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Shock Treatment


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As a faithful member of the New York City Rocky Horror Picture Show cast, I wouldn't be fulfilling my duties if I didn't mention this.

The ill-fated sequel to Rocky Horror, entitled "Shock Treatment" was on television for the first time ever last night on the Fox Movie Channel. The movie itself has some very catchy music, and up until now was considered somewhat of a rare film, but it is set for American release on DVD on September 5, and I believe the UK already has it on DVD.

Shock Treatment is going to be on the Fox Movie Channel again on August 18 @ 8 PM, and once in September (probably to commemorate the DVD release). Most of the regulars from RHPS return including God himself Richard O'Brien, along with Patricia Quinn, Nell Campbell, and Charles Gray. Sorry, no Tim Curry, Susan Sarandon, or Barry Bostwick this time around. Brad is portrayed this time by Cliff De Young, who pulls off Brad well for how he was written, and Janet is portrayed by the lovely Jessica Harper.

The movie tells the story of Brad and Janet yet again as they become contestants on a game show in Denton, and from there, they become engulfed in a frenzy of media manipulation and a mogul's master plan.

If you watch this movie expecting elements from RHPS, then you will be disappointed. There are no transvestites or sexual undertones here, and on its own it stands as a decent film.

And Barry Humphries is in it, and who doesn't love Barry Humphries? Anyone who doesn't love Barry Humphries is gay.

I'm rambling, but anyway, don't miss it on television, and if you can get it on DVD, then get it. It's definitely a film worth checking out.

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