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Brand New EHM League

Mike Ockizitchy

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Not sure if anyone is interested, or let alone if this is where I should put this (?), but there is a brand new league. I recently was lucky enough to stumble upon this over at fhockey and joined. I say lucky, because if you're like me you like being in a league from the beginning. Anywho, there's a limited number of teams left, about 10 perhaps. The league is EHM, not NHL:EHM. From my initial impression the league has a good thing going on so far, good boards set up and a website which is soon to be finished. Here's a list of the teams available and a link for anyone interested:







NY Islanders

NY Rangers



San Jose

From last talking with the head of the league, theres two guys out there right now waiting to decide on which team to pick so if you're interested I'd hurry up and snipe the team you'd want.

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