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World Wrestling Entertainment: A Different Direction

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RAW-April 3rd

Triple H, even though he lost his WWE Title Match at WrestleMania, is getting one more shot at John Cena and his WWE Title. This all came down to a match between the King of Kings and the WWE Champion. After everything panned out perfectly for The Game, Triple H wound up back in the hunt for the WWE Title as he defeated John Cena with unusual help from Edge.

For the second straight night, the WWE Champion was not only cheered by the crowd, but also booed. John Cena isn’t the same Champion he was after last years WrestleMania win over JBL. Now he is one of the most controversial WWE Champion’s ever. Cena told the crowd he doesn’t care what they think of him because as long as he has gold around his waist he will be happy. Two men who aren’t happy about that, though, are Edge and Triple H. They both came down to the ring demanding title shots and Cena was fair and said if both men can beat him, they both will get a shot. So it was set, John Cena against Triple H tonight and John Cena against Edge next week.

Before the big main event came, the Cerebral Assassin wanted a few words with the Rated-R-Superstar. The Game told Edge that if he can get help this week, Edge doesn’t have to worry about it next week so both men can head into Backlash as challengers. Edge agreed with Triple H and it seemed Cena was in trouble. In the match, just as Cena was about to win as he hoisted up The Game onto his shoulders, down came running Lita and Edge. Lita started distracting the ref while the Rated-R-Superstar slid in the ring and nailed Cena with an unexpected Spear. This allowed the King of Kings to get up and plant Cena with a Pedigree to assure a title shot for Triple H at Backlash.

Kane and Big Show were known as just about one of the most dominant Tag Teams in the history of the WWE. The Male Cheerleading Spirit Squad didn’t think so, though, as when the odds were against Kane and Big Show, they couldn’t get the job done. While Kenny and Johnny were the only men tagging for Spirit Squad, the three other members got involved behind the referees back and that came and burned the World Tag Team Champions. This allowed Kenny soar through the air and nail Big Show with a Guillotine Leg Drop to give not only Kenny and Johnny the World Tag Team Titles, but more like the whole Spirit Squad.

The other title match that occurred was Shelton Benjamin defending his Intercontinental gold. Chavo Guerrero said previous to this match that his whole family has done it all. Eddie Guerrero capturing the WWE Title, Rey Mysterio holding the World Heavyweight Title and then himself…nothing! Chavo wasn’t happy about it and wanted to do something about it not for himself only, but also Eddie and Rey. So Chavo fought his heart out trying to win some gold, but he was shut down by a dominant, Shelton Benjamin. The aftermath of this match turned out to the worst of events to Chavo as he wound up quitting wrestling overall.

The night after WrestleMania, the same Chicago crowd got to hear a huge announcement involving a match for Backlash.

Shawn Michaels, though, he did it all as he defeated Vince McMahon, the most powerful man in the business. Well, HBK thought wrong as Vince and his son Shane came out announcing that they haven’t heard the last from the Heartbreak Kid. Vince announced that at Backlash, the odds will be up against Shawn Michaels as he will have to face not only himself again, but also his son Shane McMahon in a Handicap Match!

Carlito and Chris Masters, are one of the few youngest superstars on RAW. They were destined to win the World Tag Team Titles at WrestleMania, but that didn’t happen and both men weren’t happy. Chris Masters showed off by defeating Scott Colten with ease in front of Carlito. Carlito then did the same himself as he beat Chris Guy with ease. Chris Masters and Carlito then confronted each other after their matches and said that they need to do something to settle this. Masters had an idea and went to lock in the Master Lock, but Carlito spun around and nailed a Backcracker on Masters leaving him laid out.

Also, Mr. Money in the Bank, Rob Van Dam had a few words to say and they were that he is now a new man. He is now Mr. Money in the Bank and he is ready to dominate as the name. RVD said that unlike, Edge, he will be putting up his Money in the Bank Contract at times and winning his matches, keeping the contract showing other wrestlers how good he really is.


Kenny and Johnny (Spirit Squad) defeated Big Show and Kane to win the World Tag Team Titles

Chris Masters defeated Scott Colten

Carlito defeated Chris Guy

Shelton Benjamin defeated Chavo Guerrero to retain the Intercontinental Title

Triple H defeated John Cena

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The road to WrestleMania 23 began tonight as the new World Heavyweight Champion, Rey Mysterio was making his first title defense as Champion, against Randy Orton. With Orton being the man pinned at WrestleMania, he got his rematch again Mysterio put he fell victim once again to the 619 and then the West Coast Pop.

Before this huge match went down, the former World Heavyweight Champion, Kurt Angle was a little disappointed. He was upset about not getting his rematch for the World Heavyweight Title, but he wound up getting interrupted by the Legend Killer. Orton started to brag to Angle saying he gets another chance and he won’t blow it, but before a huge fight broke out, down came the General Manager, Theodore Long. Long said that he would make it up to Angle as in a few weeks time, he will get his shot for the title. Angle was happy, but Long wasn’t done. He then said that the King of the Ring Tournament would be returning by starting tonight with Qualifying Rounds and that Angle would be one of the sixteen men. Orton wasn’t happy because he wasn’t in the tournament, but everyone just found out that Long had a deep hatred for the Legend Killer.

So when it was time for Randy Orton’s shot at Rey Mysterio he came up a bit short, when Long ordered Kurt Angle to come down to the ring. This totally distracted Orton, but Angle just wound up not doing anything. This pissed Orton off, but also got him in trouble as he got pushed into the ropes and got hit with the 619 and then the West Coast Pop to lose his rematch for the World Heavyweight Title. Then after the match, Theodore Long told everyone that next week might be Randy Orton’s last week on Smackdown for a while as if he doesn’t beat the men he throws at him, Orton will be suspended from the show for 60 days!

Previously speaking of the King of the Ring Tournament, the first two Qualifying Matches happened tonight. The first was some sort of rematch from WrestleMania as it was Booker T against The Boogeyman. Boogeyman basically dominated, but the match ended up with Booker nailed the weirdo with a chair while Sharmell distracted the ref. This allowed Booker T to pick up the victory and be the first man to advance to the actual tournament. After the match, The Boogeyman needed some serious help as it seemed he was injured.

The other King of the Ring Qualifying Match was two men who have been going at it for a little bit right now, Paul Burchill and William Regal. The Englishman came up a little bit short to the Pirate as Burchill was able to hit his new move called Walking the Plank, Backflip Uranage Slam, on Regal to be the next man to advance. Regal wasn’t happy one bit and he realized that he should have never gotten rid of this amazing athlete in Paul Burchill.

Also on Smackdown, was the debut of a new tag team. Undertaker was taking on Mark Henry in a rematch from WrestleMania and Taker got the outcome of the match he wanted, but the aftermath he didn’t like at all. Henry said that he promised a different outcome from WrestleMania, but he was totally wrong, as it was Undertaker’s match from the beginning. The amazing ending saw Taker nail Henry with a Tombstone through the announcers table, leaving Henry out cold. But then Daivari came down to the ring with two men with painted faces with bolts of lighting drawn on. They got in the ring and went face to face with Taker, but they were just a bit shorter. Undertaker went to give one of the men a punch, but he just backed up a bit and then both attacked. They wound up hitting Taker with an Elevated Jawbreaker leaving The Deadman down and out.

Plus, the team of Paul London and Brian Kendrick made a huge statement as they defeated the WWE Tag Team Champions in a Non-Title Match. MNM seemed to have this match the whole way as they were just dominating most of the time. When they weren’t, they would get Melina to distract the ref and they would use dirty tactics. Finally, London had enough and he flew to the outside with a Flying Crossbody taking out both Johnny Nitro and Melina. Now it was only down to Kendrick and Mercury in the ring, but once London got up, Kendrick and London hit a Double Dropkick and this allowed Kendrick to hit a Slice Bread #2 to get the victory.


Brian Kendrick and Paul London defeated MNM

Booker T defeated The Boogeyman

Undertaker defeated Mark Henry

Paul Burchill defeated William Regal

Rey Mysterio defeated Randy Orton to retain the World Heavyweight Title

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Armando Alejandro Estrada - Manages Umaga

Big Show


Carlito - Intercontinental Champion

Charlie Haas

Chris Masters




Jerry Lawler - Colour Commentator

Jim Ross - Announcer

John Cena - WWE Champion


Johnny Parisi

Jonathan Coachman - Interviewer

Kenny - World Tag Team Champion

Lance Cade

Lilian Garcia - Ring Announcer

Lita - Manages Edge

Maria - Interviewer

Matt Striker

Mick Foley

Mickie James - Women's Champion

Mikey - World Tag Team Champion



Rene Dupree - Injured

Ric Flair

Rob Conway

Rob Van Dam - Money in the Bank Holder

Shane McMahon - Authority Figure

Shawn Michaels

Shelton Benjamin


Stephanie Ford

Todd Grisham - Interviewer

Torrie Wilson

Trevor Murdoch

Triple H

Trish Stratus


Val Venis


Vince McMahon - Chairman of the WWE


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It’s a Celebration

Monday, June, Week 1

A few months back Shawn Michaels joined the Kiss My Ass Club of the Chairman of the Board, Vince McMahon. Then just last week it was now someone else’s turn and that person was Triple H. Not only did Triple H kiss Vince’s ass, he also got torn apart by each member of the Spirit Squad, just like Michaels did two weeks ago. Now it is a celebration for Vince and the Spirit Squad as tonight there is no Heartbreak Kid or no Cerebral Assassin. Tonight is a relaxing night for Vince and the Squad.

Big Show defeated Edge last week as Mick Foley distracted the Rated-R-Superstar so he would come up short to getting a shot at the WWE Championship at Vengeance. Now it will be John Cena against Big Show so what will be the first step between them and also what is next between Edge and Foley.

Three men have been having a lot of troubles with each other lately and those three guys are Chris Masters the Intercontinental Champion, Carlito and Mr. Money in the Bank, Rob Van Dam. Tonight it will be Carlito facing Masters in a Non-Title Match, but will RVD get involved only to give another spark to this three man feud.

Ever since Stephanie Ford came to RAW she really wanted Mickie James in a match along with having possession of the Women’s Title. In order to get one step closer to the Women’s Champion, Stephanie will have to defeat Victoria tonight.

Also, last week Umaga defeated one of the three members of The Odd Squad, Snitsky. Now the Samoan Bulldozer will be facing another member of the Squad in Goldust. Can the freak finally stop this machine, or will Umaga’s reign of terror continue.

Confirmed RAW Matches:

Carlito vs. Chris Masters

Stephanie Ford vs. Victoria

Goldust vs. Umaga

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Pretty good start to the diary. I like how you've recapped everything, but have added your own little twists to the storylines. The graphics are good too.

But in all seriousness, Kane as the World Heavyweight champion is pretty good. I haven't seen anyone go the direction the rumors were going, but you have, and Kane should make for a pretty decent champion (until Batista comes back, anyway).

I'm surprised to see how you've changed a lot of the champions for Smackdown!. I'm definently surprised that Mr. Kennedy immediately became U.S champion upon his return. Matt Hardy as Cruiserweight champion is kind of a set-back for him, don't you think? And, MNM retaining the titles is a pretty good thing, seeing as if it wasn't for Joey Mercury's drug problem, they would have never broken up anyway. And yes, all hail King Booker.

On the RAW side of things... well, I'm not really that interested. Everything's virtually the same. Carlito as IC champion again is certainly good though.

I forgot to mention some unknown superstars.

LJ Lightning-Chuck Palumbo

TJ Thunder-Test

Stephaine Ford-Trinity

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Champion Down and Out




RAW started off with the speakers exploding to “No Chance” as the Vince McMahon, the Chairman of the Board strutted down to the ring. Before Vince could really start speaking at all, you heard the voices of the Spirit Squad and down they came as they were running down the ramp and bouncing into the ring off a trampoline. Vince congratulated each and every member of the Spirit Squad for taking out both Triple H and Shawn Michaels. He said that he was going to reward the Squad with something very big that he will announce later on tonight. Spirit Squad wanted to know what it was now, but they couldn’t get it out of the Chairman. So once Vince was done he told the boys since he loved to see the 5 on 1 beat downs on Triple H and Shawn Michaels, he just wants to see another one for the hell of it. So all of a sudden down came a nobody in Chris Guy who looked scared as hell because he knew what he was about to do, he wasn’t going to come out feeling the same way. Vince forced him into the ring, though, and it was all doom from there for Guy as Vince just looked on at ringside.

Spirit Squad Has Done It – C+ Rating


5 on 1 Handicap Match

Chris Guy vs. Spirit Squad

Ever since the match started everyone knew it was over. The unknown Chris Guy had no chance whatsoever to pull an upset victory here as if Triple H or Shawn Michaels couldn’t do it, no way could Guy do it. Nearing the end of the short bout, though, Guy got one last burst of energy, really his only one of the match, and started knocking down members of the Squad until out of nowhere flew Kenny nailing Guy with a Crossbody. Then all five Spirit Squad members lifted up Guy and threw him back down with the High Spirits. The end was near as Kenny went up high and hit the Guillotine Leg Drop on Guy to give the easy victory to the Spirit Squad.

Spirit Squad def. Chris Guy – C Rating


Right after we got back from commercial break we see all five members of the Spirit Squad running right to Vince McMahon’s office. They knock on the door and go right in. They all ask at once, what the announcement is which pisses the Chairman off a little bit. Since he got a little pissed off he told the World Tag Team Champions to leave and they will find out later when he goes to the ring himself to announce it.

What Is The Big Announcement – B Rating


Backstage we see Stephanie Ford standing with her real friend, Trish Stratus. Trish was giving the newest diva some advice. Trish told her that she needed to work he way up the top by defeating other divas like Victoria which is happening next. Ford understood totally, but then responded that she just wants Mickie in the ring now. Trish told her not to worry because she will be getting her shot soon enough.

You Will Get Your Shot – C Rating


Stephanie Ford w/Trish Stratus vs. Victoria

This was you typical women’s contest with nothing to important going on. Trish kept on directing Stephanie to right way towards victory and it finally paid off in the end. Stephanie was able to reverse the Widow’s Peak, but getting her feat to the mat. She then turned around and quickly nailed a Dragon Suplex on Victoria leaving her down on the mat. This allowed Stephanie to go up high and hit a Moonsault to win her first ever women’s match in the WWE. After the match, though, down came running the Women’s Champion, Mickie James. She decked Trish with the Women’s Title to get in the ring and then decked Stephanie as well. She then said a few words saying that she hates Stephanie and wants to tear her apart week by week.

Stephanie Ford def. Victoria – C Rating


When we got back from break, Maria introduced us to Carlito for an interview before his match with Chris Masters. The Intercontinental Champion first talked about his opponent tonight which is Masters and basically explained that he is nowhere near the caliber he is. “Masters isn’t in my league. Masters just isn’t cool” were the words Carlito said about him. Then the IC Champion went onto another enemy of his, Mr. Money in the Bank, Rob Van Dam. Carlito described RVD as a cool person, but not as cool as himself so that is why he is the best out of the three. Because he, he is cool.

Masters Just Isn’t Cool – B- Rating


Carlito vs. Chris Masters

The crowd went crazy when they heard “I spit in the face off people who don’t want to be cool” because they are just sick and tired of Masters’ cocky entrance. These two men put on an amazing match, much better then there match at Backlash. Carlito controlled early on and surprised Masters here and there with a few very athletic moves. The Intercontinental Champion got everyone going, though, when he nailed a Springboard Moonsault which just missed the three count. The tides would turn, though, as Masters soon took control with a huge Powerslam. At one point then, Carlito backed right into Masters to get locked into the Master Lock. Carlito had no chance and basically gave up right away letting Masters get some revenge from Backlash.

Chris Masters def. Carlito – A Rating


“The Time is Now” hit when we got back from commercial break and the WWE Champion, John Cena charged down to the ring. Cena went to say what he wanted right away. He said that he was ready for Big Show. He said he might be 7 feet tall and 500 pounds, but that isn’t stopping him. Cena said that he defeated Big Show before at WrestleMania XX and it will be the same way at Vengeance. Then everyone heard “Well…Well It’s The Big Show” and down came the Number One Contender. Big Show got right in Cena’s face and asked him why he wasn’t afraid. Cena responded quickly by saying that at the last two Pay-Per-View’s he had to face Triple H and then both Triple H and Edge, but still both times still walked out as Champion and the same will happen at Vengeance. Big Show said that since he is so confident why not have the match right now, but Cena said that he was no fool. So instead Big Show offered a match later on tonight and Cena agreed right away. Big Show then quickly mentioned a No DQ Match and went to nail Cena with a Chokeslam, but Cena reversed it by lifting Big Show up and nailing him with an amazing FU. Cena accepted the No DQ Match and left to a huge pop.

Ready For The 500 Pound Monster – A* Rating


Backstage Chris Masters was walking backstage still happy about his Non-Title victory over the Intercontinental Champion, Carlito. Masters wound up walking into Mr. Money in the Bank, Rob Van Dam and RVD gave Masters a sarcastic congratulations. Masters took it like a real one and said thank you, but then Carlito stopped by calling Masters an idiot. Masters didn’t like it and told Carlito and RVD that they are both not cool and he is. RVD and Carlito just laughed and then walked away saying that they are the coolest to themselves.

Who Is The Coolest – B Rating


Down came Armando Alejandro Estrada with his Samoan Bulldozer, Umaga. Estrada did his usual, but then said that last week Umaga took out Snitsky with ease and it will be the same this week against Goldust. Because “no one can beat his Samoan Bulldozer, UUUUUMMMAAAAGGAAA” says Armando Alejandro Estrrrrrrrrrada.

No Way To Stop Him – C Rating


Goldust vs. Umaga w/Armando Alejandro Estrada

This was a normal match with Umaga in it. Goldust had no chance from the beginning as the Samoan Bulldozer just looked dominant like always. Umaga hit his Running Stinkface now known as the Bulldozer Bump. It didn’t take to long until the Samoan Bulldozer nailed the Samoan Spike on Goldust to pick up the easy victory. Umaga just continues to roll through the RAW Roster.

Umaga def. Goldust – C Rating


After another commercial break, once again the Chairman of the Board, Vince McMahon came down to the ring. Vince told everyone that it was time to tell everyone, especially Spirit Squad, what the big announcement is involving Spirit Squad. Vince went on by saying that since the five male cheerleaders did their jobs by taking out Shawn Michaels and Triple H, they have to be rewarded. But right before Vince can say what the reward was, “The Game” hit and Vince jumped back staring at the stage. Triple H was nowhere in site, though, but then a video starting playing. It showed Triple H working out and finished with it saying “Triple H Returns Next Week”. Vince was pissed, but after the video ended he went to proceed, but then “Sexy Boy” hit to get Vince even more pissed. Then a video of Shawn Michaels started with him working out and then it showed “Shawn Michaels Returns Next Week”. Vince got so pissed off that he dropped the mike and just left the ring not announcing anything.

The Announcement Is… – A* Rating


Charlie Haas was down and out in the back right when we returned from a break. Everyone was confused on how he was done, but then Shelton Benjamin walked on screen and bent down near Haas. He asked the unconscious Haas why he had to return and ruin his wrestling career now. He asked what he was thinking coming back attacking him. Haas didn’t answer of course which pissed off the former Intercontinental Champion so he just spit in Haas’ face and left.

Why Did You Return – B- Rating


The camera cut to Todd Grisham who was standing near the Hardcore Legend, Mick Foley. Grisham asked Foley on why he returned to go after Edge. Foley answered and went further saying that at WrestleMania he was embarrassed because he lost in a way he was use to all his life. Foley said that he is back to get revenge on Edge and that is why he is here again tonight. The only problem is Edge and Lita have been seen the whole show. Foley called Edge and his slut a coward for no showing and that next week he will give it to him.

Edge Scared To Show – B- Rating


No DQ Match

Big Show vs. John Cena

This was another great match here on RAW. First Carlito against Masters and now this. This match is a preview of what is to come at Vengeance except this one might be a little more dangerous because there were weapons allowed as it was a No DQ Match. Big Show started off strong and really remained that was the whole time. Even when we went through a commercial break and when we came back Cena couldn’t turn things around. Things finally did change, though, when Cena pushed Big Show off of him when he went for the Chokeslam and the Champion picked his title and decked Show right in-between the eyes. Big Show wasn’t busted open, though, and then he just got right back up. Cena couldn’t believe it so he went to lift up Show for the FU, but he reversed that by grabbing his head back and grabbing the Champions throat. Big Show then lifted the Champion in the air with a Chokeslam and slammed the back of his head on his title leaving him down and out for an easy three count and a victory for Big Show.

Big Show def. John Cena – A Rating


After the match ended Big Show picked up the WWE Championship and put it on his shoulder. He then made the ref raise his arm with it on his shoulder as he told a grounded Cena that it is going to be like this for good after Vengeance. Big Show left by just stepping right on the Champion leaving no air left in him. He then threw the belt ground right near him as RAW came to a close.

Champion Down And Out – C- Rating



Spirit Squad defeated Chris Guy

Stephanie Ford defeated Victoria

Chris Masters defeated Carlito

Umaga defeated Goldust

Big Show defeated John Cena

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I like how both Hardy and Kane became Champs. They both deserve it. And Kennedy.....Kennedy...becoming US Champ was awesome. Good backstory.

RAW was good, I'm glad Show beat Cena..I hate Cena with a passion. UUUUUMAAAAAGA! Umaga is cool, just get some people to job to him every once in a while. I would have rather Carlito over Masters but good match none the less. Stephanie Ford over Victoria? I don't know much bout Ford but Victoria is a former like 3-Time Women's Champ? Personally Victoria should have won but maybe there is a storyline coming out of this. The Spirit Squad! Yeah! They're just as good as Simon Dean! :P

Good job on this Diary, I'll be reading. ;)

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Rematch Part 2

Friday, June, Week 1

A few weeks ago at Judgment Day, Kane became the new World Heavyweight Champion after defeating both Rey Mysterio and John Bradshaw Layfield. Last week the Big Red Machine beat Mysterio because of miscommunications with Chavo Guerrero. Now tonight Kane will be defending against JBL as well as Chavo is going to have to explain his actions from last week.

The World Heavyweight Title Match isn’t the only title on the line tonight as United States Champion and the man still not to be pinned, Ken Kennedy will be facing Bobby Lashley once again. The two faced off at Judgment Day with Kennedy winning the match fairly, for once. Now Lashley is looking to get his revenge and finally be the first one to pin Kennedy as well as take his US Championship.

All hail King Booker! The new King of the Ring, King Booker who was crowned winner at Judgment Day will be here tonight making another victory speech. But will he be in store for more then a victory speech?

Kurt Angle use to have a Kurt Angle Invitational which he would face Hometown Heroes and have to defeat them in three minutes or he gives them his gold medal. Well tonight, it returns and Angle is ready to face Hershey’s Hometown Hero.

Also, when will The Deadman return? And what will the reaction to MNM be after finally defeated Brian Kendrick and Paul London twice in a row?

Confirmed SMACKDOWN Matches:

Kane © vs. John Bradshaw Layfield

Bobby Lashley vs. Ken Kennedy ©

Kurt Angle’s Invitational

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IPB Image

No Wrestling God




United States Title Match

Bobby Lashley vs. Ken Kennedy ©

Smackdown started off with the United States Champion, Ken Kennedy announcing his weight and where he hails from. Before he could finish, though, out came his challenger, Bobby Lashley which really pissed off the Champion because he couldn’t say his name. So throughout the whole match, Kennedy was pissed and didn’t really care if he won or lost as long as he kept his title and destroyed Lashley. Lashley was the one really dominating Kennedy, though, as The Real Deal wasn’t playing any more games and really wanted to beat Kennedy, which he couldn’t do at Judgment Day. Kennedy’s US Title was still in the ring at a corner which came into play at the end. Lashley was going for a Dominator to finish of the Champ, but he slid off of Lashley and pushed him away. Kennedy then grabbed his belt and clocked it over Lashley’s head when he turned back around making the ref call for the DQ. After the match Kennedy celebrated by himself and this time being able to say his name as he is still the Champion.

Bobby Lashley def. Ken Kennedy by DQ – B Rating


Backstage was the Cruiserweight Champion, Matt Hardy getting ready for his match coming up next with former Champion, Gregory Helms. Helms then walked up to Hardy and said that he better hold onto that title tight because soon he will take it back. Hardy said that he has to win tonight to get a shot. Helms was confident, though, saying that Moore is on his side. Helms then walked away while Hardy laughed with what Helms just said.

What Side Is He On – B Rating


Gregory Helms vs. Matt Hardy

When we got back from commercial break Helms was waiting in the ring and down came the Cruiserweight Champion, Matt Hardy ready for Non-Title action. These two men again put on a show just like a Judgment Day. The Champion, Hardy, again looked better then the two and that is why he came out on top both times. Actually, though, this time wasn’t all Hardy because Shannon Moore was back in the house. Moore just stood at ringside while the action was going on until he finally got on the apron and called Helms over. Moore made it like he was going to discuss something with him, but it just distracted him which allowed Hardy to hit a Twist of Fate when he turned back around. After the match Hardy said that he was waiting for this for a long time and that now he has Shannon Moore back on his side, Matt Hardy and Shannon Moore, Version 1 is back!

Matt Hardy def. Gregory Helms – A Rating


After we got back from another break, King Booker’s royal theme song hit and down walked the King with his Queen Sharmell. William Regal followed behind by saying, “All hail King Booker” nonstop just annoying every person possible except for the King and the Queen. Once they got in the ring Booker asked who was the first peasant that will bow down to him. Then down came some unknown person and got in the ring ready for King Booker.

All Hail King Booker – B+ Rating


King Booker w/Queen Sharmell and William Regal vs. Steve Lewington

This match couldn’t have been any easier for King Booker. Not only did Booker fight a nobody, he still got help from Sharmell and Regal with distraction. After a few seconds of distraction it was all over as King Booker was able to hit the Scissors Kick for an easy victory. But then after the match was over, King Booker demanded Lewington to kiss his feet. He wouldn’t do it, but then Regal made him by pushing his face right into Booker’s boots.

King Booker def. Steve Lewington – C+ Rating


We got back from commercial break with former World Heavyweight Champion, Rey Mysterio standing in the ring. He calls out the man he thought he could trust, Chavo Guerrero right away. Chavo came down to the ring with a sad look on his face. Rey was confused on what was going on and Chavo explained everything. Chavo told Rey that Eddie was able to make it to the top a few years back. And then he was able to this year. But there was never any of him making it to the top. And he couldn’t stand it anymore as he couldn’t be there, but Rey was. Rey then felt bad, though, and told him that he will help him make it to the top by starting next week. Chavo didn’t believe what he heard and told Rey he was ready. Just like that Mysterio forgave Chavo for what he did and it was all good. Something strange is going on.

Why Chavo Why – B+ Rating


There was yet another commercial break, but when we came back, John Bradshaw Layfield was coming down to the ring. JBL told everyone that he was ready for Kane, that he was ready to become once again on top of Smackdown, that he was ready to become World Heavyweight Champion. Before JBL could go any further, though, down came the General Manager, Theodore Long. Long told JBL that he had enough of his bragging when he doesn’t even accomplish that much. So Long told JBL that if he doesn’t accomplish something big tonight, like defeating Kane and winning the World Heavyweight Title, he will be fired! JBL couldn’t believe it, but had to go along with it as he would be fired on the spot now if he kept on complaining.

Last Time On Smackdown – B Rating


Fit Finlay vs. Gunner Scott w/Chris Benoit

Enough with the commercial breaks already because again there was more and when we came back Gunner Scott was in the ring with Benoit behind him and down came his opponent, Fit Finlay. Finlay and Scott put on a pretty good match for a mid-show Smackdown match. The action went back and forth until Scott took control by hitting continuous German Suplex’s, just like his mentor, Chris Benoit. Finlay made it like he had enough, though, and went to the outside to grab his shillelagh. Benoit tried to stop Finlay from bringing it in the ring, but he got hit with it over the head. Finlay then nailed it over the head of Gunner Scott giving Scott the DQ victory. Finlay said that he wasn’t done, though, as next week he would bring someone in that he is the mentor of so together they can totally take out Benoit and Scott.

Gunner Scott def. Finlay by DQ – B- Rating


Backstage the WWE Tag Team Champions, MNM were talking about their previous opponents from last week and Judgment Day, The Hooligans of Brian Kendrick and Paul London. They said that they finally finished them off and that they wouldn’t need to see there faces again. But then out of nowhere from behind, The Hooligans attacked the Champions. Melina just ran away to get help while London and Kendrick told the knocked out Champions that they weren’t finished just yet.

Not Finished Yet – C+ Rating


Back in the ring, down came the Olympic Gold Medalist, Kurt Angle. He quickly got to his point saying that he use to have a challenge called the Kurt Angle Invitational. He would call out a Hometown Hero and if the person can last longer then three minutes they can have his gold medal. So the first person in the returning Invitational was Hershey Hometown Hero, Rory Fox. Angle told Fox be ready for the shortest and quickest beating in his lifetime.

Kurt Angle Invitational Returns – A* Rating


Kurt Angle Invitational

Kurt Angle vs. Rory Fox

I don’t know how, but somehow the crowd really enjoyed this action with Angle absoluty destroying Fox in about a minute and a half of just technical wrestling. Angle was just pulling and stretching Fox which surprisingly the crowd loved. Angle finally put Fox away with an Angle Slam followed by the Ankle Lock in a time of only one minute and thirty-one seconds. Fox came up short from the three minutes so Angle kept his medal.

Kurt Angle def. Rory Fox – B+ Rating


When we got back from a break, Daivari was leading his men, TJ Thunder and LJ Lightning, to the ring. They got in the ring and Daivari did all the talking. He told everyone that The Deadman was gone. That he was dead. There would be no more Undertaker. So everyone should get use to TJ Thunder and LJ Lightning. Daivari then said that he will be nice at this point and give everyone one last post of the late, great Undertaker. TJ Thunder and LJ Lightning then got on one knee and did The Deadman’s pose sticking their tongues out. The crowd was booing through this the whole time as they really don’t like the characters of Thunder and Lightning.

The Deadman Is Dead – C Rating


We then cut to the back where the World Heavyweight Champion, Kane was standing with Steve Romero. Kane didn’t let Romero talk as all he said that by the end of the tonight, everyone, including JBL, should fear him and if they don’t they will find out why.

Everyone Should Fear Me – C+ Rating


World Heavyweight Title Match

John Bradshaw Layfield vs. Kane ©

One last commercial break happened and then when we got back John Bradshaw Layfield came down for a second time ready for his match. The first then exploded as down came the Champion while JBL shook in a bit of fear. Before JBL could even take his American Flag Jacket off, Kane was able to get in the ring and nail JBL with a Chokeslam giving the Champion an early advantage. JBL did fight back, though, and at one point he was controlling the match. The only thing was he got to confident and actually got on the mike at one point. He said to everyone, “Everyone will witness a new Champion and he will be a WRESTLING GOD!” Once Kane heard that, he sat up making JBL even more nervous. JBL was still able to attempt a Clothesline From Hell which connected, but Kane still sat right back up! JBL went for another, but this time Kane ducked and grabbed JBL’s throat. Again Kane hit a Chokeslam, but he wasn’t done. The Big Red Machine then lifted up JBL and nailed a Tombstone to win the match and make JBL unemployed. After the match out stepped Teddy Long and told everyone that JBL was fired. The crowd chanted, “Na na na na, na na na na, hey, hey, hey, goodbye!” as Smackdown came to a close.

Kane def. John Bradshaw Layfield – A Rating



Bobby Lashley defeated Ken Kennedy by DQ

Matt Hardy defeated Gregory Helms

King Booker defeated Steve Lewington

Gunner Scott defeated Fit Finlay by DQ

Kurt Angle defeated Rory Fox

Kane defeated John Bradshaw Layfield

Edited by Evansfan1
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It's good that Lashley won via DQ, not winning the title but making the feud better. Also Kane retaining was good, I liked JBL as champ. but now that Kane is I don't want him to lose it.

Nice show, keep up the good work. ;)

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IPB Image

WWE News and Headlines for July, Week 1

*Velocity Results

Mexicools defeated Pitbulls

Gymini defeated Scott Colten and Chris Guy

Paul Burchill defeated Nunzio

Chris Benoit defeated Simon Dean

*Heat Results

Rob Conway defeated Scotty Charisma

Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch defeated Chris Hamrick and Sterling James Kennan

Charlie Haas defeated Matt Striker

Shelton Benjamin defeated Val Venis

*RAW Dark Matches

Pre Show: Rene Dupree defeated Harry Smith

Post Show: John Cena defeated Edge

*Smackdown Dark Matches

Pre Show: Evan Karagias defeated Scotty 2 Hotty

Post Show: Undertaker defeated TJ Thunder and LJ Lightning

*In ratings this week, RAW managed to score a 4.2 with the most watched being during the first hour. Smackdown managed to score a 3.2 with the most watched being during the first hour.

* Rumors have been going around that there are expected to be new General Managers for both brands named soon. Currently Vince McMahon is running RAW and Theodore Long is running Smackdown. Vince has been looking for RAW while Long has been secured for a while. Both should be settled a few weeks after Summerslam.

*Speaking of Summerslam, it has been rumored that starting at Summerslam, the 2006 Draft Lottery will begin. The first picks for each brand will be announced on the Pay-Per-View while the other on the representing television shows.

*Noted on the Smackdown Dark Matches, Evan Karagias debuted by defeating Scotty 2 Hotty. Karagias will be coming to Smackdown to be on the side for Gregory Helms, which dates all the way back to WCW’s 3 Count with them two and also Shannon Moore. Since Moore went with Hardy, WWE booking wanting to bring back someone from Helms’ past to make it fair.

*So far there has been only once match announced for the next Pay-Per-View, Vengeance which is John Cena defending his title against Big Show. There are only three more weeks until Vengeance so expect many more matches to be announced in the upcoming weeks.

*A new tag team is set to debut, The Highlanders which consist of Rory and Robbie McAllister, but it isn’t noted on which brand yet. They will be debuting the first television show of July. Throughout the rest of the month, there will be hype videos for the two.

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McMahon’s Retribution Part 1

Monday, June, Week 2

Tonight is the return of Shawn Michaels who has been absent from RAW for the past two weeks after being taken out by the Spirit Squad in a 5 on 1 match. Triple H has also been absent for a week as he got taken out by the same five men. Now Vince McMahon wants to take the two out even more. So this week Vince has made not only another 5 on 1 match between Spirit Squad and HBK, but he made it a Gauntlet Match! Then next week it will be the same thing except for Triple H will be against the five. Vince told he will put the two through hell and that is what he is doing.

John Cena, the WWE Champion faced his opponent at Vengeance, Big Show in a No DQ Match last week and the challenger for the title took out the Champion. This week Cena supposedly will not be in attendance so what will Big Show say without the Champ in the house.

Last week Chris Masters defeated the Intercontinental Champion, Carlito in a Non-Title Match. This week the three man feud will continue as Masters will be facing Mr. Money in the Bank, Rob Van Dam. RVD has been cocky ever since he won the Money in the Bank Contract, but let’s see what is next for him.

Also last week, Stephanie Ford defeated Victoria as she tries to climb her way to face Mickie James for her Women’s Title. What will be in store this week for Stephanie as she tries to get even closer?

Umaga defeated two of the three men from The Odd Squad. Now it is time for member number three, Eugene. Will Eugene be able to stop the Samoan Bulldozer or will his dominance continue?

Confirmed RAW Matches:

Gauntlet Match: Spirit Squad vs. Shawn Michaels

Chris Masters vs. Rob Van Dam

Eugene vs. Umaga

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IPB Image

McMahon’s Plan Fails




RAW started off with “Metallingus” being heard from the speakers as down came the Rated-R-Superstar, Edge with his girlfriend, Lita. Edge got in the ring and went right to business. He said that at WrestleMania 22 he defeated Mick Foley in his own game. It wasn’t Mick’s night to shine, it was his. He said that Mick couldn’t get the spotlight once again at WrestleMania, better yet he got the spotlight for the most embarrassing loss at WrestleMania. Then all of a sudden you heard the car crash and down came Mick Foley. Foley got in the ring and got right in Edge’s face and told him that he did lose fairly, but at Vengeance he wants revenge. At Vengeance he wants to show Edge what Hardcore really is. Edge quickly agreed with Foley by saying he will easily defeat him again in his own game. He could even do it right now. Foley said he was in no condition to wrestle, though, so he would have someone else for him. All of a sudden down came the Innovator of Violence, Tommy Dreamer. Edge couldn’t believe it, but he was having a Hardcore Match with him right now.

Hardcore Rematch – B+ Rating


Hardcore Match

Edge w/Lita vs. Tommy Dreamer w/Mick Foley

This was one of the great matches here on RAW tonight and might have been the best overall. Tommy Dreamer really wanted to take Edge to the extreme, but Edge held his own and put on a good match with Dreamer. Dreamer went to get hardcore early as he got a Singapore Cane. He went to whack Edge, but he ducked and wound up taking the Cane away from him. Edge then started nailing Dreamer with rib shots with him encouraging Edge to keep it going. Finally Dreamer held it up with his arm and out of nowhere just hit the Dreamer Cutter on Edge. Dreamer then called for the finish as Foley rolled in a 2X4 wrapped in barbwire. Dreamer went to nail Edge with it into his gut, but Edge dodged it and was able then to kick it out of his hands. Edge then nailed Dreamer with the Edgecution right on top of the 2X4 wrapped in barbwire. Edge covered and that was all as Dreamer was bloodied and battered. After the match Foley came into the ring only to get nailed with the 2X4 with barbwire across the stomach leaving both Foley and Dreamer out.

Edge def. Tommy Dreamer – A Rating


When we got back from commercial break backstage was Mr. Money in the Bank, Rob Van Dam standing by with Todd Grisham. Grisham asked RVD if he is nervous since he is putting his Money in the Bank Contract on the line all the time. Van Dam just said that he is never nervous because he knows he will get the job done since he is Mr. Cool. Then stepped in the Intercontinental Champion, Carlito as he said the words, “Mr. Cool, how about Mr. Fool”. Van Dam didn’t like his words and just told Carlito to watch how you beat Chris Masters as he couldn’t do the job last week. Carlito didn’t like that, though, and offered RVD to put his Money in the Bank Contract on the line at Vengeance. Van Dam accepted if Carlito put his Intercontinental Championship on the line. Carlito accepted, but then stepped in Jonathan Coachman. The Coach told the two that at Vengeance it will be the two of them and Chris Masters in a two fall match. The first fall for the Intercontinental Championship with the person being pinned is eliminated. And then the second fall a Ladder Match for the Money in the Bank Contract. At the same time Carlito and RVD said, “that’s cool”.

Money In The Bank And Gold On The Line – C+ Rating


Mickie James vs. Trish Stratus w/Stephanie Ford

Once again a typical women’s match, but it did have a different ending then most women’s matches. Trish was out to help Stephanie Ford get a step closer to a shot at the Women’s Title, but the Women’s Champion, Mickie James was trying to prevent that. Trish and Mickie battled hard just like at Backlash and WrestleMania. Like those two Pay-Per-View the winner was the same, but the ending was different. It came was Stephanie Ford just lost control and grabbed the Women’s Title and got in the ring. Then Stephanie just clocked Mickie over the head with the Women’s Title making the ref call for a DQ victory for Mickie. Trish was confused, but Stephanie couldn’t help herself.

Mickie James def. Trish Stratus by DQ – B Rating


Chris Masters vs. Rob Van Dam

The crowd was kind of split here as they didn’t know whose side to be on as they were just waiting for the Intercontinental Champion, Carlito to come down. This match wasn’t as good as last weeks between Masters and Carlito, but Van Dam and Masters still entertained the crowd. RVD controlled for most of the match, but it turned quickly when he missed a Jumping Spinning Kick on Masters. The Masterpiece then quickly locked on the Master Lock. Then out walked Carlito, though, which got both RVD and Masters distracted. Masters broke the hold which wasn’t a good idea. Finally after Carlito headed back up the ramp RVD just rolled up Masters out of nowhere and had his feet on the rope for the victory. After the match all three men stared at each other as they had a shared ambition, they all wanted something new coming out of Vengeance.

Rob Van Dam def. Chris Masters – B+ Rating


“Well It’s The Big Show” was heard throughout the arena as down walked the 500 Pound, Big Show. He got in the ring and started to talk on how he will destroy John Cena at Vengeance just like he did last week. But then he would also take the WWE Title and become the new Champion. Big Show went on by saying since Cena isn’t here, he can do whatever he wants. Big Show then started to mimic the Champ by starting to rap about him. Then all of a sudden “The Time is Now” hit and down charged the Champ! John Cena wasn’t supposed to be here, but he is here! He got in the ring and threw his belt down. Big Show and John Cena went back and forth with punches until Show just pushed Cena to the mat. The Champ got right back up, but Big Show grabbed him by the throat. Big Show went for the Chokeslam, but Cena reversed it and lifted up Big Show and nailed the FU! The crowd erupted for Cena even though a few weeks back at Backlash and WrestleMania he was getting booed. John Cena was the man standing tall this week as his opponent at Vengeance was down and out.

The Champ Is Here – A Rating


When we got back from break we saw Maria standing by with Eugene. Maria asked Eugene if he will be the member of The Odd Squad to take out Umaga. Eugene had a lot of pride and said that he is going to make it like WrestleMania 3. He is going to become Eugeneamania! He is going to lift Umaga up and Bodyslam him and win the match. Maria gave Eugene good luck as Eugene walked off looking confident.

Eugeneamania – C+ Rating


Eugene vs. Umaga w/Armando Alejandro Estrada

Like the past two weeks to other Odd Squad members, Umaga did the same to the last member, Eugene. Eugene tried to Hulk up early on and tried to lift up Umaga like Hulk did to Andre, but it wasn’t happening as Umaga just threw Eugene into the corner. Umaga nailed the Bulldozer Bump and it didn’t take much longer until he hit the Samoan Spike to get the victory over Eugene. I guess no one is odd enough from The Odd Squad to stop the Samoan Bulldozer.

Umaga def. Eugene – B- Rating


Backstage in his locker room, Shawn Michaels was getting ready for his match, but right before he left a room, he found a note taped to the back of the door. He quickly went through it and after he finished he said out loud, “No Game…that’s alright…no pain”.

The Game Is Off – A* Rating


When we got back from another break the speakers exploded with “Sexy Boy” as down danced Shawn Michaels. He got in the ring with a serious face and had a few words before his match. He said that going into this match he thought he would have some help with Triple H, but he thought wrong. He read everyone the note that he found saying that Triple H wasn’t here tonight. So HBK said that since he doesn’t have any backup, he is all business tonight. He said there is no messing around, he is just going to take out the member of the Spirit Squad thrown at him until the next one comes out. Michaels finished off by saying that he will take out the Spirit Squad someway, somehow because he will not let all of his fans down.

Michaels Is All Business – A* Rating


After the commercial break HBK was all ready for the match, but then down walked the Chairman of the WWE, Vince McMahon as “No Chance” hit the speakers. He got in the ring and told Shawn that he is damn sure lucky that Triple H isn’t here tonight because if he was he would just have the whole locker room on their asses. Vince said that every three minutes a new member of the Spirit Squad will come in make the disadvantage for Shawn more and more. HBK didn’t really mind what Vince said, though, as he was just focused for his task ahead. Vince finished by saying that Shawn Michaels career will be ended tonight.

Career Will Be Ended – A* Rating


5 on 1 Gauntlet Match

Spirit Squad vs. Shawn Michaels

This was a very exciting main event match as everyone was into this match as the crowd was basically on their feet for most of the time. The first man in with Shawn was Johnny. HBK brought it to Johnny early so he could try to get rid of him before another member comes in. Johnny lasted the three minutes allowing the next member to come in which was Nicky. Nicky hoped right in on the trampoline nailing HBK with a Dropkick. Michaels quickly got back up, though, and flipped Nicky out of the ring and then delivered the Sweet Chin Music to Johnny making him the first member of Spirit Squad eliminated. Finally the next member came in who was Mitch. Mitch and Nicky held a nice double team for the three minutes until the fourth member came in which was Mikey. It was now a three on one beat down until Michaels had another burst of energy tossing Mikey and Nicky out of the ring and nailing Mitch with the Sweet Chin Music to eliminate him. The last member then came down who was Kenny and the remaining three Spirit Squad members held a huge beat down on HBK. Vince then stepped back out onto the stage looking on with a smile on his face. Then all of a sudden the speakers exploded with “The Game”. Vince and the remaining Spirit Squad members looked on in amazement. Then all of a sudden out stepped Triple H! The crowd erupted with Vince and the Spirit Squad in shock. The Game just pushed Vince on his ass while HBK nipped up in amazement as well. Triple H got in the ring and the ref didn’t call a DQ or anything. Triple H delivered the Pedigree to Mikey and Nicky while Michaels nailed Kenny with the Sweet Chin Music. HBK then pinned all three men’s shoulders as the remaining three men were eliminated to somehow let Shawn Michaels overcome the odds and win the match!

Shawn Michaels def. Spirit Squad – B+ Rating


After the match ended Vince got back up and was handed a mike. He said that Shawn Michaels and Triple H would be punished for lying. HBK couldn’t believe it, though; as he had no clue Triple H would show. Vince didn’t care, though, and said that next week Triple H will be all alone in the Gauntlet Match as Shawn Michaels is banned from the ring. RAW ended with Vince standing with Spirit Squad on the ramp while Triple H and Shawn Michaels look on pissed off.

Next Week All Alone – A* Rating



Edge defeated Tommy Dreamer

Mickie James defeated Trish Stratus by DQ

Rob Van Dam defeated Chris Masters

Umaga defeated Eugene

Shawn Michaels defeated Spirit Squad

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