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PSP question?


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okay im thinking of buying a psp,but the games for it are too damn expensive so i was justin going to fork out the money for a 2GB memory card and download the games online to the memory card and save money in the long run,and also i heard that i can download all my emulators and roms onto the memory card and play all my favourite classics on the psp aswell.

i asked my friend who has one (who downloads all his games) about it and he said that certain new models of the psp wont play the downloaded games and it has kinda put me off gettin one.

so i wanna know is this true or is he just bullshitting me? (because the guy is known to bullshit alot,but is quite knowledgable when it comes to his gaming)

and i dont wanna go out and buy one and find out i have to pay a shitload for several games aswell.

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Nope, he's right.

The easiest hackable firmware version is 1.5, I think all versions between 1.5 and 2.7 are downgradable to 1.5. 2.7 and 2.71 are not hackable.... yet.

I don't really know that much though as I went with a DS instead of PSP

Wikipedia has a whole article about it


Chances are you won't find a 1.5 PSP anymore, your likely to get at least a firmware 2, if not 2.5

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Really wouldn't advise the whole homebrew scene, there's a high risk of "bricking" your psp (essentially turning it into an electronic brick, as fucking around with the firmware can destroy the console). And it's solid to crack the latest firmware's anyway.

You'll fit one, maybe two games tops onto a 2gig card, so unless you want to constantly rotate the games or buy a bunch of sticks, it's really not worth it.

The games will come down in price, eventually. I'd avise looking out for preowned software, but round my local shops it's usually only a couple of quid cheaper. There is a platinum range out now for PSP however (Medievil Ressurection for £20, bargain).

It's disgusting how much we're expected to pay for handheld games. I'd say £25 tops was fair, and budget games £15, especially considering how most of the titles out now are just ports from the PS2. The worst thing is the price of preowned software if you think how little the shops buy your stuff for. I was offered £6 for Mercury the other day, saw it preowned in-store for £30, it's a disgrace.

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