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WWE 2006: GM Wars

Guest TheGreatKhali345

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Guest TheGreatKhali345

The Night after Backlash... Monday Night Raw

Ross: Welcome everyone to Monday Night Raw!

Lawler: What a night Backlash was i can't believe the main event i can't believe RVD won the IC Title.

Ross: Last night was amazing but tonights going to be even better Vince has some major announcements to make and i hear we might be getting a new GM for Raw.

Lawler: that would be something we haven't had a general manager in a long time and Vince basically has been running the brand himself.

Ross: Yes king that would be a change we also hear there are going to be more major announcements then that lets hear what Vince has to say.

No Chance in Hell starts to play and the fans Boo Vince walks down the ramp and into the ring and grabs a mic.

Vince: Welcome to Monday Night Raw and tonight i have a few major announcements and first off i want to talk about Raw for the past few months i have been self running Raw and their has been no GM for this brand which is unfair and i have decided to step back from my role on Raw a bit and let a new GM take control of Raw and get everything in order. So first let me introduce me to your new GM of Raw.

Mick Foley's music starts going and the fans cheers are louder then ever heard before Foley comes down the ramp and Vince hands him a mic.

Foley: Thank you Vince, for giving me this opportunity to be the New GM of Raw i have a few announcements about tonight's show i want to make then ill let Vince go on with his announcements.

First off tonight to kick it off were going to have a Triple Threat Match for the IC Title #1 Contendership.

it will be Big Show vs Carlito vs Shelton Benjamin. Also im starting a WWE Title #1 Contender Tourney

and tonight's main event will be its first match Triple H vs a unknown debuting superstar newly signed to Raw. Thats all i have to say here u go Vince have a nice day!

Mick Foley hands the mic to Vince and leaves the ring.

Vince: Thank you Mick now i have a few more announcements to make surrounding the ECW payperview

ECW's One Night Stand. I have decided to make ECW the 3rd brand in sports entertainment. ECW the tuesday after One Night Stand will start on Sci FI at 10/9 central as ECW on SciFi! As well tonight later on the ECW GM will come out and let u know about some of the matches your going 2 see at ECW's One Night Stand and some of the superstar signings for ECW. Also im going 2 let every Raw, and Smackdown superstar that you are free to jump to ECW at anytime. Also Mick Foley told you tonight's main event is going to be Triple H vs a newly signed superstar there are serveral newly signed superstars going to debut on Raw, Smackdown, and ECW in the weeks coming up to and after One Night Stand. Also were going to have a very special person be Co-GM of Smackdown with Theodore Long but Smackdown's Co-GM will address you about that at the start of Friday Night Smackdown. Well that is all my announcements good luck Mick Foley with your new postion on Raw and have a good show.

Lawler: ECW? returning full time? I thought One Night Stand was terrible enough now we have to deal with ECW brand full time? This is terrible!

Ross: I think its a good idea and Vince is usually right about these business matters we'll see what happens over the up and coming weeks and months but did u hear that Smackdown's having a Co-GM put in to go with Theodore Long!

Lawler: Finally Vince is going to have someone put in to keep Long's Smackdown Superstars in line!

Ross: I thought Theodore Long has done fine as the GM of Smackdown but you have to wonder after Mick Foley being put as the GM of Raw were going to find out who's the GM of the new ECW who do u think is going to be Co-GM of Smackdown.

Lawler: I don't know JR im gonna tune in and see i hope Vince made a bad choice for Smackdown.

Ross: Stop it King, I guess we'll have to wait till Friday to find out.

Lawler: That Triple Threat match is next for the #1 contendership.

Ross: Its going to be a rocket buster and its Next!

Commerical Break...

Big Show vs Carlito vs Shelton Benjamin ( Triple Threat Match for IC #1 Contendership)

(Carlito and Benjamin team up to take out Show and they rammed him into the steel steps stomped at him and then the back cracker. Shelton Benjamin started to destroy Carlito T-Bone on Carlito! 1-2-2.99999999

Big Show pulled Benjamin off him show then attacked benjamin meanwhile Kane proceeded down the ramp and Carlito has left the ring and went outside to get a Steel Chair Carlito got back into the ring with steel in hand lefts and rights at Benjamin the Ref is going after the Chair the Big Show goes off the ropes and then over because Kane tripped him over and out the ref didn't see it the chair is thrown away by the ref while he's tossing it a low blow is down to Benjamin and he hits Back Cracker he pins him 1-2-3 Carlito cheated he stole the match Carlito then left the ring and left threw the crowd meanwhile Kane after the match he destroyed the Big Show he set up a table out side brought show inside and then Chokeslamed Show from the Inside to out threw the table Kane left with the Big Show out cold and Benjamin out from the Back cracker!) Winner Carlito new #1 Contender for IC Title.

Commercial Break...

Ross: Carlito stole the win! he shouldn't be #1 contender.

Lawler: he took advantage he was smarter then Show and Benjamin!

Ross: Either way he shouldn't be #1 Contender but i guess we'll see RVD vs Carlito next week's main event on Raw!

Lawler: Next were going to find out the ECW GM i hope its not Paul Heyman!

Ross: I don't know who it is but i hope the same king lets see and find out.

Paul Heyman's music hits and he comes out and grabs a mic.

Paul: Hello everyone im Paul Heyman and im the New GM of ECW and Vince has allowed me the opportunity to get any choice of anyone from either brand besides Champions. So let me get right down to business my first draft pick is from Smackdown and he will be coming out now.

Finlay's music hits and the crowd boo's he comes into the ring and grabs a mic.

Finlay: Thank you Paul for this opportunity Smackdown has 0 opportunities and ill take ECW to the next level + its legal to use my fav irish weapon!

Paul: No No Thank you Finlay for accepting us so openly after being drafted now may i please announce my next draft pick from Raw.

Kane's music hits and the fans are very confused and wondering why he choice Kane instead of some of the other superstars from the Raw Brand. Kane grabs a mic and begins to speak.

Kane: Thank You Paul now i get a chance with every match to destroy my opponent and make sure he leaves a bloody mess!

Paul: Welcome Kane to ECW im also glad your so accepting of you being drafted to ECW. Now that you two have been presented you two can go back to the locker room and get ready and train for the New ECW!

Kane and Finlay leave and there both talking to each other about being drafted and they fade out of the picture and Paul Heyman begins to talk again.

Paul: Well that was shocking wasn't it? I also along with Raw have been making signings for my new ECW and i plan on making this Debut on SciFi the best and ECW will be the #1 Brand in Sports Entertainment

But i also have some announcement from the already known knowledge like that. I have some matches booked for ECW's One Night Stand one match will be Kane debut on ECW vs Big Show the man he screwed out an IC title match earlier in the show! As well Vince has allowed us to have a Title match to get a title for ECW so at ECW's One Night Stand its going to be a Triple Threat Match for the World Heavyweight Title

Current Champ Rey Mysterio vs Finlay vs ???? the Third man will be debuting on ECW like Finlay in that match and will be found out about that night on ECW's One Night Stand! So far those are the only 2 matches on the card and also 2 let u know both of those matches are under Extreme Rules! which means anything goes pinfalls anywhere submission anywhere and it means no dq's no countouts it means a lot of things which u will see and find out about on ECW's One Night Stand! That is all i have for you tonight have a good show.

Paul Heyman then drops the mic and then leaves the ring and then he goes backstage.

Ross: Wow Kane was drafted by Paul Heyman to ECW!

Lawler: And so was that irish freak Finlay and he gets a title match and Kane gets a match against the Big Show at One Night Stand!

Ross: We'll find out about more matches in the weeks to come also the wednesday before One Night Stand were going to have WWE( Raw and Smackdown) vs ECW in matches Paul Heyman and Vince will decide on!

Lawler: That night WWE will show that ECW is Extremely Crappy Wrestling again and doesn't deserve to comeback and then SciFi will burn their deal don't u hope the same JR?

Ross: I have a completely different opinion then yours but ill keep it to myself so we don't have a fight about it next were going to see RVD vs Chris Masters.

Commercial Break...

RVD vs Chris Masters ( Non Title Match)

(RVD started off taunting Masters showed off his muscles then RVD took advantaged and drop kicked him threw the ropes to the outside. RVD then began to kick and punch Masters then he put him back into the ring and climbed the ropes for the 5 Star Frog Splash and Masters had him scouted and evaded it and then Masters started to stomp away at RVD Masters locked in a boston crab and nearly got RVD to tap but he got the ropes. Chris Masters then started to Taunt again and flex his muscles and RVD hit Masters with a wheel kick 2 the jab then he hit the rolling thunder. RVD then hit a cross body and set up for the 5-Star Frog Splash but then Carlito came down the ramp and hit the ropes and started to attack RVD the ref called for the bell Carlito then went on to use the Back Cracker on RVD then Masters leaving the IC Champ knocked out and as well Chris Masters his rival at BackLash!)

Draw No Contest Interference

Lawler: Carlito just sent a message to the IC Champ for next weeks main event

Ross: Carlito is trying to cheat his way to the IC Championship and its gonna take all the cheating in the world to screw RVD from that IC Title thats for damn sure.

Lawler: the main event is next what a match but Triple H still doesn't know who his opponent is how fair is that?

Ross: Its not but im sure Vince made a good signing and im sure its going to be a great match and its NEXT!

Commercial Break...

Triple H the "King of Kings Music hits" and he comes down the ramp more ready then ever for this match and then comes out his opponent.

Chris Jericho's music hits and everyone was shocked and Y2J came down the ramp ready for the Main Event

Ross: Y2J Chris Jericho is back on Raw what a standing ovation he's recieving

Lawler: Things aren't looking good for the King of Kings Chris Jericho is fresh and dangerious!

Triple H vs Chris Jericho (Number #1 Contender Tourney for WWE Title)

(Triple H starts by punching at Chris Jericho and starts off by attacking Jericho then Jericho started to block his punches and then Jericho hits a russian leg sweep and starts on the offense Jericho starts taking command of the match untill Jericho goes for the Walls of Jericho and when the ref asked Triple H about if he was giving up he head butted the ref and the ref fell over and out of the ring then Triple H then reversed the Walls of Jericho and then Edge came running down the ramp and speared Triple H and then he woke up the ref tossed him in the ring 1-2-3 Chris Jericho Wins! then Edge cameback to the ring and Speared Chris Jericho!)

Chris Jericho Wins!

Ross: Why in the hell did Edge screw Triple H out of another opportunity at the WWE Title

Lawler: I guess we'll find out on another edition of Raw Next Monday

Ross: I guess so take care all


Carlito defeats Big Show, and Shelton Benjamin.

RVD drew Chris Masters

Chris Jericho defeated Triple H

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Guest TheGreatKhali345

Friday Night Smackdown!

Cole: Welcome all to Friday Night Smackdown

Tazz: Yea welcome everyone did u hear about the ECW return????

Cole: Yes, i did Tazz i also heard that were going to have a Co-GM come in for Smackdown.

Tazz: I don't know why Vince has decided to do that but i have an announcement of my own im leaving Smackdown to be an announcer for ECW with Joey Styles.

Cole: We'll miss you Tazz what i don't know who is going to be my next broad casting partner!

Tazz: Hope its a good announcer but no one can live up to Commentary by Tazz.

Cole: Well i have a different opinion on that but ill leave that between me, myself, and I here comes our new GM of Smackdown!

Here Comes the Money music plays and Shane comes down the ramp into the ring and the Fans are booing extremely loud

Shane: Well if you guys haven't figured it out yet im the New Co-GM of Smackdown and theirs going to be major changes going on between Smackdown, Raw, and ECW at the same time and i am giving any Raw superstar or ECW superstar and opportunity to join Smackdown if they please. I have a new announcer ready to take over Tazz's postion and i also have a few new superstars for Smackdown just like Raw and ECW!.

Theodore Longs music hits and he comes storming down the ramp he grabs the mic from Shane's hand before he could say any more.

Long: Why were u put here as the Co-GM of Smackdown Shane? I thought u were a part of Raw??

Shane: I was but no more since my dad has decided to take a behind the scenes role with Raw, Smackdown, and ECW.

Long: Does Vince think im not good enough to be the full GM of Smackdown!

Shane: No he just thinks u will need some assistance and so do i and i plan on turning this back into the #1 Brand in Sports Entertainment again.

Long: Just stay out of my way i do things around here my way and u have a problem with that tell me now playa?

Shane: None at all same to you now if u excuse me i have a few more announcements to make for tonights show that u already know about im sure.

Long: Fine ill see u later then Shane

Long gives Shane the mic and leaves storming back to the backstage area.

Shane: Like i was saying earlier before Theodore came around we have some new signings like Raw and ECW and they will debut sooner and later on tonight and the weeks to follow. Tonight the main event is Kurt Angle vs Rey Mysterio for the World Heavyweight Title as well J.B.L will be defending his United States championship vs William Regal. Also Mark Henry vs Chris Beniot will go on right after im done here thats all i have for you and let the opening match begin.

Cole: we also have some new signings? thats cool to know

Tazz: They will have to after losing the best announcer on this team Tazz!

Cole: Get over yourself partner and get ready to call Mark Henry vs Chris Beniot and its after this Commercial Break.

Commercial Break...

Chris Beniot vs Mark Henry

( Mark Henry started by destroying Chris Beniot with a large offensive attack on Beniot Henry got a large advantage early and he hit the World's Strongest Slam and then the Bearhug Beniot is tapping. Henry then took him to the outside and rammed his spine against the Ring Post! and then another world's strongest slam from the top rope to the outside. The impact sounded like Beniot had his Ribs broken in two paramedics run down the ramp and go to attend Beniot Henry has destroyed another superstar!)

Mark Henry wins

Cole: What a monster Mark Henry is Batista now Beniot? who will be able to stop this beast.

Tazz: I don't know but the more Henry hurts the better for ECW!

Cole: w/e partner look who's coming out!

The Great Khali's music starts to play and Khali and Daivari raid the ring and steal a mic

Daivari: Undertaker come out and face the great Khali the new Phenomon of the WWE

Undertaker's music hits and he comes out and stays at the top of the ramp.

Undertaker: you dare call me out Khali???

Daivari: Lets not wait till Judgement Day Khali vs Undertaker tonight!

Undertaker: how about this Daivari lets do that match at Judgement Day but in a Hell in a Cell you think Khali will be willing to accept that.

Khali: Y.E.S I A.C.C.E.P.T R.E.S.T I.N P.E.A.C.E!

Undertaker then raises his arms and then fastly lowers them and then fog enters the area and the Undertaker is gone and Khali and Daivari then leave the ring and go into the back looking confused.

Cole: What a statement by the Deadman tazz a hell in a cell match! at Judgement Day what a match!

Tazz: I've never seen someone the size and strength of Khali i think the Deadman has met his match

Cole: were going to commerical next is J.B.L vs William Regal for the U.S Title!\

Commercial break....

J.B.L vs William Regal (U.S Title Match)

(William Regal starts off attacking J.B.L flying around the ring and punching him and kicking

Regal then J.B.L reverses him and then Clothesline from Hell! 1-2-2.9999999 J.B.L is fustrated and starts yelling at the ref and corners him then Regal is up and rolls him up and Regal is holding the Rope! 1-2-3!

New U.S Champion! Regal then leaves and J.B.L is even more fustrated and starts yelling at the ref and then hits the ref with the J.B.L Bomb then leaves.)

William Regal wins (New U.S Champ)

Cole: What a match up Tazz in the end William Regal stole the U.S Title but J.B.L kinda deserved it since thats how he won it from Beniot at Wrestlemania!

Tazz: J.B.L would be a hypocrit if he complained but what a match it was fast tho J.B.L corned the ref instead of going back on offense like he should of he cost himself the championship!

Cole: Well will be see a new World Heavyweight Champ as well?

Tazz: Who knows but its next!

Commercial Break

Rey Mysterio vs Kurt Angle (World Heavyweight Championship Match)

( Kurt Angle dominated from teh start with a ton of suplexes and a lot of germens and he got Rey in the Ankle Lock early but he got to the rops Rey got into it for a bit he hit the 619 but his West Coast Pop got caught and put into the Angle Slam angle then locked in the Ankle lock in the middle of the ring and then someone started running down the ramp into the ring. Its Kevin Nash! and he booted Angle in the jaw and started 2 powerbomb and attack Rey and Kurt Both were out cold and the match ended as a Draw because of his interference)

Cole: Kevin Nash? is he one of our new superstars?

Tazz: I don't know but he sure made an impact he cost Kurt Angle the World Heavyweight Title

Cole: I guess we'll see what Angle does next week on Smackdown!

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Guest TheGreatKhali345

Monday Night Raw

Ross: Welcome To Monday Night Raw and Tonight we have an IC Title match in the main event RVD vs Carlito!

Lawler: Also tonight Mick Foley granted the Request by Triple H to get a no dq match against Edge!

Ross: Also John Cena will make his first apperance on Raw since Backlash what a night!

Lawler: We also hear that Mick has a few more announcements for us starting now.

Mick Foley's music hits and he gets a standing ovation from the crowd he slides into the ring and is handed a mic.

Foley: Thank you I have two superstar announcements for Raw that i have signed. It seems that Randy Orton broke his ankle and has another month to heal from injury but his Smackdown contract is up and he is now signed for Raw to appear the night after ECW's One Night Stand. But Tonight i have a new superstar for all of you to see in action tonight please come out and show yourself to these wonderful people.

Bob Sapp's music hits and he comes down the walk way fans are shocked and confused but accept this signing.

Sapp: Mick ill come out when i want two and i wanted two know thank you very much i came here because Mick Foley offered me a contract i couldn't refuse and now i have a choice to face any superstar on the roster tonight besides the ones in matches but its non title if its a champ. I decided i wanted two face a guy like myself a monster a freak a guy like Umaga so Umaga get your ass down here and lets get down to business.

Umaga's music hits and Estrada and Umaga come down the ramp Mick Foley leaves the ring and goes to a seat in the crowd to watch the match.

Bob Sapp vs The "Samoan Bulldozer" Umaga

(Bob Sapp attacked Estrada because he went to get a mic and Umaga went mad he went to see if Estrada was ok then he was enraged he went got a chair and before the bell even rung he smashed him 5 times with a chair and he tosssed the Chair and hit the Top Rope Splash! and then hit him with the Samoan Spike he goes for the pin 1-2-3 Estrada is up and starts talking about how dare he attack Estrada and Umage then knocked Bob Sapp out of the ring and they went to the back.)

Umaga wins!

Ross: You shouldn't enrage Umaga it seems like King?

Lawler: Bob Sapp has a big mouth and it cost him he should of stuck to his TNA or wherever he use to work

Ross: I agree with you king.

Commercial Break...

John Cena comes down the ramp and gets into the announcers both to see Triple H vs Edge Mick Foley announced from the crowd that this is the semi final for the WWE Title Tourney!

Triple H vs Edge (WWE Title Tourney Semi Final!)

(Triple H is set on revenge tonight as he dominates Edge then he goes to the outside and hits Cena with a steel chair and almost hit Edge with it but the ref stopped him and then Edge low blowed Triple H and went in for a roll up 1-2-3! Edge won the match Triple H is furious he gets Edge by the hair and Pedigree's him and then goes and gets his Sledge Hammer and smashs it into the ribs of Edge Then Triple H is attacked by Cena and then Cena F-U's Triple H onto the Sledge Hammer Cena leaves having made his impact Edge is in the Finals of the Tourney but is he in shape enough to compete in the main event next week?)

Ross: Triple H wasn't going for a Title Match tonight he was going for revenge on Cena and Edge and he got it on Edge but Cena got the better of the self proclaimed "King of Kings"!

Lawler: I even have to admit Cena got the best of this one!.

Ross: Next were going to have an interview with injured Shawn Michaels!


Shawn Michaels is being talked to in an unknown area and Maria is there for the interview.

Maria: Shawn how is your knee doing

Shawn: Its doing great just to let everyone know im in the arena right now and im going to the ring right now screw this interview.

Shawn walks off and then his music starts playing and he walks down to the ring! Grabs a mic and starts to talk!

Shawn: Spirit Squad i want you to come out here now so i can kick your ass and im not waiting or im coming backstage to get you!

Spirit Squad music hits and they storm down to the ring looking like there surrounding Shawn!

Shawn: Good Night Boys time to might some friends of mine

Superstars from under the ring start coming out 4 of them! Road Dogg! Bad Billy Gun! Sean Waltman aka X Pac! They Destroy the Spirit Squad and they start to run and then Triple H is at the top of the stage and the DX music hits and Triple H has his Sledge Hammer and hits 3 of the Spirit Squad with it and then they lay out the rest of the Spirit Squad!

Ross: Is D-Generation X back?

Lawler: How am i to know all i know is that was one hell of a beating!

Ross: Next is RVD vs Carlito!

Commercial Break...

Rob Van Dam vs Carlito (Intercontinental Championship Match)

(Carlito spits his apple into the face of RVD to start and goes on the offense and then RVD reverses the back cracker and starts with his multiple kicks and then he hits a the rolling thunder and goes up for the 5 star and gets evaded by Carlito then Shelton Benjamin comes down the walk way Jumps on the ropes and distracts the ref after Carlito went for the pin then he turned around and got pulled out of the ring! Carlito then got another apple and spit it into the face of Shelton then he threw his apple at RVD's Skull and hits the ref is getting up then he hits the back cracker 1-2-3! Its over Carlito wins! Shelton benjamin Super Kicked Carlito RVD already left the ring and went up the ramp!)

Carlito wins Intercontinental Championship!

Ross: Carlito barely survived that and stole the gold!

Lawler: JR shut up RVD is trying to say something

RVD with mic in hand

RVD: Im sic of being screwed and since im no longer apart of the group of Champions im defecting to ECW! and at ECW's One Night Stand its going to be RVD vs John Cena! for the WWE Title because im cashing in the Money in the bank! or if someone beats Cena before then ill face him for the WWE Title either way ill see you at ECW's One Night Stand!

Ross: Im speechless! WWE Title on the line at ECW's One Night Stand!

Lawler: Cena better retain it or if someone takes it from him they better two!


Umaga defeated Bob Sapp

Edge defeated Triple H in Semi Finals of WWE Title Tourney

Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Bad Billy Gun, Sean Waltman, and Road Dogg beat down the Spirit Squad

Carlito defeated RVD (New Intercontinental Champion)

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Guest TheGreatKhali345

Friday Night Smackdown!

Cole: Welcome all and tonight's going to be great one problem Paul Heyman is in the middle of the ring with Kane and Finlay!

Paul Heyman took a mic

Paul: Hello everyone welcome my name is Paul Heyman and tonight i have a request for the "Co-GM's of Smackdown" Finlay go one on one vs Lashley and Kane go one vs one against The Great Khali! Now will one of you come down and give me an answer because im gonna wait till u come down here and answer me!

Here comes the money begins to play and Shane comes down to the ring and takes Heyman's mic

Shane: Paul there's no way in hell im giving you either of these matches!

Theodore Long's music hits and he comes down to the ring.

Long: I think heyman's match for Kane vs The Great Khali is a good idea and i want that match Shane!

Shane: I'll give you that match Paul but Finlay vs Lashlay isn't happening Lashlay is going against William Regal instead in a non title match now so will you please leave!!

Paul: Fine Shane and Teddy ill let u guys have it your way lets make Kane vs The Great Khali the main event?

Shane: Fine just leave and let our opening match get under way!

Paul, Kane, Finlay , Long , and Shane leave the ring and go backstage.

Cole: What a main event The Undertaker's brother vs his rival The Great Khali tonight!

Tazz: Also we have Mark Henry vs Kevin Nash i guess Nash is for real.

Cole: We also have an update on Chris Beniot he broke his ribs and will be out for 6 months!

Tazz: Henry adds another 2 his list Batista, and Chris Beniot!

Cole: Batista Returns the week after ECW's One Night Stand!

Tazz: Also you will have a new announce parter after ECW's One Night Stand

Cole: I can't imagine who their going to replace you with!

Tazz: Lets get back on subject William Regal vs Lashley Non Title is NEXT!


Lashley vs William Regal (Non Title Match)

(Lashley dominates Regal with a ton of punches and then a huge powerslam and already set him up and hit the Dominator! 1-2-3 Lashley dominated Regal in fast fashion!)

Lashley wins!

Cole: I don't know anyone who can stop Lashley

Tazz: Well we'll see if he can do this again at Judgement Day in a Triple Threat Match

Cole: Yep Regal vs Lashley vs a new superstar! of Smackdown! Next is Kevin Nash debuting match against Mark Henry!

Commercial Break

Kevin Nash vs Mark Henry

(Mark Henry attacks Kevin Nash with a ton of punches a powerbomb and then the World Strongest Slam 1-2-3 That fast wow now a bearhug he's trying to break the ribs of Kevin Nash now two! he releases him then gets to the top rope and hits the Big Splash! and that breaks Kevin Nash in half and medics come flying into the ring and Henry adds another to his list of injured!)

Mark Henry Wins!

Cole: Henry adds another injured Superstar to his list!

Tazz: Nash Kinda deserved it he cost Kurt Angle the Title wait is that angle on the top of the ramp?

Kurt Angle grabs a mic

Angle: Thank you Henry you'll get payed full and well next time Kevin Nash mess with someone with less knowledge then me and ill see u probley in 4-8 months haha see you around!

Cole: This was a set up Henry did Angle's dirty work damn it

Tazz: Angle's one smart dude gotta give him props for that

Cole: If you want revenge attack him yourself don't let others do it for you

Tazz: Calm down Cole and get ready for the main event Khali vs Kane is NEXT!


The Great Khali vs Kane

(The Great Khali dominates Kane and chops him in the four head breaks open the turn buckle and then 10 times he bashes Kane's skull into it! The Undertaker's music hits and smoke fills the arena the undertaker shows up in the ring and starts beating away at Khali Taker and Kane team up after Khali Double ChokeSlam! This ends as a Draw but Kane and Taker are on the same page wow!)

The Great Khali Drew Kane

Cole: What a set up Heyman set Khali up

Tazz: Thats what Heyman's good at Cole thats how u attack your opponents show and The Deadman and Kane made an impact tonight is The Phenom going to ECW? tho?

Cole: I don't know we'll find out Next Week on Friday Night Smackdown!


Lashley defeated William Regal ( Non Title)

Mark Henry defeated Kevin Nash

The Great Khali Drew Kane!

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A few basic questions and/or pointers:

- What game are you using to simulate this?

- Use a spellchecker. The board even has its own spellchecker which you will find above the bold/italics/etc. buttons when writing a post. Also, punctuation like commas, fullstops and capital letters, because right now the majority of sentences are just running into each other.

- For the sake of readability, a few pieces of bold or coloured text (like, say, have the person's name in bold when they're speaking). Don't go overboard though.

Those'll do to start. Once issues like readibility are out of the way then I can get on to commenting on writing style/booking etc.

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Guest TheGreatKhali345

Monday Night Raw!!!!!!!

Ross: Welcome everyone to monday night Raw!

Lawler: Welcome all tonight's gonna be great JR the finals of the WWE Tourney!

Ross: Yes, also we have Triple H vs John Cena in a Non Title match!

Lawler: Also we have an update on RVD and his ECW "defection"

Ross: Here comes Paul Heyman now!

Paul Heyman's music hits and he comes down the ramp to the ring and is handed a mic!

Heyman: Tonight is very special to me because im welcoming another superstar to ECW please come out RVD

One of a kind starts to play and RVD comes out and shakes Heyman's hand and is handed his mic

RVD: Thanks Paul and im gonna be bringing Gold home to ECW so we auctually have a World Title!

Heyman: That will be great RVD why don't u welcome out another superstar defecting back to his routes in ECW!

RVD: Ok, Tommy come out!

Tommy Dreamers music hits and he slides into the ring hugs RVD and shakes Heyman's hand!

Tommy: Thank you man i've been stuck on Raw doing nothing for a long time and im sick of it now its time for the Innovator of Violence to get Violent again back in ECW!

RVD: Yeah its time that ECW made its comeback and now lets see Paul who is Tommy gonna face at ECW's One Night Stand!

Heyman: That you'll find out the night of ECW's One Night Stand but until then Tommy just prepare for anything trust me.

Tommy: Ok Paul well im out of here!

As Tommy is leaving to go back stage Mick Foley comes out to the ring!

Mick: Well Paul i hate to ruin your little reunion here but i have a show to run so get the hell out of my ring!

Heyman: Mick i have a proposition for you for ECW's One Night Stand before you go how about instead of waiting for Tommy to find out who his opponent is how about tonight he finds out how about you and Tommy in an Extreme Rules Match at ECW's One Night Stand!

Mick: I'll let u know later tonight ok Paul?

Heyman: Fine, RVD lets go!

RVD and Heyman leave and go backstage.

Mick: Now that he's out of the way have a nice day!

Mick rolls out of the ring and fades away going to the back

Ross: Tommy Dreamer vs Mick Foley ECW's One Night Stand?

Lawler: We don't need Foley being dumb and getting himself hurt!

Ross: Thats right King but we'll find out later on tonight if he accepts the match.

Lawler: Yes we will next is Umaga vs another new signing

Ross: We'll find out NEXT!

Commercial Break

Umaga's music plays and he comes out with Estrada and he's getting ready in the ring

Then Shark Boy's music hits and he hits the ring and the fans start to cheer

Ross: Its Shark Boy!

Lawler: Foley signed Shark Boy what is he nuts

Ross: King shut up and watch the match!

Umaga vs Shark Boy

(Umaga rammed Shark Boy into the corner and pounded away immediately hit the Samoan Spike and then the Top Rope Splash! 1-2-3 Its over Umaga won!)

Umaga wins!

Lawler: that was quick i guess Shark Boy isn't good enough for Raw after all

Ross: He's fine Umaga's just a monster!

Lawler: thats true how much longer will Umaga stay undefeated

Ross: who knows but Chris Jericho vs Edge for the WWE Title Finals is Next!

Commercial Break..

Chris Jericho vs Edge(#1 contendership for WWE Title)

(Chris Jericho starts off with a ton of punches and kicks to the mid section of Edge after awile Edge got out of that situation and then Set up Chris Jericho for the spear as he was doing that he hit the spear on Chris Jericho 1-2-2.9999 Edge was pulled to the out side by RVD! the ring bell was called no contest RVD then hit the 5 star frog splash on Chris Jericho and then hit Edge with a chair!)

No Contest between Chris Jericho vs Edge

Ross: what in the hell RVD screwed Edge and then attacked both of them what in the hell!

Lawler: whats gonna happen that was the finals there's no rematches we have no #1 contender!

Mick Foley's music hits but as he starts coming down the ramp Tommy Dreamer hit Mick Foley in the back of the head with a singapore cane and beat him down with the cane and left him out!

Ross: what in the hell this was a set up they set up the GM!

Lawler: now Mick better accept the match and kick the crap out of Tommy Dreamer!

Ross: what a night it has been so far and still a lot more to come Carlot vs Shelton Benjamin is next!

Commercial Break

Carlito vs Shelton Benjamin (Non Title Match)

(Carlito starts on the attack and jammed Shelton into the corner and pounded away at him Shelton got out of the postion he was in and started to gain momentum on Carlito a few clotheslines and then the T-Bone! 1-2-3 that was fast and Shelton then left the ring with Victory in hand!)

Shelton Benjamin wins!

Ross: Carlito just got a taste of what its like to lose for once in awile!

Lawler: that was one of Carlito's few losses but that was a fast one

Ross: Next is John Cena vs Triple H the main event!

Commercial Break...

John Cena vs Triple H( Non Title Match)

( Triple H went to the outside immediately and took the WWE Title and smashed John Cena with it Triple H was already DQ'd but he is looking for revenge he went under the ring and got a steel chair and smashed Cena 5 times with it! Then he got the sledge hammer and hit him in the ribs then the head and now Cena was bleeding then he Piledrivered him threw the announcers table and left Cena bloodied and out cold!)

John Cena Wins via DQ!

Ross: Triple H had no intention of having a match he just wanted to send a message to Cena!

Lawler: he did what he planned on doing whats going to happen next week!

Ross: who knows we'll see you next time 9/8 Central for Raw!


Umaga defeated Shark Boy

Chris Jericho drew Edge

Shelton Benjamin defeated Carlito

John Cena won via DQ over Triple H

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Guest TheGreatKhali345

Friday Night Smackdown!!!!!!!!!

Cole: Welcome all to Friday Night Smackdown!

Tazz: Cole put a pipe in it and lets get on with it were starting off big and ending big tonight isn't that right Cole?

Cole: Yes it is opening tonight is Brian Kendrick and Paul London vs The Mexicools!

Brian Kendrick and Paul London vs The Mexicools (Non Title Match)

(Brian Kendrick and Psicosis start off the match Psicosis works on Brian Kendrick and starts the attack on him then he gets Super Crazy in the mix and Super Crazy trys a Frog Splash and gets evaded Paul London gets into the ring and hits some dropkicks clotheslines and more while Paul London is doing this Jamie Noble and Kid Kash come down to the ring "The Pitbulls" they pull Brian Kendrick off the ropes and smash him into the Steel steps the ref calls for the bell then they hit a double powerbomb on Paul London over the top ropes then they choke out Super Crazy and Psicosis with their chains!)

Cole: What in the hell are The Pitbulls doing!

Tazz: It looks like they cleaned house leaving both teams out!

Cole: What are Shane and Teddy going to do about this?

Tazz: I guess we'll find out later did u hear Henry broke Kevin Nash's Ribs as well? he's out 4-8 months as well!

Cole: Mark Henry's up next against Booker T!

Commercial Break

Booker T vs Mark Henry

(Booker T starts by working at the legs of Mark Henry falls and Booker T keeps him down with a ton of kicks and punches Booker T then goes for the Book End and Mark Henry reverses it into the Bear Hug and Booker T is kept in the Bear Hug for 3 minutes and after that he's forced to tap this time Mark Henry leaves without trying to break his ribs like he's done to Chris Beniot and Kevin Nash the last 2 weeks on Smackdown!)

Cole: Atleast Mark Henry didn't hurt anyone tonight

Tazz: By the look of Booker T he'd say otherwise Cole!

Cole: I think Booker T will be fine he has the King of the Ring Finals against Lashley to worry about and if he gets injured then Lashley wins but enough with that lets go 2 Josh Matthews with Paul Heyman and RVD!

Josh: Paul how did u convince Vince to give you an opportunity to rebuild ECW

Paul: auctually Josh it was his idea and he wanted me to run it since it was my creation and i think its great and i believe that ECW will rise again!

RVD: Yeah with me around with Paul we'll be unstoppable and tonight were going to make an impact like we did with Mick Foley last week and this impact is going to be made with you Josh!

RVD then drops the mic and starts pounding away at Josh and then Tommy Dreamer comes out of no where with a steel chair and smashes Josh Matthews in the head 3 times leaving Josh out cold

Cole: What in the hell not again he set up Josh!

Tazz: Like they did to Mick Foley on Raw ECW is punkin out everyone because RVD and Tommy are unstoppable!

Here comes the money starts to play and Teddy along with him come out

Shane: Im sick and damn tired of ECW there attacking Raw and Smackdown and its horrible Paul lets have a Tag Team Match tonight Lashley and Rey Mysterio vs RVD and Tommy Dreamer?

Long: Shane if Heyman has any balls he'll come out right now and accept that match tonight!

Paul Heyman with RVD and Tommy Dreamer

Paul: I'll accept the match on one condition

Shane and Long: Name it

Paul: That its an Extreme Rules Match

Shane and Long: Fine

Paul: Fine see u in the main event then

Paul, RVD, and Tommy go to the back and Shane and Long follow

Cole: An Extreme Rules Tag Team Match???

Tazz: Like JR says on Raw its going to be a slobberknocker!

Cole: Yes it is partner next The Great Khali vs Gregory Helms

Commercial Break...

Gregory Helms vs The Great Khali with Daivari

( The Great Khali throws Helms around like he's a paper ball he throws him over the ropes onto the steps then he throws him back into the ring he hits him with a boot to the jaw and then puts his foot on top of Helms 1-2-3! Its over Khali now is taunting The Deadman with his signature taunt and then the arena is filled the Undertaker's music starts to play then he appears on the stage then smoke appears again and he has vanished but then he appears in the ring and attacks Khali from behind and he hit the Chokeslam on Khali! and left him down for a few seconds Taker vanished and The Great Khali was pissed off!)

Cole: He got up faster then anyone ever has after a chokeslam what kind of monster is Khali

Tazz: Khali is a monster and at Judgement Day he's gonna go into a Cell with the Deadman!

Cole: Next is Kurt Angle vs Matt Hardy!

Commercial Break

Matt Hardy entrance music plays then Matt starts walking down the stage but then Angle comes down the stage with a chair and smashes Matt Hardy in the skull then again and again then hits the Angle Slam he goes into the ring and he tells the ref to ring the bell and the 10 count is up and Kurt Angle wins!

Cole: What a cheap way to win!

Tazz: Yeah but it worked well and it seems to have been a very quick match

Cole: The Main Event is up next RVD and Dreamer vs Mysterio and Lashley

Commercial Break

RVD and Dreamer vs Mysterio and Lashley (Extreme Rules Match)

(RVD and Dreamer attack Mysterio and Lashley with weapons but they are reversed and used against them early in the match Mysterio and Lashley dominate RVD and Dreamer with the ring bell tables steel chair and so on but then out of no where Kurt Angle comes down to the ring and hits Lashley with an Angle Slam and puts him in the Ankle Lock and he taps then he hits the Angle Slam on Mysterio then lets RVD hit the 5 star frog splash! 1-2-3 Kurt Angle just screwed his friends his roster!)

Kurt Angle grabbed a mic

Angle: If you idiots haven't figured it out yet i've defected to ECW and this will be the best move i ever made!

Cole: What the he just screwed Smackdown and moved to ECW!

Tazz: I guess i will get to see Kurt after all on ECW!

Cole: This is a screw job ECW has attacked the GM of Raw Josh Matthews and Stolen another Superstar and attacked Our World Champion and Lashley find out what happends next time on Smackdown!


Brian Kendrick and Paul London drew The Mexicools

Mark Henry defeated Booker T

The Great Khali defeated Gregory Helms

Kurt Angle defeated Matt Hardy

RVD and Dreamer defeated Mysterio and Lashley

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Guest Gavin

A few basic questions and/or pointers:

- What game are you using to simulate this?

- Use a spellchecker. The board even has its own spellchecker which you will find above the bold/italics/etc. buttons when writing a post. Also, punctuation like commas, fullstops and capital letters, because right now the majority of sentences are just running into each other.

- For the sake of readability, a few pieces of bold or coloured text (like, say, have the person's name in bold when they're speaking). Don't go overboard though.

Those'll do to start. Once issues like readibility are out of the way then I can get on to commenting on writing style/booking etc.

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Guest TheGreatKhali345

Monday Night Raw

Ross: Welcome to Raw everyone and were starting off with Mick Foley addressing ECW!

Lawler: Is he going to accept Heyman's idea for a match with Dreamer?

Ross: Lets find out

Mick Foley already in the ring and he's given a mic

Foley: Im tired of ECW attacking Raw stealing superstars and screwing over Raw and Smackdown I accept that match for ECW's One Night Stand with Dreamer and Paul tonight if u interfere with my show you'll pay dearly but for everyone else Have a nice day!

Ross: What a statement by the GM of Raw!

Lawler: I wonder if Heyman has a big enough brain to understand Mick

Ross: King lets stop bashin ECW and get to our first match Shawn Michaels vs Ric Flair

Ric Flair vs Shawn Michaels

(Before that match even begins D-Generation X with Triple H X-Pac Bad Billy Gun and Road Dogg assault Ric Flair and then send him into the ring he gets hit with Sweet Chin Music 1-2-3!)

Shawn Michaels gets a mic

Michaels: D-Generation X is back in full gears and if you aren't down with that you can do what Vince does with his boy friends

The crowd cheers SUCK IT!

D-Generation X then moves to the back!

Ross: X-Pac , Bad Billy Gun , Road Dogg? All members of D-Generation X i thought they were fired or quit WWE?

Lawler: I guess there back on Raw JR whats gonna happen next?

Ross: Well after the break were gonna see Carlito vs Stevie Richards for the Intercontinental Title!

Commercial Break

Carlito vs Stevie Richards!

(Carlito assaults Richards and pounds him down a lot then Paul Heyman appears at the side of the ring with a contract in hand and then Stevie Richards rolls up Carlito and using the ropes for leverage 1-2-3 New Intercontinental Champion!)

Paul Heyman gets a mic

Heyman: I guess our first championship will be the Intercontinental Championship because you see Mick i have a contract here signed by Stevie Richards to be apart of ECW and you can't void this contract so the title comes with him like you say Mick have a nice day

Ross: Heyman just distracted Carlito and screwed Raw out of the Intercontinental Championship! Plus Heyman stole another Raw Superstar when is this going to end King?

Lawler: I don't know but the sooner ECW's One Night Stand comes and goes the better

Ross: I am with you on that one King but at what price to Raw and Smackdown is ECW? Heyman had his henchman attack Foley last week after they defected from Raw and then on Smackdown they got Kurt Angle to defect they attacked Josh Matthews and they screwed Smackdown in their own main event!

Lawler: They can do whatever they want to Smackdown but this is Raw were not push overs like Michael Cole and Tazz and as far as im concerned i think that warning earlier by Mick Foley was mean't and i think something big is going to happen to Heyman tonight!

Ross: Maybe so but now were going to Mick Foley's office to talk to him about the WWE Tourney that got screwed up last week due to RVD and then Tommy Dreamer attacked Mick Foley lets see what our GM has to say about this

Camera's go to Mick Foley's office

Foley: Hello tonight your here to get an answer to who's facing John Cena tonight in the Main Event for the WWE Title since the tourney got interupted by Rob Van Dam last week since Chris Jericho and Edge were the finalist's in the Tourney it will be a Triple Threat Match for the WWE Title Tonight on Raw in the Main Event and Paul put together your top 5 Superstars that you've stolen from both rosters to put in a 5 on 5 elimation match later on tonight ok Paul thanks and have a nice day!

Ross: What a statement by our GM Triple Threat Match for the WWE Title Tonight!

Lawler: Also if Heyman's got any balls we got a 5 on 5 match later tonight!

Ross: Next is The Highlanders vs Rene Dupree and Rob Conway "La Reistance II" if anyone forgot since Rene Dupree has been inactive lately and its NEXT!

Commercial Break

Highlanders vs La Reistance II

(Rene Dupree comes out and then Rob Conway comes to the ring and then backs out he leaves Rene Dupree to fight against the Highlanders himself and immediately they hit the Scott Drop and 1-2-3 its over and then Rob Conway goes to the back leaving everyone wondering why did he just leave and screw over his partner like that?)

Ross: Why did Rob Conway leave Rene Dupree out to dry wait there Paul Heyman in the back with Rob Conway!

Paul Heyman has a mic and is with Rob Conway

Paul: Well another steal from Raw is Rob Conway and i accept that match and my 5 superstars are Kurt Angle, RVD, Tommy Dreamer, Kane, and Rob Conway thank you Mick see you in that match!

Ross: Damn it another steal from Raw but atleast it was Rob Conway one less asshole on the roster

Lawler: Heyman's gonna keep attacking us till Raw shows them out we have to destroy them tonight team Raw better win!

Ross: Well who does Mick Foley have in mind for this match? we'll find out when this 5 on 5 match happens NEXT!

Commercial Break

Team ECW comes out consisting of Kurt Angle, Rob Van Dam , Tommy Dreamer , Kane , and Rob Conway!

Then Team Raw comes out and its the Spirit Squad!

Spirit Squad vs Team ECW!

(Team ECW's Kurt Angle Angle Slams every one of the Spirit Squad and 1-2-3 its over! already what a fast match!)

Paul Heyman gets a mic: Thats the best you have wow Mick i guess i payed the price for stealing the IC Title and 2 more superstars from your roster and screwing 2 of your matches up see u later

But Then...

Are You Ready?

Ross: Its D-Generation X!

Break it Down!

D-Generation X comes down to the ring destroy's every member of ECW's Team!

D-Generation X gets a mic

D-Generation X:And if you aren't down with that we got 2 words for you

Crowd and D-Generation X: SUCK IT!

Ross: This time Mick Foley set up ECW this time we got the better of ECW this is a big change for the better

Lawler: We just destroyed 5 of the 7 superstars so far Heyman has gotten defected and or defected to ECW!

Ross: Next is our Main Event John Cena defends the WWE Title against Edge and Chris Jericho!

Commercial Break

Chris Jericho vs Edge vs John Cena ( WWE Title Match)

(After the bell rings ECW's Finlay runs down to the ring with his weapon of choice the shillelagh and smashed Cena, Edge , and Jericho the ref ringed the bell and called it a no contest and Finlay then got Cena took him outside on top of the Announcers table and Hit the Celtric Cross breaking the table and then Finlay Left threw the crowd destroying Cena, Edge, and Jericho all left bloodied!)


Shawn Michaels defeated Ric Flair

Stevie Richards defeated Carlito for (Intercontinental Title)

Highlanders defeated La Reistance II

Team ECW defeated the Spirit Squad

John Cena vs Edge vs Chris Jericho no contest

no i didn't ignore it i keep screwing up with the spell checker and whenever i press the bold and such it just puts and it doesn't work i don't know how to use it right

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A few basic questions and/or pointers:

- What game are you using to simulate this?

- Use a spellchecker. The board even has its own spellchecker which you will find above the bold/italics/etc. buttons when writing a post. Also, punctuation like commas, fullstops and capital letters, because right now the majority of sentences are just running into each other.

- For the sake of readability, a few pieces of bold or coloured text (like, say, have the person's name in bold when they're speaking). Don't go overboard though.

Those'll do to start. Once issues like readibility are out of the way then I can get on to commenting on writing style/booking etc.

I have to agree totally with this guy. He told you how to improve, and you've completely ignored it too.

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Guest TheGreatKhali345

I use EWR but im just thinkin it up i don't know how to use the color whenever i press it don't work i've tried using bold and color since the start and whenever i press it don't work dude and im this is my first diary and im adding more matches to my cards my next Smackdown's going to have atleast 5-6 matches im just trying to get past ECW's One Night Stand so i can have all the roster postions all set and such

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Guest TheGreatKhali345

Friday Night Smackdown!

Cole: Welcome to Smackdown everyone!

Tazz: Yeah welcome tonight we start with our Co-GM's giving us our match card for Judgement Day!

Shane and Long are in their office and have a mic given to them

Long: Welcome everyone to Smackdown and Shane and I have the card for Judgement Day booked and Shane will announce the matches all yours Shane.

Shane: Thanks Teddy, Because of the attacks of The Pit Bulls were going to have a Triple Threat Tag Team Match at Judgement Day for the WWE Tag Team Titles Also Lashley vs Booker T for the King of the Ring is also happening!

Long: As well tonight were having a Triple Threat Number #1 Contender Match to see who faces Rey Mysterio in the Main Event of Judgement Day it will be J.B.L vs Matt Hardy vs Mark Henry and an already booked match The Great Khali vs The Undertaker in a Hell in a Cell Match at Judgement Day!

Shane:Also the losers of that #1 Contender Match will have a 1 vs 1 match at Judgement Day in another #1 Contender Match and the winner will face the World Heavyweight Champ at Saturday Nights Main Event!

Long: Also Ken Kennedy has given an Open Challenge for anyone on the ECW roster for Judgement Day in their "Extreme Rules Match" and since everyone knows Paul Heyman is here we'll let him tell his superstars and let one of them decide if they want a piece of Ken Kennedy!

Shane: Thats all for now lets get on with our first match Paul London vs Kid Kash vs Super Crazy!

Cole: What a card for Judgement Day!

Tazz: Yeah its amazing my last Smackdown Payperview may be one of its best!

Cole: lets get on with the Triple Threat Match

Kid Kash with Jamie Noble vs Paul London with Brian Kendrick vs Super Crazy with Psicosis

(Kid Kash and Super Crazy attack Paul London and take him out immediately and then Kid Kash and Super Crazy go at it kickin and punching and Psicosis and Jamie Noble take turns tripping the others partner Super Crazy Jumped over the ropes onto both Psicosis and Kendrick and then Paul London came into the ring then Noble Gave Kash his chain he rapped it around his wrist and hit Paul London between the eyes tosses the chain out the ref turns back 1-2-3 Kid Kash steals one and leaves before London and Kendrick can get revenge!)

Cole: Is this how its going to happen at the Payperview are The Pitbulls going to steal another victory and cheat to victory?

Tazz: Who knows but here comes Daivari and Khali!

Daivari and Khali: The Great Khali challenges any ECW superstar for a match tonight!

Kurt Angles Music hits and he comes out with Heyman and then the match begins!

Kurt Angle vs The Great Khali

(Khali destroys Kurt Angle and rips him apart like a toy he used 5 moves and in less then a minute he defeated ECW's Kurt Angle!)

Cole: Is Khali going to be that dominate against the Undertaker wait whats happening?

The Lights start to flicker and The Undertaker music plays and his fog enters the Arena

Tazz: Its the Deadman!

The Deadman enters the ring and attacks Khali but Khali this time gets the better of Taker he uses his signature chop to lay the Undertaker out but like Khali last week after he left he rose his head and taunted The Great Khali!

Cole: What a Hell in a Cell match thats going to be at Judgement Day!

Tazz: The Undertaker hasn't been able to keep Khali down but in a Cell anything can happen

Cole: Your right my friend and at Judgement Day Taker vs Khali in a Cell i can't wait

Tazz: Me either Cole but next is Ken Kennedy vs a new signing for Smackdown!

Commercial Break...

Ken Kennedy makes his signature entrance and then Tajiri comes out to face Ken Kennedy but before they have their match Tajiri challenges Gregory Helms to a Ladder Match at Judgement Day for the Cruiserweight Championship

Ken Kennedy vs Tajiri

( Right after the bell rings Gregory Helms comes down to the announcers booth and announces he accepts the challenge so that adds another match to the card and Ken Kennedy dominates Tajiri in fast fashion but then Finlay comes down to the ring and pulls the ref out before the 3 count on Tajiri and then hit Ken Kennedy 3 times with the shillelagh and then Tajiri was put on top of Ken and the ref was thrown in 1-2-3! Tajiri stole one over Ken Kennedy!)

Finlay calls for Mr.Kennedy's mic and then says Ken Kennedy i accept your challenge!

Cole: Finlay cost Kennedy the match another ECW screwjob

Tazz: Finlay vs Ken Kennedy in an Extreme Rules Match at Judgement Day that will be a match to watch!

Cole: Also Gregory Helms vs Tajiri in a Ladder Match!

Tazz: Tajiri gets a title shot fast we'll see Sunday if he makes the best of it

Cole: Next will be Lashley vs William Regal!

Commercial Break...

Lashley vs William Regal (Non Title Match)

( Booker T before the bell rings comes out with Sharmell and surround the ring and trip up Lashley whenever possible during the match the match starts off with Regal taking advantage of Booker T's distraction's Lashley uses his power and strength to reverse all of Regal's submission's and Lashley hit The Dominator! and 1-2-2.99999 and Booker T but Regal's foot on the ropes and the ref told Booker T to go to the back but Sharmell was still at the other side and she jumped on the ropes distracted the ref and then Regal took out his brace knuckes and hit Lashley between the eyes and threw them to the outside the ref went back 1-2-3 Sharmell helped screw Lashley is this how its going down Sunday?)

Cole: Booker T made sure Lashley wouldn't be able to beat Regal he had Sharmell on the other side Booker was on the other and he was screwed twice in that match putting Regal's foot on the rope and Sharmell's damn distraction!

Tazz: Calm down Cole he did what he had to do to get the upper hand on Lashley before Sunday and he has it now but lets get off that Match next is Rey Mysterio vs Another new signing for Smackdown!

Commercial Break....

Rey Mysterio gets into the ring and is ready for anyone and then the most unexpected person's music plays


Jeff Hardy makes his entrance and gets a lot of cheers from the crowd and gets in the ring ready to face the World Heavyweight Champion!

Jeff Hardy vs Rey Mysterio ( Non Title Match)

(Jeff Hardy and Rey Mysterio start the match off fast pace and strong Mysterio took advantage with a few dropkicks and then Rey had a huge advantage and quickly hit the 619 and dropped the dime 1-2-3! If Rey does this Sunday he'll walk away with the gold!)

Cole: I guess Jeff Hardy didn't come prepared enough for Rey Mysterio

Tazz: I think Jeff Hardy didn't do his homework and got schooled by Mysterio Next is the Triple Threat #1 Contender Match!

Commercial Break....

J.B.L vs Mark Henry vs Matt Hardy (#1 Contender Match)

(J.B.L and Matt Hardy take out Mark Henry early and sent him over the ropes and then into the steel steps J.B.L went onto the offensive he hit a lot of punches and kicks and then he hit a powerslam J.B.L then hit Matt Hardy with the J.B.L Bomb and set him up for the Clothesline from Hell! 1-2-2.9999 Mark Henry pulled J. B.L off him and then him the World Strongest Slam and tossed him on top of Matt Hardy then pinned Matt Hardy 1-2-3 Mark Henry is the #1 Contender and will face Rey Mysterio in the Main Event at Judgement Day!)

Cole: Mark Henry vs Rey Mysterio in the Main Event of Judgement Day

Tazz: We also just got word William Regal has an open challenge to anyone on the Smackdown Roster for his United States Championship

Cole: It looks like Mark Henry has something to say

Mark Henry is handed a mic

Henry: Rey get ready to hand over the title because the World Strongest Man is ready to beat down the "Underdog Champ"

Rey Mysterio runs down the ramp with a steel chair and hits Mark Henry 3 times to the skull and then plays to the crowd and drops da dime on Mark Henry!

Cole: Mysterio just showed Mark Henry what in his words the "Underdog Champ" can do

Tazz: Yeah its going to be a slobberknocker of a main event and sorry JR took your word again see you Sunday Night at Judgement Day


Kid Kash defeated Paul London, and Super Crazy

The Great Khali defeated Kurt Angle

Tajiri defeated Ken Kennedy

William Regal defeated Lashley

Rey Mysterio defeated Jeff Hardy

Mark Henry defeated J.B.L, and Matt Hardy

is that any better guys? i figured out how to use bold and such and i used the color for the 1st word lol

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Its better than it was, but the matches should be just a little bit longer, but other then that, it's pretty good (Y)

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Guest TheGreatKhali345

Thanks im doing the Judgement Day right now im going to start making the matches a little longer after this im just trying to get to ECW's One Night Stand and such because i have big plans for it hehe

Im also using all color and bold for the Judgement Day and now on i just needed to get use to it and the spell checker

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Guest TheGreatKhali345

Smackdown Presents Judgement Day!

Cole: Welcome all to Judgement Day!

Tazz: Tonight we open up with Gregory Helms vs Tajiri Cruiserweight Championship Ladder Match!

Gregory Helms vs Tajiri

Cruiserweight Championship Ladder Match

(Gregory Helms started kicking and punching away at Tajiri he then threw him over the top rope then went outside and went under the ring pulled out a ladder and a table he set up the table outside the ring and threw the ladder in the ring Tajiri then hit him in the back of the head with one of Tajiri's amazing kicks then he put him into the middle of the ring and started beating him down with the ladder then set up the ladder and then hit him with the buzzsaw kick to the back of the head and started climbinb the ladder and got to the top of the ladder and reached for the gold but then Helms tipped the ladder with a slight push even tho still down and Tajiri fell off the ladder to the outside threw the table and then Gregory Helms set up the ladder climbed it and retrieved the Cruiserweight Championship and Gregory helms retains the gold Tajiri is out cold and being attended by medics)

Cole: What an amazing outcome Tajiri was inches away from the gold!

Tazz: That was some match i just got word Jeff Hardy answered William Regal's open challenge for the United States Championship!

Cole: But before that were gonna see The Triple Threat WWE Tag Team Championship Match!

Brian Kendrick and Paul London vs The Mexicools vs The Pitbulls

WWE Tag Team Championship Match (Tornado Tag Match No Count Out No DQ)

(The Pit Bulls begin by using their chains as weapons on London and Kendrick and then choked out The Mexicools with the chains then they both got chairs and attacked both teams and Jamie Noble and Kid Kash then they hit their chairs against Brian Kendrick's skull at the same time 1-2-3 A very fast match and we have new Tag Team Champions!)

Cole: How ruthless can The Pitbulls be!

Tazz: Well there ruthless guys but the ruthless guys with gold if u know what i mean Cole?

Cole: They just used weapons to destroy their opponents but either way their still the New WWE Tag Team Champs next is Ken Kennedy vs Finlay in an "Extreme Rules Match"

Ken Kennedy vs Finlay ( Extreme Rules Match )

(Ken Kennedy got smashed 20 times in a row by the shillelagh of Finlay and then a first time suprising appearance from the "Little Bastard" who was thrown on top of and the "Little Bastard" got his 2 hits with the Shillelagh as well 1-2-3 and its over Finlay wins!)

Cole: Finlay wins with the help of that Damn"Little Bastard"

Tazz: Take it easy Cole save it for the rest of the matches next we got William Regal vs Jeff Hardy for the United States Championship!

Jeff Hardy vs William Regal U.S Championship Match

(Before even Jeff Hardy reaches the ring Regal comes out and hits him with Brass Knuckles twice to the head and throws him into the ring and the bell rings 1-2-3 its already over and Regal screwed Jeff Hardy out of his opportunity for the U.S Championship!)

Cole: William Regal set up this open challenge to destroy his next opponent for his Championship!

Tazz: I guess Regal's smarter then he looks next is Matt Hardy vs J.B.L #1 Contender Match no dq also and no count outs

J.B.L vs Matt Hardy #1 Contender Match No DQ no Count Out

(J.B.L started off with a cheap shot and then kept on the offense and quickly gained the advantage he started stomping away at Matt Hardy and then tossed him over the top rope to the outside then slid to the outside and threw Matt Hardy into the steel steps but then Jeff Hardy's Music hit and he came out with a ladder and smashed J.B.L with it and since its No DQ its legal then Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy set up a table in the middle of the ring and hit J.B.L with the Side Effect and the Twist of Fate then they brought the ladder into the ring and Jeff Hardy climbed it as Matt Hardy secured J.B.L onto the table and Jeff Hardy put J.B.L threw the table with the Swanton Bomb! Matt Hardy then went for the cover 1-2-3 The Hardy Boys have reunited!)

Cole: The Hardy Boys Reunited and screwed J.B.L!

Tazz: Yeah thats a good move for Jeff and Matt that they work together like they say two are better then one right Cole?

Cole: Thats true Tazz now that Matt Hardy is the #1 Contender its going to be Matt Hardy vs Rey Mysterio or Mark Henry at Saturday Night's Main Event next is Lashley vs Booker T for the King of the Ring!

Booker T with Sharmell vs Lashley for The King of the Ring

(Booker T starts off with a thumb to the eye of Lashley Sharmell trys to start a chant for Booker T but the fans boo and then Lashley begins his attack on Booker T and a burst of speed and strength from Lashley a huge powerslam 1-2-2.9999 Booker T made a kickout Sharmell then jumped onto the apron and distracted the ref and then Booker T low blowed Lashley the ref turned around and Booker T rolled up Lashley and had his hand on the rope 1-2-2.999 the amazing strength of Lashley kicked out after a low blow and he was holding the ropes! Booker T fustrated starts yelling at the ref enough time for Lashley to recover and he starts attacking Booker T punching and kicking him and goes off the ropes and Sharmell trips up Lashley but the ref saw so he told Sharmell to get the hell out of here Lashley went after Booker T but Booker T hit him with something between the eyes it was Regal's Brass Knuckles he chucks them out of the ring before the ref could turn his back to them and then rolls him up and holds his tights 1-2-2.999! Lashley kicks out again he won't lose like that Booker T is ready to lose it at the Ref Lashley then rolls him up 1-2-2.999 another big kick out Lashley goes back to the offense powerslam and then a clothesline but before he could hit another he hits the thumb to the eye then he sets Lashley up Book End! 1-2-3! Booker T is the King of the Ring!)

Cole: Booker T broke every rule their was in the rule book to beat Lashley and he stole this from Lashley!

Tazz: Whatever it takes Cole to win a match is what you have to do and thats what Booker T did now lets get on with it The Great Khali vs The Undertaker in a Hell in a Cell Match!

The Great Khali comes down to the ring with Daivari and gets into the Cell and then The Deadman music hits and he comes out with smoke filling the Arena but then Kane comes out of no where and attacks The Undertaker from behind throws him into the Cell and Khali and Kane use a double chokeslam and then the ring bell rings

The Great Khali vs The Undertaker Hell in a Cell!

(After the assault before the match begins Kane hits two more chokeslams and Khali hits his signature chop and puts his foot on top of the Deadman 1-2-3 The Match is over but Kane isn't he throws him into the door and he breaks it then smashes the door into Taker Kane climbs the cell dragging Taker lifting him all the way to the top Then set him up for a chokeslam and put him threw the middle of the cell but then Khali brings him back to the top of the Cell and together then Double Chokeslam him far enough and put him threw the spanish announcers table!)

Cole: What in the hell is Kane doing at a Smackdown Payperview he's an "ECW" Superstar damn it he just screwded his brother for the 2nd time ever in a Hell in a Cell match there's no reason for Kane to be here

Tazz:Your right Cole but in ECW they do whatever they want whenever they want we have still the World Heavyweight Championship Match Rey Mysterio vs Mark Henry lets get to that

Mark Henry vs Rey Mysterio World Heavyweight Championship Match

(Mark Henry immediately attacks Rey Mysterio and starts his attack he hits atleast a dozen punches to the ribs of Rey Mysterio and then a few clotheslines and he throws him over the ropes and tosses him onto the steel steps and then back into the ring he hits the World Strongest Slam and then Paul Heyman's music hits and most of ECW is coming out with Heyman RVD, Tommy Dreamer, Stevie Richards , and Rob Conway all go into the ring and attack Rey Mysterio and Mark Henry the ref calls for the bell and announces no contest but immediately after that the ref gets tossed out and Heyman stomps away at him Paul Heyman then puts a table into the ring and they put Mark Henry then Rey Mysterio and they hold them both down and RVD gets a ladder and then the 5-Star Frog Splash putting Rey Mysterio and Mark Henry out!)

Paul Heyman then gets a mic and begins to talk

Heyman: I Think ECW made its impact tonight we'll see you all tomorrow night on Monday Night Raw and Mick Foley has a statement for you all "Have a nice Day"

Heyman and the rest of ECW laugh and exit

Cole:Damn ECW they screwed over Smackdown's Main Events!

Tazz: Well that was the last match Cole its the end of Judgement Day ECW left an impact no Smackdown fan will forget Take Care all see you on Friday Night Smackdown!


Gregory Helms defeated Tajiri(Still Cruiserweight Champion)

The Pitbulls defeated Brian Kendrick and Paul London , and The Mexicools!(New WWE Tag Team Champs)

Finlay defeated Ken Kennedy

William Regal defeated Jeff Hardy(Still U.S Champ

Matt Hardy defeated J.B.L(#1 Contender)

Booker T defeated Lashley(King of the Ring)

The Great Khali defeated The Undertaker

Mark Henry vs Rey Mysterio no contest therefore (Rey Mysterio still World Heavyweight Champion)

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Guest ellived

Yo just checked out your diary.....gets better as it goes....only thing is you should make it more organized, use more colors...italics.....fonts...bold...blah blah...so its easier to follow....and maybe make the matches longer...also its a little hard to follow your writing sometimes lol.

-The Great Khali def. Taker.....I don't like where thats going....I say drop Khali completely

-Good to see you don't have Booker T as "King Booker"

-Hopefully you start developing a story with Van Dam, Mysterio, Henry

yea hopefully you can start to develop more stories, most of the matches seemed like they were just thrown together so a title would be on the line

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Guest TheGreatKhali345

like i said im new to this everything was just kinda thrown together but all of those matches at Judgement Day have a good reason and will devolope The Great Khali isn't going to be going against Taker much longer i was just trying to complete what happend before Backlash and make it atleast some what decent payperview and that match with Khali and Taker if u look at who interferes you might be able to figure out a story line coming up im making a really good raw right now and the matches are atleast 2 times longer then 2-3 of the matches i had at Judgement Day i also have a question for people to poll once you read Raw it will be up shortly take care

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Guest TheGreatKhali345

Tonight there's going to be some changes like the length of matches Ross will be changed to J.R and Lawler will be changed to King and the Place and Time of the show will be posted at the top of the show and its going to be big changes and a lot of new storylines for the up and coming payperview ECW's One Night Stand it will be nothing like what happend in real life and will be suprising in many ways and if people have been reading from the beginning i said awile ago Rey Mysterio will be in a triple threat match against Finlay and a new ECW signing i have one of 3 choices for the match Kurt Angle , Stevie Richards or Sabu which will be showing up tonight please vote and give me your opinions on Judgement Day and such and i know i didn't have much build up for Judgement Day im new at this and ECW's One Night Stand will be much better hope you like the show like Mick Foley use to say have a nice day!

Monday Night Raw

Live tonight from Newark, New Jersey

WWE Raw presented on The USA Network

J.R: Welcome all to Monday Night Raw my name is Jim Ross and lets get this started tonight were opening up with The Highlanders vs Val Venis and Viscera

King: Also J.R later on tonight its going to be Chris Jericho vs John Cena for the WWE Title and Stevie Richards defends the Intercontinental Title against Shelton Benjamin!

J.R: Lets get on with the opener The Highlanders vs Val Venis and Viscera

The Highlanders vs Val Venis and Viscera

The Highlanders make their entrance to the ring and are trying to keep their undefeated streak going against Val Venis and Viscera "Hello Ladys!" starts to play and Val Venis and Viscera come down to the ring and are ready for their match the match begins with Val Venis and Rory Val Venis starts off with a power slam and a few clotheslines but then Rory ducks the clothesline and kicks him in the ribs and chops him down in the back then tags in Robbie and he comes in stomping away at Val Venis and he picks him up and takes him into the corner and puts Val Venis's head under his kilt and then Val headbutts him in the groin then powers him into his corner and tags in Viscera and then he headbutts Robbie 3-4 times and then runs and plows into Rory and knocks him off the aprain then Viscera thumps robbie into the corner with val and tags val back in and Rory comes into the ring and attacks Val they throw him into the ropes before Viscera can get in and Val accidently elbowed Viscera and then the Highlanders set Val Venis up and hit The Scott Drop and Robbie goes for the cover 1-2-3 The Highlanders win the match but Viscera comes into the ring wondering what happend and believes Val Venis elbowed him on purpose and then puts him up and hits his Samoan Drop and leaves Val Venis down and out

J.R: What an opening match another win for The Highlanders

King: It doesn't look like Val Venis and Viscera are on the same page after that Samoan Drop by Viscera

J.R: No it doesn't King after the break were going to talk to Paul Heyman since he seems to have raided our ring again tonight after that match we'll be back after the commercial break


Paul Heyman now is ready to talk

Paul: Tonight i have an announcement to make and no its not another superstar being taken from Raw this time i signed a superstar a former ECW legend please welcome Sabu!

Sabu's music hits and he comes down to the ring with his steel chair in hand

Paul: Sabu tonight has an open Extreme Rules Challenge to any Raw Superstar here that has the balls to go against the Suicidal, Homicidal, Genocidal, Death Defying Sabu

Edge's music hits and his fog fills the arena for the first time in a month Lita accompanies him since she's been out with a broken jaw

Edge: Heyman if thats the best you have to offer i guess ill have to take your superstar down tonight and show him how the R-Rated Supe....before Edge can finish his comment Sabu throws his steel chair at Edge and it smashes into Edge before he could finish his verbal attack on ECW and Sabu Lita attends to Edge

J.R: Later on tonight were gonna see an Extreme Rules Match Edge vs Sabu

King: Well quite frankly J.R im sick of this Extremely Crappy Wrestling's return i can't imagine what made Vince think of this idea

J.R: I think that we should get on to the next match King Mickie James vs Torrie Wilson!

Mickie James vs Torrie Wilson

Non Title Match

Mickie James music hits and she gets into the ring with her Womens Championship on her shoulder ready for action then Torrie Wilson's music hits and Torrie Wilson comes out with chloe in hand and hands her to the ref while the ref gets rid of the dog Mickie hits Torrie with the Women's Championship then she tosses the Championship to the ref and sets her up for the "Mick Kick" a move taken from Trish Status's playbook and she connects now she's setting up for the Statusfaction and she also hits that Mickie goes for the pin 1-2-3 and after the match is over she continues to taunt Trish Status with her signature taunts what will happen next week when Trish Status returns from her dislocated shoulder.

J.R: Mickie James is one of a kind who will be able to stop this Psycho will she ever get over Trish?

King: Well she's a psycho with puppy's J.R woohooo!

J.R: King will you stop wetting yourself and get on after the break its Edge vs Sabu in an Extreme Rules Match!


Edge with Lita vs Sabu with Paul Heyman

Extreme Rules Match

Sabu starts by once again trying to throw the chair at Edge but he evades it and then makes Sabu fall face first into the Steel Chair Lita then slides in a steel chair of Edge's own and he starts beating away at Sabu with the steel chair Sabu gets back onto the offensive by throwing a steel chair at Edge's ribs and hitting perfectly Sabu tells Paul to set up a table out side the ring and then tosses Edge outside and then Paul puts Edge and holds him on the table then Sabu sets up a chair and jumps for the Triple Jump Moonsault but Edge hits Heyman with a thumb to the eye and just gets off the table in time and Sabu goes threw the table before attacking Sabu Edge then spears Paul Heyman and then puts Sabu in the ring and sets up for the Spear and then Lita sets up a chair in the corner and then Edge hits the spear and puts Sabu threw the chair Edge goes for the pin 1-2-3 Its over Edge leaves with Lita after Sabu and Paul Heyman are left out cold.

Camera's then move backstage to Mick Foley's office where Tommy Dreamer meets him

Foley: Dreamer what in the hell are u doing in my office?

Dreamer: Im here to see how your doing after that beating a gave you a few weeks back your brains unscrambled now after a few shots from that Singapore Cane?

Foley: Dreamer you and your ECW goons took a cheap shot at me and its not going to happen again auctually this time you've walked into my trap meet my little friend The Big Show

The Big Show approaches Tommy Dreamer and Foley tells The Big Show to attack and instead he shakes hands with Dreamer and begins to talk

Big Show: Mick Foley you guys haven't given me a title shot or anything in over a year and since you guys didn't do anything after what Kane did i decided to defect to ECW so instead of attacking Dreamer i'll attack you

Big Show then preceeds to use the Show Stopper to put Mick Foley threw his own desk and Big Show and Dreamer leave making an impact

J.R: Another defection when is this going to end King

King: What in the hell is The Big Show and Tommy Dreamer doing now there in the ring

Big Show takes a mic and begins to talk

Big Show: Kane last night you made an impact and screwed your brother tonight i have a propostion for you come out and see

Kane's music hits and he comes out to the ring face to face with The Big Show

Big Show: How about you and Tommy Dreamer one on one tonight?

Kane: Fine with me ill beat the shit out of whoever you give me

King: Can the Big Show book a match?

J.R: I guess he can since the Raw Gm is out cold in his office and Tommy Dreamer vs Kane is next!


Kane vs Tommy Dreamer

Kane begins with an uppercut and a boot to the jaw and Kane starts flying around the ring with clothesline and then goes to the top rope to hit his signature clothesline off the top but Big Show hits the ropes so he falls before he can hit the clothesline and Tommy Dreamer takes advantage he climbes the turnbuckle and beats away with furious punches at Kane then he sets him up for a Superplex but Kane reverses Tommy Dreamer's attempt to Superplex him 3 times and Tommy Dreamer falls off the turnbuckle then Kane sets up and hits his Clothesline and sets up for the Chokeslam he hits the Chokeslam and Kane goes for the cover 1-2-2 and 3/4's Big Show put Tommy Dreamers foot on bottom rope Kane then climbs the turnbuckle and hits a flying lariat on The Big Show and goes back into the ring but Dreamer set him up and hit the Dreamer Driver he goes for the cover 1-2-3! Its over Big Show cost Kane the match against Dreamer Kane gets back up and hits the ChokeSlam on Tommy Dreamer but he turns around and then the Big Show hits the final cut leaving Kane down and out in the middle of the ring and draged Tommy Dreamer out of the ring and brought him to the back leaving Kane down.

J.R: The Big Show set up Kane and attacked Mick Foley and now that he's going to ECW who's going to stop this monster

King: I know the answer no one thats why he's jumping to ECW and i think i know the real reason he's going because he knows he's going to be the best ECW's got and he's right

J.R: Well since ECW isn't here lets get off the subject and get on to Shelton Benjamin vs Stevie Richards for the IC Title but its next!


Shelton Benjamin vs Stevie Richards

Intercontinental Championship Match

Shelton Benjamin's music hits and he gets into the ring and starts warming up for his match and then Stevie Richards music hits and he comes out and gets into the ring and the bell rings and the match begins Shelton Benjamin takes advantage early and gets Stevie Richards down and Benjamin stomps away at Stevie Richards then Carlito music hits and he comes down to the ring and gets into the commentator booth and starts making remarks about Shelton Benjamin as well as Stevie Richards Shelton Benjamin got distracted and Stevie hit a germin suplex then he hit serveral clotheslines and starts to get onto the offensive and then he goes and taunts Carlito but Stevie Richards then turns around into the T-Bone he goes for the cover 1-2-3 Its over but then Carlito comes from behind and hits the Back Cracker on Shelton Benjamin and leaves Stevie Richards down and out with Shelton Benjamin and Carlito walks off with the Intercontinental Championship and its not even his!

J.R: The Intercontinental Championship is back on Raw but Carlito has stolen the championship!

King: Carlito's cool J.R and cool guys can do and say whatever they want and tonight he said what he wanted and took what he wanted and that was the Intercontinental Championship

J.R: Last i heard he lost that last week to Stevie Richards this week he leaves Shelton and Stevie Richards out

King J.R look who's in the ring now its D-Generation X but its only Triple H and Shawn Michaels

Triple H and Shawn Michaels get mics and begin to talk

Triple H: Well im sorry to let all of you D-Generation X fans down but Billy Gun Road Dogg and X-Pac was just a one time thing a reunion tonight Shawn and I are here to make a statement to Vince Shawn why don't you make it

Shawn Michaels: Hunter i couldn't i don't need Vince blowing his top on us again why don't we go back stage the crowd boo's and they get ready to leave and they start laughing

Triple H: You guys really thought we would leave haha isn't that funny Shawn well if your up to it Shawn lets face Kenny and Mikey right now and kick the crap out of the spirit squad

Shawn Michaels: and if the spirit squad aren't down with that we got 2 words for you

Triple H and Shawn Michaels as well as the Crowd say SUCK IT!

Then the whole spirit squad comes to the ring and DX destroys them with 3 pedigree's and 2 sweet chin music's

Triple H : Well i guess were gonna get that match and lets make it for the World Tag Team Championship? i think the Spirit Squad gladly accept

Shawn Michaels: Get a ref down here!

A ref runs down the ramp into the ring and DX kick out the other 3 members of the Spirit Squad and then cover Kenny 1-2-2.999 Triple H pulled his head up and laughed

Triple H: Oh no the Spirit Squad kicked out Shawn hit him with your Super kick ill go outside the ring so the ref stops yelling

Shawn Michaels hits Sweet Chin Music and then pins him for the One , Two , Three and we have New World Tag Team Champions!

Triple H and Shawn Michaels: And now if Vince's not down with that we got 2 words for him SUCK IT!

Triple H and Shawn Michaels leave with their new tag team championships

J.R: Can you believe that King DX just kicked the crap out of the whole spirit squad and took their World Tag Team Championships!

King: I don't think Vince is going to be sitting back much longer after that

J.R: I guess we'll find out next week since Vince isn't here tonight next is our Main Event Chris Jericho vs John Cena for the WWE Championship

Commercial Break

Chris Jericho vs John Cena

WWE Championship Match

Chris Jericho comes out to a crowd full of boo's and then taunts them and enters the ring ready for John Cena and John Cena comes out to the ring to a standing ovation and when he gets into the ring the bell rings and he gets jumped by Chris Jericho and the match begins and Jericho stomps away at John Cena and begins with the upperhand Chris Jericho then begins to taunt the crowd it looks like the new Chris Jericho is like the old Chris Jericho then gets attacked by Cena because he gave him to much time to rest he's flying off the ropes and then goes and hits the 5 knuckle shuffle and then sets him up for the F-U and hits but then RVD comes out along with its Rhyno! Rhyno is coming out with RVD both with chairs and they assault Cena and Jericho and the ref calls for the bell and Rhyno sets up Cena for the Gore and he hits it and RVD hits the 5-Star Frog Splash ECW once again screwed up Raw's Main Event.

J.R: ECW has done it again ruined another Raw Main Event what in the hell is gonna happen who is gonna get ECW under control damn it i guess we'll find out whats going to happen to ECW next Monday Night on Raw!

Raw Recap

The Highlanders defeated Venis and Viscera

Mickie James defeated Torrie Wilson

Edge defeated Sabu (Extreme Rules Match)

Tommy Dreamer defeated Kane

Shelton Benjamin defeated Stevie Richards(New Intercontinental Champ)

D-Generation X defeated The Spirit Squad (New World Tag Team Champions)

Chris Jericho vs John Cena no contest

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