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Final Fantasy suggestions


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Okay, so I've played bits of just about every FF game. 2 (American and Japanese), 3 (Japanese), 4 (English), 5,6,7,8,9,10,12, Mystic Quest,Tactics and Tactics Advance.

However I've only actually beaten Tactics. I'd really like to beat another, one a part of the main series. So which FF game is the shortest / which is the easiest, as I'm currently occupied with other games, and can't devote too much time.

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X can be beaten in a matter of 20 hours if you wanted. People get ridiculously high hours when going after all of the side quests (particularly the ultimate weapons for each character) along with beating all of the special bosses. The main story is relatively short if you follow it through without much deviation.

I also recommend it too if you're looking for the shortest/easiest without much time to put in.

You may very much like XII if you enjoyed Tactics. Otherwise VI isn't all that long. As is IV. VII is fairly long, along with IX. I truly forget VIII despite having it sitting on my desk for the past few months with intentions to play. I recall it being fairly longish. Never bothered with II or III, and only have gotten halfway through V until I was bored to tears.

So go with X, otherwise one of the SNES ones would do quite well.

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I've always liked VII the most out of any Final Fantasy, followed by 10 and then Tactics.

But like people have said before, it's insanely easy to get through 10 quickly, and if for some reason you're having trouble at the end, you can always use the King Cactuar trick (I believe that's what he's called) to get really good stats very quickly.

After I beat the game, I did that trick for a while, and I could kill the final boss in 2 hits.

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