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I didn't see a topic in the search, so let's go with this one.

For Keith, Dragsy and any others who are going to see Lordi w/ Turisas tomorrow night in London, you are in for an absolute treat! That show tonight in Glasgow was the best concert I have ever been to, it was SOOO awesome. The pyro, the stage set, the music, the beer... so good. Lordi and Tursisas >>>>>>> You. Win.

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Both bands were su-fucking-perb. I was well impressed with Turisas. Drummer? Check? Singer? Check? guitarist, bass and keyboards? Got 'em. What are we missing? OH, the TWO FUCKING ACCORDIONISTS AND VIOLINIST. Genius. And 500 points to whoever can get me an mp3 of Turisas covering Rasputin. One of the best covers I've heard in a long time.

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