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WCW: Turner's Past, Fusient's Future


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OOC: I was planning to continue my XPW diary, but with Tommy's War's End mod released, which is amazingly excellent, I decided I'd make use of my TEW07 licence, rather than the 05 game I was playing for XPW, especially considering the lack of feedback for the XPW diary. Please keep in mind that I've researched the crap out of this scenario, so most things are how they would have been had Fusient bought out WCW without the TV deals. I'm trying to keep things realistic here, so any thoughts or comments are appreciated.

WCW sold to Fusient Media Ventures

Eric Bischoff firmly in charge again

Finally. The drama that has been going on over the sale of World Championship Wrestling has come to an end.

The winner? Meet Fusient Media Ventures. The boss? Same as the old boss, Eric Bischoff. Upon his return Bischoff is also bringing back television writer Vince Russo to put together the angles / scripts for WCW.

According to the press release, Fusient has entered into an agreement with Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. to acquire WCW. TBS, Inc. will retain a minority interest in the company and retain the rights to the broadcasts.

Classic Sports Network founders Brian Bedol and Stephen Greenberg are behind Fusient Media Ventures. ESPN acquired Classic Sports Network a while back.

Bedol will be the new CEO of WCW. Bischoff will assume the role of president. The partnership of Bedol, Greenberg and Bischoff brings together more than 50 years of combined experience in the entertainment, television and sports industries.

"We're going to re-establish the WCW as the champion of professional wrestling entertainment," said Brian Bedol in the release. "There is huge untapped potential for the franchise and with Eric Bischoff on board we will crank everything up to make the WCW franchise even bigger, better, stronger and more entertaining than anything wrestling fans have ever experienced before."

"We are pleased to have reached an agreement with Fusient Media Ventures that truly represents a win for all parties," said Bradley J. Siegel, president of general entertainment networks, TBS, Inc. "The Fusient management team's experience in programming, production and marketing at Classic Sports Network lends itself perfectly to the WCW business. Their entrepreneurial business-building expertise, combined with the powerhouse brands and distribution that TBS Superstation and TNT provide, will be a winning combination."

"Wrestling fans can rest assured that we will give the WCW the adrenaline shot it needs to once again become the most exciting brand of wrestling in the world," said Eric Bischoff.

Fusient Media Ventures is focused on identifying, funding, developing and distributing next generation content and converged media brands. The company is headquartered in New York, with offices in Los Angeles.

-- SLAM! Wrestling, with files from CANOE Wire Services

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OOC: The Big Bang poster is the actual poster WCW released before they were sold to the WWF. Just a little bit of trivia for you.



May 1, 2001

Shane Douglas was supposed to wrestle Rick Steiner at the Spring Breakout edition of Nitro, but it was scrapped last minute. Douglas is still resting an injured forearm.

In a seemingly bad sign for the freshly purchased promotion, WCW has released many members of it's roster while only three weeks away from their relaunch PPV, The Big Bang. Those released include; Alex Wright, Gene Okerlund, Alan 'Kwee-Wee' Funk, Lash LeRoux, Tylene 'Major Gunns' Buck, Reno, Tank Abbott, MI Smooth, Jim Duggan, Midajah and Tony Schiavone. Schiavone is the oddest release of all, as he was pegged to remain the voice of WCW. From what we've been told, all were under specialized contracts that allowed their release at no cost, should they be released before WCW's relaunch.

Whether or not this is something to be worried about, it certainly does pose a few questions for the impending re-debut of WCW. With the news that many major players, specifically Goldberg, Sting, Kevin Nash, Ric Flair, Shane Douglas and Rey Mysterio, are deciding to sit out their deals with AOL/Time Warner, as well as the recent appearances of Chavo Guerrero, Dustin 'Goldust' Rhodes, and Torrie Wilson on WWF television, not to mention the rehab time Scott Steiner is going through with his foot surgery, one has to wonder just what the state of the company is right now. Unfortunately, we have not recieved any information on the full roster of WCW, so the rest is left up to speculation until The Big Bang.

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OOC: The reasoning behind the Monty Brown bit here is based off of his TNA debut. For those of you who didn't catch it, Monty Brown debuted on the third weekly PPV for TNA, and he was pretty crap in his promo. He bounced around until August 2002 before leaving. Monty didn't return until March 2004, and that's when his character caught on. I figure if I'm going to use him, I need to have a reason why he didn't suck around the same timeframe. D'Amore and Taylor were obvious choices since they work TNA.



May 20, 2001

We've gotten word that WCW's television show on F/X, Ignition, not only will air at midnights to start, but will only be an hour long. The loss of primetime was already a negative, but understandable as F/X wanted WCW to prove itself before being given a valued timeslot. The length, however, is considered a major blow to the company, who are going from four hours a week to build to PPV's down to one.

Booker T/Jeff Jarrett for the WCW World Heavyweight Title is being rumored to headline The Big Bang. Insiders are saying the pressure is on both men to see if they, along with Diamond Dallas Page, can carry a company almost devoid of main event stars for the time being.

There are plans for a new US Heavyweight Champion to be crowned at The Big Bang.

No word yet on whether or not Joey Styles has signed with WCW. It's rumored that Eric Bischoff's involvement with the company might keep Styles out of WCW due to Styles' dislike for Bischoff based on his handling of WCW's talent raids on ECW.

Regarding Monty Brown and Bob Sapp, both men were expected to be called up to the main roster soon in an attempt to build them up in the abscence of the major stars. It was felt that Monty Brown was passable enough in the ring, provided he was limited to certain time constraints, and that Bob Sapp is more than ready to go. Now, however, plans have changed after Monty Brown has recieved a luke-warm welcome in BCW. It was reported to us that Monty Brown has cut less than impressive promos since his debut, and his mannerisms seem very stiff and awkward, specifically the head twitches he includes. He's been going by the name 'Alpha Male' Monty Brown, and has mainly worked squash and tag team matches, finishing with a sitout powerbomb. Management has been dissapointed with his character so far, and road agent Terry Taylor has been sent to work closely with BCW owner Scott D'Amore in developing his character in an effort to get him ready for television. Bob Sapp is expected to debut in the coming months.

For those of you curious as to what Monty Brown and Bob Sapp look like, here are some pictures from recent shows in Wildside and BCW:



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Not being a huge fan of WCW at all I usually shy away from diaries based on it. This just happened to come along as I was looking to rectify that, and I'm glad I did. What you've done so far has been an enjoyable read, and I really like you choice in laying everything out. You've done a lot to put across the diminished roster, and how this is affecting the relaunch. I like some of the potential ECW signings, as with the lack of high end guys availible there's a lot of room for some of them to be more than just part of the midcard pack. RVD, Tajiri, and Corino are really at the top of the list, and any combination of those would be a great addition to the roster. However, I do hope we eventually see some of the Time Warner guys come back, as like you've mentioned in updates the Jarrett/Booker/DDP trio is not exactly the star studded main event that a company can survive on.

That being said, this is a great start and I'm looking forward to the first show (Y)

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Sunday, May 28: Joe Louis Arena

"He did WHAT?"

"He quit."

"I heard you the first time, Eric. When the fuck did this happen?"

"Today, about an hour ago. He called me and told me he was quitting, only he didn't put it quite as nicely as that."

"No kidding..."

That was just great. We were six of hours away from The Big Bang, I had just stepped foot into the arena, and one of our lead writers, Vince Russo, had just quit. And I had a pretty good idea why.

"So what happened between you two?"

"Why do you think it had anything to do with me?"

"Because, Eric, you two are always the same. Look at the New Blood. You two HATED each other, then you loved each other, then hated each other. Hell, we didn't even want to sign Russo because he's such a fuck-up, but you put it in Brian's head the we HAD to have him, and that he was exactly what we needed for WCW. Now I turn around, and without even hearing from him myself, he just quit? Bullshit."

"Listen, that's Russo for you. Nobody knows what goes through that guy's head."

I couldn't disagree there, and I couldn't say I was all that unhappy either. I was one of the people who really didn't want Vince Russo involved with WCW. Aside from trying to get some of the younger talent over, his booking was horrid, had holes throughout, and flat-out made ZERO sense. Of course, I couldn't help but feel Eric was trying to do something behind my back. I knew he resented the fact that I was here, and I knew that, despite the act he put on, he really didn't like Russo at all. Eric wanted sole control of the company from the get-go, he just wanted everyone to believe he had really turned over a new leaf. Of course, finding out one of your main writers quit 8 hours before your debut show doesn't bode well, no matter how happy you are that he's gone.

"Great, scrap the plans we had. We're going to go over the scripts and see if there's anything we should change."

"I guess that box on a pole match is getting tossed hey?"

I forced a smile. As good as it was to have Russo gone, I was starting to wish it was Eric instead. At least Russo was upfront when he was fucking you over.

OOC: Big Bang should be up later today. Just doing the finishing touches.

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Sunday, May 28, 2001

Joe Louis Arena

We're shown a black and white video of a Scott Steiner in-ring promo from the Nitro after Greed, with the beginning guitars to Marilyn Manson's 'Fight Song' in the background.

I broke Sid's leg! I put Sting out! I made Kevin Nash retire! Goldberg is lucky I didn't get a chance to get him! I beat DDP's ass so bad he's too scared to come back and Booker T, I beat your ass so bad you forgot what a barber shop was!

Right when the guitar riff kicks in hard, the image cuts to Booker T handing Steiner the axe kick, pinning him, and raising the World and US titles above his head.

Nothing suffocates you more than the passing of everyday human events

[shane Helms hitting the Vertabreaker on Chavo Guerrero]

and isolation is the oxygen mask you make your children breath in to survive

[Palumbo and O'Haire beating Luger and Bagwell at Greed]

I'm not a slave to a god that doesn't exist

[steiner making DDP pass out at Greed, with close-ups on DDP's bloody face]

I'm not a slave to a world that doesn't give a shit

[Kronik hitting the High Times on the Harris Brothers inside a steel cage]

and when we were good, you just close your eyes

[Lance Storm standing in the ring with the Hardcore, US and Cruiserweight titles]

so man, we are bad, we'll scar your mind

[Crowbar getting tossed off a balcony through a table]


[various stiff shots from matches are shown to go along with every line]

You'll never grow up to be a big rock star, celebrated victim of your fame

[Kanyon hitting a Flatliner]

We'll just cut our wrists like cheap coupons, and say that death is on sale today

[Morrus hitting the No Laughing Matter Moonsault]

and when we were good, you just close your eyes

[storm locking in the half crab and pointing to himself while yelling at the crowd]

so now we are bad, we'll scar your mind

[stacy Keibler dancing]

I'm not a slave to a god that doesn't exist

[Kidman's Shooting Star Press]

I'm not a slave to a world that doesn't give a shit

[Vampiro hitting the Nail in the Coffin]

The death of one is a tragedy

[DDP nailing a Diamond Cutter]

The death of one is a tragedy

[Road Warrior Animal nailing a STIFF Sitout Powerbomb]

The death of one is a tragedy

[Yang hitting a corkscrew moonsault off the ladder]

The death of a million is just a statistic

[Mike Awesome throwing Kanyon off the triple cage]

The screen cuts to the first WCW logo on a black backdrop, which slowly fades into seperate images of Ric Flair and Sting holding the WCW World Title over their heads. The starship-style logo fades onto the screen, which leads to clips of Diamond Dallas Page and Jeff Jarrett with the World Title, then to Booker T raising the Big Gold over his head, and finally to the brand new WCW logo.


We then go to the arena for a massive pyro display as the song continues in the background. The stage is the same one that has been used for Nitro and Thunder recently, only the screen has been lowered right to the stage now. The entrance appears to be on the side of the big screen. As the pyro finishes and the music fades, Mike Tenay's voice takes over, and the camera settles on the announce table, where Tenay is sitting with Stevie Ray.

Tenay: Fans, Mike Tenay here, and WELCOME BACK to World Championship Wrestling! Tonight, we return with a BIG BANG, and I wouldn't have it any other way than calling it with Stevie Ray!

Stevie: Mike, believe me, the pleasure is all mine. I mean I finally getta work wit' someone who knows wrestlin', insteada that played out sucka Schiavone!

As Tenay begins to speak, Back in Black hits the PA, and Eric Bischoff, the new President of WCW walks out to the ring to a pretty positive response for Eric Bischoff. He has a legit smile on his face, rather than the slimey one we've grown accustomed to all these years. He climbs in the ring and waits for the crowd to quiet down.

Bischoff: You know, I thought this day would never come...two months ago, when I purchased WCW with my consortium, I was riding high, but the hiatus started to take the wind out of my sails. But tonight, right here in Detroit, WCW returns, and it returns with a BANG! [the crowd pops]. Now with a fresh start in mind, Mike Tenay and Stevie Ray, I would like to introduce you to your newest broadcast partner...

Bischoff points up to the stage, and everyone turns their attention there as well. A royal theme comes on, and FusientVision shows a crown as Jerry 'The King' Lawler steps out to a pretty massive reaction from the fans. He smiles, walks around ringside shaking hands, and finally settles in the announce booth between Tenay and Stevie Ray.

Tenay: Jerry 'The King' Lawler, what a shock! Let me be the first to welcome you to WCW!

Lawler: Well let me tell you, it's definately an honor to be here tonight for such an epic event! And looking at who I was replaced with, I'd much rather be in WCW tonight!

The announce team settles as Eric Bischoff continues to speak.

Bischoff: Now then, with that welcome introduction out of the way, I'd like to call out the man of the hour. Ladies and gentlemen, here is YOUR WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT AND UNITED STATES CHAMPION, BOOKER T!


Booker T has the same theme, but a new intro rather than the 'Don't hate the playa' one we're accustomed to. Book walks out in street clothes, both the WCW World and US Titles over his shoulders, and the crowd is popping like crazy. Booker climbs in the ring, and shakes hands with the new boss, before grabbing a mic.

Booker T: Two months ago, I gotta call from this man, an' he told me that if I could beat Scott Steina for the World Title at Spring Breakout, I'd have the chance of a lifetime. He said that whoeva had this belt right here [booker looks at the World title], would be THE MAN when WCW came back in May, an' that was all I needed to hear. Eric told me that WCW would be a new place, where the young guys got their shots, an' weren't held back at all. An' as the World Heavyweight Champion, I'm gonna do everythin' I can, to make sure exactly that happens. I'm gonna be a FIGHTIN' CHAMPION...which is why, right here tonight, I'm givin' up tha US Championship. This belt is a steppin' stone to becoming tha World Champ, an' tonight, we gonna see a new US Champion. [booker T hands the title over to Eric Bischoff] Now with that said, this belt right here, the World Heavyweight Title, is stayin' with the Book! Anybody wants a piece of me, or thinks they deserve a shot at this title, you best step up, an' I KNOW, you can all dig that.

Bischoff: Now for tonight. We will have a new US Champion decided right here at the Big Bang. We're going to have a four man tournament, and the winner will be the NEW US Heavyweight Champion! Now I've hand-picked all four men for tonight, and the...


The Kid Rock Cowboy ripoff cuts Bischoff off at the mic, and Jeff Jarrett steps out onto the ramp. He's wearing a pair of black dress pants and a button down dress shirt with the sleeves cut off. Out from behind him step Road Warrior Animal, Mike Sanders, Lance Storm and Mike Awesome. Storm is back to wearing his old white and red pants, Awesome is in his standard black trunks, Animal has the shoulder pads and LOD pants on, while Sanders is wearing a suit and tie. They all go to the ring, and stare down Bischoff and Booker T before Jarrett starts in on the mic.

Jarrett: Well isn't this just nice...you two are out here having a real good time, aren't ya? Well listen up, because Bischoff, I'm going to tell you how tonight goes! That slapnut Flair had no idea what he was doing, and since three of the so-called 'Magnificent Seven' couldn't even hold my jock, I went out and found the guys that I could count on to watch my back. The Road Warrior Animal, the Career Killer Mike Awesome, Lance Storm, and the WCW Commisioner, Mike Sanders! All of these men know that if I'm the World Champion, they'll get their just due! [bischoff looks puzzled] Oh, you seem confused. What a surprise, Eric Bischoff not knowing what's going on in his own damn company! Well let me explain it to you, "President"...You see, Flair did ONE thing right the entire time he was WCW CEO, and that was sign Mike Sanders here to a contract before WCW went dark. And that contract states that he is the WCW Commissioner! You know it, I know it, and now all these slapnuts out here know it!

Bischoff: Jeff, what's your point?

Jarrett: [angrily] My POINT, Eric, is that since Mike Sanders is the WCW Commissioner, that puts us on the level with you! No more BS politics from your end, no guys getting held down! You see, I've got two of the best wrestlers in the world standing in the ring with me in Lance Storm and Mike Awesome! If anyone deserves to be in your little tournament, it's them! And if you won't put them in the tournament for the US Title, then Mike here [Jarrett pats a smiling Sanders on the back] will!

Bischoff: Is that all? Are you done? Jeff, let ME, explain something to YOU. I know Mike Sanders became the WCW Commissioner right at the sale of WCW. I'm well aware that he is the WCW Commissioner, and he has the ability to make matches. But all of you should be made aware of something too. As the WCW President, I have 100% authority to over-ride him. In fact, if at any time should I feel that he abuses his power, does something against WCW's best interests, or just blatantly pisses me off, I also have the authority to fire him. That's what the name 'President' means, boys.

Eric pauses as Jarrett and co. look somewhat surprised at the announcement that a President can fire a Commissioner. Kinda lays waste to past booking for every company, doesn't it? Especially WCW from 1999-2001.

Bischoff: Now Jeff, I know you, and I know you didn't just come out here to plead the cases of Lance Storm and Mike Awesome. If there's any motive you have, it's definately in your best interests, so what is it?

Jarrett: Well let's get something straight! [Turns attention to Booker T] That World Heavyweight Championship! Booker T, you call yourself a Champion? A FIGHTING Champion? It's been two months since you won that belt, and as far as I'm concerned, that title should be STRIPPED because you haven't defended it ONCE! This company is at the dawn of a new era, and they need a real Champion! Like THE CHOSEN ONE! And after I beat you for the title tonight Booker, there's a man sitting at home who can't WAIT to get his hands on you. He's resting up to make sure he's 100%, and when Scott Steiner comes back, Booker, hahaha, you'll be don...

Booker T: [quickly cutting off Jarrett] Punk, you betta back up, befo you get jacked up! [crowd pops] The way I see it, is you some po'-ass sucka that couldn't hold ontuh a title, and now you angry. Scott Steina? I whopped his ass fo this CHAMPIONSHIP, an' you tryin' to scare me with him? I don't back down from NOBODY SON! An' how many shots did you get against me afta I whopped yo punk ass? And now you want anotha? Lemme just say this...YOU GOT IT.

Bischoff: You want the match?

Booker T: You damn skippy.

Bischoff: [pointing to Sanders] Then Mike Sanders, WCW Commissioner, say the word!

Sanders stammers for a minute, stunned, before speaking up.

Sanders: Okay, right here tonight! Booker T puts his title on the line against 'The Chosen One' Jeff Jarrett!

The crowd gives a good reaction for this announcement, and when they quiet down, Bischoff speaks again.

Bischoff: Good, but with that in mind, I want you to know something, Mike. I had the chance to negate that clause when I signed over you're contract. But I didn't, and do you know why? Because I felt that this was my chance to prove that I'm serious. No more politics, no more backstabbing, and no more glass ceiling! Storm, Awesome, you two want in the US Title Tournament? Well I think you deserve it. So why don't we get it started right now. Lance, don't go anywhere, because you've got a match. And I've got a bit of a surprise entrant in this tournament for you...

Storm snatches the mic from Bischoff's hand.

Storm: Bischoff, it doesn't matter who you have. The Hitman himself can walk down that ramp! I am truly the greatest wrestler in the industry today! That's what you get when you go with CANADIAN! Now whoever it is, get him out her...

Storm is cut off at the mic by a whistle, and a man comes running down the ramp to ringside. He's wearing a black shirt, pants and hat, and he continues to maniacally blow his whistle. Eric Bischoff has a smirk on his face as Storm looks on, confused. The man then hops up on ringside, continuing to blow his whistle as he points at Lance Storm. He finally points to the entryway, and a VERY familiar song kicks in.


The fans are screaming along to the lyrics as ROB VAN DAM comes out down the aisle, pointing to the crowd. The fans are going nuts! He walks around the ring slapping hands, then climbs in the ring as the man with the whistle, Bill Alfonso, helps to amp the crowd up. By this time, Jarrett, Animal, Awesome and Sanders have all made their way to the ramp at the behest of Eric Bischoff. Booker T is making his way to the back, but is much further behind Team Jarrett, who are being ushered up the ramp. He's caught on camera for a brief second, walking backwards and looking at the ring.

Rob Van Dam vs. Lance Storm- WCW US Heavyweight Championship Tournament-Semi-Finals

A very strong opener for the relaunch of WCW. RVD and Storm have a very ECW-esque matchup, with lots of reversals and strong chain wrestling. One segment of the match has RVD attempt a high spin kick, which sees Storm duck for and come up for a Superkick. RVD does the splits to avoid it, and Storm counters with a stomp, but RVD manages to avoid it by rolling out of the way. He then comes up from behind with a small package for a close 2 count, but Storm manages to kick out. Lot's of offense is seen from both men, and Storm seems to have the match in control at one point. He sends Rob to the ropes and attempts the Canadian Maple Leaf, which Mike Tenay calls the Straight Shooter, but RVD follows through on the roll by Storm, avoiding being caught, and flips up into the air, hitting a modified Rolling Thunder, which sends the crowd into a frenzy! The finish comes when Storm attempts another Super Kick, but RVD grabs the leg and hits his modified enziguiri, which Storm sells like he's been shot. RVD then goes to the top, nails the Five Star Frog Splash, and picks up the win.

Winner: Rob Van Dam @ 11:35- Moves to Finals

As RVD and Fonzie celebrate, we go to the back where we see Jeff Jarrett standing with Mike Sanders. Jarrett is complaining about RVD being in WCW, when Lex Luger, Buff Bagwell and Rick Steiner approach him.

Steiner: What the hell was that all about?

Jarrett: What?

Luger: You know exactly what, Jeff. Three members of the Magnificent Seven couldn't hold your jock?

Jarrett: And you think I was talking about you?

Buff: Do the math Jeff. You've got Animal, Flair's gone, Scotty could kill you...That leaves you and the three of us!

Jarrett: Wow, you boys are smarter than you look! So how is it you managed to lose the US Title to Booker T, Rick? Or you two? How did you lose to Palumbo and O'Haire in FIFTY-FOUR SECONDS at Greed? Can't hold my jock? Forget it. You three can't even wash my jock! I'll tell you what, you want to play ball with the Chosen One? You guys need to prove yourselves first. Buff, Luger, you can have a match tonight. There's a new tag team, and if you can beat them, I'll welcome you with open arms into Planet Jarrett! And Rick, you can have a match Wednesday on Ignition, but you better find a way to impress me tonight too. Sanders, make the matches!

Sanders and Jarrett walk off as the three outcasts of the Magnificent 7 are left standing. Suddenly, Mike Sanders pops back into view.

Sanders: By the way, if you guys don't win those matches, you'll be SOL...and you know what THAT means!

Sanders grins ridiculously before exiting. The camera cuts back to Tenay, Lawler, and Stevie Ray at the announce position.

Tenay: Well it looks like Jeff Jarrett has found the men he thinks can take him back to the World Heavyweight Championship here in WCW...

Stevie Ray: Ain't no worry about that Mike, my brotha is gonna kick that fruit-booty right out the Joe Louis tonight!

Lawler: Stevie, with all due respect to your brother Booker, and I'm really only saying that because we have to work together, Jeff Jarrett is the odds-on favorite to win it here tonight! He's due!

Stevie Ray: You ain't neva been ta Harlem, have ya?

Lawler: Well no but...

Stevie Ray: Yeah I can tell. First, that crown woulda been jacked right off yo head, and second, you'd know how we get down in Harlem. That belt's not goin' anywhere tonight.

Tenay: We'll have to wait and see guys, because right now we've got some fast-paced Cruiserweight action in a four way tag team match!

A faced-paced guitar theme hits, and Shannon Moore makes his way out, along with Kid Kash. Mike Tenay tells us that we've seen Kid Kash before as 'Cash' in earlier WCW broadcasts, but the former ECW Television Champion has now decided to revert back to his original name.

Next up, a fighter jet is shown taking off on FusientVision, and Primer 55's 'Loose' brings out Air Paris and Air Styles, together known as Air Raid. It's mentioned that this is the team's first ever appearance on PPV, and Lawler says he's been told to keep his eyes on these two.

Some generic asian-themed music plays, and Kaz Hayashi and Yang, the Jung Dragons arrive to the entryway. They don't get a lot of heat, but nobody really has from the entrances yet.

Jason Jett, the former EZ Money in ECW, is out next. He had been getting a substantial push towards the end of the Turner-led WCW, but the announcers seem to lay off the overstatement of his ability at this point. He waits at the end of the aisle for his tag partner, and that's when Nova from ECW comes out to a blatant rip-off of the Beastie Boy's Intergalactic! Nova gets the biggest reaction of the men involved so far. The two climb up on the ring apron, look at each other, then spring-board into the ring, taking out whoever they can! Our match is underway!

Moore/Kid Kash vs. Air Raid vs. Jung Dragons vs. Jason Jett/Nova

This is what you expect to see from WCW, high paced cruiserweights. These guys were given ample time to fit their spots in, and no one failed to dissapoint. Shannon Moore and Kid Kash had communication problems throughout the match, with Kash playing heel to Shannon Moore's face. Air Styles is very impressive in this, which is somewhat unexpected as he hasn't done anything of note in WCW since his debut, other than jobbing to the Jung Dragons. Air Paris, on the other hand, doesn't stand out at all. He doesn't put a poor performance on by any means, he's just not as flashy as his partner. We get one cool spot to the outside, where everyone has broken into a fight near the ramp. Moore and Kid Kash break into an argument in the ring, which leads to Kash shoving Moore down, then springing off him as he gets up, and taking down everyone as they fight on the outside. The match is mostly geared towards Nova, however, and the finish shows this very well. Nova hits a Stunner on Kaz, Legdrop on Styles, and DDT on Moore all at the same time, then picks Air Paris up for the Kryptonite Krunch and the 3 as Jason Jett takes out the remaining opponents.

Winner(s): Jason Jett/Nova @ 10:10

Straight to the back and we see Mike Sanders walking down a hallway. He's stopped by a man off-screen, who quickly steps into view and reveals himself to be Ernest 'The Cat' Miller.

Cat: You know somethin'? I kicked yo ass how many times for that Commissionership, and you just up and get it because you were butt-buddies with the old boss?

Sanders: Hey...[air quotes]"bro"... [sanders smirks] I don't know who you think you're talking to, but right now, I've got a lot of power, so I'd watch it if I were you.

Cat: I'll watch my foot up yo ass if you don't shutcho mouth kid. Just so you know, I'm comin' for that spot again, and I'm gonna take it right from ya. Now I have SPOKEN!

Sanders glares as the Cat walks off. The camera then shifts to interview position with Pamela Paulshock, who is standing by with the WCW World Tag Team Champions, Chuck Palumbo and Sean O'Haire. There's an audible reaction from the fans, but it might be for Pamela's ample cleavage.

Pam: Chuck Palumbo and Sean O'Haire, after beating Totally Buff at Greed in under a minute, you went on to beat two of the most talented men in WCW in Lance Storm and Mike Awesome. What's next?

O'Haire: Next? Hahaha. Well from our count, we've beaten every team in WCW. There is no next. We might as well retire these titles undefeated! See WCW told us they asked a former Championship tag team to reunite to offer us a challenge, but we all know that isn't going to happen. I mean look at us! Chuck Palumbo and Sean O'Haire! We're the BEST. And after we beat these guys...whoever they are...we won't have anyone left to beat.

O'Haire and Palumbo walk off towards the ring. During their entrance, Mike Tenay asks if anyone noticed a bit of an attitude change in the World Tag Team Champions. Lawler says that's what they need to remain on top, because those two have a big future in WCW. The Tag Champs climb in the ring and await their opponents, when the PA blares out 'HEY...FUHGETTABOUTIT', and some old-style Godfather music plays. Big Vito and Johnny The Bull, who is now being referred to as Johnny 'The Bull' Stamboli, come out. Tenay runs down that they are two-time former Champions, and tonight they're reforming after a bit of a fallout.

Palumbo & O'Haire vs. The Mamalukes - WCW World Tag Team Titles

Nothing we haven't seen hundreds of times. It's not a bad match by any means, but it is standard tag team fare. Palumbo and O'Haire play the heels, so it seems that's the direction they're going now. The Mamalukes aren't squashed like Totally Buff were though, as they manage to get some decent offense in, and at some points actually pose a threat to Palumbo and O'Haire's tag team titles. There are miscommunication problems, however, and the announce team put it over as rust since they haven't tagged together in a while. In the end, Palumbo slams Vito to the mat, and as O'Haire hits the Seanton Bomb, Chuck Palumbo nails Johnny The Bull with the Jungle Kick, sending him tumbling down from the apron.

Winner(s): Palumbo & O'Haire @ 7:37

Tenay: A good showing by the Mamalukes, but unfortunately they came up short here tonight.

Lawler: But what about Palumbo and O'Haire? Those guys are talented! They'll be huge!

The camera switches to the back, where we are shown a low shot of a woman's legs as she rubs them. The camera pans up to reveal the woman as Stacy Keibler, which gets a nice reaction. In the background, a man goes walking by. He stops and takes a second look from behind, does the typical directors motion with his hands, then approaches.

Man: MMMMHMMMM! Hey baby, what do you think about trying a ride on the Danaconda? [crowd cheers]

Stacy: Uh...excuse me? Who are you?

Man: Oh, how rude of me. My name is Danny Doring, and I would love to help you rub those legs and, well, anywhere else you want, really.

Stacy: Doring? As in ECW? EW! Gross!

As Stacy stares at Danny Doring, Shawn Stasiak walks into the picture.

Stasiak: Hey beautifu...who's this chump?

Doring: Oh yes, Shawn Stasiak. How rude of me to not introduce myself. I'm Danny Doring, and I was just telling Stacy here that I'd love to give her a solid, solid reckoning.

Stasiak: [angry] What? Listen pipsqueak, why don't you beat it?

Stacy: Better yet, Shawn, why don't you beat him in the ring tonight?

Stasiak: That sounds pretty good to me!

Doring: Well Stacy, not quite the beating I had in mind, but we can try it. I mean I'm into new things, but only if you'll try [whispers into Stacy's ear]


Doring: Well we can build up to that. Don't want the mystery gone after the first time! I'll see ya later, Meat.

Doring walks off, leaving Stacy and Stasiak staring at eachother as the crowd laughs. The camera then shifts back to the interview section, where Pamela Paulshock is standing by with Diamond Dalls Page, who gets a very loud reaction from the fans.

Pam: DDP, you requested this interview time here tonight. What's on your mind?

DDP: Pam, what's on my mind is simple. You see, the last time you all saw the Bang Man, I was getting the crap kicked out of me by some burst vein that goes by the name of Scott Steiner. Well just like WCW, you can't keep DDP down, and I'm coming for Booker T's WCW World Heavyweight Championship. But first, I've got some unfinished business to attend to. Unfortunately, the Big Bad Booty Daddy isn't here. He's taking some time off, probably because he heard DDP was back in town. But there is someone else here tonight that needs to get what's coming to him, and that's Kanyon. Kanyon, we've got a lot between us, both good and bad, but when you helped out the Magnificent Seven against me, you started something that I'm going to finish, once and for all. See Kanyon, I asked for a match against you tonight, and the brass had no problems giving it to me. So get ready to feel the bang...buddy.

DDP walks off as we head back to ringside.

Tenay: Strong words from Diamond Dallas Page!

Stevie Ray: And if Kanyon got any sense in that heada his, he's gonna wanna hide out in tha back for a while.

Lawler: Oh please! Kanyon's the Innovator of Offence, and from what I've seen of him in the past, he's got DDP wrapped up tonight!

Tenay: That match takes place later tonight, but right now we've got our second match in the United States Championship Tournament! We already know Mike Awesome will be in action, let's see who his opponent is!

The drums of Marilyn Manson's 'Beautiful People' hit, and 'The Career Killer' Mike Awesome stalks to the ring to some decent heat. He waits in the ring, not knowing who his opponent is.


Hugh Morrus comes down to the ring to the old MIA theme to a decent reaction from the crowd. He immediately goes after Awesome, and the bell rings.

Mike Awesome vs. Hugh Morrus- WCW US Heavyweight Title Tournament-Semi-Finals

Stiff action from both, and they seem to open up on eachother right away. The match is built around Awesome beating the crap out of Morrus, but Morrus refusing to stay down. He does, however, have a few offensive runs, but Awesome is being shown as a monster here, and that's the point. One spot sees Morrus attempt a No Laughing Matter, but Awesome literally pushes him right off the top rope to the outside, and Morrus lands with a thud, which gets a heartfelt response from the crowd. Mike Awesome finishes Morrus off with the Awesome Bomb, which Mike Tenay doesn't call the Running Awesome Bomb like Tony Schiavone did. Awesome decides that's not enough, though, and goes up top to hit the Awesome Splash as well. He makes the cover, but lifts Morrus off the mat at 2-3/4, and drops him back down with another Awesome Bomb for the 3.

Winner: Mike Awesome @ 9:55- Moves to Finals

As the three-piece announce team discuss the match, and put over both Morrus's unwillingness to give up and Awesome's sheer brutality, the camera pans to the back, where we see Chuck Palumbo and Sean O'Haire, all smiles after their successful Tag Title defense over the Mamalukes. Two men approach, and both men turn and look, somewhat nervously.

Brian Adams: You guys were really impressive out there.

Palumbo: Thanks...

Bryan Clark: You've been pretty impressive since you won those titles.

Palumbo and O'Haire look on as Brian Adams and Bryan Clark continue.

Adams: But you were wrong about one thing. You've beaten everyone but US. Now we respect you, and we know you're good, but you still haven't gotten in the ring...with Kronik. We'll see ya later boys.

Kronik leave the scene, as O'Haire and Palumbo look at each other.

O'Haire: [mockingly] We'll see ya later boys...Kronik!

Next up, we cut to a dark scene in a graveyard, where we see Vampiro sitting at a tombstone.

Vampiro: Ever heard the saying 'time heals all'? Well, that might be the case for some. But for me...for us...it's not. In this company, I had gone from destroying everyone's favorite hero, Sting, to suddenly never being mentioned again...[takes deep breath] But that all changes now, hahaha...when you make a deal with a man like I have, it changes you, turns you into something you never thought you were capable of...

A shadow is cast over Vampiro. He looks up, smiles and gets to his feet. The camera shot opens wider, and we see the former Sinister Minister, James Mitchell, along with a large man covered in tattoos with long, scraggly hair.

Mitchell: That's right, Vampiro. And with the three of us together, Vampiro, Malice, and James Mitchell, We will be unstopable. Watch out, Booker T, for that WCW World Championship you covet oh so much, will soon be in the hands of THE GATHERING! HAHAHAHAHA!

The shot fades out, and we go back to a stunned Mike Tenay, Jerry Lawler, and Stevie Ray, the latter of which has the most confused look on his face, as though he just witnessed someone decide to eat a box of crayons.

Tenay: James Mitchell is back in WCW with Vampiro...

Lawler: And who was that huge guy with them? Malice...?

Stevie: That sucka looked like he could do some damage, but what tha hell is with that? We got a buncha greased up goths goin' afta my brutha?

A generic rock song plays, and Shawn Stasiak makes his way down the ramp with Stacy Keibler in tow. The cheers that are heard are mostly for Keibler, because nobody seems to care too much about Stasiak.

Next up, a lyricless version of Soul Coughing's 'Super Bon Bon' hits, and Danny Doring comes down the ramp to a surprisingly good reaction. It seems the previous skit helped his character out a bit. He climbs in the ring, but as he's midway through the ropes, Stasiak attacks him to the delight of Stacy Keibler, and the match starts.

Shawn Stasiak vs. Danny Doring

These two seem to click, which is odd. The quality isn't really there, matchwise, but they do manage to get the crowd into it. That can be largely attributed to both Stacy Keibler at ringside and Danny Doring's mannerisms and constant looks to Keibler. Stasiak does seem to have things in control, but Doring begins firing back. Stasiak catches him with a knee to the gut and throws him to the ropes, but Doring reverses and Stacy, who has her back turned at this point, trips Stasiak by mistake. Stasiak gets up and shouts at Stacy, and Danny Doring comes up with a schoolboy from behind. Predictable but fun.

Winner: Danny Doring @ 7:14

As Danny Doring celebrates in the ring, and Shawn Stasiak walks up the ramp in a huff while Stacy berates him, the camera cuts to the back, where Big Vito has approached Johnny 'The Bull' Stamboli.

Vito: Johnny, hey paisan, wait up.

The Bull: What?

Vito: That match we had, just like old times hey?

The Bull: Yeah, we shoulda beat those puppets though...

Vito: Yeah, we shoulda, but what you expect? We haven't teamed in a while.

The Bull: Whattaya gettin' at?

Vito: I say we get back togetha, time to take these punks back to the street, Little Italy Style!

The Bull: Ya know, I like it!

The two men smile and shake hands as the camera goes to the interview section again. This time Pamela is with Billy Kidman, who has both Cruiserweight Tag Team Titles over his shoulders.

Pam: Billy Kidman, after winning the WCW Cruiserweight Tag Team Championships at Spring Breakout, you now find yourself without a partner...

Kidman: Without a partner? You say it like it's a bad thing. Rey Rey decided he'd rather sit at home then be a part of this company. Well let me tell you something, Rey, I think you're scared. You're scared you couldn't get up to the bar that I set as your partner. So right now, until Rey Mysterio decides to show his face, I won't be defending these Cruiserweight Tag Titles. I am, however, the last man to hold these belts, so what does that mean, Pam? [Pamela looks puzzled] It means that I should be the rightful number one contender to the Cruiserweight Championship! But what happens instead? They give a title shot to someone else! Well I've had it! Shane Helms, you better watch your back, because I'm coming for you!

And with that, Billy Kidman stomps off as Pamela Paulshock looks on.

Tenay: Another seemingly changed attitude here in WCW, this time from Billy Kidman!

Lawler: Who would blame him? His best friend decided to take the money and run, now Billy's just looking out for number one, which is what he should have been doing long ago!

Stevie Ray: Wait, I just got one question...if Rey's not in WCW right now, does that mean I won't getta see Tygress do tha Face Fulla Stuff no more?

Lawler: Stevie Ray, I think we'll get along just fine!

A car is shown squealing it's tires and crashing on FusientVision.


Shane Helms, WCW Cruiserweight Championship around his waist, appears on the stage to a surprisingly good reaction from the crowd. He had been getting over slowly towards the end of March, but nowhere near this much. His entrance is sans Nitro Girls, which Jerry Lawler complains about. He slaps some fan's hands as he slides into the ring and raises his arms.

Tenay: Shane Helms' opponent has not been announced yet, but I've been told this will be his very first match here in WCW!

Lawler: And this is exactly what we didn't have in the WWF! Amazing Cruiserweight action!

The lights dim, and all attention is on the FusientVision screen. An asian style gong is heard, with some old-style Japanese music, and a Japanese flag appears. The red sun morphs into a buzzsaw blade, and the words 'TAJIRI' slowly fade onto the screen in burning letters. The fans go nuts for the ECW alumnus, as Yoshihiro Tajiri sets foot onto the stage and walks down to the ring.

Shane Helms vs. Yoshihiro Tajiri- WCW Cruiserweight Championship

Tenay tells us about the lethal kicks at Tajiri's disposal, which come into play immediately in the match. Helms tries to go toe-to-toe with Tajiri on that level, but it doesn't work out too well, and we see the Japanese Buzzsaw gain the upperhand early on. Helms, of course, pulls himself back into it after a Roll of the Dice, which he seems to have incorporated into his regular moveset. This match is definately more ground-based than the usual cruiserweight fare, but the fans have no trouble getting into it. Vocally, they're more on the side of newcomer Tajiri, but Helms has his fair share of fans, and seems to be gaining more with his displays in the ring. Unfortunately, he is responsible for some missed spots as well. Helms does pick up the win though, nailing the Vertabreaker on Tajiri after avoiding an attempted Buzzsaw Kick.

Winner: Shane Helms @ 9:31

As Shane Helms celebrates his hard-fought win, he turns to Tajiri. They look at eachother, and Helms sticks his hand out. Tajiri gets up off the mat, shakes his hand, then bows to him.


A familiar voice can be heard on the PA, and the fans turn to the stage, where Steve Corino, in street clothes, comes out, mic in hand.

Corino: That is absolutely adorable! No really, it is! But Shane Helms, you need to know something...that man in the ring with you doesn't understand a damn word you can say! Now what pisses me off right here is that Tajiri gets a shot at the Cruiserweight Title! WHY!? I'm a former ECW World Heavyweight Champion, and I am the SAVIOUR to the Cruiserweight Division! I deserve that title shot more than anybody in this industry! Shane Helms, when I get my chance, when I get MY shot, I'm going to take that Cruiserweight Title from around your waist! I may be the King of Oldschool now, but soon enough it'll be 'Steve Corino: KING OF THE CRUISERWEIGHTS'!

Corino gets some great heat from the crowd for his promo, as Jerry Lawler cracks a joke about the ECW Championship not meaning anything in the real world. The camera shoots back to the interview segment, where Pamela Paulshock is standing, alone.

Pam: Fans, I'm supposed to be interviewing Chris Kanyon right now, but he hasn't shown up for his intervi...

Kanyon walks into view, cocky as ever.

Kanyon: Hurry up sweetheart, Kanyon has a match to get to.

Pam: Kanyon, what are your thoughts on your match tonight agains...

Kanyon: [cutting off Pamela] It doesn't matter.

Pam: What?

Kanyon: You heard me, it doesn't matter what my thoughts are. We all know, either way, Kanyon is going to go out there, innovate some offence, because that's what I do see, I'm the Innovator of Offence, win the match, and that'll be that.

Pam: You don't think Diamond Dallas Page has a chance to beat you tonight?

Kanyon: [gulps] Page?

Pam: Yes, DDP requested a match against you tonight.

Kanyon: [scared] Oh...crap...

Kanyon half-runs out of camera view as Pamela Paulshock looks on, almost laughing.

Tenay: Kanyon didn't know his opponent tonight was DDP?

Stevie Ray: Man, that guy is way too fulla himself.

Lawler: Why shouldn't he be? After all, he IS the Innovator of Offence!

A lyricless ripoff of Rage Against the Machine's 'No Shelter' plays, and it seems like Chris Kanyon has gotten some new entrance music. He walks out timidly, selling the fact that he's scared to get in the ring with DDP. Kanyon goes through the ropes and awaits Page, nervously.


The fans pop huge as Diamond Dallas Page comes out to his Smells Like Teen Spirit ripoff. He hits the bang sign, sending a good chunk of pyro out of the stage, and stops at the bottom of the ramp to stare at Kanyon. DDP smiles at him, and Kanyon is shown with a reluctant smile on his face as well. DDP sprints into the ring, and Kanyon slides out.

Diamond Dallas Page vs. Chris Kanyon

The bell rings, and the match starts with DDP chasing Kanyon around the ring, playing the cat and mouse game. Kanyon finally catches DDP in the ring as he's sliding in after him, and puts the boots to him to gain a slight advantage. DDP, however, weathers it out and gets his chance when Kanyon takes him to the corner for some mounted punches. When Kanyon plays to the crowd, DDP hits a powerbomb from the corner and immediately lays into him hard, which gets a pop from the fans. Kanyon doesn't overly play the heel card in this match, but he does play up the fact that he's scared of Page with lots of begging, backing off and cowering. He also shows some good offense throughout, including his usual facebuster from the top, and even manages to hit the Kanyon Kutter, but DDP kicks out at 1, pretty much selling that move as crap when hit by Kanyon. Kanyon seems utterly amazed at this, and his amazement is met with a boot to the gut, followed by a Diamond Cutter for the 3.

Winner: Diamond Dallas Page @ 7:33

As DDP celebrates, Kanyon rolls out to the floor. DDP does the cutter sign, but Rick Steiner jumps out of the crowd and pearl-harbours him from behind with a chair! Steiner continues the beatdown on Page as Kanyon makes his way up the aisle. A vicious chair shot echos through the arena, and Kanyon slowly turns around. He witnesses another, and finally runs down into the ring. Steiner turns and swings at him with the chair, but Kanyon ducks under and catches him with the Flatliner! Steiner hits the floor as DDP slowly gets up. He looks at the man who just saved him, and the two stare off for a bit before shaking hands.

Tenay: Kanyon just saved his old friend DDP from a beating at the hands of Rick Steiner!

Lawler: Well if Steiner wanted to prove himself to Jeff Jarrett and Mike Sanders, he had the right idea, but he sure didn't do a good job of executing it! But why would Kanyon do something as stupid as saving someone like DDP?

Stevie Ray: Those two got a lotta history there Jerry, I think Kanyon just realized who his real friends are.

Tenay: Fans, up next is the final match in the US Heavyweight Championship Tournament, but right now let's go to the back with Pamela Paulshock and Jeff Jarrett!

Jeff Jarrett is standing next to Pamela, guitar slung over his shoulder and cocky smile on his face.

Pam: Jeff Jarrett, the last time you held the WCW World Title, Booker T was the man who beat you for it. You were never able to beat hi...

Jarrett: Hold on right there you slap-happy bitch, I beat Booker T plenty of times! He was just never man enough to put that title back on the line!

Pam: But at New Blood Rising in 2000...

Jarrett: What did I just say!? You know what, get out of here! [Jarrett snatches the mic from Pamela Paulshock as she flees the interview scene] You don't get to do this interview anymore! The bottom line is this! Booker T, you've got MY title! I deserve to be WCW World Champion, not you! And tonight, I'm going to prove it. Now choke on that, you Harlem Slapnut!

Jarrett angrily leaves the interview section as we go back to the announce table.

Tenay: It looks like Pamela knows how to get under Jarrett's skin!

Lawler: You know what I'd like to get into? Pamela's sheets!

Stevie Ray: Gotta agree with ya there King, she's one hot yak!

The Beautiful People kicks in for the second time tonight, and Mike Awesome makes his way down the ramp to the ring. The fans are giving him a good amount of heat, most likely based off his beating of Hugh Morrus earlier.


The fans go ape-shit for RVD, even more so than last. Bill Alfonso leads the way for Rob Van Dam, who isn't nearly as long with his ring entrance as he was in ECW. RVD hops onto the apron, climbs through the ropes, and gets right into Awesome's face.

Tenay: You can expect a bit of extra tension between these two in this match. Mike Awesome left ECW as the World Champion, and Rob considers that a slap in the face since he was ECW all the way!

Lawler: And that's his own problem! Awesome did the smart thing, leaving that company for WCW. Rob Van Dam should've been smart and done the same!

Mike Awesome vs. Rob Van Dam- WCW US Heavyweight Title Tournament Finals

Physical would be the best way to describe this match. While it's not quite on par with RVD/Storm from earlier in the night, it is brutal. Tenay sells the ECW connection between the two, which seems to set the tone for the match, as it opens with a brief staredown which deviates into a large brawl. The two men do show slight signs that they both had matches early on, but it doesn't seem to affect either too much. Lot's of work on the outside, and Stevie Ray comments that this might as well be No DQ, because the ref has been told to me much more lenient in disqualifications to ensure a new US Champion. Of course, this means anything pretty much goes, and Awesome wastes no time using his size to his advantage to toss RVD around the outside. When things get back inside the ring, RVD picks up the pace, ducking and dodging the bigger Awesome, but gets caught with a vicious belly to belly. Things deteriorate to the outside again, and Awesome grabs an edge with a stiff lariat. RVD gets rolled back into the ring and sorts himself out. As Awesome gets up on the apron, RVD runs towards him, but at the last minute, Awesome slingshots over the top with a hard shoulder tackle. Rob Van Dam eventually goes on the offense, using his quick kicks to his advantage. This, of course, frustrates Awesome, who takes a monkey flip and then retreats to the outside angrily to regroup. Awesome decides to bring a chair in, but the referee Mark Johnson attempts to take it. Awesome shoves him down, and when he turns to swing at RVD, is met with a CRUSHING Van Daminator. RVD goes up top, nails the Five Star, and picks up the win and the Championship.

Winner: Rob Van Dam @ 14:39- New WCW US Heavyweight Champion

Tenay: I haven't seen hard-hitting action like that in quite some time! Those men were putting their bodies on the line just to hurt the other!

Lawler: As stupid as RVD is for not leaving ECW a long time ago, I've got to give him credit! He really showed he's got it there!

Stevie Ray: Ya can't take nuthin' away from Mike Awesome either! He almost had him beat tonight King!

Tenay: Judging from the look on Awesome's face, I'm betting we haven't seen the last of RVD and Awesome here in WCW!

The camera shifts backstage, where we see the WCW World Heavyweight Champion, Booker T, getting ready for his match in his dressing room. A door opens, and Booker looks up as Hugh Morrus steps into the room, selling that he's hurt from his previous encounter with Mike Awesome.

Booker T: Hey man, tough break tonight.

Morrus: Hey, I'll get him back, and I'll get that US Title again too, but that's not why I came here...

Booker T: What's on yo mind?

Morrus: It's this whole Planet Jarrett thing. You know how these guys work. I'm here to offer you some help, because I think you're gonna need someone to watch your back tonight.

Booker T: [standing] Yo man, I appreciate that, really. You got it, and anything I can do for you, you just let me know, word?

Morrus: Maybe... [pats Booker T's World Title] Maybe we can work something out. But right now you just worry about Jarrett.

The two shake hands as Morrus leaves the room. Booker T sits back down and starts to tie his boots. We go back to the announce table.

Tenay: A smart move by Booker T to accept the help of Hugh Morrus...

Lawler: But how does he know Morrus isn't with Planet Jarrett? I mean, Hugh Morrus doesn't look smart enough to align himself with someone like Jeff Jarrett, but Jeff Jarrett is definately smart enough to use Hugh Morrus to get what he deserves!

Stevie Ray: King, it's gonna be great to see tha look on yo face when my brotha kicks Jarrett's ass.


The music brings out Buff Bagwell and Lex Luger collectively known as Totally Buff. The team does their usual schtick of over-the-top cockiness and posing. They climb in the ring to await their surprise opponents.


The theme of the Filthy Animals announces the entrance of Konnan, who gets a respective pop from the crowd. He has a mic in his hand, but before he gets a chance to speak, Buff Bagwell interrupts.

Buff: Hold on a minute here, "K-Dawg" hahahaha! Now we've got two problems with this. Number one, you're little buddy partner you've been teaming with, Hugh Morrus, just got his ass handed to him by Mike Awesome tonight, so we know he's not in this match. And number two, Flexy Lexy?

Luger: Number TWO HAHA! No matter who your partner is, you just aren't as BUFF AS WE ARE! HAHAHAHA!

Buff and Luger slap an obnoxious high five before Konnan replies.

Konnan: Yo yo yo, while you two little goombas were in the back rubbin' baby oil over each other, me and my homie were goin' over how we were gonna kick your ass. So without any more delays from punks like you, let me introduce my new tag team partner, he's another D-O-Double G! BG JAMES!


The former Road Dogg's voice is heard over the PA to start his theme, and the newly named BG James comes out doing his usual song and dance routine. BG and Konnan bump fists before running down to the ring and taking it to their opponents to start the match.

Totally Buff vs. Konnan & BG James

More standard tag team action, but the fans are much more into this match due to the debuting BG James. The match gets its start from a double team on Konnan by Totally Buff, and when the ref breaks everything up, Konnan has been beaten down and kept out of corner, unable to make a tag to his new partner. This continues for a while, with the typical hot tag that Billy Silverman didn't see, which sends BG back to the corner. Eventually, Konnan would take down Buff and make the legit tag, sending BG James in to clean house. BG hits the Shake, Rattle and Roll kneedrop for a big pop, and it eventually settles into BG James/Lex Luger. Luger goes for a test of strength, and BG accepts, but then lowblows Luger to a big pop. Buff would try to interfere, which leads to Konnan hitting a rolling clothesline, and BG James hitting a Facebuster, which Mike Tenay blatantly calls the Famouser as Silverman counts the pin.

Winner(s): Konnan & BG James @ 7:31

Tenay: Former WWF World Tag Team Champion, the former Road Dogg BG James has found a new home here in WCW!

Lawler: Looks like I'm not the only one who knew what the smart decision was!

Tenay: Fans, right now we're going to send you back to Pamela Paulshock, who is standing by with World Champion Booker T!

In the interview section, Booker T is all business with the WCW World Championship slung over his shoulder.

Pam: Booker T, you won the WCW World Title at Spring Breakout, ending a long-standing rivalry with Scott Steiner. But tonight, you face Jeff Jarrett, the man you beat for your first reign as WCW Champion...

Booker T: First off, ain't nothin' ova with Scott Steina. I know he'll be back, an' he'll be gunnin' fo me, an' fo this title right here. Then there's Vampiro an' Malice, an' even DDP an' Hugh Morrus! Seems like everybody wants a piece of the Book, an' I know this title makes me a marked man. But right now, it's all about Planet Jarrett. Jeff Jarrett! I don't know how many times I gotta kick yo ass befo you realize I ain't tha one you should be messin' with, but tonight, I'm gonna do it one mo time. Now can you dig THAT?

Booker T walks off as the camera cuts back to the arena. CH-CH-CHOSEN ONE brings out Jeff Jarrett, along with the acoustic equalizer. Jarrett is still getting almost face reactions from the crowd, but he quickly turns it into heat by flipping them off as he walks down the aisle. He gets in the ring, poses on the second turnbuckle, then waits for the Champion's arrival.


Booker T raises the roof for the flames for the second time tonight, and gets a huge reaction from the crowd. He climbs into the ring, lifts the belt high over his head for all to see on the turnbuckle, but as he climbs down, Jeff Jarrett attacks from behind. The ref calls for the bell and we're off for our main event.

Jeff Jarrett vs. Booker T- WCW World Heavyweight Title

Starts out the usual way with the lockup, and Booker overpowers the challenger, much to Jarrett's chagrin. They eventually get things going in a nice little brawl mixed with some minor chain wrestling. Some early attempts of finishers, but nothing comes of it. At around the 10 minute mark, FusientVision shows Hugh Morrus getting beaten down by Mike Awesome and Animal in the back. This distraction allows Jarrett to get a bit of a lead, but it doesn't last too long. Booker T takes over, and at around the 13 minute mark, Jarrett goes for the guitar. Referee Nick Patrick pulls it away, but the distraction is enough for Lance Storm to run out and attempt to interfere. Storm takes Booker to the outside as Jarrett and the ref argue. Booker, however, manages to handle Storm with a Book End after taking a few shots, and when Jarrett returns, he apparantly doesn't know where Booker T is. Jarrett leans out the ring and starts yelling at Lance Storm, who is layed out, and Booker T climbs up from the other side and goes up top. Jarrett turns around, and Booker catches him with a missile dropkick! He does the Spinaroonie back to his feet, and as Jarrett rises, catches him with the Axe Kick! Cover: 1, 2, 3!

Winner: Booker T @ 17:40

Tenay: I don't believe it! Even with Planet Jarrett taking out Hugh Morrus and interfering in the match, Booker T manages to retain! Ladies and gentlemen, we're out of time! Tune in Wednesday night at midnight on F/X for the debut of WCW Ignition! Booker T retains the World Championship!

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May 29, 2001

The estimated attendance for WCW's The Big Bang was around 15 000 at the Joe Louis Arena. That's over double what they pulled for Greed back in March.

Jeff Jarrett was getting some face reactions last night, which has been something WCW has been dealing with since the start of 2001. They've had this problem with Scott Steiner too.

Diamond Dallas Page broke some of his fingers in his match against Kanyon. He will be working through it, and is expected to be 100% in a few weeks time.

The plan right now is to get many wrestlers in tag teams and stables in an effort to show as many faces as possible during WCW's one hour of television.

Several readers who saw the show live wrote in with their thoughts. Most seem to agree that the biggest pops of the night were to RVD's debut/winning the US Title, Booker T, Jerry Lawler's debut, Danny Doring and BG James' debut. The heat of the night goes to Jeff Jarrett's first promo, Mike Awesome in his second match, Lance Storm, Steve Corino's promo, and Totally Buff.

From what we've been told, Vince Russo has already left the company. There are many speculations as to why, but the main one seems to be a falling out with Eric Bischoff.

Former ECW Tag Team Champion Guido Maritato has signed a deal with the WWF. He will be sent to MCW for development.

There was said to be interest in Psicosis in WCW, but he has decided to sign with AAA, along with Juventud Guerrera and La Parka.

Ignition was taped tonight, and several readers have sent in match results. Click HERE to read them. For those of you in Canada, WCW has signed a deal with CTV Sportsnet to air Ignition Wednesday nights at midnight.

DARK MATCH: Air Raid d. Jung Dragons

DARK MATCH: Jamie Knoble d. Elix Skipper

Yoshihiro Tajiri d. Nova/Jason Jett/Kid Kash

Chris Kanyon d. Rick Steiner

Steve Corino d. Christopher Daniels

Jeff Jarrett/Lance Storm d. RVD/Booker T

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Guest MichaelZ

Spoilers for your TV is realistic but really odd. Might give people more incentive to skip over the effort you'd put into writing a show if they can get the short of it immediately.

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Just read through the whole thing. Awesome job, really held my interest which is the problem I seem to have reading diaries. Loved the PPV too, I like that it's really realistic but not so much as it's just not fun to read. And I like how you write too, just enough information in the matches to get the point across. Overall, I can't wait to read the rest of it, you've got a reader in me . :)

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Drowning Pool's 'Let the Bodies hit the Floor' leads us into a new intro with lots of hard-hitting action before the Ignition logo shows up on the screen.



We go to the Hard Rock Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, which has a regular arena look to it. Nothing special in design, as the original plan for the arena was for a football team. There is a stage set up with three FusientVision screens overhead, and an all metal corrugated entryway with wire fence starting low and raising up a to a point on either side.


As the camera pans around, we see the ring is the same as the usual WCW ring, with red ropes and a large 'Ignition' logo around the apron. Mike Tenay introduces us to Ignition, and hypes that it's the debut show. He introduces Stevie Ray and Jerry Lawler, telling fans he made his debut at WCW's The Big Bang. As Tenay attempts to continue, he gets cut off.


Jeff Jarrett comes out in street clothes, angry as ever. Behind him are the rest of Planet Jarrett: Mike Awesome, Lance Storm, Road Warrior Animal, and Commissioner Mike Sanders. They get in the ring, and Jarrett immediately gets on the mic.

Jarrett: All of you need to shut your mouths and listen to me! [crowd boos] Last Sunday, at the Big Bang, Planet Jarrett was SCREWED! Lance Storm and Mike Awesome weren't allowed the knowledge to properly prepare for their matches, and Booker T had to resort to distracting the referee to beat me!

Jarrett passes the mic to Lance Storm.

Storm: If I can be serious for a minute...[crowd boos] At the Big Bang, Eric Bischoff claimed to be allowing us what we deserved by putting Mike Awesome and myself in the US Title Tournament. What we did NOT deserve, was to face a new man in WCW, who hasn't earned the right to have a shot at the United States Championship, let alone hold it right now!

Storm passes the mic to Mike Sanders, who has to wait for the boos to die down before he can talk.

Sanders: See, I've listened to these men's arguments, and I believe they have a case. And as a completely impartial man, in the position I'm in, I believe it is my duty to not only give Lance Storm and Mike Awesome US Title shots in a triple threat match at The Great American Bash, but to also give Jeff Jarrett a World Heavyweight Title ma...

Sanders' final words are cut off by 'Back in Black', as Tenay comments that it's about time someone shut him up. Eric Bischoff walks out to the stage with a mic in his hand.

Bischoff: Mike, Mike Mike...Impartial? Now, I found it rather convenient that you weren't involved in that attack on Hugh Morrus on Sunday, but I'd hardly say that makes you impartial! So let's set the record straight...First of all, Hugh Morrus wants revenge, and I've agreed that he'll have his shot. Right now, though, I have a pay-per-view to focus on, and what better way to build to that than some title matches, am I right? Now guys, I see where you're coming from. Storm, you didn't know RVD would be your opponent. And Awesome, you just weren't prepared for him. And then there's Jeff. You...well you just couldn't beat Booker T again now could you?

Jarrett is shown cursing at Bischoff as the fans cheer.

Bischoff: But you know what? I brought WCW back to ensure a level playing field, and that's exactly what I'm going to do. So here's the deal. Right here tonight, Jeff Jarrett and...say Lance Storm, since you were so eager to interfere in the World Title match on Sunday. You two are going to be involved in a tag team match tonight against Booker T and Rob Van Dam! And if you can beat them, I'll give you your title shots. Fair?

Jarrett: Eric, if that's what we have to do, if you don't want to admit that we DESERVE our shots, then FINE! We'll beat them tonight, and then at The Great American Bash, you'll be looking at the World Heavyweight Champion!

Bischoff: [pauses for a moment and laughs to himself] Well that remains to be seen, Jarrett. Now Mike, see how it's done?

Tenay hypes what we've just seen as we (already) cut to commercial.


When we get return, Rick Steiner is standing in the back, when Mike Sanders approaches him.

Sanders: Hey Rick, listen, we know you tried you're best with DDP at the Big Bang, and it was a good way to impress us...

Steiner: Mike, I know I didn't get it done, but I would've taken him out if it wouldn't have been for...

Sanders: [cutting him off] Kanyon, I know. And that's what I want to talk to you about. Ya see, we don't really like people interfering in our business, so why don't you help us solve that little problem. Show Kanyon he made the wrong choice by choosing DDP over Planet Jarrett in a match tonight, alright? Thanks bud!

Steiner smiles as Sanders walks off. The camera takes us to the announce table.

Tenay: Fans, if you're just joining us, Eric Bischoff has shown he does intend to level the playing field, as he calls it, and give the young guns in WCW a chance. And to back that claim up, he's made Jeff Jarrett and Lance Storm against Booker T and Rob Van Dam right here tonight!

Lawler: And when Planet Jarrett beats them, they'll be getting their title shots at the Great American Bash!

Stevie Ray: You say when like it's gonna happen, sucka. Ain't nothin' goin' down tonight but my brotha kickin' their ass!

Tenay: And it seems that we've found out who Rick Steiner's opponent is tonight as well! He'll be taking on Chris Kanyon in an attempt to send him a message from Planet Jarrett! But first, we have a Cruiserweight Four Way, with the winner getting a title shot against Shane Helms at the Great American Bash!

A generic-sounding Kid Rock Bawitiba rip hits, and Kid Kash comes out down the ramp, to a very small reaction. Tenay hypes up his ECW Television Title reign again, and again, Lawler makes a joke about it not being worth the breath he said 'ECW' in.

Next out is Jason Jett, to another generic rock song. No major hype for him, but Tenay does mention that the four men selected were the ones who impressed WCW Management the most at the Big Bang, and that's why they were selected.

The gong hits as the buzzsaw appears on FusientVision, and Yoshihiro Tajiri walks out, stalling for a pose on the stage to a good reaction from the crowd. He walks to the ring, and the other two clear out as he enters. Tajiri hops onto the middle rope to pose for the fans, and as he does...


Nova comes out, and gets an equal pop to Tajiri, and he bursts down the ramp. Nova slides in and stares off with Tajiri from across the ring, and that's when Kid Kash jumps him from behind to start the match.

Jason Jett vs. Kid Kash vs. Tajiri vs. Nova- Cruiserweight Title Shot at Great American Bash

A spotfest, but with the circumstances as they are, what else would you expect? Especially with less than 10 minutes of ring time. Jett is seemingly in there just to prevent Kid Kash from looking too weak, as he is on the recieving end from Tajiri and Nova quite a bit. He gets his offence in on Jett, however, and even briefly lays him out with the Money Maker. Nova seems to have things wrapped up, much like the big tag team match at Big Bang, but he dives to the outside on Kid Kash, who had tripped him up. This leads to Jett turning around directly into a Buzzsaw Kick and a pin.

Winner: Yoshihiro Tajiri @ 8:03

Lawler: Tajiri gets a title shot against Shane Helms at the Great American Bash!

Tenay: And what a re-match from The Big Bang that will be! Sunday June , Yoshihiro Tajiri gets a second chance at Cruiserweight gold! But ladies and gentlemen, on Sunday we saw the debut of the former Road Dogg, BG James as he teamed with Konnan! They'll be here next week to take on Chuck Palumbo and Sean O'Haire in a non-title match, but first, let's see what happened at the Big Bang!

The video re-cap starts with the conversation between Jarrett and Buff, Luger and Steiner. We then are shown BG James' debut, and runs through the match against Totally Buff. The video goes to BG and Konnan backing up the ramp after the win, as Totally Buff sit on the mat, dejected. The shot zooms in on BG and Konnan. A graphic comes up saying 'Live Krew: Next Week'.

After the video is over, we go to the back, where Shawn Stasiak is sitting in a dressing room backstage, as Stacy Keibler paces back and forth. The camera is low so that it only shows her legs, and Stasiak staring at them, which gets an audible reaction from the crowd. She stops and turns in front of Stasiak, and the camera zooms out to show an angry Stacy.

Stacy: How could you LOSE to DANNY. DORING.

Stasiak: But you...

Stacy: Forget it! I don't want to hear any of your excuses!

Stasiak: But Stacy, you tripped me...

Stacy: [Cutting Stasiak off] I mean...he's from ECW...EW! That place is gross. You know what, since you couldn't beat him, and you just can't seem to get the job done, I went out and found you a tag team partner. I talked to Mike Sanders, and next week, you'll be teaming with him to take on Danny Doring and a partner of his choice...and you better not lose! Otherwise, I might have to find myself a new man that can actually get the job done!


When we come back, we are shown the interview section, where Pamela Paulshock is standing by with Brian Adams and Bryan Clark, Kronik.

Pam: Adams and Clark, last week you told the World Tag Team Champions, Chuck Palumbo and Sean O'Haire, that you had respect for them, but that you were coming for the titles. Care to elaborate?

Adams: Chuck Palumbo and Sean O'Haire...these are two guys that have a bright future, I'll give them that. But somewhere along the line, those guys got a little too cocky, and now they're acting like they don't have anyone to beat. Well boys, I got news for you...you haven't beat KRONIK yet. And we WANT a title shot.

Adams and Clark stare into the screen as the shot fades out, and heads back to ringside.

Tenay: Well as we saw before the commercial break, Stacy Keibler has found a partner for Shawn Stasiak, and next week, we'll be seeing those two team up against Danny Doring and a partner of his choice!

Stevie Ray: Yeah that yak may be hot, but she sure don't know what she's talkin'. She cost Stasiak his match on Sunday!

Lawler: Hey, it's not Stacy's fault that Stasiak didn't know what he was doing!

No Shelter cuts the announcers off, and Chris Kanyon comes out to a pretty good reaction following his face turn on Sunday. Tenay, Lawler and Stevie Ray discuss his turn, and how he helped DDP when he was jumped by Rick Steiner, who Mike Sanders made his opponent tonight.


Rick Steiner is out next, and he gets a slight heel reaction, but nothing earth-shattering. He comes down the ramp as the announce team discuss his trying to join Planet Jarrett, and how Jeff Jarrett is using him to take care of his dirty work. Steiner climbs in the ring, and the two men waste no time laying into eachother.

Chris Kanyon vs. Rick Steiner

Standard WCW brawl, nothing too spectacular. Of course, Rick Steiner is in the ring, so what else is new? Kanyon does manage to carry him to a watchable match, however. Kanyon plays the victim to Steiner's dirty shot heel, but in the end manages to hit a Flatliner, seemingly out of nowhere.

Winner: Chris Kanyon @ 6:50

As the announce team discuss the match, and the fact that Planet Jarrett won't be happy with Steiner's failure to hurt Kanyon tonight, we shoot to the back, where the cameraman is clearly hiding behind a wall, discretely filming a conversation between Chuck Palumbo and Sean O'Haire.

Palumbo: The Live Krew? Seriously?

O'Haire: No kidding, we can beat those two dinosaurs with our hands tied behind our back. We'll kick their asses next week. I mean, they don't even get a title shot yet, and we'll beat them so bad they never do!

Palumbo: But what about Kronik?

O'Haire: Man, what about Kronik? What makes them think they deserve to get in the ring with us?

Palumbo: I don't know Sean, but we...

O'Haire: [Cutting off Palumbo] I know, listen, I think I've got a plan for them alright? I'll take care of it.

Palumbo nods his head in agreement. Back to the announce table, where Mike Tenay begins to speak, but listens to his ear piece and quickly says to get a camera back there. Again we go backstage, and Billy Kidman is seen attacking Shane Helms! He's beating him down to the concrete, and then puts the boots to him! Kidman picks up the Cruiserweight gold, and looks down at Helms.

Kidman: I told you, I'm coming for this title. I didn't even get invited to the four way tonight, so Helms, I'm gonna take it out on you!

Kidman again puts the boots to Helms, but this time security has gathered, and they tackle him. Back to the announce table.

Tenay: Billy Kidman just viciously assaulted Shane Helms!

Lawler: No he didn't! You didn't see who started it! And Billy Kidman wasn't invited into the four way match for a title shot! Why not?

Stevie Ray: Thas' a good point King. Kidman's been WCW fo' years, now he hasn' even had a match?

Tenay: And another man who wants a Cruiserweight Title shot, Steve Corino, is action up next! We'll be right back!


Back from commercial, and Christopher Daniels is already in the ring, waiting for his opponent. That's when a knockoff of Led Zepplin's Kashmir hits, and Steve Corino steps out, getting a moderate amount of heat. He walks straight into the ring and gets right to business.

Christopher Daniels vs. Steve Corino

THis match was built to show Steve Corino, which is why you didn't see Daniels get an entrance. Daniels has a slight burst of offence, even going for an interesting sping-style moonsault off the first rope to the second and over, but Corino moves out of the way. Corino doesn't mess around with the usual high-flying stuff, and brawls more with Daniels. Corino picks up the win with the Old School Expulsion.

Winner: Steve Corino @ 5:34

Steve Corino yells for a mic.

Corino: Shane Helms, that's nothing compared to what you'll get. Billy Kidman, get in line. Your days are over in WCW, and it's time that I take my rightful place as the King of the Cruiserweights!

Corino slams the mic down and stomps off as the shot cuts to what appears to be the boiler room, with James Mitchell, Vampiro and Malice, The Gathering.

Mitchell: Booker T, you say you welcome all challengers for your World Championship! You claim yourself to be a fighting Champion! Well since it seems that here in WCW, you do what you need to get what you want, the Gathering is demanding a title shot from you...and if we don't get it, we'll do what we need to take it! HAAHAHAHAHA!

Back to the announce team, where Stevie Ray has that unmistakable look on his face yet again.

Lawler: Booker T has got his hands full because of that World Title!

Stevie Ray: What's wit' that guys eyebrows? Why they so pointy?

Tenay: Fans, up next we have our tag team main event, but first, Pamela Paulshock is backstage with the US and World Champions, Booker T and Rob Van Dam!

To the interview section we go, and Pamela Paulshock is standing by with Booker T, Rob Van Dam, and his manager Bill Alfonso.

Pam: RVD and Booker T, both of you were impressive at the Big Bang, with RVD even winning the US Championship. Tonight, you face Jeff Jarrett and Lance Storm, and if they beat you, they get title shots at the Great American Bash. What are your thoughts?

Booker T: First off, let's get somethin' outta tha way! Vampiro! Malice! You two sucka's want a shot at THIS? You gotta prove you worth it boy! I'll tell ya what! Next week, eitha one a ya get in tha ring, an' if you beat me, you get yo shot! Now onto tonight...Jeff Jarrett...I already showed tha world you can't beat the Booka Man, but you just won't lie down! I respect that, but tonight, when we beat you, you ain't gonna be seein' a title shot fo' a long time, ya dig!

RVD: Hey Booker, it's no problem man! You're looking at the [thumb points] Whole...Damn...Show! Lance Storm, you can't beat me on your best night, and tonight, I'll prove that. Hey Fonzie, why don't we tell them what 4:20 means...

RVD/Fonzie: [together] WE JUST SMOKED YOUR ASS!

Booker T: Now dig THAT!

Booker T and RVD walk off with Fonzie in tow as Pamela Paulshock looks on. The camera goes straight to the stage, and the music hits.


Rob Van Dam, the WCW US Heavyweight Champion, is out first for his team, and Bill Alfonso is leading the way. He walks around the aisle and slaps hands to a huge reaction from the audience. As he gets in the ring, cockily smiling and mugging for the crowd, his partner's theme cuts in.


The WCW World Heavyweight Champion Booker T comes out and raises the roof to a loud pop from the fans. He walks down the ring and bumps knuckles with RVD on the inside, then raises the roof one more time.


Jeff Jarrett comes out first with the guitar, followed closely behind by Lance Storm. There's pretty solid heat, and it looks like the opening segment helped clear out the face reactions towards Jarrett. Tenay comments that while Planet Jarrett may not be at ringside, you can bet they'll try to get involved somehow. Lawler dismisses this quickly, saying Storm and Jarrett won't need any help tonight. All four men square off, and Rob Van Dam does the thumb point to Lance Storm as the crowd cheers along, which leads to Storm slapping Van Dam, which quickly leads to a brawl to get things started.

Booker T/Rob Van Dam vs. Jeff Jarrett/Lance Storm

These four click well, and the match has good heat going in. Brawl all over, of course leading to ringside, and it's Booker/Jarrett and RVD/Storm paired off. The brawl continues on, and we actually get a commercial break as the ref tries to gain control. When we come back, Booker T is starting off against Lance Storm. Storm gets some good offense in on the Champ, but eventually is overpowered. Tenay wonders if it has to do with Booker's experience in big matches compared to Storm's. Storm makes the tag to Jarrett, who unwillingly wants to get in the ring, but Charles Robinson starts the count. Booker, of course, gets the upperhand, but Storm distracts the ref long enough for Jarrett to hit a low blow and take action. Booker does eventually make the hot tag to RVD, who rocks the signature moves. RVD goes for a cross-body, but Jarrett ducks and we see a ref bump. Sensing their stable-mates are in need of help, Mike Awesome and Animal come down, followed by Rick Steiner. Tenay says that it's to make up for his loss to Kanyon earlier. The three jump RVD and Booker T, and the screwjob sets in. They beat the two men down, then Awesome hits an Awesome Bomb on Booker T. They slide out, and revive the ref as Lance Storm makes the cover.

Winner(s): Jeff Jarrett and Lance Storm @ 12:37

As Jeff Jarrett, Mike Awesome, Lance Storm, Animal and Rick Steiner continue to pound on RVD and Booker, Bill Alfonso jumps on Animal's back. Animal grabs him and throws him down, then starts stomping. Awesome then lifts Booker T up for an Awesome Bomb, and that's when Diamond Dallas Page and Chris Kanyon come running out! They hit the ring, and Jeff Jarrett slides out on the opposite side and calls for his bodyguard, Animal, to join him. DDP immediately goes after Mike Awesome, and Kanyon nails Steiner with the Flatliner. Storm comes up from behind on DDP, but gets a heel-kick to the groin for his trouble. DDP then lays out Mike Awesome with a Diamond Cutter, and the members of Planet Jarrett hit the arena floor and back off, shouting at the faces as the show goes off the air.

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Good first show, considering what you've got to work with. If I were you I wouldn't have a PPV every month considerign you only got 4 hours of TV time, but the way you're booking it looks like The Great American Bash could be a decent card. The only problem I see in the upcoming future is that unless you give Lance a World title shot or Big Papa Pump returns from injury, Jarret vs Booker will be headlining quite a few PPV's for you in the foreseeable future...

Oh, and is that arena the real-life XWF arena?

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Yeah, I snagged a shot off YouTube, figured it would serve it's purpose. As for the PPV situation, I'm basically doing what TNA is doing, and I think it's possible. I'v had the main event scene planned out pretty solid for a while now, so it won't be an issue.

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OOC: Ratings are in TEW-style IVR, with each full point registering for 50 000 people. This isn't comparable to ratings in the real world, unless you break those down, and I don't feel like doing that.



June 4, 2001

The Ignition taping was said to have drawn around 4 500 people. We have no idea how many were paid, however, as rumors state that it was fairly easy to get a comp into the arena if you were staying in the Hard Rock Cafe hotel.

Ignition scored a 3.54, with roughly 177 000 people watching on F/X, and a 1.08 on CTV Sportsnet in Canada, with 54 000 watching. Obviously the viewership was expected to be down in comparison to past WCW television shows due to the midnight timeslot and F/X and CTV Sportsnet being smaller networks than TNT, TBS or TSN. Both F/X and WCW officials are said to be happy with this number, as it is significantly higher than past shows that have run that timeslot. If WCW can maintain or improve this rating, it is expected that they will recieve a better timeslot.

The dark matches before the tapings (Air Raid/Jung Dragons, Jamie Knoble/Elix Skipper) were filmed, and are airing on WCW.com's internet recap show, hosted by Scott Hudson. This is expected to be a regular feature on WCW.com.

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Very nice work you're doing on this diary. It's one of the few WCW/Fusient diaries I've actually enjoyed reading.

Both 'Big Bang' and 'Ignition' were excellent shows. Like the alliance of Jarrett, Storm, Awesome, and Sanders... admittedly, don't really care about Animal as part of the stable. But as long as he mainly stays out of the ring, or just in tag matches, it's not too bad. Also glad to see guys like RVD, Tajiri, Steve Corino, and James Mitchell in WCW.

It'll be interesting to see who you move up into the Main Event scene. Like you mentioned, you can't survive with Main Events featuring Booker/Jarrett/DDP all the time, though it looks like you may be pushing Vampiro and possibly Malice into possibly being future challengers for the World Title.

Anyways, this is an excellent diary, and I'll be sure to keep on reading!

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June 7, 2001

The poster for the Great American Bash was released over the weekend. Click HERE to view it.


The Rock is expected to return from filming of the Scorpion King in early August. Many insiders are speculating that it will be a short-lived return, as many movie offers have been coming in. The Rock was supposedly sticking around simply to be a part of the invasion of WCW, but since Fusient's purchase of the company, many are saying it's just a matter of time before The Rock gets out of the business in favor of Hollywood.

WCW has shown interest in Dawn Marie and the recently released WWF superstar K-Kwik. No word on how far talks have gotten yet.

The Ignition results set to air this Wednesday have been sent in. Click HERE to read them.

WCW.com DARK MATCH: Hugh Morrus d. Micheal Modest

WCW.com DARK MATCH: Jamie Knoble d. Air Styles

Diamond Dallas Page d. Rick Steiner

Danny Doring/Bam Bam Bigelow d. Shawn Stasiak/Mark Jindrak

Live Krew d. Palumbo and O'Haire

Booker T d. Vampiro

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