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Konami of Europe has announced it is to publish a fifth title in the popular Suikoden line of role-playing titles. Suikoden V for PlayStation 2 will be released in autumn 2006.

Role-playing fans have been engrossed with the Suikoden series since it inception on PSone ten years ago, and Suikoden V is a celebration of all that is good about the series, and adds a wealth of new ideas to the epic franchise. As such, Suikoden V takes the player to never-before-seen continents within the game world, on a quest to trace and collect a magical rune needed to restore balance in the troubled world.

Featuring unparalleled depth of gameplay, Suikoden V thrusts the players into a time of unrest. Cast as an unlikely hero, players are charged with traveling the lands of Farlena in search of a mythical Sun Rune. To do so, players trek across the lush 3D environments, recruiting from the characters they meet on the way, cherry-picking allies with unique skills from an incredible cast list that allows for up to 108 followers! With the pawns in place, the player then oversees a final battle to bring back peace to the land. However, dependent on how the player fares in the time he has, Suikoden V also has a number of possible and surprise endings…

New additions to Suikoden V include more interaction with the 3D landscapes, while battle parties of up to six characters can engage in skirmishes simultaneously. The game also includes all new mini-games used to obtain essential funds, while the 'Home Base' system lets users gather together their many allies to combine their individual attributes and enlarge their home land.

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