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This new show on Fox Reality... anyone seen it?

This has to be the greatest reality show this side of Joe Schmoe. They put them through psychological challenges and pain.

Here is the site where you can read on it...


edit: Here is the stuff from the website for those lazy ones...

Each week, contestants undergo a series of Tests and Treatments that challenge their personal threshold, just in case endless days in solitary confinement aren’t enough.

The Tests are psychological games, which require contestants to channel as much patience as they can muster. For example, a test may include repetitive cycles of number games, conducted while being subjected to loud sirens and during times of sporadic sleep deprivation.

The Treatments are physical challenges, which provide contestants with more than enough reason to quit – assuming they still have their sense of reason! One Treatment, for example, requires players to revolve themselves in a chair - and each must complete a certain number of revolutions in a given time period – or be required to repeat the challenge if they want to continue the game.

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