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Earlier Tonight

The scene is dark, we appear to be outside. A handheld camera struggles to follow the person in front. Eventually the operator is able to take control and focuses the camera to reveal the FTW World Champion Taz. He is walking toward the ECW Arena with a leather jacket and his title over his shoulder when he abruptly stops dead in his tracks. Before him, “The Franchise” Shane Douglas stands.

Shane Douglas: “I hear you been lookin’ for me.”

Taz looks on at his adversary, his facial expression not at all altering.

Taz: “About your proposition…”

Shane Douglas: “Oh?”

Taz: “I’m in.”

A smile creeps on Douglas’ face.

Taz: “Sabu fuckin’ dies tonight.”

With that, Taz storms past Douglas, ensuring a shoulder barge. Douglas simply watches Taz leave with a grin from ear to ear. Whatever their plan, we will surely find out tonight!

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