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Okay, so when I saw around 10, I saw the movie Carrie on TV. It was pretty awesome. I liked it a lot.

4 years later, I read the book, and I loved it. A couple months after reading it, I bought the Special Edition DVD of it. Just got around to watching it a couple nights ago. Watched it again last night.

When I saw the movie at age 10, I remember scenes that I didn't see when I watched it recently. A flashback scene or two. I believe the movie was also longer. And the scenes were in the book. And, 1: I was not doing drugs, 2: I cannot tell the future, and 3: I swear the movie was a lot longer when I originally saw it.

Was there ever a "Directors Cut" made or a version that was longer? And if so, where could I find it?

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I'm 99.5% sure what I saw was Carrie and not Carrie 2. If I ever saw Carrie 2, I'd hate it, I know it's a crappy movie. And it wasn't a remake, it had Sissy Spacek I believe. But I'll check into the remake anyways.

Edit: After a bit of research, it could have been the remake I saw. It's possible, as the remake was around 130minutes, so it is longer. But if anyone saw it, does it have flashbacks to Carrie's childhood?

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