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The fuck...where the fuck?


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How the hell did this slip through my radar? Tracklisting is;

1 A Vicarious Atonement (7:21)

2 Tetragrammaton (16:43)

3 Vermicide (4:17)

4 Meccamputechture (11:04)

5 Asilos Magdalena (6:36)

6 Viscera Eyes (9:25)

7 Day Of The Baphomets (11:58)

8 El Ciervo Vulnerado (8:59)

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Lump me in with Stiva. Got it last night, and it's on its first run through now.

And what a run through it is. I'm just into Tetragrammation, and it is fuckin' sublime. Seems a bit softer/sparser than previous stuff. Maybe that's just 'first listen syndrome' though.

EDIT: OK, so Tetragrammation doesn't seem to be as sparse as I thought. The multi-layered vocals are real nice, and it builds to a huge swell near the end, leading me to believe I need to buy this when it comes out, for intricate listening.

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I thought he was saying "It lacks a human pulse"

And the whole album for me is mindblowing. It has the immediate impact of De-Loused unlike Frances which took a while for everything to merge in my ears and a lot of stuff sound sparse on first listen but it's amazingly complex when I run through it again.

So yeah, it's fantastic.

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I'm weird in the fact that afte rthe first listen Frances The Mute screamed out at me as being abslolutely amazing. This however. It's good. I haven't reached the end yet though, so I might have a change of heart. It is really good though. It just doesn't scream "Amazing" like the last 2 studio albums.

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