but it seemed an eternity to me. Then, he came back.

D’Amore: “Kid…how would you like to join the booking staff of TNA?”

I was flabbergasted. If I could’ve paused and rewinded what he just told me, I would’ve.

D’Amore: “Kid?”

Me: “Um….are you kidding?”

D’Amore: “Hell no, I’m not. I spoke with Dixie Carter and she wants to meet you right now. She wants you to join the booking team.”

Me: “Well….I’d be a damn fool to refuse the opportunity. I guess I’m in!”

D’Amore “Good…I’ll tell Ms. Carter to wait for you so you can talk.”

I was very excited and first thing I did was to tell my friends about all that. They were very happy for me and I told them to go home without me and I’d join them later. Dixie Carter invited me to her personal limo and we talked for a bit. Carter basically offered me a spot as one of the top writers. I would also be responsible for roster and staff management and that would be my main focus for the first weeks, as I would also have a big say on the booking decisions. TNA was kind enough to allow me a few weeks to get acquainted with my position and I would officially begin my duties on June 1st. Dammit…I was finally living my dream. This was heaven, man.

But little would I know…I’d have to make a deal with the devil.

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Thursday June 1st, 2006.

I entered the Universal Studios where I was about to go my first meeting as a writer. Even though I’ve been confirmed in my position for a few weeks then, I was still on cloud nine. I felt like I finally proved to everyone who doubted me that I made it. On a regular basis, I would see my favourite wrestlers. This couldn’t get any better.

I entered the conference room for the booking staff and there they were: Dixie Carter, writers Dutch Mantell, Dennis Brent and Bill Banks, as well as Scott D’Amore and Jeff Jarrett. I was kinda surprised to see Jarrett there. After all, he was pulled off the booking team before Scott D’Amore entered the committee. Anyway, I politely saluted everyone and took my spot at the table.

Dixie Carter: “Gentlemen, I want you to meet our new member of the writing team, Pat Mercy. He’ll mostly be in charge of the roster and staff management but will also be heavily involved in the writing of our shows.”

I’ll spare you every word I told them cause I’d look like a complete brown-noser. But I was so happy to be given this opportunity that I couldn’t do anything else. When we all got along pretty well, we went to business and pitched in our ideas for tonight’s show and the upcoming Slammiversary PPV on June 25th. Everything went pretty smoothly and after 45 minutes, we were all set to work on the show.

As I was ready to leave, Jeff Jarrett came up to me. He sat pretty quietly during the meeting and I was also surprised he came to see me. I was under the impression that he didn’t want me to be there.

Jarrett: “Kiddo, I’d like to talk with you, in private.”

Me: “Sure, no problem.”

I picked my stuff and Jarrett and I went to the cafeteria near the studio where we’re taping Impact. We sat alone at a table. Jarrett started spilling the beans.

Jarrett: “Listen, kid. You’ll hear lots of bad stuff about me. People will say that I’m a manipulator, a jerk and I want to hold down everyone wanting my spot. I’m not like that and you’ll soon realize that it isn’t always who seem to be the good boys that are the good boys. Trust me, I’ve learned that in my 20-year career.”

Me: “I see…”

Jarrett: “And I know you’re smart enough to realize that a 25-year old newbie won’t make unanimity in the backstage area. They’ll say you don’t know anything about this sport and you shouldn’t be here. Honestly, maybe you shouldn’t. But that’s not up to me, the Carters made their decision and if you can bring us more money in the process, I can live with that.”

Maybe my apprehensions with Jarrett were true after all. He looked like he didn’t want me here.

Jarrett: “Don’t get me wrong; I got nothing personal against guys like Christian Cage, Sting or AJ Styles. But I feel like I can bring more to the table by being the top guy in the company. Sure, Cage and Sting will bring us some more viewers. Hell, I love working with Sting. But truth is, you won’t get any better reactions with me as the guy on top than anybody else on the roster. Fans are paying money to see me getting my ass kicked by the AJ Styles, the Christian Cages, the Stings and the Rhinos. My father and I brought this company into the wrestling world and we brought it where it is today. I feel like I should get rewarded as much as any other alumni on the roster.”

I tried to stay calm; I didn’t want to cause a commotion on my first day at work. After all, Jeff Jarrett is the top heel in the company.

Jarrett: “Listen, if you help me, I’ll help you big time. I’ll make sure you’ll get the respect of everybody in the back. I’m the only one that can make it happen. All I’m asking you to do is to help the King climb back on top of his Mountain. If you do that, I promise you that you’ll be in here for a very long time. What do you say?”

I felt like Jarrett was asking me to sabotage the company’s future projects. I just couldn’t do it….however, he did have a point. Some guys in the back are probably against somebody like me on the booking staff. An unproven rookie. And with all the stroke (no pun intended) he has in the back, I can use that to my advantage. And what if it turns out he’s right? Right if I can bring TNA to the next level with Jarrett as the NWA World Heavyweight Champion? I don’t have to screw Christian Cage out of the title. I don’t have to hold back Raven or Rhino or AJ Styles. I have to make that happen and make it good for the company. Shouldn’t be so hard….

Me: “Okay, Jeff. I’m in.”

Jarrett: “Hahaha! Welcome to TNA, kiddo. I promise you you won’t regret it.”

Jarrett and I shook hands and he left. I decided to speak to the road agents in the back. I gave Shane Douglas and Terry Taylor the mission to scout the different indy shows in the area in search of some possible new talent for TNA. That would keep me busy, not second-guessing the deal I just made with Jeff Jarrett.

Anyway, my first show is tonight. We’d quickly see if this would work.

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IPB Image

90-Minute Special to air this Thursday!

As we're under 4 weeks from TNA's Slammiversary PPV, Championship Commitee representative Larry Zbyszko feels the need to make amends with his detractors. Placed on probation since the Lockdown PPV, Zbyszko's fear of retribution from Raven has made his work extremely unefficient, which has upset several TNA superstars. In a (desperate?) attempt to make things up to the fans, Zbyszko has decided to hold a special Lethal Lottery on this 90-minute edition of Impact! in which the winners of this Thursday's matches will be rewarded at Slammiversary. And this one could spell trouble as Zbyszko has already announced of his Lethal Lottery Impact! schedule:

Main Event: "Cowboy" James Storm vs "The King of the Mountain" Jeff Jarrett

Trouble's been around Planet Jarrett ever since Jarrett's Army lost the Lethal Lockdown Cage Match at Lockdown against Sting's Warriors. Jeff Jarrett has publically blamed the NWA World Tag Team Champions for the debacle and things could not go much worse right now with the Lethal Lottery. Or could it?

TNA X Division Championship: "The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels © vs Sonjay Dutt

Ever since regaining the X Division Championship at Destination X, Christopher Daniels has been unstoppable, successfully defending his title against Jushin Thunder Liger at Lockdown and against Petey Williams at Sacrifice. The hero for Team TNA in the World X Cup, Sonjay Dutt, has been designated by the luck of the draw to face Daniels this week. However, this match isn't so much random since Sonjay Dutt has an impressive winning streak in the last few months and is fully deserving of this opportunity. Christopher Daniels has agreed upon learning the news of the Lethal Lottery, to put his X-Division title on the line.

6-Men Tag Match: Ron "The Truth" Killings, Lance Hoyt & Homicide vs Raven, Cassidy Riley & "Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner

Larry Zbyszko couldn't be much happier with how the Lethal Lottery came up on this one. At least, for the time being, Raven will be busy fighting Killings, Hoyt and Homicide. Not counting the presence of the unpredictable Scott Steiner as one of Raven's tag team partners. Will Steiner take the opportunity to make a statement on behalf of Jarrett's Army during this match?

In other matches this Thursday:

Alex Shelley vs A-1

"Hot Shot" Johnny Devine vs Matt Bentley

Petey Williams vs Konnan

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IPB Image

Impact Results, June 1st, 2006

Match#1: Petey Williams (w/Coach D'Amore) vs Konnan

Straight after the bell rings, referee Andrew Thomas ask for other LAX members to retreat backstage. Konnan uses his experience to his advantage countering everything Petey has to offer him. Team Canada’s captain takes a leave outside, trying to regroup. After being given some good advice by Coach D’Amore, Petey Williams returns in the ring. Konnan makes the first move and Petey dodges, following with a series of rights to the jaw. Petey whips Konnan in the ropes but Konnan reverses and whips Petey in the ropes. Konnan follows with his Rolling Clothesline on Petey. Once again, Petey rolls outside, pounding the mat in sheer frustration. Petey takes a walk on the outside as Konnan taunts him. Petey takes a glimpse as Konnan’s gimmicked sock puppet. Konnan steps outside and chases Petey around the ring. Petey drops the sock puppet on the floor and slides in the ring. Konnan follows and Petey drops the elbow on Konnan. Petey drives his knee on Konnan’s neck, working it for his patented Canadian Destroyer. Petey applies a front facelock on Konnan as D’Amore keeps shouting encouragements to Petey Williams. Konnan is able to fight back from the hold and drives Petey back first in the corner. Konnan rams his shoulder in Petey’s gut and whips him in the ropes. Konnan goes for a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker but Petey counters and hits his Russian Legsweep. Petey makes the cover but only gets a 2 count. Petey scoops up Konnan and drags him in a corner. He sets him up in a tree of woe position and climbs on the turnbuckle, stomping on Konnan’s crotch, mocking him by singing the Canadian national anthem. Petey steps down and backs up a little. He runs for a baseball slide but Konnan is able to lift his upper body and Petey baseball slides straight in the ring post. Petey rolls around in the ring, favouring his private parts and Konnan takes off one off his shoes, to the delight of the fans. Konnan then proceeds to throw his shoe straight in Petey’s crotch. Scott D’Amore climbs on the apron, ammonishing referee Andrew Thomas and Konnan approaches D’Amore, threatening to throw his shoe. D’Amore immediately steps down the ring. Konnan brings Petey back to his feet and scoops him up for a nice Cradle DDT. Konnan covers Petey Williams but only gets a 2 count. Konnan brings Petey back to his feet and whips him in the corner. Konnan charges the corner but Petey lifts his boot, right on Konnan’s jaw. Petey climbs on the middle rope and sees Konnan staggering and bent over. Petey goes for the Canadian Destroyer but Konnan is able to turn it into a backslide pin, only 2 again. Konnan then sets up Petey for what seems to be a Crucifix Powerbomb but Petey grabs Konnan’s legs and trips him. Petey uses the ropes for leverage to secure the win. *1/2

(Overall: 52%, Crowd Reaction: 44%, Match Quality: 61%)

Konnan lost overness from this match. Petey Williams gained overness from this match. Konnan lost overness from his weak gimmick

Jeremy Borash greets Petey Williams and Coach D'Amore and ask them what they will do with their special prize that Larry Zbyszko promised them. Coach D'Amore told Borash that he would only say that contrarily to some members of Planet Jarrett, Team Canada will make Jeff Jarrett proud.

Match #2: Johnny Devine (w/Coach D'Amore) vs Matt Bentley (w/Traci)

During the match, Mike Tenay points out that both Johnny Devine and Matt Bentley have expressed the wish to face the X-Division Champion at Slammiversary if they win tonight. Devine and Bentley get into a catch-as-catch-can showdown early in the match, showing some tremendous technical skills, that the fans appreciate. Bentley picks a page from the book of cousin Shawn Michaels “Heel 101” book with a cheap shot, followed by a nice European Uppercut. Bentley grabs Devine by the neck and hits a Falling Reverse DDT but only gets a 2 count. Bentley picks Devine up and whips him in the corner. Bentley with the charge but Devine counters with a kick to the jaw. Devine lifts himself to the top turnbuckle and waits for Bentley to come closer and hits a Tornado DDT. Devine picks Bentley back up and hits a Northern Lights Suplex for a 2 count. Devine then locks a STF on Bentley. Scott D’Amore cheers his protégé while Traci shouts her support to her man, seemingly worried. Devine releases the hold and distracts the referee while D’Amore takes a cheap shot on Bentley with a right hand. Traci jeers at Scott D’Amore and Johnny Devine blows a kiss to Traci. Bentley surprises Devine with a rollup, but only gets a 2. Devine gets up and clotheslines Matt Bentley on the outside. Scott D’Amore sneaks behind Bentley but Traci wisely protects her man. Referee Rudy Charles steps outside and warns both managers. Johnny Devine climbs on the top turnbuckle and goes for a splash but Matt Bentley moves out of the way and Devine connects hard with the safety guardrail! Both men are stunned and Bentley sends Devine back in the ring. Bentley immediately climbs on the top rope and hits a missile dropkick on Devine. Bentley covers his opponent but only gets a 2 count. Bentley picks up Devine and chops him in the corner. Bentley lifts Devine in the corner and climbs as well. Bentley sets up Devine for a swinging neckbreaker but Devine shoves him down on the canvas. Devine turns around and hits the 5 Star Moonsault….but Bentley kips up and Devine lands on his feet. Devine is looking for Bentley and Bentley hits a Blue Thunder Driver. Devine smartly grabs the bottom rope before a count is even made. Both men get back on their feet and both men exchange right hands. Bentley swings at Devine but Devine ducks and hits an Edge-o-Matic on Bentley. Devine stands up and mocks Bentley’s famous cousin and started stomping on the mat. Bentley is now up and Devine goes for a Superkick but Bentley dodges and hits a Superkick of his own! Bentley drags Devine in the center of the ring and climbs on the top turnbuckle. Bentley hits the Picture Perfect Elbow Drop for the win. **1/2

(Overall: 63%, Crowd Reaction: 54%, Match Quality: 72%)

As Jeremy Borash catches up with Matt Bentley and Traci, Bentley tells Borash that he doesn't care who from Christopher Daniels or Sonjay Dutt ends up X-Division Champion tonight. Come Slammiversary, there'll be a new sheriff in the X-Division and his name is Matt Bentley.

Match #3: Alex Shelley vs A-1 (w/Coach D'Amore)

Mike Tenay and Don West are selling the fact that A-1 almost cost Team USA the World X Cup against Team Canada at Sacrifice but Alex Shelley struck A-1 with his camera to prevent any interference. A-1 is relentless on Alex Shelley. A-1 sends Alex Shelley in the corner and hits an avalanche. A-1 hits a nasty side suplex on Alex Shelley and covers him, only a 2 count. A-1 goes for a clothesline but Shelley ducks and hit an Enziguri. Shelley sets up A-1 for a Sliced Bread #2 but A-1 throws Shelley on his butt, in the center of the ring. A-1 works on Shelley’s neck with a rear neck choke. A-1 let go of the submission and brings back Shelley on his feet. A-1 scoops up Shelley for a bodyslam but Shelley sneaks behind A-1 and hits a modified backbreaker with his knees to A-1’s back. Coach D’Amore shouts encouragement to his protégé and Shelley tries to apply the Border City Stretch on A-1. Coach D’Amore climbs on the apron and Shelley releases the hold. Shelley takes a swing at D’Amore but D’Amore ducks and steps down the apron. A-1 takes down Shelley with a full nelson slam. A-1 signals for the end and scoops up Shelley for his Press Slam but Shelley pokes A-1 in the eyes with his thumb. Shelley is able to hit Sliced Bread #2 for the win. *

(Overall: 43%, Crowd Reaction: 27%, Match Quality: 59%)

On the heel ramp, Alex Shelley joins Jeremy Borash and tells him that he'll take care of Sting for Jeff Jarrett at Slammiversary.

Match#4: Ron Killings, Lance Hoyt & Homicide vs Raven, Cassidy Riley & Scott Steiner

Ron Killings and Raven started things for their respective teams. Raven takes the momentum early and tags in Cassidy Riley. Riley lands a few punches on Killings and whips him in the ropes but Killings responds with his flying twisting back elbow. Killings tags in Lance Hoyt and Hoyt proceeds to deliver a stiff clothesline to Cassidy Riley. Riley is getting dismantled in the corner by Hoyt, who delivers stiff elbows to Riley’s jaw. Riley crawls back to his corner and Scott Steiner tags himself in. Steiner steps in and asks for The Truth to get in the ring. Hoyt backs out in his corner and Homicide blind tags himself. Crowd goes nuts as Homicide and Scott Steiner badmouth each other. ‘Cide responds with a stiff slap to Steiner’s face. Cide snapmares Steiner and delivers a stiff kick to Steiner’s back. Homicide picks up Steiner but Steiner low blows Homicide. Raven blind tags himself in and goes on the attack on Homicide. Raven rams Homicide’s head in the corner and whips him in an opposite corner. Raven runs the ropes and hits his patented bulldog. Raven makes the cover but only gets the 2 count, following Lance Hoyt’s save. Raven decides to step outside and takes David Panzer’s chair. Raven goes back in the ring and sets up the chair. Raven whips Homicide in the ropes and drop toe holds him on the chair. Raven and referee Slick Johnson argue with each other and that allows Homicide to pick the chair. Raven turns around and BAM! Raven gets hit with the chair and stumbles outside. Homicide sees Raven and stats tapping the mat with his foot. The fans clap along and Homicide runs the ropes, hitting Raven outside with his patented Homicide Dive. Cassidy Riley steps in the ring and waits for Cide and Raven to get up. Riley uses the top rope for leverage and hits the Plancha! Lance Hoyt sees the masses outside and Hoyt climbs on the top rope as well! He waits for everybody to get up and hits a Moonsault! Wisely enough, Scott Steiner steps down from the apron and picks a fight with Homicide. Steiner clubs Homicide on the neck and delivers a belly-to-belly suplex on the floor. Steiner sends Homicide back in the ring and Raven gets back in as well. Raven tags Cassidy Riley. Riley picks Homicide and delivers some forearm to the jaw but ‘Cide counters immediately with one big forearm to the jaw. Cassidy Riley goes for the Raven Effect but Homicide counters with an Ace Crusher! Both men are down and Homicide is able to tag in Ron Killings, while Cassidy Riley tags in Raven. Killings is a house of fire and nails Raven with a flying forearm. Scott Steiner nails Truth by behind and hits a Reverse DDT. Lance Hoyt enters the ring and Big Boots Cassidy Riley who tried to interfere in the match. All hell breaks loose and Slick Johnson loses control. Killings clotheslines Raven outside while Scott Steiner goes for his beloved lead pipe. Homicide picks up Cassidy Riley and hits the Cop Killah! Homicide goes for the cover but the referee is busy with Lance Hoyt, favouring his knee after Steiner clipped him! Homicide is distracted long enough for Raven to hit the Raven Effect on Homicide. Scott Steiner then locks the Steiner Recliner on Homicide, who taps out. **1/2

(Overall: 65%, Crowd Reaction: 63%, Match Quality:68%)

Cassidy Riley lost overness from his weak gimmick

After the match, Raven takes the mic and tells that God, if he ever exists, better have mercy on Larry Zbyszko's soul because at Slammiversary, Raven will destroy him and bring him into the depths of hell.

Match #5: X-Division Championship: Christopher Daniels © vs Sonjay Dutt

Before the match starts, Daniels and Dutt shake hands. The X-Division Champion takes control early in the match with a series of armdrags. Daniels whips Sonjay in the ropes and hits the tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for a 2 count. Daniels whips again Sonjay Dutt in the corner but Dutt uses the ropes as leverage and surprises the Fallen Angel with an Asai DDT. Sonjay climbs on the top rope, seemingly for the Hindu Press, but Daniels wisely retreats outside. Sonjay steps down from the top rope and spots Daniels outside the ring. Sonjay springboards off the top rope and hits a Corkscrew Plancha on Daniels. Sonjay sends Daniels back in the ring and covers him, for a 2 count. Dutt goes again on the top rope and hits a missile dropkick on Daniels. Daniels gets back up and Dutt charges the champion but Daniels ducks and hits a release Northern Lights Suplex. Daniels then hits an Asai Moonsault on Sonjay, for the 2 count. Daniels brings back Sonjay on his feet and sets him up for the Last Rites but Sonjay counters with a Bridge German Suplex for the near fall again. Sonjay gets up and whips The Fallen Angel in the ropes but Daniels retaliates quickly with his STO. Daniels drags Dutt near the corner and hits the Best Moonsault Ever. Daniels signals for the end and picks up the challenger to hit the Angel’s Wings. Daniels covers him, but only gets the 2 count! Daniels seems pissed and sends Dutt in the corner. He lifts him up on the top turnbuckle and climbs as well. Daniels and Dutt jock for position on the top rope and Sonjay is finally able to gain control and hits the Swinging Neckbreaker from the top rope! Dutt seizes the opportunity and goes back on the top turnbuckle, hits with success the Hindu Press for the 3 count! Sonjay Dutt has become the X-Division Champion. The former champion gets up and takes the title from the referee. He stares a hole at Sonjay Dutt…and hands it to him personally! Daniels and Sonjay shake hands and Sonjay Dutt celebrates with the fans in the Impact Zone. ***

(Overall: 68%, Crowd Reaction: 60%, Match Quality: 76%)

Christopher Daniels lost overness from this match. Sonjay Dutt wins overness from this match. TNA X Title gained in image.

Scott Steiner, Jeff Jarrett and Jackie Gayda are in the back. Jeremy Borash ask Scott Steiner what he'll do with his Lethal Lottery favor, Steiner replies that as much as he enjoyed making Homicide tap out, he still has some beef with Ron Killings. At Slammiversary, Big Poppa Pump is going to make Ron Killings his bitch. Jeff Jarrett says that tonight is all about tough love for James Storm. And when he's done with him, he'll get his ticket for Slammiversary and the NWA World Heavyweight Championship.

Main Event: "Cowboy" James Storm (w/Gail Kim) vs Jeff Jarrett (w/Jackie Gayda)

Before the match even began, Gail Kim and Jackie Gayda went at it in a brutal catfight and James Storm and Jeff Jarrett were able to separate them. Chris Harris came out and brought the two ladies in the back. James Storm got the momentum early in the match, with a series of clotheslines, topping it with one over the top rope. The match moved outside as Storm rammed Jarrett’s head from pillar to post. Jarrett is tossed over the barricade and Cowboy follows him. Jarrett retaliates with a back body drop over the barricade. Jarrett and Storm go back in the ring and the King of the Mountain proceeds to work on James Storm’s leg in order to prevent him to use the Superkick. Jarrett is able to lock the Figure Four Leglock on the NWA Tag Team Champion. Storm is able to reach the bottom rope and the hold is broken. Jarrett drags Storm near a corner and climbs on the second rope. Jarrett goes for the driving elbow but Storm lifts his boot and Jarrett receives it in the mush. Storm begins his comeback and gets several near falls on Jarrett, including one with a Superkick. Storm sets up Jarrett for the Eye of the Storm but at this moment, Jackie Gayda and Gail Kim come out from the heel tunnel, pulling each other’s hair. Chris Harris is quick to settle the situation but that could be enough to take the focus out of him. Storm is countered by Jarrett with a gut shot. Jarrett climbs on the 2nd rope and hits a Stroke from the middle rope to get the victory. Jeff Jarrett has won the right to be involved in the match he wants at Slammiversary. Alex Shelley comes out to celebrate with Jarrett while Sting and NWA Champion Christian Cage stands on top of the face tunnel, staring at Jarrett and Shelley. **

(Overall: 59%, Crowd Reaction: 54%, Match Quality: 64%)

Impact Quick Results:

-Petey Williams defeated Konnan

-Matt Bentley defeated Johnny Devine

-Alex Shelley defeated A-1

-Raven, Cassidy Riley & Scott Steiner defeated Ron Killings, Lance Hoyt & Homicide

-Sonjay Dutt defeated TNA X-Division Champion Christopher Daniels to win the title

-Jeff Jarrett defeated "Cowboy" James Storm

Overall: 57%

Best Match: Daniels vs Sonjay for X-Division Championship

Worst Match: Shelley vs A1

Impact Rating: 4.36

Assistance: 3001

Tix Sales: 90030$

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Friday June 2nd, 2006

It was about 8:30 AM when I received a phone call from Jeff Jarrett. I was still asleep when he phoned.

Jarrett: “Patrick, I need to see you this morning. Meet me at 10 AM at Universal Studios.”

I hung up and took my shower. I had breakfast and quickly took the cab for Universal Studios. Usually, TNA has an office in Atlanta but they recently set up an office in Universal Studios in Orlando, which was very nice of them. As I entered the building, I saw Jeff Jarrett, waiting in front of my office. He didn’t look as happy as yesterday when we worked on the show. He seemed angry and bitter.

Jarrett: “Do you mind if we talk in your office?”

Me: “No, not at all. Come in.”

We both entered my office and I sat at my desk while Jeff sat in front of me. I started checking my messages on the phone when Jarrett started talking.

Jarrett: “Listen, man…we have to get rid of Bill Banks.”

Bill Banks was the writer who pitched the idea of the Lethal Lottery for last night’s Impact. I was sceptical at first about the idea but Banks sold everyone the idea pretty well. I noticed that Jarrett wasn’t too keen on the idea but like everybody, since Dixie Carter and Scott D’Amore were all for the idea, I thought it was better not to go against it.

Me: “And why should we do that?”

Jarrett: “You saw the main event last night. I could’ve been booked better. Working with James Storm and Chris Harris in a stable, it’s pretty good. But Bill Banks had no clue where he was going with that. As a matter of fact, he doesn’t have a clue what he’s doing here. He’s not a wrestling mind like Dutch or Scott. And you know as well as I know that we could’ve had a better rating for last night.”

I wasn’t aware of that information until I got the call from Bob Ryder, who’s responsible for all the TV stuff. We ended up with a 4.36 rating. Jeff was right…I know that with the roster we have, we should’ve put a better show. Then, I started feeling guilty. I should’ve pushed harder against the Lethal Lottery idea. And since Scott D’Amore wanted the Lethal Lottery angle to go on for probably 2 more shows, I just couldn’t let it go like that.

Me: “It didn’t have only bad stuff. Look at the match that Christopher Daniels and Sonjay Dutt pulled off last night. And the 6-men tag turned out to be very good. So did Johnny Devine vs Matt Bentley. Your match wasn’t that bad. Yeah, it was average but trust me, I’ve seen worse.”

Jarrett: “If you’re worried about the reactions of Dixie Carter or Scott D’Amore, just tell them it was for financial reasons. You can hire another writer. Scott and Dutch will form the new guy. It will be much easier this way as he or she will learn how to work our angle system. He’ll fit the mold.”

Me: “Financial reasons, eh?”

Jarrett: “I’m serious. Bill Banks cost us 35, 000$ a month and he has about 18 months left on his contract. You can spare at least 30,000$ and sign a writer for a longer period.”

My pride then took over. I didn’t want to look clueless in front of the TNA roster. I had a deal with Jeff Jarrett and it was in my best interest to keep it. After all, with all his years in the business, Jarrett might sometimes act like a jerk but if he was that bad, TNA wouldn’t have made it to a TV slot on Spike TV, right?

Me: “Okay. I’ll call Bill Banks and fire him.”

Jarrett: “Don’t worry, Pat. This is for the best interest of the company. You’ll be glad you’ve made that move when you see next week’s Impact rating on Friday morning.

Jarrett left my office and I called Bill Banks to announce him he lost his job. This wasn’t easy but like I agreed with Jeff, I told him it was strictly about financial cuts, that there was no hard feelings and I was hoping to bring him back on the writing staff as soon as I could. Obviously, he was upset. My 1st week as TNA booker was tough but I told myself that it would be better. I took the weekend off and I decided to also take Monday off, taking time to put things back in perspective.

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Tuesday June 6th, 2006

I came back to my office and I met with road agents Shane Douglas and Terry Taylor as we were looking to their indy scouting report. That’s when Scott D’Amore showed up.

D’Amore: “Patrick, do you have a second?”

Me: “Sure, Scott. We were done with the meeting”

I booked Shane Douglas and Terry Taylor for some more scouting and they left. Scott entered my office and he looked worried.

D’Amore: “When did you decide to fire Bill Banks?”

Me: “On Friday morning. Why’s that?”

D’Amore: “How come I wasn’t informed about that? As a matter of fact, nobody in the writing team knew about it. “

Indeed, I didn’t notice anybody on the writing team about that change on the booking team. As soon as I fired Bill Banks, I asked David Sahadi to put on TNA’s website a classified ad as we were searching a new writer. Then, I told my personal assistant Sophie to redirect any caller about the ad to my apartment as I would meet the aspiring writers on Monday. I didn’t have much entries but I kept in mind what Jeff told me about forming a new writer. So I hired Nathalie Gillan, 36 years old. She didn’t have much experience but I was willing to give her a shot. Hell, I was in the same situation when TNA hired me.”

Me: “Yeah, sorry about that. I tried to join you yesterday but I couldn’t.”

D’Amore: “You do realize that we won’t find a better writer than him?”

Me: “Scott….don’t worry about that. It was strictly financial reasons. Dixie knows about that.”

D’Amore: “And the new writer, Nathalie…is she any good?”

Me: “Well, she has experience in TV writing. She can bring another dimension to our writing.”

D’Amore: “Patrick….remember we’re booking a wrestling show, not sports entertainment.”

Me: “Scott…I personally guarantee that she’ll fit our mold. And besides, it’s always good to have other points of view. And with you and Dutch in the writing team, I don’t see how this could not turn great.”

Scott seemed now more calm. But, he was still not done with me.

D’Amore: “Patrick….you don’t have any hidden agenda, do ya?”

Me: “What? It’s ridiculous, man. You know I want this company to rise to the top. I’m working hard to do so.”

D’Amore “I just want to warn you, Patrick; I’m fully aware that our decisions aren’t appreciated by everyone on the roster. It will never happen anyway but still, we have to do what we have to do in order for this company to succeed. And right now, I feel like Christian Cage is the right man to do the job.”

Me: “Oh, I totally agree on that, Scott.”

D’Amore: “Good. Remember that at the next meeting. And as much as I love to work with Jeff Jarrett, I know that he’s enjoying being the centre of attraction. Just want you to take my advice on that. Be careful.”

Me: “Sure. Thanks for the advice.”

D’Amore left and I sighed in relief. I don’t have a full week of work under my belt and I already have to make some difficult decisions. I’ve always been a man of my word and I didn’t want things to happen otherwise. So now, I was faced with a new dilemma: I had to book things the way Scott D’Amore want me to do it and I have to keep my deal with Jeff Jarrett. I guess it would be hard but I can make it happen.

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IPB Image

Impact Preview, June 8th, 2006

Main Event: "The King of the Mountain" Jeff Jarrett vs "The Prince of Punk" Shannon Moore

The #1 contender to the NWA World Heavyweight Championship held by Christian Cage, Jeff Jarrett, will be once again featured in the main event this week. The King of the Mountain wasted no time claiming his prize that he won after his Lethal Lottery match last week against James Storm, and secured his title shot at Slammiversary against Christian Cage. His opponent, "The Prince of Punk" Shannon Moore will make his return to the Impact Zone, after being on a 2-month hiatus due to contractual conflicts with TNA management. Moore will be looking to prove that his victory against AJ Styles, earlier this year on Impact, wasn't a fluke and that he can repeat it this week.

Battle of the Machines: "The War Machine" Rhino vs "The Samoan Submission Machine" Samoa Joe

One is a former NWA World Heavyweight Champion and the very last ECW World Heavyweight Champion. The other was the most dominant X-Division Champion ever and held the ROH Championship for 22 consecutive months. One is dubbed "The War Machine" and the other has been known around the world as "The Samoan Submission Machine". For the first time ever in TNA, Rhino will face Samoa Joe in singles competition! Samoa Joe has yet to be pinned in TNA and is now looking to step out of the X-Division and move into the NWA World Heavyweight Championship title picture. Rhino is also looking to regain his title and is certainly not going to let Samoa Joe step over him in the championship hierarchy!

One more favor to cash in?

Last week, the team of Raven, Cassidy Riley and Scott Steiner defeated Ron Killings, Lance Hoyt and Homicide in their 6-Men Tag Team Lethal Lottery Match. As a result, Scott Steiner has requested a match against Ron "The Truth" Killings at Slammiversary while Raven will do the same against Director of Authority Larry Zbyszko at the same PPV. However, we still don't know what will request Raven's follower, Cassidy Riley as his favor. Could it be an X-Division Championship match against new champion Sonjay Dutt? Or will he request the NWA World Heavyweight Championship rematch that Raven never had when he lost the title in the first place?

Also scheduled for Impact:

"Cowboy" James Storm vs A-1 (w/Coach D'Amore)

Simon Diamond vs BG James

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IPB Image

Impact Results, June 8th, 2006

Match #1: Simon Diamond vs BG James

David Young, Elix Skipper and Kip James are all banned from ringside for this match. Simon Diamond attacks BG James in the back. Diamond hits James with some forearms to the jaw and whips him in the ropes. Diamond bends over for the back body drop but BG counters with a kick to Diamond’s chest. James hooks Diamond for a snap suplex. BG goes for the cover but only gets a 2 count. James brings Diamond back on his feet and pounds Diamond’s head in the corner. Diamond staggers towards BG James and BG James hooks Diamond for his Pumphandle Slam but Diamond is able to counter and rolls outside. Simon Diamond walks in direction of the heel tunnel and BG James steps outside, joining him. James turns Diamond around and smacks him with a stiff right hand. The former Road Dogg drags Diamond back to the ring and pounds his head on the ring apron. Then, he proceeds to smack Diamond’s head on the post. BG James backs up a little and charges the corner but Simon Diamond dodges and James smacks his shoulder in the post! Diamond grabs BG’s arm and drops it hard on the steel steps. Diamond brings back BG James in the ring and drops the leg onto BG’s arm. The crowd massively sides with BG James as Diamond keeps working on BG James’ arm. Diamond now locks a Fujiwara Armbar on James and puts the pressure on. Diamond then releases the hold and rams his knee on BG’s shoulder. Diamond whips James in the ropes and goes for a clothesline but James ducks and hits the Shake, Rattle and Right Hand on Simon Diamond. Diamond goes down and BG James follows with his patented knee drop. BG goes for the cover but only for 2. James climbs on the 2nd rope and goes for an axhandle smash but Diamond counters with the punch in the midsection. Diamond spots James and executes a very nice Gordbuster. Diamond hooks the leg but James raises his shoulder up at 2! Diamond argues with referee Slick Johnson, giving time for BG James to recover. Diamond turns around and swings at BG James but James ducks and kicks Diamond in the gut, setting him up for a beautiful piledriver. James staggers back to his feet, so does Diamond. James once again runs the ropes but shades of Arn Anderson as Simon Diamond surprises B-Jizzle with a spinebuster! BG James favours his lower back and Diamond brings James back to his feet. Diamond scoops up BG James and executes his Simon Series on BG James. Diamond signals for the end and sets up BG James for the Simonizer but James blocks and retaliates with a jaw breaker. Diamond holds his jaw and BG sneaks behind: he sets him up for his Pumphandle Slam! Nicely executed! BG James goes for the cover…Only 2! James gets back up and goes for a 2nd Pumphandle Slam but this time, Diamond slips behind and drops the Inverted DDT on BG James! Diamond hooks the leg and gets the pinfall victory. Diamond celebrates with his Diamonds in the Rough protégés Elix Skipper and David Young on the ramp. ** 3/4 (OR: 70, CR: 66, MQ: 75)

Simon Diamond gained overness from this match

A video package of Samoa Joe's winning streak in TNA is shown.

Match #2: Rhino vs Samoa Joe

As soon as the bell rings, Rhino and Samoa Joe stare at each other, both men keeping their eyes on the other. Samoa Joe makes the first move, by slapping Rhino in the face. Rhino responds with a slap of his own. Joe slaps again Rhino and Rhino hits Joe even harder. Rhino runs in the ropes and tackles Joe, but Joe doesn’t budge. Then, it’s Joe who runs in the ropes. Joe tackles Rhino but Rhino is still on his feet! Both men once again stare at each other and Samoa Joe delivers a STIFF forearm to Rhino’s jaw. Joe snapmares Rhino and delivers a stiff running kick in the back of Rhino, followed by a double chop to the back. Rhino sucks it up and gets back up. Rhino runs in the ropes and goes for a flying shoulder tackle but Samoa Joe catches him in mid-air and drops him on his head with an STO! Joe goes to work on Rhino and applies the Kokina Clutch on Rhino but Rhino is able to grab the bottom rope with his legs. Samoa Joe brings Rhino back to his feet and once again, slaps him hard in the face. Rhino, once again, responds with a forearm to Joe’s jaw. Joe, stunned, staggers back and that allows Rhino to move in offense mode. Rhino hits Joe with all he’s got. Rhino takes down Joe with a side belly-to-belly suplex. Rhino mounts Joe and hits with a flurry of punches. Joe protects himself the best he can but that doesn’t stop the War Machine to hit his target. Rhino brings back Joe to his feet and he sets him up for his Rhino Driver but Joe blocks it and reverses it. Joe is now up with Rhino still hooked to Joe’s waist, in a Kryptonite Krunch position. Joe positions himself and charges the corner, so that Rhino hits it in a tree of woe position. Rhino is now hanging head down, in the tree of woe position. Joe goes in the lateral corner and stomps on the mat, signalling for the Extreme Makeover. Joe charges the corner and hits the Extreme Makeover on Rhino! Rhino is stunned and Joe goes for a 2nd Extreme Makeover, nicely done. Samoa Joe charges in direction of Rhino for a 3rd time, but Rhino is able to duck, gaining his balance and sitting on the top turnbuckle as Joe misses and crashes his foot on the post. Joe goes down and Rhino steps on the apron outside, then on the floor. Rhino drags Joe’s foot and pulls him outside. Rhino positions Joe’s foot on the steel steps as referee Rudy Charles warns Rhino. Charles is pushed away by Rhino and Rhino stomps Joe’s foot on the steel steps. Rhino goes to ring announcer David Panzer and retrieves his chair. Rhino advances to Joe but referee Rudy Charles steps in between both men, refusing that Rhino uses the chair. Rudy Charles takes the chair away from Rhino and that allows Joe to recover, near the barricade. Rhino shouts to fans to step back, which they do. Rhino then charges Joe: Gore through the barricade! Both men are down as excited fans chant “TNA! TNA! TNA!” Rhino and Joe both get back to their feet and Rhino sends Joe back in the ring. Rhino goes for the cover, but only gets a 2 count. Rhino brings Samoa Joe back to his feet and swings at him but Joe counters into a Sambo Suplex! Rhino is down and Joe seizes the opportunity. Joe sits up Rhino and delivers another HUGE kick to Rhino’s spine. Rhino rolls around in pain as Joe locks him into a camel clutch. Fans are dead split as half cheer for Rhino, half cheer for Samoa Joe. Joe is maintaining his grip on Rhino but the War Machine is gaining force and is now back on his feet. Rhino elbows Joe in the midsection and Joe releases the hold. Rhino runs this time in the ropes and tackles Joe. Joe staggers a little and Joe charges back at Rhino but Rhino hits a spinebuster on Joe! Joe is covered….1…2…Joe kicks out. Rhino is starting to get really pissed as Joe keeps fighting. Rhino punches Joe to the head and tries to scoop him up but Joe goes behind and locks a modified version of the Kokina Clutch! Rhino is in trouble and Joe tries to bring down Rhino. In a desperate effort, Rhino backs Joe in the corner and as Joe’s back hits it, we can notice on impact that the top turnbuckle had some sort of malfunction and the top rope got a little loose. Joe releases the hold and Rhino prepares himself: Rhino charges Joe and hits The Gore on Joe….and the top rope breaks on impact! Both men fly over the top outside and Joe hits his head on the floor! Fans are standing up, chanting “Holy Sh*t” as referees and TNA officials check on both men. Rhino is the first to recover and push away the officials. Rhino rolls Joe back in the ring and makes the cover for a 3 count! Incredible: Rhino is the first man to pin Samoa Joe in TNA! ** 3/4 (OR: 71, CR: 67, MQ: 76)

A video package of Petey Williams's victory last week is shown. Mike Tenay announced that Team Canada challenged America's Most Wanted at Slammiversary for the NWA World Tag Team Championship.

Match #3: "Cowboy" James Storm vs A-1 (w/Coach D'Amore)

James Storm takes his frustrations early on A-1 as he throws some heavy punches to A-1. The Canadian juggernaut staggers back and Storm whips the big man in the ropes for a clothesline. A-1 is back on his feet and Storm takes him down with another clothesline. And a 3rd one. Scott D’Amore quickly steps on the ring apron to admonish James Storm but he quickly steps down the apron when Storm turns around. Storm goes back to A-1 and A-1 low blows Storm while the ref wasn’t looking. A-1 scoops up Storm and hits a modified t-bone suplex on one half of the NWA Tag Team Champions. A-1 works on Storm’s neck, squeezing his head and the fans are siding with Cowboy against the Canadian juggernaut. Storm is back on his feet and elbows A-1 in the abdomen. James Storm runs in the ropes but A-1 counters with a knee to Storm’s midsection. A-1 brings Cowboy back to his feet and signals for the end. A-1 goes for a big boot, missed as Storm ducks. Storm hits the Superkick on A-1! The Canadian juggernaut is down and James Storm climbs on the 2nd rope, puts on his cowboy hat and prepares for the Eye of the Storm. At that moment, Team Canada’s Petey Williams and Johnny Devine hit the ring and Williams breaks a hockey stick on Storm’s back! Referee Andrew Thomas asks for the bell and it’s 3-on-1 mugging on James Storm. Scott D’Amore brings the Canadian flag in the ring and while A-1 and Johnny Devine restrain James Storm, Petey Williams slaps James Storm in the face, reminding him that America’s Most Wanted let down Planet Jarrett. As Petey is about to hit Storm with the hockey stick used as Canadian flagpole, Wildcat Chris Harris charges the ring to make the save. Team Canada leave the ring in a hurry as the NWA Tag Team Champions are now seeking revenge. * (OR: 44, CR: 30, MQ: 59)

Brother Ray comes out for his singles match when Cassidy Riley enters the Impact Zone and hands ring announcer David Panzer a note. Panzer explains that Cassidy Riley is exercing his Lethal Lottery prize that he won last week and has requested a match between Brother Ray and Director of Authority Larry Zbyszko!

Match #4: Director of Authority Larry Zbyszko vs Brother Ray

Obviously, Larry Zbyszko wants nothing to do with Brother Ray. Ray says that this is strictly business as he gives the Director of Authority a wicked chop to the chest. Zbyszko holds his chest and Ray gives Zbyszko a Bionic Elbow. Ray scoops up Zbyszko and bodyslams him on the mat. Ray climbs on the 2nd rope and goes for a Senton Splash but Zbyszko rolls out of the way. Zbyszko seizes the opportunity and pummels Ray with punches. Zbyszko wants to keep Ray down and applies a front facelock. However, Ray’s much more powerful than the Living Legend and Ray is able to regain his balance, back on his feet. Ray grabs Zbyszko by the neck and drops a neckbreaker. Ray delivers a series of elbow drops on Zbyszko and brings him back to his feet. Ray whips Zbyszko and hits a Samoan Drop on the DOA. Ray goes for the cover…only 2. Ray is dominating the Living Legend, who’s probably still worried about Raven lookin’ for him somewhere. Zbyszko tries to escape but Ray grabs him by the tights. Instinctively, Zbyszko low blows Ray with a boot. Zbyszko pleads with Slick Johnson that this was an accidental low blow and that he didn’t mean to do that intentionally. Ray is down and hurt and the Living Legend works on the legs of Brother Ray. Ray is locked on a leg grapevine and Zbyszko applies pressure. Fans are behind Ray and Zbyszko is looking to the entrance tunnel, hoping that Raven won’t show up. Zbyszko even releases the hold, feeling completely paranoid. Zbyszko then goes for a Belly-to-back suplex on Brother Ray and makes the cover, getting a 2 count. Zbyszko whips Ray in the corner but Ray reverses. Ray charges the corner but Zbyszko dodges and Ray rams the corner, shoulder first. Ray favours his shoulder and Zbyszko climbs on the 2nd rope, delivering an axhandle on Ray’s shoulder. Zbyszko locks an arm wrench on Brother Ray, who’s stomping the ground, demanding for fans’ encouragement. The fans, of course, oblige and Ray gains some strength and comes back on his feet. Zbyszko then, with the hiptoss. Zbyszko climbs on the 2nd rope and jumps but Ray lifts his boot, right on Zbyszko’s kisser. Ray is back on his feet, so does Zbyszko. Zbyszko swings but Ray blocks and delivers right hands. Zbyszko swings and misses and Brother Ray whips him in the ropes, following with a back body drop. Zbyszko is back up and goes for Ray but Ray catches him in a side slam. Ray signals for the end with the DOA, barely standing and panicking. Ray hits the Deadly Cutter! Ray goes for the cover….only 2! Zbyszko is back up and is staggering as Ray patiently waits for his prey. Then, Kevin Nash’s music hits and Big Sexy shows up on the ramp, distracting Ray. Ray spots Nash on the ramp and climbs on the middle rope, shouting words at Nash. Then, Zbyszko grabs Ray from the 2nd rope and executes his Shoulder Breaker! Nash leaves backstage and Zbyszko gets the upset win on Brother Ray! Zbyszko celebrates but not too long as Raven comes through the crowd and hits the ring. Zbyszko sees him and runs for his life. Raven chases Zbyszko through the entrance tunnel. ** (OR: 64, CR: 66, MQ: 62)

Larry Zbyszko wins overness from this match, Brother Ray loses overness from this match

Backstage interview with Shannon Moore

Shane Douglas is standing backstage with “The Prince of Punk” Shannon Moore.

Franchise: “Ladies and gentlemen, making his return to TNA, none other than “The Prince of Punk” Shannon Moore. Shannon, tonight you’re facing the #1 contender for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship, Jeff Jarrett. After being off for the last 2 months, do you think that you’ve perhaps bitten more than you could chew?”

Prince of Punk:” To be honest, Shane, this is what everybody has been saying ever since I stepped foot in TNA. I remember when I stole AJ Styles’ Mr. TNA award in my debut, everyone thought I was delusional. But yet…when it came time to fight, I delivered the goods. I’ve beaten AJ Styles…1….2….3. Absolutely no one can take that away from me. And as for Jeff Jarrett tonight…”

“Larry Zbyszko appears in camera, seemingly running from somebody”

Shannon Moore: Speaking of Mr. TNA….Larry Zbyszko….still Director of Authority?”

Larry Zbyszko: “Wh----Of course, I still am. None of you have seen Raven, right?

Shannon Moore: “Sir…may I ask you a question?

Larry Zbyszko: DO IT FAST!

Shannon Moore: “Okay, Okay….Since I’ve defeated AJ Styles, a pioneer in TNA, one of the best in this business….how come have I been treated like nothing? Where were you when time came to offer me a lucrative contract? Huh? Can you answer me?”


Shannon Moore nods

Larry Zbyszko: “Fine….You want something big. I’ll give you something big. June 25th. Slammiversary. It just so happens that “The Alpha Male” Monty Brown will return from injury. And I was JUST looking for somebody to book against him. So, guess who is the lucky winner? YOU! SHANNON MOORE! And that will happen….if Jeff Jarrett doesn’t tear you apart tonight!”

Raven (in the back area): “ZBYSZKO! ZBYSZKO!”

Zbyszko starts running as we see Raven chasing him away. Moore seems baffled by what announced the DOA.

Shane Douglas: “So there you have it: Monty Brown vs Shannon Moore at Slammiversary and in just a few moments, The Prince of Punk and The King of the Mountain… one-on-one in the Impact Zone!


Main Event: "The King of the Mountain" Jeff Jarrett vs "The Prince of Punk" Shannon Moore

Jeff Jarrett wastes no time and jumps on Shannon Moore right from the starting bell. Jarrett pummels The Prince of Punk with some right hands. Jarrett whips Shannon in the corner and charges but Shannon lifts his boot, straight to the Chosen One’s kisser. Jarrett staggers back and Shannon climbs on the top turnbuckle, delivering a modified Blockbuster on Jarrett. Moore goes for the early cover but only gets a 2 count. Jarrett gets back up but Moore retaliates immediately with a dropkick on Jarrett. Jarrett is now on his knees and Moore runs in the ropes, delivering a dropkick on Jarrett’s face. Jarrett seems now to be bleeding from the nose as Shannon Moore only gets a 2 count. Moore then goes for a Mahistrol Cradle but still gets only 2. Shannon Moore climbs on the top turnbuckle but Jeff Jarrett is quick to react as he pushes Shannon Moore, who loses his balance and falls on the barricade. Jarrett steps outside and proceeds to beat up The Prince of Punk by ramming his head on the barricade and on the ring apron. Jarrett takes some time for some jawjacking with some fans at ringside. Jarrett rolls back Shannon Moore in the ring and goes back as well. Moore is up but Jeff Jarrett brings him back down quickly with a Russian Leg Sweep. Jarrett covers Moore but only gets 2. Jarrett drags Moore near the ropes, puts his leg on the bottom rope and squashes it with all of his weight. Jarrett drives his knee inside Moore’s leg and keeps the pressure. Jarrett keeps saying that fans are looking at the next NWA World Heavyweight Champion. Jarrett kicks Moore inside of his leg and The Prince of Punk tries to get up, using the ropes as a crutch. Jarrett whips Moore in the ropes but Moore springboards on the middle rope and hits a flying crossbody press on Jarrett! Moore has the cover but only gets 2…Both men are back up and Jarrett clips Shannon Moore behind the knee. Shannon Moore is once again in pain and Jeff Jarrett wastes no time, locking in the Figure Four Leglock! Moore is in dire straits as he tries to reach the ropes. Fans are massively behind The Prince of Punk as he tries to reverses the hold but Jarrett regains control of the hold. Finally, Moore is able to grab the ropes but Jarrett refuses to let go. Jarrett breaks the hold at the count of 4. Jarrett drags Moore near the corner and climbs on the 2nd rope. Jarrett jumps but Moore welcomes him with a boot to the face! Jarrett goes down and Moore is back first, followed by Jarrett. Jarrett swings at Moore but Moore blocks and right hands Jarrett. Jarrett goes for another one but Moore counters again. Moore whips Jarrett but Jarrett reverses and Moore counters with a spinning heel kick. Moore goes for the cover but gets only 2. Moore brings Jarrett back to his feet but Jarrett clocks Moore on the jaw with a right hand. Jarrett goes for a bodyslam but Moore sneaks behind and follows with an Edge-o-Matic. Moore covers Jarrett but only gets 2. Jarrett is back up and Moore climbs on the top rope: Mooregasm! Moore covers Jarrett again…..Jarrett barely kicks out before the 3 count. The ref checks on Jarrett as Moore picks up Jarrett…Jarrett low blows Moore. Ref didn’t see anything but still admonishes Jarrett as he sees Moore bent over. Jarrett sets up Moore: The Stroke!!! Jarrett makes the pinfall attempt….1…2…NO! Moore kicks out. Jarrett is frustrated and goes in the corner, grabbing his guitar. Jarrett prepares to hit Moore when NWA World Heavyweight Champion Christian Cage runs in and steps on the apron. Cage grabs Jarrett’s guitar and steps down the apron. Jarrett, in shock, turns around, looking at Cage. That allows Moore to roll up Jarrett to get the pinfall victory. Show ends as Jarrett has a temper tantrum while Shannon Moore celebrates his victory. ** (OR: 62, CR: 63, MQ: 63)

Shannon Moore gains overness, Shannon Moore loses overness with weak gimmick

Impact Quick Results:

-Simon Diamond defeated BG James by pinfall

-Rhino defeated Samoa Joe by pinfall

-"Cowboy" James Storm defeated A-1 by disqualification

-Larry Zbyszko defeated Brother Ray

-"Prince of Punk" Shannon Moore defeated "The King of the Mountain" Jeff Jarrett by interference

Overall: 60%

Best Match: Rhino vs Samoa Joe

Worst Match: James Storm vs A-1

Rating: 4.40

Assistance: 3002

Ticket Sales: 90 060$

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Friday, June 9th, 2006

I was quite happy with the way things went on last night’s show. I think that we’ve put some great matches, considering the fact that one of our matches had to be scratched. Originally, Bobby Roode was scheduled to face Brother Ray, to start off his push but he noticed me on Thursday morning that he had some family emergency to take care of and he couldn’t make it to the show. I was starting to wonder if I made a good decision to push him to midcard status. But Scott D’Amore was quick to notify me that Roode was extremely reliable and that he would not bail on us anytime soon. Before the show, road agent Jerry Lynn came to me and ask me if he could get back on the active roster. He had somehow the urge to start wrestling fulltime again. Jerry was the road agent assigned to the X-Division Championship match last week and was so amazed by what he saw that he couldn’t help to consider a return. I would be a complete idiot to ignore that so I gladly accepted.

This was my first official meeting as part of the booking team. As we started it, owner Dixie Carter informed us that we had a 4.40 rating on Spike TV, which was up from last week’s show. No change really in the assistance factor, since we had only 1 additional entrant. We decided to run over the line-up from last night’s show. Everybody was happy with the way things went for the Simon Diamond vs BG James match. Diamond is barely wrestling these days and I knew that he could still deliver so I told him he would wrestle more often. Absolutely no complaint whatsoever for Rhino vs Samoa Joe as it was our best match of the night, just a little better than the opening bout. However, there were some concerns for the James Storm/A-1 match. For 2 weeks in a row, A-1 didn’t deliver and barely was able to keep up the pace, so we had to shorten the match. Scott D’Amore and Dutch Mantell advised me to modify a little the storyline involving Team Canada and AMW, so we could have better results. As it turned out, Larry Zbyszko vs Brother Ray was what I was expecting. I think that what we like the most about our show last night, was that aside from one match, the fans were into every bout on the card. We then talked about the two last spots on the show, involving Shannon Moore, who was back with the company. Obviously, the interview promo wasn’t one for the ages but we weren’t asking that from him. As far as the main event goes, I had to do a little salesman pitch to Jeff Jarrett to convince him to do the job to Shannon Moore, combined with an interference from Christian Cage. I was surprised to see that the fans were more into this match than Jeff’s match with James Storm the previous week. Dutch Mantell was quick to point out that with some modifications to his Prince of Punk gimmick, we could make Shannon Moore a very hot commodity for the X-Division. We would take the next few weeks to work on that, perhaps implying that Shannon would not work the Slammiversary Pay-Per-View.

We then proceeded with the rest of the meeting and everything went smoothly. Before we left, owner Dixie Carter asked us to stay as she had something to say.

Dixie Carter: “Gentlemen, I have an announcement to make, regarding this company.”

In my mind, I was starting to freak out. She could not sell the company! We couldn’t fold either! I’ve only been on the job for less than 2 weeks!

Dixie Carter: “In order to expand our company revenues, I had the opportunity to talk with Spike TV representatives earlier this week. They’re very happy with the ratings we’re getting. So we’ve been discussing of adding another program to Spike TV’s schedule”

The mood in the board room became joyful. This quickly, we would have a 2nd hour for TNA programming? This was awesome! This would make my job so easier.

Dixie Carter: “And we’ve finalized the agreement late last night. Starting next Monday night, we will have a TV show promoting wrestling DVDs, called “Powerbombs and DVDROMs”.”

Then, an awkward silence filled the room. We could’ve heard a pin drop at that moment.

Scott D’Amore: “A TV show promoting wrestling DVDs? What’s TNA got to do with it?”

Dixie Carter: “It will be a great opportunity to promote our latest DVD merchandise. Plus, by plugging other indy promotions’ DVDs, this could help us discover new talent to bring to TNA television.

Jeff Jarrett: “Okay, and how do we suddenly have the money to spend on this venture, Dixie? Remember, we have some monthly costs to pay.”

Dixie Carter: “Jeff, you have to realize that I’m injecting my family’s money into TNA so it still is my money that we’re talking about and with all due respect, I can do anything I please with it. I’m always thinking about what’s best for our company. And I truly believe that we’re going to benefit from this show. So, if you were thinking about changing my mind about that, you’re sorely mistaken. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to speak with Spike TV representatives. Have a nice weekend, gentlemen.”

Dixie Carter left the board room, followed by Dutch Mantell, Dennis Brent and Nathalie Gillan. There we were, Scott, Jeff and I, trying to swallow what just hit us. As we checked on the copy of the TV contract Dixie gave us, we realized that she took half of the budget for TNA!

Jeff Jarrett: Oh, that’s great, now! The PPV is in 2 weeks and she took half of our money for her damn TV show!

Scott D’Amore: Well, let’s say that as far as booking other talent outside from TNA, we can forget about that for this month at least.

I was speechless. I should understand what Dixie Carter was trying to do here. She wants more profits for TNA, and she’s trying something to do so.

Jeff Jarrett: “Pat, what are we gonna do about it?”

Me: “Huh?”

Jeff Jarrett: “Come on, man, we just can’t stand there and doing nothing about it.”

Scott D’Amore: “Jeff, don’t even think about going to Spike TV and convince them to cancel the project. This would be career suicide.”

Jeff Jarrett: “Scott, we’re not in Stamford, Connecticut. Dixie Carter isn’t some egotistical slapnut trying his hand at anything ever conceivable to make more money. We can’t fall in this crap. We’re TNA, Total Non-Stop Action wrestling. We’re doing wrestling, not sports entertainment.”

Then, I realized that we have to try something. I checked the financial numbers and noticed that we had already spent over 1,5 million in worker costs. Adding to that staff costs, production costs, merchandise costs and advertising costs, we had to minimize the costs as much as possible, without hurting too much our product. And there was no way I would cut on the roster. At least, not now.

Me: “Well, I have an idea.”

Scott D’Amore: “And what’s that?”

Me: “As you’ve seen, we already spent 1 584 000$ in worker costs for our first 2 tapings this month. With what just hit us, we can’t afford this to happen anymore or we’ll all be out of a job in 3 months. So, first, what I suggest is to apply for a loan. We need to recover some money that Dixie took from us. Of course, we can’t recover 3 000 000$ but let’s try to make it easier on us for the moment.”

Jeff Jarrett: “Well, that’s something to start with. That’ll prevent us from losing too much money.”

Scott D’Amore: “But how can we gain more money?”

Me: “This morning, when I arrived to the office, I spoke with Dixie and she confirmed that she has the intention to use the UWF shows in Virginia to promote as TNA house shows. Since UWF has almost their entire roster consisting of TNA wrestlers, I was able to convince Dave Hebner to split the revenues from his shows. Then, when we’ll be financially healthy enough, we’ll use UWF as our developmental territory.”

Jeff Jarrett: “That could work. Got anything else?”

Me: “I guess we’re gonna have to take a big risk here. Since Dixie cut our budget and it would be too dangerous for us to lose workers to World Wrestling Entertainment, I’m suggesting that we offer every one on the roster a 1-year written contract. If they want to sign it, good for us. If not, at least, we will secure a good portion of the roster.”

Scott D’Amore: “That’s a pretty big risk though. Some will probably want a big raise, and we can’t afford to go over-the-top with that situation.”

Me: “Don’t worry, I have a 100 000$ wage cap for our workers. And for those who already are over the cap, I’ll work something out.”

Scott D’Amore: “Well, that’s worth a try. And if we have to….we’ll adjust ourselves to the situation. Good work, Pat.”

Jeff Jarrett and Scott D’Amore left the board room and I put myself to work immediately. I sent a memo to every worker about the restructuring contracts and I gave them until Monday June 12th to accept to sign written contracts or to stay under verbal agreements.

Monday June 12th, 2006

I came back to the office on Monday morning and my personal assistant Sophie gave me the list of those who agreed to the written contracts. As I expected, Alex Shelley and TNA X-Division Champion Sonjay Dutt declined the offer and chose to stay under verbal agreements because of their touring commitments to Zero-One in Japan.

Working under verbal agreement:

Alex Shelley (touring in Japan)

Bob Armstrong

Brother Devon

Brother Ray

Chris Harris (happy with his current contract)

Christian Cage

Dory Funk Jr.

Gail Kim

Jackie Gayda

James Mitchell

James Storm (happy with his current contract)

Jeff Jarrett

Kevin Nash

Kip James

Machete (happy with his current contract)


Scott Steiner

Shane Douglas

Sonjay Dutt (touring in Japan)


Now working under written contract:



AJ Styles

Andy Douglas

Austin Aries

BG James

Bobby Roode

Cassidy Riley

Chase Stevens

Chris Sabin

Christopher Daniels

David Young

Elix Skipper

Eric Young


Jay Lethal

Jeff Hardy

Jerry Lynn

Johnny Devine


Lance Hoyt

Larry Zbyszko

Matt Bentley

Monty Brown

Norman Smiley

Petey Williams


Roderick Strong

Ron Killings


Samoa Joe

Scott D’Amore

Shannon Moore

Shark Boy

Simon Diamond

Sting (wasn’t offered a new contract since he already was under a written contract)

Basically, Scott D’Amore signed a written contract because he’s part of the booking team and the other managers chose to stay under verbal agreements. Obviously, the biggest stars of the company all chose to remain under their current open contracts, a few already are receiving paychecks over the wage cap we have and for the others, their demands were over the wage cap so they opted to stick with their current contract. Of course, my deal with Jeff Jarrett is always a touchy situation. When I spoke with him during the weekend, he told me that he would stick with his open contract. That way, if our deal falls out, he’ll have other options. And by looking at this situation, I told myself this was the best I could do with Jeff. He wouldn’t cost us anything if somehow, we had to fire him.

Truth be told, I wasn’t even sure if I made the right decision. Perhaps I didn’t think rationally on that matter. Maybe I should have gone one step at a time. But as I repeated myself all weekend long, I can’t let down the fans. There was no way I’d take the risk to lose AJ Styles or Christopher Daniels or Samoa Joe to World Wrestling Entertainment. If we want to compete with them, we must have our roster fully effective. We were slightly wounded but we’d keep fighting like hell.

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IPB Image

BREAKING NEWS: Big Poppa Pump suspended!

Tuesday June 13th, 2006

TNAWrestling.com broke the news earlier this morning that "Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner was pulled from the upcoming Slammiversary PPV on June 25th. Details are still sketchy but Steiner's drug issues seem to have come into play in this situation. Scott Steiner will return on the active roster in early July. As for his scheduled opponent for Slammiversary, Ron Killings, he has also been pulled from the PPV and TNA booking commitee is trying to insert him in another storyline.

More details to come in the next few days.

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Tuesday June 13th, 2006

When I arrived to the office on Tuesday morning, I wasn’t feeling very good. This whole “second TV program” thing with Dixie Carter and all the stuff we had to pull during the weekend completely burned my energy. Could it get worse? I was about to find out when Scott D’Amore came to see me in my office.

Me: “Hey Scott”

Scott D’Amore: “Hey Pat….did Scott Steiner talk to you?”

Me: “No…..I didn’t really have the time to do so. Been so busy working on Thursday’s show. Why’s that?

Scott D’Amore: “Well, I’m afraid we’ll have to pull Scott out from the PPV.”

Me: “What? Did he quit?”

Then, Scott D’Amore explained to me that Scott came to see him on Monday night and talked to him about his drug issues. Dammit….losing a mainstream name couldn’t happen on a worst moment. I sat at my desk and started thinking for a while…

Scott D’Amore: “So, what you wanna do about it?”

I was feeling that suspending Scott Steiner for a long timeframe wouldn’t help matters. If we weren’t so desperate to draw money since last Friday, I would’ve definitely considered otherwise. And of course…we were too tight to even consider paying for his rehab.

Me: “Is there any chance that they could show up today?”

Scott D’Amore: “Scott and Jeff were scheduled to shoot vignettes to air next week. They should be here any minute.”

Me: “Fine….send them to my office when they show up. Start working on this week’s show, I’ll join you in a few minutes”.

About 20 minutes later, Scott Steiner and Jeff Jarrett arrived to Universal Studios and sat down in my office. We spent the next hour to talk about this situation and pitching some ideas to fix the situation. Scott and I agreed for me to suspend him until the end of the month and to reinsert him in the booking early in July. We shook hands and Scott left, to return to Bay City, Michigan. Jeff stayed in my office for a while, as I was preparing to leave for the production meeting.

Jeff Jarrett: “You know, I think you did the right thing.”

Me: “That’s what I’m hoping, Jeff. Even though Scott assured me that his drug problems aren’t too serious, you know this is no laughing matter. Look what happened to Brian Pillman and Eddie Guerrero. I don’t want that to happen to Scott.”

Jeff Jarrett: “Patrick, you can’t force Scott to go to rehab. Anyway, we can’t afford to pay for his rehab.”

Me: “Jeff, you know that I’m putting my ass on the line with the deal we’ve made. And I don’t have to take the fall for other workers’ irresponsibility. Trust me, Jeff, I’m giving Scott the benefit of the doubt, mostly because he’s a big draw for our promotion. If that happens again, I might not be so kind and Scott might be looking for job elsewhere.”

Jeff Jarrett: “Don’t worry, kiddo. I’ll keep an eye on Scott during his suspension. You won’t have to worry about that again.”

Jarrett stood up and left. The last thing I needed was from a top worker to deal with drug issues. Yet again, I was counting on Jeff’s backstage influence to cut me some slack on the decision to suspend Scott Steiner until the end of the month. Thus far, I didn’t have any beef with any workers and I wanted it to stay that way. And the best way to do so is to produce an excellent show for Thursday.

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Impact Preview, June 15th, 2006

The King of the Mountain seeking revenge

At the end of last week's Impact, Jeff Jarrett was standing in the ring in shock, after NWA World Heavyweight Champion Christian Cage interfered in his match, costing him the victory against Shannon Moore. Very bad timing for Jarrett as in 10 days, he'll step into the ring with Cage for the NWA Title. In the meantime, Jarrett will take out his frustrations on David Young while NWA Champion Christian Cage will provide commentary with Mike Tenay and Don West.

"Big Sexy" Kevin Nash to explain his actions

Last week, Kevin Nash interfered in Brother Ray's match with Larry Zbyszko, much to the surprise of everyone in the Impact Zone. This Thursday night, Big Sexy is scheduled to appear on Impact and will share with the fans his thoughts about Team 3D and his future, as close as June 25th on Slammiversary.

X-Division Champion Sonjay Dutt & Chris Sabin vs Eric Young and Petey Williams from Team Canada

Sonjay Dutt will wrestle his first match since winning the X-Division Championship from Christopher Daniels on June 1st on Impact. Teaming up with his regular tag team partner Chris Sabin, they'll square off against Team Canada's Eric Young and Petey Williams. Team Canada is set to wrestle America's Most Wanted for the NWA World Tag Team Titles at Slammiversary and have already make a huge statement last week when they attacked James Storm during his match with A-1. James Storm is also scheduled to be in action as he'll wrestle Roderick Strong.

Confirmed matchs for June 15th:

Jeff Jarrett vs David Young

Roderick Strong vs James Storm

Sonjay Dutt & Chris Sabin vs Team Canada (Eric Young & Petey Williams)

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IPB Image

Impact Results, June 15th, 2006

Match #1: Jeff Jarrett (w/Gail Kim) vs David Young

Jarrett jumps David Young from the bell as Gail Kim shouts encouragement to Jarrett. Jarrett bodyslams Young and drops the driving elbow. Jarrett stomps Young's forehead with his boot, mounts Young and punches him in the face. Jarrett sees Christian Cage at the broadcast position and insults him. A cocky Cage ignores Jarrett and continues his color commentator duties. That allows Young to surprise Jarrett and dropping a modified belly-to-back suplex on Jarrett. Young goes for the cover but only gets a 2 count. Jarrett is right back on his feet and almost beheads Young with a clothesline. Jarrett brings Young back on his feet and whips him in the corner. Jarrett charges the corner but Young lifts his boot, straight to Jarrett's face. Jarrett staggers towars Young and Young hits the Spinebuster on Jarrett! Young covers Jarrett but only gets a 2 count as Jarrett puts his foot on the bottom rope to break the count. Young brings Jarrett back to his feet and throws a few punches to Jarrett. Young whips Jarrett in the ropes. Young goes for the clothesline but Jarrett ducks and hits the swinging neckbreaker. Jarrett, once again, mounts Young and delivers a flurry of punches on David Young. Christian Cage mocks Jarrett at the broadcast position. This infuriates Jarrett, who brings the Diamond in the Rough back to his feet. Jarrett then hits a snap suplex on Young. He gets straight back up and starts yelling at Cage. David Young is now on his feet and Jeff Jarrett sneaks behind David Young. Jarrett then hits the Unprettier! Christian Cage now stands up and watches in disbelief as Jarrett stole his own finishing move. Jarrett covers David Young...but pulls Young back at 2. Jarrett smiles and sets up David Young for the Stroke, to get the pinfall victory. Jarrett and Gail Kim celebrate as Christian Cage is now less happy about the way Jarrett won the match. ** 1/2 (OR: 59, CR: 40, MQ: 79)

Shane Douglas is standing in the back, surrounded by AJ Styles and Jerry Lynn.

Shane Douglas: "Wrestling fans, Slammiversary is just around the corner. Only 9 more days to wait and we now have a major announcement to make. 4 years ago, TNA brought to you the most exciting division in professional wrestling. Small in stature but big in talent and in heart. Two of the X-Division pioneers were the very first X-Division Champion, "The Phenomenal" AJ Styles and this man right here, Jerry Lynn. And at Slammiversary, Jerry, you'll make your return to active wrestling in TNA as you'll wrestle somebody that you have a lot of respect for, in AJ Styles."

Jerry Lynn: "You know, Shane, both of us, we wrestled in ECW. Not at the same time but still, we both know that the backstage area had a family atmosphere and we all respected each other. We trusted each other so we could give the fans in attendance the very best we had. When I arrived in TNA, I just saw the exact same thing. TNA is a band of brothers, looking for each other and making sure that the fans in Universal Studios got the best show on the planet. I have always believed that AJ Styles, in front of me, was the next big thing in pro wrestling. And when he won the X-Division Championship for the first time, it just confirmed everything I was suspecting. You and I, we've wrestled each other a few times and it never mattered who got the W in the record book and who didn't. It was about showcasing what the X-Division Championship was all about. When I saw Christopher Daniels and Sonjay Dutt tear down the house 2 weeks ago, it reminded me how good that feeling was to hear the crowd roars and chanting your name. Now, I want that feeling back as I'm stepping into the ring to become the top dog in the X-Division. And I couldn't find anybody better for my first match back than AJ Styles.

AJ Styles: "Jerry, it will be an honour for me to wrestle you one more time. It is no secret that your career in ECW paved the way to many of us in the X-Division and in TNA. And you're right about one other thing, Jerry. It doesn't matter who wins and who loses when the fans get what they paid to see. It's all about making TNA the best wrestling company in the world and over the past 4 years, I'm glad that I accomplished so much in that matter and helped build TNA throughout the years. I'm not much a man of words as I speak by my actions. And so do you. So, I just wanna say again that it'll be my pleasure to wrestle you again at Slammiversary and I'm sure we'll steal the show one more time."

Styles and Lynn shake hands and leave the backstage area.

Shane Douglas: "You can feel the respect that these two men have for each other. And this is what it's all about in the X-Division. Everyone is hungry for the win but afterwards, they will have earned each other's respect. At Slammiversary, I feel we'll have another X-Division classic unfolding right in front of us." (65%)


Back from the break, video package from Rhino's victory over Samoa Joe is shown. Mike Tenay announce that Rhino and Samoa Joe will meet at Slammiversary, pending upon medical clearance for Samoa Joe.

Shane Douglas is standing in the back with Team Canada.

Shane Douglas: "Team Canada, later tonight, you'll be in action against the new X-Division Champion Sonjay Dutt and Chris Sabin, but in 9 days, you'll have the opportunity to take on America's Most Wanted for the NWA World Tag Team Championship. Now, it is obvious that this would be a bad timing for you to lose this match, 9 days prior to Slammiversary."

Scott D'Amore: "Well, thank you, Shane, for stating the blatantly obvious. But don't worry about that because this will not happen. 2 weeks ago, Petey Williams promised that we would make Jeff Jarrett proud and I think we're in good position to get the job done. America's Most Wanted has been the cause of every single of our problems since Sting came back in the picture. And as opposed to you, AMW, we're extremely confident that Alex Shelley will also make Jeff Jarrett proud at Slammiversary when he gets us rid of the Stinger, once and for all. Now, as far as tonight goes, Shane, I sometimes believe that it would kill everyone around here to give us some credit. Yes, we lost the World X Cup to Team USA. But you know the old saying, Franchise...and better than anyone else since you were quite good in that matter yourself: revenge is a dish better served cold. And for us, the ultimate revenge on Team USA will be to capture the NWA World Tag Team Championship at Slammiversary. You can trust me on one thing, Shane...whether Eric Young and Petey Williams are victorious over Sonjay Dutt and Chris Sabin tonight will be irrelevant. You have to think of the big picture. And that would be Slammiversary. James Storm and Chris Harris better not only think of the big picture themselves because until Slammiversary comes through, we will be breathing down AMW's neck and we'll mess with their mind, and drive them crazy. This PPV is too important for us to fail Jeff Jarrett. And failure isn't an option."

Team Canada leaves the interview area.

Shane Douglas: "Mike, Don, Team Canada are ready for war against AMW at Slammiversary but first, they have to go through Team USA!" (53%)

Match #2: Roderick Strong vs "Cowboy" James Storm

Strong and Storm lock up and Storm takes over with a headlock. Strong whips Storm in the ropes but Storm responds quickly with a shoulder tackle. Storm goes again in the ropes and Strong drops down. Strong jumps back up and hits a beautiful dropkick on James Storm. Storm gets back up and Roderick Strong follows with a Japanese Armdrag. Storm goes back up and Strong charges Storm but Cowboy counters with an armdrag of his own. Both men are back up and Storm goes for a superkick but Roderick Strong wisely slides outside, taking some time off. Strong returns to the ring and once again locks up with the co-holder of the NWA World Tag Team Champions. Strong delivers the knee in Storm's midsection. Strong follows up with a nice European Uppercut. Strong whips Storm in the ropes and delivers a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Strong covers Storm but only gets 2. Roderick Strong is back on his feet and signals towards the heel entrance to come down the ring. Team Canada in its entirety show up on the ramp and quickly charge the ring. Team Canada gang up on James Storm as Roderick Strong is arguing with the referee. Every member of Team Canada takes its turn on James Storm until Chris Harris runs down the babyface entrance with a chair in hand. Referee calls for the double disqualification as Harris clocks Eric Young, Johnny Devine, A-1 and Roderick Strong with the chair. Bobby Roode and Petey Williams escape outside while Scott D'Amore is trying to distract Chris Harris. James Storm gets up and delivers a superkick to Coach D'Amore. Bobby Roode pulls D'Amore out of the ring and Team Canada leaves backstage ** (OR: 52, CR: 34, MQ:71)


Back from the break, footage is shown from what happened a few moments ago between AMW and Team Canada. Mike Tenay also says that Scott D'Amore and the rest of Team Canada will be banned from ringside at Slammiversary

Match #3: Sonjay Dutt & Chris Sabin vs Team Canada (Eric Young & Petey Williams)

Following what happened before the commercial break, Scott D'Amore isn't at ringside with Team Canada. Eric Young came to the ring, still dazed from the chair shot Chris Harris gave him. Sonjay Dutt and Eric Young started in the ring as Team Canada sneaked behind Team USA. Eric Young pummels the X-Division Champion with clubs to the neck. Eric Young whips Sonjay Dutt in the corner but Dutt jumps on the middle rope and executes a springboard back elbow on Eric Young's jaw. Petey Williams enters the ring and is the recipient of a beautiful spinning heel kick from Sonjay Dutt. Young and Williams retreat outside and Chris Sabin enters the ring, setting himself on all fours. Sonjay Dutt runs in direction of Sabin, uses him a springboard and hits a Corkscrew Plancha! Fans in the Impact Zone chant "TNA! TNA! TNA!" with almost everybody on the floor. Sabin wants to step outside but the referee ask for Sabin to go back to his corner. Sonjay Dutt throws Eric Young back in the ring. Dutt locks an armbar on Eric Young but Petey Williams is quick to break the hold with a vicious leg drop. Petey is escorted back to his corner by the referee while Eric Young work on Sonjay Dutt. Young hits a German Suplex on Sonjay Dutt but only gets 2. Sonjay gets up and Young swings at the X-Division Champion but Dutt rolls in his corner and tags in Chris Sabin. Young charges Sabin but Sabin counters with his trademark spinning mule kick in Young's chest. Sabin runs in the ropes and hits a modified Blockbuster on Eric Young. Sabin follows with a cradle pinning combo for the 2 count. Both men are back up and exchange right hands. Young pokes the eyes of Sabin and locks the arm wrench on Sabin. He drags him near Team Canada's corner and tags in Petey Williams. Petey climbs on the top turnbuckle and drops the axhandle on Sabin's arm. Petey follows up with a Russian leg sweep on Sabin. Petey drags Sabin in the center of the ring and attempts to lock in the Sharpshooter. Sonjay Dutt steps inside the ring and hits a Shining Wizard on Petey! Sonjay rushes back to his corner and extends his hand for Sabin to tag. Sonjay gets the tag and uses the top rope as a springboard and hits a modified Asai Moonsault on Petey Williams. Sonjay runs in the ropes again and hits a Senton Splash on Williams, for the 2 count. Sonjay sits up Petey and kicks him straight in the spine. Sonjay steps over Petey, runs in the ropes and goes again for his Shining Wizard but Petey drop toe holds him and Sonjay falls on the ring apron. Petey goes near the ropes and uses his trademark Over the Top Rope Springboard Legdrop on the ring apron. Petey argues with the ref while Eric Young sneaks outside and chokes Sonjay Dutt until Chris Sabin steps down from his corner and chases Eric Young around. Referee steps outside of the ring, to contain Chris Sabin. Meanwhile, Petey sent Sonjay back in the ring and Eric Young climbs on the top rope and hits a legdrop in Sonjay's groin. Petey places Sonjay in a tree of woe position and climbs in the corner, positioning his foot on Sonjay's groin, singing the Canadian National Anthem. Petey steps down the turnbuckle and goes in the opposite corner. Petey charges the corner and hits a baseball slide on Sonjay. Petey tags in Eric Young and Young drops the elbow on Sonjay Dutt. Young covers Sonjay but only gets 2. Young brings Sonjay back to his feet and whips Sonjay, chest first in the corner. Young hits the falling reverse DDT on Sonjay. Young sets up Sonjay near the corner and climbs on the top rope. Young jumps for his flying elbow drop but Sonjay ducks and Young misses! Both men are down and the fans massively side with Sabin and Dutt. Sonjay crawls in his corner but Eric Young joins Petey Williams first and tags him. Petey steps in and grabs Sonjay's foot. Sonjay stands now on one foot but hits Petey with an Enziguri! Sonjay tags in Chris Sabin. Sabin uses the top rope as a springboard and hits a missile dropkick on Petey Williams. Eric Young steps inside the ring and Sabin hits him with his Mule Kick. Sabin then executes a Tornado DDT on Eric Young. Young goes outside and Petey clocks Sabin by behind. Meanwhile, Sonjay Dutt climbs on the top rope and executes a 450 splash on Eric Young outside. Sabin kicks Petey Williams in the midsection and hits a Tiger Driver on Petey but only gets a 2 count. Sabin brings Petey back on his feet and locks him for a Powerbomb but Petey lands on his feet. Petey sets up Sabin for the Canadian Destroyer but Sabin puts one knee down and overpowers Williams, setting him up for the Cradle Shock. Sabin hits the Cradle Shock and Team USA picks up the victory. *** (OR: 67, CR: 54, MQ: 81)


Back from the break, Mike Tenay is standing in the middle of the ring.

Mike Tenay: "Ladies and gentlemen, my guest at this time, one of the most recognizable faces in pro wrestling today. Former World Heavyweight Champion, one half of one of the most dominant tag teams in the late 90's, he made an unexpected return last week on Impact, here is Kevin Nash!"

Kevin Nash's music hits and the crowd gives Big Sexy a mixed reaction as Nash walks to the ring, wearing a TNA tanktop and a pair of jeans. Nash steps over the top rope and joins Tenay.

Mike Tenay : "Kevin Nash, the question that everyone wants to know since last week: why did you assault Brother Ray on Impact?"

Kevin Nash pauses and looks at the crowd, before looking back at Mike Tenay.

Kevin Nash: "Mike, you remember the Monday Night Wars, don"t ya?"

Mike Tenay nods in approval

Kevin Nash: "Of course, you do. The Monday Night Wars...they were exciting, huh?"

Crowd cheers in response to Nash

Kevin Nash: "At that period of time, this truly was every wrestling fan's cloud nine. You couldn't find anything cooler than watching wrestling on TV...well...maybe watching my old friend Pamela Anderson on VIP or Baywatch but that's not really the point I wanna make here...You see....While the 2 biggest promotions went at each other's throats for wrestling supremacy, there were 2 entities that emerged and fought the battle for their promotion. Back in Stamford....D-Generation X"

Massive boos from the crowd in the Impact Zone..

Kevin Nash: "Now come on guys....some of those guys are now working for us so show some respect...Anyway...and down here, in this area....more specifically in Hotlanta...3 simple letters changed the wrestling business forever and they were....N...W...O!

Crowd applauses Nash and a few "NWO" chants break

Kevin Nash: "Eric Bischoff took the 3 hottest free agents at the time in Hulk Hogan, Scott Hall and moi...and put together the most dominant stable in wrestling since the golden age of the Four Horsemen. And for 82 straight weeks, it was the New World Order that allowed WCW to be on top of the wrestling world. During that period, while Hulk Hogan stood on top of the mountain as the WCW World Heavyweight Champion, Scott Hall and I, as the Outsiders, fought every tag team that WCW threw at us and we ate the competition alive. Without a doubt, there was no better team than The Outsiders."

Crowd applauses in respect for Kevin Nash

Kevin Nash: "But meanwhile...back in the East Coast...in Philadelphia, a rebel promotion was starting to make waves in the wrestling world. They were doing things differently. They were edgy, in your face...they were hardcore. And this promotion went by the name of Extreme Championship Wrestling or as the fans called it "E-C-DUB"

Chants of "E-C-DUB" echoes in the arena.

Kevin Nash "And word was spreading around the world that the best team in wrestling, they weren't in WWE or in WCW. No...actually, wrestling insiders were claiming that the fastest rising stars in tag team wrestling were in ECW. It wasn't The New Age Outlaws -- oops, might have a lawsuit here --. It wasn't The Outsiders either. Oh, no...once again, Vince, call your lawyers 'cause I'm breaking kayfabe here....The best team....Bubba Ray and D'Von Dudley...otherwise known as the Dudley Boyz."

Crowd cheers at the mention of Team 3D's name and of course, at Nash's comments about Vince McMahon.

Kevin Nash: "Now, maybe that for most of you, it didn't matter at that time which team was the best. However....I can't say the same thing. And chances are, Scott Hall will agree with me. Since 1996, whether it's here in TNA, whether it was in the NWO or the Wolfpack, there isn't anybody that can't deny the fact that The Outsiders are the measuring stick in the tag team division. Sorry for America's Most Wanted but that's the way it is, people. In the mainstream wrestling, there isn't one single person who could give a damn about who were The Dudley Boyz. Now, come on, who honestly believes that two overrated curtain jerkers wrestling in a bingo hall for a third-rate promotion were the best tag team in the world, huh?"

MASSIVE crowd response in favour of Team 3D. Mike Tenay seems to approve the fans' reaction.

Kevin Nash (chuckling) "And that's why I'm standing in the ring, being paid tons of money while you're sitting over there, eating chips, drinking beers and only dreaming about getting laid by the hot chick living next door! (crowd boos) All those years, I sincerely thought that we earned the respect of everyone in this business. But it seems obvious that it wasn't the case. So, last week, I flew myself in Orlando, came to Universal Studios, entered Soundstage 42, got in the ring and kicked B-B-B-B-BUBBA's ass. All of us in this building knows which team was the best. You can't deny that. But since I've been hearing all day long that you wanna kick my ass, I'm gonna give you that opportunity. And I suggest that we settle this at Slammiversary on June 25th. The winning team will get the bragging rights to be called "the best tag team in wrestling history". However, I would suggest for you to not make a hasty decision. So, I'm giving you 1 week to give me your answer. I'll be back next week and if you do accept my offer, we'll make sure that you'll regret even making the decision to wrestle for a living."

Mike Tenay seems pissed and takes the mic

Mike Tenay: "Kevin Nash...We most of the time never seen eye to eye and honestly, I don't think that we can be called the best friends. But I've always respected you because of your accomplishments, whether it was in WCW or in Stamford. However, I cannot stand here and listen to you say such disgusting things about one of the best tag teams in wrestling history. There isn't any team who won more tag team championships than Team 3D, Kevin. And if it doesn't mean anything to you, it means something to me and to everyone in this audience who believes that Team 3D is the best tag team in wrestling history, period!"

Kevin Nash seems extremely annoyed by Mike Tenay

Mike Tenay: "And Kevin, if you don't find inside you to accept the fans' opinions on that matter, if you can't accept the fact that the Outsiders are not the best tag team in wrestling....Then, I just hope that at Slammiversary, Team 3D beats some sense into you!"

As soon as Tenay finishes his sentence, Nash kicks Tenay in the gut and delivers the Jackknife Powerbomb! Immediately, TNA's security hits the ring, to protect Tenay but Nash boots everyone of them before the paramedics and TNA officials surround the ring. Nash grabs an unconscious Tenay by the neck and tears Tenay's trademark bowtie from his collar. Nash mocks Tenay and puts the bowtie around his neck and leaves. Show ends as the EMT's and Don West check on Mike Tenay.

Quick Results:

Jeff Jarrett beat David Young

Roderick Strong vs James Storm ends in a Double Disqualification

Sonjay Dutt & Chris Sabin beat Eric Young & Petey Williams

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TNA adds a Knockout to its roster

June 22nd, 2006

TNAWrestling.com announced that TNA signed female worker Krissy Vaine to an open contract yesterday. Krissy Vaine was working until recently under a WWE developmental deal for Deep South Wrestling. She was released on June 1st, in the midst of a mass cutting by World Wrestling Entertainment. Vaine is already in Orlando and will work tonight's Impact. Her role on the show hasn't been determined yet but with Scott Steiner's recent suspension, it is expected that TNA will fill Scott Steiner and Ron Killings' spots on the Slammiversary card with a Knockout Match, probably Krissy Vaine and Gail Kim.

TNA has also signed Havoc, who was working for the World Xtreme Wrestling promotion. Havoc was forming the Ivy League tag team with Rapid Fire Maldonado in WXW. He should mostly work the Xplosion tapings and the UWF-TNA shows in the next few weeks.

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Preview for Impact, June 22nd, 2006

Main Event: "The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels vs Team Canada's Petey Williams

In a rematch of the X-Division Championship match at Sacrifice, the now former X-Division Champion Christopher Daniels will step into the ring against Petey Williams, from Team Canada in this week's Impact Main Event. While Petey Williams is looking for tag team gold at Slammiversary with Bobby Roode against AMW, Christopher Daniels is nowhere to be seen thus far on the Slammiversary card. However, as the former champion, The Fallen Angel still can request a rematch for the title. And word has spread around Universal Studios that the new champion Sonjay Dutt and his Slammiversary challenger Matt Bentley will be in attendance to watch this match! Can Daniels win his way back to the X-Division Title?

Team 3D's response to Kevin Nash's challenge!

Last week, Big Sexy Kevin Nash has challenged Team 3D to a match at Slammiversary. Nash feels like The Outsiders have been overlooked as the best tag team in wrestling history. Team 3D were said to be extremely upset at Nash's derogatory comments against them and their multiple tag title reigns. But many question Nash's intentions in this situation since Scott Hall hasn't been seen in the wrestling world for over 18 months now. Is it just that Big Sexy wants to mess with Team 3D's mind? Or Nash really has a big surprise in store for Brother Ray and Brother Devon?

The debut of a new Knockout!

As read on TNAWrestling.com, TNA's newest Knockout Krissy Vaine will make her debut this week on Impact. What is her agenda for her first appearance on Impact? Is she looking to take a TNA superstar to main event status and championship contention? Is she sent by the TNA Board of Directors to keep an eye on Director of Authority Larry Zbyszko? There's one way to find out and that's to tune in this week on Impact!

Scheduled matchs for Impact:

Christopher Daniels vs Petey Williams

David Young vs Chris Harris

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Guest KDP McFly

Since I know it's tough doing a diary without hearing what people have to say, I just wanted to say that I love the backstory with Jeff Jarrett and the booking character definitely well thought out. I am interested to see if we will see some form of the nWo in TNA with both Hall and Nash there as I am sure Team 3D will accept.

Keep up the good work and I will keep viewing and leaving feedback when I back (Y)

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Quick Recap for June 22nd's Impact

I was really busy for the past couple of days so I didn't have time to write this Impact. Same thing will happen for the Slammiversary PPV as I'm still looking for a quick way to write decent PPV results without taking me too much time. If anyone has suggestions, feel free to share them with me.

Jeremy Borash is filling in for Mike Tenay. The Professor is recovering at home and will return during the month of July.

Backstage, Shane Douglas is with Ron Killings. Douglas asks The Truth what has he planned for Slammiversary now that Scott Steiner has been suspended and removed from the card. Truth says that he hasn't anything special planned. However, he suggests that he'll take a look at the NWA Tag Team Title Match between AMW and Team Canada. He concludes by saying that he might have a tag partner primed and ready for tag gold.

Then, it's time for the debut of TNA's newest Knockout, Krissy Vaine. Krissy says that she's really excited about debuting in TNA because she's now part of the best company in wrestling today. She also says that while the TNA Knockout division is a work in progress, she'll be patient and in the meantime, she'll manage 1 lucky wrestler or maybe 2 to the top of the mountain. That brings out "Screamin" Norman Smiley who interrupts Krissy. He says that Krissy should look no further than for him and Shark Boy. Krissy looks a little embarrassed but out comes Gail Kim. Gail Kim tells Krissy Vaine that this mountain is too small for the both of them and she'll throw Krissy off the cliff. Krissy responds with some comments about Gail Kim's Korean origins, which results into some bitch slapping and a catfight, much to Norman Smiley's delight. TNA security sprints the ring and separates both women.

In singles competition, NWA Tag Team Champion "Wildcat" Chris Harris defeated David Young with the Catatonic. Near the end of the match, Bobby Roode charged the ring and attempted to hit Harris with the Canadian flag/hockey stick but nailed Young instead. Harris clocked Roode with the hockey stick and hit the Catatonic on David Young.

Back from the commercial break, Chris Harris is shown talking with his partner James Storm in the back when Krissy Vaine enters the locker room. She congratulates Harris for his victory and wishes AMW good luck for their match with Team Canada. Chris Harris thanks Krissy and ask her to leave since they're in a hurry. Krissy says that she'd like to spend more time with them later tonight, which brings some chuckling with the Tag Champs. As everyone takes their separate ways, we can spot in the background a disappointed and sad Norman Smiley, who's consoled by his tag team partner Shark Boy.

Jeff Jarrett comes at ringside, along with Gail Kim, Alex Shelley and Team Canada sans Petey Williams and Scott D'Amore. Jarrett warns Christian Cage that the fairy tale is over and midnight is approaching. Just like the glass slipper, the NWA World Heavyweight Championship fits perfectly to the King of the Mountain and Cage will realize it on Sunday. Then, Kevin Nash's music hits and he comes out to the ring. Nash apologizes to Jeff Jarrett but he needs to hear Team 3D's answer to his challenge. Nash ask Team 3D to come to the ring to give him an answer. Team 3D exits the locker room, to a big crowd response. Brother Ray takes the mic and tells Nash that he had no idea that this would hurt Nash so deeply. However, Nash should not take his frustrations out on them or the fans because the wrestling insiders believe that Team 3D is the best tag team in wrestling history. Nash reiterates his challenge for Slammiversary this Sunday but Ray questions Nash's motives here. Ray asks Nash what Team 3D would gain from such a match, since everyone except Nash knows that Team 3D are the best tag team. Nash tells them that it is one thing to be the best tag team in a bingo hall but it is another to be the best tag team in a real wrestling promotion. Team 3D finally declines the challenge, saying that Scott Hall would probably never find his way back to Universal Studios, poking fun at his drinking issues. Nash tells Team 3D that there maybe is an issue about who's the best team between The Outsiders and Team 3D but he never mentioned that Scott Hall would be his partner this Sunday. At this moment, Abyss comes out from the barricade and nails both Devon and Ray with a vicious chair shot. Nash, Abyss and Planet Jarrett gang up on Team 3D. Then, Christian Cage runs in from the backstage area and starts taking a few shots at Nash and Abyss but Jarrett low blows Cage. The NWA World Heavyweight Champion and Team 3D are getting mugged here. Abyss hits the Black Hole Slam on Brother Ray and Kevin Nash hits the Jack Knife Powerbomb on Brother Devon. Team Canada and Alex Shelley hold Christian Cage and Jeff Jarrett breaks the guitar over Cage's head. Jarrett, Nash and Abyss celebrate but the lights go out! As the thunder roars and the lightning flashes through the arena, Sting is shown standing on the rafters in Universal Studios. Sting slides down the ceiling of the arena to the ring, baseball bat in hand. Sting takes a few shots at everyone in the ring. Everyone clears the ring...except Alex Shelley who was still stomping on Christian Cage. Shelley turns around and is now face-to-face with Sting. Sting points the bat at Shelley but Nash pulls Shelley out of the ring before Sting can get to him. Planet Jarrett and Sting exchange words before going to a commercial break.

In the Main Event of the evening, "The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels defeated Petey Williams. During the match, Jeremy Borash pointed out that Daniels invoked his rematch clause for Slammiversary and will now be included in the X-Division Championship match, making it a 3-way. Sonjay Dutt and Matt Bentley watched the match in separate entranceways. After the match, Matt Bentley ran in the ring and superkicked Daniels. Sonjay Dutt ran in as well and chased Matt Bentley from the ring.

Match Results:

Chris Harris defeated David Young

Christopher Daniels defeated Petey Williams

Impact Rating: 4.27

Assistance: 2508

Ticket Sales: 75 240$

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Saturday, June 24th, 2006

48 hours earlier, Scott D'Amore and I went on a scouting trip to some independent shows on the East Coast. I let Larry Zbyszko in charge of the booking for Thursday's Impact, giving him all our instructions. When I called Larry on Friday afternoon before arriving to Reading, Pennsylvania for our 2nd independent show of the weekend, Larry told me that we had a 4.27 rating on that night, which was a definitive improvement on last week's show. However, Larry told me that since we only had 2 matches on the card (Daniels vs Petey and David Young vs Chris Harris), he felt like the result on TV wasn't what he expected. Anyway, I thanked him for the good work and we would see each other on the weekend. I would honestly sleep better this weekend, that's for sure.

When I arrived to the office on Saturday morning, Jeff Jarrett was already there. We were to discuss his match with Christian Cage on tomorrow's PPV as Christian would join us later during the afternoon. While we were waiting for him to show up, I opened my laptop and surfed on the web, checking the latest reports on TNA. Then, I clicked on an article on the Declaration of Independents website, which was featuring Ring of Honor booker Gabe Sapolsky. I was quite appalled by what I was reading. Gabe was lashing at us big time for the written contracts we allegedly "forced" our talent to sign. For Gabe, it was an act of sabotage against Ring of Honor.

Me: "Jeff, what's the deal with that article with Gabe Sapolsky?"

Jeff Jarrett: "Yeah, I've read that too, this morning. He's pissed off because you signed his top guys to written contracts. He said that he's mad but now that he thinks about it, he wouldn't give one of our boys the spotlight on his ROH roster.

Me: "Hmmm...considering that Christopher Daniels was the foundation of Ring of Honor at the beginning, I guess that"s not pretty smart."

Jeff Jarrett: "You know what I was thinking?"

Me: "What?"

Jeff Jarrett: "You need to stick it to Ring of Honor. Both of us know that this company will never be more than a cult promotion. They tried to be the second coming of ECW. These ROHBots or smarks or whatever you wanna call it, they think that they know everything. We need to show them that the real alternative to World Wrestling Entertainment, it"s here."

Me: "I'm all for that but what do you suggest?"

Jeff Jarrett: "Send them a message. It will drive those smarks nuts to "misuse" one of their top talents. But quite frankly, we wouldn't do anything differently. Our talent pool is so good, it won't change anything in our product itself."

Me: "Come on, Jeff, you're not asking me to bury Samoa Joe, right?"

Jeff Jarrett: "No, not at all. Samoa Joe is building to be a top draw in the near future. But we took some of their main guys on the ROH roster: Jay Lethal, Austin Aries, Roderick Strong, Homicide...those guys were Ring of Honor fool and proof. This is where we need to strike."

Me: "Do you have anything in particular?"

Jeff Jarrett: "Our best shot at ROH...demote Homicide. He was one of their top draws over there for years. We know that to target Jay Lethal, Austin Aries or Roderick Strong wouldn't be useful, they'll always be catalogued in the X-Division. But I know that many see Homicide in line for a big push soon."

Me: "Yeah, I've been thinking about it"

Jeff Jarrett: "Wait for a few months. Don't let Gabe Sapolsky tell you what to do with our roster. He has no business sticking his nose in our business. That'll show him. And besides...itMs not like you have anything big planned for Homicide this Sunday, huh?"

Jeff was right. Homicide was booked with Konnan for the Slammiversary pre-show against The James Gang. We could still build a storyline for Homicide, but without giving him a significant push. And as I noticed during my first weeks of observation with TNA, Homicide didn't get much heat from any fans. So to take him down from midcard status to low midcard status, it shouldn't make any difference. Hey, perhaps it could even mean something when I push him back to midcard status.

Me: "That sounds like the best move we can do against Ring of Honor. But don't get me wrong, Jeff. I'm not taking Homicide out from the pre-show."

Jeff Jarrett: "'’m not asking you to do so. As I said, it's all about sending ROH a message. They want war but we're gonna sink their battleship."

As Jarrett finished his sentence, Christian Cage entered my office and we started talking about the match at Slammiversary. When the reunion was over, I called Homicide and explained him the situation. Was he happy? Not a damn bit. But who would anyway? I calmed it down by telling him that this was a strategic move to help him gain overness from the fans. I didn't even care if he bought my explanation or not. I was angry at Gabe Sapolsky for what he said about us. Especially the part when he dissed me, telling me I was too green to lead a promotion like TNA. Well...I will make him eat his words. What is he gonna do with no Homicide, no Samoa Joe, no Austin Aries and no Roderick Strong? We'll see who'll get the last laugh.

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IPB Image

Final Card for Slammiversary, Sunday June 25th, 2006


Christian Cage © vs "The King of the Mountain" Jeff Jarrett


America's Most Wanted © vs Team Canada (Petey Williams & Bobby Roode)


Sonjay Dutt © vs Matt Bentley vs "The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels

"The War Machine" Rhino vs "The Samoan Submission Machine" Samoa Joe


"The Phenomenal" AJ Styles vs Jerry Lynn

Raven vs Director of Authority Larry Zbyszko

Sting vs Alex Shelley

"The Alpha Male" Monty Brown vs "The Prince of Punk" Shannon Moore


The James Gang vs LAX (Homicide & Konnan)

Krissy Vaine vs Gail Kim

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IPB Image

Quick Results for Slammiversary

Slammiversary Pre-Show

-The James Gang defeated LAX (Homicide & Machete). Postmatch, Konnan and Homicide beat up on Machete

-Gail Kim defeated Krissy Vaine by submission.

Slammiversary Results

-In the opening match, Monty Brown defeated Shannon Moore with The Pounce

-Larry Zbyszko defeated Raven by interference from Team Canada's Scott D'Amore and Bobby Roode.

-Kevin Nash and Abyss (w/Father James Mitchell) come out and mock Team 3D with midget impersonators. Nash and Abyss destroy the midget impersonators with a Jacknife Powerbomb and a Black Hole Slam. Nash basically taunts Team 3D from the swerve he pulled on Team 3D with Abyss. He takes a jab at Stamford, saying that comparatively to them, he doesn't do in the "predictable". Then, Team 3D ran in from the crowd and fought with Nash and Abyss. Nash and Abyss are able to escape but Team 3D gets a hold of Mitchell. Team 3D hits the 3D on Mitchell.

-Sting defeated Alex Shelley with the Scorpion Death Drop

-AJ Styles defeated Jerry Lynn with the Styles Clash. Postmatch, Lynn lowblows Styles and hits the Cradle Piledriver on him. Lynn spits on AJ and leaves.

-Samoa Joe defeated Rhino with the Muscle Buster

-X Division Champion Sonjay Dutt defeated Matt Bentley and Christopher Daniels to retain the title.

-Team Canada (Petey Williams and Bobby Roode) defeated NWA World Tag Team Champions America's Most Wanted by DQ. Gail Kim tried to interfere in favor of Team Canada but Krissy Vaine ran in. She snatched the Canadian flag from Kim's hands and hit Petey Williams with it.

-NWA World Heavyweight Champion Christian Cage defeated Jeff Jarrett to retain the title. Referee Slick Johnson was knocked down, which brought in Team Canada's Petey Williams and Eric Young. Petey slid in the ring and went for the Canadian Destroyer on Cage but Cage reversed and hit the Unprettier on Williams. Eric Young got in the ring with Jeff Jarrett's guitar but inadvertandly struck Jarret with the guitar, while aiming for Cage. Cage threw Young over the top rope and covered Jarrett to secure the title. Show ended with Coach D'Amore berating Eric Young for his costly mistake

Slammiversary buyrate: 0.69

Attendance: 7243

PPV Revenue: 1 725 000$

Ticket Sales: 362 150$

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The backstory I dislike, for the main reason being that you used the 'I was made part of the booking team with no past experience in the business and just because I know stuff about wrestling' road. It probably helps with what you are trying to do, but just something I dislike in diaries.

Another thing is that you make the impacts look good with the long match results, but then you completely shit on the PPV by doing the quick A def. B format. It makes the PPV's look less important than the Impacts.

Hopefully you just take this as constructive feedback and not bashing the diary.

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I never had any problem with constructive feedback so I won't start having some now . Thanks a lot;)

I was so busy for the past month and half (i.e. why the diary hasn't been updated at all) and I barely had time to write the PPV. I admit it was a very bad timing to screw up on that since it was Slammiversary, the biggest PPV of the year for TNA. However, I promise that this won't happen for Victory Road as I plan to write a full PPV show just like the Impact shows.

Also, since I've updated my EWR with the High Voltage #2 stats, I'll have to skip the June 29th Impact (that I would've used as Slammiversary recap) and go straight to July 6th. I've also decided to push back the Victory Road PPV to July 30th, allowing me more time to build some angles.

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IPB Image

Preview for July 6th, 2006: Another 90-minute special to air this week!

The aftermath of Slammiversary

Jeff Jarrett was 3 seconds away from winning the NWA World Heavyweight Championship until Team Canada's Eric Young failed to get the job done, inadvertandly hitting Jeff Jarrett with the guitar, allowing Christian Cage to retain the NWA World Heavyweight Championship. For the past 2 weeks, Jeff Jarrett has been fuming and demanded Coach D'Amore an explanation on his protégé's actions. As a result, Eric Young has been expelled from Team Canada! Jeff Jarrett has arranged with Director of Authority Larry Zbyszko a 6-Men Tag Team Match featuring Jarrett, the returning "Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner and Team Canada captain Petey Williams against Eric Young and whomever will volunteer to team up with him.

A Dream Team?

For the first time in TNA history, 3 of TNA's biggest stars will join forces in another 6-Men Tag Match. Former WCW & NWA Champion Sting will team up "The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels and "The Phenomenal" A.J. Styles to battle The Diamonds in the Rough. TNA fans around the world will certainly be looking at this week's Impact with much interest, although one question begs to be answered: can these 3 individuals can put behind their differences and be a cohesive unit?

The Real F'N Show is in TNA!

Following his loss to A.J. Styles at Slammiversary, we've seen a side of Jerry Lynn we thought we would not see ever again. Lynn cheapshotted Styles and delivered a Cradle Piledriver on the Phenomenal One after the match. It has been a long time since we haven't seen Jerry Lynn so agressive and claimed ever since Slammiversary that if the fans want to see "The Real F'N Show", they'll have to tune in on Spike TV every Thursday night to find out who he is. Jerry Lynn is set to take on one half of the NWA World Tag Team Champions, "Wildcat" Chris Harris. Can the Wildcat fall back on his feet following AMW's loss to Team Canada at Slammiversary? And will AMW's new leading lady, Krissy Vaine, play a role in this match?

Complete lineup for 7/6 Impact:

Main Event: Jerry Lynn vs "Wildcat" Chris Harris

Jeff Jarrett/Scott Steiner/Petey Williams vs Eric Young/???/???

Sting/Christopher Daniels/AJ Styles vs The Diamonds in the Rough

Kevin Nash & Abyss vs Jay Lethal & X Division Champion Sonjay Dutt

"The Prince of Punk" Shannon Moore vs "The Canadian Enforcer" Bobby Roode

A-1 vs Norman Smiley vs Chris Sabin

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IPB Image

Results for Impact, July 6th, 2006

Match #1

Shannon Moore vs Bobby Roode (w/Coach D'Amore) ends in a no-contest

Bobby Roode started aggressively as he jumped on Shannon Moore right from the bell. Roode whipped Shannon Moore in the corner and pounded him in the corner with an avalanche, followed by a snap suplex. Roode makes the early cover but only gets 2. Roode continued to work on Moore's neck and kept him down. Roode whipped Shannon Moore in another corner from the 6-sided ring but Moore put on the brakes, climbed on the top turnbuckle and avoided Roode's charge with a moonsault, landing on his feet. With Roode wondering where was the Prince of Punk, Moore dropkicked Roode in the corner. Shannon Moore then went with a modified sunset flip but only got a 2 count. Bobby Roode gets up and swings at Shannon Moore but he ducks and Moore hits Roode with some good forearms. Roode staggers back and Shannon Moore runs the ropes, nailing the flying body press, but Roode immediately powers out, sending Shannon Moore on the outside. While Bobby Roode distracts the referee, Coach D'Amore takes some liberties with The Prince of Punk, choking him with the hockey stick/Canadian flag. Moore gets back up and D'Amore goes for a swing but Shannon Moore intercepts D'Amore's hockey stick. Moore takes the stick away and Bobby Roode steps outside. He sneaks behind Moore and hits the Northern Lariat, sending him down. Referee goes outside to have a talk with Roode when "The Alpha Male" Monty Brown comes out from nowhere to ambush Shannon Moore who was barely able to get up after Roode's Northern Lariat. Shannon Moore is getting murdered outside by Brown when Moore gets Pounced and Moore's head hitting the ring steps. Referee Slick Johnson turns around and sees Monty Brown stomping Shannon Moore. He then throws away the match, much to Bobby Roode's dismay. Roode confronts Monty Brown but Coach D'Amore is quick to prevent Bobby Roode to brawl with the Alpha Male. (OR:64, CR:56, MQ:72)

A video recap from the incident involving Kevin Nash & Abyss and Team 3D at Slammiversary is shown.

Jay Lethal & TNA X-Division Champion Sonjay Dutt defeated Kevin Nash & Abyss

Father James Mitchell wasn't at ringside with Abyss & Kevin Nash for this match. Abyss and Jay Lethal started the match. Jay Lethal tried obviously to take down the big man but Abyss countered quickly with the shoulder tackle. Abyss went for the elbow drop but Jay Lethal used his speed to roll out of the way. Kevin Nash quickly tried to enter the ring but Sonjay Dutt entered the ring and dropkicked Nash on the knee. Lethal and Dutt took down Abyss with a double dropkick. Jay Lethal then executed an over the top rope cannonball on Kevin Nash on the outside. Nash and Abyss took some time off outside and Lethal tagged in the X-Division Champion, Sonjay Dutt. Nash got in the ring and Dutt ran into a sort of defensive Big Boot by Big Sexy. Nash got Sonjay Dutt back on his feet before taking him down with his trademark sidewalk slam. Nash throws Sonjay Dutt in the corner and delivers elbows to the jaw. Nash tagged in Abyss, who decided to twist Sonjay like a pretzel. Abyss then sent Sonjay in the ropes and Sonjay went for a sunset flip. Abyss refused to go down and went for the Quake Sitdown but missed. Sonjay rolled in and tagged in Jay Lethal. Jay Lethal jumped in the ring and delivered a modified Enziguri on Abyss but only got 2. Jay Lethal with some forearms on Abyss. Lethal swings at Abyss but Abyss ducks and hits a Full Nelson Slam. Sonjay Dutt gets in the ring but is welcomed by the Black Hole Slam. Kevin Nash blind tags Abyss and sets up Jay Lethal for the Jacknife Powerbomb. Nash covers Lethal....but lifts Lethal's shoulder up at 2! Nash shoves Lethal in his corner and tags himself in Sonjay Dutt. Nash sets up Sonjay Dutt for the Jacknife Powerbomb but Sonjay Dutt reverses in a Hurricanrana and gets the upset win over Nash. Dutt and Lethal quickly leave the scene while we see Team 3D laughing at Kevin Nash in their locker room area. (OR:62, CR: 57, MQ: 67)  Nash and Abyss lost overness, Lethal & Dutt win overness

Match #3: Sting & AJ Styles & Christopher Daniels defeated The Diamonds in the Rough

Christopher Daniels and Elix Skipper, formerly known as Triple X, started the match for their respective team. Daniels and Skipper locked up and Daniels took control with the arm wrench. Skipper is able to reverse the move and trips down Daniels. Daniels trips also Skipper, but Primetime kips up on his feet. Both men study each other and Skipper extends his hand for respect. Daniels turns around, looking at Sting and AJ Styles but that allows Skipper to nail the Fallen Angel with a cheap shot by behind. Daniels goes down and Skipper clubbers Daniels’ lower back. Skipper tags in David Young and they start to work on Daniels. David Young grabs Daniels in a bearhug and Elix Skipper hits a Hart Attack on Daniels. David Young goes for the cover but only gets 2. Young brings back Daniels on his feet and attempts a side suplex but Daniels slips behind and hits the STO on Young. Daniels crawls to his corner and tags in AJ Styles. Quickly, Elix Skipper comes in the ring, trying to intercept the tag but AJ Styles springboards the top rope and hits his flying forearm on Skipper. Primetime rolls outside and David Young is taken care of by The Phenomenal One. Styles hits a series of forearms and sends David Young in the corner. Styles charges the corner and hits another forearm to David Young’s jaw. Styles hits the Northern Lights Suplex but only gets a 2 count. Styles places David Young in position for the Styles Clash but Elix Skipper intervenes with a beautiful Missile Dropkick on Styles. David Young tags in Simon Diamond. Diamond pummels Styles and taunts him, pulling him by the hair. Styles is back on his feet and strikes Diamond in the gut but Diamond clubs Styles’ neck. Diamond scoops up Styles and delivers the Double Underhook Powerbomb but only gets a 2 count. Sting and Christopher Daniels continue to shout some encouragement to AJ Styles as Diamond locks in a front facelock on Styles. Diamond puts the pressure on and Styles feeds himself from the crowd’s cheering to gain strength. Diamond signals for some help as Young and Skipper charge the opposite corner and hit Sting and Christopher Daniels. While the referee deals with Sting and Daniels, Diamond claps his two hands together, faking a tag and Elix Skipper comes in, applying the front facelock on AJ Styles. Once again, the fans side behind Styles and he is able to counter the move but Elix Skipper delivers the reverse DDT, getting the 2 count. Skipper places AJ near the corner and climbs on the top rope. He jumps for a Moonsault but AJ rolls out and Skipper lands on his feet. As Skipper wonders where AJ went, Styles surprises Primetime with the Pay Lay! Skipper goes down and Styles crawls to his corner. Elix Skipper tags in Simon Diamond and AJ Styles tags in Sting! Crowd goes crazy as Sting screams at Simon Diamond, who backs down but goes for the cheap shot. Sting blocks and hits Diamond with the right hand. Diamond goes down and David Young gets in the ring too but Sting catches him with a chop. Elix Skipper charges Sting but Sting counters with a back body drop. Simon Diamond is back on his feet and Sting sets him up for the Scorpion Death Drop but David Young and Elix Skipper jump Sting. Skipper whips Sting in the ropes and David Young nails the Spinebuster! Young celebrates prematurely as Christopher Daniels charges the ring too and hits the tilt-a-whirl backbreaker on David Young, followed by the BME. Sting is brought back on his feet by Elix Skipper who sets up Sting for the Play of the Day but AJ Styles climbs on the top rope and lands his Moonsault/Reverse DDT combo to perfection. Sting brings Simon Diamond back to his feet and whips him in the corner. Sting charges Diamond with the Stinger Splash. Meanwhile, Sting ask Styles and Daniels to bring back Skipper and Young in the ring. Sting hits the Scorpion Death Drop on Diamond but doesn’t go for the cover. AJ Styles hits the Styles Clash on Elix Skipper and Christopher Daniels the Angel’s Wings on David Young. They all look at each other and Sting slaps the Scorpion Death Lock! AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels with stereo Koji Clutches on the Diamonds in the Rough! All 3 tap out and the ref calls for the bell. Sting shake hands with AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels and raises their hands in victory. (OR: 68, CR: 66, MQ: 70)  Skipper loses overness because of weak gimmick

Match #4: Chris Sabin defeated A-1 (w/Coach D’Amore) & Norman Smiley in a 3-way dance

Norman Smiley starts the match with his trademark Big Wiggle to please the fans but A-1 attacks Smiley, sending him outside. As Coach D’Amore laughs at Smiley, Chris Sabin wastes no time and jumps on A-1. Sabin unleashes a flurry of punches to A-1 and runs the ropes, hitting Sabin with a clothesline but A-1 barely budges. Sabin goes another time but A-1 still barely moves. This time, Sabin hits A-1 with a flying clothesline, sending down Team Canada’s juggernaut. Norman Smiley makes it back to the ring, and redoes his Big Wiggle, inciting Chris Sabin to do the same. Chris Sabin executes himself, much to the fans’ joy but Chris Sabin is quick to take out Smiley again with an Enziguri. Sabin covers A-1 but only gets a 2 count. Coach D’Amore yells at his protégé, and of course, the referee. Norman Smiley grabs Chris Sabin’s foot by the ropes and that gets his attention. A-1 jumps Sabin by behind and hits a suplex. Norman Smiley gets back in the ring and desperately tries to lock the Norman Conquest but A-1 hits a belly-to-belly suplex on Smiley. Smiley steps outside and taps the mat in frustration, screaming the name “Krissy!”, in desperation. Chris Sabin is back on his feet and strikes A-1 in the abdomen but A-1 counters immediately for the knee to the gut. A-1 sets up Chris Sabin for the Pumphandle Slam, nicely executed. A-1 goes for the cover but only gets 2, following Norman Smiley’s interference. Scott D’Amore is besides himself, so is A-1. A-1 grabs Norman Smiley by the neck and scoops him up for a Choke Bomb but Chris Sabin chop blocks the juggernaut and lets go of Smiley. Norman Smiley is gasping for air and once again looking for Krissy Vaine and that allows Chris Sabin to hit a Bridged German Suplex on Smiley but only gets 2. Once again, Smiley rolls outside and seems desperate, literally crying. Everyone looks Smiley run back to the locker room, in disbelief. Chris Sabin is distracted by the incident and A-1 gets up. Sabin goes for the kill and attempts to lift A-1 for the Cradle Shock but his back gives up on him. A-1 goes once again for the Pumphandle Slam but Sabin’s legs hit referee Rudy Charles in the head and goes down. Chris Sabin slips behind and jumps on the top rope, hitting a flying head scissors on A-1. Coach D’Amore climbs on the apron, with the hockey stick/Canadian flag, distracting Chris Sabin. A-1 low blows Chris Sabin and hits the Royal Flush Neckbreaker. D’Amore asks for A-1 to bring Sabin back on his feet but Jim Cornette comes down the ramp and trips D’Amore. D’Amore looks at Cornette in disbelief and that distracts A-1 long enough for Chris Sabin to surprise A-1 in a rollup and now awakened referee Rudy Charles counted 3. Chris Sabin rolls out of the ring and Scott D’Amore throws a huge temper tantrum while Jim Cornette warns him. A-1 restrains D’Amore from jumping on Jim Cornette. (OR:59, CR: 53, MQ: 65)

Match #5: Jeff Jarrett, Scott Steiner & Petey Williams defeated Eric Young, Shark Boy & Marty Jannetty

Marty Jannetty’s choice as Eric Young’s tag team partner seems to shock Jarrett and his team mates. Fans give Jannetty a nice ovation. Petey Williams starts the match with veteran Marty Jannetty. Petey starts with a headlock on Jannetty but Jannetty counters in a hammerlock. Petey goes for an elbow but Jannetty ducks and surprises Petey with an inverted atomic drop, followed by a dropkick that sends down the captain of Team Canada. Jannetty wants to tag in Eric Young but he seems reluctant so Shark Boy gets tagged instead. Shark Boy joins the action immediately by biting Petey’s rear end. Williams quickly gets to his corner, tagging in Jeff Jarrett. Jarrett steps in and asks for Eric Young to come to the ring but Eric Young seems petrified. Jarrett advances near the corner of Eric Young and shouts at him. Once again, Shark Boy takes a bite of Jeff Jarrett and then hits Jarrett’s head on his shin. Jarrett staggers in the corner and Shark Boy tags in Eric Young. Eric Young goes to work and strikes Jarrett in the corner with a few chops. Young bodyslams Jarrett a couple of times and grabs Jarrett’s legs. Young pauses and the fans cheer him while Petey Williams warns him not to do what he’s about to do. Jannetty advises Young to go anyway and Young blows raspberry at Petey and headbutts the King of the Mountain in the groin. Young brings Jarrett back on his feet and sends him in a corner. Young charges but Jarrett was waiting for him with a boot to the face. Jarrett tags in Scott Steiner. Steiner clubs Eric Young to the back but orders him to tag in Marty Jannetty. Eric Young tags in Marty Jannetty and the two face off. Steiner looks at Jannetty, taunting him and flexing his muscles. Steiner slaps Marty Jannetty across the face but Jannetty responds with a slap of his own. Jannetty nails Steiner with some forearms and whips him in the ropes, followed by a back body drop. Jannetty lifts up Steiner and whips him in the ropes again and goes for a dropkick but Steiner puts the brakes and Jannetty misses, hitting his neck on the mat. Steiner wastes no time, clubbing Jannetty’s neck. Steiner picks up Jannetty and hits a neckbreaker. Steiner tags in Jeff Jarrett, who immediately slaps a reverse chinlock on Jannetty. Eric Young and Shark Boy motions for the crowd to cheer Marty Jannetty. Jarrett puts the pressure on but Jannetty gets a second wind and gets up, striking Jarrett in the midsection. Jarrett grabs Jannetty by the hair and yanks it to take him down. Jarrett drags Jannetty in his corner, tagging Petey Williams in. Petey Williams puts Jannetty’s foot on the bottom rope, stomping it. Petey scoops up Jannetty, placing him in the proverbial tree of woe in the corner. Petey Williams climbs on the turnbuckle and Jannetty’s groin for his trademark “Oh Canada” but Eric Young rushes on the apron, grabbing Petey’s head for the guillotine. Young helps Jannetty out and storms back in his corner, being ammonished by the referee. Marty Jannetty crawls near his corner but Petey Williams grabs Jannetty’s foot, keeping him from going any further. Petey Williams tags in Scott Steiner. Steiner goes to work again on Jannetty with clubs to his back. Steiner brings Jannetty back to his feet and swings at him but Jannetty ducks and punches Steiner in the jaw. Jannetty goes for a suplex but Steiner blocks it. Steiner followed with a belly-to-belly suplex. Steiner drops the elbow on Jannetty, goes for the cover but at 1, Steiner stops the count with his trademark push ups. Scott Steiner brings Jannetty back to his feet and takes him down with a gutwrench suplex. Jarrett directs traffic and tells Steiner to finish off Jannetty. Steiner tags in Jarrett. Jarrett hits a Russian leg sweep but only gets a 2 count after the cover. Jarrett then whips Jannetty but Jannetty reverses. Jannetty goes for a clothesline but Jarrett dodges and applies a Sleeper Hold. Jannetty is in trouble and loses strength. Fans are wildly behind Jannetty and seeing that he loses consciousness, referee Slick Johnson raises Jannetty’s arm, dropping once. Again Johnson raises Jannetty’s arm but dropped at 2. Eric Young then climbs on the top rope and hits a double axhandle on Jarrett who releases Jannetty. In desperation, Jannetty hits Jarrett with a Superkick! Jannetty crawls to his corner, so does Jarrett….Jarrett tags in Petey first and then, Jannetty tags in both Shark Boy and Eric Young. Both men storm the ring and attack Petey Williams. Petey attempts to take control but is taken down by a double clothesline. Jeff Jarrett gets out of his corner but Young and Shark Boy take him down with a double suplex. Scott Steiner jumps Young from behind and sends him outside. Steiner helps Jarrett up while Petey Williams continues his work on Shark Boy. Petey Williams hits his tilt-a-whirl Russian leg sweep. Petey lures Shark Boy for the Canadian Destroyer….nicely done! Petey goes for the cover but Eric Young drops the elbow from the top rope, breaking the count at 2. Marty Jannetty climbs in the ring and Petey is the recipient of a Double Superkick. Jeff Jarrett sneaks behind Jannetty and hits The Stroke! Jannetty rolls outside and Eric Young clotheslines Jarrett over the top rope. Scott Steiner goes behind Eric Young and hits the Reverse DDT. Steiner signals for the end and applies the Steiner Recliner on Eric Young. Young gives up and Team Jarrett gets the victory. After the match, Jeff Jarrett grabs his guitar and smashes it over Marty Jannetty’s head. (OR: 64, CR: 63, MQ:66)

Match #6: Jerry Lynn defeated Chris Harris (w/Krissy Vaine)

The match is barely started that America’s Most Wanted’s former manager Gail Kim storms out from the locker room and gets into a catfight with Krissy Vaine. Chris Harris steps outside the ring, trying to separate both girls. Jerry Lynn climbs on the top rope and dives on Chris Harris with a plancha. Everybody is down and TNA’s security take away Gail Kim and Chris Harris. Jerry Lynn mounts Chris Harris and punches him. Both men are back on their feet and Jerry Lynn pounds Harris’ head on the apron outside. Lynn then proceeds to smack Harris’ head on the ring post but Harris blocks and smashes Lynn’s head on the mat. Chris Harris sends Jerry Lynn back in the ring and goes to work. Harris brings Lynn back on his feet and whips him in the ropes with a flying powerslam. Harris goes for the cover but only gets 2. Lynn gets back up but Harris takes him down with a backbreaker. Lynn favours his back but manages to get back on his feet. Harris whips Lynn in the corner and charges but Lynn dodges. Wildcat staggers back and Jerry Lynn climbs on the top turnbuckle hitting a Swinging Tornado DDT. Harris rolls back outside but Jerry Lynn is relentless. He uses the top rope for leverage and hits the Pescado. Lynn is the first to be back up and looks under the ring, retrieving a chair and slides it in the ring. Referee Andrew Thomas warns Jerry Lynn not to use it and Lynn sends Harris back in the ring. Jerry Lynn works on Chris Harris’ neck with a flipover neck to whip. Lynn brings Harris back to his feet and runs in the ropes, following with a swinging neckbreaker. Jerry Lynn goes for the cover but gets a 2 count. Lynn argues with the referee and is getting pissed off. Lynn goes for the chair in the corner but the referee wrestles the chair from Jerry Lynn. While Andrew Thomas throws the chair outside, Chris Harris spears Jerry Lynn! Both men are out and Harris crawls to Lynn, putting his arm on Lynn’s chest but only gets a 2 count. Jerry Lynn is back on his feet and swings at Harris but Harris blocks and punches him. Harris takes control and whips Lynn in the ropes. Harris runs the opposite side and connects with the flying clothesline. Jerry Lynn staggers back up and Chris Harris nails Lynn with a shoulderbreaker. Harris goes for the cover but Lynn kicks out at 2. Harris whips Jerry Lynn in the corner and he charges but Lynn dodges. However, Harris puts the breaks before hitting the corner. Lynn runs to Harris but Harris lifts his boot and Lynn is smacked in the face. Harris follows with a bulldog. Chris Harris then signals for the Catatonic. Harris sets up Lynn for the Catatonic but Lynn manages to block and land on his feet. Lynn trips Harris and puts his feet in the ropes for leverage. Chris Harris protests but the referee didn’t see anything. Jerry Lynn takes Harris’ handcuffs and nails Harris behind the head with it! Harris falls down and Lynn uses the handcuffs on Wildcat. Jerry Lynn steps outside and grabs the chair he wanted to use earlier. As he climbs in the ring and wants to use it, AJ Styles storms out of the locker room and takes the chair away from Jerry Lynn. AJ Styles swings the chair but Jerry Lynn wisely escapes before being hit by Styles. Show ends with a staredown between AJ Styles and Jerry Lynn. (OR: 71, CR:66, MQ: 77)

Overall Rating: 65%

Best Match: Jerry Lynn vs Chris Harris

Worst Match: A-1 vs Smiley vs Sabin

Rating: 4.18

Attendance: 3005

Tix Sale: 90150$

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IPB Image

Preview for Impact, July 13th, 2006

The King of the Mountain looking to regain his throne

After defeating the team of Eric Young, Shark Boy and former WWE Tag Team Champion Marty Jannetty, Planet Jarrett are now setting their sight on Christian Cage's NWA World Heavyweight Championship. I say Planet Jarrett because Jeff Jarrett never goes anywhere without his best friend and insurance policy Scott Steiner and his associates from Team Canada. Jarrett is looking to officially challenge Christian Cage to a rematch at Victory Road. This might be Jarrett's very last chance to climb back on top of the mountain.

Tag Team Match: Austin Aries & Roderick Strong vs AJ Styles & Christopher Daniels

The tag team division is heating up, with one more team returning to the mix: Austin Aries and Roderick Strong will team together for the first time in 6 months as they'll take on the all-star duo of AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels. Styles and Daniels demonstrated some excellent tag team chemistry last week on Impact during a 6-men tag team match against the Diamonds in the Rough. However, we might question AJ Styles' focus going into this match as Styles is still infuriated with Jerry Lynn's post-Slammiversary actions, including Jerry Lynn's attack on Chris Harris after their main event match last week on Impact. Can the Phenomenal One stay concentrated on the task at hand?

Team 3D in action....well, one half of them.

Team 3D had a good laugh at the expense of Kevin Nash and Abyss last week when they were upset by the team of Jay Lethal and X-Division Champion Sonjay Dutt. It might be Nash and Abyss' turn as they plan to show up this week on Impact. What will be their intentions as Brother Ray is set to wrestle in singles competition?

In action this Thursday night:

Norman Smiley vs Rhino

Konnan vs Matt Bentley (w/Traci)

Brother Ray vs Shannon Moore

Austin Aries & Roderick Strong vs AJ Styles & Christopher Daniels

+ the presence of Jeff Jarrett, Christian Cage, Kevin Nash and Abyss!

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