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Okay, so I'm pretty shocked I've never heard of this before today, basically it is the solo project of DCFC guitarist Chris Walla. And has been running for years. He's released a couple of tapes, but there's very few of them in circulation (If any). However on the site he has "MASSES" of downloads available. Covers, little ditties and fully fledged original songs. It sounds very much like old school DCFC (eg. circa "Something About Airplanes", "We Have The Facts & Are Voting Yes", "You can Play These Songs With Chords" etc). So if you're into indie-rock, I suggest you check out this free stuff. Some of it I'm not overly fond of, but there are some class songs on here. If you check the recording dates, the later ones are generally easier to listen to, and probably just better in general. My personal favourites at the moment are; "Make Way For The New Times", "My Hands", "Note To Self", "Dave Narcizo" and "The Seventeenth".

Basically he has an album coming out next year (He predicts September), which should be good, and will help tide me over until 2008's next DCFC release.

So anyway, check out the songs; http://www.hallofjusticerecording.com/songs.html

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