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ECW 1999 - Heyman is Making Waves!


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December 1998: We were having are final live show of the year in Chicago, I always made a effort to see the towns before we had shows, luckily enough I had enough time to grab a bite to eat at a restaurant I was recommended to go too. Anyway I sat down and was ready to order, until I heard a voice.

“Paul, Hey Paul Heyman”

I turned my head around to see Vince McMahon, who had only himself just come into the restaurant.

Vince: “Except seeing you here!”

“Well, were having a live show tonight and I was hoping to get something to eat.”

“Sorry, if I’m getting in the way of anything!”

“Of course not Vince, take a seat”

Not knowing how long this convosation would take, I felt I should so show Vince some decently and ask him to join me!

“Imagine what the fans would make of Paul Heyman and Vince McMahon eating lunch together” Said Vince.

“It would be a full scale riot”

We both chuckled as he went for the menu

“You know Paul, I was kind of hoping to walk into you one day”

“Why is that?”

The Waiter then approached the table ready to take are order

“I’ll have the Duck, Is it possible to get rid of all the fat from the duck?”

“I’m sure we can Sir!”

“I’ll have a glass of Water too please”

The waiter then looked at me

“Well I haven’t really had a good look, do you do Cheeseburgers?”

I had heard at this restaurant do some of the best burgers in all of the states!

“Yes Sir, and for drink?”

“Just a Coke please”

He walked off as Vince turned his full attention to me

“Cheeseburger and Coke, You should try eating some more healthier options”

“One of my workers told me about this place, he said the burgers where nice, so I guess I try one”

“I said that I hoped to run into you one day, well this is what I wanted to say… Now, you‘ll probably want to cut me off but let me finish.

ECW needs to branch out more Paul, I mean your only catering for one audience.”

I had to cut him-off, even though he told me now too.

“Vince, we don’t only have Hardcore matches, we have Lucha Libre, Technical, Japanese…”

Vince now injects himself

“ Paul, that is what I mean, Your only catering for the die-hards who love this stuff, if ECW is going to be successful then you need more entertainment that a family can enjoy! Look at my WWF. We have, Light heavyweights, Technical matches, Brawls, Hardcore matches, women’s matches. Plus we have great Storylines and Angles. Now we’re killing WCW again.

I just think that if you take into account of what I said then ECW will be bigger then that crap whole WCW. But if you don‘t change in 3 years you‘ll be out of business!”

I didn’t reply, Vince actually believed that ECW could be bigger than WCW, One of the few people who like myself believed it!

“Now, Paul You have got to play the bad guy sometimes, on your Roster I bet there is a load of deadweight right?”

“Maybe” I replied with a smile on my face

“Well Paul, Cut them, If I didn’t cut people I would still have a roster full of Outback Jack’s”

We both chuckled again, For some reason Vince seem so nicer than other meetings we had.

By this time the food had arrived and we was both set to tuck in.

“I asked for no fat, yet It is full of it!”

I bit into my cheeseburger as the taste exploded in my mouth, it really was the best burger I’ve ever had. Vince was moaning and saying things, but I was far too busy eating this delicious burger!

“Now Paul, We’re taping Raw tomorrow night, just down the road from here, if your still in town I would like for you to visit us as a guest. Just come to the arena by 6 and then we’ll sort you out!”

“Well thanks Vince, But I’ve got to travel back to Philly”

“No worries Paul”

Vince stood up and reached for his wallet. He pulled out 100 bucks

“This one is on me” He smiled and walked off.

I though that was pretty cool, I then turned my full attention to the burger!

Later that Day…

After the show, I sat all the boys down. I denied them from going home before the show had finished, this was the first time I did this, so they knew something was up.

“Hey Paul, why can’t we go home?” Said Buh Buh Ray Dudley

“Ok, I called you all here because as of next year, things are going to change. But I have to say some you won’t see these changes first hand. Big Dick, John Kronus, Sign Guy, Mustafa and Sal E. Graziano”

I could see on their faces they knew it wasn’t good news.

“I’m sorry to say I’m going to have to release you guys as of immentidate effect. I’ll pay you guys your money that I owe you as I promised.”

“Hey Paul, what about the guys you still owe money? What about me!”

I looked around, as John Kronus pushed pass me and walked through the door. It was from my World Champion Shane Douglas. By this time Sign Guy, Big Dick and Sal E all left the room. Mustafa was still sitting there though.

“I don’t owe you no money Shane”

“BULLSHIT, you promised me a pay rise when I got this belt, did I get it, did I fuck!”

“Look Shane, I pay all you guys fairly. When I get the money it goes to you”

He looked around the room and said,

“You just paid tonight’s gate to 5 worthless pieces of shit”

At this point Mustafa looked up, Shane saw this and looked a bit worried. Mustafa stood up and gave him a dirty look. He came over to me!

“Look Mr. Heyman, thanks for the chance to work with ECW Again, I hope to do business with you again one day.” He shook New Jacks hand and walked off! I though that was a sign of great respect!

Meanwhile Shane Douglas shoved his clothes into his bag and looked at me.

“You see this belt, You can shove it up your fat ass! I’m out of here!” The whole Locker room was bewildered as to what had just happened! Tommy Dreamer just looked at me like he was lost! What was I going to do now?


Main - Event

Upper Midcard


Shane Douglas - H

Sid - F

Taz - F

Tommy Dreamer - F


Buh Buh Ray Dudley - H

Chris Candido - H

D-Von Dudley - H

Jerry Lynn - F

Justin Credible - H

Lance Strom - H

New Jack - F

Rhino - H

Sabu - F

Spike Dudley - F

Steve Corino - H

Lower Midcard

Axl Rotten - F

Balls Mahoney - F

Little Guido - H

Tracey Smothers - H

Yoshihiro Tajiri - H


Chris Chetti - F

Danny Doring - H

Road kill - H

Nova - F

Skull Von Crush - H

Super crazy - F


Bill Alfonso - F

Dawn Marie - H

Francine - H

Jack Victory - H

Jason - H

Joel Grenter - F

Paul Heyman - F

Tammy Sytch - H

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By now it was Saturday and we had a show to do. I was going to put parts of this show together to form are show on America One. Good news is if we keep getting some of the higher ratings on the network they might move are time slot. Obviously Shane Douglas wasn’t going to be at this show like planned and I hadn’t had any contact with him since the incident. I gave some of the bigger names the night off, guys like Taz, Sabu etc. But I still have a good mix of guys, RVD, Dreamer and The Dudleys to work from.

I get to the ECW arena and started to talk to some of the young guys putting up the ring, when my cell phone rang. It was my new phone without all the numbers already stored, so I didn’t know who this was. I answered it.

“Hello” I said

“Hey Paul, It’s me. Shane Douglas.”


“Yeah I’m calling to say I want to leave ECW! Look I’ll drop the belt at Guilty as Charged and then I want out! XPW promised me some work while I get in touch with WCW!”

Now I was pissed, my too most hated wrestling promotions in the world, and my former champion was going to them.

“Look, We had a disagreement, tell me what I owe you and we’ll forget the whole thing”

“No Paul, I’m sick of ECW, period and You!”

“Fuck you Shane Douglas, Fuck You!” I turned off the phone and stormed off. The guys setting up the ring were watching the whole thing, they wasn’t in the meeting when the incident happened so they didn’t know! I was surprised about it not being all over the internet, but when I cooled down I pretty much known it would be. Now I could of talked to them about it and asked to keep it a secret, but I kind of wanted for people to hear about it! If it gets on the internet is the question?

10 minutes before show time I rolled the board in. On this board had tonight’s show, If there was a star by your match for segment then you we’re going on the TV show. This would be the last time I did this, if we was going to change we would need to do TV Tapings, even if it was at the ECW Arena. Anyway it was time for the show.

ECW Hardcore TV


The Show fades in after the opening titles with the crowd chanting EC-Dub, EC-Dub, EC-Dub! Danny Doring was already in the ring (Note: No Roadkill by his side) Balls Mahoney’s music plays in, he makes his way to the ring (Note: No Axl rotten by his side). Fans begin to sing to his song but it is turned off after he is in the ring, this cause a few boo’s from the crowd.

Balls Mahoney V Danny Doring

How would you sum up a 3 minute squash match dominated by Balls Mahoney. During the match, Balls managed to fit in his trademark Dusty Rhodes Style punches and elbow (But with a punch instead) The end came when Balls went up to the top and hit the Flying Legdrop for the 1-2-3!

Winner: Balls Mahoney

After the match, Balls Music played, the crowd finally got to sing along to the whole song, it was fully played on the TV. Balls was out in the crowd singing too!

The screen fades out for the commercial break

Skull Von Crush and Chris Chetti were in the ring ready to lock up.

Skull Von Crush V Chris Chetti

Skull Von Crush wasn’t here to mat wrestle, he was here to kick some ass. Von Crush hit Chetti with a stiff clothesline which almost took Chris Chetti’s head off. In true squash match style Von Crush was ready to end the match, PUMP HANDLE SLAM~ 1-2-3! Impressive from the big man!

Winner: Skull Von Crush

With no Commercial break the Dudley’s come out! (Note: No Big Dick or Sign Guy) Both Skull Von Crush and Chris Chetti are still in the ring. As the Dudley’s get into the ring they have a stare down with Skull Von Crush, After a while both Buh Buh Ray and D-von spilt allowing Skull Von Crush to leave, obviously wanting no part of the big man! They pick up Chris Chetti and hit the 3D on him, leaving him even more beat up!

Buh Buh takes the mic.

Buh Buh: You see that you pieces of shit (Talking to the audience) If anyone one of you try anything on with us, this poor bastard will be you.

Officials come down to help Chetti to the back.

Buh Buh: We’re the ECW Tag Team champions, we’re the best. At Guilty As Charged, We offer a open challenge to anyone for a chance at these Tag Titles! Then you’ll see we’re the…

Buh Buh stops and drops to the outside, A fan must have really pissed him and now Both Buh Buh and D-Von are in his face! They exchange some unpleasant words. Then Buh Buh pies faces the young man, The crowd is enraged. Then suddenly Tommy Dreamer’s Music hits!

Tommy rushes to the ringside, He brawls with both Dudley’s, but he is out-numbered 2 to 1. The Dudley’s throw him in the ring. D-Von goes to get a table from ringside. Meanwhile Buh Buh laying waste to Dreamer with right hands. As the Table is set up in the ring, D-Von Whips Dreamer into the ropes and they Hit the 3D right though the table. Then AC/DC’s Highway to Hell Kicks in as the ‘Giant Killer’ Spike Dudley runs to the ring with a chair in hand to chase off the Dudley’s! Neither Buh Buh Nor D-Von want any of it, As they bail to the outside and head backstage. Spike checks on Dreamer.

We fade to the final Commercial Break

We return to the letters S-I-D swirling around on the screen. Then a image of Sid Vicious is shown looking all mean and angry. Then the Words Guilty As Charged appear on the screen!

We return to Live or rather taped action with Chris Candido and Tammy Sytch making there way to the ring. Then the loudest pop comes when RVD’s Music plays though the arena, the sound of Bill Alfonso Whistle rings though everyone’s ears as RVD steps though the curtain. He walks all around the ringside slapping the fans hands, and finally steps in the ring.

Ring Announcer: This Match is for the ECW Television Title and has a 30 minute time limit. Introducing first to my right from Spring Lake, New Jersey weighting in at 225 pounds this is CHRIS CANDIDO! And in his corner TAMMY SYTCH. (They both play to the crowd.) And to my left, in corner The manager of champions, the man who plays it down the middle, BILL ALFONSO. And the Champion hailing from Battle Creak Michigan, he is Mr Pay-Per-view, The Whole F'n Show, This is ROB VAN DAM (He does the thumbs pointing stuff and then his infamous spin kick)

ECW TV Title: RVD V Chris Candido

They both feel each other out before the match really starts. Then the action really starts, both men giving 100% like they always do, a real full throttle match featuring suicide drives to the outside, quick chain wrestling, even hardcore action in the form of duelling chair shots. (Eat your heart out Balls Mahoney) After a good 15 minutes the tempo slows down and you sense the end is near, both Tammy Sytch and Bill Alfonso have yet to interfere in the match. RVD slams down Chris Candido, and goes to the top, he is signalling for the 5 star frog splash. Candido meanwhile gets up and stops RVD with a left hand. He sets up for a Super Suplex, RVD thrusts him off! And Hit’s the 5 Star Frog splash as Chris Candido lands to the mat! 1-2-3! RVD retains the title!

Winner: And Still ECW TV Champion Rob Van Dam

RVD and Bill Alfonso stay in the ring and celebrate with the fans As Hardcore TV goes off the air.

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Guest XwazupwitdatX

Dude, you have to spell check and grammer check these things. It was actually hard to read at some points. Past that, decent layout, good luck.

Sorry about that I did go over it, I'll make even more of a effort to improve the grammer and spelling.

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After the show had aired on America One, I got a phone call.


“Hi, This is Ron Kelly from America One. We want to talk to you about ECW.”

I was worried at first, but he continued talking.

“We at America One are very pleased with the ratings that Hardcore TV is getting, We want to move your show to Late Evenings is that ok?”

“Sure” I replied.

“Ok, You don’t worry about a thing, just get the shows to us by the deadline and we’ll do the rest.”

This was great, ECW was on the up. But I couldn’t help thinking that we needed to get even bigger in a TV way. I mean, this was still not going to challenge numbers set my WCW and WWF every week. We needed a primetime slot on a big network. I rang up some of my production crew and arranged to get a promo tape together. Now I have to find a good network to send it too!

I had a few things to do today though, I wanted to get a few new workers in ECW. I’ve been told two people from XPW are really making waves, Michael Modest and Christopher Daniels. I was given there number, now if I got these two then I can finally start pushing younger talent again. Maybe these guys could actually be my new Main Eventers!

Later that day…

After a few hours of arranging things I finally got the both of them to agree to join ECW, starting as earlier as the next Saturday for are Hardcore TV Taping. But Now my final goal, sorting the Shane Douglas scenario out! Now I had load of options, Tell the fans and make him out to be the bad guy (With he was) and strip him of the title, I did have the belt after all or Don’t use him until Guilty As Charged and make him drop the belt. (I had Taz and Sabu for that) or try to sort it out and keep him in ECW.

I though it over for a while, I still hadn’t decided what to do, so I went on the internet while I came up with a choice.

I checked out ECW.com, it is a pretty neat site. Joey Styles seems to be doing a great job. I went on a “Wrestling News Site” These were sites that stole other wrestling reporters news. All Mainly WCW and WWF news, one day ECW will get loads more coverage. I did notice however this headline: ‘ECW Champion Quits ECW!’ I knew it, I just knew! I clicked on it, and close down all the pop-ups, it reads like this:

ECW Champion Shane Douglas has amazing quit the company over a dispute with ECW Owner/Booker Paul Heyman. A Insider said at a meeting were other ECW workers were released Shane Douglas was unhappy at something.

More news when we get!!!

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Shane Picked up the phone.


“Hey Shane, It’s me. Paul Heyman”

“Oh god!”

I sensed he was going to hang up the phone down so I screamed

“SHANE, Wait Don’t hang up!!!”

He replied “Look Heyman, You made it clear you wanted me to go and fuck myself so leave me alone!”

“I’m sorry Shane, please listen to me. I’m S-O-R-R-Y! Please Shane, I want you back in ECW, what ever it takes, I promise”

“Paul, give me 50 grand by Tomorrow and I’ll think about it! You owe me the money so no getting out of it!”

“Ok, 50 grand by Saturday”

“NO, 50 Grand by tomorrow”

“Look, Come to the taping on Saturday and I promise you 50 grand and your World Title belt back?”

“Ok, But I still have a WCW contract in front of me, guaranteeing me $600,000 a Year!”

“Shane, bring too the show, I think we could have something really good! Please, Do you forgive me?”

“Ok, if you get my 50 grand then we’ll forget it all! I promise”

“Great, see you Saturday”

We both hung up the phone, I could easily get 50 grand by Saturday, just no one else would get paid! Although if we get a TV deal, all these money issues will be gone…I Hope!

I faxed a load of news to Joey Styles so he could put it up on ECW.com. The News was:

At Guilty at Charged Mike Awesome returns to ECW to face foreign rival Masato Tanaka!

Also that Shane Douglas would be at the next ECW Taping to discuss the whole situation, I also made them put it in it was all going to be a shoot! But little does anyone else know, it was going to be a complete work! Like some things that people per-fess to be a shoot, it isn’t really!

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ECW Hardcore TV!

The screen fades in with Paul Heyman standing in front of a banner with ECW on it.

Heyman: Ladies and gentlemen, You may have heard of a incident involving myself and Shane Douglas. Well I can confirm their was a incident, But that is put behind the both of us. Also reports of Shane Douglas leaving ECW are… NOT true. Tonight Shane Douglas will appear on the broadcast, Thank you and enjoy the show.

The Titles play

As the titles fade out, we go straight to the ring at the ECW arena where 6 men are waiting.

Ring Announcer: This match is a 6 man tag. Introducing first, from Japan, Yoshihiro Tajiri! And his partners making their ECW debut Michael Modest and Christopher Daniels!!! And their opponents From Mexico city, Mexico SUPERCRAZY! And his partners, Nova and Chris Chetti.

Tajiri/Modest/Daniels V Supercrazy/Nova/Chetti

All 6 men are known to fly and they did. As soon as the bell rang Tajiri went for his rival Supercrazy. They exchanged some amazing flying moves, until a botched move from Crazy allowed Tajiri to get the advantage. He tagged in the newcomer Michael Modest and we finally get to see what he offers. He wraps up Crazy in many holds working over his lower back. Daniels was next to get the tag and he performed a crazy senton on Supercrazy off the top rope. Daniels however let Supercrazy out of his sight to taunt the fans, this allowed Crazy to get the tag to Nova. Nova does the usual clearing house routine, as Chetti runs in to help his partner. They do a Rocker’s style double dropkick on both Daniels and Modest knocking them out the ring. Supercrazy then did his usual suicide plancha onto the outside on both Daniels and Modest. Tajiri enters the ring and pushes out Chris Chetti and hits his triple kicks on Nova. 1-2-3!

Winner: Tajiri/Modest/Daniels

As All competitors leave to the back, Chris Chetti is hot. He pushes Nova and asks what happened? But before Nova can say anything, The sound of Skull Von Crush’s music plays as he comes down to the ring. Chris Chetti bails out as Skull Von Crush attacks Nova, A ref is in the ring. Pump Handle Slam! 1-2-3 Chris Chetti is still outside just looking at Nova.

Winner: Skull Von Crush

We fade into a commercial break with Skull Von Crush celebrating.

We return with Taz standing inside a empty basketball court in New York.

Taz: Back when I made the FTW title, I designed it so Only I could have the belt. When you beat me on the 18th of December I felt, I felt so Pissed off! Now seeing you with your name taped over mine it pisses me off even more! So Sabu, at Guilty As Charged I want my belt back some way or another.

He stares into the camera, looking pretty mean!

We return with The Dudleys taking on Balls Mahoney and Axl Rotten in a non-title match

In a short match, The Dudleys dominated the whole match. The finish came with the 3D on Axl Rotten for the 1-2-3.

After the match however from the back came Tommy Dreamer, all taped up from Last week’s encounter with The Dudley’s. With him is a trusty Steel Chair. He goes for both Dudley’s as they roll out the ring. They both back up to the entrance way were waiting for them is little brother Spike. He taps them both on the shoulder and does his patient Wave! As they back up to the ring, Dremaer nails D-Von with a chair, and then Buh Buh Ray. Him and Spike get in the ring.

Dreamer: D-Von, Buh Buh Ray. At Guilty As Charged, you put those Tag Belts on the line against US!

Buh Buh is screaming back saying they murder them or something along those lines.

We fade into the final commercial break.

When we return we see something we never though we would see again. ECW World Heavyweight Champion Shane Douglas walking to the ring with a clipboard. Also with him was Francine.

Shane Douglas: First of all you people still suck! (Loads of boo’s) (Then a Fuck you Douglas chants gets going) When I became the ECW World Champion I knew life was going to be different, well it has been eventful. Now I can’t deny what happened two weeks ago in Chicago. I was angry with Management over a disclosed reason!

Screw Paul Heyman!

You see this contract in my hand it’s a 3 year, 600 thousand dollars a year from WCW! (Loud Boo’s) (He gets out a pen, and signs it) There Mr Bischoff I hope your happy! (Francine is looking in disbelief)

After showing it to the fans he goes to leave the ring.

Arr.. Fuck it! (He rips up the contract) Screw WCW!

I’m ECW For LIFE!!! Now at Gulity As Charged I know a lot of people want me to defend this title will guess what? Taz, Sabu! Me V You two in a Triple Threat match for the ECW World Heavyweight title! But Also the FTW Title! In a Unifaction match!

This leads to the sound of Paul Heyman’s Music.

Heyman: Screw Heyman?, (He Chuckles) Anyway As for Gulity As Charged!

(Long Pause) DOUBLE JEOPARDY!!! (He then leaves the ring as Shane Douglas is looking bewildered)

ECW goes off the air!

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After the TV taping, I got the tape from the production truck and sent it straight off to America One. I was really pleased at how the show went.

2 days later…

I just got off the phone with two of my new signings. April Hunter and Johnny Swinger. I plan on using the both of them in the FBI. Also I decide that UPN would be the network I’ll try my luck with.

Now I had a little problem. At Guilty As Charged I had the Double Jeopardy match. A Double Jeopardy match worked like this:

4 men in the ring at the same time, they would be paired up as to who they had to pin to advance. Then the person pinned would return to the back, until it’s 1 on 1 and then the winner is the unified Champion. Now Taz/Sabu/ Shane Douglas was in the match. But I wanted a big surprise!

I knew who I wanted, So I announced this over on ECW.com

Next Week on America one, Rob Van Dam will take on a mystery opponent for the right to be in the Double Jeopardy match.

Already in the Double Jeopardy match is Shane Douglas, Sabu and Taz.

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ECW Hardcore TV!

The screen fades in after the opening title, with Shane Douglas with Francine in the ring.

Shane Douglas: Double Jeopardy! Double Jeopardy! What the fuck does that mean. All Week, I have been thinking to myself what Double Jeopardy means? Francine do you know what it means? (Francine shakes her head) So what did the franchise do, he got his monkey’s to research the term Double Jeopardy. (He pulls out a load of papers that are all together)

Double Jeopardy, also called "autrefois acquit" meaning "already acquitted") is a procedural defense (and, in many countries such as the United States, Canada, and India, a constitutional right) that forbids a defendant from being tried a second time for the same crime. At common law a defendant can plead autrefois acquit or autrefois convict; meaning the defendant has been acquitted or convicted of the same offence previously.

What the fuck did I just read?

The music of Taz hit’s!

Taz: Douglas, shut the fuck up you bitch (Loud Pop) You know nothing! I did “My” Research and found this:

4 men in the ring at the same time, they would be paired up as to who they had to pin to advance. Then the person pinned would return to the back, until it’s 1 on 1 and then the winner is the unified Champion.

So don’t come out here and try to be funny, cause it ain’t working! Now at Gulity As Charged I promise I’ll make you, and Sabu Tap! And if some other guys wants to get in my way? I’ll make him tap too! (He throws down the mic and leaves!)

Commercial break

We return with Sabu and Lance Strom tiein’ up!

Sabu V Lance Storm

Not much to write home about here, wasn’t really given enough time to get going. No real big spots from Sabu in this match. Almost a squash match. Sabu hit’s the Arabian Face buster for the win.

Winner: Sabu

After the match Taz comes running out of the back and from behind, chokes out Sabu! Taz stands over Sabu with a smile on his face!

The Camera goes to the locker room where Justin Credible is there

Justin Credible: You see this Singapore cane! This is a symbol of when I ran The Sandman out of ECW! Pretty much since then I’ve been over looked here in ECW, guys like Nova, Chris Chetti get more air time then me? Well I’m sick of being left on the sidelines! I’m going to make a impact, I’m going to get gold around my waste one way or another! Now that’s Just - In - Credible!

Commercial Break

We return with Balls Mahoney in a face lock applied by Steve Corino. We also see Axl Rotten and Rhino the apron! This is a tag match!

Balls Mahoney and Axl Rotten V Steve Corino and Rhino

Again a simple squash match, much like last week Versus The Dudleys The Hardcore chair swinging freaks don’t get much offence in! A Easy win for Corino and Rhino after a sick GORE~ from Rhino to Axl Rotten!

Winners: Corino and Rhino

After a few ad’s for ECW products, we return with the FBI in the ring.

Guido: Hey, You people listen to me! I’m about to introduce you too the newest FBI member’s: This is Johnny Swinger ( does a hellish smile) and this is the Lovely Little Mama Lionel! ( She does a sexy ring rope pose for the crowd) (A show your tit’s chant goes around the arena)

Tracey Smothers: Now…

Then, the sound of New Jack’s music hit’s as he comes down to the ring with a trash can full of shit!

He takes out Little Guido with a iron, Down goes Tracy smothers with the ironing board! Johnny Swinger runs in and gets a high back body drop! New Jack pulls out the guitar! BAM! Only New Jack and Little Mama Lionel are left together! As she goes to run off, she slips! New Jack goes right behind her! As she gets up, New Jack makes the motion as though he is, for the better term “Dogging” Little Mama Lionel! She turns and slaps New Jack!

As New Jack rubs his face, he quickly bends down, grabs a staple Gun and staple’s Little Mama Lionel’s Head! That was Sick! As she rushes to the back New Jack stands in the ring is glory!

Final Commercial break.

We return with RVD half way though his entrance with the fans. After a good 5 more minutes he stands and wait’s in the ring.

Ring Announcer: This match is for the right to fight, in the Double Jeopardy match at Guilty As Charged. To my left with the Manager of Champions Bill Alfonso, The ECW Television Champion, This is ROB VAN DAM! And his Opponent?

After a little while the sound of some generic music plays and Steven Regal steps out he curtain to a big pop! He obviously doesn’t react to the fans and completely ignores them!

Steven Regal V Rob Van Dam for the right to fight!

The fans start a Welcome Regal chant, as Regal Grabs the mic!

Regal: Now, Shut up you dirty animals see what a true respectful gentlemen like myself can do!

Now with this only being a 1 hour time show, 7 minutes where left in the show, a few bits were cut but the important bits where still there. Regal took control of the match, but as RVD was getting ready to mount a comeback, Justin Credible comes flying out and smashes the cane on RVD’s Back! Regal hook’s in the Regal Slam, and applies the regal stretch for the win!

Winner: Steven Regal

ECW goes off the air with Justin Credible smiling at RVD.

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3 days after taping Hardcore TV, I felt a little down. WWF and WCW were having some great storylines going, Vince McMahon won the Royal Rumble, who saw that coming? I wanted to run some great storylines like I Did back in 1995 and 1996. Many of my major players had gone though. Raven, Sandman, Funk, Cactus and Whipwreak were all either in WCW or the WWF. The only guy available was Terry Funk but he was a 55 year man who couldn’t still go like he did 4 years ago.

My mind was at a all time low on idea’s I usually have the whole card of are PPV mapped out weeks in advance, now 1 week away I only have a rough idea of 3 matches! For Guilty As Charged to be successful I needed to make it feel like a big time Wrestling PPV. I had network executives from UPN coming down to watch us, I need ECW to stand out from the rest.

I got out my little black book of contact’s, I rang someone I hadn’t spoken to in a long time, Bobby Eaton.

“Hey Bobby, it’s me Paul Heyman”

“Well I’m be, I haven’t heard from you in years”

“Same here Bobby, how things going?”

“Not too bad Paul, I just finishes a tour of Japan and I’m looking for work”

From his tone of voice, I realised he was waiting for me to offer him a job, Bobby Eaton at one point of a fantastic worker, but not no more. I wanted to be loyal to him but I didn’t really have nothing for him. Although he did offer something else!

“Japan, you say?”

“Yup, the land of the rising sun!”

“Well, I’ve got a PPV coming up in a week was wondering if you knew anyone interested in coming down for it?”

“Well, Umm… There is a few guys I suspose!”

“Bobby, got you give me a number to ring?”

“Sure Paul”

He gave me a number of a load of Japanese guys representative. He didn’t have to do this, but Bobby Was Bobby. Too good for his own good, I wanted to re-pay him.

“Look Bobby, I’ve been in contact with a few networks about a Prime Time show, I need some experience so if we do get it, would you like too come down and do a few dates? “

“Paul, That would be awesome thanks so much!”

We finished off the conversation talking about old times, he was still such a nice man.

I rang the number he gave me, I knew it would cost a arm and a leg but if it helped buy-rates!

“Hello, who is this?”

“Paul Heyman from ECW”

“Oh, Mr Heyman, from ECW! What can we do for you?”

“I’ve got a PPV net week and was wondering if you had any available talent to come and work the date?”

“Ok, let me look?”

After a good 25 minutes he returns

“Mr Heyman we have one worker available and willing to work this date!”


“His name is Mitsuhara Misawa , would you like to confirm this?”

This guy was puro legend!

“Sure, how much?”

“300 thousand of your American Dollars!”

Damn, that was a bit high!

“Hmm, Ok then!”

I had just confirmed a Puro Legend for the PPV! Misawa V who? After a little while I knew what match I wanted to see, Misawa V Lance Strom! I faxed the details over to Joey Styles for ECW.com.


We at ECW are pleased to announce that Puro Legend Mitsuhara Misawa will be apart of Guilty as Charged. Misawa will face Lance Storm in a special Attraction match. This match is sure to be incredible.

Speaking of incredible, Justin Credible will get a chance at ECW gold when he faces My Pay-Per-View Rob Van Dam in for the Television Title.

Confirmed matches for ECW Guilty As Charged Live on PPV!

ECW World Heavyweight Title - Double Jeoparady

Taz V Sabu V Shane Douglas V Steven Regal

Mike Awesome V Masato Tanaka

ECW Tag Team Titles

The Dudleyz V Spike and Tommy Dreamer

ECW Television Title

Rob Van Dam V Justin Credible

Special Attraction match

Lance Strom V Puro Legend Mitsuhara Misawa

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ECW Hardcore TV!

The screen fades in after the opening title, with Chris Candido (With Tammy Sytch) ready to lock up with Jerry Lynn.

Jerry Lynn V Chris Candido

Two of ECW’s rising stars, They showed why they are. After a few minutes of some catch as catch can moves, Candido with the help of Tammy Sytch takes control of the match. Lynn breaks out and hits some incredible moves on Candido. They both go to the top rope, both men trying to hits move on one and other, They both slip and land hard on the outside! The Ref goes to check on them, he then brings the count them out. Neither man could answer the 10 count and this match is a draw.

Winner: Double Count Out

Commercial Break

We return with The Dudleys in the ring, with two table’s set up

Buh Buh: At Guilty As Charged, We defend this Tag Team Title belts against The Innovator of Violence Tommy Dreamer (loud pop) and that Runt Spike Dudley (Even Bigger Pop) You two know what The Dudleys are capable of! You’ve experienced what the Dudleys are capable of! At Guilty As Charged you’ll never forget what the Dudleys are capable of! Tell - em D-Von

D-Von: Testify!

The music of Tommy Dreamer hits, along with him is Spike Dudley. They charge to the ring.

Both teams brawl around the arena, as they both return to the ring, Buh Buh Low blows Tommy Dreamer, He places Tommy on the table. As he goes to the second rope, Spike Comes from behind and trips Buh Buh! Buh Buh crashes though Dreamer into the table! But behind Spike is D-Von, Back Drop though the other table goes Spike Dudley!

D-Von Aids Buh Buh as the leave the ring.

PPV ads for Guilty As Charged are shown

When we return, New Jack and Little Guido are ready to go!

New Jack V Little Guido

New Jack had the match in total control until Tracey Smothers comes down from the back. He Tries his best to distract New Jack, even getting on the apron. This allows Guido to roll up New Jack and hooks New jack’s trousers! 1-2-3! Guido pulls off a major upset!

Winner: Little Guido

Commercial Break

We return with a video of Sid, hyping him being at Guilty As Charged this Sunday!

Then the camera goes to the back with Lance Strom and Justin Credible in a locker room.

Strom: ECW wants to put me in a Special Attraction match against a puro legend called Mitsuhara Misawa, I don’t care! I’m Canada’s greatest athlete, I’ll win!

Credible: Exactly! And for Rob Van Dam! I’m finally going to make my mark on ECW by ending your title reign!

They stare into the camera!

We go back with Steven Regal and Shane Douglas ready to take on Taz and his Partner Sabu!

Both men that are teaming together all square off in the Double Jeopardy match. After verbal jockeying between Taz and Sabu the match begins. A basic tag match but you could see the tension between Taz and Sabu between each tag! The end comes when Sabu misses a move on Regal, and Taz blasts Sabu with a right hand. Then Taz walks out on his partner! Regal Stretch on Sabu! Sabu TAPS!

Winners: Regal and Douglas!

ECW goes off the air with Taz smiling at Sabu!

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I arrived at the arena were we were holding the PPV tonight Guilty As Charged. It was still completely empty. I mean the ring crew hadn’t finished putting up the ring, all the chairs wasn’t put out! The show was going to start in about 5 hours! Almost 50% of the crowd are already outside! Now the pre-PPV nervous really kicked in!

Although we had a great card, I was scared that the network executives wouldn’t enjoy it! If they did how ever, then hopefully we will get the 2 hour Primetime slot they have up for grabs.

The heard a loud roar from outside, as I rushed to a window I could see over the crowd’s of people that it was Taz making his way into the arena. When he came in the first thing he said to me was;

“What the fuck” He looked towards the ring,

“Where’s the fucking ring Paul?”

“Well, Taz those House of Hardcore kids your training, aren’t doing a very good job!”

“Fuck that, watch this!”

I’ve never seen Taz move so fast, he knew where they was and about 5 minutes later all 15 of them came out to the ring like they had just been told off my a headmaster.

“There!” said Taz.

2 hours later and the arena was finally set up. Especially the little part I requested to be prepared for something later in the show! The nervous had pretty much all gone, all the boys were in the back, they were pumped for the show! The crowd began to file in, even though they would have to wait 3 hours until the live PPV began, they sounded as though they were pumped!

2 hours and 50 minutes later.

All the House of Hardcore kids finished off there little matches, as the pre-show was about to begin.

The sound of Francine’s music played and she came down to the ring.

Francine: Is everybody ready for ECW Guilty As Charged LIVE ON PPV? (Huge Pop) Oh, I mean Are you ready for Shane Douglas retaining his World Title? (Boo’s)

Then a voice was heard, it was Dawn Maire

Marie: Francine, you gutter slut! Move out of the ring, because for the first time, you’ve got more shit coming out of your mouth then going in! (Loads of Ohhhhhh’s!)

As she enters the ring, Francine pouches on her! CATFIGHT! CATFIGHT! As the roll around the ring, the crowd are going wild! Security comes down to break them up as they leave to the back! ECW Guilty As Charged was about to begin!

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Major News on the ECW PPV Tonight

Don't except to see much of Mitsuhara Misawa after the PPV, He signed a one match deal. Also he expressed his dislike for American Wrestling as a whole, yet he will accpet $300,000 for a match.

Also reports are claiming that Paul Heyman has been in talks with UPN about a TV deal, if it is true, then it is likely to be announced tonight.

Also announced for Tonight is A Re-Match between Jerry Lynn and Chris Candido.

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We go to the ring where Joey Styles and Cyrus standing in the ring.

Joey Styles: Welcome to ECW Guilty As Charged LIVE ON PPV! (Huge pop) Tonight for the first time, the ECW World Heavyweight title will be on the live in a Double Jeopardy match. Taz, Sabu, Steven Regal and ECW World Heavyweight champion Shane Douglas will all compete against one and other. Also…

Joey gets cut off by the voice of Joel Gertner.

Joel Gertner: Well, Well, Well! (Pop) ECW live on Per-Pay-View, all the women here tonight don’t need to give me a clue! That there here to see the stud muffin Joel Gertner.

I make them scream with joy, When they see me, they grab there favourite Toy!

Vince likes Chyna, but I like my women with Vagina’s!

Cyrus: Hey, Fat boy! Every time we have a PPV why do you cut are speech? You know what, I’ve got something to show you! He points to behind Joel Gertner. Standing behind him is Tajiri from out of know where! GREEN MIST~ To Joel Gertner!

The ECW Title’s fade in!

As they fade out, we return with Tajiri in the ring smiling with Cyrus, then the sound of Supercrazy’s music plays! We have a match!

Supercrazy V Tajiri

Tajiri goes straight off his famous kicks on Supercrazy, But crazy dodges every single one of them, except one that lands right on the side of his head. Tajiri picks up Crazy and places him in the corner. More martial arts kicks to Crazy! Tajiri locks in a weird looking arm hold on Crazy, Crazy soon spins Tajiri out of this and out of the ring. Crazy sees Tajiri re-grouping, so goes off a suicide plancha and hits it! The crowd are going wild!

Crazy drags Tajiri to the time keepers table and lays him on it! Crazy returns to the ring, he runs to the far rope, bouches off that and goes for a corkscrew over the top rope! But Tajiri Moves just in time! Supercrazy is down and out, after going though the table! Tajiri plays to the crowd!

Crazy rolls back into the ring, still showing the effects of going though the table! Tajiri stomps Supercrazy, he whips him into the ropes, but Crazy gets a rush of adrenaline, Springboard moonsault onto Tajiri! Crazy is having one last Adrenaline rush, kicks to the gut of Tajiri, He sets him up in the corner, Crazy plays to the crowd who are on there feet, he runs towards the corner! But Tajiri moves yet again, Tarantella! Tajiri releases the hold, Supercrazy is left on his knee’s, two stiff kicks to the head, Tajiri runs over to the rope! Seated dropkick! 1-2, Crazy puts his leg on the bottom rope! 3! The ref didn’t see, Tajiri quickly pushes the leg of Supercrazy’s off the bottom rope!

Winner: Tajiri.

The camera quickly turns to Joey Styles and Cyrus in the announce booth.

Styles: Up next is what some people are calling a international wrestling Dream match! Lance Strom V Mitsuhara Misawa!

Cyrus: Now Joey, here is a interesting fact. American Fans are dreaming of a match between a Canadian and a Japanese guy! Where’s the patriotism?

Styles gives Cyrus a dirty look!

Lance Strom comes out without Dawn Marie who was involved in that Catfight during the pre-show with Francine. Then the sound of some generic Japanese music plays as Mitsuahra Misawa gets a humongous pop! Fans begin to throw streamers into the ring.

Lance Storm V Mitsuhara Misawa

Ring Announcer: This match is schueled for one fall and has a 60 minute time limit! Introducing first, from The Wrestling capital of Canada, Calgary, Alberta Canada this is LANCE STORM!!! And his opponent from Japan, All Japan wrestling Legend; MITSUHARA MISAWA!!!

They lock-up and the crowd goes wild! They release each other, and lock up again! The Crowd goes wild again! Misawa arm drags Storm, Then Storm Arm drags Misawa, Misawa returns the favour with another arm drag, Storm then hit’s a arm drag! They both go to arm drag each other, but block each other out! The crowd go wild again!

Kick to the gut if Misawa from Storm, Snap Suplex! Storm puts Misawa in a chin lock, but Misawa reverse out into a reverse arm lock, then Storm reverse and slaps Misawa’s head and poses! As Misawa walked over to Storm, Strom hit Misawa with a low dropkick to the left knee of Mitsuhara Misawa. Storm then proceeded to Really bend the Misawa’s knee in all sorts of weird positions, Twisting it left and right! Misawa was clearly in some pain.

It seems as though Storm is getting ready to set up for his half boston crab, especially with him working over Misawa’s knee so much. Storm goes to the second rope and hit’s a leg drop square into Misawa’s knee! He grabs the knee again, and places Misawa’s in another knee hold, he places it on the bottom rope and just jumps on it! Misawa screams on pain! Storm picks up Misawa who can barely stand on his left leg! DDT! 1-2 Kick out from Misawa. Storm Stomps all over the leg of Misawa yet again. Misawa is kicking away Storm with his good leg, One kick landed Storm in the nuts! With Storm down on the mat, Misawa tried his hardest to get to his feet.

After a few seconds Storm was up, Misawa was holding the ropes, All of a sudden Misawa charged at Lance Strom and hit’s a thunderous Lariat! Both men are down, Misawa goes to cover Lance Storm, 1 - 2 NO! Lance Storm kicks out! The Crowd are on there feet! Both men take a while to get to there feet, Misawa still selling his left knee hits some stiff chops on Storm, Storm returns the favour with some of his own Stiff chops! A open hand slap from Misawa, returned by Strom there egging each other on and the crowd are loving it!

Storm runs to the rope, ducks under the out stretched arm of Misawa, He locks his arms around Misawa’s waist, German Suplex, he still has the arms locked! Another one, and One more for good measure! Storm hooks the leg! 1-2, But again Misawa kicks out before the 3 count. Lance Storm is looking increasing frustrated, He is setting up for the Half Boston Crab, he positions himself and waits for Misawa to raise to his feet!

Misawa gets hooked! Storm was almost as quick as lighting in locking in the Half Boston Crab! Misawa is starching and clawing to try to get to the bottom rope. Inch but inch Misawa manages to get to the rope! Misawa’s left leg must be getting him some pain! Storm goes to pick up Misawa, but in one movement, Misawa quickly hooks in the Tiger Bomb! Bam! But Misawa’s leg buckled under the pressure when coming down, so again both men are down, Misawa crawls over to Storm. 1-2-NO!!! 2 and 9 tenths! The crowd were grasping in amazement!

Both men make it to their feet, Misawa goes to give Storm a high boot with his right foot, but Storm ducks and grabs the left leg! Half Boston Crab in the centre of the ring! Misawa tries everything he can to get out of the hold, he tries to roll Storm off, Flip him off, pull him off but none of these works and Misawa has no choice but to tap out!

What a Match!

Winner: Lance Storm

The Crowd are screaming! EC-Dub, EC-Dub after seeing probably the match of the year! Misawa makes it too his feet. Misawa extends his hand out to Lance Strom, after going though such a hard hitting match like that he should accept the handshake. And he does! Storm then storms off, down the ramp! The fans start a Misawa is Awesome chant, as Misawa leaves slapping the fans hands.

Joey Styles is seen on the camera with Cyrus.

Joey Styles: What - a - Freaking match! But up next is some unfinished business between Chris Candido and Jerry Lynn. Back on America One this past Saturday, Both men couldn’t answer the 10 count, so tonight a re-match will take place!

Then the sound of Chris Candido’s music plays as he comes to the ring with Tammy Sytch! Then the sound of Jerry Lynn’s music plays. As they get ready to go, the sound of a huge pop goes around the arena as Sid steps out of the curtain in a black and white striped shirt! He says ring the bell! Who is going to argue with him! The Original Ref is not moving out of the ring so what does Sid do? POWERBOMB~

Jerry Lynn V Chris Candido - Special Ref - Sid Vicious

Chris Candido gets in Jerry Lynn’s face and begins a verbal fight with Lynn. Candido shoves Lynn’s face and Lynn fires off with some right hands, This is a brawl! They brawl all over the ring, onto the outside, and back into the ring again. Candido kicks Lynn in the gut, and hit’s a picture perfect suplex on Jerry Lynn. Lynn gets straight back up and then hit’s a suplex on Candido! Candido gets back up and it’s a stand off! From the distance we see Steve Corino, Rhino and Jack Victory (In a Wheel Chair) making there way down to the ringside area. Sid meanwhile just looks on.

Lynn and Candido lock up again. Candido whips Lynn to the corner, as Candido runs in, Lynn nails a dropkick. Lynn goes to the top rope, Elbow drop! Now Tammy Sytch is up on the apron, Jerry Lynn walks over to her, and a lord scream of CATFIGHT comes from the entrance ramp, Steve Corino obliviously tiring to get under the skin of Jerry Lynn.

Bitch Slap from Sytch to the un - paying attention Jerry Lynn. Candido rolls up Lynn! But wait, Sid refuses to count the 3 count! Candido is fuming, he’s screaming at Sid, Oh My God, he just slapped Sid in the face! The crowd let out a loud Ohhhhhhhh!!!! POWERBOMB~ to Candido, Lynn covers Candido! 1-2-3, in a extremely fast count!

Winner: Jerry Lynn

Sid walks out of the ring and past Rhino, Sid and Rhino teased fighting each other as Sid walked slowly to the back. Chris Candido and Tammy Sytch also make it to the back, but while Jerry Lynn was in the corner celebrating with the fans, Steve Corino, Rhino and the supposedly injured Jack Victory go to ring and attack Lynn.

They pound away on Jerry Lynn, But then the crowd goes wild as Sid comes back out again! Jack Victory is pushed into Sid’s path as Steve Corino and Rhino roll out of the ring, POWERBOMB ~. Corino and Rhino run down the entrance way to get away from Sid.

A Video then plays of Spike Dudley and Tommy Dreamer’s battles against The Dudleyz! Paul Heyman is doing the voice over.

“The Giant Killer Spike Dudley, The Innovator of Violence Tommy Dreamer know full to well what the Dudleyz are capable of! 2nd January Tommy Dreamer is saved by Spike Dudley after a brutal attack by Buh Buh and D-von! Then Spike and Dreamer got there revenge by attacking the Dudley’s after there match! This Past week on Hardcore TV! Dreamer and Buh Buh both went thought tables! Tonight only one team can be Tag Teams champs but will anyone walk away?

The Dudleys come from the back with the belts to arguably the largest heat of the night. When they finally reach the ring, Buh Buh grabs the mic.

Buh Buh: You Stinking People, shut up cos’ I’ve got something to say! Me and D-von were on are way to the arena, and we saw 15 whore’s on the corner, guess what there were your daughters!!!

Tommy Dreamer and Spike Dudley V The Dudleys for the ECW Tag Team Titles!

The sound of Tommy Dreamer’s music plays as he walks down to the ring along with Spike Dudley, The Dudeys come out for them! They all trade right and left hands! The Dudleys Isolate Tommy Dreamer, Wait, they push Dreamer off the stage!

Dreamer falls though two table, ironically set up! He lands on the cold and unforgiving concrete floor! He might be broken in half! Before Spike can get down to aid to his fallen partner the Dudleys pound on him, they drag Spike back to the ring. EMT’s begin to aid to Dreamer who is really hurt! Meanwhile D-Von is grabbing a table and beginning to position it on the outside. But back in the Ring, Spike is trying to muster up some offence. Although the pure power of Buh Buh Ray Dudley knocks him back down again. A Chair is slid into the ring, as Buh Buh Grabs it and cracks’ Spike’s head with it! D-Von returns to the ring, they whip Spike off to the other side of the ring, As he comes running back to them, The Dudley’s launch Spike up in the air, over the ring ropes and he must be 15 feet in the air and comes Crashing down on the table D-Von set up outside! A Huge Holy Shit chant goes out!

Spike is down and out! Buh Buh again grabs the Mic

Buh Buh: Look at the “Giant Killer” Now! Hey wait, where’s the Innovator of Violence now D-Von! (As he says this, D-Von looks shocked as he points to the ramp! It’s Tommy Dreamer!) Oh Shit!

They both rush to try to attack Dreamer but he is carrying a chair with him, One shot to D-Von and another to Buh Buh Ray! Dreamer, moves towards the ring, he is clearly in some pain and is holding his ribs! He checks on Spike, but can’t hang around for too long as The Duleys are coming back. Dreamer fights them off with more Chair shots! But wait, is it, it can’t be Spike Dudley is getting up! Spike rolls into the ring, but looks like he is in another land, he grabs D-Von who just received a chair, shot, Dudley Dog! He still looks out there, he slowly stumbles over to the other side of the ring where Buh Buh just got a chair shot! Dudley Dog! Wait, he is so out of it, he grabs Tommy and hit’s a Dudley Dog on him too! The Crowd are going wild! Spike Falls to the mat! But both is arms are covering both Dudleys! 1-2-3! We got new Champions!

Winners: AND NEW ECW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS Spike Dudley and Tommy Dreamer!

Although Dreamer and Spike won, they don’t look like winners, they mange to make it there feet and celebrate!

The Camera goes to Styles and Cyrus

Joey Styles: New ECW Tag Team champions Spike Dudley and Tommy Dreamer! Up next is yet other Title match in The form the ECW TV Title match between Mr Pay Per View Rob Van Dam and Justin Credible!

Cyrus: You Know Joey, my Personally friend Jason told me that If Justin Credible doesn’t win tonight, then Jason will leave ECW for good! True Story!

Styles: Come on Rob Van Dam!

The Sound of Justin Credible’s music plays as he comes down to the ringside, with Jason. While in the ring, he grabs the Mic.

Credible: Tonight, me and Jason promised that if I some how don’t win Gold, then Jason will leave ECW for good! (Huge Pop)

The Sound of RVD’s Music plays as after 30 seconds he comes down to he ring! With Bill Alfonso!

Ring Announcer: This match is scheduled for one fall and has a 30 minute time limit! And is for the ECW Television Title. Introducing first With the sexist man on the planet Jason, From New York Justin Credible! And his Opponent, from Battle Creek Michigan This is Mr Pay Per View, The ECW Television Champion, This is ROB VAN DAM!

ECW TV Title - Rob Van Dam V Justin Credible

The Match starts off with RVD going to try and kick off Justin Credible’s head off! Instead Credible rolls to the outside. When he returns RVD ain’t wasting time, Stomping the living crap out of Credible. He sets up a chair, in the middle of the ring, runs to one to opposite corner of where Credible is, runs up to the chair, and launches himself in the air and lands with a high kick to the head of Credible!

Hold on, Rob Van Dam climbs to the top Rope, this is too early for the Five Star Frog Splash! But he goes for it! And it hits! 1-2-3! RVD has just beat Justin Credible in under 2 minutes! That is Just Incredible!

Winner: And Still ECW TV Champion Rob Van Dam!

Jason is fuming, he even slaps Justin Credible around the face! Credible hit’s the spinning Piledriver on Jason! The Crowd go wild!

Styles: YES! No More Jason! Up Next Mike Awesome V Masato Tanaka!

With no Ring announcing the match began!

Mike Awesome V Masato Tanaka

Tanaka fires off on Awesome with some stiff shots to the face, Awesome returns the favour with some of his own! Awesome runs off the ropes and hit’s a clothesline, down goes Tanaka, but he gets straight back up! They then brawl around the arena and then to the outside, Mike Awesome, grabs a hold of a empty chair and just cracks it over the head of Tanaka, not even taking time to fold it!

Awesome now has the advance, and rolls back into the ring! He charges over the top rope! OH MY GOD! He crashes on Tanaka’s body, which is now bent over the rail guard. The Crowd start a “Holy Shit” Chant. Awesome rolls back into the ring, while the ref checks on Masato Tanaka. Tanaka has stayed down for a little while, as he begins to roll back into the ring, we can see his back is in a huge amount of pain.

Awesome sees this and hit’s a awkward Awesome bomb! 1-2-3! It’s over!

Winner: Mike Awesome!

The crowd begin to boo as they excepted a classic, but when they see the EMT’s they soon realise that it is was a real injury.

Joey Styles: ECW wrestlers put there bodies on the line, and sometimes things like what we just saw happens!

Cyrus: No matter how I feel about a wrestler, I never like to see them injury or even worst, I hope he is ok!

The screen goes black, Then the words ECW show, Then the word On, Then UPN! The voice of Paul Heyman is heard, “Live the 5th of February ECW is on UPN! Primetime!!!”

The camera cuts to Cryus and Joey Styles as Masato Tanaka is rolled out!

Styles: OH - MY - GOD! ECW is going primetime Friday the 5th of February.

Cyrus: Taking nothing away from that, but what a show we have already seen. Tajiri going over Supercrazy, Lance Strom winning the match of the decade!

Styles: What about RVD beating Justin Credible in under 2 minutes? Spike and Tommy Dreaer becoming ECW Tag Champs?

Cyrus: What ever Joey! But up next! The Main-Event, Double Jeopardy!

Then the sound of Shane Douglas’s music plays as he comes out for the Main-Event! With him is Francine! As they do there posing thing! Shane Douglas’s Double Jeopardy opponent Steven Regal Makes his way to the ring. Then the sound of the fans favourite wrestler Taz plays as he comes down to the ring. Then without Bill Alfonso the final piece in the puzzle, Sabu comes down!

Ring Announcer: This match is the MAIN EVENT! This match was be contested under Guilty As Charged, Double Jeopardy Rules! The Rules are: Steven Regal and Shane Douglas will face with each and the first man to get a pin advances. The same is for Taz and Sabu. Then the final two men will battle it out, and the winner will be the unified ECW World Heavyweight Champion!

Introducing, from England STEVEN REGAL! From Bombay, Michigan! This is The suicidal, Homicidal, Genocidal Death defying FTW champion, SABU! From New York, This is the human suplexing Machine TAZ! And the ECW World Heavyweight Champion SHANE DOUGLAS!

The Bell rings!


The match begins with Sabu, Douglas and Regal ganging up on Taz. They stomp away and throw some punches at him, this knocks Taz to the outside. Then Sabu and Douglas team up again on Steven Regal. It seems they have made some unholy alliance! Douglas grabs a chair and gives it to Sabu to do something to Regal with it! Instead, Sabu nails Douglas instead of Regal! Taz returns to the ring and makes a be-line for Sabu, he take him down with a football tackle and they brawl around the ring, the crowd are loving seeing these two hooking up!

Regal and Douglas have there own little match, in the ring, while Taz and Sabu have made out into the crowd. Fans were giving each men items to hit each other with, things like, chairs, chains, pipes and even a iron! They soon came back to the ringside. Regal nails Douglas with a European uppercut, we can see that Regal must have been working on Douglas’s face as he appears to have a cut under his right eye.

German Suplex on Douglas, by Regal. Taz returns into the ring before Sabu and hit’s a German of his own on Regal! Sabu meanwhile has grabbed a chair and cleared the second announcer’s table of the night! Bam! A Steel Chair thrown straight to the head of Taz, and too Douglas. Sabu positions the chair in the usual position he likes it for the triple jump moonsault. Taz is dragged all the way over to the announce table! Sabu goes for it all! It’s hit or Miss! He runs up…

He connects! Driving Taz though the table! Regal looks on! But from behind comes Shane Douglas, he rolls Regal up and hooks the tights! 1-2-3! Steven Regal has been eliminated. Thus meaning Shane Douglas is though to the next phase!

Sabu Pulls Taz into the ring pins him. 1-2- KICK OUT! Sabu is pissed now, he screams at the ref, meanwhile. Taz is going though a rush of adrenaline. TAZMISSION on the unsuspecting Sabu. Sabu can’t escape it’s locked in deep! Sabu Taps! He has been Eliminated.

We’re down to Shane Douglas and Taz. They square off, Shane Douglas is still showing the effects of those stiff punches from Regal, with Blood running down his face. Right hand from Taz, Left from Douglas, Taz whips Douglas to the ropes, Douglas comes bouching back! Over Head German release! 1-2 NO! Taz grabs Douglas by the hair and pulls him up, Low-Blow by Douglas. He sets up for the Pittsburgh Plunge, but Taz spins out of it! He rolls behind Shane Douglas and TAZMISSION! He has it locked in, much like he did with Sabu. Douglas is fading fast. The Crowd are screaming in excitement, will Taz finally win the ECW World Heavyweight title?

Douglas Taps! It’s Over Taz did it! Taz Did it!

Winner: Taz

Taz releases the hold and grabs the belt from the ref, in total joy! He is clearly emotional about winning the title. The PPV goes off the air with Taz in the ring holding his newly won in the air as the crowd go wild!

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Hey, personally I wasn't real able to check out much of ECW during this time period so any feedback I'm leaving is based purely on the booking and presentation. As far as the former is concerned I was pleasantly surprised. Forgive me if I'm showing my ignorance but Sid in ECW could be a nice touch and bringing in Regal could be a smart move if he's able to put on some technical displays with Douglas and possibly Taz? I liked Tazz being given the title as it sets up a nice feud with either Douglas or Tazz, either of which would go down well. I'm slightly concerned by RVD squashing Credible though. As far as I can tell, Heyman was high on Credible and even had him go over the Great Sasuke to legitimate his reign as champion. It's an interesting choice which sets up a face turn which I could deal with.

Biggest problem I have is with Misawa coming in. I'm not against it in principal but would have ECW have been able to throw out 300 grand on a single match. I like that you used it to put Storm over though. Push Lance Storm. They guy is a serious talent and could really do well I think.

Yeah, overall I've been enjoying reading this, although as I say, my knowledge of the time is pretty sketchy. I hope you continue with it because I think you've got some good idea :)

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Hey, personally I wasn't real able to check out much of ECW during this time period so any feedback I'm leaving is based purely on the booking and presentation. As far as the former is concerned I was pleasantly surprised. Forgive me if I'm showing my ignorance but Sid in ECW could be a nice touch and bringing in Regal could be a smart move if he's able to put on some technical displays with Douglas and possibly Taz? I liked Tazz being given the title as it sets up a nice feud with either Douglas or Tazz, either of which would go down well. I'm slightly concerned by RVD squashing Credible though. As far as I can tell, Heyman was high on Credible and even had him go over the Great Sasuke to legitimate his reign as champion. It's an interesting choice which sets up a face turn which I could deal with.

Biggest problem I have is with Misawa coming in. I'm not against it in principal but would have ECW have been able to throw out 300 grand on a single match. I like that you used it to put Storm over though. Push Lance Storm. They guy is a serious talent and could really do well I think.

Yeah, overall I've been enjoying reading this, although as I say, my knowledge of the time is pretty sketchy. I hope you continue with it because I think you've got some good idea :)

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ECW PPV news.

For those wondering if Masato Tanaka was really hurt, he suffered a bad back injury and faces up to 6 months on the sidelines. It was excepted that both him and Mike Awesome were to sign permanent deals if they had a good showing. However it looks in doubt, Masato Tanaka will or will not sign, but Mike Awesome will most probably sign.

Balls Mahoney and Axl Rotten were scheduled to face Danny Doring and Roadkill live on the PPV, but for rest unknown the match never took place.

Also with the news confirming ECW going primetime on UPN, more details have been give to us minutes ago. 2 hours will be the regular amount of Time ECW will get, the only problem will be ECW might have to tone down there behaviour!

Also except to see even more new faces in ECW in the upcoming weeks. This week’s ECW Hardcore TV! Will be a re-cap show of what happened at Guilty As Charged.

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UPN were really behind us, they were almost begging me to put on a PPV per month like WCW And WWF do. They even offered to fund the company as far as advertising. This was my dream! ECW was going to have a PPV a month starting in 2 weeks! (Well Except in June, but I’ll explain that in a minute) UPN also worked out a deal for ECW on UPN to air in the UK, the Bravo Channel. ECW was going global!

I decided to fax over the dates for the PPV’s to Joey Styles. I also made him say the price, I made them cheaper than WWF’s and WCW’s for two reason’s! Competition, and are fans can enjoy it for less then what they pay for every two months.


ECW is going PPV crazy, starting as soon as Wrestlepalooza this Month, ECW will how a ECW per month, ECW is on the up!

All PPV’s priced $14.95

February 14th - WrestlePalooza

March 14th - Living Dangerously

April 25th - Barley Legal

May 16th - Hardcore Heaven

26th/27th - UK Live Events (Not PPV, but will be recorded for later release)

July 11th - Heatwave

August 29th - Cyberslam

September 26th - Anarchy Rulz

October 17th - Extreme Warfare

November 14th - November 2 Remember

December 19th Massacre on 34th Street

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