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WWF 2001

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Guest Bosstown Boy

World Wrestling Federation

The leader in sports-entertainment today.

Note: I began watching wrestling in February 2001, so please mention to me anything you may want to about the roster, the champions, or anything else you may want to see fixed as we enter 2001 and head towards the Royal Rumble! Speaking of the Rumble, I am moving it from it's original date of January 14th to Sunday, January 28th. This is only so I can build up some matches for the show.

Going into 2001 the World Wrestling Federation is the top sports-entertainment franchise in the World. Led by WWF Champion Kurt Angle, as well as superstars The Rock, Triple H, and Stone Cold, the WWF doesn't look like it has anything but good years ahead. The second place promotion, World Championship Wrestling, is on the decline. Despite great names like Goldberg, Ric Flair, and Sting, the WCW cannot muster the strength to get back into a race with the WWF.

In the lower rankings in North America is upstart ECW, led by hardcore madmen Rob Van Dam and Sabu. ECW has a strong cult following and is sure to gain some ground on the big two, but many believe their style of hardcore, no apology wrestling will never catch on to a mainstream audience. Also in this area are JCW, XPW, and CZW, none of which are on the radar of the WWF.

The World Wrestling Federation prides itself on finding the next big thing before anyone else, so what will it be this time? The Attitude Era seems to be coming a close and the fans want something new, but what can Vince McMahon and his cronies come up with? Heading into the Royal Rumble it's almost guaranteed that we'll see some new faces, as well as some old ones, taking the WWF into a whole new direction.

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Guest Bosstown Boy


January 1st, 2001 - Live on TNN!

JR: Hello and welcome wrestling fans to a whole new year of the World Wrestling Federation! I'm Jim Ross accompanied to my left by Jerry "The King" Lawler and this is WWF Raw!

King: And who knows what could happen JR!?

JR: Who knows is right King!

Singles Match

Maven vs. Steven Richards

The match started with some punches and some side takedowns, nothing too special. As the match went on, however, Maven began to display some of his raw talent to the crowd. Maven tossed Richards into the ropes and hit a high, dazzling dropkick that sent Richards to the mat hard. Maven also managed to hit a Superplex from the top rope that almost got him a three count. Maven got Richards back to his feet and planted him again with a dropkick. Maven, with the crowd beginning to warm to him, went to the top rope for a splash of some kind. Val Venis from behind! Val Venis and The Goodfather have thrown Maven to the mat! The referee quickly runs over and orders the two backstage. As he does, Ivory comes in and levels the rising Maven with a chair! She puts Steven Richards over Maven's limp body -- one, two, three! And Steven Richards steals one thanks to his buddies from Right to Censor!

They're not done yet, either. Val Venis The Goodfather, and Bull Buchanan get into the ring and help Steven up. The RTC boys then drag Maven to his feet, trying to set him up for Richard's patented Kick. Hardcore Holly! Out of nowhere Hardcore Holly appears in the ring! He's clearing house! Punches knock down Venis, Goodfather, and Buchanan! Holly ducks under a kick by Richards! Huge spinebuster! Richards rolls out of the ring in pain! Hardcore has come to the aid of Maven and has decimated RTC in the process!

Steven Richards def. Maven


A Bad Man Meets Another Kind of Man

After a short break we come back to a shot of the TitanTron when suddenly Rikishi's music begins to play over the PA system. The crowd boos the big man as he makes his way to the ring in a white jumpsuit and sunglasses. He enters the ring and grabs a microphone.

Rikishi: You know something? I thought about that Hell in a Cell Match for a long time, and you know what? I decided that I, in fact, didn't even lose that match at all! No, I didn't. In fact, not only did I not lose that match, but I made a great statement during it.

The crowd boos in a slight confusion as Rikishi continues.

Rikishi: I throughly proved that I, Rikishi, am the baddest man that the World Wrestling Federation has to offer!

The crowd boos triumphantly at this remark, some "Austin" chants begin.

Rikishi: Me! Not Kurt Angle, not The Rock, not Stone Cold Steve Austin.. I am the baddest man on the planet!

Then all of a sudden the lights go out and the crowd begins to buzz. Rikishi can be heard mumbling certain curses as a bell begins to toll. "Dead Man Walking!" The crowd erupts into cheers as "Rollin'" by Limp Bizkit begins to play and the Deadman, The Undertaker, makes his way unto the stage! Undertaker comes out into the spotlight with microphone in hand as the music stops and lights turn on.

Undertaker: Rikishi, I have a slight feeling that you, you aren't so bright are you?

Rikishi takes off his sunglasses and points to himself doing the "Me?" look.

Undertaker: Yeah Rikishi, I don't believe you are. First, you come out here with your fancy ass clothes, and you step into my yard. Yeah that's right, my yard, and then you begin to run your mouth about how you, Rikishi, are the baddest man on the planet.

Rikishi nods his head mouthing "That's right!"

Undertaker: Well guess what hombre, you're not on Earth when you step into that ring, you're in my yard! A very dangerous place! People have been getting buried in that yard for over a decade! A decade of destruction! You think you can just walk in there and claim to be the baddest, nuh-uh, no way. You have to earn it by going one-on-one.. With the Deadman.

Rikishi backs off the ropes and glances around the crowd.

Rikishi: You want to fight me 'Taker? You want a shot at me? Fine, you got it.. But! A big timer like myself, well I don't fight in a two-bit town like this.

The crowd boos furiously followed by "You Suck!" chants.

Rikishi: If you want to fight.. Nah, if you want to rumble, it's going to have to be at the Rumble. That's right, you and me, at the Royal Rumble!

The camera shows the Undertaker, laughing a little as he takes off his sunglasses.

Undertaker: You're on!

The crowd goes crazy as "Rollin'" begins to play again. Rikishi, Undertaker, the Royal Rumble, it's going down!


Singles Match

Al Snow vs. Chris Beniot

The crowd booed Intercontinental Champion Beniot all the way to the ring. He got in and got prepared for his Non-Title Match as Al Snow's music hit, causing the crowd to go into a frenzy. Al Snow came down to the the ring with, to the delight of many in the crowd, "Head". Snow got in the ring and went to show off Head to the crowd, but as he did he is taken down by Beniot! The Rabid Wolverine begins stomping away on Snow! Beniot picks up Snow and hits him with a Belly-to-Belly Suplex! Beniot looks out to the crowd to a chorus of boos. He stalks Snow as he slowly gets to his feet -- another Belly-to-Belly! Snow is down on the mat, but here is Beniot. Crippler Crossface! He has it locked in! Snow reaches for the ropes, but he can't get there! Snow tries to reach one more time -- he taps out! Al Snow has tapped out to the Crippler Crossface! Beniot's not letting go! Finally, the referee pulls Beniot off of Snow! An impressive show here by our Intercontinental Champion, but the fans don't like it one bit!

Chris Beniot def. Al Snow


Someone Got the Message

Beniot stays in the ring after his victory with his Intercontinental Championship over his shoulder. The Rabid Wolverine asks for a microphone.

Beniot: Is this the best this company has to offer? Is this the best you can do? If that's it, I should be the World Champion in no time! I mean Hell, this isn't even challenging! Being who I am, the Intercontinental Champion, I should demand some sort of challenge once in a while! Am I wrong? I don't think I am! I'm the Rabid Wolver..

The lights go out and the crowd looks toward the TitanTron.

"Time to play The Game!"

The crowd is a blend of cheers and boos as Triple H's music begins to blare out of the speakers. Chris Beniot cocks his head towards the TitanTron as The Game himself steps out unto the stage. Triple H, microphone in hand, tells them to cut the music.

Triple H: Hey Beniot, how about, just for a second, you stop your bitching!

The crowd goes crazy at this remark, but is further enrages Beniot.

Triple H: I don't think I speak for only myself when I say we're sick of your crap Beniot. Hell, ever since you won that title you've been acting like the man. Out here, backstage, all I hear is "I'm the Intercontinental Champion!" Blah, blah, blah, Beniot. Guess what, I am the Game! I'm a World Champion! I'm an Intercontinental Champion! I made that title what it is! You want the best this company has to offer -- you're looking at 'em Beniot! You want a challange? Well I challenge your ass for that title!

The crowd goes crazy as Beniot walks over to the ropes.

Beniot: You made this title what it is, huh? You want a shot at me H? You want to play with the Rabid Wolverine!? You got it man!

The crowd cheers as Triple H's music begins to play again. Trips leaves as Chris Beniot is left smirking with his title belt.


The Most Electrifying Man.. Kind of?

We come back from the break backstage where we see Eddie Guerrero, Perry Saturn, and Dean Malenko of the Radicalz hanging out backstage. The crowd boos loudly as the three members talk to each other.

Dean: Man, I know Beniots tough, but Triple H?

Eddie: Eh man, don't worry about Chris, okay? He's got us homes! Us, the Radicalz! Perry Saturn, Dean Malenko, and the most electrifying wrestler in the business -- me, Eddie Guerrero man!

Perry: Ha, right Eddie, he has us.

Eddie: Well I got a match against some chump homie, I'll be back.

The crowd boos as Eddie leaves the camera's view. Dean laughs a little as he looks at Perry.

Dean: Thank God we got the most electrifying man.

Perry and Dean laugh a little as they walk away.


Singles Match

Billy Gunn vs. Eddie Guerrero

The crowd gives a decent pop as "The One" Billy Gunn's music blares over the PA system and he makes his way down to the ring. The crowd's cheers quickly turn to jeers as "Latino Heat" begins to play. Eddie, with his usual smug face on, struts his way down to the ring. He slides in, and Gunn wastes no time laying the boot down! The bell rings and we're off! Gunn controls much of the match early, tosses Eddie around and hitting clotheslines. Gunn goes to pick Eddie up, but he busts loose and starts nailing punches. Eddie tosses Gunn into the ropes and hits him with a cross-body splash. The cover by Eddie - one, tw -- no, Gunn kicks out! Guerrero gets up, staring at the referee, and picks up Gunn. Eddie tosses Gunn into the turnbuckle and follows it up with a stiff knee! Gunn collaspes in the corner and Eddie walks to the other side. Eddie runs towards Gunn and goes for a sliding kick - Gunn moves! Eddie crashes into the pole and vaults to the outside! The crowd goes crazy! Gunn slowly gets up inside and begins to dance bit for the crowd. He then goes and grabs the hair of the slow-standing Guerrero and pulls him up to the apron. He hooks him for a suplex into the ring! Eddie pushes him off - Gunn collides with the referee! The referee is down! Eddie vaults into the ring and nails a cross-body splash! Eddie has the cover - the ref's still down! Eddie, growing more and more angry, goes to get the referee. As he tries to jolt the referee back to life Gunn rises to his feet. Eddie turns, kick to the gut, off the ropes - Fameas - NO! Eddie with a low blow as Gunn came in! Eddie with the pin as the referee finally comes to - one, two, three! Eddie Guerrero has won the match, cheating or not!

Eddie stands up and begins to celebrate. He turns to exit the ri - ROCK BOTTOM! It's the Rock! The crowd goes crazy! The Rock has just Rock Bottomed Eddie Guerrero straight to Hell! The Rock grabs a microphone and looks down at Eddie.

The Rock: Eddie Guerrero.. Meet The Rock.. The most electrifying man in sports-entertainment today. Believe it Eddie, believe it. If you smell what the Rock is cookin'!

The Rock's music blares as he slams the microphone down on the writhing Eddie Guerrero!

Eddie Guerrero def. Billy Gunn


Our World Champion Speaks

After a short commercial we come back to a shot of the crowd. Suddenly Kurt Angle's music begins to blare over the PA system! The crowd boos loudly as our Olympic Hero, but moreso our World Champion, Kurt Angle makes his way to the ring. Angle stops before entering the ring and points to his title. He enters the ring and grabs a microphone.

Kurt: Heck, even you guys can't get me down tonight! Even though you boo, even though you chant how I su.. Well how I stink.. I still know you love me!

The crowd boos and begins a "You Suck!" chant.

Kurt: Why? Because I have this championship to prove it! I mean, think about it, how in the World could I have one the World freakin' Championship if the fans didn't love me? How? It's impossible! Even for a great American hero like myself! That's why I love America, that's why I represent America, because you guys come throu..

GLASS SHATTERS! The crowd goes absolutely ballastic as Stone Cold Steve Austin begins to make his way down to the ring. Austin struts his way down and rolls into the ring, looking awkwardly at Kurt Angle. Stone Cold does his usual turnbuckle taunts and then grabs a microphone with the champion looking stunned.

Austin: Ahem, excuse me Kurt. I, uh, believe that you're in my ring.

The crowd pops loudly as Kurt looks disgusted.

Austin: You see son, I have a match, and your in the way of that. So why don't you hurry along and go back to cooking cupcakes or whatever it is you..

Angle: Stop right there Austin! I was out here addressing my people! MY PEOPLE! How dare you come out here and interrupt me.. Me! A World Champion! An Olympic Champion! A gre..

Austin: Wait, wait, wait.

Austin looks out to the crowd as they chant "Austin! Austin!"

Austin: I don't know if you noticed, but it sounds like the crowd is chanting Austin. Hey, if you guys out there are chanting Austin, give me a "Hell yeah!"

"Hell yeah!"

Angle: Listen you punk, you can't just come out here and do this to me! I'll leave for now, but you'll regret the day you stepped on my toes!

Kurt Angle's music starts as he drops the microphone and leaves the ring. The crowd chants "You Suck!" as Austin looks on with a smirk on his face.


Singles Match

Steve Austin vs. Test

Steve Austin stays in the ring getting ready for his match as Test's music begins to play. The crowd boos loudly as he makes he way down the rampway and into the ring. Austin wastes no time after the bell to start laying down punches on Test. Austin tosses Test into the ropes and hits a Lou Thez Press, followed by his patented middle-finger wielding elbow drop. Austin begins cussing and taunting in the ring much to the crowd's delight. Stone Cold begins to stalk Test in the ring as he stands up. He goes for the kick to the gut - BLOCKED! Test spins Austin around and goes for a Big Boot! Austin ducks! Test spins around! Kick to the gut! STUN.. NO! Test pushes Austin off! Austin bounces off the ropes -- BIG BOOT! Austin is down and out! Test with the pin! One, two, thr -- NO! Austin kicks out! How did he kick out!? Test cannot believe it as he lifts Austin to his feet. Test tosses Austin into the ropes for another Big Boot. Austin bounces off the ropes - HE DUCKS! Test spins around! STUNNER! STONE COLD STUNNER! Austin falls to the ground with Test and both men lay motionless! The referee begins his ten count! One, two, three.. Still no movement.. Four, fi -- THE REFEREE IS TAKEN OUT! Kurt Angle just decked the referee with his belt! Angle is now stalking Austin! Austin slowly begins to tise to his feet! Austin stumbles a bit, then turns to Angle -- ANGLE SL - NO! Austin fall off behind Angle! Angle turns - STUNNER! Austin hit Kurt with the Stone Cold Stunner! Test back to his feet slowly, he's stalked, STUNNER! Another Stunner! A new referee comes running down the ramp as Stone Cold covers Test -- one, two, three! Stone Cold wins! Austin wins despite Angle's interference!

The crowd goes crazy as Austin's music plays yet again. Steve stands over the fallen Angle and Test as the referee raises his hand. He pulls his arm away and looks down towards the WWF Championship used to take out the referee. Austin bends over and picks it up. Austin raises both arms with the championship! Austin has made his statement to Angle, but how will Kurt react! Austin calls for the beers as the show fades to black!

Steve Austin def. Test


Overall: 75

Attendance: 7023

Rating: 6.44

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Yeah, I noticed that when going through the data before me and Jouzy started writing. The 2001 EWR data is absolutely horrible, and someone should redo it. This looks pretty good, it looks very interesting so far. There seems to be a lot of 2001 diaries popping up lately, so let's hope that we can all have marginal success, huh?

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Guest Bosstown Boy

Note: Thanks Tyler and Nefarious for reading and I hope that the data doesn't scare you off too much! It's a whole new WWF anyhow with me booking!

Monday Night Wars - Week One

WWF.com - January 2nd, 2001

Raw Rating: 6.44

Nitro Rating: 5.47

Even though it may appear as though the WWF dominated on paper, WCW has actually managed to get their ratings up. This has WWF officials wondering if WCW is really dead or if they could still make a comeback. With some of the star power that WCW has it certainly wouldn't be out of the question.

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Guest Bosstown Boy

WWF SmackDown!

January 4th, 2001 - On UPN!

You Have to Earn It

The night opens up with a shot of Vince McMahon in an office. The crowd's boos slowly and slowly rise as more notice the TitanTron. Vince McMahon smiles and begins to address the crowd.

Vince: Hello everyone and welcome to World Wrestling Federation's SmackDown! The number one show on Thursday nights! I'm here to make an announcement tonight seeing as how much went on this past Monday on Raw. As you all saw, Steve Austin made his intentions clear when he hoisted Kurt Angle's well-earned championship belt into the air. Now, you know me, and I love anything that will entertain my fans, but in the interest of fairness, I cannot just give Stone Cold a title shot. Oh no, see, even Stone Cold has to earn it. That's why tonight, in that very ring, Stone Cold will earn it against not one, but two men. That's right, tonight, Stone Cold will face-off against Tag Team Champions Edge and Christian in a No Disqualification Handicapped Match!

The crowd is a mix of cheers to see Stone Cold and boos because of the match.

Vince: Thank you, and enjoy the show.


Cole: Did you hear that King? A No DQ Handicapped Match for Stone Cold and if he wins, he gets his shot!

King: Yeah, but against Edge and Christian? Oh boy, I wouldn't want to be the Rattlesnake tonight!

Cole: Don't forget the huge tag match tonight King!

King: Triple H and Undertaker versus Rikishi and Chris Beniot! I wouldn't want to be in the ring when that goes down!

Cole: Well I wouldn't want to be in the ring right now as we kickoff the first SmackDown! of the year with a Hardcore Title Match! Raven, Crash Holly, next!

WWF Hardcore Title Match

Crash Holly (w/ Molly Holly) vs. Raven ©

The crowd gives Crash and Molly Holly a decent pop as they make their way to the ring, but nothing like the chorus of boos Raven recieves as he and his shopping cart of goodies approach. Raven gets to the ring and tosses in a whole batch of signs, tools, and a few chairs. Molly gets outside the ring as Raven slides in, but he's stopped short by a sliding kick by Crash! The bell rings and we're on our way! Crash lays on some punches to Raven and then tosses him into the shopping cart, flipping it over. Crash is very vicious tonight, and he is wasting no time grabbing a sign. Crash wails on Raven's back with the sign, causing Raven to writh in pain. Crash lifts up Raven and tosses him into the ring. Holly looks around at the weapons and then grabs a Kendo stick. Crash begins to wildly attack Raven with the Kendo stick! He's taking batting practice on Raven with that thing! The Kendo stick finally breaks and Crash tosses it away. Holly with a cover - one, two.. NO! Raven kicks out! Holly gets to his feet quickly and storms around a bit, but then he puts his hand on his chin. He walks over and grabs a chair. He turns to Raven and begins to stalk him getting up. Crash looks over to Molly, who is calling his name. She's pointing behind him, so Crash turns -- STEVEN KICK! It's Steven Richards! Crash is down! The referee can't do anything it's Hardcore rules! Richards calls to the back and The Goodfather, Bull Buchanan, Val Venis, and Ivory all make their way down to the ring! The whole Right to Censor is out here! Richards slowly picks up Crash, but he is struck from behind by Molly! Richards doesn't even budge at the move as he turns and grabs Molly by the hair. Ivory hits Molly in the head with her Womens Championship! Meanwhile, Raven has covered Crash Holly! The count.. One, two, three! Raven retains his title! Molly and Crash are both down and out! The Goodfather and Bull Buchanan begin to pick up Crash when Hardcore Holly and Maven are seen running down the ramp! Right to Censor clears the ring! Hardcore and Maven stare down RTC as they leave through the crowd!

Raven © def. Crash Holly


A Little Payback

After a commercial the crowd goes crazy as The Rock is seen entering the arena. The Rock has his bag over his shoulder and seems to be headed towards his locker room. He turns a corner - A HUGE CHAIR SHOT! It's Eddie Guerrero, Perry Saturn, and Dean Malenko! Eddie just hit The Rock with a chair! He continues to beat The Rock over and over with it until it damn near breaks! Perry and Dean stomp away at the People's Champ to a chorus of boos! Eddie leans in over The Rock's bloodied forehead and spits right in his face!

Eddie: You may be the most electifying Rocky, but I'm a Radical holmes!

The crowd boos as all three men walk away from The Rock's unmoving body!


Good Golly Miss Molly

A shot of the medical room door is shown as it is thrown open and Molly Holly storms out of the room, bandaged and all. She is stopped by The Coach.

Coach: Molly, we all saw what happened out th..

Molly: Coach, I cannot believe what Right to Censor is doing! And Ivory, where does she get off hitting me with her belt!? Well, you know what Coach, I'm sick of it! I'm going to Vince right now and getting a shot against Ivory for her belt at the Royal Rumble!

Before the Coach can get a word in Molly storms off.


Tag Team Match

Hardy Boys (Matt and Jeff Hardy w/ Lita) vs. Lo Down (Chaz and D'Lo w/ Tiger Ali Singh)

The Hardy Boys came out first to a huge pop from the crowd as they made their first appearence of the year. Lo Down, with Arabian music and all, got a chorus of boos and "U-S-A!" chants as they headed to the ring. The Hardy Boy's wastes no time as they both moonsaulted off the rops unto their foes! Matt and Jeff both slide their opponents into the ring and toss each one into a corner. Matt goes to one corner and Jeff runs, jumps off of Matt, and collides right into Chaz! Matt runs to the other corner, and Jeff does the same to D'Lo! The crowd is going wild! D'Lo falls through the ropes and Jeff finally gets on the apron so the match can officially begin. Matt picks up Chaz and suplexes him into the center of the ring. Matt bounces off the ropes and hits a big leg drop! The cover - one, two.. NO! Chaz manages to kick out! Matt goes over and tags in his partner Jeff. Jeff stomps on Chaz a few times and then knocks over D'Lo, who had just fianlly got up to the apron. Jeff stalks Chaz as he slowly gets up and then hits him with a huge dropkick! Chaz stumbles and falls out of the ring! Meanwhile, Tiger Ali has snuck into the ring from behind with a chair! Jeff turns - JEFF DROPKICKS THE CHAIR INTO HIS FACE! Tiger is down in the ring! Matt is stomping on Chaz outside as D'Lo starts to come around the ring. Jeff dives out of the ring and takes D'Lo out before he can reach Matt! Jeff begins to lay down punches on D'Lo! Wait a minute - Lita's on the top rope! MOONSAULT UNTO TIGER AND THE CHAIR! The crowd is going crazy! Matt finally rolls Chaz into the ring and Jeff follows. Jeff tags Matt in and then jumps unto the turnbuckle! Matt picks up Chaz! TWIST OF FATE! Matt gets up - SWANTON BOMB! The cover by Matt - one, two, three! It's over! The Hardy's have dominated Lo Down much to the delight of the fans!

Hardy Boys def. Lo Down (Matt Hardy def. Chaz)


SmackDown! is Jericho!

As we come back from the tag match we get a shot of Chris Jericho backstage with the Coach.

Coach: Chris Jericho, you called me here to ma..

Jericho takes the microphone from the Coach and shoves him out of the picture.

Y2J: Thank you Coach, that's all I need. Now, back to why I came here, but first.. Hello all you Jericholics and welcome to SmackDown! is Jericho! I know I know kiddies, you all missed me on Raw this week but no need to fear, Jericho is here tonight! Now why am I here? Why, oh why, is Jericho here? Just wait and see junior! Tonight, Chris Jericho shows the whole World why he is the man to beat in the World Wrestling Federation! So stay tuned ladies and gentleman, you don't want to miss Y-2-J!

Jericho drops the microphone as the crowd cheers and chants "Y2J!". What did he mean by making the whole World know he's the man to beat?


Tag Team Match

Chris Beniot and Rikishi vs. Triple H and Undertaker

The crowd is dying in anticipation for the upcoming tag match, and they absolutely erupt when Triple H's music starts on the PA system. The Game makes his triumphant entrance, water and all, and enters the ring. The crowd doesn't get much of a break when the Undertaker's music starts directly after it, and Taker comes down with his motercycle to the ring. Undertaker gets into the ring and stares Triple H right in the face. These two have been around a long time and have a history, can they get along? They finally get out of each others face and Undertaker does his four-side taunt. Chris Beniot is the first from the other team, and he gets a chorus of boos from the crowd. He gets to the end of the ramp and stands outside the ring, waiting for his partner. Rikishi's music begins and he makes his way out as well. Rikishi and Beniot stare down Undertaker and Triple H from the outside. They slide in and begin exchanging blows with Triple H and Undertaker! We're on! Rikishi and Undertaker exchange punches until Taker takes Rikishi down with a huge punch. Rikishi rolls out of the ring from the blow and Undertaker gets into his corner as the bell rings. Triple H and Beniot are still exchanging blows until Triple H finally backs Beniot into a corner and begins to wail away. The Game begins to stomp away at Chris Beniot until he collaspes into the corner. Triple H lays into the Intercontinental Champion with boots and knees. Triple H lifts Beniot up and tosses him across the ring into the other corner. He tries to follow it up with a clothesline, but Beniot ducks! Triple H bounces off the ropes into Beniot's hands! German Suplex! Beniot isn't letting go! Another German Suplex! One more! Beniot gets up and tags in Rikishi, who had finally made his way to the apron. Rikishi begins to lift Triple H up, but The Game slips in a low blow! Triple H knees Rikishi in the head, sending him to the mat! The Game bounces off the ropes - running knee drop! Triple H does for the cover - one, two, NO! The Game walks over and is about to tag Undertaker in, but he decides not to. Undertaker looks stunned at The Game as he walks back towards Rikishi.

Rikishi pushes Triple H off as he tries to lift him and clotheslines him to the mat. Rikishi then runs towards Undertaker and elbows him off the apron! Rikishi taunts to a chorus of boos as Triple H gets up. Rikishi runs at Triple H, but he ducks! Kick to the gut! PEDI- NO! Rikishi throws Triple H over him and out of the ring! Rikishi stands alone inside as Beniot hops out and begins stomping on Triple H! Rikishi slides outside as well and heads towards Undertaker. Rikishi picks up Undertaker, but Undertaker pushes him off and lays a huge punch! Rikishi is taken down by it! Undertaker lifts Rikishi up and sends him into the stairs! Undertaker picks up Rikishi and begins to head towards the announcer tables. Meanwhile, Chris Beniot is manhandling The Game and tossed him into the ringpost! Triple H is busted open! Beniot rolls Triple H into the ring and comes in himself!

The Undertaker has Rikishi up on the announcer's table! He's signaling for the Tombstone Piledriver! No Taker - don't do this! He puts Rikishi in between his legs! RIKISHI FLIPS HIM OFF AND THROUGH THE OTHER TABLE! Undertaker is down! Rikishi looks out to the booing crowd and signals for the Bonzai Drop! No! BONZAI DROP OFF THE TABLE UNTO THE DEAD MAN!

Back in the ring, Beniot has hit Triple H with several more German Suplexes and just signaled for the Swandive Headbutt! Beniot climbs the turnbuckle! HE JUMPS.. MISSES! Triple H moved! Both men are down inside, Undertaker is down and out outside! The carnage! Triple H slowly rises to his feet as Rikishi enters the ring. Triple H stands up, dazed, as Rikishi stalks him from behind. Triple H turns, he ducks under a clothesline! Rikishi off the ropes, kick to the gut - PEDIGREE! Rikishi just got Pedigreed! The cover! One, two, three! Yes, Triple H and Undertaker win! Triple H is bloodied, Undertaker is out, but they are the winners!

Triple H and Undertaker def. Chris Beniot and Rikishi (Triple H def. Rikishi)


Stone Cold is Ready

After a commercial break the crowd has no chance to cool down as Steve Austin is shown headed towards the ring for his No Disqualification Handicapped Match! If he wins, he gets his shot at Angle! Will he be able to beat Edge and Christian!?


No Disqualification Handicapped Match

Steve Austin vs. Edge and Christian

The crowd boos greatly as Tag Team Champions Edge and Christian make their way to the ring. They get into the ring and taunt the crowd. GLASS SHATTERS! The crowd can't control themselves as the Texas Rattlesnake makes his way down the ramp! He's trash-talking, he's struting, he's ready! He's almost to the ring - KURT ANGLE FROM BEHIND! KURT ANGLE NAILS AUSTIN WITH A CHAIR! What the HELL!? Angle is beating Austin with that chair over and over! The crowd can't believe it! Kurt rolls Austin into the ring and gets in himself. Angle picks up Austin.. ANGLE SLAM! The crowd can't believe this! It's No DQ! Angle puts his straps down and taunts the crowd! Angle looks at Edge and Christian and all three men smile at each other. Edge rolls out of the ring and grabs two chairs.. Oh my God. Edge enters the ring and gives a chair to Christian. Angle slowly lifts up Austin, but the referee stops him! Angle pushes the referee down and picks up Austin. Stone Cold stands dazed in the ring - CON-CHAIR-DO! MY GOD! CON-CHAIR-DO! Stone Cold is out COLD! Edge and Christian both put one foot on Austin! Kurt tells the referee to make the count! He reluctantly counts - one, two, three! Austin won't get his shot! Austin won't be facing Angle at the Rumble! Damn it all to Hell! Angle, Edge, and Christian all celebrate in the ring!

Edge and Christian def. Steve Austin (Double Pin)


Party Crasher

The crowd is still livid as Angle, Edge, and Christian all make their way out of the ring and down the ramp. As they reach the top of the ramp they stop and all raise hands together. Angle has a huge smile on his face - JERICHO FROM BEHIND! CHRIS JERICHO WITH A CHAIR! Jericho lays out Angle, then Edge, then Christian! Are you kidding me!? Jericho just laid out the World Champion with a chair and ended his celebration early! Jericho has just made his statement, and it was huge! We'll see you on Monday Night Raw!


Overall: 79

Attendance: 7046

Rating: 5.78

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Guest Bosstown Boy

Thursday Night Wars - Week One

WWF.com - January 5th, 2001

SmackDown! Rating: 5.78

Thunder Rating: 5.03

Thunder has a pretty big advantage over us with a higher rating possibility on TNT, but we still managed to beat them out in our time slot on UPN. We've taken both of this week's major shows, but we expected to anyway.

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Guest Bosstown Boy


January 8th, 2001 - Live on TNN!

All Hell Broke Loose

As Raw opens a video is shown of the end of last week's SmackDown! It shows Steve Austin being told he has to beat both Edge and Christian to get a shot at Kurt Angle's title. The sound of glass shattering, Austin heading to the ring followed by the attack by Angle, and then of course, the Con-Chair-Do. "Oh my God!" being repeated over and over. "Austin won't get his shot at the Royal Rumble!" A shot of Steve Austin's bloody, unconscious body fades slowly to black. The screen opens back up to Kurt Angle, Edge, and Christian standing at the rampway, arms raised. The video then goes back to Chris Jericho saying he "Wait and see junior!" CHAIR SHOT! Jericho is shown taking out all three men with a chair. Jericho stands triumphantly over the three as the video comes to a close.


He's Pis.. Ticked Off!

The crowd gets a shot of a limo pulling in outside and a buzz begins about who it may be. The driver gets out and walks around to the back. He opens the door and Kurt Angle steps out to a chorus of boos, followed by even more as Edge and Christian tail him. As Kurt grabs his bag, the Coach runs up to him with a microphone.

Coach: Kurt! Kurt! Excuse me, do you have anything to say about what happened on SmackDown! About Jericho?

Kurt Angle drops his bag and stares at Coach with a furious look.

Angle: Do I have something to say!? Look at me Coach! Look at my head!

Kurt turns and shows a massive bandage on the back of his head.

Angle: You think that makes me happy, Coach? Huh!? No, I'm pis.. I'm ticked off! I'm really ticked off! Chris Jericho thinks he can make a statement on me? Thinks he can make me mad enough to give him a shot at my title!? I don't think so. See Coach, I'm a competitor, and I'm smart. Heck, I'm an Olympic Champion! That's a whole lot better then anything Chris Jericho's done! That's why tonight, I'm going to talk to Mr. McMahon, and I'm going to tell him this: If Jericho wants a title shot, he needs to do the same thing Steve Austin couldn't.

The crowd starts chanting "Austin! Austin!".

Angle: He's going to have to beat Edge and Christian.. At the same time.. No Disqualification!

Edge and Christian look at each other and smirk as the three men all walk away. If Jericho really wants a shot he's going to have to walk right into the Lion's Den!


Singles Match

K-Kwik vs. X-Pac

The crowd gives X-Pac his usual "You Suck!" chant as he heads to the ring. He taunts the crowd down the rampway and hops into the ring. K-Kwik's music hits to a slight pop, and he comes out with his microphone and raps his entrance. The crowd isn't feeling it too much as he slides into the ring, and neither is X-Pac as he lays in some big stomps. K-Kwik is stomped into the mat several times and then picked up by X-Pac. Pac goes for a suplex, but K-Kwik reverses it. Kwik goes to clothesline Pac, but Kwik ducks. X-Pac bounces off the ropes and leaps over K-Kwik on the way back. X-Pac comes back and tosses himself at Kwik, but K-Kwik catches him and bodyslams him. K-Kwik bounces off the ropes and comes back with a spinning leg drop! The cover! One, two.. NO! X-Pac kicked out! K-Kwik gets up and lifts X-Pac up with him. He tosses Pac into the ropes and goes for a spinebuster! X-Pac holds on! X-Pac is punching away on K-Kwik while he's on his shoulders! K-Kwik falls under the weight! It's a cover! One, two.. Kwik kicks out! X-Pac can't believe it as he lifts Kwik back up. Kwik with a quick roll-up! Kwik with the cover! One, two, three! Kwik caught X-Pac by surprise! K-Kwik wins with a roll-up! X-Pac can't believe it!

K-Kwik def. X-Pac


Be Careful What You Wish For

We go backstage to where we see William Regal for the first time this year walking through a hallway. He turns at a door labeled "Mr. McMahon" and knocks on the door. We hear a faint "Come in!" and Regal opens the door. He walks in to see Kane, McMahon, and McMahon's secretary Trish Stratus all in the room. The crowd pops for Kane and Trish a bit.

William: Am I here at a bad time, sir?

Vince: Oh, it's never a bad time William. How can I help you?

William: Well sir, not to be rude, but I'm here to enquire about my status. It seems as though I haven't had a single bloody match yet this year. I mean, you have this Kwik-Slick character facing this Tupac fellow, and I, the European Champion, have yet to have a match. It's rubbish!

The crowd laughs a bit at the comment.

Vince: Well William, it's funny you mention that. It just so happens that Kane here was in here for the same reason! I suppose this takes care of itself then. Tonight, right here on Raw, we'll have the European Champion William Regal defending his title against.. Well, Kane.

William Regal looks mortified as the crowd goes crazy. Kane tilts his head a bit at Regal as he backs out of the room.


Match Confirmed

We go to a shot of Molly Holly walking backstage. The Coach suddenly comes out of a side hallway and bumps into her.

Coach: Oh Molly, I've been meaning to ask you, did Vince give you your title shot?

Molly smiles and turns to Coach.

Molly: Coach, as a matter of fact, he did. It will be me against the Womens Champion Ivory at the Royal Rumble!

The crowd gives a little pop.

Molly: But right now, I have to go root on my boys as they take on Right to Censor tonight.

Molly turns and walks away. Hardcore, Crash, and Maven against Right to Censor, next!


Three-on-Four Match

Crash Holly, Hardcore Holly, and Maven (w/ Molly Holly) vs. Right to Censor (w/ Ivory)

The crowd boos loudly as RTC's music begins to play and the whole gang of Bull Buchanan, The Goodfather, Steven Richards, Val Venis, and Women's Champion Ivory make their way to the ring. They'll have the one man advantage tonight against the team of Crash and Hardcore Holly and Maven tonight! The crowd cheers as Hardcore Holly's music plays and all three members make their way to the ring. Maven, Crash, and Hardcore all stop at the end of the ramp and look at the four guys in the ring. They quickly slide in and we're off and running! Maven, Hardcore, and Crash are all laying on punches on RTC! Hardcore knocks The Goodfather out of the ring! Maven takes out Venis! Crash clotheslines Buchanan out of the ring! Richards is cornered! Hardcore tosses Richards into the ropes! He grabs him by the head on the way back and tosses him out as well! The Holly's and Maven just cleared the ring! On the outside, Ivory is attending to Richards when she is attacked by Molly! Molly and Ivory are on the ground throwing punches at each other! The bell attendant breaks them up! Meanwhile, The Goodfather and Val Venis are trying to get back into the ring, but they can't find a way because their being watched! Buchanan sneaks in the ring from behind and charges at the three men! He sends them all over the top rope! Everyone is outside the ring now! The referee starts his count as Venis, Goodfather, and Buchanan all stomp away on the Holly's and Maven. Richards finally comes around the ring and starts to help with the assault. Buchanan whips Crash into the ring post, busting him open! Venis taks Hardcore and bodyslams him on the stairs! Richards and Goodfather take Maven and roll him into the ring. They both grab an arm and send him into the ropes, but a flying double clothesline takes both men down! With Hardcore and Crash down on the outside, now Buchanan and Venis enter the ring. Maven tries to fend them off, but they both grab him and toss him into the corner, but they take out the referee in the process! The referee is down! Buchanan goes to the opposite corner and runs full-steam at Maven, crushing him into the turnbuckle! Maven falls fast first out of the corner as all four men begin to come over and lay boots into him! The four men begin to pick Maven up.. CHAIR SHOT TO VENIS! NOW TO BUCHANAN! IT'S AL SNOW! Al snow begins laying into all members of Right to Censor with a chair! Venis is down! Buchanan is down! Now Goodfather and Richards! Al Snow just laid out all members of Right to Censor and he's leaving the ring! Hardcore begins to help Crash up as they slowly roll into the ring. They see the carnage and then look out to see Al Snow walking back up the rampway. They wake up the referee and Hardcore pins Richards! The referee makes the slow count.. One, two three! They've done it with the help of Al Snow! Molly enters the ring and begins to help Maven up. They look down at Al Snow who has a big smile on his face!

Crash Holly, Hardcore Holly, and Maven def. Right to Censor (Hardcore Holly def. Steven Richards)


The Carnage That Was

A video starts to show the Tag Team Match that pinned Undertaker and Triple H against Rikishi and Chris Beniot. It shows Rikishi flipping Undertaker through the announcer's table and following it with a Bonzai Drop off the announcer's table. It shows Chris Beniot missing a Swandive Headbutt to Triple H, and Rikishi entering the ring. Pedigree to Rikishi! Pedigree to Chris Beniot! One, two, three! The video begins to slowly to fade to black with Triple H standing above Beniot and Rikishi with Undertaker down outside.


WWF European Title Match

Kane vs. William Regal ©

We come back from a break with William Regal's music playing and the crowd booing the European Champion. William looks nervous as he heads down to the ring. Regal enters the ring and gives the referee the European Title. The referee hoists it up and gives it to an attendant outside. The lights dim and Kane's music starts to play. The red lights pan the ring and crowd and Regal looks scared out of his mind. Kane slowly begins to walk down the rampway. He reaches the ring and gets unto the apron. He raises both arms.. BANG! Pyro from every turnbuckle. Kane turns to get into the ring and Regal begins to attack him. The lights come back on and the bell rings, but Regal's offense is doing nothing. He punches Kane several times, but no luck! Kane shoves Regal off and to the mat! Regal went across the ring! Regal slowly gets back up, seemingly looking around for help. He gets up and runs at Kane again, this time with a clothesline, but still nothing! Kane grabs William by the throat! He's going for the Chokeslam! Kane lifts Regal up! Regal hits Kane in the face, and Kane FALLS DOWN! William collapses on top of Kane! What just happened!? William with the cover! One, two, three! What!? William just knocked Kane out with that punch! William gets up with a huge relieved smile on his face. He turns away from the referee and sticks something in his pants! Those were Brass Knuckles! Regal used Brass Knuckles and the referee didn't see them! Regal takes his title and does his wave to the crowd. He exits the ring and begins to walk down the ramp when Kane SITS UP! Regal stops dead in his tracks and turns around. Kane is UP! Regal begins to run down the rampway! He better run!

William Regal © def. Kane


Y2J is Ready for War

The crowd goes crazy as Chris Jericho is shown walking through the halls in the back. Suddenly he stops, and the camera pans down. The camera shows a chair, and Jericho picks it up. He slams it shut, and then continues to walk. Well folks, it is No Disqualification, and that's the best partner Y2J could have against Edge and Christian! That's next!


No Disqualification Handicapped Match

Chris Jericho vs. Edge and Christian

The crowd is pumped and ready for this one, hoping for a different outcome then what happened to Stone Cold on SmackDown! Edge and Christian's music begins to play and the crowd gives them massive heat as they head down to the ring. They get about halfway down the rampway and they stop, Kurt Angle makes his way out! What is this!? This is supposed to be one-on-two not one-on-three! Angle heads down the rampway as well as Edge and Christian enters the ring. Kurt Angle doesn't enter the ring, but instead heads over to the announcer's table and sits down.

Angle: Hello gentleman, how are you?

JR: Hey Kurt, we're fine. I bet you're doing fine too after what you did to Stone Cold!

King: What do you mean he's fine, look at his head JR! It's that brutal, sadistic Chris Jericho that is the problem. This is our World Champion!

Angle: Thank you King, thank you.

The lights go out and the countdown begins as the crowd goes nuts. BREAK THE WALLS DOWN! The pyro erupts and Chris Jericho is shown with his back turned, chair in one hand, arms raised. He spins and begins to walk down the rampway. He gets to the end and looks in at Edge and Christian standing, waiting. He lays the chair down on the apron and then slides in! The bell rings! Edge and Christian begin punching Y2J before he can get up. They start stomping on him and then they both go to pick him up. Y2J pushes them both off and starts to wail away at both men! Y2J then double clotheslines them, sending them both to the mat! Chris Jericho looks at both men on the mat and then turns to where he left the chair, but it's not there anymore! Kurt Angle came over and took the chair away! Jericho walks over to the other side of the ring and points over at Angle.

Angle: I know it's No DQ, but I'd rather see a clean fight here.

JR: Oh yeah, I'm sure you would!

Jericho picks up Christian and tosses him into the ropes, but Edge grabs his legs and pulls him down before Christian gets back to him! Christian continues off the ropes though and hits a flying elbow on Jericho! Edge begins to get up and Christian helps to pick up Y2J. Both men toss Jericho into the ropes and pick Jericho up and drop him onto the ropes! A double Stun Gun! Jericho falls to the mat, clutching his throat. Edge begins to stalk Jericho as Christian heads outside the ring. Christian grabs two chairs again! Oh no! Meanwhile, Jericho is slowly getting to his feet, he turns - SPEAR! Edge just hit the Spear! This isn't looking good for Jericho at all! Christian gets into the ring and tosses Edge a chair.

JR: I thought you wanted this to be clean Angle!? Where are you now?

Angle: I'll show you where I'm at Jim.

Angle gets up and heads into the ring. He looks down at Jericho and begins to taunt him, kicking him a bit, and them slapping him in the face. He slowly picks up Jericho as the two get their chairs ready! Not this again! Not again! Jericho stands in the center of the ring.. Here it comes.. Jericho MOVES! Jericho tackles Angle! Edge and Christian hit each other! Their both down! Jericho is laying into Kurt Angle with lefts and rights! Chris gets up and grabs one of the chairs! He waits for Angle to get up! CHAIR SHOT! Jericho got Kurt with the chair! Kurt falls out of the ring! Jericho looks at the two downed men.. He runs toward the ropes.. The Lion Sault to Edge! The referee counts! One, two, THR.. NO! NO GOD DAMN IT! Edge kicked out, somehow, someway! Jericho gets up and he can't believe it! Jericho goes back over and grabs a chair. He comes back over to Edge and goes to hit him with it! CHRISTIAN ROLL UP FROM BEHIND! THE COUNT! One, two, THR.. NO! Y2J KICKS OUT! Christian slowly gets to his feet and looks at the referee! He begins to stalk Jericho as he gets up. Jericho gets up.. Kick to the gut! UNPRETT.. NO! JERICHO TOSSES HIM OUT OF THE RING! Jericho looks out at Christian and then turns back to Edge.. HE DUCKS UNDER A CLOTHESLINE! Edge turns, he grabs his legs! WALLS OF JERICHO! He has it locked in the center of the ring! There's no escape! Edge tries for the ropes! He tries again! He slowly begins to move towards them! JERICHO PULLS HIM BACK! EDGE TAPS! EDGE TAPS! Y2J GETS HIS SHOT!

The crowd goes ballistic as Chris Jericho falls to his knees! Chris Jericho will get his shot at the Royal Rumble! He will get his shot! The camera shows Kurt Angle on the outside leaning against the security wall. He might not know it yet, but it will be him versus Jericho at the Rumble on January 28th! We'll see you at SmackDown this Thursday!

Chris Jericho def. Edge and Christian (Edge submits to Walls of Jericho)


Overall: 80

Attendance: 7571

Rating: 6.86

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Guest Bosstown Boy

Monday Night Wars - Week Two

WWF.com - January 9th, 2001

Raw Rating: 6.86

Nitro Rating: 5.47

Nitro got an identical rating to last week and Raw's went up as the WWF wins the ratings war for the second straight week on Monday. WWF officials say that although they are happy with these ratings so far, they'd like to break the 7.00 barrier.

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Guest Bosstown Boy

WWF Announces Royal Rumble Theme

WWF.com - January 11th, 2001

In minor news today the WWF announced that they reached agreements with Rage Against the Machine, the hardcore political band who seems to be on the cusp of breaking up, to use "Sleep Now in the Fire" as the theme song for the Royal Rumble. We believe the first promo will be played tonight on SmackDown!

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Guest Bosstown Boy

WWF SmackDown!

January 11th, 2001 - On UPN!

Cole: Hello and welcome everyone to WWF SmackDown!

King: And oh what a night Micheal!

Cole: No doubt about it! We have a big..

Micheal is suddenly cut off by The Rock's music and the crowd goes wild!

Cole: Whoa, and we waste no time tonight!

He's Up To It

The crowd continues to cheer, expecting The Rock to come down the ramp, but instead he appears on the TitanTron, mic already in hand.

The Rock: Everybody sit down, shut up, hands out of your pants and quit the dance, The Rock is here for business!

The crowd laughs and goes wild as The Rock looks at the camera.

The Rock: Everybody saw it, everybody saw The Rock last week. They saw The Rock come down to the ring, they saw The Rock take his boot, and they saw The Rock do what he does best -- Shine it up real nice and stick it up Eddie Guerrero's candy ass! Oh yes, yes The Rock did, but.. Then we all saw what Eddie Guerrero did. Or should I say, what The Radicalz did. Oh yes, Eddie Guerrero and his little boy band came at The Rock from behind, because we all know Eddie likes it from behind..

The crowd goes crazy as The Rock stops and absorbs the "Rocky!" chants.

The Rock: Oh yes, and then they decide to attack The Rock. They decide to attack The Rock. They decide to attack the Great One! Big, big, big mistake! You see Eddie, you've awoken the Brahma Bull, you've awoken The People's Champion, and you've got The Rock wanting to make you feel a little Latino Heat in your Latino Ass!

The Rock removes his glasses as the crowd continue to chant "Rocky!".

The Rock: That's why tonight, right here on The Rock's show SmackDown!, The Rock has demanded that he face not one, not two, but all three of you girl scouts in the ring one at a time!

The crowd pops huge for the match announcement.

The Rock: That's right! One by one The Rock will whip Perry Saturn's eyes straight, Dean Malenko into being straight, and Eddie Guerrero straight into.. A CAGE! That's right, if The Rock wins tonight it will be Eddie and The Rock, The Rock and Eddie, in a Cage at the Royal Rumble! Tu comprende, ese? Or the translation -- If you smell, what The Rock, is cookin'!

The Rock struts out of the picture as the crowd and announcers all absorb what The Rock just said. The Rock will face three Radicalz tonight, one at a time, can he beat them all and get Eddie in a Cage!?


Non-Title Tag Team Match

Edge and Christian vs. K-Kwik and Road Dogg

We come back from a commercial with K-Kwik and Road Dogg already in the ring. Edge and Christian's music hits and they come out to massive heat. They strut their way to the ring, belts on, and enter the ring to pose. As they pose, K-Kwik and Road Dogg attack them from behind. Kwik attacks Edge with punches while a clothesline from Road Dogg sends him and Christian outside the ring. The bell rings and K-Kwik tosses Edge into the ropes. Edge ducks under a clothesline, off the other ropes, SPEAR TO K-KWIK! Edge stands up and poses for the sellout crowd, which they do not like at all. Meanwhile, Christian has tossed Road Dogg into the stairs and is rolling him into the ring. Christian stalks Road Dogg as he gets up - UNPRETTIER! Oh man, you talk about domination here, these guys aren't in the same league! Edge slowly picks up K-Kwik and points out to the crowd. EDGEOCUTIONER! Oh man! The cover - one, two, three! The Tag Team Champions have demolished K-Kwik and Road Dogg in no time here! They get their belts from the bell keeper. WAIT STONE COLD SLIDES IN THE RING! AUSTIN FROM THE CROWD! EDGE TURNS - STUNNER! Christian turns to see what's happening as Austin gets up, he tries to run! Austin's got him by his hair! He spins him - STUNNER! Austin has just laid out the Tag Team Champions! Stone Cold goes outside the ring and grabs a chair. He slides back in, this could be bad! Wait, Vince McMahon's music begins to play, what's this all about?

Edge and Christian def. K-Kwik and Road Dogg (Edge def. K-Kwik)


Not So Fast

As Austin stands over both men with a chair, Vince McMahon begins to walk out to the rampway. The crowd boos loudly mixed with "Austin" chants.

Vince: Steve! Steve, hold it right there damn it! Who the Hell do you think you are!? You think you can just come out here and attack my Tag Team Champions like that!?

Austin gets a microphone from the ring attendant and looks up at Vince, chair still in hand.

Austin: This is what I think of your Tag Team Champions.

Austin begins to lift the chair!

Vince: You do that Steve, you do that and your out of the Rumble! That's right, you won't even get a shot to go to WrestleMania 17! You hear me!?

Stone Cold slowly lowers the chair.

Vince: That's right Steve, come to your senses. I came out here to offer you a proposition, as a matter of fact. I understand where your coming from, and I know what happened in that No DQ Match. That's why I'm out here, in the interest of fairness, to offer you a match tonight. That's right! Tonight, in that very ring, it will be you, Stone Cold Steve Austin, against the Number One Contender Chris Jericho!

The crowd goes wild as Austin looks on with a blank look.

Vince: And if you win Austin, only if you win, you get to enter the Royal Rumble at the best number you could! That's right, you would be number thirty!

The crowd pops as Austin looks on, he lifts the microphone to his lips.

Austin: And what's the catch?

Vince slowly begins to smile as the crowd waits to hear him.

Vince: You know me well Steve. The catch is, if you lose, you go in first!

The crowd all seem to gasp at once as Austin looks on with a look that says, "I knew it." Vince McMahon's music begins to play again as he smiles and starts to walk off the ramp. The camera shows a shot of Austin back in the ring. He is standing between the slowly rising Edge and Christian. He looks at them, then back at the chair, then back at them. Vince's music stops as he tosses the chair out of the ring and starts to head towards the ropes. As he does, he stops. He turns around and walks back over towards Edge. He puts a hand on his shoulder and seems to be helping him up. He seems to be saying "You alright?". Edge nods a little but then Austin kicks him -- STUNNER! Austin gets up to where Christian is to his feet.. STUNNER! Stone Cold just laid out Edge and Christian again! The glass shatters and the crowd goes wild as Stone Cold leaves the ring! Vince didn't say anything about that!


Bloody Hell

We come back from commercial with Vince walking backstage after his huge announcement. He turns a corner and passes European Champion William Regal. he stops him.

Vince: Ah yes, just the man I wanted to see. William, that was quite the impressive match last week. It was incredible how you knocked out Kane like that!

William: Well thank you Mr. McMahon. It's the power of the punch, you know.

Vince: The power of the punch, brilliant. I just wanted to let you know, Kane came to me this morning and asked for a shot at you for the European Title! I said, in the interest of fairness, that I'd give him a Number One Contender's Match tonight, right here on SmackDown! So, if Kane beats Test next, you get to display that power again at the Royal Rumble! Have a good day!

Vince McMahon impersonates a English Royalty wave and then smirks as he walks away. William Regal looks horrifed as the crowd cheers.

William: Bloody Hell.

Regal walks away as the camera fades to black.


Singles Match

Kane vs. Test

Test is already on his way into the ring with some heel heat when we return from commercial. He seems to be a little weary of having to face Kane, but who wouldn't be? After a few seconds of waiting, Kane's music starts and the crowd pops. Kane begins to make his way down the rampway, but Test is running at him with a chair! Kane lifts a boot - BIG BOOT INTO THE CHAIR! Test is down on the rampway! That's what he gets for getting too far ahead of himself! Kane picks Test up and brings him towards the ring by his hair. Kane picks Test up all the way over his head and tosses him into the ring! What power by Kane! Kane rolls in after Test as Test slowly begins to get on all fours. Kane bounces off the ropes and kicks Test hard in the ribs! The shot sends Test back to the mat. Kane picks up Test slowly and then slaps a hand across his throat. Here it comes - CHOKESLAM! The crowd goes wild as Kane stands up and looks towards backstage. He is clearly sending a message to Regal! Kane begins to pick Test up again! Could it be - another CHOKESLAM! Kane has destroyed Test here and Regal must be seeing this backstage! The cover -- one, two, three! Kane will get his shot at the Royal Rumble for the European Title! It wasn't even a contest! I don't even think the Power of the Punch can stop this beast!

Kane def. Test


A Death Warrant

The crowd is still buzzing over Kane's impressive display when Rikishi's music hits the PA system. The crowd boos loudly as the self-proclaimed "Baddest Man in the WWF" makes his way down the ramp. He rolls into the ring and grabs a microphone.

Rikishi: Shut the Hell up!

The crowd only boos louder at this demand.

Rikishi: A lot of you people out there didn't believe me when I said I was the baddest man in the land. Well, do you believe me now? Do you believe me after I flipped Undertaker through a table and then Bonzai Dropped him straight to Hell!? Do you!? If you don't, then tonight just look around, because there isn't any Undertaker here! Why? It's because I, Rikishi, took him..

The lights go off in the arena as the crowd goes wild. Bells are heard ringing in the distance, causing the crowd to start a "Un-der-tak-er!" chant. Then, Undertaker appears on the TitanTron to massive cheers.

Taker: Rikishi, you continue to call yourself the baddest man. You continue to act as if you have taken the Undertaker out. You even go as far to say, you Bonzai Dropped me to Hell. Well Rikishi, I have a proposition for you. See, I'm the Undertaker, and I bring people to Hell all the time! I see them alive, I see them die, and I see them rot! I've been doing it for over a decade Rikishi! That's why I'm going to ask you this one time, are you afraid of death Rikishi? Are you afraid of the eternal sleep? If you are, I wouldn't bother showing up at the Royal Rumble. I'd run, and I'd run fast. Why you ask? At the Royal Rumble Rikishi, the only way to win, is to bury your opponent alive!

The crowd goes insane as Undertaker takes off his glasses and shows his already rolled-back, white eyes.

Taker: The loser doesn't just go home Rikishi, the loser rests in peace!

Undertaker's music begins to play again as the lights turn back on. Rikishi is leaning in a turnbuckle, looking around like is trying to think of a way out. There is no way out Rikishi! It's Undertaker, Rikishi, in a Buried Alive Match!


One-on-Three Survivor Match

The Rock vs. Perry Saturn, Dean Malenko, and Eddie Guerrero

It's time that The Rock's challenge be put into action as The Rock has to beat three men in a row to get a shot at Eddie in a Cage at the Royal Rumble! The crowd goes wild as The Rock's music begins to play and he makes his way down the rampway. He has the strut, he has the attitude, but will he have what it takes? The Rock gets into the ring and gets on a turnbuckle. He raises a fist and thousands of little flashbulbs go off all around the arena. The Rock climbs down and repeats it on each turnbuckle before he stands in the center of the ring and waits. The Radicalz music hits and the first member out is Perry Saturn, accompanied by Terri. Perry begins to make his way down the rampway, mouthing to the fans as he does. Perry slides into the ring and The Rock begins to stomp away! Stomp after stomp, The People's Champion is going to town! The Rock picks up Saturn and tosses him into the ropes for a big clothesline! The Rock means business! The Rock gets up and begins to stalk Perry as he gets to his feet. He goes for the Rock Bottom! No Perry knocks him off! Perry goes for a clothesline, The Rock ducks! Perry turns into a kick and a big DDT! The Rock is mouthing and struting as Terri looks on from outside. The Rock stops and looks out at Terri. He smiles a bit and adjusts his pants much to the delight of the lady audience. PERRY WITH A ROLL-UP! One, two.. NO! The Rock just barely kicked out there! He has to stay focused! Perry slowly gets to his feet, as does The Rock. The Rock blocks a punch and they begin to exchange blows. The Rock starts to gain the advantage! One punch, two punches, a spit to the hand - the third punch knocks Perry down! Perry quickly pops back to his feet! The Rock tells him to bring it! Perry runs at The Rock, but The Rock grabs his arm, he swings him around - ROCK BOTTOM! The Rock with the Rock Bottom! Perry is down and out The pin - one, two.. TERRI BREAKS IT UP! Terri just stopped The Rock from being one step closer to Eddie Guerrero! The Rock slowly rises to his feet and cocks his head towards Terri. He grabs her by the hair and tosses her out of the ring! The Rock turns and gets kicked in the gut by Perry! Perry tried to set up a suplex, but The Rock falls behind him. Perry turns, ROCK BOTTOM AGAIN! The Rock has him this time! One, two, three! The Rock wins the first match here! One down, two to go!

The Rock leans up against the ropes while The Radicalz music starts up again. Perry Saturn and Terri slowly clear the ring and Dean Malenko stops to check on Perry on his way down. He looks up, shaking his head, and points to The Rock. Dean gets to the ropes as The Rock gets in a coiled pose, ready to attack. Dean smirks and backs down from the apron. He walks over to the stairs, keeping his eye on The Rock the whole time, and enters the ring. He eyes Rocky as the bell rings and they begin to circle each other. The Rock pounces first, exchanging punch for punch with Malenko before Dean claims advantage over the tired Rock. Dean gets The Rock a couple good times and then sends him into a turnbuckle. Dean begins to prop The Rock up on the top turnbuckle, but Rocky begins to fend him off. Rocky kicks him away and gets back down. The Rock begins to gain some steam, throwing Malenko into the ropes and then nailing him with a clothesline. The Rock begins to stalk his prey, waiting for Dean to get up! The Rock could be going for the kill here! Dean gets up, but he pushes out of the Rock Bottom! Dean goes to clothesline The Rock! He ducks! He spins Dean around - spinebuster! The Rock goes to the front of Dean and kicks his arms in! The crowd knows it's coming as Rocky takes off his arm strap! One rope, two rope.. PEOPLE'S ELBOW! The Rock quickly covers Dean! One, two, three! The Rock has done it! He has beaten two of three so far! Only one to go, and that's Eddie Guerrero!

The Rock rolls Dean out of the ring and stands up, peering down towards the rampway. The crowd is waiting, but the Radicalz music isn't starting! The Rock is pacing now, he wants Eddie! Everyone still waits, but there is still no Eddie Guerrero! What is going on here!? The Rock is sick of waiting, he's heading out of the ring! The Rock is heading backstage! The Rock heads up the ramp and through the entrance, cameras in toe.

The Rock: Eddie!? Eddie!?

The Rock goes down some hallways, passing innocent bystanders as he does. The Rock finally gets to a door that's labeled "Radicalz". He backs up and then boots the door in! He enters the locker room, but there is nobody there. EDDIE FROM BEHIND! Eddie came from behind and took out The Rock! Eddie is beating the Hell out of him with lefts and rights! Now Eddie gets up and starts stomping away! Guerrero picks up The Rock and tosses him out into the hallway, sending him crashing into a table and folded chairs. This is all legal, the match hasn't even started yet! Eddie kicks The Rock down the hallway, and then into the lobby before the entrance.

Eddie: Who's electric now, eh ese!?

Eddie picks up a garbage can and slams The Rock on the back with it! The Rock is writhing in pain here!

Eddie: Huh!? You punk!?

Eddie picks up The Rock and then tosses him into a chain-linked fence which is supporting the entrance way! The Rock is busted and bleeding! Eddie takes The Rock's face and grinds it against the fence! By God! Eddie finally takes The Rock and tosses him out unto the rampway. Guerrero kicks The Rock all the way to the ring and then tosses him in. Eddie, with massive boos behind him, taunts the crowd as he gets into the ring as well. The bell rings and Eddie taunts The Rock, stomping on him and slapping him. Eddie then lifts The Rock up and bodyslams him to the mat. He heads over to the nearest turnbuckle and jumps on top of it. He's going for the frog splash! He leaps! THE ROCK MOVED! THE ROCK MOVED! How did he muster the strength to do that!? The crowd cheers as The Rock and Eddie both lay on the mat in pain. The Rock and Eddie slowly get up at opposite ends of the ring, using the ropes for help. The Rock gets up first, still bleeding, and looks across towards Eddie. Eddie gets to his feet and then charges at The Rock! The Rock ducks under a punch! ROCK BOTTOM! THE ROCK BOTTOM! The Rock kicks up to his feet! He's going for the People's Elbow! He removes the other elbow pad! One rope, two rope - HE NAILS IT! THE PEOPLE'S ELBOW! THE COVER! One, two, THREE! The Rock did it! He beat all three men! He will face Eddie Guerrero at the Royal Rumble in a CAGE!

The Rock def. Perry Saturn, Dean Malenko, and Eddie Guerrero


A Threat?

We return from commercial with a shot of Stephanie McMahon, to mixed reactions, on the TitanTron. She is in her office, going over papers. Then, the door is heard slamming open and Stephanie looks up. A mortifed look spreads on her face.

Steph: What do you want?

Chris Beniot steps into the picture to much heat from the crowd.

Chris: Calm down Steph, I just came to help you out. I just wanted you to know that, even though I'm facing your husband at Royal Rumble, there is no reason to worry about your safety.

Steph: What do you..

Chris: Have a good night, Steph.

Stephanie looks confused as Chris Beniot smirks and leaves the room.


Singles Match

Chris Jericho vs. Steve Austin

Well here it is folks, tonight's main event! If Stone Cold wins, he gets to enter the Royal Rumble at Number Thirty, but if he loses.. He gets to enter at Number One! A huge match indeed for the Texas Rattlesnake! The crowd goes wild as a countdown begins on the TitanTron. The pyro bursts and Chris Jericho makes he entrance felt. Y2J heads to the ring with a strut and a smile, knowing very well he gets his shot at the Rumble. The crowd's cheers only heighten when glass shatters and Stone Cold Steve Austin makes his way down the ramp. Austin takes off his vest as he walks, dives into the ring, and he starts to exchange punches with Jericho right away! Austin quickly takes the advantage, Irish Whip to Jericho, Lou Thez Press! Austin talks trash with each punch! He follows it up with his running elbow! Stone Cold came to play! Austin begins to pick up Jericho, but Y2J pushes him off. A big dropkick from Jericho knocks Austin down, and another one after both men quickly pop up. Jericho stomps on Austin a few times and then picks him up and throws him into the corner. A big chop by Y2J draws the usual "Whoo!" from the crowd. Chop again, and again, and again! Austin falls into the corner and Y2J begins stomping away! The referee pulls Jericho away and Y2J comes back to get Austin. As Jericho picks up Steve he sneaks in a low blow! The referee didn't see it! Jericho falls to his knees in pain and Austin knees him in the face! Y2J felt that one! Austin pins Jericho! One, two.. NO! Jericho kicks out! Austin angerly stares at the referee and gets up to his feet. Stone Cold begins to stalk Jericho! Y2J slowly gets up, he turns - STUN - NO! Y2J spins Austin around! Y2J dropkicks Stone Cold off his feet! Jericho runs to the ropes, Lionsault! Here's the cover! One, two.. NO! SO CLOSE! Jericho can't believe it! Y2J gets up and slowly lifts Austin to his feet. He Irish Whips Austin, leaps over him, goes for a dropkick, but Austin stops! Y2J misses and hits the mat hard! Stone Cold grabs Y2J's legs! He's locking in the Walls of Jericho! AUSTIN HAS IT LOCKED IN! The crowd is mixing "Y2J" and "Austin" chants as Jericho screams in pain! Jericho reaches for the ropes to no avail! He reaches one more time.. HE GOT THEM! Austin has to break the hold! Steve gets up and tries to catch his breath. Austin once again begins stalking Y2J as he rises. Y2J turns - STUNN - AGAIN BLOCKED! Y2J holds Austin's leg - SPINNING HEEL KICK! Y2J caught him right in the head! Y2J runs off the ropes for another Lionsault! HE HITS THE REFEREE IN FLIGHT, BUT GETS AUSTIN! Y2J with the cover! There's no referee! Y2J has this match won, but the referee is down!

Jericho gets to his feet and begins to try to wake up the referee. Jericho turns back - ANGLE SLAM! KURT ANGLE! Kurt Angle came out of the crowd and hit the Angle Slam on Jericho! The crowd boos violently! Angle begins to stalk Austin as he gets to his feet! ANGLE SLAM TO AUSTIN! Angle just took out both Y2J and Austin! Angle stands up and begins to taunt the crowd. Kurt then looks down at both men and notices the referee is beginning to stir. Angles begins to drag Jericho over to Austin! Angle puts Y2J over Austin! Kurt runs out of the ring and hides under the apron as the referee awakens! The referee sees the pin! Not this way! One, two, THREE! By God! Steve Austin will enter Number One at the Royal Rumble! Kurt Angle screws Austin again! He did it again! The crowd here can't believe it!

Chris Jericho def. Steve Austin


A Threat

As the night comes to a close we get a shot of Triple H and Stephanie McMahon heading towards their limo. Triple H opens the door for Stephanie and she gets in. Triple H turns toward his driver.

Triple H: Yeah, we just want to go to -

Chris Beniot out of nowhere with a chair! Beniot just laid out Triple H! Beniot hits Triple H several times with the chair and then slams the door shut to the limo! Beniot then turns to the driver.

Beniot: Give me the keys or else!

The driver fumbles for the keys and hands them over. Beniot pushes the driver out of the way and then uses the chair to break the door handle off the door! Beniot gets in the limo and drives off! Beniot has just kidnapped Stephanie! This is going too far!


Overall: 77

Attendance: 7516

Rating: 5.78

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Guest Bosstown Boy

Thursday Night Wars - Week Two

WWF.com - January 12th, 2001

SmackDown! Rating: 5.78

Thunder Rating: 5.08

SmackDown!'s rating remained the same at 5.78, but Thunder's rating barely climbed. The WWF officials are a little disappointed that more viewers didn't tune in for The Rock's match against the Radicalz or the Steve Austin versus Chris Jericho main event.

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Guest Bosstown Boy

Sunday Night Heat Results

WWF.com - January 14th, 2001

Essa Rios def. Steve Blackman via cheating.


A video recapped The Rock beating three men to face Eddie at the Royal Rumble in a Cage!


D'Lo def. Scotty 2 Hotty via interference by Chaz. Grand Master Sexay came for the save.


A video showed Chris Beniot kidnapping Stephanie on SmackDown!


Hardy Boys def. Albert and X-Pac (Matt Hardy def. X-Pac).


Promo showing Undertaker's history in Buried Alive Matches.


A replay of the Steve Austin versus Chris Jericho match is played.


Overall: 72

Attendance: 7548

Rating: 1.21

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Guest Bosstown Boy


Channel: TNN (Live!)

Announcers: Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler

Date: January 15th, 2001

Attendance: 7545

The Game Isn't Playing

We start the night off with one pissed off Triple H walking all around backstage. He is slamming open doors and pulling people aside asking the same question over and over.

HHH: "Have you seen Chris Beniot!?"

The answer is consistantly no, but Triple H finally reaches a door that reads "The Radicalz" on it. He takes a step back and kicks in the door. Eddie Guerrero, Dean Malenko, Perry Saturn, and Terri are all standing in the room stunned. The Game walks in and flips over a table.

HHH: "Where is Beniot!? Tell me!"

Eddie Guerrero steps over the table and assorted plates and cups that were flipped over.

Eddie: "Hey, Game, man. We know that Beniot might be a Radical, but we didn't know nothing about his plan to kidnap Steph, man. As far as this goes, we don't know nothing man."

Triple H gets into Eddie Guerrero's face and then turns and leaves the room, punching the door as he does.


Right to Censor the Royal Rumble

The crowd boos as Right to Censor appears on the TitanTron. Steven Richards has a microphone as he peers out at the crowd, who is now chanting "You Suck!".

Richards: "You know, I'm sick and tired of the horrible people this company employs! First, we deal with Hardcore Holly interfering in one of our matches. Then, Crash Holly decides he wants to join their little festival of immoral, horrid behaivor. And then, last week on Raw, Al Snow, the leader in everything that's wrong with this company, joins their little group by sneak attacking us! Al Snow, the man who carries around a plastic head and uses it as a sexual reference in front of children! I am through with this! We are going to end this! At the Royal Rumble it will be my team, Right to Censor, facing the team of misfits consistanting of Maven, Al Snow, Hardcore Holly, and Crash Holly! So not only will Ivory be censoring the sexually explicit Women's Division by winning the Womens Title, but we will be censoring you!"

The crowd is a mix of cheers and boos for the match as RTC walks out of the camera's view.


1 vs. 1, Non-Title

Billy Gunn vs. William Regal

Both men danced around the ring quite a bit, mainly showing off some good technical skills. Billy Gunn got the better of Regal for a little while after an Irish Whip and Heel Kick. Regal kicked out a few close calls and it wasn't long before he nailed a low blow, which gave him the advantage. Regal then proceeded to lay down punch after punch, but Gunn pulled off a counter and went for the Fameasser, but Regal sneaked in the Power of the Punch! Regal slipped the brass knuckles back into his shorts and pinned Billy Gunn for the win!

Regal began to celebrate with his European Title when pyro shot from every corner! The crowd goes wild as Kane's music starts! After a few seconds the music stops and the camera shows a very startled and scared William Regal, brass knuckles in hand.


Unlikely Unity

We come back from commercial with Triple H sitting on a chair in the parking lot. He has a sledgehammer in his hand and he is very focused at the cars going by. From behind Triple H a hand comes and lays unto his shoulder. Triple H stands quickly and gets into the man's face. To the crowd's delight The Rock stands face-to-face with Triple H! The Rock looks at Triple H and then looks down at the sledgehammer.

HHH: "What do you want?"

The Rock slowly takes off his sunglasses and looks Triple H in his eyes.

Rock: "The Rock is here to offer you a proposition. The Rock wants you to think long and hard, because this may be a one time deal. The Rock is here to tell you that he has gotten a match tonight, a match against Dean Malenko and Perry Saturn, but The Rock needs a partner. The Rock wants you, Triple H, to be my partner."

The crowd erupts as "Rocky!" chants start.

HHH: "Listen Rocky, I don't need you, and I don't need your help."

Triple H turns around and sits back down on his chair. The Rock turns to leave, but he glances back over at The Game.

Rock: "The Rock understands, but you should remember, while Chris Beniot is out there with your wife.. There isn't anything you can do to stop him."

The Rock turns and leaves and the camera shows Triple H. He looks around and then stands up. He flips the chair over and slams the sledgehammer unto it! The camera pans in on the chair as Triple H walks away.


1 vs. 1, Hardcore

Albert vs. The Undertaker

The crowd was going wild the whole match for the Undertaker and this one wasn't even close. Undertaker quickly manhandled Albert with a Irish Whip and Big Boot. Albert fell out of the ring from the boot and The Undertaker followed him out. Taker whipped Albert into the stairs and then went under the apron for a chair. Undertaker then proceeded to beat the living hell out of Albert with the chair! Undertaker is showing no mercy here! Undertaker then tosses Albert into the ring and signaled for the Last Ride. He picks up Albert, what an impressive show of strength, Last Ride! Undertaker pins Albert for the one, two, three!

Undertaker stands and begins to celebrate for the crowd, but Rikishi attacks from behind with a chair! Rikishi is whailing away, but Undertaker isn't going down! Finally, after five or six shots, Undertaker falls to his knees! One more brings the big man down! The crowd boos as Rikishi smiles and exits the ring. He begins to walk up the ramp, but Undertaker sits up! The crowd goes wild as Rikishi looks on in terror! What will it take to bury Undertaker at the Royal Rumble in two weeks!?


One Pissed Off Rattlesnake

The crowd boos as Vince McMahon is shown in his office with secretary Trish Stratus by his side. Suddenly, the door is shot open and Stone Cold Steve Austin barges in the door! The crowd goes wild as Austin flips over a chair and clears Vince's desk with one arm!

Austin: "God damn it Vince, you've screwed me over week after week! First you take away my chance at Angle, then you put me at Number One at the Royal Rumble! Well tonight, I want a one-on-one match, me versus that son-of-a-bitch Kurt Angle!

Vince stands up and looks at Stone Cold with a smirk on his face.

Vince: "First of all Austin, you lost those matches! You had your chance, and you blew it! Chris Jericho was the better man, and that's not my fault! But - in the interest of fairness - I will offer you a Singles Match tonight on Raw! However, it won't be against Kurt Angle, oh no. It will be you, in that ring, against Edge!"

The Texas Rattlesnake smiles as he turns and leaves the room. Vince looks at his desk and then looks over at Trish.

Vince: "Well, start picking this up!"


1 vs. 1, Non-Title

Edge vs. Steve Austin

The crowd didn't have to wait long as immediately following a break Stone Cold's music hit and he was ready to fight! Once Edge got in the ring Stone Cold quickly took control of the match. After an exchange of punches Austin mananged to gain the upper-hand and hit the Lou Thez Press. After nailed the elbow which follows it, he picked Edge up and kneed him in the face! The crowd quickly started "Austin!" chants as Stone Cold began to stalk Edge. Edge rose up - Stone Cold Stunner! Austin has this match won, but he's not pinning him! Austin looks around at the crowd and begins to pick Edge up. He's going for another one - Christian tries to come in from behind, but Austin sees him! Kick to the gut, Stunner! Austin laid out Christian before he could come to Edge's rescue!

Stone Cold begins to stalk Edge when Kurt Angle appears on the apron! Kurt begins mouthing off to Austin and Stone Cold takes his attention off of Edge. Austin begins to walk towards Angle when Y2J pulls Angle off the apron! Angle hits his chin hard on the mat before falling outside! Austin turns back around - he's blocks a kick by Edge, spins him, Stunner! Stone Cold with the pin! One, two, three! Steve Austin beats Edge despite several interference attempts! Meanwhile Jericho whips Angle into the turnbuckle and leaves the champ out cold! Stone Cold breaks out the beer!



We see backstage where Eddie Guerrero is on one of the pay phones. We zoom in and begin to hear his conversation.

Eddie: "Yeah man, I know that. ... Well, I don't know if Triple H is even going to show ese, he might chicken out. ... Yeah, well, you know what to do. ... Peace man."

The crowd speculates as Eddie hangs up and walks away. As he does, Perry Saturn and Dean Malenko follow him. Will Triple H show up for the match!?


2 vs. 2, Non-Title

The Rock & Triple H vs. Dean Malenko & Perry Saturn

The crowd booed loudly as Dean Malenko and Perry Saturn headed out towards the ring, but they were alone, which surprised several fans. The Rock's music hit and the People's Champion headed to the ring not knowing whether his partner was even going to show. The Rock got into the ring and did his usual taunts, and then all went silent. After a few seconds - "Time to play the game!" - the crowd bursts into cheers as The Cerebral Assassin, Triple H, made his way down to the ring. After his entrance, The Rock and Triple H stood toe-to-toe with Malenko and Saturn. As they do, Chris Beniot and Eddie Guerrero attack from behind! Beniot takes Triple H down and Guerrero takes out Rocky! The crowd can't believe it! They try to ring the bell to stop the chaos, but Beniot has got Triple H down! Beniot has Triple H in the Crippler Crossface! Meanwhile, Malenko and Saturn are stomping on the Rock as Guerrero climbs the turnbuckle! Frogslash unto The Rock! Referees and road agents start to hit the ring! Beniot finally breaks the hold as the Radicalz exit the ring!

The four men walk up the rampway to a chorus of boos. They all raise their fists in celebration as Raw goes off the air. What will this mean for SmackDown!


Two Weeks

A promo plays featuring the song "Sleep Now in The Fire" by Rage Against the Machine for the Royal Rumble. Will Right to Censor beat the team of Maven, Hardcore Holly, Crash Holly, and Al Snow? Can Molly Holly overcome Ivory? Will William Regal overcome Kane? Is Rikishi bad enough to bury the Deadman? Triple H and Chris Beniot, The Rock and Eddie Guerrero in a Cage, Kurt Angle and Chris Jericho, and not to mention the Royal Rumble itself! We'll all find out in two weeks at the Royal Rumble!



Quick Results

William Regal defeated Billy Gunn via pinfall.

Undertaker defeated Albert via pinfall.

Steve Austin defeated Edge via pinfall.

The Rock & Triple H defeated Perry Saturn & Dean Malenko via DQ.

Overall: 80

Rating: 6.81

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Guest Bosstown Boy

Monday Night Wars - Week Three

WWF.com - January 16th, 2001

Raw Rating: 6.81

Nitro Rating: 5.50

Although Nitro pulled a little closer to Raw this week there was still little comparison between the two. The WWF was disappointed at the small decline this week, but they are not worried about the ratings. One official stated, "We see the ratings rising as the Royal Rumble approaches." With twelve days until the pay-per-view, that leaves one more Raw and two SmackDown!'s.

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Guest Bosstown Boy

WWF SmackDown!

Channel: UPN

Announcers: Micheal Cole and Jerry Lawler

Date: January 18th, 2001

Attendance: 7529

1 vs. 2, Handicapped

Kane vs. Albert & X-Pac

Before the match began William Regal made his way to the announcer's table to join Micheal Cole and Jerry Lawler during the match. Kane manhandled X-Pac for most of the beginning of the match, but X-Pac managed to sneak through Kane's legs after dodging a clothesline and tag in Albert. The crowd cheered as the two big men gave the staredown to each other, but Kane blocked Albert's punch and slapped a hand around his throat! Chokeslam! The whole ring shook as Kane went for the cover. One, two - X-Pac hits a flying elbow to break the cover! The crowd boos as X-Pac gets up and taunts them. He turns and bumps into an already standing Kane! X-Pac grabs the referee and hides behind him! Kane tosses the referee out of the way! He grabs X-Pac's throat! William Regal hits Kane with the brass knuckles from the apron! X-Pac falls out of Kane's grip and to the mat!

X-Pac rolls to the outside gripping his throat. After a few seconds with both men down inside, Albert begins to get up. Suddenly, Kane sits up! Kane is up already after that shot with the brass knuckles! William Regal, now watching from the rampway, cannot believe it! Albert begins to lay punches into the sitting Kane to no avail! Kane grabs his throat from the seated position - he stands - Chokeslam! Kane has hit Albert with another big chokeslam! X-Pac's up top again! Kane notices and grabs him by the throat in mid-air! Another chokelam! Kane pins Albert! One, two, three! Kane demolished two men at once! How will William Regal defend his title against Kane if the Power of the Punch doesn't work!?


The Blame Game

The crowd roars as we come back to Triple H looking like a man on a mission as he walks through the hallways. As he turns a corner he bumps into The Rock! The crowd erupts as both men stare each other down.

HHH: "Get the hell out of my way Rock, I'm not in the mood."

Triple H goes to step around The Rock, but Rocky steps back in front of him.

Rock: "Triple H, the Game, The Rock doesn't care if you are in the mood or not. The Rock was here to do something he rarely does. The Rock was looking for you, because The Rock wanted to.. Apoligize. See, The Rock should've seen it coming! The Rock should've known that Eddie Guerrero and his candy ass would've been lurking. The Rock should've known that Chris Beniot would show up, but The Rock was blind! So for that, The Rock is -"

HHH: "You don't get it, do you Rock!? The man took my wife, he took Stephanie from me and I don't know where she is! I don't know what he's doing to her! It's your fault he still has her! Yeah, that's right, it's your fault! If you had left me in that parking lot, left me where I was, I would've seen Beniot coming into the arena. I would've taken my sledgehammer -"

Rock: "Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Look The Rock was sorry, but he's not that sorry! It's not The Rock's fault you weren't man enough to protect your wife!"

Triple H gets right into The Rock's face with a horrible look on his face.

HHH: "How about this Rock? You and me, in the ring, tonight! Maybe that way Rock, I can actually use my sledgehammer."

Rock: "Oh you can use your sledgehammer tonight Triple H! Oh yes, The Rock will let you use it like you always do! The Rock will take your sledgehammer, shine it up real nice, and stick it straight up your candy ass! You're on! If you smell, what the Rock, is cookin'!"

The Rock walks away as the crowd goes ballastic. The Rock, Triple H, tonight!


Sick and Tired

We go to a shot of the Coach standing with Bubba Ray and D'Von Dudley. The crowd pops for the team they haven't seen yet this year on the air.

Coach: "Bubba Ray, D'Von, you called me here saying that you wanted to make a statement tonight. What is that statement?"

Bubba: "That's right Coach, we did want to make a statement. Our statement is this, we are sick and tired of seeing Edge and Christian running around interfering in match after match! We're sick and tired of them making all the Tag Team Champions look bad by doing it with those titles on their waist! That's why tonight, right here on SmackDown!, we're going to take those titles! That's right Coach, it's Edge and Christian against us, the Dudley Boyz, for the Tag Titles!"

The crowd goes crazy as Bubba Ray walks out of the shot and D'Von does his signature cross before he walks away as well. Another huge match for tonight! The Tag Team Titles are on the line!


1 vs. 1, Non-Title

Tazz vs. Rikishi

The crowd popped for Tazz's first appearence of the year and he didn't disappoint at the start of the match. Tazz really showed some of his technical skill by almost getting Rikishi to tap out to several strong holds. Rikishi managed to reach the ropes on a strong armbar and then he ducked under a clothesline. Rikishi then nailed Tazz with a stiff clothesline of his own. Rikishi followed it up with a big running leg drop, but only recieved a two count from the pinfall that followed. Rikishi began to pick Tazz up and back him into the corner. Rikishi got Tazz down with punches and stomps and then signaled for the Bonzai Drop! As Rikishi walked to the other side of the ring the lights went out! The sound of bells tolling in the distance! The crowd goes wild! The lights come back on and Rikishi is standing where he was, eyes wide, unaware that Tazz is standing behind him! Tazzmission! He has it locked in! Rikishi falls to the mat quickly, he taps! The match is over! The distraction was more then enough to get Rikishi out of his zone!


Twice in History

A promo begins to play for the Royal Rumble. It starts by showing the last few weeks in which Stone Cold lost his shot at Kurt Angle and then ended up being forced into the #1 spot in the Royal Rumble. Some of the history begins to be shown. "Only two men in the history of the WWF have won the Royal Rumble by eliminating twenty-nine other men." The video shows some of the winners, including Jim Duggan, Hulk Hogan, and the controversial Bret Hart and Lex Lugar ending. "One was Ric Flair." The crowd erupts in "Whoo!" chants as Ric Flair is shown winning the Royal Rumble in 1992. "The other, well, you may know him." The video starts to play "Sleep Now in the Fire" as Stone Cold is shown on the screen at Royal Rumble 1999. They show a montage of him throwing people over the ropes and hitting Stunner after Stunner. The end shows Austin celebrating in the ring after the victory. "Can he do it again?" The video goes to black as "Austin!" chants are heard.


For the Team!

The crowd goes from "Austin!" chants to boos as Kurt Angle is shown in his locker room with Edge and Christian. Angle turns to them and puts his hands on his sides.

Angle: "Alright guys, this is a big match now. I can't have you guys losing to these nobodies! I can't have anyone on my team losing to the Dudley Boyz! Now you go out there tonight and you beat those guys! That way we can all go into the Royal Rumble as champions! Now lets go!"

The pep talk ends as all three men cheer themselves on as they leave the locker room.


2 vs. 2, WWF Tag Team Championship

Dudley Boyz vs. Edge & Christian ©

The match started with all four men in the ring exchanging blows, but the Dudley Boyz gained the advantage and ending up clotheslining both Edge and Christian out of the ring. The crowd chanted "Tables!" as Bubba Ray grabbed Edge and tossed him inside. Bubba proceeded to lay a beatdown on Edge for some time, hitting some suplexes and a bodyslam in the process. Bubba Ray tagged in D'Von and he got to work with a running elbow on the down and out Edge. A pin attempt only got a two count, and D'Von picked up Edge. Edge finally turned the tide when he dodged a clothesline and both men collided on the rebound in mid-air! Both men reached for their corners desperately, but Edge got to his first! Christian quickly ran in and dragged D'Von back into the middle of the ring. In his attempt to pick him up, however, D'Von kicked him square in the face! Christian flailed backwards, knocking the referee out of the ring and down the steel steps!

D'Von bounced up and hit Christian with a big suplex! Edge tried to intervene, but Bubba ran across the ring and clotheslined him to the ground! Both D'Von and Bubba Ray got up and looked at each other with the old familiar look! The crowd starting chanting "Tables!" - "Get the tables!" Bubba Ray and D'Von both went outside the ring and grabbed a table each. They set them up and then began to prop Edge on a turnbuckle. As they did, Christian began to rise up. They both turned and looked at Christian and began to smile sadistically. D'Von and Bubba Ray positioned a table and got it ready. Christian up - 3D THROUGH THE TABLE! Oh my God! Christian is down! Bubba Ray and D'Von taunt for a second and then D'Von begins to climb up with Edge on the turnbuckle. Bubba Ray cheers him on - Kurt Angle out of the crowd! He nails Bubba Ray with an Angle Slam! D'Von didn't see him! Angle quickly runs over to D'Von - GERMAN SUPLEX THROUGH THE TABLE! Oh my GOD! Kurt Angle rolls out of the ring and watches from outside! He just demolished Bubba Ray and D'Von!

Edge begins to come to up top and climbs down. As he does the referee slides back into the ring meekly, pulling himself up with the ropes. Edge looks around at the situation, confused, and then goes over and tags the knocked out Christian! Edge covers D'Von amongst the destroyed tables! One, two, three! Edge and Christian have defended their title, but not without the help of Kurt Angle! Kurt gets into the ring and helps Edge get Christian up. The three men stand in the center of the ring and hold their titles up! Chris Jericho sneaks into the ring behind them! Y2J grabs Edge and tosses him out of the ring! He ducks under punches from both Christian and Kurt Angle dropkicks Christian out of the ring as well! Y2J ducks under another punch attempt by Kurt Angle! WALLS OF JERICHO! Jericho drops Angle down and he has it locked in! Jericho has it locked in! Kurt Angle screams in pain! Finally, referees and road agents come down and break it up! Y2J has certainly made a statement again to the champion!


The People Are Ready

The crowd pops as a video is shown of The Rock heading out towards the ring. His match against Triple H is next on SmackDown!, you don't want to miss it!


1 vs. 1, Non-Title

Triple H vs. The Rock

After both men pleased the crowd with their entrance, they immediately got into each others faces. They exchange blows back and forth for some time, but Triple H over-powered Rocky and tossed him to the mat. The fans had no idea who to cheer for in this one, but "Rocky!" chants were heard as he looked up at the man who just manhandled him. The Rock and Triple H tied up several times, but to no avail. Neither man could gain a clear advantage. Triple H tossed The Rock into the ropes, but The Rock dodged a clothesline and then hit a big flying crossbody to Triple H! Both men popped up and The Rock clotheslined Triple H back down! Triple H quickly back up and he blocks a kick by The Rock and spins him around. Now The Rock blocks a kick! Rocky quickly boots Triple H in the stomach - DDT! The Rock covers Triple H, but for a weak two! The Rock gets up quickly and attempts to pick Triple H up, but Triple H throws Rocky into the ropes. The Rock comes back - kick to the gut! He's going for the Pedigree! Wait, he stopped! A video has started on the TitanTron! It's STEPHANIE! Triple H drops The Rock and looks up at the video. Stephanie is sitting in a room all by herself. Suddenly, the voice of Chris Beniot is heard.

Beniot: "See Game, she's alright.. For now."

Laughing is heard as the video cuts out. The crowd is stunned as attention turns back to the ring. Triple H shakes it off and turns back to The Rock. ROCK BOTTOM! The Rock was waiting! The cover! One, two, three! The Rock has beaten Triple H! The video distracted Triple H and The Rock pulled out victory from the jaws of defeat! The Rock is shown standing on the turnbuckle with fist raised as the video fades to black.



Quick Results

Kane defeated Albert & X-Pac via pinfall.

Tazz defeated Rikishi via submission.

Edge & Christian defeated the Dudley Boyz via pinfall to retain their titles.

The Rock defeated Triple H via pinfall.

Overall: 79

Rating: 5.36

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Guest Bosstown Boy

Thursday Night Wars - Week Three

WWF.com - January 19th, 2001

SmackDown! Rating: 5.36

Thunder Rating: 5.09

Our ratings collasped on us a little bit this week, dropping .40 points, but we managed to pull out the victory against Thunder yet again. WCW will be hosting it's pay-per-view "Sin" this Sunday, so it'll be interesting to see how they do.

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Guest Bosstown Boy

WWF Heat Results

WWF.com - January 21st, 2001

Lo Down (D'Lo and Chaz) def. Kai En Tai (Funaki and TAKA) via Tiger Ali Singh intereference.


The end of SmackDown!'s Tag Team Championship Match are shown.


Bradshaw def. Albert after botched interference by X-Pac. Faarooq came to help Bradshaw.


Hype video for The Rock versus Eddie Guerrero in a Cage!


Tazz def. Essa Rios cleanly.


A recap of SmackDown!'s main event between Triple H and The Rock is shown.


A promo for the Royal Rumble match is shown featuring Stone Cold.


Overall: 77

Attendance: 7532

Rating: 1.23

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Guest Bosstown Boy


Channel: TNN (Live!)

Announcers: Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler

Date: January 22nd, 2001

Attendance: 8011

Explosive Element

The show starts off with a shot of a limo pulling up outside. As the limo stops, the camera pans out to show that Eddie Guerrero, Dean Malenko, and Perry Saturn are all waiting for someone to get out. The door opens and out steps Intercontinental Champion Chris Beniot! Beniot looks at his fellow teammates and then closes the door. He looks all around and then walks past the camera. This is surely spelling out trouble tonight when Triple H finds out!


1 vs. 1, Non-Title

Ivory vs. Tori

In the opening match of the night we had the Womens Champion Ivory in a Non-Title Match against Tori. The match was back and forth, but Ivory had no problem taking control after a missed clothesline. Ivory tore Tori down by her hair and began to slam her head over and over into the mat. The referee broke it up, but Ivory quickly went right back to doing it. After being broken up again, Ivory picked Tori up and hoisted her into her arms. The Poison Ivory! Ivory hits her finisher and covers Tori! One, two, three! The Womens Champion disposes of Tori here in short order!

Ivory begins to celebrate when Molly Holly comes down the rampway! She slides into the ring and the two start to exchange blows! Molly takes Ivory down and the two start to roll around, punching frantically as they do! Wait, here comes Right to Censor! All four men come stampeding down the rampway! They slide into the ring and toss Molly off of Ivory! After helping Ivory up, they turn their attention to Molly! Molly's begging for them to let her go! Here comes the troops! Hardcore Holly, Crash Holly, Maven, and Al Snow! They all come barging into the ring, causing all Right to Censor members to clear out! All of them glare back and forth as Right to Censor heads backstage!


You Got Lucky

The crowd explodes as the People's Champion, The Rock, appears on the TitanTron! He has his dufflebag and he seems to be heading towards his room. He turns a corner and The Radicalz are standing opposite of him! The crowd boos as The Rock quickly drops his dufflebag, ready to fight. Eddie Guerrero steps forward.

Eddie: "Hey Rock, relax man. We're not here to fight you tonight, I don't want that to happen man. You see Rock, I want you to be one-hundred percent ese. You won't get lucky like you did with Triple H man, 'cause I'm Eddie Guerrero man! I'm Latino Heat! So when we face each other this Sunday, you'll be begging for me to leave that Cage."

The Rock cocks his head slightly to the side, and then charges into all four men! The Rock is throwing punches all over, but he's taken down! The Radicalz begin to lay into Rocky before road agents come over and break it up! Eddie Guerrero spits in Rocky's direction and touches his lip, which Rocky seemingly busted open. The Radicalz turn and walk away as The Rock sits up and stares them down.


Breaking Down the Walls

The crowd goes wild as a countdown begins on the TitanTron. The countdown ends and pyro erupts as Chris Jerichi makes his way down the rampway. Jericho enters the ring to massive "Y2J" chants and grabs a microphone.

Y2J: "Welcome all my Jericholics to my show, Raw is Jericho! Oh yes, yes, yes, Y2J is here! The Ayatollah of Rock and Roll'a is here tonight! And most importantly, the next World Wrestling Federation Champion is here! Yes, if you haven't heard, I am facing our current WWF Champion Mr. Kurt "Whining Little Bitch" Angle at the Royal Rumble, and I'm going to kick his milk-lovin' ass from pillar to post!"

The crowd erupts in cheers for a moment until Kurt Angle's themesong begins to play! The crowd turns it's attention to the rampway as Kurt Angle, Edge, and Christian all make their way unto the stage! Kurt Angle has a microphone with him already.

Angle: "Whoa, whoa, whoa! Jericho, I will not tolerate you belittling me and using such vile, digusting language on our programming! As the champion, I demand you stop right now!"

Jericho looks out at the crowd and then smirks back at Jericho.

Y2J: "You mean the part where I called you a whiny little bitch?"

Angle is furious as he takes a few steps forward.

Angle: "Yes I mean that! Chris you think you're so funny! You think you're so cool! Well you won't think so when I break your freakin' ankle at the Royal Rumble! As a matter of fact, I don't think I want to wait that long! How about this - me and the WWF Tag Team Champions, Edge and Christian - against you and those overall-wearing ingrates the Dudley Boyz this week on SmackDown!"

The crowd goes crazy and "Y2J" chants erupt again. Jericho strokes his goatee and looks down at the three men.

Y2J: "Angle, you are on!"

Angle smirks as the crowd bursts into cheers.

Y2J: "But Kurt, I warn you, you may be taking me for granted. You are running around with your little boyfriends, interfering in matches, drinking your milk, sucking their *BEEP*.."

Angle's jaw drops as the crowd erupts in laughter and cheers.

Y2J: "Y2J is coming Angle! I got you in the Walls once, and I'll do it again!"

Chris Jericho's music begins to play as Kurt Angle walks away in disgust.


1 vs. 1, WWF Hardcore Championship

Raven © vs. Steve Blackman

In Raven's first title defense on Raw of the year, Raven was very impressive. He brought down his usual shopping cart of goodies and tossed them about the ring. Blackman took the early offensive with his Kendo Stick. Blackman beat down Raven until the stick broke, but when he went to pick Raven up, Raven clocked him with a bell! Raven quickly got up and grabbed hold of a trash can lid, which he went to town on Blackman with. After beating Steve down to the ground with the lid, Raven positioned a trash can in the center of the ring. Raven picked up Blackman and DDT'd him through the trash can! Raven pinned Blackman - one, two, three! Raven successfully defends his Hardcore Title on Raw!


Rattlesnake Prepared to Strike

Before we go to commercial we see Steve Austin leaving his locker room and heading towards the ring! Austin has a "warm-up" match against WWF European Champion William Regal! Regal's no push-over though, stay tuned!


1 vs. 1, Non-Title

Steve Austin vs. William Regal

The crowd went off the handle when Steve Austin hit the ring. William Regal came down to a chorus of boos and he looked awfully nervous to get into the ring. He slid in and Austin wasted no time stomping away. Steve Austin controlled most of the match, tossing Regal into the ropes several times for clotheslines and eventually a Lou Thez Press. Austin hit his patented elbow and then began to taunt Regal. Austin went to pick up Regal, but he slipped in an unnoticed low blow! Regal then took down Austin and locked in a strong toe hold! Austin managed to reach the ropes, forcing Regal to break the hold. Regal went to pick up Austin, but Austin hit a kick to his gut! STUNNER! Austin quickly pins Regal - one, two, three! Austin wins the match with the Stunner! Stone Cold is going to face a lot more of a challenge at the Royal Rumble when he has to fight twenty-nine other men!

Stone Cold breaks out the beers and begins to celebrate all around the ring. He climbs each turnbuckle and cheers each crowd. Meanwhile, William Regal has slipped on the brass knuckles! Regal is rising to his feet and he's waiting for Austin! Kane comes out of the crowd! Kane spins Regal around! CHOKESLAM! The WWF European Champion is down! Stone Cold turns to see what has occured and sees that Kane had saved him from the Power of the Punch. Austin called to the outside for another beer. He takes it and tosses it to Kane, who catches it and tilts his head. Austin smiles and holds up his beer to Kane, who is still confused. Kane slowly raises his beer - KICK TO THE GUT! STUNNER! Austin lays out Kane as the crowd goes nuts! Austin can have no friends! Austin has to beat everyone at the Rumble! We head to commercial with a shot of William Regal and Kane down in the ring.


I Know You're Here!

We come back from commercial break and "Time to Play the Game!" is heard out of the PA system. The crowd erupts as Triple H comes down the rampway, dressed to fight, and slides into the ring. He quickly grabs a microphone and cuts the music.

HHH: "Beniot! I know you're here! I know you're in the arena! I don't want to wait for the Royal Rumble! Right here, right now!"

The crowd waits several seconds for Beniot's music, but it doesn't start.

HHH: "Beniot, I'll kill you!"

Suddenly, to the crowd's surprise, Chris Beniot's music starts and out comes the Rabid Wolverine! Chris Beniot starts walking down the rampway until he gets to the apron. Triple H is waiting on the other side, knelt down. Beniot gets on the apron and looks around before stepping one foot into the ring. Beniot quickly brings the other foot around and the bell rings! We got a match here!

1 vs. 1, Non-Title

Chris Beniot vs. Triple H

Triple H quickly charges at Beniot! Beniot moves! Triple H grabs the ropes and quickly spins and charges again! Beniot ducks under a clothesline and then slides out of the ring! Triple H looks down at Beniot as he shakes his head and begins to walk back towards the rampway! Triple H grabs at his hair and then quickly exits the ring himself. Triple H begins to follow Beniot up the rampway and then it turns into a chase! Triple H begins to run after Beniot as he heads into the lobby! Meanwhile, the referee has started the ten count! We head backstage where Beniot is headed down a hallway with Triple H only a few feet off! Beniot quickly juts down a hallway and when Triple H turns, he's gone! Triple H pushes open a few doors and then notices that the door to the parking lot is open. He pushes the door open and begins to run out into the lot. As he does, a limo goes screaming by towards the exit!

HHH: "Beniot! I'll kill you!"

Triple H picks up a chair and tosses it towards the limo, but the limo turns and leaves the arena! The match ends in a draw, if you could call it a match, and Triple H will have to wait for the Rumble afterall!


Can You Bury the Deadman?

Before the show heads off the air a promo is shown of The Undertaker. It shows the Undertaker throughout the years destroying people with the Tombstone Piledriver and Last Ride. It then shows a casket with the name "Rikishi" on it. We hear the Undertaker in the background.

Undertaker: "A decade of destruction and nobody has taken down the Deadman. Rikishi, at the Royal Rumble, you'll find out why!"

The camera shows Undertaker with his eyes rolled back before it cuts out.



Quick Results

Ivory defeated Tori via pinfall.

Raven defeated Steve Blackman to retain his title.

Steve Austin defeated William Regal via pinfall.

Triple H drew Chris Beniot via double count-out.

Overall: 77

Rating: 6.87

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