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Cleaning a SNES

James Casey

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A while back I got a hankering for some retro gaming, so I hit eBay to pick up some of the stuff I needed to get my SNES up and running again. Unfortunately, with new controllers, games and leads, I sat down for an evening's gaming only for the fuse to blow in the console itself, so I had to get a second-hand SNES as well.

I set it all up last night, but it seems like the connectors on the console are dirty. I tried various games, but the most I got on-screen was the Nintendo logo on one game - so at least I know it's kinda working, and the cartridges don't seem to be the problem.

I've blown on the connectors, and used damp/dry cotton buds to wipe them down as well, but it's not worked. Someone on another forum suggested compressed air. Anyone here have any tips that might work?

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Guest Koupa Troopa

Use rubbing alchohol and Q-tips to get the connectors and the connectors in your games clean. Of course make sure it doesn't drip anywhere but that's what I do for the copper connectors.

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