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Ring of Honor

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I tried out the diary thing a few years ago, but I was forced to stop because of school, and other obligations. I have some free time, and I like to chronicle EWR (RoH mainly) anyway, so hey, why not?


Backstory. Part 1.

12:30 am. Tuesday, August 1, 2006.

It is early in the morning as Gabe Sapolsky is sitting in the office of his home, kicking back in a leather chair, watching a television in the corner of the room. He is watching tapes from Ring of Honor’s past show from July 29. He watches as Ring of Honor World Champion Bryan Danielson applies and illegal hold to Ring of Honor Pure Wrestling Champion Nigel McGuinness. Bryan Danielson lets go, and tells the referee that he has until five. Gabe chuckles and shakes his head.

The telephone on his desk rings. Gabe tilts his head, staring at the phone. He leans forward and answers.

Gabe: "Hello?"

Vince McMahon: "Hello Gabe, it’s Vince. McMahon."

Gabe: "Mr. McMahon! What do I owe the pleasure?"

Vince: "TNA. That's what!"

Gabe: "Um, what about them?"

Vince: "I’m tired of them getting in my way and taking cheap shots at my company on their second rate television show!"

Gabe: "But sir, why are you calling me?"

Vince: "Well, Sapolsky, I've always liked you and your promotion. I've lent you Dreamer, Richards, Foley, and Punk, just to help you out. Well, now, I want my back scratched."

Gabe: "I’m listening."

Vince: "I’m going to give you some leverage. And with this leverage, I want you to kill TNA."

Gabe: "What kind of leverage are we talking about?"

Vince: "Ninety million dollars."

Gabe: "Holy s***."

Vince: "Don’t make me regret this, Sapolsky, or it's your a**!"

And with that, Vince hangs up the phone, leaving Gabe sitting there, phone in hand, in stunned silence.


This is just my first post. I'll do Part 2 in a few minutes once I finish it. Any suggestions and such is welcome and appreciated.

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Within the next twenty four hours, Gabe Sapolsky had made many phone calls and sent out many contracts. With his newfound money, Gabe had signed practically everyone on his current roster to written, exclusive contracts.

He also used the money to improve the RoH training camp’s facilities, and to open a development camp as well. He raised production levels, advertisement, and also merchandising.

There were, however, some wrestlers who turned down written contracts. Those included: AJ Styles, Chris Sabin, Alex Shelley, and Christopher Daniels. They pledged their allegiance to TNA and turned down the offers. They did opt to stay with Ring of Honor, though.

Some, however, accepted the contracts. They were: Homicide, Roderick Strong, Austin Aries, and Samoa Joe.

Three TNA stars, though, were stolen by Ring of Honor and signed to written contracts. Rhino, Low Ki and Jerry Lynn.

Some independent stars were also signed to written contracts. Steve Corino, Donovan Morgan, Michael Modest, and a man Gabe was scouting while in Florida, a virtual unknown, Rhando.

Now, with fifty five workers on the roster and more to come, Gabe set his sights on rising in the ranks, and completing the objective: Destroy Total Nonstop Action.

But, when the time comes, will Gabe graciously bow out to the McMahon family, or go to war with the biggest tyrant in sports entertainment history? Only time will tell...


Information, such as roster soon to follow.

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Promotion information

Money: $90,000,000

Size: Cult

PI: 85%

Risk Level: 80%

Production Values: 100%

Merchandising: 100%

Advertising: 100%

Development: RoH Development, run by: Jim Cornette

Training: RoH Training School, head trainer: Bryan Danielson

Roster: (Disposition/Contract/Overness)

Red - Active

Blue - Development

Orange - Manager

Ace Steel – Face/Written/58

Adam Pearce – Heel/Written/60

AJ Styles – Face/Open/95

Alex Shelley – Heel/Open/65

Allison Danger – Face/Written/65

Austin Aries – Face/Written/75

BJ Whitmer – Face/Written/55

Bobby Dempsey – Heel/Open/15

Bryan Danielson – Heel/Written/80

Chad Collyer – Heel/Written/40

Chris Hero – Heel/Written/65

Chris Sabin – Face/Open/70

Christopher Daniels – Face/Open/75

Claudio Castagnoli – Heel/Written/60

Colt Cabana – Face/Written/75

Daizee Haze – Heel/Written/55

Dave Crist – Face/Written/31

Davey Richards – Face/Written/55

Delirious – Face/Written/58

Derek Dempsey – Heel/Open/19

Donovan Morgan – Heel/Written/65

Dunn – Face/Written/40

Homicide – Face/Written/64

Jack Evans – Face/Written/60

Jake Crist – Face/Written/31

Jason Blade – Face/Written/30

Jay Briscoe – Heel/Written/60

Jerry Lynn – Face/Written/78

Jim Cornette – Heel/Written/85 (Non-Wrestler)

Jimmy Jacobs – Heel/Written/60

Jimmy Rave – Heel/Written/65

Julius Smokes – Face/Written/67

KENTA – Face/Open/80

Kid Mikaze – Face/Written/30

Lacey – Heel/Written/60

Low Ki – Heel/Written/75

Marcos – Face/Written/40

Mark Briscoe – Heel/Written/60

Matt Sydal – Face/Written/60

Michael Modest – Heel/Written/65

Mitch Franklin – Face/Open/15

Nigel McGuinness – Heel/Written/61

Pelle Primeau – Face/Open/17

Prince Nana – Heel/Written/70

Rhando – Heel/Written/30

Rhino – Heel/Written/80

Ricky Reyes – Heel/Written/59

Rocky Romero – Heel/Written/57

Roderick Strong – Face/Written/65

Sal Rinauro – Heel/Written/45

Samoa Joe – Face/Written/85

Shane Hagadorn – Heel/Open/25

Smash Bradley – Heel/Open/10

Steve Corino – Heel/Written/77

Trik Davis – Face/Open/44


RoH World Champion: Bryan Danielson. Image: 85

RoH World Tag-Team Champions: Roderick Strong & Austin Aries. Image: 60

RoH Pure Wrestling Champion: Nigel McGuinness. Image: 70

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Upcoming card

RoH Testing The Limit

Saturday, August 12, 2006

(Large show)

RoH World Champion Bryan Danielson vs. Samoa Joe.

In Cage of Death, Bryan Danielson took a cheap shot by clipping Joe’s knee. Joe had to be carried out of the match. Joe is a big Samoan, so he’s obviously offended. Four words for Mr. Danielson: Joe’s Gonna Kill You!

RoH World Tag-Team Champions Aries & Strong vs. Briscoe Brothers

On 7/29, Aries and Strong retained their titles after a second ultimate endurance match by pinning the Briscoes in the finals. The Briscoes, being number one contenders for lasting until the finals, have been awarded a straight rematch. Can they become three time RoH World Tag-Team Champions?

RoH Pure Wrestling Champion Nigel McGuinnes vs. Jerry Lynn

In March 2004, Nigel McGuinness wrestled Jerry Lynn in a great pure wrestling match which Lynn barely won. Now, two years later, is the rematch, but with the Pure Wrestling Championship on the line!

Four Corner Survival: Homicide vs. Low Ki vs. Steve Corino vs. Colt Cabana

Rivalries are renewed in this one as Homicide is once again in a ring with both Steve Corino and Colt Cabana! This could turn out to be the best four corner survival in RoH history!

AJ Styles & Christopher Daniels vs. Donovan Morgan & Michael Modest

The TNA Tag-Team Champions take on Donovan Morgan, one half of the first RoH World Tag-Team Champions, and Michael Modest. Ironically, Christopher Daniels was Morgan’s partner when they were crowned first RoH World Tag-Team Champions.

KENTA & Chris Sabin vs. Rhino & Alex Shelley

KENTA has decided to take Chris Sabin under his wing as they face two of the best Scott D’Amore has ever produced!

Others scheduled to appear: Chris Hero, Rhando, Jimmy Rave & Prince Nana of The Embassy, Delirious, Jack Evans, & more!

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RoH Testing The Limit

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Announcers: Dave Prazak & Jimmy Bower

Opening Contest

Dark Match

Pelle Primeau vs. Shane Hagadorn

Both men start with counter holds, followed by a series of arm drags. The fans in attendance show their support for the young students as they continue to try to hone their skills. Shortly into the match, though, a short, stalky, long haired behemoth runs into the ring. This man is Rhando, the virtual unknown from Florida. Rhando quickly nails little Pelle Preimeau with his signature finishing move, the F*** F*** Gore. Rhando then nails Shane Hagadorn with a vicious lariat. The referee throws the match out, calling for a no contest due to the interference. Rhando isn’t done, however. Rhando picks up Pelle Primeau and nails him with a unique cradle backbreaker. Shane Hagadorn staggers to his feet, Rhando quickly takes him down. Rhando stands over Shane Hagadorn, hammerlocks Hagadorn’s left arm, grabs Hagadorn’s arm and head, and wrenches on all the appendages at the same time in a very obscure submission hold. After a full thirty seconds, the vicious Rhando releases the hold and rolls out of the ring as the crowd in attendance boos the hell out of the crazy new comer. Rhando tells them all to “F*** themselves” as he walks back through the curtain.

Final Result: Draw

Overall Rating: 27%

Main Show

KENTA & Chris Sabin vs. Rhino & Alex Shelley

The sounds of 311 fill the venue as Chris Sabin and KENTA enter the arena. KENTA walks through the curtain and is met with a thunderous ovation, as always. Six Barrel Shotgun begins to play as Alex Shelley and Rhino enter the arena to quite a lot of booing from the capacity crowd. The bell rings, and Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley start us off. Chris Sabin starts off with lightning quick kicks to the side of Alex Shelley’s leg, followed up by a quick DDT for just a two count. Sabin hauls Shelley to his feet and attempts a suplex, but Shelley blocks it and gets some payback by hitting Sabin with a DDT of his own. Shelley taunts Sabin as Sabin staggers to his feet. Shelley then superkicks Sabin right in the jaw and Sabin goes down hard. Shelley pulls Sabin to his corner and tags out to the Man Best, Rhino! Rhino comes in and whips Sabin off the ropes and drills Sabin with his signature spinebuster. Rhino turns to play to the crowd, as they begin duel chanting. “Let’s go Sabin!” “Let’s go Rhino!” Sabin stumbles to his feet in the corner. Rhino charges in, looking for the running shoulder to the gut, but Sabin leaps over Rhino and rolls to his corner, making the tag to KENTA. The crowd explodes as KENTA enters the ring and kicks Rhino right in the mouth. KENTA bounces off the ropes and nails a leg lariat. Rhino gets up again, and KENTA nails a running neckbreaker. KENTA covers, but Rhino is out at two. KENTA goes out onto the ring apron and climbs the turnbuckles. Rhino gets up and nails a flying elbow strike to the jaw. KENTA tags out to Chris Sabin. Sabin hooks Rhino up from behind, KENTA nails a roundhouse kick, and Sabin nails a tiger suplex on Rhino and the fans applaud the double team maneuver. Sabin covers Rhino, but only for a two count. Sabin grabs Rhino in a reverse chin lock, trying to force the former ECW star to tap out. Rhino begins powering out of the hold, getting to his feet. Rhino nails some stiff back elbows to the ribs, and nails a knee left to the nose of Sabin. Rhino then clotheslines Sabin, practically out of his boots. Alex Shelley reaches in and tags himself in. Shelley immediately knocks KENTA off the ring apron. Shelley then grabs Sabin and nails his clothesline, which also drops the back of Sabin’s neck across his knee. KENTA then comes back in, but Rhino is there to meet him with a GORE! As the referee tries to dispose of Rhino, Sabin regains the upperhand and tries for the Cradle Shock! But Alex Shelley drops down on the mat behind Sabin, and nails a dastardly low blow! Alex Shelley rolls Sabin up and pulls on the tights as the referee turns back around and administers the three count! The fans begin booing as Shelley gets up and celebrates the victory with Rhino.

Final Result: Rhino & Shelley, pinfall

Overall Rating: 82%

Four Corner Survival

As the crowd calms after the first match, Jim Cornette, enters the arena to a very mixed reaction, due to his actions at Death Before Dishonor. If you do not known, Cornette offered Homicide three wishes if Homicide would be on Team RoH for Cage of Death. Homicide joined RoH during the match and saved RoH by getting the pinfall victory for Team RoH. After the match, Homicide asked for his three wishes. Steve Corino in an RoH ring. Granted. A World Title shot. Granted. Low Ki back in RoH. Denied. After denying his request, Homicide got hostile, and Cornette, JJ Dillon, and Adam Pearce beat down the Notorious 187 in a shocking turn of events. Jim Cornette enters the ring with a microphone.

Cornette: “Now, I’m sure you all were excited, and yet confused by the match I announced for this evening. I have decided that I was wrong! I did a terrible thing at Death Before Dishonor! I lied to Homicide after he single handedly saved Ring of Honor from CZW! I denied his third and final wish, and that was wrong of me. So, Homicide, please, come to this ring right now so I can apologize to you!

Homicide’s music hits, and the fans beat on the steel guard rails as he and Julius Smokes enter the arena. Smokes is playing it up, snarling and making weird noises, but Homicide looks very reluctant. Homicide walks down to ringside and rolls into the ring to lock eyes with the RoH commissioner.

Cornette: “Homicide, I want to personally apologize for lying to you, and kicking your ass at Death Before Dishonor.”

Homicide looks down and smirks, not appreciating Cornette’s words.

Cornette: “But Homicide. I want to apologize for something else. Lying to you again. I love how gullible you are, always turning your back!”

And with that, Adam Pearce and Steve Corino roll into the ring and attack Homicide. They then put to the boots to him as the fans begin chanting for Low Ki, who obviously was only “booked” to lure Homicide into a false sense of security. Suddenly, Colt Cabana runs down to the ring and runs off Pearce and Corino, much to the delight of the fans.

Cornette: “Just hold on one second, Colt Cabana! What do you think you’re doing?!”

Cabana stands near the ropes and yells something about not standing idly by as this crap happens.

Cornette: “Oh, so you’re gonna try and be some savior and watch Homicide’s back even after he tried to kill you? That’s just fine! Get in my business, Cabana, and you’re gonna pay! Let’s have ourselves a tag match, right here, right now!”

Overall Segment Rating: 82%

Colt Cabana & Homicide vs. Adam Pearce

Colt Cabana backs up as Steve Corino and Adam Pearce get onto the ring apron. Adam Pearce comes into the ring, and Colt Cabana meets him with wild rights and lefts, going to town on Pearce. Cabana then begins nailing several knee strikes to the head of Pearce. Cabana hits a short powerbomb. Cabana decides not to cover him, but to stomp away on Pearce’s body. The referee tries to pull Colt off of Pearce, but Colt shrugs him off. Cabana pulls Pearce to his feet, but Pearce rakes Cabana’s eyes. Pearce drives Cabana into his corner and tags out to Corino. Corino comes in and nails multiple chops on Cabana. Corino hooks Cabana up and nails a snap suplex. Corino goes for a cover, but Cabana kicks out at two. Corino walks over and lifts himself onto the second turnbuckle. Corino jumps off, looking for a stomp to the leg, but Cabana moves his legs, and drop toe holds Corino to the mat. Cabana and Corino get back to their feet, and Cabana nails a dropkick. Corino staggers backwards. Cabana gets to his feet. Corino charges. Colt ducks under it, rolls forward, and tags in Homicide! Homicide runs in and nails a running dropkick to the mouth of Corino. Homicide then nails Pearce, knocking him off the apron. Homicide then nails a leg drop to the back of Corino’s head. Homicide covers Corino, but Corino kicks out at two. Pearce then tries to come into the ring, but the referee stops him. Homicide walks over and spits in Pearce’s direction, getting inside Pearce’s head. Corino gets back to his feet and pulls Homicide head first into the corner turnbuckles. Corino spins Homicide around and nails a DDT. Corino holds Homicide down and tags out to Adam Pearce. Pearce hooks up Homicide and nails a wicked suplex out of the corner. Cover by Pearce for two. Pearce pulls Homicide to his feet and nails a belly to back suplex. Pearce calls for Corino to come into the ring. They hook up Homicide and nails a double suplex. Cabana then gets angry at this and comes in as well. Cabana then clotheslines himself and Corino out of the ring to the floor! Pearce pulls Homicide to his feet and arrogantly signals for his finishing piledriver. Homicide, though, counters out of it and sets up Pearce for the Cop Killa! But Pearce counters into a roll up and grabs the bottom rope. Cabana tries to come back in, but is too late, as the referee administers the three count.

Final Result: Adam Pearce & Steve Corino, pinfall

Overall Rating: 78%

RoH Pure Wrestling Championship

Nigel McGuinness© vs. Jerry Lynn

Sounds of heavy metal fill the arena as Jerry Lynn enters the arena to a great ovation as well as a “Welcome Back” chant from the crowd. Oasis hits and the Pure Wrestling Champion, Nigel McGuinness, struts down the ring with his signature iron in hand. The match starts slowly as Lynn and Nigel feel each other out. They begin to apply standing submissions, only to counter one another. They begin to take each other down, other to counter out of each other’s moves some more. Nigel gains the upper hand by tripping Lynn onto his face. Lynn gets up, Nigel runs up the turnbuckles and jumps back with a back elbow to the face of Lynn. Nigel then hooks up Lynn and drops Lynn face first across his knee. Nigel covers Lynn, but Lynn uses a rope break, saving his energy by not kicking out. Nigel pulls Lynn to his feet, Nigel then nails a slingshot suplex on Lynn. Nigel covers Lynn in the middle of the ring, and Lynn gets his shoulder up at two. Nigel gets up and waits for Lynn to do the same. Nigel charges, but Lynn nails a sidekick to the gut. Lynn jumps onto the second turnbuckle, he jumps back, turns in mid air, and nails a flying axe handle. Lynn covers Nigel, but Nigel uses a rope break to break the count. Jerry Lynn then nails Nigel McGuinness with a springboard back blow as Nigel got back to his feet. Nigel rolls to the corner and holds onto it. Lynn comes over and tries to pry him away, but Nigel holds on, and the referee takes away another rope break from Nigel. Lynn begins arguing with the referee to make McGuinness move. Nigel finally gets up, and tosses a turnbuckle cover out of the ring, as he has exposed the steel ring under the middle turnbuckle. Lynn comes at Nigel, but McGuinness pulls Lynn face first into the steel ring. Lynn staggers and Nigel rolls him up, and the referee counts three.

Final Result: Nigel McGuinness, pinfall

Overall Rating: 80%

Notes: Nigel McGuinness gained overness by beating the legendary Jerry Lynn. The Pure Wrestling Championship gained image.


Gary Michael Capetta is backstage where Homicide is throwing things all over the place.

GMC: “Homicide, what are you doing?”

Homicide: “I’m gonna kill those mother f***ers! They’re all gonna die! I swear to God, Capetta! I’m gonna f***ing kill em!”

Julius Smokes: “GMC, Rottweilas for life, yo! Gangsta Ki gonna be back, one way or anotha!”

Homicide: “They’re dead! Dead!”

Homicide shoves GMC.

Homicide: “Get the f*** out!”

GMC runs away as Homicide slams the door behind him.

RoH World Tag-Team Championship

Austin Aries & Roderick Strong© vs. Jay & Mark Briscoe

The Briscoes enter the arena good ovation, even though they’re total a**holes. Personal Jesus hits and Strong and Aries enter to a good ovation, as always. The match begins with Kay Briscoe kicking the leg of Strong and quickly going to work on it. Jay hits a knee breaker on Strong, followed by a Saito suplex, which is usually an Austin Aries trademark maneuver. Jay looks right in Austin’s eyes after hitting the move. Jay covers Strong for only two. Jay quickly pulls Strong to his feet and hooks him up for the Jay Driller, but Strong counters with a back body drop. Strong then nails a boot to the gut, followed by a sidewalk slam. Strong then tags in Aries. Aries comes in and nails a springboard clothesline on Jay Briscoe. Aries pulls Jay to his feet, but Jay nails a punch to the stomach, stopping the momentum. Jay pulls Aries to his corner and tags in Mark Briscoe. Jay picks up Aries, Mark bounces off the ropes, and they connect with the Hart Attack. Mark rolls up Aries, but Aries kicks at two. Mark Briscoe quickly hits Aries with a senton. Mark then tags in Jay as Aries gets up to one knee. Jay runs in and nails a shining wizard. Jay covers Aries, but only gets two. Jay pulls Aries to his feet and grabs a headlock. Aries powers out of it and nails a belly to back suplex, dropping Jay on his head. Aries then tags in Strong. Mark comes in, Strong ducks a clothesline, Strong cradles Mark and nails a vicious backbreaker. Jay gets back to his feet. Strong lifts Jay onto his shoulders and connects with a gut buster. Strong quickly gets up, bounces off the ropes, and nails a Yakuza kick to the head of Jay Briscoe. Strong tags in Aries as Jay Briscoe is out cold. Aries goes to the top, and connects on Jay Briscoe with the 450 Splash! Strong baseball slides Mark Briscoe, and the referee counts to three.

Final Result: Strong & Aries, pinfall

Overall Rating: 83%

Notes: The RoH World Tag-Team Championship gained in image

Four Corner Survival

Delirious vs. Chris Hero vs. Jimmy Rave vs. Jack Evans

The match starts with Chris Hero connecting with a stiff kick on Jimmy Rave. Jimmy Rave comes back and hits a rolling kick on Hero. Rave covers for a two count. Hero tags out to Jack Evans. Evans springboards onto the top rope and nails a spinning heel kick on Jimmy Rave. Evans bounces off the ropes, but Jimmy Rave nails a spear. Evans sits up, holding his ribs. Rave bounces off the ropes and nails a shining wizard, knee to the face. Rave covers, but Evans kicks out at two. Rave gets up, looking frustrated, and Delirious tags himself in. Delirious runs around the ring, yelling random jibberish. Delirious pulls Evans to his feet. Delirious hits a hurricanranna on Evans. Chris Hero tags himself in. Delirious kicks Hero in the gut and begins taunting Hero for holding his stomach in pain. Delirious bounces off the ropes, Hero, though, grabs a cravate, and then nails a cravate suplex. Jimmy rave then tags himself back in, and Hero doesn’t like it. Rave covers Delirious, but Jack Evans breaks it. Hero comes back in and swings at Evans, but Evans ducks it. Evans shoves Hero out of the ring. Hero gets on his feet on the outside. Evans springboards and nails a corkscrew body splash on Hero. Rave watches this happen, and Delirious comes from behind and nails a German suplex on Jimmy Rave. Delirious goes to the top turnbuckle. Delirious goes for Shadows over Hell, but Sal Rinauro comes down to the ring and pulls Jimmy Rave’s leg, pulling him out of the way just in time. Delirious lands hard, face first on the mat. Jimmy Rave picks Delirious up and nails Greetings from Ghana. Rave turns him over and the referee counts to three. Jimmy Rave rolls out of the ring and he and Prince Nana praise their loyal Embassy servant for helping Rave secure the victory.

Final Result: Jimmy Rave, pinfall

Overall Rating: 71%

AJ Styles & Christopher Daniels vs. Donovan Morgan & Michael Modest

Modest and Styles start the match by talking trash right in one another’s face. They begin trading forearms to the head. Modest ducks one and nails a belly to back suplex on Styles. Modest pulls Styles to his feet and nails a Blue Thunder bomb. Styles kicks at two. Morgan is then tagged in. They whipped Styles into the corner, and Modest sends Morgan after him and Morgan nails a clothesline. Morgan then nails a t-bone suplex on Styles for a two count. Morgan pulls Styles to his feet and nails a gut buster. Morgan bounces off the ropes, but Styles nails the kip-up-canranna. Styles leaps onto the top turnbuckle and nails a cross body block. Morgan kicks at two. Styles tags in Daniels, who nails a running senton. Daniels gets two on the cover. Morgan gets up and Daniels nails a running leg lariat. Daniels hooks up Morgan for the Angel’s Wings, but Morgan counters out and nails a back mule kick. Morgan hits a stun gun on Daniels. Modest is tagged in. Modest goes for a suplex, but Daniels drops down behind Modest. Daniels then nails a neck breaker. Daniels leaps to his corner and tags in Styles. Styles nails a springboard forearm on Modest. Styles then nails a spin kick on him as he gets back up. Morgan comes in, Styles ducks a clothesline, Morgan turns around, and Styles connects with the pele kick. Styles grabs Modest and calls for the Styles Clash. Daniels comes in, grabs Styles and nails the Last Rites! Daniels begins taunting Styles and laughing as Michael Modest gets back to his feet. Modest picks up Styles and nails the Reality Check. Modest covers Styles and gets the three count. Daniels begins laughing maniacally. Modest and Morgan get to their feet and stand in front of Daniels, and they all three begin putting the boots to Styles. Daniels then points to both Modest and Morgan, and then puts up the Prophecy symbol, which they return! The Prophecy is back in Ring of Honor!

Final Result: Michael Modest & Donovan Morgan, pinfall

Overall Rating: 89%

Notes: Daniels’s turns is complete and has gained overness. Michael Modest has gained in overness by pinning AJ Styles

RoH World Championship

Bryan Danielson© vs. Samoa Joe

“Mama Said Knock You Out” hits and the fans roar for Samoa Joe as he enters the ring, talking it up, saying he’s going to win back his World Championship. “It’s the Final Countdown” they fans sing along as Bryan Danielson enters the arena, smirking at his opponent. Bryan Danielson enters the ring as the introductions are made. Samoa Joe starts the match by slapping Danielson across the face. Danielson fires back with some forearms to the face. Danielson bounces off the ropes, goes for the roaring elbow, but Joe ducks it and nails a Saito suplex. Joe hooks the leg, but Danielson escapes at two, and the fans sigh as they thought it could have been all over. Joe pulls Danielson to his feet, Danielson throws Joe’s arms away and begins firing with forearms to the face again. Danielson then hits a dropkick to the face of Samoa Joe. Danielson covers, but Joe quickly kicks out. Danielson nails a European uppercut as Joe got back to his feet. Danielson nails a few more, rocking Joe. Danielson nails a Russian leg sweep. Danielson goes onto the second turnbuckle, Joe gets to his feet, and Danielson nails a leaping kick, taking Joe down. Danielson covers, but Joe kicks out at two. Danielson waits for Joe to get up. Danielson once again goes for the roaring elbow, but Joe ducks it, and nails a stiff lariat. Joe hauls Danielson to his feet and nails a power bomb. Danielson kicks out at two, but Joe grabs Danielson in the STF. The fans begin chanting for Danielson to tap, but he is refusing to do so. Danielson reaches out for the ropes, and Joe grabs Danielson in the crossface. Danielson continues reaching out, and finally grabs the bottom rope, breaking the hold. Danielson uses the ropes to get to his feet. Joe grabs Danielson, Danielson takes Joe down. Danielson grabs Joe in an Indian deathlock. Joe begins screaming in pain as Danielson bridges back, putting more pressure on the hold. Danielson breaks the hold and pulls Joe to his feet. Joe, though, nails some quick palm strikes to the face of Bryan Danielson, followed by a step up enziguri. Joe quickly gets to his feet as Danielson is staggering. Joe then nails a dragon suplex, bridging back for a cover, but Danielson escapes at two, and again, the fans groan, thinking Joe had it won. Joe pulls Danielson to his feet and sets him on the top turnbuckle. Joe hooks Danielson up for the Muscle Buster, but Danielson fights out and lands behind Joe. Danielson grabs Joe and rolls backwards into a roll up. At the two count, Joe grabs Danielson in the triangle choke! The fans chant loudly for Danielson to tap! Joe begins screaming, cinching it in deeper. Danielson fights Joe and is able to pull himself and Joe to their feet. Danielson tries getting to the ropes but Joe fights it in more. Danielson then puts him foot on the rope and pushes back. Joe loses his footing and falls backwards with Danielson going back, too. Joe, though, loses his grip on Danielson. Danielson rolls up Joe’s legs and bridges back and grabs the bottom rope. The referee counts to three as Joe fights the added leverage, but can’t in time, and is pinned. Danielson quickly rolls out of the ring, grabs his belt, and runs up the aisle way, laughing and taunting Joe for being too stupid to out think the self-proclaimed best wrestler in the world.

Final Result: Bryan Danielson, pinfall

Overall Rating: 87%

Overall Show Rating: 82%

Attendance: 3,027

Ticket Sales: $105, 945


Post show notes:

-A few days after the show, Michael Modest suffered a tricep strain. He'll be out for 2 months.

-Just before September, RoH reached a national level.

-The card for RoH Unscripted on September 16 will be posted shortly.

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Upcoming card

RoH Unscripted

Saturday, September 16, 2006

(Large Show)

RoH World Champion Bryan Danielson vs. Samoa Joe

Joe petitioned to get this rematch, stating that Danielson couldn’t beat him straight up, and RoH match makers granted him this rematch! Can Joe finally become the first ever two-time RoH World Champion?

AJ Styles & Jerry Lynn vs. Christopher Daniels & Donovan Morgan

At Testing The Limit, Daniels turned on Styles and reformed The Prophecy. Daniels and Morgan (without the injured Michael Modest) challenged AJ Styles to a match, IF he could find a partner! Styles then called someone, the man he won the TNA Tag-Team Championship with: Jerry Lynn! Can Jerry Lynn help Styles in his fight against The Prophecy? Or will Daniels and Morgan, the first RoH World Tag-Team Champions, be too much for the first TNA Tag-Team Champions?

Austin Aries w/Roderick Strong vs. Jay Briscoe w/Mark Briscoe

Another chapter in the ongoing feud between Generation Next and the Briscoes continues as the former RoH World Champion faces off against the eldest Briscoe in this one-on-one encounter!

RoH Pure Wrestling Champion Nigel McGuinness vs. Colt Cabana

After Testing The Limit, Nigel McGuinness openly mocked his long-time rival, Colt Cabana, for being on the losing end while Nigel was on the winning end. Cabana then called Nigel out, and Nigel accepted. However, Nigel told Cabana that he will not defend his title because he sees Cabana as a loser, and feels that losers don’t deserve title shots.

KENTA, Chris Sabin, & Homicide vs. Rhino, Alex Shelley, & Steve Corino

Two feuds combine in this highly volatile six man tag-team match! KENTA and Sabin want some payback for being cheated out of a victory at Testing The Limit, and Homicide, obviously, wants Corino dead! Will ANYONE survive this encounter?

Also scheduled to appear: Chris Hero, Adam Pearce, The Embassy, Rhando, Jack Evans, Matt Sydal, Claudio Castagnoli, & more!

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This is alright for a pretty straightforward RoH diary, but it certainly doesn't explain why Vince McMahon has 90 million dollars he can just give away. I mean, that opening premise is so much dumber than the "I just won the lottery, so now I can book wrestling shows," that it's impossible to take the diary seriously.

Looking at your production values, advertising, and merchandising costs, it becomes clear why you need the ridiculous sum of money; you're losing thousands, maybe in the millions, every month, aren't you? Even if you signed every RoH guy on a written contract and ran 3 tv shows a week, you still wouldn't make enough to pay the egregious amounts you're spending.

I think if you're going to do an RoH diary, it should be RoH, not some 90 million dollar gift from Vince McMahon to end a promotion that's not even in direct competition with his product.

Not to mention, do you really think Vince had much to do with the appearances of guys like Punk or Foley in RoH?

I mean, everything else seems realistic and down to earth, so why the one, glaring, completely unrealistic aspect? It doesn't separate this from the other RoH diaries because you haven't shown how you're spending all this money, and it just makes the diary seem like a joke.

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He's right it seems unrealistic. While the dome is for creative things that throw realism aside, this just seems too far out there. The unrealistic parts are supposed to be like feuds you would never see in WWE or just starting your own promotion. It is hard to take seriously, but other than that it rings true to a RoH style. Good luck.

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Eh, I can't really defend the beginning. I had no other beginning to go on that hadn't been used yet. I was really just going for something off the wall and different. And yeah...I should have thought I through a little better. But hey, what's done is done. I'm really just focussing on the shows now, instead on the...well...lackluster beginning.

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Good, one key to writing a good diary is to make up for things you may not be so good at, like in this case, a backstory. So if you make up for it in your shows, then everything should be fine.

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Right then, I'm going to ignore the background premise of Vince McMahon just giving you a bandle of cash, ruffling your hair and telling you to 'go get 'em tiger' and concentrate on what you've actually done in the diary so far.

  • Using the money to pump up your stats is fair enough, but it just seems like cheating to me as your PI in the game will just continue to rise with ease. Even with 90 million in the bank, RoH wouldn't go straight to the same sort of production values as the WWE, predominately due to the style of the company and the size of the venues they run.
  • The signings of any of the TNA talent is rather unrealistic as the majority of those guys are actually under contract with the company and would not be able to just sign with RoH full time, particularly if RoH had just suddenly become a bigger threat to them.
  • Rhino in RoH? He doesn't seem the sort of guy they would go for in my eyes.
  • I doubt Corino would join up full time either due to his commentments in Japan and the rest of the world.
  • At least you didn't just release everyone you didn't like or doesn't have good stats (Y)

RoH Testing The Limit

  • KENTA just being in a throw away tag match just reeks of you using him because he has good stats. KENTA is built up as a major threat to Danielson and other top line stars, he used sparringly in the company mainly because he is a NOAH regularly and when he does wrestle in RoH it is a very big deal. Disappointing use of him here.
  • Same with Rhino really, you've just stolen one of TNA's bigger names, a guy who was being steadily pushed in the company and you debut him in a throwaway match.
  • Styles predominately teams with Matt Sydal in RoH doing their student/teacher thing, I doubt RoH would want to use a TNA team in their company.
  • The rest of the card looks pretty good in my eyes.
  1. Pelle Primeau vs. Shane Hagadorn - Ugh. Student matches are usually allowed to go the distance as the whole idea of them is to get the guys used to working in front of a crowd. Hagadorn is pretty protected as well as he is only real heel of the first class of RoH students from what I've seen. This new fellow, Rhando seems like a Rhino ripoff, which is weird as you actually have Rhino on your roster now. Nothing really to say about the match as it didn't do anything or go anywhere.
  2. KENTA & Chris Sabin vs. Rhino & Alex Shelley - Okay... Why isn't Shelley with the Embassy? If he's back with the company surely he'd be back in The Embassy? Has Rhino joined or is Shelley just tagging with someone from his old training school? Why is KENTA teaming with Sabin anyway? NOAH guys usually come over in pairs and KENTA generally comes over with Marifuji. I can't really see RoH fans getting behind Rhino, although at least you included those dumbass duelling chants they always do. Rhino and Shelley going over is interesting, at least it wasn't KENTA that took the fall. I'm guessing this is leading up to a rematch, so it all seems fair enough.
  3. Nice angle with Corny/Corino/Pearce and Cabana helping Homicide is nice work after the finish to their feud. Although why didn't Julius Smokes try and help out Homicide?
  4. Colt Cabana & Homicide vs. Adam Pearce You missed out Steve Corino - Starting the show off with two tag matches seems very strange, particularly as they take a very similar formula. Infact they both have the same ending, which sucks. I understand the need to get heat on the heels without the faces looking weak but you need to think of new ways. Hell there is nothing wrong with faces losing clean falls every now and again, it makes the heels look like a threat.
  5. Jerry Lynn Vs. Nigel McGuinness © - Jerry Lynn generally comes out to 'Scapegoat' by Fear Factory. The rope break system didn't really seem to go anywhere in the match, but then it generally doesn't in a lot of RoH matches, so I guess that can be forgiven, nice to see you hadn't forgotten about it though. Nobody really seems to get going in the match, nobody hits any big moves or any of their signatures and the ending seems to come out of nowhere and is yet another varient on the finish that we have seen in the first two matches. Very poor.
  6. A nothing GMC promo there, just like real life :lol: Ki back in the company will be interesting though.
  7. Austin Aries & Roderick Strong© vs. Jay & Mark Briscoe - I'm not a fan of the Briscoes, so I'm pulling for the champs here. A nice exchange of big moves here but it doesn't really go anywhere. Nice to the champs retain, although I doubt its then end of the Briscoes chase for the titles.
  8. Delirious vs. Chris Hero vs. Jimmy Rave vs. Jack Evans - Pretty much a throwaway match here, nothing overly spectacular happens. Nice use of Sal though and it was good to see Rave pick up the victory.
  9. AJ Styles & Christopher Daniels vs. Donovan Morgan & Michael Modest - Basically the whole match is a set up for the return of the Prophecy, which I'm sure Daniels said he was never going to reform in a promo a while back, but eh, I'm not entirely sure on that note. Anyway, people beating up AJ Styles is always a good thing.
  10. Bryan Danielson© vs. Samoa Joe - Ugh, you actually had a really good match going here until the finish. I mean the finish wasn't bad its just that its now the fourth time that its been used on this show and its really beginning to suck. Danielson winning by a Small Package or a roll-up without cheating would have been a fine finish as he has won a lot of close matches like that and he's seen as only just managing to squeak out a win over people. But like I said, barring the finish that was a good match, in fact it was so good the fans even forgot to chant 'This is awesome' for a while and actually watched the match. :shifty:


  • Overall, I'd say it wasn't a bad show. Some of the wrestler's placements on the card seemed a little off, but not everyone can be in the main event, so it can be overlooked. I'd personally like to see the major matches go a little longer and more in-depth, as with some of the matches, particularly the Lynn/McGuinness match, things seemed rushed and little actually seemed to happen before the finish. Anyway, I'm sure things will begin to improve here as this seems to have a good grounding for a diary, for now though you get **/*****
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Trust me, I'd like to make the matches more in depth, but if I did that, they'd be TOO long. I moreso just toyed with "spot reviews" from each one. I'm already taking a different approach to the next show, as I wasn't really digging the way the first was written, either.

And I'm not really using KENTA the way RoH has to use him, which is every few months. He's not going anywhere until I become Global, so I can use him every show. Might as well have him work with some others.

Shelley and Rave showed dissention towards the end of April due to their loss to Aries & Strong, and with Sal joining The Embassy, it's obvious they've given up on him.

I, too, hated my own booking with so many heels cheating to win, but I needed to just get them over, collective, atleast once, as major, "fuck you, I hate you" heels. I'm not going to be doing that so much in the next shows, trust me.

Thanks for the clarification on Lynn's music, I had forgotten the name of the song.

I loved The Prophecy, so I couldn't live with myself if I didn't reform it. It was such an awesome group...even if they DID have Dan Maff....

Don't really pay attention to my card placement, as I'm normally VERY different than most. I don't like to have the first matches be opener and lowers, 4-6 being mids, 7-8 being uppers and the last matches being mains. TNA does that...and...eh, to me, I think to be sporatic, starting off your show with a high profile match, giving the fans "cool downs" in between and such makes for a better show.

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Trust me, I'd like to make the matches more in depth, but if I did that, they'd be TOO long. I moreso just toyed with "spot reviews" from each one. I'm already taking a different approach to the next show, as I wasn't really digging the way the first was written, either.

And I'm not really using KENTA the way RoH has to use him, which is every few months. He's not going anywhere until I become Global, so I can use him every show. Might as well have him work with some others.

Shelley and Rave showed dissention towards the end of April due to their loss to Aries & Strong, and with Sal joining The Embassy, it's obvious they've given up on him.

I, too, hated my own booking with so many heels cheating to win, but I needed to just get them over, collective, atleast once, as major, "fuck you, I hate you" heels. I'm not going to be doing that so much in the next shows, trust me.

- You're talking to someone's whose old shows used to be 12,000+ words, so a show in my mind can never be too long as long as its entertaining all the way through.

- Eh, its up to you how to use KENTA, it just seems like an incredibly waste of a great talent though.

- Sal's only joined the Embassy in real life because Shelley is going to become a more TNA based wrestler now, if he were still in RoH I can't imagine him not being in the Embassy.

- Like I said, heels don't have to cheat to win.

Anyway, I look forward to the next show. Good luck.

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RoH Unscripted

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Announcers: Dave Prazak & Jimmy Bower

Dark Match

Handicap Match

Rhando vs. Ring Crew Express (Dunn & Marcos)

Dunn and Marcos come out to the ring to Poison’s “Nothin’ but a Good Time.” They run around ringside, slapping fan’s hands. Rhando swaggers into the arena to Black Sabbath’s “Paranoid.” Rhando climbs onto the ring apron while putting Green Lantern Fan in his place by calling him a mommy’s-basement-dwelling-virgin. Rhando enters the ring and immediately charges at Dunn and Marcos, running right through them. The bell rings and the match begins. Rhando pulls Dunn to his feet, and starts this beating by tossing Dunn over his head with a t-bone suplex. Rhando immediately pulls Dunn to his feet, spins him around, and sends Dunn flying with a release German suplex. Dunn folds into a pretzel. Fortunately, Rhando made the mistake of flinging Dunn near his own corner and Marcos tags himself in. Marcos charges right at Rhando and knocks himself down, bouncing off the massive chest of Rhando. Rhando pulls Marcos to his feet and nails a vicious lariat. Rhando then rolls Marcos onto his stomach, puts Marcos in a hammerlock, and then bridges over, giving the move some added leverage. Rhando floats back over, stretches Marcos’s arm out and then bridges over in a unique looking bridging rings of Saturn type submission. Rhando then floats back over and pulls Marcos to his feet. Rhando grabs Marcos in a hammerlock and grabs Marcos’s leg. Rhando then picks up Marcos, and drops Marcos’s hammerlocked arm right on his knee and a cradle backbreaker-type maneuver. Rhando tosses Marcos to Dunn and Dunn tags himself in. Dunn runs in, Rhando goes for the lariat, but Dunn ducks it and stomps on Rhando’s foot. Dunn then goes up to the top turnbuckle, looking for a stage dive. Dunn jumps, but Rhando instead opts to just nail his “F*** F*** Gore” as Dunn was in midair. Fortunately for Dunn, the massacre is over, and Rhando covers Dunn for a three count.

Final Result: Rhando, pinfall.

Overall Rating: 62%

The Embassy (Jimmy Rave & Sal Rinauro) vs. Jack Evans & Matt Sydal

Jimmy Rave and Sal Rinauro enter the arena as Rinauro fans Rave with a large, purple fan. Rinauro gets onto his knees, allowing Rave to enter the ring. After this, the fans bombard The Embassy with toilet paper, as always. Annoyingly bad rap music then comes on, signaling the entrance of Jack Evans and “I don’t have enough personality to care what music I have” Matt Sydal. The match begins with Jack Evans breaking dancing at Jimmy Rave, and the fans informing Rave that he just got schooled. Prince Nana then tells Jimmy Rave to do an African dance, which obviously, Jimmy doesn’t know. So Jimmy improvises, dancing awkwardly in a circle. Jack Evans looks to the crowd, wondering what the hell is going on, and Jimmy Rave takes the opportunity to hit Evans from behind. Rave works Evans over a bit in the ropes with the referee in his ear. Rave pulls Evans to his corner and takes the referee to the other side of the ring to exchange cake recipes. Sal Rinauro then starts choking Evans on the top rope. Rave comes back over and pulls Evans out of the corner. Rave hooks Evans up, and drops him with an old school suplex. Rave floats over into a corner for only two. Rave reaches up and tags in Sal Rinauro. Rinauro comes into the ring, but falls flat on his face, tripping on the ropes. He stumbles back up and walks over. Rave holds Evans’s arm up, exposing Jack’s ribs, and Rinauro walks over and grabs Evans in a headlock. Rave’s jaw drops and he scuffles over to his corner to discuss with Nana about how retarded Sal is. Evans quickly shoves Rinauro off the ropes and nails a spinning kick to the face. Evans then nails a standing spinning corkscrew splash on Rinauro. Rave shakes his head, wondering why The Embassy ditched Alex Shelley. Evans rolls Rinauro over, grabs the La Magistral and rolls up Rinauro, but Rinauro is able to kick at two. Evans tags in Sydal. Matt Sydal comes in, and he and Evans whip Rinauro off the ropes and nail a double back elbow. Evans hits a rolling senton on Rinauro, and Sydal follows this with a standing moonsault. Evans leaves the ring as Sydal hooks the leg, but Rinauro kicks out at two. Sydal pulls Rinauro to his feet and rocks Sal with a few right hands and Sal stumbles into the corner. Sydal places Rinauro on the top turnbuckle. Sydal goes up, looking to hit his moonsault belly to belly suplex. Rinauro fights Sydal off and shoves Sydal to the mat. Rinauro then leaps off with an elbow drop. Rave celebrates and calls Rinauro over for a tag. Rinauro obliges and Rave goes for a cover, but for only two. Rave pounds on the mat and yells at the referee before pulling Sydal back to his feet. Rave whips Sydal off the ropes, Sydal floats through a clothesline attempt and nails a spinning DDT. Sydal waits for Rave to get back to his feet, and Sydal hooks Rave up for the Here-It-Is-Driver, but Rave counters out, and connects with Ghana-rrhea. Rave goes for the cover, but Evans comes in and breaks it at two. Rinauro then comes in to fight Evans off, but Evans steps aside and Rinauro tumbles to the outside. Evans then springboard off the top rope and nails a corkscrew press on Rinauro. Rave pulls Sydal to his feet and signals for the finish. Sydal counters out and connects with the Here-It-Is-Driver. Sydal, then, calls for the finish and heads to the top turnbuckle, possibly looking for his shooting star press. Prince Nana gets on the ring apron and begins screaming random jibberish at Matt Sydal and begins poking at Sydal with the purple fan. Rave then uses this distraction to shove the referee into the ropes, crotching Sydal. Sydal tumbles off the top turnbuckle and Rave pulls him into position and nails Greetings from Ghana. Rave rolls Sydal over and covers for the three count.

Final Result: Jimmy Rave & Sal Rinauro, pinfall.

Overall Rating: 74%


Nigel McGuinness vs. Colt Cabana

Colt Cabana struts like a peacock into the arena to Kid Russel’s remix of Copacabana. Nigel McGuinness comes out to Oasis’s “F***ing in the Bushes” along with his signature iron. The match begins with a lot of fans chanting for the ever-so-lovable Colt Cabana, and an assorted few chanting for Nigel. The match begins with both men locking up. Nigel grabs Colt with a full arm dragon twist. Nigel then takes it into a top wristlock. Colt counters out and grabs Nigel in a hammerlock and floats into a headlock. Colt then takes Nigel down to the mat. Nigel looks for a head scissors, but Colt shoves Nigel’s leg away. Nigel then moves his body and hooks him foot on the bottom rope, breaking the hold. Colt gets up, looking confident as Nigel gets up, seeming a little frustrated. They lock up again, and again, Colt grabs Nigel in a headlock. Nigel tries to shove Cabana off the ropes, but Cabana holds on, saying “Oooh no, Nigel!” Cabana then grabs Nigel’s arm and grabs a full arm dragon twist and whips Nigel off the ropes. Cabana then nails a hip toss. Nigel gets back up and Cabana hits an arm drag and keeps Nigel down with an arm lock. Nigel groans in pain, looking for a way out while telling the referee he doesn’t want to give up. Nigel forces his way to his feet and breaks the hold manually. Nigel then scores with an arm drag. Nigel goes for another but Cabana blocks it and Nigel goes down. Cabana then jumps on Nigel, grabbing him in the same arm lock as before as the fans chuckle in amusement. Nigel throws a small temper tantrum before getting to the ropes. Cabana goes to pick Nigel up, but Nigel rakes the eyes and pulls Cabana out of the ring. Nigel rolls out and hits a few right hands on Colt Cabana. Nigel then slams Cabana’s face off the ring apron and he rolls Colt back into the ring. Nigel rolls in and covers Cabana for a two count. Nigel grabs Colt’s arm, leg drop the shoulder, and then grabs Colt in his elevated top wristlock submission. Colt begins screaming agony but refusing to tap out. Nigel lets go of the hold and pulls Cabana top his feet. Nigel holds onto the arm, spins, grabs a top wristlock, and just rips Cabana onto the mat. Nigel then holds Cabana’s arm down on the mat as he starts stomping away at the shoulder and elbow region. Cabana rolls away in pain. Nigel pulls Cabana to his feet again and drops Cabana with the divorce court. Nigel rolls Cabana over and goes for the elevated top wristlock again, but Cabana uses his fresh arm to block it. Nigel breaks Cabana’s grip and cinches in the submission and Cabana screams in pain. Cabana begins fighting to get to the ropes, and after fighting for minutes on end, finally does and the fans cheer as Cabana still has a chance. Nigel pulls Cabana to his feet. Nigel goes to whip Cabana off the ropes, but Cabana reverses it and sends Nigel off, and Cabana then hits a back body drop. Nigel gets up and charges, Nigel goes for a clothesline, Cabana ducks it, Cabana boots Nigel in the gut and connects with a DDT, using his fresh arm. Cabana then pulls Nigel to his feet and sets Nigel up for the Colt 45, but Nigel counters out and nails a single arm DDT. Nigel then pulls Cabana back to his feet and sets him on the top turnbuckle. Nigel turns around, getting ready to nail the Tower of London. Cabana throws Nigel’s arm out of the way. Cabana then wraps his legs around Nigel’s head and rolls forward into a victory roll. Nigel is surprised with this so much that Cabana scores the pinfall victory!

Final Result: Colt Cabana, pinfall.

Overall Rating: 88%

Steve Corino, Rhino, & Alex Shelley vs. Homicide, KENTA, & Chris Sabin

The face team enters the arena to “The Truth.” They all get a great reaction as the sounds switch to a techno remix of “O’ Fortuna” as Steve Corino, Rhino and Alex Shelley enter the arena. As soon as Corino gets into the ring, Homicide attacks. Rhino, being a lover of violence, immediately joins the fray, turning the beginning of this match into a pier six brawl! Chris Sabin ends up going head to head with Alex Shelley as KENTA comes to blows with Rhino. Homicide pulls Steve Corino to his feet and tosses him out of the ring. Alex Shelley rakes Sabin’s eyes and turns and nails Homicide from behind. Shelley nails some chops and whips Homicide off the ropes. Shelley goes for a clothesline, Homicide ducks it, and then Homicide nails his summersault tope on Corino! Alex Shelley looks on in bewilderment. Chris Sabin turns him around and grabs him by the head. Chris Sabin goes for a DDT, but Alex Shelley picks him up. Chris Sabin then kicks off on the back of Rhino and then drops Shelley with the DDT. KENTA then nails a roundhouse kick to Rhino’s face. KENTA then bounces off the ropes and goes for his patented flying knee, but Rhino ducks it. Rhino then grabs KENTA and nails a belly to belly suplex. Sabin then spins Rhino around and picks him up for the Cradle Shock, but Rhino fights out and lands behind Sabin. Rhino grabs Sabin and sets him up for a piledriver, but Sabin back body drops Rhino over the top rope and to the floor. KENTA then grabs Shelley and tosses him through the ropes and to the floor. Sabin then signals to KENTA to follow his lead. Rhino and Shelley help each other to their feet on the floor, and Sabin and KENTA simultaneously bounce off the ropes and then propel themselves over the top rope with summersault planchas onto Rhino and Alex Shelley. KENTA and Sabin get to their feet and high five the awesomeness of the high risk offense. Homicide finally takes Corino back into the ring and continues pummeling Corino’s head. Homicide shoves Corino into the corner and begins kicking away at the mid section. Homicide whips Corino off the ropes and nails a basement dropkick right to the knees. Corino is down on one knee, Homicide bounces off the ropes and connects with a shining wizard, and move he hasn’t used in quite a while. Corino then decides to roll out of the ring and Homicide says “whatever” as KENTA and Chris Sabin bring Shelley into the ring. Homicide steps back as KENTA and Sabin look to be ready to put away Alex Shelley. Sabin then hauls Shelley onto his shoulders, looking for the Cradle Shock. KENTA then bounces off the ropes and nails Shelley in the head with the flying knee and Sabin then immediately uses the strike’s momentum to nail a picture perfect Cradle Shock. Rhino then slides into the ring and proceeds to nail a double Gore on KENTA and Chris Sabin! Rhino pounds his chest, taunting the pair. Rhino then turns around, and Homicide levels him with a lariat. Suddenly, Julius Smokes is heard screaming on the floor. Homicide turns around and Adam Pearce has grabbed Smokes in a cross face chicken wing. Homicide begins to leave the ring, but Steve Corino runs in and rolls Homicide up with a school boy, catching Homicide off guard, and Corino scores the three count before Homicide comes to his senses! Corino then slides out of the ring and Pearce shoves Smokes to the ground and the two back up the ring, laughing at Homicide, who looks more p****ed than ever.

Final Result: Steve Corino, Rhino, & Alex Shelley, pinfall.

Overall Rating: 85%

Austin Aries vs. Jay Briscoe

“Personal Jesus” begins to blare over the sound system, and the fans come alive and begin banging on the guard rail to the beat of the song. Austin Aries enters the arena to a great reaction from the crowd. Aries leaps into the ring and shows off his half of the RoH World Tag-Team Championship. “Gimme Back My Bullets” begins to play and Jay Briscoe enters the arena. Assorted fans around ringside show him their support and bang on the guard rail to the beat of his music. Jay Briscoe enters the ring and paces, waiting to start the match. The bell rings and both men reluctantly shake hands before circling the ring. They lock up in an intense collar and elbow. Both men try to take a low center of gravity, trying to gain an advantage in leverage. Both men break the tie up and step back, tacking in one another’s intensity. Jay Briscoe then marches up right into Austin’s face. Jay Briscoe slaps Aries right in the mouth. The fans “OOOH” at it, and then Aries nails a stiff forearm right to the jaw. Aries nails a few more that rock Jay Briscoe. Aries grabs Jay and nails an STO. Aries jumps to his feet, bounces off the ropes, and nails a knee drop. Aries gets right back up, screams out “slow motion” and slowly, very slowly, bounces off the ropes again, and nails a slow motion knee drop. The fans laugh and bang on the guard rails. Aries covers, but Briscoe kicks out. Aries gets up and waits for Jay to pull himself to his feet. Aries goes for a discus punch, but Jay ducks it, and Jay then nails a belly to back suplex with Aries being dropped on his neck. Aries staggers to his feet and Jay Briscoe nails a running leg lariat. Cover gets two for Briscoe. Jay pulls Aries to his feet and grabs Aries in a cobra clutch. Jay begins cinching it in as Aries tries to fight it off. Aries begins trying to nail a back elbow on Briscoe, but then Briscoe nails a cobra clutch suplex, dropping Aries on his head again. Briscoe pulls Aries back to his feet and sets him up for the Jay Driller. Aries fights it off and stands up with Jay Briscoe, and Aries nails Jay with a spine buster. Aries then nails the powerdrive elbow. Aries covers Jay, but Jay kicks out at two. Aries stands up and yells, signaling that he’s ready to put this match away. Mark Briscoe is then seen running down to the ring. Mark gets onto the ring apron distracting Austin Aries and the referee. Jay Briscoe is given enough time to recover. Jay Briscoe then spins Aries around, kicks him in the gut, and connects with the Jay Driller! Jay covers Aries, but the referee has his back turned as he’s dealing with Mark Briscoe. Jay gets up and begins yelling at his brother to get off the apron as he’s got the match won. Jay shoves Mark off the apron and shakes his head, telling his brother he’s an idiot and messes everything up. Aries then gets to his feet and sneaks up behind Jay. Aries jumps on Jay Briscoe and nails the snap crucifix. The pin only gets two, but Aries holds on and floats over into a ring of Saturn right in the middle of the ring! After a minute of trying to get to the ropes, Jay Briscoe submits! Mark Briscoe slides into the ring and begins stomping away at Austin Aries. Mark begins kicking at Austin’s head, obviously upset about Aries picking up the victory. Jay gets up and shoves Mark out of the way. Jay points to the ropes and Mark goes out onto the ring apron. Jay Briscoe sets up Austin Aries for the spike Jay Driller. Suddenly, Roderick Strong slides into the ring and nails Mark Briscoe with a leaping Yakuza kick, knocking Mark Briscoe off the apron. Jay Briscoe tosses Aries aside. Jay goes for a right hand, but Strong blocks it, grab Jay in a half nelson, and then drops Jay Briscoe with a half nelson backbreaker. Jay Briscoe writhes around in pain and rolls out of the ring. Roderick Strong saves Aries from being crippled, and Strong has single handedly ran off the Briscoe Brothers!

Final Result: Austin Aries, submission.

Overall Rating: 86%


Backstage, Gary Michael Cappetta is trying to catch up with Bryan Danielson.

GMC: “Dragon! Dragon! Wait a second!”

Bryan Danielson stops, sighs, and turns around.

Danielson: “What, Cappetta? What do you want?”

GMC: “I just wanted to get your thoughts on your rematch tonight!”

Danielson: “Listen, I’d love to and all, but I really don’t have the time right now. And even if I did, I wouldn’t indulge myself to the pricks watching at home. Now if you’ll excuse, I have some business to attend to!”

Danielson then knocks on a door. The door opens, Danielson enters, and the door is slammed in GMC’s face. GMC then reads the name printed on the door.

GMC: “Christopher Daniels? What the?!”

Overall Segment Rating: 85%

Claudio Castagnoli vs. Chris Hero vs. BJ Whitmer vs. Ace Steel

“Down” by STP begins to play as BJ Whitmer enters the arena. Suddenly, Chris Hero and Claudio Castagnoli jump him from behind. Chris Hero then shoves Whitmer chest first into the ring apron. Claudio rolls Whitmer into the ring. Claudio and Hero slide in and begin putting the boots to a member of Team RoH from Cage of Death. Claudio and Hero begin beating the revenge out of Whitmer. Suddenly, Ace Steel comes running down the aisle. Steel slides into the ring and begins nailing each member of the Kings of Wrestling with stiff right hands. Whitmer gets back up, and he grabs Chris Hero as Steel grabs Claudio, and Steel and Whitmer nails stereo Russian leg sweeps. Whitmer then pulls Hero to his feet and shoves him into the corner. Whitmer begins chopping Hero in the corner. Ace Steel goes to pick up Claudio, but Claudio grabs Steel and pulls him out of the ring and to the floor. Claudio then gets up and nails Whitmer from behind. Claudio sets up Whitmer, and he and Hero nail a double vertical suplex on BJ Whitmer. Ace Steel comes back in and grabs Claudio around the waist. Claudio reverses it. Hero goes for a clothesline on Steel, but Steel ducks and Hero nails Claudio. Steel then boots Hero in the gut. Steel goes for the Spinal Shock, but Hero fights out of it and lands on his feet behind Ace Steel. Chris Hero pulls Ace backwards, and then nails Ace Steel with the Hero’s Welcome. Chris Hero gets up, turns around, BJ Whitmer then grabs Hero and nails the Exploder! Whitmer covers Hero and gets the three count, getting some personal payback on CZW by pinning Chris Hero!

Final Result: BJ Whitmer, pinfall.

Overall Rating: 75%

Christopher Daniels & Donovan Morgan vs. AJ Styles & Jerry Lynn

“I Am” hits, and the fans cheer as the first TNA Tag-Team Champions, AJ Styles and Jerry Lynn, enter the arena. Jerry Lynn rolls in and gets onto a turnbuckle and flashes the rock symbol as AJ Styles gets into the ring, rips off his hood and poses for the crowd. “Disposable Teens” begins to play as Christopher Daniels, Donovan Morgan, and Allison Danger of The Prophecy enter the arena to quite a lot of booing from the RoH fans. Christopher Daniels stands in front of the ring as AJ Styles tries to fight off the referee so he can get after Daniels. Daniels takes off his entrance attire and slides into the ring, and he and Styles begin exchanging wild blows. Donovan Morgan and Jerry Lynn then try to break the two up. Morgan and Lynn begin shoving each other, and then they, too, come to blows. Lynn ducks a right hand and then nails a release northern lights suplex. Morgan bails out of the ring. AJ Styles then nails a step up enziguri on Daniels and he, too, bails out. The fans begin chanting AJ’s name as The Prophecy regroups on the floor. Donovan Morgan then rolls into the ring as Styles goes out onto the ring apron, and finally, the match officially begins. Both men lock up, and Donovan Morgan arrogantly slaps on a headlock. Jerry Lynn nails some elbows to the kidneys and counters out with a hammerlock. Jerry Lynn then grabs a headlock and mocks Donovan Morgan. Morgan shoves Lynn off the ropes and Lynn knocks Morgan down with a shoulder block. Lynn bounces off the ropes, Morgan rolls over onto his stomach, and instead of jumping over Donovan Morgan, Jerry Lynn hits a leg drop to the back of the head. Donovan Morgan sits up on his knees, holding the back of his head. Jerry Lynn then bounces off the ropes and nails a dropkick right to the face. Lynn with a cover, but Morgan kicks out. Jerry Lynn then tags in AJ Styles. Lynn and Styles wait as Morgan gets to his feet. Lynn then grabs Morgan in a headlock as Styles takes a knee. Lynn then nails a running bulldog, dropping Morgan’s face across AJ’s knee. Lynn leaves the ring as Morgan rolls over onto his back. Styles then bounces off the ropes and nails a leaping knee drop. Styles goes for the cover but Daniels comes in and pulls Styles off of Morgan. Styles goes over and tries to gets some shots in on Daniels but Daniels bails out of the ring, avoiding the contact. Donovan Morgan gets to his feet and shoves Styles chest first into the corner. Morgan then picks up Styles and drops him face first on the top turnbuckle with a snake eyes. Morgan tags in Daniels. Daniels comes in and immediately nails a belly to back suplex on Styles. Daniels floats over into a cover, but Styles kicks out. Daniels then grabs Styles in a neck vice. Styles begins to scream in pain but denies Daniels the pleasure of getting a submission victory by telling the referee he doesn’t want to tap. Styles begins trying to get to his feet. Daniels then halts AJ’s momentum by nailing a swinging neckbreaker, softening up AJ’s neck just a little more. Daniels covers again, but Styles shoots the shoulder up at two. Daniels pulls Styles to his feet and tags in Donovan Morgan. Daniels pulls Styles onto his shoulders, and Daniels drops AJ Styles neck first across the knee of Donovan Morgan. Morgan covers, but Styles kicks out again. A frustrated Christopher Daniels storms onto the ring apron, not happy about Styles kicking out. Donovan Morgan pulls Styles to his feet and grabs a neck wrench. Morgan pushes down on AJ’s body, putting more leverage on the neck. Styles begins trying desperately to get to his corner to tag in Jerry Lynn. Donovan Morgan turns Styles, goes for a neckbreaker, but Styles nails a back elbow right to Morgan’s spine, and Styles nails a leaping back heel kick on Donovan Morgan. Styles reaches up to make the tag. Christopher Daniels comes in, but is too late as Jerry Lynn is tagged in! Lynn comes in and nails a clothesline on Daniels. Lynn clotheslines Morgan, as well. Lynn whips Daniels off the ropes and nails a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Lynn then kicks Morgan in the gut, and nails a spinning DDT. Lynn covers, but Morgan kicks out. Lynn then signals for the cradle pile driver. Lynn sets Morgan up for it, but Daniels comes in and nails Lynn from behind. Styles comes in and nails a spinning heel kick on Daniels. Daniels rolls out of the ring. Daniels gets to his feet on the outside, and Styles bounces off the ropes and leaps over the top rope with his beautiful summersault plancha. Jerry Lynn then sets up Donovan Morgan for the cradle pile driver again. But this time, Allison Danger jumps on Jerry Lynn’s back. Lynn then grabs her and flips her over his head to the mat. Lynn then shoves her out of the ring. Lynn turns around, and walks right into the Golden Gate Spin! Daniels holds onto AJ’s legs, keeping him on the outside, and Donovan Morgan covers Jerry Lynn and gets the three count just as AJ Styles was able to roll into the ring. Donovan Morgan rolls out of the ring, and he, Daniels and Danger walk up the ramp, celebrating the cheap victory.

Final Result: Christopher Daniels & Donovan Morgan, pinfall.

Overall Rating: 89%

RoH World Championship

Bryan Danielson© vs. Samoa Joe

“Momma Said Knock You Out” hits, and the fans come alive as Samoa Joe enters the ring, looking determined to become RoH’s only two-time World Champion. Joe enters the ring and gets onto the second turnbuckle, bobbing his head to a “Joe” chant from the crowd. “Final Countdown” hits, and RoH World Champion Bryan Danielson swaggers into the arena, and the fans immediately begin a “F*** you, Dragon” chant. Danielson enters the ring and backs into a corner as the introductions are made. Danielson then steps forward and offers Joe his hand. Joe takes it, and Danielson nails a forearm to the head and rolls out of the ring to mock Samoa Joe. Joe then rolls out of the ring and chases Danielson around ringside. Danielson rolls back into the ring and bounces off the ropes, Joe slides in, Danielson goes for a roaring elbow Joe ducks it. Joe then grabs Danielson in the triangle choke! Danielson is too close to the ropes and grabs them, and Joe is forced to break the hold. Joe does, and Danielson bails out of the ring again to regroup. Danielson bends over, coughing, trying to regain his composure. Danielson stands up, and Samoa Joe dives through the ropes and nails Danielson with the suicide dive. Joe stands up and the fans at ringside start to chant his name. Joe pulls Danielson to his feet and throws him into a chair at ringside. Joe walks to the opposite side of ringside as the fans begin singing the “Ole Ole” song. Joe runs up and connects with the Ole Ole Kick to Danielson’s face, and Danielson crumples in a heap on the floor. Joe hauls Danielson to his feet and rolls him back into the ring. Joe covers, but Danielson kicks out. Joe pulls Danielson to his feet, only to take him down with a snap mare. Joe then slaps Danielson in the back. Joe follows up with a kick right to the chest. Joe bounces off the ropes and drops a knee of Bryan Danielson. Joe covers again, but Danielson kicks out. Joe gets up, looking perturbed. Joe pulls Danielson into the corner and places his foot on his face, seemingly ready to wash Danielson’s dirty face! But Danielson slides out of the ring, trips Joe, and pulls Joe crotch first into the ring post. Danielson rolls back into the ring and pulls Joe away from the corner. Danielson picks up Samoa Joe’s legs, and kicks him low. Danielson then nails a leg drop, seemingly low, too. Danielson appears to have been watching a lot of Samoa Joe tapes and apparently feels that Joe’s weakness is his balls. Take that for what you will. Danielson defends himself to the referee, saying his shots were above the belt, stating that it only seemed below the belt because Joe is a “fat ass.” Danielson pulls Joe to his feet, and nails a Bob Backlund atomic drop. Danielson then bounces off the ropes, and Joe hits a desperation power slam and collapses backwards. Both men are down and the fans begin the motivational hand clap, because wrestlers are miraculously rejuvenated when there’s a lot of noise. Both men get up at the same time. Joe nails a forearm, which Danielson gives right back. Joe then rocks Danielson with some palm strikes, and then nails an enziguri. Joe gets up and goes for the dragon suplex, but Danielson lands on his feet. Danielson then scores with the roaring elbow. Danielson rolls Joe over, and then locks in the Cattle Mutilation! Joe begins to scream in pain as Danielson arches his back some more, trying to get the most leverage as possible. The fans begin chanting “please don’t tap” and Joe obliges by not submitting. Danielson then rolls Joe over into a double chicken wing roll up, but Joe kicks out at two. Danielson gets up and begins calling the referee a slow retard which allows Joe time to recover. Joe staggers to his feet. Danielson turns around, and Joe levels Danielson with a lariat that would make Kenta Kobashi proud. Joe then screams “muscle buster” and pulls Danielson to his feet. Joe sets Danielson on the top turnbuckle and scores with the muscle buster! Joe covers Danielson, but Bryan Danielson kicks out at two! Danielson made a mistake, however, and sat up, which allows Joe to grab him in the triangle choke! The fans now begin chanting for Danielson to tap, but Danielson begins trying to get to the ropes, but Joe wraps his legs around Danielson’s, making it very hard to Danielson to get to the ropes. Danielson then begins trying to maneuver himself and Joe over so he can get to his feet. Danielson is successful and it able to get to his feet. Danielson goes for the maneuver where he kicks off the ropes and makes Joe lose his footing, but Joe counters, and nails Danielson with a sick sleeper suplex. Suddenly, an unknown person can be seen slinking down to ringside. Samoa Joe waits for Danielson to get to his feet. Joe charges, but Joe’s luck runs out as Danielson unintentionally collapses. Joe stops near the ropes, and the unknown person stands up, revealing himself to be Christopher Daniels! Daniels then tosses power in Joe’s eyes! Danielson is able to get back to his feet as Joe blindly staggers. Danielson grabs Joe and nails a Regal-Plex! Danielson then bridges, and the referee administers a three count before Joe can regain his sense of what is happening!

Final Result: Bryan Danielson, pinfall.

Overall Rating: 90%

Notes: The RoH World Championship has gained image.

Post match

Daniels slides into the ring and shakes Danielson’s hand. They have apparently made a deal based of their mutual hate for Samoa Joe. Danielson then grabs his title belt and waits for Samoa Joe to get to his feet. Joe gets back up. Danielson goes for a belt shot, but Joe ducks it and nails a few palm strikes, and then an enziguri. Danielson bails out. Joe then stands up. Daniels goes for a clothesline, but Joe back body drops Daniels over the top rope, right on top of Bryan Danielson. The fans begin chanting Joe’s name as Joe furiously kicks at the ropes and screams at Daniels and Danielson. Joe then orders the ring announcer to give him the microphone.

Joe: “Alright Dragon, you wanna play the numbers game? That’s fine! You wanna make a deal with one of my biggest rivals? That’s just fine, too! How about you two show everyone what you got next month?”

Danielson and Daniels, who have gotten back to their feet, obviously accept Joe’s challenge.

Joe: “Alright then, we’ll have ourselves a little tag-team match! You two, against me and a man that you, Bryan Danielson, have NEVER been able to beat in your entire RoH career!”

Danielson tilts his head and cocks his eye brow as Christopher Daniels asks him who it is.

Joe: “Oh, you look confused, Dragon, so let me spell it out for you. His first name starts with a J, and his “surname” starts with an L.”

Danielson and Daniels to turn each other and wonder if he’s talking about Jerry Lynn.

Joe: “No, you idiot, not Jerry Lynn! My partner is going to be none other than JUSHIN “THUNDER” LYGER!

The fans begins chanting “Lyger” as Danielson’s eyes bug out of his head. And with that, the show comes to a close.

Post Show Promo

AJ Styles is backstage, looking aggravated and annoyed about his loss earlier tonight.

Styles: “Alright Prophecy, you got one up on me again. That’s just fine and dandy, cause what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger. So, at Glory by Honor next month, it’s gonna be Donovan Morgan and Michael Modest against me and another guy I used to team with. First it was Jerry Lynn, and I thank him for teaming with me again, but he just didn’t get the job done. So I’ve made the call, and it’s gonna be you two against me, and my former RoH Tag-Team Championship partner, The Amazing Red! See you chumps next month!”

Show Rating: 84%

Attendance: 3,581

Ticket Sales: $161,145


Post show notes:

-Amazing Red will be brought in for one night only and, barring a miracle performance, won't be signed to a contract. His overness, at the time of the signing, was 67.

-Jushin Liger is, of course, signed to an open contract. His overness at the time of the signing is 80. If there are no scheduling conflicts, Liger may be booked for two shows instead of just one.

-Because of prior commitments, Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley will not be booked for Glory by Honor.

-At the beginning of October, TNA went Global. RoH went into the month at 28% PI at a National level.

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Upcoming card

RoH Glory by Honor

Saturday October 14, 2006

(Large show)

RoH World Champion Bryan Danielson & Christopher Daniels vs. Samoa Joe & Jushin “Thunder” Lyger

Daniels and Danielson apparently made a deal, based off their mutual hate for Samoa Joe, and Daniels assisted Danielson in beating Joe at Unscripted. Joe, then, called the pair out, and told Danielson that his partner would be someone that American Dragon has never been able to beat: New Japan’s Jushin Lyger! Lyger makes his long awaited return to once again team with Samoa Joe in an effort to once again humble Bryan Danielson.

RoH World Tag-Team Champions Austin Aries & Roderick Strong vs. Briscoe Brothers (Jay & Mark) – Non-Title

The Briscoes demanded a title shot, but Aries and Strong denied thema title match, as the Briscoes have been unable to beat Aries or Strong in the last few attempts. Is the Briscoes win, they could be awarded a title shot, but if they lose, it may very well be a long time before they ever get another shot at the RoH World Tag-Team Championship!

RoH Pure Wrestling Champion Nigel McGuinness vs. Colt Cabana

At Unscripted, Colt Cabana pinned Nigel McGuinness after McGuinness had mocked Cabana for suffering a loss. After getting the win, Colt Cabana was awarded this title shot! Can Cabana get the win over his long time rival and dethrone the longest reining Pure Champion?

Falls Count Anywhere

Homicide vs. Adam Pearce

After Homicide was once again screwed out of a victory, he went to RoH match makers and demanded a match with Adam Pearce, and he was given it! Homicide now has Adam Pearce in his realm: falls count anywhere, no disqualifications! Will Adam Pearce live past Glory by Honor, or will Steve Corino be able to bail him out?

AJ Styles & Amazing Red vs. Donovan Morgan & Michael Modest

At Unscripted, AJ Styles teamed with a man he hadn’t teamed with in a long time: Jerry Lynn. The first TNA Tag-Team Champions were unsuccessful against The Prophecy. Now, AJ Styles has dusted off another former tag-team partner, a man he won the RoH Tag-Team Championship with: The Amazing Red! Now, the former champions take on Donovan Morgan and Michael Modest. Can AJ Styles gain some revenge and get the win over The Prophecy? Or will another former partner prove to be a failure?

KENTA vs. Jerry Lynn vs. Rhino vs. Jimmy Jacobs

At Unscripted, Rhino was the only one of these four to get a victory. Can he make it two in a row? Or can KENTA make everyone Go 2 Sleep? Or will jerry Lynn pile drive his way into the win column? Or can Jimmy Jacobs pull off the upset of a lifetime?

Also scheduled to appear: The Embassy, Rhando, BJ Whitmer, Chris Hero, Ace Steel, Claudio Castagnoli and more!

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Overall I'd give this show a 4 out of 5. The Angle with Danielson wasn't as subtle as it should have been. It was a given that Daniels or the entire Prophecy would be helping Danielson win or at the very least be interfereing. The matches were well-written and entertaining, in my opinion. I'd like to see more angles involving non-main eventers. Maybe put more fuel on the Homocide-Corino fire.

Predictions for Glory by Honor:

KENTA versus Lynn versus Rhino versus Jacobs: I'll go on a limb and say Jacobs pulls off the upset, because I love to see younger talent get pushed. Then again, KENTA deserves the win and needs to be pushed up a little more on the card.

Styles & Red versus Morgan & Modest: I'm giving this one to Styles & Red, why? I feel The Prophecy needs to take a loss at this stage in the feud.

Homocide versus Pearce: Pearce via interference from Corino. Building up Homocide taking losses might help build up to a really good feud end win or mid-feud bout with Corino where Homocide goes ballistic.

Nigel versus Cabana: Cabana. I feel it would be nice to see Cabana win and continue this long-time feud.

Aries & Strong versus Briscoe Bros. Non-title: Briscoes. Because it's non-title, they prove themselves worthy of a title shot with a nice, clean victory.

Danielson/Daniels versus Joe/Lyger: Danielson/Daniels, via pinfall on Joe. Keep the Lyger never losing to Danielson thing going, so that way it can be used further down the line. I feel that this feud is going to continue to be an uphill battle for Joe, until other enemies of the Prophecy are brought in to topple over this alliance.

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