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Dancer In The Dark Is For Gays *Spoilers*


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Okay, so I saw Abruzzi from Prison Break was in this movie and he is so great in Prison Break and the V-Dub commercials that I wanted to check out some more of his stuff. So I watched Dancer in the Dark.

Wow. What the hell is this shit? Dancer in the Dark? This is a movie clearly for gays. Why does it make people cry at all? I mean, seriously, watch it and you will see that the bitch is so annoying and does not make you cry a bit. She got what she deserved, that hanging.

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Guest The Ringy Complex

I agree, the movie is for queer little emofags, sad to say though, it's probably the second best movie Lars Von Trier made, that Danish tool should be shot dead.

I had to see the movie in class and lots of people cried, including the prof. He had to stop class. I think because he's a huge tool.

Atrocious emo movie, and the best part is easily Stormare, I can't believe he signed on for that heap of shit.

Seriously. Please, Denmark, don't fund Lars Von Trier to make films anymore. The studios are stopping, so should you.

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